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October 31, 2011

Trick or Treant!

The spookiest night of the year

This has always been my favorite holiday. The combination of cool weather and dark moonlit nights goes perfectly with hordes of roaming zombies and monsters going house to house in search of caaaandy. Tonight is, in real life... all hallows' eve or as it is better known "Halloween." Most of the team showed up to the lab dressed in costume! Are you dressing up today? If so, what as? (in real life or in game) We would love to hear, please let us know on the Forums, Twitter and Facebook :-) On behalf of the entire AE team, we wish you a fun, safe and extra frightening time tonight.

Happy Mogloween!

P.S. The Pumpkin Carving Contest ends tonight! Good luck to everyone who is competing. Also, HeroSmash's costume drawing contest ended last Wednesday and the winners are to be announced tonight.  Finally, do not forget, this week is your last chance to get 3rd Upholder and the They Might Be Giants rare items.
P.P.S. Rumors are spreading by townsfolk that there is a strange portal-like structure with the numbers 11-11-11 carved into it... what could it mean?


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October 28, 2011

BakeShop of Horrors!

Mogloween 2011 is here! With PIE!

Fear, loathing, and sugar craving, all in MystCroft this year! Cysero has baked a devilishly delicious dessert, but it needs one more ingredient! He needs YOU to help him find it and keep all the villagers and monsters from eating it before it's ready! (Don't forget! You'll need to play through all the previous years of Mogloween events!)

Note: Make sure your sound is ON! You'll miss the best, creepiest part of the event if sound if off.

It's nightmare fuel. Becuase food is fuel, ya'know?

But something about this pie is just not right. And when Baron Luca, MystCroft's resident Vampire Lord, finds out about the pie... there is going to be trouble! What's he got against delicious, peachy pastries? Why do they make him go berserk? You'll need to find out! (And you will. Just wait for the boss fight and his transforming blood-rage!)

Baron Luca is hungry. And so is his servant!

The madness, the horror, and the sweet, sweet fear in this Mogloween's release reminds us of The Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors Halloween Specials. So we felt it was appropriate to call this release: "Bakeshop of Horrors!" After all, when Cysero bakes, who knows WHAT will come out of the oven?!

Trick or Treating is here!

Are you ready to goin /house to /house in AQWorlds to battle monsters and claim your copious candy rewards? You'd better be, because it's time to trick or treat! After you've run through our deviliciously scary storyline, /party up with your friends, head to their /houses and take down those monsters! Then grab their tasty loot and run to the nearest Molgoween merge shop!

Trick or treat, the monsters are beat, now you've got sweet treats to eat!

Sweet Rewards for Mogloween!

Deliciously appetizing treats all for you this Mogloween, whether you shop, merge or get them as drops!


Dark Vampire Armor, Zombie Whackers, and Jack O Blade!

CandyCaster Armor/Helms with Hanging Lantern Staff, Hallowed Blade!

  • Glutton Armor
  • Anti-Glutton Helm
  • Mennacing Set (going rare after this year!)
  • Gummi Were-Bear and Lolly Armaments
  • Masquerade Armor and Masks
  • And much, much more!

Organ Harvester Limited Time Shop!

Hold on to your hearts! Lock down your livers! And grab ahold of your gallbladders! Because the Organ Harvester Limited Time Shop is here! This shop, made by Dage for Mogloween, will be available until the midnight between November 1st and 2nd!

A scythe for sore eyes!

New Wallpaper at Artix Wallpaper!

Delicioussssss! So sweet!

This deliciously frightening wallpaper was made by Randor the Red using art from Dage, Mennace, and J6! It is absolutely the sweetest, peachiest wallpaper we've put out in a long time! To get yours, click on the picture or go here!

TMBG Rares Leaving Soon!

AQWorlds' 3rd birthday was GIGANTIC! But sadly, the Collector enforces a very strict rares policy. The AC Event rares (but NOT the Vindicator of They Class) will be leaving November 4th! So unless you can convince him (through us) to keep them around longer, they'll be gone in 1 week!

He'll take your rares if you don't want'em!

BattleOn Battlecard Mod Packs!

The BattleOn BattleCard Mod Packs are in Toys R Us stores NOW! Head to your nearest Toys R Us emporium, battle your way through crowds of toy-crazed customers, and claim your very own Chaos and Doomwood Mods packs!

Get your very own PaladinSlayer Class when you buy both packs!

For more information, check out these Design Notes!

Ballyhoo Battles Zombies!

Head to Ballyhoo! She's got an EPICLY deadly zombie-bashing Bat of Doom geared to smack the brains out of those living dead! All you need to do is watch her ad and you'll have a chance at the reward! This offer is for EVERYONE, so if you live to take down the living dead, you'll definitely want this wicked weapon!

Other HeroMart News!

Be sure to check out HeroMart this Monday for the all-new Artix Logo shirt (on sale November 1st) and the 2012 Calendar (on sale November 7th), too!

Have an excellent Mogloween everyone! If you're trick-or-treating in the real world, stay safe and go in a group! Be prepared to claim your candy, but check it before eating (or throwing it at people). I'm going to go home and carve a pumpkin or three.


October 27, 2011

Battle Card Mod Packs & PaladinSlayer

CardClashers Rejoice, Mod Packs Have Arrived!

It's no secret that I LOVE playing the AQW Battle Card Game, so when Artix mentioned that we were going to make Mod Packs I was right on top of him (an easy thing to do, I'm far taller than he is) making sure that the cards fit in with the rest of the game and only made it more fun.

These cards not only make the game more fun, BUT it proves that we can make additional cards for the game without breaking the flow if the card-game as it is. I'm looking forward to making more cards and maybe including them as real-world bonus items with future AE stuff like shirts and toys!

The Core Game contains 110 cards which is all you need to play this game with your friends so these new cards won't make your deck stronger against your opponents... It just gives you more cards, more options and more ways to own your friends. Each Mod pack allows you to MODify your deck with the Chaos or DoomWood theme cards, or both if you want.

Don't forget that each pack comes with a special in-game item, and HALF of the PaladinSlayer Class and Helm.

  • IN TOYS R US STORES Friday, October 28th! 
  • DoomWood Mod Pack comes with Vordred's Sword!
  • Chaos Mod Pack comes with the Chaos Eye pet!
  • Each Pack comes with HALF of the PaladinSlayer Class and Helm!
    (Combine the two packs to form it!)
  • Each pack also comes with an Character Page Achievement Badge, like CardClasher did.
  • Both Mod Packs will come to HeroMart in the future!

