Design Notes

January 30, 2012

Tradeskills are coming to AQW

Go Fish! ... No, really. Bring your poles!

That's right, we're introducing tradeskills into AQWorlds this year, and we're starting with Fishing!

BOOM! Fish Rain!

It's not a minigame... kind of. You'll be able to actually fish, but you'll be able to rank up 30 levels of your Fishing skill (and eventually skills like Blacksmithing, Potionmaking, scroll-scribing, etc), and receive different gear and items to earn at each of the ranks!

Ranks 1-10 of 30!

You'll also buy fishy-looking gear that will enhance your abilities! Members will gain access to extras like the Super-pole! (Catch 3x the fish in one cast!) And speaking of FISH... there's a whole school of different, tasty fishies to catch and cook up (once Cooking is introduced, that is)! There's also the possibility of the fish you catch being able to increase your HP, STR, or other stats at some point in the future!

Just wait until you catch the Jumbo Shrimp!

Look for this deliciously exciting release to be introduced February 17! Dumoose has been the angler-wrangler for this project and says that testing is going swimmingly! We've got ideas in mind for other tradeskills to introduce as the year goes on, each with their own member and AC bonuses, but what would YOU like to see? Let us know on Twitter and the forums!

This is the start of a whole new type of AQW gameplay, and we're looking forward to building the different skills up with you all to be as awesome as possible!

Earth Realm- get ready, rock-steady!

Rocks rumble and crystal shatters; the earth is unsteady and it's up to YOU to get Etherstorm's defenses in order before the world begins to break apart! Head inside the mystical, magical crystal realm which houses the Earth Realm's secrets! Battle crystallized elements as the earth fights back, but be careful... things could get rocky!

Desoloth is getting ready to launch an all-out attack and if your plans are not in place before he does, the elemental war he's planning will tear Draconic society - and all of Lore - apart!

Etherstorm's Quibble comes FRIDAY!

Lets not have any quibbling over this announcement, because the items Quibble Coinbiter - our favorite time-traveling salesmoglin - will bring are going to be fundamentally, elementally EPIC! Look for more previews of them as the week goes on! You'll find him in Battleon, shop open and shelves stocked, this Friday!

Member Mid-week release: Cornelis!

HEY MEMBERS! Are you ready for another mid-week member-only release? You are? GREAT! Because we've got one in the works for you, and it'll take place in the much-beloved, long-ago released Cornelis map in Chiral Valley! Things are going to get pretty twisted, and the residents there need YOUR help to straighten their lives out!

An AUS-ome holiday!

Thanks so much to Captain Sephira for the extra-special Aussie swag she sent to help us celebrate Augstralia Day! It arrived this morning and Cysero and I paraded through the halls of the Lab showing off all the sweet gear from a different hemisphere!

Beleen models our Aus-some gifts!

But the Australia cape (which looks great with my shirt today, coincidentally!) and flags were not all! We've received pins, a GIANT FOAM FINGER, and the wicked umbrella hats you see in the picture below! Beleen also trumpeted her excitement at the swag to the whole team when she blew on the Extra-Special Aussie NoiseMaker (tm)!

The foam finger points away from Australia.

Once again, thanks to Captain Sephira for the epic gear and rockin' letter! Happy belated Australia Day, everyone!


January 27, 2012

Etherstorm's Water Realm...

Where Galanoth's Future is Decided!

Under a blood-red sky, a dragon is about to die! All dragons do, when facing Galanoth, right? He is not in any Etherstorm Realm you've seen yet, and there is no way for YOU to get to him. You will be too busy working to save the dragons and elements of Lore. No time to...

...find out just where Galanoth went! Or what he plans to do now that he's there! But the way he's holding that sword indicates that he's NOT on a mission of peace! Which dragon is about to feel the wrath of Galanoth the DragonSlayer? (We all know he is not very fond of fire dragons...)

MEANWHILE, IN THE WATER REALM: you have learned the location of the new Prime Dragons! Now your task is to unravel the complexly woven protection spell that is guarding them! (Wait... the Priests knew where they were all along? What?!)

Quest through a marsh that flows into the open ocean! Battle Marsh Lurkers, fishy foes, and wipe out water monsters as you race to an undersea finish! And don't forget:

The Deep Dweller waits!

Oh, and keep an eye out for anything fishy on the beach. Something that prooooobably shouldn't be there. Once you find it, run away. Fast.

Suggestion Shop Update!

Dage, Solrac and Jemini have whipped up some wildly awesome Suggestion Shop items based on the work of Impactor, Ayuzu, and disturbed indestructible!

Fantasy Warrior and Disturbed Blade!

  • Fantasy Armor - Impactor
  • Valkyrie Blade - Ayuzu
  • Disturbed Blade - distrubed indestructible
  • Seaweed Hat/Hairstyle - Ganloth

Fantasy Warrior and Valkyrie Blade!

Mid week release reminder!

Hey MEMBERS! Make sure you /join tower to check out the newest mid-week member-only release! Learn about the shadowy Silent Sentinels, an organization within the Guardian Order itself!

Coming next week!

Get ready for:

  • Etherstorm Earth Realm!
  • Member-only Mid-week release in Cornelis!
  • Quibble arrives in Battleon with an Etherstorm-themed shop!
  • New weapons in Chinese New Year shop!

Have a GREAT weekend, guys! Enjoy the release, stay dry, and make sure you keep an eye on the calendar, because the arrival of the next Chaos Lord draws ever closer...


January 27, 2012

TMBG on Conan O'Brian

... and our player count soared?

Last night, one of our most favorite music bands of all time (and former AQW guest), They Might Be Giants performed on the Conan O'Brian show. For no apparent reason, our online count suddenly jumped. I was told on my twitter that several servers were reporting as FULL. Which was expecially weird for 11pm at night! We where not mentioned anywhere (that we know of)... does anyone have any idea why this happened?

