13 Lords of Chaos
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February 26th, 2010

Darkovia: Part 3

Safiria's Vampire Castle just released

It is Vampire week! Are you prepared to venture into the Vampire Queen's Castle? Quest and uncover the horrifying identity of the 5th Lord of Chaos! (Also, some special items are being released on Sunday... during the full moon!) Our story of Vampires, Werewolves, and Werepyres is about to fall into CHAOS....

Werewolves are attacking the Vampire castle!?

Just Released

  • New Zone: Safiria's Vampire Castle
  • Also: 7 new non-member weapons and helm drops
  • Vampire Reputation added to the game
  • New shops & items will unlock as you gain reputation!
    • Vampire Knight Armor
    • Count Mogula pet
    • Safiria's Temper Sword
    • Vampire Moglin Pet
    • 6 total items (including 2 armors)
  • New Cutscene! 5th Lord of Chaos Revealed
  • 2 new monsters, including a mini-boss
  • 7 new quests (with 2 item rewards)
  • New Daily Quests for Vampire rep!
  • Full Moon Shop opens on Sunday

Full Moon Shop - opens Sunday!
There is a full moon this Sunday... Full moons are notorious for causing strange, eerie things to happen throughout the night. And since we are smack-dab in the middle of Darkovia, what better time to have a special, limited time Full Moon shop! (Do not worry about the shop name, we magically secured Cysero's pants in place. ) When the moon rises, you can get your hands on the following items:

- Midnight Dire Wolf pet
- Full Moon Dire Wolf pet
- Metallic Crescent Staff

Even more adventure!
We would like to thank everyone who has been offering their suggestions, ideas, and creativity on the forums. If you are looking for a little more adventure you can...



February 24th, 2010

Which side are you on?

Vampires vs Werewolves... and Werepyres

Greetings friends! The Darkovia Designs, Inc idea thread has gotten so big it moved on to #3!!! We love reading your posts. Brainstorming wild and crazy ideas together... this is the best part of AE's games. We all know it is not possible to create every good idea*. We only have 5 days max before a release. But there is a good feeling in knowing that you are really part of the creative force behind AQWorlds. It makes the game special. It makes us unique. It also make us.... *OUCH!* Why did a member of the DF team just shoot me with a Nerf gun?

* What are you talking about? You guys have 5 whooole days (well, 4 since you actually have to release on Friday) to draw, animate, and code all of the new areas, monsters, weapons, armors, capes, helms, pets, NPCs, and cutscenes each week. That is plenty of time! (Oh, and possibly record some new music, add new functionality, and do your laundry. Oh man... we hope someone is washing Cysero's socks. He has a lot of them. P.S. Tell him, I want my left one back.)

DragonFable's BIG release of.... 1 Fish?

This has now been verified. DragonFable is scheduled to release only a single fish this friday, known as the Johnnyfish. Alll of our games have had very substantial releases every week for many years. So this has stirred controversy on the forums.... which in turn sparked a fued between the AQWorlds and DragonFable teams! I do not know what the full story is with this fish.... but on Friday, I am getting my DF fishing pole out**.

** Until then I am getting my armor of nerf bullet protection +1 out!

The PTR Update

The new interface is up on the Public Testing Realm! (Currently Members-Only) Please let us know what you think of the new backpack and shop interface -- and if enhancing items is easier for you now. As you know, enhancements now have stats on them. But on the dev server, we have a sword with a weapon proc working (chance of hitting for bonus fire damage.) We are on a tight deadline to finish the PTR and push it out to the live servers before the end of Darkovia. This is for two reasons.... #1.) We want to have full Vampire and Werewolf classes! #2.) Because, oh yes, we want to do a .... *OUCH!* I thought the entire DF team was at the beach... who keeps shooting us from that room? I think it is time to get my trusty nerf 6-shooter.....

Battle on friends!


February 22nd, 2010

Blood Relatives

Tracing the Vampire Genealogy

Being a Vampire isn’t all that bad. Sure, you can never get a nice tan and you MUST avoid Italian places at all costs. But other than that… being a Vamp is pretty awesome!

Don’t even think about it. It’s loaded with garlic butter!