I'd LIKE to tell you that the Mod packs will go on sale in every Toys R Us retail store in the United States tomorrow but just like with the Core Game, some of the stores decided to start selling them a little early. If you are really excited about modifying your deck, getting these items and this brutal class, I'd call your local Toys R Us store and ask if they already have them.  

And once you've GOT your Mod Packs, head here to redeem your code for all the RARE LOOT that comes with them!

Battle Cards

If you live outside the United States (and MANY of you do) don't worry. HeroMart will begin selling the Mod Packs very soon. Part of our deal with Toys R Us (US) is to give them first crack at selling them which we are happy to do.


Since a few of you already have the class, I'd better get the skill breakdown up today.

Anyone who has played through the first portion of DoomWood knows that Vordred, the PaladinSlayer was built for nothing more or less than completely destroying every last Paladin on the face of Lore but their dark powers go far beyond that one simple task. They are powerhouse damage-dealers DESIGNED for combat!

It draws some of its strength from Str and some from Int as it has a number of Physical and Magical attacks. I've had the best results with Hybrid Enh, but if you want to add some survivability, try SpellBreaker and let us know what you think on the forums!


2 second cooldown.

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

You've seen this before.


12 mana, 4 second cooldown.

A quick strike dealing both weapon damage plus magical damage. Applies Decay which stacks up to 5 times. First stops all healing them applies a progressively worse DoT.

Here's your main PvP skill for fighting any kind of healer, Paladin or otherwise. You'd be surprised how weak most other classes get when they can't heal themselves. This is also your go-to power. There are better Damage over Time powers in other AQW classes but never underestimate how much life this skill can eat away. Just make sure you keel that stack going... do not let it fade.


15 mana, 7 second cooldown.

Condenses dark energy into a solid projectile and launches it at your enemy.

This is another damage skill. You fire a crystal of pure darkness at your intended target. Great for pulling monsters from across the room so you never have to slow down combat. Also good for firing into the backs of fleeing foes in the PvP arena.


35 mana, 15 second cooldown.

Darkness grips your enemy, reducing haste and increasing all damage they receive.

At this rank you start becoming valuable in a group setting, be it PvP or teaming up to fight bosses in the storyline, but this powerful debuff is also really good for solo adventuring. This is another ability that you should not allow to fade. Slowing your foe provides a little damage mitigation, but lowering their defenses at the same time make this skill worth the rather high mana cost.


Rank 4 Passive

Increase Strength by 15%

Increase Critical Chance by 5%

Ranking up the class unlocks the ability to hit harder every time you hit, plus an increased chance of getting a critical strike. Nothing bad about it.


20 mana, 45 second cooldown.

Applies a damage and dodge buff to yourself or a friend. 

For 10 seconds your damage is increased by 60% and your dodge rate goes up providing a decent amount of cover from incoming damage. Once again, solo adventurers will be glad to have this power but it also makes this class ideal for team play.

While testing this ability, we tried teaming up with a lot of classes. The Necro, CardClasher and Vindicator of They classes saw a very noticeable spike in damage output since their damage output is already so high. Rogue, if paired with its skills correctly, was flat-out damage proof for a while but the neatest effect we saw with Defender class. With it's ability to maintain aggro from monsters, this became a real game changer. Paired with PaladinSlayer's damage output it because an army of 2.


Rank 10 Passive


Like a lot of recent classes, this one also has a rank 10 passive. Every once in a while, out of nowhere, you will see a little yellow "Voiduminance" and a very very large damage number appear over your foe. It's tasty.

All things being equal, this is a pretty beastly class and once that we're happy to have in the game. Do you dare follow in the footsteps of Vordred?

Mogloween 2011 Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will finally be releasing the last update of October... Mogloween 2011. This year's adventure was born when Nursey brought home some fresh peaches and, baker that I am, I decided to forge a peach pie. After Tweeting a picture of it Alina asked for a slice and I said that I would trade them a slice for a poem. From a baker to a writer, it seemed a fair trade.

The poem that she wrote was more than a little creepy. It was about a pie that I had made that had a horrible life of its own drawing you in, telling you things that can't forget but will never quite remember.

As soon as I was finished I said "LET'S DO THIS FOR MOGLOWEEN!"

You can expect a bunch of new seasonal rares and monster drops. We've gotten a lot of requests for some REAL (not seasonal) rares for this Mogloween so Mennace has crafted an amazing armor which you will find in the AC shop. Yorumi and Zhoom were able to change the engine enough to allow you to be able to visit your friends houses and actually Trick-Or-Treat for candy that will earn you other awesome items from the Mogloween Candy Merge Shop.

Last Chance For 3rd Upholder

There are only a few days left to become a 3rd Upholder! This will be your ONLY CHANCE to get the 3rd Upholder Achievement Badge and the Platinum Star Sword. All you need is to upgrade before Nov 4th when we deliver the Star Swords and you will become a 3rd Upholder!



October 25, 2011

BattleCard Mod Packs this FRIDAY!

Get yours at any USA Toys R Us!

Chaos! DoomWood! Complete battlecard craziness in TWO mod packs! This Friday, October 28th, you can get YOUR BattleOn Battlecard Mod Packs at any Toys R Us in the USA!

Each pack contains all of the cards in it's expansion (no buying endless booster packs!) We are pricing them as cheap as possible and each comes with an exclusive in-game item.

  • IN TOYS R US STORES Friday, October 28th! 
  • DoomWood Mod Pack comes with Vordred's Sword!
  • Chaos Mod Pack comes with the Chaos Eye pet!
  • Each Pack comes with HALF of the PaladinSlayer Class!
    (Combine the two packs to form it!)
  • Both Mod Packs will come to HeroMart in the future!

If YOU want to be the first one in your town to /equip the EPIC PaladinSlayer class, control the creepy Chaos Eye pet, and wield the very devastating Vordred's sword, then head to Toys R Us THIS Friday!*

And once you've GOT your Mod Packs, head here to redeem your code for all the RARE LOOT that comes with them!

Battle Cards

* Cutting in line means you'll be able to cut the deck faster! (Kidding, kidding...)


October 24, 2011

New Mogloween Story Friday!

When Cysero bakes... who knows WHAT will happen?

Creepy creatures and spooky treats! THAT means it's time for Mogloween 2011, and we have a diabolically delicious, terrifyingly tasty story for you! Cysero is the Maddest Weaponsmith out there, but did you also know that he was a Mad Baker, as well?