Talking about TMBG, the band is officially on tour! ... and the opening act is Jonathan Coulton (who also appeared in a previous AQW event.) You can see their official tour schedule at the TMBG's official website. Many of us from the lab will be going to their show here in Tampa, FL.

Shhhhh.... secrets.  

You have a big release coming tonight in AQWorlds, but first, I would like to share a few things I have secretly been working on. 1.) The AQ3D Project 2.) Planet Romero in MechQuest (along side Korin & the MQ Team) 3.) Valentines day "Love Story" for AQWorlds with Mia J. Park (read the Jan 9th, 2012 post here) and 4.) ...well, you know what they say. A picture is worth one-hundred thousand slain undead minions!

Blinding Light of Destiny


January 25, 2012

Guardian Tower Mid-Week Expansion!

Meet Sloan

This is the Guardian Sloan.

He is now standing just inside the entrance to Guardian Tower. Since the beginning of the game, it has stood tall and silent at the top of Battleon, home to the verification shops but not much else.

Finally we have returned to Guardian Tower in this mid-week mini-storyline and given you a real reason to run around there! This story is full of intrigue and suspence as new and interesting aspect of the Guardians will be revealed.

You get to travel to strange and exotic location. It's a cave.

You also get to tie a dude up and question him.

As usual, if you complete the Member Only storyline quests you will unlock a shop full of new armors, weapons and other items all made by SOLRAC (spelled it right this time).

There was some confusion about this release going to the AQ Classic Guardians instead of being AQW Member Only. While we do appreciate AQ Guardians (as displayed by the verification shop and Guardian Only Class, one of the few totally redesigned at your request) but THIS release goes to the AQW Members who support THIS game.

Guardians still get a LOT out the game in which you have upgraded, AQ Classic! :)

Stuff Closing

I've been seeing a lot of questions about when stuff is leaving the game, or happening in the game so here's a quick-n-dirty list.

  1. FEB 6th! Friday the 13th Event Rares, House Shop and chance to get the Friday the 13th Character page Badge will leave on FEB 6th! The rest of the event and the other badge will be permanent additions to the game.

  2. FEB 13th! The nect I CAN HAS MOD contest winner will be selected on FEB 13th. We will try to contact them that day but it may be several days before and IF their wish changes the Golden Cheezburger Deluxe into anything. The Golden Cheezburger Deluxe will also be removed from Cleric Joy's Shop on FEB 13th!

  3. NEAR VALENTINES DAY: The Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures which will be sold at Toys R Us in the US and HeroMart everywhere else, will be going on sale NEAR VALENTINES DAY. That is the closest to an exact date that we can get. These toys come with the Paladin HighLord and Doomknight OverLord classes, armors, weapons, helms, houses and Character Page Achievement Badges respectively.

    CORRECTION: I just found out this the Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures will not be released until Late April of this year.

  4. EARLY to MID-OCTOBER: The THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS event will be going rare this year and taking everyything with it, including the Vindicator of They Class (unless we can finagle our way out of the contract) in EARLY to MID-OCTOBER of this year.

  5. NO IDEA: Our newest project, known under the working title AQ3D, will be released when we are done with it. It takes a long time to develop a game (especially a 3D Browser game) and we're just getting started. We have goals set but it's so early in the project that it's really not worth getting your hops up about it yet. 

331 days until Just Another Day



January 25, 2012


Happy Level-up day Voltaire, Captain Rhubarb and Stratos

Today we are playing BirthdayQuest. Your quest is to wish each of today's three mustka-birthday-teers (Voltaire, Captain Rhubarb, and Stratos) a very happy Birthday! Because, today is, in fact, their birthdays!

Happy Birthday!

Quest Objectives (0/3)

  • Wish Captain Rhubarb Happy Birthday on the AE General Forums
  • Wish Voltaire Happy Birthday on Facebook or Twitter
  • Wish Stratos Happy Birthday on Twitter
    (BONUS OBJECTIVE: Because Stratos is the youngest of today's birthday bunch.. be sure to find a way to call him an old man or for even more fun, make up an age "Happy Birthday Captain Stratos." You can have even more fun by putting the age as binary, hexadecimal or using negative or illogical numbers.)

What do you get for doing this?

Thankfully, almost none of you need me to answer this. But for our few friends who expect to get something for everything they do in life, please let me be the first to tell you -- sometimes, you do things for no other reason, other than it is cool. Often you will find in this life, that these are the very best things you ever do.


January 23, 2012

Etherstorm's Water Realm

Galanoth has disappeared!

Water, Air, Earth - all of the Proto-Prime Dragons have been located! The Fire Proto-Prime Dragon has been free the whole time, and you've already met. (He's not too fond of you since his defeat!) The only problem NOW is getting them free of the sanctuary they've been confined in for their own protection! (... wait, so the Priests knew where they were all along? What?!)


Of COURSE they're guarded by a DeepDweller!

If you're going to loose the new Prime Dragons upon Lore, subdue Desoloth, calm the elements, and free the world... you're going to have to break an almost-unbreakable spell! That will be YOUR task this week, Hero! As for what our favorite DragonSlayer has been up to...

Etherstorm's Water Realm is comprised of marshy areas spilling into the ocean!

Let me wet your appetite* for news of Galanoth's whereabouts with the following -
There are two possible outcomes this week:
Disarmed or Unharmed.

When the unthinkable happens, lives will be changed, but you'll have to wait for this Friday to find out whether it's for the better... or worse!