Vampires have been around for centuries, residing in our wonderfully eerie home of Darkovia. We bow to the Queen of our Kin, Safiria, who lives in the massive castle along the moonlit sky. She takes care of her people well, and in return, we offer her our full undying services.

This week’s release is deadicated to VAMPIRES! I have been busily reading all of your great ideas that you posted on the Darkovia Designs, Inc thread up on the forums. Luckily Vampires never sleep, so I have gotten to read through just about all of them! And let me tell ya something: a whole bunch more of your ideas are being put in come this release =D
I am super excited to announce that we WILL be entering Safiria’s domain come Friday at sundown. This includes her massive Castle with many explorable rooms (such as the library, kitchen, and bedroom) and the village just outside the courtyard, teeming with delicious… um… livestock. Yes… livestock…

SafiriaANYWAY! More importantly than our livestock comes our newest faction: Vampire Reputation! Here’s your chance to build up your Rep with the Vampire clan, granting you the permission needed to obtain new Vampiric weapons, armors, helms, wings, pets, and more! You will also meet Safiria, our Queen, for some important information (and quests (and *cough* maybe even a cutscene)) regarding the vicious Lycans and Darkovia’s newest threat, the Werepyres.

Apparently Cysero—oh, excuse me, Cyserwolf—has decided to align himself with the Lycans. I, on the other BETTER hand, have chosen the way of the Vampire. C’mon… Vampires are sooo much better than smelly hairy werewolves! Cyserwolf says he wouldn’t be caught DEAD being a Vamp... to which I responded that THAT could be easily arranged… hehehee >:D

Who will you side with? The Vampires or the Lycans? You don’t have to make a decision yet… but in the near future, you just might have to…

Want your idea in this week’s upcoming release? Don’t just wish it—make it happen! Post your ideas on the Darkovia Designs, Inc thread! I’d love to hear ‘em and put ‘em in game. Brainstorm on!

Girls Night Out? WIN!
A Fish. Really?

February 22nd, 2010

It's Vampire Week!

Safiria will finally be a permanent addition to AQW!

Lots of good stuff, including Safiria and her castle, the continuation and the introduction of the Vampire Rep shop and rep quests!

And all DF is doing is... the Johnnyfish!? It kind of started as a joke but we're all working out rears off here on the AQW side of things and they're releasing... a fish. 1 fish? really?

I know they've been working really hard on all of their quests lately, especially the Archknight finale' but...Meh. Whatever. Kind of seems a little... imbalanced.

Beleen will have more info to about Vampire Week a little later.

Teen Wolf Maybe

February 19th, 2010

Tonight's Release

Darkovia Part 2

Five days ago, I made a new thread on the Forums in regards to our newest zone—Darkovia Designs, Inc. Not even 24 hours had passed and I had to make a SECOND thread because all of you had so many great ideas! The count is currently up to 35 pages of wonderful ideas, and I am sure that number will keep growing.

And I’m happy to announce that we have implemented a bunch of your ideas into tonight’s release! Did your idea make it in game? Well… there is only one way to find out =D

Meet Shadowslayer Z, our newest former Vampire Hunter turned Shadow Slayer NPC. Standing guard at the entrance of the Darkovian Forest, Z enlightens you on the history of this eerie place, including the back-story to Vampires, Lycans, and the newest threat to Darkovia, Werepyres. Help her on some important quests to unlock the secret behind the Lich of the Stones… and to also unlock an all new Shadowslayer shop! Z is loaded with items, folks—check these out: Feb19

  • Shadow Z Sword (color custom!)
  • ShadowSlayer Sword (color custom!)
  • ShadowSlayer Hat
  • Shadow Z Hat
  • Shadowslayer Armor
  • Sterling Silver Shotgun
  • Sterling Silver Long Bow
  • Sterling Silver Crossbow
  • Neophyte Shadowslayer Blade
  • Gripped Stake
  • Basic Wooden Stake
  • Staked Steak (mmmm…. steak!)

See? Told ‘ya she had a lot! But you can only unlock this shop when you finish all her quests and successfully defeat the Arch Lich in the Darkovian Ruins (the place that looks like a mini Stonehenge). There’s even a special, amazing CUTSCENE in it for those Shadowslayers who prove victorious!