If you can't stand the magic, get out of the kitchen.

Cysero's wandering Forge-Kitchen has appeared in MystCroft, and that's where you'll want to head this Friday! He's baked a devilishly-good dessert and is happy to share it with you. But something about it's just... not... quite... right. It might not look like it, but something is very, very wrong with that pie. And when an overly possessive near-by Vampire Lord gets involved, things are sure to go from bat to worse!

Maybe it's not cherry pie filling. It's probably raspberry.

Be sure to turn your sound on when you play this week's release, because you'll miss a large part of the story - some of the most deliciously-terrifying parts - if your speakers aren't on! The only things you'll hear are the things you cannot see. Be prepared. This Friday... it begins!

Trick or Treat!

You've got friends and they've got houses! And they better have CANDY, too! Because this Mogloween, you'll be able to /join all of your friends' houses and go trick-or-treating!

Trick or Treat! You're mincemeat! You're all monsters I can beat!

There's just one catch: the monsters got to the candy first! Battle those baddies to reclaim your candy, then use it to get sweet, sweet gear at the Cauldron Sisters' merge shop!

Plans and Plots for the (not-so-distant) Future

Today the AQW team met to discuss implenting a brand-new in-game functionality. This gameplay addition will add a lot to AQWorlds if we can do it right, and with the rest of the team as excited about it as I am, the chances are good that when it releases, you guys will have a LOT to do! (And of course, there will be features of it only members can unlock!)

It's not guilds, those are still being hashed out, but they ARE on the to do list. It's also not trading. (It will never be trading.) This is something that will be more geared towards individuals. No promises on when it'll come out, but we've already got plans and specs done. We'll see. And hopefully, so will you!

TMBG Rares Away! But not til November 4th.

Epic rares are a part of AQWorlds events, and that means they're going to disappear soon. But NOT until November 4th, so if you haven't snagged a gigantic stash of crazy-awesome equips, this might be your last chance! Everything else in the TMBG event will stay for ONE year (including the Vindicator of They Class!), but after that, all of THAT content will go rare, too!

3rd Upholder Reminder!

The LAST day to become a 3rd Upholder in AQWorlds and get ALL the shiny gear and achievements before they're rare forever is Monday, October Nov 3rd! (That's in one week!) So if you haven't upgraded your character yet but do want the Platinum Starsword, the Character Page/Book of Lore achievements badges, and all the awesome Member-only perks (AND the ones that haven't been released yet!), then why not join the ranks of the greatest Heroes on Lore?

New Enhancements for levels 41-45 are live!

If you've leveled up recently and are missing some enhancements, you're in LUK! Head over to your favorite Enhancement vendor and check their shop, because it's now fully stocked with level 41-45 Enhancements! Battle on your best with Enhancements that will help you win, no contest!

Battle On, Heroes! We'll be fighting with servers, internet connections, and runaway office furniture as we all try to settle into this new Secret Lab #4 this week. (But really, "lab" is going to have to stand for "labyrinth" instead of "laboratory" because this place is HUGE! So easy to get lost!) See you with more tweets, and Design Notes teasers in a few days!


October 21, 2011

The Collector, Part II

The They Might Be Giants / AQW 3rd Birthday Event Continues!

The second part to our special birthday event (featuring the music and amazingly distorted voice talents of John and John from They Might be Giants) continues tonight!

This week we are adding three new areas (including the member only dino-caves), tons of new quests, cutscenes, monsters, monster drops, new house items, new AC Rare items as promised, and a new Achievement! If you played through the entire event then you already know that we left you, young Drakath, John F. and John L. hurtling through time and space.

You could use a little practice controlling the Collector's Vigilette.

NEW CLASS: Vindicator Of They!

Also, as promised we have released a new class especially crafted for the They Might Be Giants event... The Vindicator Of They!

Here are a few fun facts about this new class: Every skill (other than Auto Attack) references a They Might Be Giants song or line of lyrics. Three of the skills have new battle effect graphics that were designed JUST for this class setting it apart from every other class in AQW & finally, we only have the rights to the event for 1 year so this class WILL go rare when the rest of the event leaves.

You can earn this item from the Token daily quests in the event (Members can earn tokens twice as fast!), the use the tokens to purchase the class, helm, sword and cape from the Token Shop.

If you would spend ACs to have the class RIGHT NOW, you can buy the AC version of the class from the Johns in the Collection map or from Itzachi in Battleon, but remember that you can only buy the CLASS with ACs. If you want the rest of the set then you'll have to do those dailies.

To help you rank up the class a little faster Itzachi will also be selling CLASS POINT BOOSTS for ACs and since we're tossing that in we might as well include the REPUTATION BOOSTS also. Once you equip and use these Boosts, you will double the rate that they increase for a while.

If you're interested in reading more about the new class, you can read the SKILL BREAKDOWN that I posted yesterday.

Higher Level Adventurer Enhancements!

A lot of you have reached higher levels faster that we gave you credit for. Due to server issues we had not planned to release any of the higher level Enh until next week, but we don't want to leave you in the cold so we will be releasing level 41-45 Adventurer Enh. You can find those in the ENHANCEMENTS BUTTON in Battleon.


We have added some Mogloween costume armors to the Treasure Chests today. A total of 6 new spooky items! Good luck!

Special Thanks To Everyone!

AQW has only one Birthday a year and every time we try and out-do ourselves and I think we really kicked it round the moon this time. I'd like to thank the entire AQW team for putting in extra effort, coming in on days off, staying late and generally owning face on this event.

I'd like to thank They Might Be Giants for not only allowing us to bring them into AdventureQuest Worlds but also for all of their creative input when creating the event that lead from a few rough ideas to a full event with insane voice acting, evil doppelgangers, time traveling aliens and one of our very favorite bands ever. These guys had their own stuff going on... tours, shows and their own lives... but were never too busy to make or take a call to work on the event. It was really, truly great working with them. In real life they are funny, fun, down-to-earth, creative and passionate about what they do (which is a little bit of everything).

Real life story: We were about to get last week's event up for testing and I was on the phone with John F. asking him when would be a good time for the guys to run through the event so they could see what we were doing to them. After tossing around some times, I mentioned that it was my Birthday. John F said "Oh man! Well, we break for Birthdays," and shifted his entire schedule around so we could test the next morning just so I could go to dinner with my wife that night.