Re-enactment of Monday morning's meeting:

Alina: Hey, Artix? We're REALLY going to do this. Just like we said we would. Fair warning.
Galanoth: They'll NEVER see it coming! Just make sure the DRAGON is there!
Alina: Don't worry, we'll make sure you get to battle the dragon. But...  If you're SURE...
Artix + Cysero: Let's DO this! /thumbs up

* We know it's "whet your appetite." It's a pun. We make those a lot.

In the Guardian Tower, who watches the watchers?

You don't know much about the internal workings of the Guardians in BattleOn's Guardian Tower, but this Wednesday, members are about to get a MUCH closer look at what goes on behind locked doors and inside fortified towers!

Seems like they're up for watching YOU, if not a secretive Guardian organization!

Get ready to go on the inside of one of the most powerful - and secretive - groups that control the Guardian organization from behind the scenes. Are YOU up to the challenge of helping them? You'll have to be a member to find out!

Updates from Beleen!

Beleen is SUPER-excited and wants to make sure you know that you can get a PINK version of the Chinese New Year dragon armor in her secret shop (where, oh where, could Beleen be? Gee, I don't know! But I bet somewhere in this Design Notes there's a hint!) AND in the Chinese New Year merge shop!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (PINK-style!)

She also asked me to remind you of the following bug fixes:

  • The Chinese New Year non-member helm no longer requires a member helm.
  • The inability to /join castle on the Alina server is being looked into.
    (For now, please /join castle on a different server.)
  • The Living Air monster's disappearing/re-appearing head issue has been fixed.
    (Guess his head was just in the clouds!)

Have a great Monday night and an awesome rest of the week! We'll see you Friday for the most INTENSE battle cutscene we've ever produced! Seriously.


January 20, 2012

Betrayal is in the Air

Be on your guard in the Air Realm!

Lightning flashes when Air and Earth clash! Winds of fire scour the sandy land. Noxious fog settles in the valleys, choking the breath from the dragons that remain. All this, As'iiur sees. And he despairs. That is why he need YOU, and with you, Galanoth, to help him create the dragon-strength air-binding potion to subdue Desoloth.

Wind be ever all around you, Hero!

Only then will his realm - and his precious draconic children - be safe! Galanoth's knowledge of how potent to make the air potion will come in handy while you are off battling to gather the components. But beware, for all is not as it seems! Can you trust those around you? 

404 Lore Error: DragonSlayer Not Found

Also be sure to check out the additions of two of our newest contributors! Hizu, formerly a HeroSmash animator, is going to begin helping Samba animate monsters, freeing her up to pump more epicosity into the cutscenes! And welcome Reeky to the AE team! He is Warlic's sound assistant and composed the gorgeous music you're hearing tonight! Welcome to you both, the AQW team is lucky to have you!

Chinese New Year returns! 

Panlong, the legendary lake dragon, has risen to welcome in the new year as the old one flows out with the tide! He has many quests for you to go on, Hero, and even MORE rewards for you to claim once you're done!

Year of the Dragons on parade!

New Year's rewards will feature:

  • FOUR colors of the Dragon Armor!
  • Water Dragon Spirit Pet! (member only)
  • Parade Dragon Pet! (AC non-member)
  • And so much more!

The Chinese New Year's event will be available until Monday, February 6th!

Members: Return to Akiba!

If you didn't log in on Wednesday, Members, you've got a WHOLE member-expansion storyline to do! If you like shadows, assassins, or saving princesses, then this is the update for you!  Take a tour of a new addition to the Akiba map and get some EPICLY shaded shadowninja rewards!

We cut the Cheese release!

That's right. It was us. We'll take the blame. No new Cheese Day items. Try not to be bleu. It stinks, I know, but we just didn't have time while producing all this other AWESOME content! So no new Cheese items, and all those great, gooey rewards from last year are still rare. 

Don't worry, though, the rest of the release is full of muensters to battle and some really gouda-looking rewards to gain! Sorry, that last line was probably too cheesy.

Coming Soon!

Next week as we journey through Etherstorm's Water Realm, we'll find out just where Galanoth went, and more importantly... WHY. After that, we'll start rockin' with Etherstorm Waste's Earth Realm. Beyond that comes... Valentine's Day! But beware, because ARTIX is writing this holiday event, and he WON'T let me even look at the script. Mermaids, love, and... Artix writing it all?!

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone! We'll return on Monday for another week of stories, gaming, and unpredictably Chaotic insanity! And speaking of unpredictable insanity... have you seen Artix's new AQ3D project Design Notes?


January 18, 2012

Secret Ninja Release!

A Mid-Week Attack From The Shadows!

This Mid-Week release is an expansion to the asian themed city of Akiba, home of Princess Ai No Miko! To start on your new ninja-esque mini-adventure, speak to Nukemichi, Emperor Daisho's Master of Shadows!

If you have what it takes to help this master ninja save Princess Miko from an assassination attempt, then your adventures will lead you underground to the secret caves that lie beneath Akiba!

Complete the adventure and you will unlock the new ninja merge shop which will give you access to some of the coolest ninja gear in AQW all created by AQW Artist Solrac!

Remember, the Mid-Week releases and all of the new rewards are for MEMBERS ONLY!

What's With The STOP SOPA Dragon?

You've probably been hearing a lot about SOPA and PIPA today. If you're curious about what they are and why we NEED to stop them, please read my Design Notes from earlier today!

Don't forget that Friday there will be a huge expansion to the Etherstorm Wastes and RETURN to Akiba for the AQW Chinese New Year celebration with our traditional NON-MEMBER Chinese new year pet!

See ya then!


January 18, 2012

SOPA & PIPA Blackout!

What The Heck is Going On?!

If you've been around to sites like Google, Wikipedia and other American-run websites today you've probably already seen some of the SOPA & PIPA Blackout.

SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (The Protest Intellectial Property Act) are two American bills which were created to give the US Government and the Entertainment Industry the power to stop people from distributing copyrighted material over the internet.