New Monsters!

When new monsters appear in the world of Lore, it’s a pretty safe bet (or unsafe, given their level) that they are carrying new weapons, helms, armors, etc. Well guess what—there are 3 new monsters, and some of them do have item drops! Fight your way through parched Blood Maggots, Dire Wolves in need of dire population control, and an Arch Lich that is one tough… brute… to kill.

If you happen to slay a mother Dire Wolf, make sure you are ready to take care of its pup. The mother Dire Wolves look just like the males, so there’s no telling which is which until OOH! a Dire Wolf pup just dropped! The Lich of the Stones also has some impressive item drops, if you can kill him… her… it… The Arch Lich drops the Lich Staff, the Decaying Blade of Agony, the Lich Crown, and an intimidating morph called (can you guess?) the Lich of the Stone Armor!

Color Custom Prismatic Draconian Set?

Having absolutely nothing in common with Vampires and Werewolves, Cysero thought this was the perfect time to release one of AQW’s best kept secrets: the Prismatic Draconian set! This color custom Armor, Helm, and Wing set is now available in Battleon for a limited time. There’s a lovely clock ticking in the Battleon sky that shows just how much time is left until the Prismatic Draconian Set is taken out! This set is only available for Members, so if you really really want this literal one-of-a-kind set, then there has never been a better time to Upgrade your account and show your support for your favorite MMORPG =D


Oh! And don’t forget! The Chinese New Year Celebration is still going strong in Akiba, along with the Pancake Day Shop in Yulgar’s Inn! So if Shadowslayers and spooky Liches aren’t your thing, you can always party it up in festive pancake and/or year of the tiger gear!


February 18th, 2010

New Items Mid Week?!

We just couldn’t wait until Friday

About a week ago, I came down with a super nasty case of Zombitus (aka the common cold). I was coughing and sneezing all over the Secret Lab and was promptly sent home. I spent the past 7 days locked up in my room, recovering from my sickness. (I’m all better now, thanks for asking!)

But now a new illness has spread in the Lab. One known as Mid-Week Release Syndrome!

A bunch of brand new items have just been added to the Akiba New Year’s Shop and the Pancake Day Shop in Yulgar’s Inn! Talk to White Tiger CannonPrincess Miko in the middle of Akiba to get your hands these 8 new (and very festive) items:

  • Tiger Skin
  • Tiger Cannon
  • White Tiger Cannon
  • Chinese Umbrella
  • Stenciled Fan
  • Deadly Fan
  • Colorful Stencil Fan
  • Colorful Deadly Fan

You and your friends asked for more Pancake-themed items, and we delivered! Here’s your chance to have your (pan)cake and eat it too with the addition of 2 new pets: the Oolong Bunny with a Pancake on its Head and the Chinchilla with Syrup Pet!

Syrup Pets
Play with your food!

A few of the new items released yesterday and today do require ACs in order to obtain. But hey, don’t worry—ACs are fairly easy to get by using the AExtras page (make sure you have a REAL but SECONDARY e-mail set up to avoid possible spam). Or, if you wanna help support your favorite MMO, the basic 3 month membership comes with 1000 ACs standard—which is way more than you could need for these new items!


Tomorrow is the official Release Day, and I bet by now you’re dying to know more. From Cy’s previous DN post, you already know that we are traveling deeper into Darkovia. Here you will meet the new NPC, a former Vampire Slayer known as Shadowslayer X.

Assist Shadowslayer X on some very important—and very creepy—missions throughout the Darkovia forest as you encounter new monsters left and right... and up and down. If you have what it takes to heed the call of the Shadowslayer, you will find yourself the lucky new owner of some brand-new Vampire and Lycan defensive weapons. You know, Sterling Silver Shotguns, Garlic Maces, Silver Long Bows, Staked Porterhouse Steaks… that sort of thing! You never know who or what you’ll go up against in the darkest shadows of Darkovia, so it’s better to be prepared with an arsenal of various weaponry… and uh, dinner specials.

Girls Night Out? WIN!
Everything Is A Hat!

February 17th, 2010

Shadowslayer X & Pancakes!