Finally, I want to thank you guys. If you consider the hundreds of thousands of players who have taken part in the event so far, this has been the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY PARTY any of us have ever been invited to. I've said it before but here it is again... you are the game. Without players, especially fantastic ones like you guys, a game is nothing more than a bunch of code that nobody ever sees. Thanks each and every one of you for helping to make this our biggest and best birthday yet!


As promised, next week we will be releasing the brand new 2011 chapter of the Mogloween Storyline with a bunch of new surprises, monsters, seasonal rares and (If Zhoom is right) The ability to go to other players houses and Trick or Treat!


October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword!(The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.)


October 20, 2011

Vindicator Of They Class

PART 2 Of the They Might be Giants / AQW Birthday Event!

We have a lot of surprises waiting for you in the conclusion of The Collector like a new achievement, a new member only area and challenge fight, a bunch of new drops and even new items added to the AC Rares shop but nothing is more highly anticipated than the release of the They Might Be Giants theme class, the Vindicator of They!

Here are a few fun facts about this new class: Every skill (other than Auto Attack) references a They Might Be Giants song or line of lyrics. Three of the skills have new battle effects graphics that were designed JUST for this class setting it apart from every other class in AQW & finally, we only have the rights to the event for 1 year so this class WILL go rare when the rest of the event leaves.

Now let's get into the wrought armor and taker it for a test drive.


This class was designed to be a single target or solo class. It will work best in groups like every other class, but it can handle a fight on its own and it likes it that way.

It's an armored caster class so I used INT Enhancements but you might want to try HYBRID or HEALER and see how those work for you. If you encounter any issues with this class, it will be managing your Mana... at least until you hit Rank 10. :)

Now let's go over the skills.


2 second cooldown.

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

As I mentioned above, mana is the issue at the heart of this class. The good news is that it receives mana for every hit delivered and every hit taken so stay in close and go crazy.  


15 mana, 5 second cooldown.

Summons a Super Taster to bite your foe, causing a DoT and slowing your enemy for 6 seconds.

This is your first and least expensive skill. Once you get your healing attack it's hard to remember to use this one but you MUST NOT FORGET IT. The Damage Over Time is one of the most powerful in the game and the haste debuff is something you never want to be without.


20 mana, 3 second cooldown.

Take a small amount of you foe's life force and heal yourself for a small amount.

Notice that the cooldown is only 3 seconds on this one? That will cause you to want to spam it but don't fall for it. You will eat your mana and be left with nothing in no-time. It is the wise warrior who knows when to apply a self-heal.


20 mana, 10 second cooldown.

Petrify your opponent for 4 seconds but applies a DoT to you.

Use this skill at your own risk. The ability to turn most monsters into stone is a nice one to have, especially when you want to deal out the last few seconds of damage in peace but the price may not be worth paying. It's not that big of a deal since you can heal the DoT away but again, it is a question of how you want to spend your mana.


Rank 4 Passive

Increase Damage Output by 20%

Increase Haste by 20%

Special passives here. Ranking up the class unlocks the ability to attack faster than ever before while dishing out 20% more damage. In case you've never read one of these skill break-downs before 20%/20% are HUGE buffs to the class.


30 mana, 10 second cooldown.

Create a tiny SUN causing massive damage. Applies a DoT and reduces the damage the enemy does for 10 seconds.

Ok, let's go over this one slowly. First, while the mana cost is high, the cooldown is only 10 seconds so it is possible to use it very often. Second, it deals a massive blow to your enemy. Third, it ALSO lays a DoT (Damage Over Time) on them leeching them for even more damage. Fourth and finally, it ALSO debuffs the enemy reducing the amount of damage they can do for TEN full seconds.

Frankly, this skill is like winning the lottery, falling in love and learning you can fly all in the same day.


Rank 10 Passive

Randomly, on hit, fully refills your mana.

After playing with this class for a while we decided to add a Rank 10 passive to it to help with Mana flow. The reward for getting your Vindicator Of They all the way to rank 10 is that your mana will completely refill itself from time to time.

There is something else you should know about this skill. Since it's a utility skill instead of an attack we've coded it to happen about TEN TIMES MORE OFTEN than the other rank 10 passive you've seen.


As usual Itzachi in Battleon will be offering the class for 2000 ACs for those who feel that they can't wait, but for the patient there will be an EARNED version of the class that you will be able to get from John and John in the Collection map. As you can see in the images above, there is also a matching Helm, Sword and Cloak that you will ONLY be able to earn. You can earn these items by collecting Tokens of Vindication from daily quests in the map.

Since Members have a daily set aside JUST for them they will be able to earn all of these items in HALF the time and if you Upgrade this month you will also be able to call yourself a 3rd Upholder!

Itzachi will also be offering a Class Rank Boost for ACs in her shop to help you get to rank 10 double quick.


October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword!(The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.) 


As promised, next week we will be releasing the brand new 2011 chapter of the Mogloween Storyline with a bunch of new surprises, monsters, seasonal rares and (If Zhoom is right) The ability to go to other players houses and Trick or Treat!


October 19, 2011

Danger at the Lab!

Self Destruct Sequence Initiated

This is an urgent message to all Artix Entertainment personnel. EbilCorp has learned the location of our the secret underground lab.  The self destruct sequence has been activated.... we have 3 days before it kabooms. The explosion will be pretty big, so please time your game releases this week so that immediately after you make the release live, we run out and jump with the explosion cinematically exploding behind us. That would look really cool. On Monday, you will all report to our new upgraded base of operations. This is not a drill. The self destruct sequence cannot be stopped. Secret Underground Lab #3's last release will be this Friday.... then, NEXT WEEK, we will be releasing updates for ALL GAMES from our NEW and improved secret base! Below are responsibilities and duties for the evacuation... Battle on!

Galanoth & Faith: Coordinate the move. Mark all of the experimental bio-nueral implants as fragile. (Means made in France, right?)
Alina: Feed the server hamsters
Thyton: Transport the cyborg laser sharks. Remember, Chippy needs his vitamins at 6am, NOT 8am.
Cysero: Keep rocking on the TMBG Part 2 this week... it looks like a really big release! Please remember to add a few level 45 enhancements to go along with that new class!
Korin: Can we use your bag to pack stuff?
Beleen & Yergen: Can you rig the new elavator in lab #4 to play the elevator music from Portal? (I am being dead serious.)

Rolith says, "Um, Artix. Why does the new Secret Underground Lab look like the Guardian Tower? ... and the area around it looks exactly like the town of Battleon in real life.... right down to the fountain!"
Artix replies, "I was wondering when someone was going to notice. Ok... so our new home might be more of a... Secret Above Ground Guardian Stronghold. Do you think we could get that Carrabba's (Itallian restaurant) to change it's name to Yulgar's inn?"