This is a GREAT idea! Everyone knows that Stealing is wrong and when you create something, it's yours to give away or profit from as you see fit.

Just one problem. That is NOT what SOPA and PIPA would really do. Not to over-simplify but SOPA and PIPA would basicly give the US Government the ability to block sites that the Entertaiment Industry feel are doing something wrong without any oversight, so you don't have to go to court or even get a warrant. They would do this in a way that threatens freedom of speech and even the internet itself.

If you decide to make a video of you and your friends playing AQW, use your favorite song as the soundtrack and post it on YouTube, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) could hold YOUTUBE responsible for what you posted. They could, possibly, have the entire site blocked from all search engines and cut off all forms of payment putting YouTube at risk and possibly killing one of the most amazing vehicles for free speech in the world today.

It might even put games like AQW at risk. Since there is no oversight, some of out punny knock-offs and pop-culture references would not be protected as Satire but might be regarded incorrectly as stealing someone else's ideas for our game. If SOPA or PIPA came down on AQW, they could block all forms of payment to the site and we'd have to shut down the game and possibly the company.

Those are extreme examples but only TWO examples of what might happen. SOPA and PIPA would change the way the internet works for America and, because the internet is a global community in which American is a driving force, it would also change the way the internet works for the entire world.

The worst part is that SOPA and PIPA were written by people who don't really understand how the internet works so it would kill legit sites but the hackers and pirates would keep on stealing and it wouldn't do a thing to slow them down.

We want to stop piracy, not break the internet.

We're throwing our voices in with hundreds of thousands of others world-wide and asking the US Government to hear us and make sure that these bills do not become laws. The Senate will begin voting on January 24th.


January 17, 2012

Etherstorm Air Realm

Bert Boomtower mumbles:

Well, hello Heroes! I haven't seen you since, since that DoomWood fiasco! I hope you've been well, I sure do! But I never did think to myself that this here Etherstorm Wastes had a... a beyond! No sirree, I didn't! But it DOES!

An' it turns out that ol' Bert's been asked to raise a sign to point all you Heroes to it, yes he has! I mean me. I have. I'm ol' Bert. Bert Boomtower! *grumble* But  wouldn't ya guess it that I can't as do m'job because o' that ol' wall o' FOG! Who knew fog was SOLID?! A body cain't work but their honest labor gets in'errupted.

So, I'ma gon' wait here in this Air Realm with that fidgety, nervous-lookin' Air Dravix fellow, an' the wind all a-blowin' MIGHTY hard! Why don'cha go talk to him, eh? He looks like he could use a mite o' your Heroing, Hero. Seems somethin's on his mind. What would make a great, pow'ful Priest like it git worried? Could be the DragonSlayer you're travelin' with, mebbe?

Dravix and DragonSlayer, an uneasy peace.

Nah, ol' Galanoth, he's a straight upright ol' stick. Good wood, he is. Ever'one knows THAT. But you, you go an' talk to him, Hero. 's your job, an a body's gotta do what they gotta DO, y'know? For me, I'll just sit tight with this sign a-pointin' the way to the Ruins of Tiba- Tibat- eh, som'thin' or other. Some strange tongue, it do be!

Alina continues:

Thanks for the warning, Bert! The Heroes will get right on that... this Friday! Good luck with your sign-posting!

Shadows Over Akiba!

IN Akiba, to be precise! MEMBERS should be on the lookout tomorrow night for the next member-only mid-week expansion! This time you'll be journeying to the mystical land of Akiba, home to royalty, shrines, and Yokai!

In the Land of Yokai, shadows dance in the light of carved-stone lamps.

Those ghastly ghosts of legend roam the lands, and you'll need to deal with them as you help a shadow-y figure deal with, what else? The shadows! Let your light shine as you helpl this poor stranger; if you don't, he'll remain forever a shadow of himself!

With awesomely-shaded rewards that'll lighten your mood and weigh down your backpack, this is one mid-week release members won't want to miss! And speaking of Akiba...

Year of the Dragon - Chinese New Year!

Celebrate! Celebrate! /Dance to the music of the drums and the flutes as the dragons dance through the streets, it's Chinese New Year! (Or will be on Monday!) You'll need to quest through Akiba to help PanLong, the legendary lake dragon. He's risen from his watery home to welcome in the near year as the old one flows into the past.

PanLong, the Legendary Lake Dragon

But we can't wait that long to begin the festivities, so we're kicking off our celebration THIS Friday with rewards that'll have you roaring louder than DRAGONS! And speaking of dragons... you'll get access to rewards (like 4 colors of the armor below, dragon morph heads and dragon helms!)that will have you flying high or terrorizing towns! (Depending on your alignment, of course!)

Year of the Dragon 2012!

Friday the 13th, the bad luck continues!

If you were around last week, you might have seen that most of us caught the Lab Plague at some point. GOOD NEWS: people are slowly but surely recovering! BAD NEWS: Some of us had our LUK stats nerfed last week. Faith, Wrayth, and I are all dealing with either bandages, braces, or both this week after mishaps while in action put us all in traction!

Here's to a speedy recovery! (From where I sit, I can see a black cat, a ladder, and an unbroken mirror. Not tempting Fate much at all, nope.)


January 14, 2012

PINK Robot Unicorns!

Prancing With Heroes!

Did we really NOT release PINK versions of the Unicorn pets with last night's release?! An oversight that MUST be rectified! I couldn't go into the Lab on Monday, sit across from Beleen, and tell her we DIDN'T put PINK unicorns in! (Please don't tell Artix. SHHHHHH!)

To that end, I give you:


  • Pink Flame Unicorn Pet - 150 AC/member
  • Pink Robot Unicorn Pet - 25,000 gold member-only

They are both in the Event Rare shop and will disappear forever once the shop leaves!