Sorry we are running a bit late on the Chinese New Year gear.

*** Update *** The new Chinese New Years items have been released. Clear your cache and RELOAD!

Yesterday was Pancake Day in Great Britain, better known as Mardi Gras here in the States. Why did we not have a Mardi Gras shop, you ask? My answer is..."Dude, seriously... PANCAKE DAY!"

You may also be asking why we didn't release it yesterday ON Pancake Day. My answer is that we didn't get it done in time, However, for the rest of the week if you go into Yulgar, you will notice Oishii is cooking up something special for you! She might also knock you down with her flapjacks...


She also has a very small shop with her pancake pan, and some very tasty headgear!


Happy Pancake... week? Shop. The shop leaves Monday.

Darkovia News!

This weekend we return to Darkovia where you will meet Shadowslayer X. She is a former Vampire Slayer who realized that a lot more than vampires hide in the shadows of Darkovia, so she became a Shadowslayer!

Do you think that you have what it takes to bump back when things go bump in the night? If you prove that you are worthy to become a Shadowslayer, X might open the gates to Safiria's Castle for you!

Skylline is also working on a huge number of new Shadowslayer weapons!

Chinese New Year Items!

We didn't forget about the shop upgrade, but we did get a little bogged down. J6 is making a LOT of new items right now that will be released later tonight and maybe even some new ones tomorrow too.


February 15th, 2010

Darkovia Designs, Inc

Vampires & Lycans, listen up!

Hello everyone! Who is ready to continue their journey into Darkovia? *frantically waves hand* Oh I know I am… which is why I am making this post so early on in the week! We are going to explore more of Darkovia come Friday and we wanna use your ideas. I know you have some great plans… so tell us about them!


I have just made a special post on the Forums called Darkovia Designs, Inc. Use this thread to post all of your wonderful Vampire and Werewolf ideas so that we can implement them into our newest zone. We are looking for anything that comes to mind regarding werewolves, vampires, Werepyres, and various other spooky things: weapon designs, armor ideas, dangerous mission plots, and monster creations, to name a few.

This thread will be available for the remainder of this zone. So there is plenty of time to come up with as many ideas as you want to—so tell us what you want to see in game and we will do our best to make it happen!

Remember, AQWorlds thrives off the ideas from you and your friends… so the more ideas you give us, the more stuff we can put in the world of Lore!

I can’t wait to see what awesomely awesome ideas you come up with. Make haste, my Vampiric & Lycan kin, for this week’s release is only a few days away =D

How Is Your Wrist?
Chibi Sock

February 13th, 2010

RARE Non-Member Pet!

Intricuding the White Chibi Tiger Non-Member Pet!

Today we introduced our first "eaisly to get" non-member pet! The White Chibi Tiger!


As promied, we have added the 2 Chibi Tiger pets to the Chinese New Year shop today (with more items coming on Monday), but no one expected a non-member pet to appear in the shop for only 300 ACs!

Well... surprise!

As the Year of the Tiger only rolls around once every 12 years, you can rest assured that this pet is RARE and will not be returning next year (or ever again, maybe we'll do a golden tiger in 2022).

300 ACs is fairly easy to get, using the AExtras page (make sure you have a REAL but SECONDARY e-mail set up to avoid possible spam!) and even the basic 3 month membership comes with 1000 ACs standard!

We expect to see a LOT of these little guys running around (the fact that pets generate lag is one reason that we normally limit pets to members only) but remember that we are removing this little guy from AQW FOREVER sometime on WEDS, FEB 17th! This is your ONLY chance to grab one, and every single one of the thousands of new players that join every day after the 17th will be amazingly jealous of your Rare Non-Mem White Chibi Tiger pet!

Have a Fortunate Year of the Tiger... or else!

How Is Your Wrist?
Heroes Sock Day!

February 12th, 2010

Heroes Heart Day & Chinese New Year!

A 2 For 1 Celebration!

Every year around this time Big Daddy opens the gates to the Forest of Infinite Terror to lovers and the heart Broken alike, with the simple goal of making sure that everyone finds True Love (As long as their wallets are deep enough)!

Big Daddy Now In AQW!