October 18, 2011

Calling All Artists!

Interested in creating art for Artix Entertainment?

We are always looking to build connections with talented 2D and 3D artists, modelers, and animators for work on our current and future projects. All art created for Artix Entertainment games and websites is done under contract. 
If you are interested in creating art for AdventureQuest Worlds or any other Artix Entertainment games, please send in a resume and link to your portfolio. If there are opportunities to work together on current or future projects, we'll be in touch directly.

The post below is more than ten years old, and contains outdated information regarding art position details.

Legacy Post 

Do You Have What It Take To Do Art For AQW?

Think you've got the skills and talent to do art and animation for AQW?

Here's your chance!

AQW is losing two of its greatest artists, Mennace and Aegis. Both are leaving for different reasons but both are leaving on good terms, we're sad to see them go and we hope that the fates allow them to return someday. 

Meanwhile, this leaves AQW a little shorthanded in the art and animation department and we are looking for a few great AQW fans to become volunteer assistant developers, and hopefully, if things work out in the future, full time staff members of AE.

So we want to see what YOU can do!

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Experienced animators.
  • Experienced/Talented/Skilled Background / Environment Artists.
  • Artists who can mimic the AQW style.
  • Artists who have experience with Adobe Flash.

We will be looking at your AQW account history to make sure that you have a clean record. We are looking for artists who are mature, responsible, excited about contributing to AQW, willing to take criticism and make changes accordingly. We would like a few people to help with art for monsters, armors, and items but We are ESPECIALLY looking for animators and someone who can match J6's background / environment.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. 1. Send an e-mail to [email address no longer active]
    If your e-mails subject line says anything except AQW ARTIST APPLICATION then the filters will automatically delete it. Reading comprehension is good.
  2. Include your real name, age (16 minimum), and country of residence.
  3. Include your AQW Game account name and email address
  4. Include your Master Account name and email address tied to the master account.
  5. Include your Forum account name and email address if you have a forum account.
  6. Include all Languages you speak/read.
  7. Include a Resume (C.V. )  *please note we'd like the resume in English.
  8. Include links to your online art portfolio or attach examples of your art. (please note that we're not stupid and if you just pull art off of Google, you will be laughed at then ignored.)
  9. Link or attach your animation reel if you have one.

We are posting this on the Design Notes first because we ALWAYS want to get people from our community before looking outside the AE family, but if you happen to know someone who does not play, fits the criteria and would like some experience in the gaming industry feel free to let them know.

You must be at least 16 years old to be considered for this (these) position(s). If the application is not complete, we will toss it out.  And please - one application per person. We will read all the applications and consider all of them.  If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you by e-mail. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to everyone. If you do not hear from us, sorry.

Please note that this is an unpaid, volunteer position but does come with in-game mod status, free AE game memberships, AdventureCoins, the chance to test game content as we develop it before release and invaluable experience with a honest-to-pie gaming company which will look good on ANY future resumes.

Thanks, good luck and Battle On!


October 17, 2011

They Might Be Giants Finale!

This Friday, the EPIC conclusion to the TMBG event!

Space, Time, and Portals! What could go wrong? EVERYTHING! I hope you've packed your towels, you hoopy froods, because you're going on an adventure WAY back into the past and FAR into the future this Friday!

"OW." - John F.

The dinos in this time period will make you really saur, so grab the nearest club or leg bone and attack back! After rockin' the dino-age, strap on your highest-tech gear, because you're going to be BLASTED through Time and Space into...

An otherworldy, alien futurescape! The Shadow-eyes are watching, always watching, never blinking. If you can evade them AND battle the alien guards, then MAYBE you'll reach your objective before The Collector. It's up to YOU to get everyone home and in one piece... but NOT as a piece of the Collection!

And don't miss the ALL-NEW even AWESOMER items that will be released this week! (Including 2-3 new houses, armors, weapons, and more!)

Vindicator Of They Class!

The Vindicator of They Class is coming THIS FRIDAY! If you haven't read about this Class yet, take a look at the Design Notes I posted here! With a look at all the crazy skills we've made for the class and the news that there will be TWO new skill animations, this is a Class you won't want to miss, because before long, it'll be as RARE as anything The Collector has!

But YOU can get it for 90 Tokens of Vindication OR giving Itzachi in BattleOn 2,000 ACs. Are YOU the Hero meant to vindicate They Might Be Giants?

Treasure (Chest) These Hard-To-Get Items!

This week we'll be updating the Treasure Chest with another awesome set of items and an armor! We don't know what to make yet, though, so why not let us know what YOU want? Post your ideas in the Design Notes thread or tell us on Twitter!

We Need Your Screenshots!

Beleen is working on a new page for and she needs your help! Can you post your most epic screenshots of any of the special events from the last three years? (Pink screenshots not necessary!) Post all your awesome shots here!

Which monsters are the most EPIC?

We have ANOTHER special project we're working on - this time with Yergen's help! We need to know which monsters you think are the scariest, most awesome, craziest, grossest, whichever you feel are the monsters that best represent AQWorlds, please post them here!

Mogloween is Coming!

This Mogloween is going to be... DELICIOUSLY* frightening! Insanity, death, and... CYSERO?! How does THAT make sense? And what could THIS art possibly be for?!

It's cherry pie filling, honest!

We're working on Mogloween even as we drive home the last pieces of the They Might Be Giants event, so get ready for a week of epic awesomeness followed by a week of terrifying insanity! It's all coming up in AQWorlds before the end of this October!

* That is a hint.


October 15, 2011

Vindicator Of They Class!

This EPIC Class arrives on Friday!

This Might Be the coolest class yet! Who are we kidding, the Vindicator of They Class is EPIC! With both offensive, stun and lifesteal skills, after you /equip the VoT class, you'll be able to easily up your kill count while collecting rares aplenty!

This class will only be available for a limited amount of time! The They Might Be Giants event will be in-game for a year and then that will go rare, too!

You Might Be Even More Awesome in this class!

  • Vindicator of They Class - 2,000 ACs OR 90 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Helm - 15 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Blade - 45 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Cape - 5 Tokens of Vindication

The Class can be purchased from Itzachi in Battleon for 2,000 ACs or by merging 90 Tokens of Vindication at the Token Shop in the /collection map. Non-members have a daily quest available which rewards a Token while members can do that quest AND a member-only daily quest which will award a second Token!