But remember, you can see Voltaire, Deady, and Andrew rockin' the unicorn vibe under the shadow of Mount Etherstorm whenever you want, because the story is permanent in-game content! And speaking of Andrew's Pink Fluffy Unicorn song...

I can't stop singing it!

I'm going to talk to Warlic and Andrew and see about recording a "Pink Robot Unicorns Prancing with Heroes" cover! See you all Monday!

PS - Don't forget, the next I Can Has Mod contest will be starting soon! Which mod is it this time, you ask? WE DON'T KNOW! Whoever wins the contest will get to pick which mod gets to grant their wish!


January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is LIVE!

This Volcanic Event ERUPTING!

Log in now to play the (un)luckiest release of the year! Voltaire, Deady, our special mystery guest, and the town of Little Etherstorm are waiting! In the hub town (/join firehouse), you'll have access to:

  • The full storyline
  • The member-only storyline
  • Event Rares shop
  • Member-only Merge Shop
  • Event Rare House Item Shop
  • All 7 cutscenes
  • And the BOSS BATTLE!

Check out the Event Page for more information on Voltaire and Andrew!

Stop and drop because we just ROLLED this fiery release live! /Join firehouse and get ready to (volcanic) rock! And don't forget to check out the Event Page with all sorts of awesome info about Voltaire and our mystery guest!

The Unluckiest Robot: A Backstory

So, the story of how Amira was born begins in the far-off land of New York, dead-center in Voltaire's head (a demenses populated with crazy ideas, epic songs, and little goth gremlins). His songs, "Riding down the side an of erupting volcano while drinking from a chalice filled with the laughter of small children" and "Mechanical Girl" inspired tonight's inredibly pyroclastic event.

And when Voltaire was linked to Andrew Huang's "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows" video on YouTube, an event collaboration perfect for AQW's first 2012 Friday the 13th was born! Which brings us to...

Robot vs Unicorns!!!

How did 3 VERY different songs turn into ONE wild event? Artix told me we were going to use Voltaire's "Black Unicorn" song and one other in the event, and said he wanted to another from YouTube. And HEY, it was ALSO about unicorns! He asked, "So... you can fit these all into one story, right?" Never one to back down from a challenge, I said - "Of course!" Little did I know...

This is exactly what it looks like.

Giant Robot. Erupting Volcano. Black Unicorn. Cool. Great. But then I went to YouTube and... PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS?! What?! Those are VERY diverse elements, and trying to fit them all into one cohesive story was going to be interesting. But like I said, neither I nor the rest of the AQW team ever back down from a release-battle!

In one week we wrote, produced art, and animated:

  • 7 pages of story
  • 7 cutscenes
  • 19 quests, including a member-only chain
  • 9 new characters
  • 4 new monsters
  • 4 new, self-contained maps
  • FORTY-FIVE armors, weapons, helms, pets!!!
    (including the Darkside class, helm, pet, and Paymentez Shop update)
  • 1 achievement badge - Commander of Unicorns - obtained by helping Voltaire
  • 1 site skin, 1 promo poster, 1 event page and 2 banners

That's a pretty big volcanic mountain to climb in one week, and it took the entire AQWorlds team plus the incredible contributions of Yergen, Jemini, Ichidori, Cereboz and Mido!We hope you guys enjoyed the event, because we had a BLAST putting it together!

Some of us even learned something about "in media res!"* 

We Want To Thank

Voltaire for the EPIC inspiration we continue to get from his amazing music, and to welcome Andrew Huang, aka Pink Fluffy Unicorn Guy**, to our Artix Entertainment family! They both donated their time, effort, and voices to bring you this event filled with mechanical mayhem, violent volcanic action, and... and... and UNICORNS!

Friday the 13 Hits Hard

This week hasn't been the luckiest for the AQW team or Artix Entertainment as a whole. Many of us are suffering from the Lab Plague. And when we've got the biggest event of the year (so far!) to put out. But fevers, coughs, and sneezes are NO MATCH when falling to them would mean failing YOU!

Have a GREAT weekend, enjoy the event, and watch out for black cats (much more dangerous than Black Unicorns), falling ladders, and broken mirrors!

* In Media Res is when a story starts in the middle of the tale and takes you through time to experience different events and characters. It helps build tension and suspense, and also keeps you guessing! To prevent mild confusion, we've added a chronometer to show you where you are during your Hero's Friday the 13th adventure.

Jemini, who drew the art for the Unicorn Crooner writes:
SO excited....I...CANNOT...EVEN! Sentences not forming! *INSERT RABID FAN GIRL SQUEE'S* Pink Fluffy Unicorns.....Dancing on Rainbows.....maybe the GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME! It's better than coffee, maybe even Christmas. If you could only see my face right now!
I dunno what else to say without exploding except...


January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Card!

Special effect bonus damage today

The card accurately predicted tonight's special event with Voltaire!But, beware, until midnight tonight, the "... on a Friday the 13th" card from the AQWorlds Card Game is EXTREMELY deadly. (and Deady.) If anyone takes advantage of this and destroys their friend in a game with it -- please let us know! As always you can get the AQWorlds card game at our online store or in-store at U.S. based Toys"R"Us stores (in addition to our 2012 calendar and thingies - look for it in the card game isle with yu-gi-oh and magic.)

Friday the 13th Card Special Effect


January 12, 2012

Friday the 13th Event Rares!

o you feel lucky?

With Voltaire and Deady to inspire all of these EPIC items for tomorrow's event, we sure do! The weapons featured in this Design Notes are all Event Rares* and will be sold for ACs, but there's a whole host of Member-only and free player weapons, pets, and armors that will be released tomorrow!