Click the "Town Love" button in Battleon to visit Big Daddy and see if you have what it takes to become one of his Special Case Workers! If you can help the handsome prince of Munder win the affections of his beautiful princess then you will gain Access to more than 20 Special Holiday rares, including 5 new armors (counting the one that drops off of Kewpid)!

HHDArmored SnuggleBear Armor and the Heart Sabre 10!

You will also unlock the "Hero's Heart" achievement badge in your Book of Lore! (We have also added Achievement Badges for Vath, Kitsune and both of their Chaos beasts!)

This week we also begin our Chinese new year celebration in Akiba and Battleon!

akibaPrincess Miko in Akiba!

This is your first chance to get the seasonal and premenant rares that come from the year of the Tiger celebration!

Talk to the Akiba Guard in Battleon and complete all 3 of his quests in order to complete Miko's quest. Princess Miko might even reward you with one of 3 bonus Lucky Envelopes that you can turn into Obaasan for FREE BONUS GOLD! Happy Year Of The Tiger!

Items Just Released!

-The return of 8 Seasonal Valentine Rares
-14 Brand-New Heroes Hearts Day Items
-2 New Maps for the Celebrations
-An all-new cutscene, guaranteed to make you LOL (says Beleen)
-5 blooming New Years flowers for your house
-A Paper Tiger Helm for the New Year’s new look
-12 new Quests to get you in the spirit of things!
-and 2 adorable Chibi Tiger pets, just waiting to be snuggled (coming Monday with several OTHER new items!

Have a Great Heroes Heart Day everyone! Who loves ya, baby?


February 11th, 2010


And a sneak-peak at tomorrow’s release

Hey everyone! Been wondering why I’ve been all AFK for some time now? I have been turned into a Zombie!

Undead Beleen

No. Not really a zombie. I’m just really REALLY sick. But not even being this close to joining Gravelyn’s Undead Army will stop me from bringing you up-to-date spoilers on this weekend’s festivities. Especially since we have A LOT in store for ya!

First thing is first: Quibble is leaving Friday! That’s right; this is your LAST CHANCE to get those super-rare-hardly-used-never-before-seen-futuristic items from that traveling sales moglin. And once he’s packed up and leaves town come sundown… no one knows if he will ever sell those items again. So if you want to get your hands on some awesome gear… this is your last chance!

From Cysero’s previous DNs, you already kinda know what’s in store for tomorrow’s release: Heroes Hearts Day and Chinese New Year! For Heroes Hearts Day, you will be helping the CEO of Big Daddy's Candy & Cards on some very important—and very PINK—missions, such as trimming down the rebellious Love Shrubs and putting an end to Kewpid’s reign. If you can prove yourself to Big Daddy, then you just might get promoted to a “Special Case Worker” and help a charming prince tell the darling lovely princess how much he truly loves her…

Pam N Jim

For all the fans of “The Office” out there, you will definitely want to play through this special Valentine’s Day release…*hint hint!*

There will also be plenty of PINK goodies to get your hands on, too! These Seasonal Rare Items are all tagged for the year, so if you happened to miss out on the 2009 versions of them, you certainly don’t want to miss out this year. New item additions have been added as well, so make sure to stop by Big Daddy and Prince Jim to get the 2010 Heroes Hearts Day weapons, armors, pets, helms, and more!


Chinese New Year just so happens to fall on Valentine’s Day… so now I FINALLY have a reason to bring out my fireworks and blow up chocolate sky-high! (Chocolate is my enemy… I am actually allergic to the stuff in real life). February 14th marks the Chinese New Year—the Year of the Tiger, in fact! So in order to properly celebrate, Akiba has been decorated for the 15-day long festival with lights, lanterns, and people wearing giant tiger mascot heads in the streets! There will also be new quests and new items to choose from to get you in the spirit of things.

Chinese New year

This week’s release is going to be so much fun! If I have not yet turned into a full-fledged zombie come tomorrow evening, then I will be seeing you around town! But… if I ask you for your brains, then you *might* want to head in the other direction… =D

How Is Your Wrist?

February 9th, 2010

For Love & Chocolate Sales!