Skills of Vindication!

A Hero's got to have dexterity to annihilate opponents in combat, and with these cutting-edge skills - and two all-new animations- you'll really be able to let your blade-work shine!

Auto Attack
A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Super Taster
Summons a Super Taster to bite your foe, Causing a DoT and slowing enemy for 6 seconds.

I  Just  Want  Your  Half
Take a small amount of your foe's life force and heal yourself for a small amount. 

We Want  A Rock
Petrify your opponent for 10 seconds but applies a DoT To you.

I've Got A Fang & Hot  Cha
Increase Haste by 20%

Mass  Of Incandescent Gas
Create a tiny SUN, causing massive damage and applies a DoT.

They Might Be Giants Event - Happening Now! 

AQWorlds' titanic 3rd birthday event is happening RIGHT NOW in-game! Log-in and party up with your friends to meet They Might Be Giants, our special mystery birthday guest, and... The Collector!

Thanks to Aranx for the action-packed screenshot!

Are you going to let yourself be kidnapped, trapped, and displayed for a race of grotesque, rare-collecting Aliens? I didn't think so! Get in there and Battle On in our biggest birthday event yet! 


October 14, 2011

They Might Be Giants Special Event!

AQWorlds 3rd Birthday Event is live!

Happy 3rd Birthday, AQWorlds! The entire AQWorlds team want to thank you for /join'ing us for the BIGGEST birthday party event we've ever thrown!

With titanic musical guests They Might Be Giants, all the Heroes of Lore are in store for an event that will blast through the bounds of Space and Time to trap you in another dimension... where YOU are the most prized possession in The Collector's stash of epic rare Heroes!

Battle On to escape The Collector!

Your Great Destiny got you into this mess, but your epic battle skills and superior combat strategy are going to save you, They Might Be Giants, and a mystery guest star out!

Doppelgangers like to gang up on Heroes. It's in their name!

/Equip your most Collectible gear for:

  • An EPIC AC Rares shop!
  • Tokens of Vindication Merge Shop!
  • The first pieces of the Vindicators of They set!
    (Vindicator of They Class comes NEXT Friday!)
  • Super-Fan Swag Merge Shop!
  • It Might Be A House Item Shop!
  • A 1 Hour EXP Boost!
  • 3 awesome cutscenes!
  • 10 storyline quests!
  • Many side quests and hidden quests!
    (Be sure to click ALL over the map to find these secret quests!)
  • 5 member-only bonus quests in the Member-only Lab map!
  • Member and non-member daily quests!
  • Quests for EVERY FACTION which will reward you with 5,000 Rep each!
  • Character page and Book of Lore achievements!
  • And TWO ALL-NEW TMBG song written JUST for AQWorlds!

Check out this week's Design Notes to see the awesome equips and Hero-sized gear (not intended for Giants) available in the event!

Artix, Cysero, Yorumi, Samba, J6, the rest of the AQWorlds team, and I want to thank ALL of you for playing and staying with us through all of the Chaos, both in this event and in the rest of the game! (Drakath had a hand in it all, you can be sure!) Now get in there and BATTLE ON!

Happy birthday, AQWorlds!


October 14, 2011

They Might BeLeen!

I flew all the way from HeroSmash 'cuz I wouldn't miss this event for the AQWorld!

HEEEELLLLOOOOO friends!! I have missed you all soooo much! And how many of you have missed my deliciously PINK design notes?!? I know Artix has >:D Mwahahaha! They Might BeLeen!

Artix doesn't even know I've posted this. But I couldn't resist. He's soooo busy with the They Might Be Giants event...and he's all like "MAN, everything is going so perfect today!" So…what better way to throw a giant wrench in the works than by flaunting my PINKNESS all over the design notes?

Chance of Artix's eyes melting before the release? Looks like 100%!

Hehehehe ^_____^

Join me, my fellow pink friends! The They Might Be Giants event starts tonight at 6pm! I'll be seeing you there!

Battle on, Smash on, and Pink ON!

Tags: Beleen,

October 14, 2011

Event Tonight!

See the Play-By-Play on the homepage

Thank you so much for coming and we truly hope you enjoy PART 1 of the two part event tonight. Check ot the Play-By-Play on the homepage. I will give you all the insider details I can as we lead up to the release of the event. Battle on!

Tags: Artix,

October 13, 2011

3rd Birthday Event - Tonight!

AQWorlds' 3rd Birthday Event Comes Tonight!

Rares! You either love them or hate them, but would you ever want to BE one? This Friday, YOU are the MVC (most valuable collectible), because you're a Hero with a Great Destiny, and The Collector wants YOU as his most prized possession!

After falling into a portal through Space and Time, you'll find yourself trapped in the Collection along with John and John from They Might Be Giants! Along with John and John and a character you know and love (or hate), you'll need to free yourself from The Collector's clutches. By any means necessary! AND you'll get to collect EPIC rares while you do it!

In our most awesome birthday event yet - starring the BIGGEST (literally!) guest musicians yet - you're going to have a world of opportunities to BATTLE ON! Even if your world has shrunk to the size of a dome floating in the farthest reaches of hyperspace!

AQWorlds' giant-sized 3rd birthday event will be out of this world... and this is only Part 1! Join us tonight at 6PM for the rarest, most valuable birthday event yet!


3rd Upholder Time!

Now that October has actually arrived, the weather is starting to cool down, the days are getting shorter and it's Upholder Time in AQW!

October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword! (The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.)


October 12, 2011

They Might Be EPIC Rares!

AQWorlds' 3rd Birthday Event Rare Items!

When we invited They Might Be Giants to do AQWorlds' 3rd birthday blowout this year, we knew that the equips that were released alongside them had to be bigger than gigantic... they had to be universally EPIC! (The Universe is bigger than a normal giant, but only slightly bigger than the Giants They Might Be.)

We will have an AC shop as well as TWO merge shops! One will require Tokens of Vindication, which drop from daily quests. Members will have two daily quests available to them, while non-members can do one a day.*. The other will require various Super-Fan Tokens that the monsters will drop.

Here's a first look for many of you (unless you follow us on Twitter!) at some of the time-bending, space-rending, universe-ending equips that we will be releasing on Friday during the event!

* Members can earn up to 2 Tokens of Vindication a day, which lets them get items faster!