If you're looking to spend your weekend battling fiery foes and are ready to take on a GIANT ROBOT QUEEN, then this is your lucky Friday the 13th!

Tomorrow's event (Part 1 of 3 Friday the 13th events in 2012) will feature such event rares.

Voltaire's Chalice, Voltaire's Flaming Tophat, and Voltaire's Black Unicorn !**

The AC Event Rare house shop items will include:

  • Voltaire's Black Unicorn (yard item)
  • Burning Tree Trunk (yard item)
  • Friday the 13th Event Poster (wall item)

Event Rare armors will feature:

  • SteamKnight Armor
  • Unicorn Crooner Armor
  • Steamed Punk Armor

* That means they'll only be available for a limited time!
** Voltaire's Armor will NOT be sold, sorry! There can only be ONE goth-pirate musician!

Unicorn Crooner Armor, Steamed Punk Armor, Obsidian Axe, Mini Magma Dragon!

Among the Event Rare pets, you'll find:

  • Voltaire's Black Unicorn Pet
  • Miniature Magma Dragon (member-only)
  • Amethyst Flame Unicorn

Event Rare weapons will showcase:

  • Voltaire's Chalice
  • Obsidian Axe
  • SteamSaw Blade
  • Chained Magma Sword
  • ClockWork gun
  • Molten Destruction Blade (color custom)
  • And more!

If you've read Artix's AQ3D Design Notes today, you'll see that many of the people in the Secret Underground Lab have caught the Lab Plague. Cysero and Samba were out today recuperating, though Samba sick-swayed through animating half of the cutscenes! Cysero cranked out some of the event's NPCs while on the road to recovery, and I was down for the count earlier in the week.

I guess you could say we've been working "feverishly" on this event! /gong

PS: Believe it or not, one of the most time-consuming parts about writing the Design Notes is not the writing itself. It's gathering art assets and making up the graphics. Sorry for the late Notes.


January 11, 2012

Darkside Class Skill Breakdown

Let's get Crackin'!

We've begun testing the class that Vader Darkside wish for and we've reached a point where I am comfortable enough with the existing version to tell do the Skills Breakdown for you.

Before we get into it let me say that it's a REAL pain coming up with a concept, art, testing, tweaking and balancing an entirely new class from scratch in a week. Makes it about 10 times worse when we're ALSO trying to get a special event like Friday the 13th out on the same day. Vader Darkside's WISH was just so generous that it made us really want to do right by him. Darkside, I hope you are happy with what we've come up with!

A Few Facts About The Darkside Class.

Addons: When designing the class art, Dage The Evil also designed a really nice Hood and Weapon for the class. These items will be obtainable from Dage's Legion Shop for hard-to-get tokens. The Golden Cheezburger item itself will turn into the class.

Release Date: We will be releasing it this Friday the 13th! Tell your friends (So they will quit asking over Twitter and on the forums)!

Enhancement: Vader Darkside wished for a caster class so this guy does all magical damage. I highly suggest Wizard Enh, but feel free to experiment and let us know what combo you like!


Vader Darkside wished for a class with a lot of AOE (Area Of Effect, or Multi-hit) attacks which was not as strong as Necro but still a good solid farming class. I think that is just what we've built for him.

That means that while this class is GREAT for taking on lots of monsters at once, it's not great at bosses. It has some skills that will be useful in PvP but I wouldn't recommend this as a PvP class.


2 second cooldown

A basic attack taught to all adventurers.

You've all seen this before. But it's interesting to note that both you AND your pet auto attack at the same time. This doesn't give any damage increase as the average AA damage is spread out between both of you.


25 mana, 15 second cooldown

Summons your Battle pet or focuses your anger through your pet to DOUBLE their damage for a short time.

You know what this is if you've ever played Necro or Horc Evader. If you don't have a pet equipped (Battle Pet or even a normal pet) then it will summon the Hate Wolf to your side. If you already have the Hate Wolf or some other Battle Pet summoned, then it's a REALLY nice buff. I suggest using this after you have a few stacks of Deep Rage built up. We'll get into that in a second.


15 mana, 6 second cooldown

You strike out at your foes with arcing energy, doing light damage and applying Deep Rage to all foes hit. Damage increases with stacks of Deep Rage which stacks up to 5 times.

We couldn't built a caster class for a guy named VADER DARKSIDE without adding lightening shooting from your hands! This is your go-to skill. The cooldown is rather long for a skill that applies a stacking aura but since you can hit multiple foes you can get 3 or even 4 stacks at once. Then activate Blood Boil and BOOM, big hits and bigger crits on everything in sight.


25 mana, 10 second cooldown

Light damage to all enemies, 25% chance to stun all enemies in range for 4 seconds and reduces enemy damage. Damage reduction increases with stacks of Deep Rage.

This is your damage mitigation spell. Use it when things are getting hairy to reduce incoming damage, do a little of your own damage on the side and possibly stun one, several or ALL of the enemies you are facing. It's not too costly and it only has a 10 second cooldown which means you should use it often if you want to be successful.


Rank 4 passive

Increase Haste by 10%

Incerase Damage by 10%

Pretty basic Rank 4 passives here. Do more damage and do it faster than before. The haste buff comes in handy for the next skill.


30 second cooldown

Requires at least one stack of Deep Rage. Restores some Health and Mana but reduces Haste severely for a short time. Health, Mana and Haste Reduction increase based on stacks of Deep Rage. 

This spell pretty much ensures that you never need to stop farming. Ever. Notice that it has NO mana cost. Just click it and you get Health and Mana back but you HAVE to know when to use it. If you let your life or mana get too low before you use it, the Haste Reduction will get you killed by whatever mob of monsters you have attacking you from all sides. Use it right and you are an unstopable farming machine!