Heroes Heart Day/Chinese New Year

Dragonfable players will recognize the chibi cherub below.

Big Daddy from Dragonfable!

Big Daddy, the CEO of Big Daddy Chocolates & Cards LLC is bringing Heroes Heart Day to AQ Worlds this Friday and he's bringing back last year's Valentines Rares (tagged, including the Heart Sabre A.K.A. the Pink Starsword) plus some new holiday rare armors and items with him!

In Dragonfable he hires heroes to deliver Snugglegrams all throughout the Forest of Infinite Terror (Which he is still trying to get renamed the Forest of Lovely Hearts) but this year in AQW he is looking for some heroes with a little something special.

Do you have what it takes to become one of Big Daddy's Special Case Workers and manage one of his more... difficul... romantic challenges?

Oh, and if you want to send a Big Daddy Valentine E-Card to someone special, check out THIS PAGE!

Chinese New Year
This Year of the Tiger starts this Sunday (Feb 14th, same as Valentines Day this yer!) and Ai No Miko cordually invites you to join in the celebration on Yokai Isle!

Last Chance!
Don't forget that Quibble leave this Friday! Remember, if you're short on Adventurecoins, you can always visit Ballyhoo and watch erh ads for a chance to earn some, Or visit the AExtras page!

How Is Your Wrist?
Got 99 Problems
But A Sock Ain't One

February 8th, 2010

Leaving Soon!

Superbowl Halftime Shop and Quibble!

The Superbowl halftime shop in the Punt map was extended for 24 hours by popular demand. The Shop is closing TONIGHT at 7:00 PM Server time (EST, GMT-5)

Warhorses vs. Angel Avengers

This is your LAST time to grab these limited-time rare items, and seasonal rares.

Quibble Leaving Friday!

Quibble Coinbiter will be taking his rares and moving on this Friday.

Quibble is LEAVING!

This week is your last chance to grab these rares. Don't miss out!


New Pet O' The (little more than a) Month!

In honor of Chinese New Year, the new Pet O' The Month has been released TODAY in Aria's shop in Battleon!

Asian Dragon

Grab yours while they last (However long that is. We tend to forgot about poor Aria) and help us celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

This Week's Release!

This Friday we will be opening Heroes Heart Day for the first time in history, AND we will be having a Yokai New year's celebration on Yokai Aisle! More info to follow in the days ahead!


February 5th, 2010

Darkovia, Football and Badges!

Special Superbowl Half-time release on Sunday!

In order to explain all that is happening today I'm going to have to rbeak it down into sections. Bear with me.

The Gates of Darkovia: Chapter 1

If you are a fan of the original AdventureQuest then you already know all about Darkovia, but if you're new to Lore then I'm happy to introduce our newest Storyline zone.

Darkovia is the land of perpetual night where Vampires and Werewolves fight an endless battle for superiority. The mightly Gates to Darkovia are sealed shut and guarded by Vannier and Warclaw. Each guardian stands at the gates making sure that whoever enters Darkovia only come to help THEIR side of the struggle. It's also home to Safiria, the Vampire Queen!

Vannier and Warclaw

The only way past these two guards is to do their quests and defeat the mightly Blightfang, the undead werewolf who is a threat to BOTH vampire and werewolf alike.

Defeating Blightfang is dangerous but not without it's rewards. He drops 4 brand new weapons, plus the quest to defeat MIGHT even reward you with the coveted Batwing Scythe!

New Darkovia Weapon Drops

It matter not, if you are an old fan or a new one, Darkovia promises to be a fan favorite!

Beta Tester Badge /Beta Character Badge

A little while ago we were forced to remove the Beta tester badges from some of you, because we realized that you never actually logged in and helped us test. You only made your characters in beta.

We have FINALLY remedied the situation! If you created your character during Beta you will see the new Beta Character Achievement Badge both in your Book of Lore AND on your Character page!

If you created a character AND helped us beta test the game (in the time of primordial bugs, in which were found bugs big enough to eat a player whole) you have BOTH badges in your Book of Lore, and on your character page!


In addition to the new badge, you can click on your Beta Tester Achievement Badge and you will find a shop which sells the Beta Berzerker Class... and it ain't cheap!