  • Universe Armor - 800 ACs
  • Celestial Hair - 100 ACs
  • Universe Hood - 100 ACs
  • Galactic Hackers - 175 ACs

  • Particle Armor - 10 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Particle Armaments - 6 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Particle Pack - 3 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Particle Blade - 5 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)

  • Robot Parade Chassis - 6 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Robot Parade Mask - 2 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Robot Parade Copper Topper - 2 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Robot Parade Blade - 3 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Robot Parade Flag - 2 Tokens of Vindication (member)

  • Paper Bag Head - 6 Tokens of Vindication (member)
  • Hovering Sombrero Cape - 2 Tokens of Vindication (non-member)
  • Chicken And Ice Cream Helm - 1 Super Fan Swag Token C (non-member)

We have MANY more rockin' rares (only available in-game for ONE year!) that we haven't shown you! You'll just have to log in and battle your way through the Collector's prison to earn these awesome equips!

Vindicator of They Class and Set!

They Might Need a Hero, and YOU definitely need a new class! Save John and John, battle your way through the daily quests they offer, and take down the obviously over-rated opponents (a win will up your Rare Score!), and you'll be well on your way to becoming a Vindicator of They! (Class will not release until NEXT Friday.)

The Vindicator of They non-member Class will be sold for 2000 ACs at Itzachi in BattleOn OR you can earn it by stocking up 90 Tokens of Vindication! The rest of the set will be available in the Tokens of Vindication Merge shop THIS Friday!

  • Vindicator of They Class - 2,000 ACs OR 90 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Helm - 15 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Blade - 45 Tokens of Vindication
  • Vindicator of They Cape - 5 Tokens of Vindication

Many members of the Artix Entertainment team (from more than just the AQW team) have been hard at work on this 3rd birthday event for weeks! And THIS Friday you'll see Part 1 of the biggest AQWorlds event with our BIGGEST guests ever!

WHAT    "The Collector" Special In-Game Event
WHEN    Friday, October 14th @ 6pm EST
WHO     They Might Be Giants, the AQWorlds team and YOU!
WHY     Celebrate AQWorld’s 3rd Birthday!
HOW     Join us in-game, at

For more information about the event and the scoop on the Giants behind the band, check out our Event Page!


October 11, 2011

Commercial Cameo

AQWorlds appears on TV for it's birthday

I have a distant cousin in Pennslyvania who shoots TV commercials*. Yesterday he happened to be filming a boy at a computer for an ad, and being cautious of what he is legally allowed to film on the computer screen he said, "Oh... I know something safe. We'll just use my cousin's game." And he typed in and fired up the game. The boy exclaimed, "WHAT!? I PLAY THIS! ADVENTUREQUEST IS YOUR COUSIN'S GAME!?!?!?!" Apparently the boy was a player. So AQW got a cameo in a TV commercial for it's birthday! This was not the first time AQWorlds was on TV... not counting our commercials**.... we were featured on several gaming shows and even appeared as a central plot element of an episode of EndGamE Game (A Canadian TV show that was cancelled immediately after our episode was aired... LOL, our Chaos Lords cause havok wherever they go.) Also - Happy Birthday Rolith!

* How do you get them on TV if you shoot them full of holes? I will never understand the creative industry!
** Commercials!? We need new AQW commercials! Do you have any funny/epic ideas for a 30 second spot? I promise we will not record the voice acting in my bathroom this time. I wonder if They Might Be Giants will let us use one of the songs they are making for us in a 30 second spot?

Tags: Artix, Commercial, TV,

October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday AQWorlds!

Join us for the party Friday (with TMBG)

But first, I would like to talk about the AQWorlds team. Actually, I would like to say a number. 156. Yes, one hundred and fifty six. What is that number? That is the minimum number of weekly releases the AQW team has created since the game went live. (Of course, as you know the real number is closer to 200) Every single week for three years, starting on Monday and completed by Friday, the AQWorlds team has written, drawn, animated, and released brand new content for you and your fellow players to enjoy. To date the team has created 390 areas, 714 monsters, 9,391 items, and 1,315 quests. When we started, they said it was impossible to do weekly updates on a MMO like we did on a single player game... *dramatic pause* But you believed in us and supported us... so, this week we celebrate our 3rd year of our favorite weekly-updated, web based MMO! I would like to give credit, congratulations and praise to developers, moderators and support staff who make AQWorld's releases possible each and every week! I hope you will join me in this by raising your weapon, spellbook, or dangerously clawed were-arm in a war-cheer of "Battle on!" on The BattleOn Forums, FaceBook and Twitter.

Happy 3rd Birthday AQWorlds!

Again, we would like to thank you. Whether you supported us by upgrading your account (3rd upholder is now available), clicking on an ad, or helped us improve the game with your suggestions... we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to continue making AQWorlds better for you each week. Thank you!

Special Birthday Event This Friday

Join us for our special event with special musical guest band, They Might Be Giants! We are going to add some servers, raise the level cap, and have the biggest special event in the history of the game. 

Tags: Birthday, TMBG, Artix,

October 07, 2011

Mogloween Review!

Spooky Quests For Creepy Heroes!

The Cauldron Sisters are back to wish you a Happy Mogloween!

This week we are re-opening MystCroft and the surrounding Mogloween-themed areas to everyone for a recap of ALL the previous Mogloween releases! This will give all the players who have started this last year a little time to play through YEARS worth of Mogloween content to get all caught up before we release ALL NEW MOGLOWEEN expansion coming OCTOBER 28th with all NEW Mogloween seasonal rares!

Even if you're an old school player, you can revisit the Cauldron Sisters in the Mogloween Map, fight the Thriller in the Mogloween Graveyard...

Fight the evil dentist/scientist Dr. Voltabolt in his Dentist Office of Nightmares, Battle huge Moglinsters, Fight Mailk-EYE and the other Children of the Candy Corn and the StalkWalker ...

And of course battle the Pumpkin King for your chance to earn the ever popular Pumpkin Lord CLASS!

There are SO MANY seasonal rare items and armors to be earned in this holday event and we can't wait to add more on the 28th! Happy Mogloween!

A Few Small Changes!

We've added some new functionality this week!

First off we've got a new MEMBER PERK! Members can now change the backgrounds on their character pages! All you need to do is explore your favorite maps and click the Set Background buttons that you find to pick your new background.

We even added a special Mogloween one which you will only be able to get as long as Mogloween continues!

Next, we've added a SERVER CLOCK to the game.

It can be found right in your options menu! This will let you know what time it is here at the Underground Lab (as well as other places like New York, Philly, Boston, Quebec, Ontario and everywhere ELSE in the EST time zone) which sould come in VERY handy for you LQS nuts!