Rank 10 passive

You can no longer contain your rage. It explodes from you in a magical wave. All enemies in range take high damage. Consumes all stacks of Deep Rage.

Here's the cherry on top. Small % to proc this spell which devestates anyone or anything in your area.

There you have it. The first new AQW class of 2012, courtesy of fellow player Vader Darkside!

We will continue testing the class for the next two days so some of the cooldown or mana costs might change in the final version, but this a pretty solid class right now so I don't expect big changes, if any are required at all.

Friday The 13th!

Only two days (not counting today) until our next Friday the 13th special event featuring rock god and all around cool guy, Voltaire!

This story will be based on a few of the songs from his newest album. The event will become a PERMENANT ADDITION to the game but like all special events, will feature an Event Rare Shop featuring some very special items (including the latest version of Voltaire's Hat) so now might be a good time to spend some of those AdventureCoins that you got for the holidays.

This will also be a chance for our new players to unlock the Friday the 13th Character Page Badge but will also unlock a brand NEW Badge for completing the storyline!

See you there!

345 days until Just Another Day


January 10, 2012

Friday the 13th Sneak Peek

Robots, Explosions and... Unicorns?!

FIRE in the hole*! Flaming unicorns, exploding volcanos, fire elementals, fire spirits... this is going to be one HOT Friday the 13th! Forget sunscreen -when a GIANT MECHANICAL ROBOT** attacks a town on the other side of Mount Etherstorm***, you're going to want an asbestos suit to protect you from the heat!

And it just wouldn't be Friday the 13th without one of AQWorlds' favorite musical guests and his sidekick, Voltaire and Deady! Voltaire's idea on how to deal with this mechanized menace - not to mention his flaming top-hat - are really going to get you fired up this weekend! And did I mention the UNICORN****? I did? Good.

Trot it like it's hot.

We'll be introducing a host of new NPCs, including King (so royal he does not permit his subjects to use his name) and Lieutenant (who wishes to mock King Aldebaran so much he goes only by his rank).

Pictured: NPC too cool for names.

They'll be integral parts in understanding just what made this missile-shooting mecha miss go mad! If you can't stop her, not only the town below Mount Etherstorm will be threatened! With some epicly steam(punk)y rewards in the AC Event Rares shop and as drops, including the Flaming Voltaire Top-hat and the Baby Flaming Black Unicorn pet, this is one event you won't want to miss!

And be sure to turn the music UP, UP, UP because 3 of Voltaire's most incredible songs - including "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children" - will rock you through this release!

* Also, the whole zone!
** Yes, mechanical robot. Stressing the "mechanical" nature. Today's robots are full of computer chips and almost-magical techno-wizardry.This one is not.
*** While this event will take part on the other side of Mount Etherstorm, it will not be a part of the Etherstorm/Desoloth storyline.
**** NOT talking about the fluffy pink variety, either. No sir.

Progress On Darkside Class

You may have read this already in Cysero's Design Notes yesterday, but Vader Darkside won round 2 of I CAN HAS MOD and wished for a non-member farming class.

We're calling it the Darkside class! Cysero promised you guys that he would post pics as soon as he had some and here they are.

As Vader Darkside wished, this class will focus on attacking many enemies at once to help people who like to grind and farm for rep or special farming rewards in the Dage and Nulgath areas.

Here is a closer look at the armor.

Dage also made a really nice helm for the armor but Cysero's Golden Cheezburger is only one item so it can only turn into one item, and that is the class. Dage is considering adding the hood to his own Legion Shop later.

Vader Darkside also wished that the class be a PET class. All pet classes have the ability to summon their own custom Battle Pet or Members can equip other battle Pets that they can buy around the game. The Darkside class will be able to summon the Hate Wolf.

This Arcane canine is not only the Darkside's constant companion, it is also the focus for his or her magic, allowing their rage and malice to flow through their pet to achieve maximum magical devestation.

A few appear to be confused on some of the finer points of the class so we'll clear them up now.

  • Vader Darkside wished for Cysero's Golden Cheezburger to turn into a pet based class that anyone can use. When he said "anyone can use" he meant a non-member class. He did not mean that anyone would be able to obtain the class. That's why he specifically wished that the Cheezburger turn into the class.

  • A lot of people are saying that they "lost" the Golden Cheezburger item. We've checked many of the accounts claiming this and found that none of them ever had it in our records. Some of you might have deleted it accidentally, some of you may have forgotten that you deleted it, and some of you are trying to acquire the class unethically. We're sorry if this actually did happen to you (anything is possible) but no Golden Cheezburgers will be given out.

  • The class will also not be sold for ACs. This was all part of the contest wish and the item itself even tells you to hang onto it. If you missed out this time, hopefully you won't next time.

  • As Cysero mentioned, we will TRY to get the class out by Friday. This timeframe is not a promise but we DO promise to try our best to get it out BY FRIDAY.

  • Once the class has been tested and balanced so that no further changes need to be made we will post a skills breakdown here on the Design Notes like we would with any other class. 

Congrats again to Vader Darkside, and well done on this very selfless wish! The ICHM (I CAN HAS MOD) contest will begin sometime after the Darkside Class has been released and the next Golden Cheezburger will once again be availible from Cleric Joy's shop in Battleon.

Remember that Members and non-members can wish this contest but you can increase your chances by being a member or completing whatever AExtras are availible and offered in your region of the world.


January 06, 2012

Anarchy in Etherstorm

Dragons and Elements in Revolt!

Fire and Air spawn flaming tornados.  Rivers of burning lava-water flow freely. The Etherstorm volcano, long inactive – merely a symbol of the Fire Dragon’s element – has erupted to life. The very stones of the earth are burning. All this you must contend with when you go to save Etherstorm Wastes from the fury of Desoloth the Final - a mighty dragon possessing the power of the four Prime Elements!