(Open your Book of Lore, click your Badges bookmark, hit the BETA tab at the bottom of the page, Click on the Beta Tester badge. You will see the shop on the other side of the book!)

If you accidentally deleted the class, lost it to a scammer or just forgot to grab it back in the day... your problems are solved! :)

Punt map, and Superbowl Half-Time shop!

One of your favourite shops from last year is coming back on SUNDAY with some new surprises!

The Superbowl is the biggest American Football game of the year where the Best of the Best of the NFL face each other on the field of combat in front of tens of millions of spectators and fans!

Halfway through the game, there is a half-time show which rivals the biggest rock concert that you've ever seen... and during half-time... we open the Half-time show in the Punt map!

In the shop you will find:

  • The Angel Avengers Team armor
  • The Warhorses Team armor
  • Angel Avengers Helm
  • Warhorses Helm
  • Angel Avengers Cheerleaders Amror
  • Warhorses Cheerleaders Amror
  • Bladed Pom-Pom of the Avenged
  • Bladed Equine Pom-Pom
  • Avenged Hand (big foam hand)
  • Hand of the Hoof (big foam hand)
  • Moglin Ref 10
  • Spiked Pigskin 10

team stuff
Beleen And I Showing Our Team Spirit in Darkovia!

The shop will only be open during half-time (unless we get a major player response asking that it be left open like last year) so we'll see you there! Let's see if we can break last year's record breaking numbers!

Oh yeah, While you're in the Punt map, give Twilly a kick. If you get a perfect punt of 100 yards, you will unlock the Moglin Punter Achievement Badge in the Book of Lore and on your Character Page! This is a permenant addition to the map and it is live right now so get kicking!

Chaos Shogun Kitsune Open For All Players!

Non-members may now do battle with Kitsune, the Lord of Chaos! We have also added the 3 tailed Chaos Fox pet as a drop to Kitsune just for members!


Have a great weekend guys! Enjoy the release!


Randor The Red

February 4th, 2010

A SuperBowl Sized Spoiler!

Sneak Peak at this Weekend’s Release

Isn’t February the shortest month of the year? …uh huh, I thought so*. Well, with this being said, Artix, Cysero, and the entire AE Team have decided to cram more than ever into our weekly releases. Can this be done? Not sure… but there is only one way to find out! The month has only just begun, and I gatta admit, we are already holding true to this promise.

Next item on the agenda: the all-new zone, Darkovia. If you have played the original AdventureQuest, then you know all about this eerie place, home to Vampires and Werewolves! Tread lightly as you make your way through an ominous graveyard full of skeletons and various other creepy creatures. But, uh, whatever you do… don’t mess with the undead werewolf, Blightfang… You have been warned.

His bark is worse than his blight...

This is only Part 1 of Darkovia. Who knows what you will find on your adventures throughout this zone… maybe something—or someone—is in cahoots with Chaos?! *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge*

Chaos Lord Kitsune

Speaking of Chaos… the Chaos Lord Kitsune showdown will become available for everyone starting Friday! Here is your chance for revenge against that awful Shogun for making you fight millions of Yokai in last week’s war! You can also get your hands on some awesome Chaos Lord gear, including the Hanzamune Blade and an all-new 3-tailed Fox pet. Why three tails? Well, why not?


Come Sunday at Half-Time, the town of Battleon is celebrating Super Bowl XLIV in the only way we know how—with pigskin weapons, deadly pom-pom chakras, giant foam fingers, moglin referees, protective headgear, football armors, and cheerleader costumes. /Cheer your favorite team to victory while showing your Super Bowl spirit!

Warhorses vs. Angel Avengers

You can also play the timeless** minigame of Punt Twilly, only available during this special day. Wearing your new armor, try your luck at punting that adorable moglin, Twilly, as far as you can. If you can get a perfect punt score of 100 yards, a special Achievement will be unlocked and displayed on your Character Page for all to see.

Punt Twilly

And remember, practice makes perfect (score)!

Hey guys, it’s Randor the Red. I have been pretty busy for awhile now, hard at work in my secret aboveground lab. I just finished a bunch of new AE wallpapers so that you can deck-out your desktop with. I really hope you like them—I know I do, and so does Beleen, since she just put up the MQ Safiria background.