That pretty much says it all!

Our biggest special event ever is coming Friday, October 14th!

They Might Be Giants in THE COLLECTOR


Next Friday - They Might Be Giants special event!

Friday After That- They Might Be Giants special event PART 2!

You can expect more out of this special 2 part release than we have EVER done for any of our events before! The story is bigger, the rares are bigger, the guests are HUGE (pun intended), We are raising the level cap to 45 and adding other surprises I don't want to spoil!

Annual AE Pumpkin Carving Contest!

If you missed the news, our Pumpkin Carving Contest is on again!

pumpkin banner

The past two years have shown that you guys are INCREDIBLE carvers. Check them out for inspiration; 2009 Pumpkins & 2010 Pumpkins!

We are taking submissions over at the forums RIGHT NOW. This contest ends Monday, October 31st. Winners will be announced on the Design Notes and the Forums on Friday, November 4th! (The same day you get your 3rd Upholder treats!)

Like the previous years, the Grand Prize winner(s) will receive 5,000 AdventureCoins and additional prizes may be awarded to other groovy gourds! This includes a custom Mogloweeny weapon custom made by me. Last Year's Winners received the For The Gourd sword that you can see in my character page picture above!

You want to know how to enter right?

Wait-wait that's not it! These rules and guidelines are simple but MUST be followed accordingly for your entry to be considered eligible:

• Your pumpkin MUST be carved BY YOU! 

• Only ONE photo submitted per person, please. 

• Your pumpkin MUST be your own ORIGINAL WORK! Any work that is copied via Internet and/or Stencils or simply Copy-Pasted of some supreme pumpkin-carving legend will lead to an automatic DISQUALIFICATION.

We will also make fun of you here at the Lab.

• Your pumpkin MUST be carved in an AE theme. Check out pumpkins from 2009 and 2010!! 

• Include an index card or a piece of paper with the year (2011) and your (and only your) AQW Character Name--this way we really know it's made by you, and so we can award you with AC prizes if you win! Make sure your AQW name is readable and legible! 

• Your pumpkin carving can relate to anything from AdventureQuest Worlds or any other Artix Entertainment game! 

• Your canvas must be a pumpkin or another form of squash and/or gourd. (since people have asked, Melons count too)

• The photo of your carved pumpkin must be of the Highest Quality—the bigger and more clear the picture, the better! Make sure that you provide a VALID URL to your photo. Try using a reliable photo uploader like Photobucket, TinyPic or Twitpic. 

• You have until 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 31st to submit a photo of your carved pumpkin! 

Questions? Ready to submit? Go haunt the Pumpkin Carving Contest Thread!



3rd Upholder Time!

Now that October has actually arrived, the weather is starting to cool down, the days are getting shorter and it's Upholder Time in AQW!

October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword! (The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.)

Don't get sick on all that Moglweeny candy!

October 07, 2011

Mogloween starts tonight!

The path to Mystcroft opens

Tonight, as it has in Octobers past, a path will appear within the mist. Those who dare to venture into it will find themselves in the haunted town of Mystcroft. It only appears once per year for a short time... at the end of the month the path will begin to dematerialize. So be careful! Anyone trapped within the mists when the town disappears will be lost there for another full year. But that will not happen for a few weeks... so make the best of your time and get caught up on all of the quests within. Especially since a brand new Mogloween will begin on Friday, October 28th.

Vampire Lord

Also in October... ModPacks!

The AQWorlds Card Game Mod Packs are coming! There are two stand-alone packs (DoomWood and Chaos) that you can get and mix into your deck to make the card game even more crazy and fun. Each comes with an exclusive item and one-half of PaladinSlayer class. Combine them to form the full PaladinSlayer Class. Wait... why am I promoting PaladinSlayer? O_O


October 03, 2011

TMBG Birthday Fun

They Might Be Giants in AQW's 3rd Birthday Two-Week Event!

If you follow some of our Twitter accounts then you already know that It's AQW's 3rd Birthday and we have some GIANT treats in store! The band THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS will be joining us in a two week adventure filled with space and time travel and awesome music!

If you've never heard of They Might Be Giants then you're missing out! They are the coolest and strangest alt rock band out there! Zazul, Rolith and I are especially HUGE fans of the band but everyone here at AE loves them.

Really guys, we've brought you a few bands that not too many people have heard of before but They Might Be Giants is NOT one of them! If song titles like "Birdhouse In Your Soul", "Ana Ng", "Dr. Worm", "Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" don't get you singing then you don't know what you're missing. Don't worry... we'll fix that for you :)

The special event starts on Friday October 14th at 6:00 PM Server Time (EST)! We will have even more information for you as we get closer to the Birthday Event!

THIS WEEK: Taco Day and Mogloween Review!

First things first, tomorrow is National Taco Day. This holiday celebrates everything taco and all of it's many varried forms. Macho Taco will show up in Battleon tomorrow and stay for one week (until next Tuesday). Once again he is offering the absolutely delicious tacomancer armor and the rest of the taco seasonal rares!

Then, on Friday AQW's spookiest event begins. When the strange, creepy town of Mystcroft appears then you know Mogloween is getting close! This Friday we will be releasing all of the previous years Mogloween events to let you get caught up.

We'll keep those up during the two week Birthday Event, then on Friday, October 28th we will release this year's ALL NEW Mogloween event with expanded storyline AND all new items!Remember, you won't be able to play this year's Mogloween without completing all the previous years' adventures!

Quibble Leaving TODAY!

Quibble isn't gone yet but he will only remain in Battleon for a little while longer. This is your VERY LAST CHANCE to get this year's TLPD rares!

3rd Upholder Time!

Now that October has actually arrived, the weather is starting to cool down, the days are getting shorter and it's Upholder Time in AQW!

October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword! (The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.)

Did You Get Your Free Member Keys?

It's a new month and that means AQW Members get 2 FREE Magic Treasure Chest keys from Twilly in Battleon! Some of you had a small bug this weekend when trying to get your keys if you had them in your bank. The engine can't merge items in your Inventory AND your Bank which resulted in you getting nothing and not being able to do the quest again.

Have no fear! Zhoom was able to reset the quests for each of you that encountered this bug so you can now complete your quest and get your two free keys (Just remember to take them out of the bank and put them in your inventory first).

If you DO forget again, we've added a new pop up to remind you to get your keys out of the bank. Just keep the Item Accept Box open until you have moved them unto your inventory, then click YES on the box.

Now, I'm just going to go freak out for a second



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