Click here to check out all the wallpapers. Which one is your favorite? If you have a suggestion for a cool new wallpaper to add to the collection, let me know about it in the forums!

*I googled it just to make sure
**Of course it’s timeless; there is no clock!


February 2nd, 2010

Groundhorc's Day!

Special 1 Day Only Event!

Happy Groundhog Day! One this day every year, Philip, the weather predicting groundhog pops his head out of his hole and peers around. If he comes out to play, then spring is here! If he sees his shadow and vanishes back into his warm, cozy burrow than we know that we are in for SIX MORE WEEKS of winter!

Groundhorc's Day Seasonal Rares!

I'm not a fan of the cold. Actually I kind of hate it. Actually I really hate it. Actually, I'd beat snow up if I could. But if there is one person who HATES winter more than I do, it's General Porcon over in the Horc Fort (you can see it on the greenguard map).

General Porcon!

He has taken it upon himself to kidnap Philip in a desperate attempt to end winter. What he doesn;t understand is that if Philip doesn't get to look at his shadow then winter will NEVER end!

Talk to Twilly in Battleon and accept the Grounfhorc's Day quest to save Phillip and you will recieve at least 1 (possibly all three) of the Groundhorc's Day 1-Day-Only Seasonal Rares!

Groundhorc's Day Quest!

The clock is ticking on a Lot of things: The Limited Time Chaos Skull House will be vanishing forever this Friday, Quibble won't be in town for long, Friday is when non-members get to test their might against Chaos Shogun Kitsune, Sunday is the Superbowl halftime Shop and Punt map (with special rares to celebrate the Colts and Saints), and the first episode of the last season of Lost is on tonight!

That's a LOT of stuff!


February 1st, 2010

Superbowl Event & Darkovia!

Month of major massive events

Greetings friends! We have a crazy line up of non-stop releases coming your way. This weekend the Yokai Isle ChaosLord battle is opening for all players. Meanwhile, the pathway to the vampire and werewolf filled forest of Darkovia is going to open! For those of you who played the original AdventureQuest, this will be part 1 of a an epic new storyline taking place in an explorable recreation of that famous and very haunted area and is starts THIS FRIDAY. Yes, Safiria the Vampire Queen and her castle will at long last get a permanent home in AQWorlds. This weekend we also have a Super Bowl Halftime shop special event! Tomorrow, we have GroundHork's day. Then, next week is Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, President's day, and we will be launching the new stats system with "Magic Power" on the PTR! Here are some details for you...

Super Bowl Halftime shop!!!!!!!!!

We are doing it again! Join us in AQWorlds at half-time during the Super Bowl as we open a special shop full of rares in an updated version of the Punt Twilly map! Last year 17,876 players logged on and broke the servers -- BUT THIS YEAR WE ARE READY*!

* ... to crash again.

GroundHork's Day

Tomorrow is ground hogs day! It is an actual event that is celebrated here in North America. The story goes, on Feb 2nd (tomorrow), if a Groundhog emerges from his borrow and sees his shadow.... there will be 6 more weeks of Winter. So what does this have to do with Horks? Check Twilly around noon (EST) tomorrow for a special quest! Quest rewards include a GroundHork Helm and a Groundhog pet.

Chaos Lord Kitsune opens for all Players!

The final Boss Fight of Yokai Isle will open for all players on Friday. I REALLY liked the cutscenes & music at the end of the zone. Cysero's writing, Miltonius' animation and the entire teams efforts were amazing. To encourage Members to help everyone battle our toughest boss yet again this weekend, Kitsune will begin dropping an adorable 3-tailed fox pet.

Forum Question: Would you like to help with the releases? We would love to read your ideas & suggestions for this year's Chinese New Year & Valentines Day on the forums.


Book face!

Social Networking Update

Staff Imposters and other oddities

Beware of people on FaceBook, Myspace, and Twitter claiming to be our staff. Never give out your password. The staff will never ask for it, and any one who does is just trying to steal your account. Especially beware of the new imposter on FaceBook claiming to be Beleen.

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