The four new Prime Dragons MUST be raised!

Can you help the Dravix Priests stop Desoloth and raise four new Prime Dragons to ascend to their places on the DragonPlane? Galanoth and Warlic will come to your aid, but YOU must be the one to execute the plan to take Desoloth down, and there's a LOT of work to do before that happens!

The Etherstorm Rep shop (located by Hs'Sakar in /firestorm) will contain some hot, hot items! But you'll also find some epic drops on the fiery monsters this week!

  • Red Dragon Armor
  • 3 Red Dragon Helms
  • 3 Fire Dragon Swords
  • PyroPriest Armor
  • 2 PyroPriest Capes
  • Firestorm Dragon Wings
  • Firestorm Baby Dragon Pet
  • Bucket of Lava Mace
  • Suit of Living Flames
  • And more!

Suggestion Shop Update!

It's been a while since our last shop update, and you guys have been very vocal in your requests to introduce more suggestions into the game. And that's what we've done! Solrac has taken some epic art and re-worked it into AQW's style.

Legend Armor, Chaorrupted Skeleton Sword
and  Bladed Cannon and Shield!

Stratos goes through the Suggestion threads once or twice a month and sends on likely art for the AQW artists to check out. If your art hasn't made it in yet, keep on showing it off, because we're always looking for more!

Holidays End Monday!

Frostval is always a cheerful time of year, but we've got to get back into battle-mode, because the Year of Chaos has begun! That means on Monday, the following things will leave for another year:

Beleen's NPC and the non-rare pinkified items WILL be staying, but she'll be moving to a new, random place in Lore. You'll have to find her if you want to buy what she's got to sell!

Lolosia needs Yarrrrrr!

Members got another mid-week update this past Wednesday! Head to Lolosia to find a boatload of undead trouble! That Captain 00000beard really means business! If you think you can handle it without being made to walk the plank, you'll be rewarded with doubloons aplenty!

Friday the 13th is coming in ONE week!

If you haven't seen Voltaire riding a flaming black unicorn down an erupting volcano, you haven't REALLY experienced the catastrophe Friday the 13th creates! But the first unlucky event of three in 2012 will not be what you're expecting! We're breaking the mold, grinding some gears and busting some heads - and it all starts one week from today!

Voltaire returns, things get REALLY hot, unicorns unicorns unicorns (!!!), and so much more! Check back on Monday for more details and concept art!

Have a great weekend, guys! Rest up, relax, get your chill on. You're going to need your energy, because we've got a CRAZY list of events and releases planned for 2012, and it's all starting NOW!


January 05, 2012

2011 - AQW Year In Review!

Thanks For Making It AQW's Best Year Yet!

They say that hind-sight is 20/20. Now that the new year has begun, I want to go back and look at everything that we've done together this last year but first I want to say a sincere Thanks to all of you, Members and Non-members alike. Without you guys joining in the adventure we'd just be making these games for ourselves and that's not very fun for either you or us.

Now, let us peer beneath the bedskirt of time at all the wonderfull dustbunnies of adventure that we swept under the bed of 2011!

That metaphor went in a weird direction, sorry.

  • We began the Year of the Moglin with the introduction of the Sandsea!
  • Finally got the Bupers Camel monster in-game!
  • Thyton held his first Live Drawing event and produced the Panda Launcher!
  • We got to Spend A Day With Artix!
  • We celebrated Cheese Day!
  • Expanded the Inventory and Bank and gave all players 10 Free Spaces!
  • We celebrated Winter-een-mas with webcomic Ctrl + Alt + Del!

  • Held Groundhorc Day, Chinese New Year (with non-member Year Of The Rabbit AC pet!) and Superbowl Half-Time releases all in the same week!
  • Opened a Player Suggestion shop for Heroes Heart Day items (should we do that again?)!
  • Held our first Game-Tastic Game Challenge
  • Nursey and I had our second son, Jetson (love you guys!)!
  • Samba came to work for AE as an animator for AQW!
  • Added Facebook Share buttons to each badge in the Book of Lore!
  • Introduced AQW's first Limited Quantity Shop!

  • Held the world premiere of the HeroSmash Game Trailer in AQW!
  • Nythera and Ryuuji got married!

  • Added vast improvements to Chat Filter!
  • Yulgar celebrated Pancake Day by stealing my clothes.

  • We all celebrated Lucky Day by attending the Shamrock Fair!
  • Ragnar, the Member item vendor, came to Battleon and doesn't seem to want to leave!
  • With your help AE donated over $5,000 to help with the Japanese Earthquake Relief!
  • Fat Panda became our first real mobile game on the iPhone and Android markets!
  • That whole "Rebecca Black - Friday" thing happened (not in AQW, just sayin')...
  • We held the musical Fear Chaser event!
  • We release the AQW Anything Goes Battle On Battle Card Game with CardClahser Class!

  • We also released DerpQuest Worlds for April Fools!

  • Released the Ranger class in the Sandsea!
  • Began the SkyGuard member only storyline!
  • BattleOn Games (formerly Artix Entertainment) became Artix Entertainment again!
  • AQW appeared in the TV show, Endgame (good episode too)!
  • Celebrated the end of the world on April, 21st, 2011 when Sky-NET came online!
  • Held Earth Day and Grenwog in the same weekend!
  • Introduced VIP Membership Perk with the HEROSMASH release!

  • Released, amongst other items, the Ultrahat in honor of the Royal Wedding!
  • Re-opened the Cinco De mayo shop!
  • Released the Alina Storyline and briefly saw Derplina in testing!

  • Voltaire returned for Friday, May 13th and brought Deady along!
  • Introduced 1v1 PvP matches!
  • Nulgath errupted from his previous larval stage!
  • Began DoomWood and introduced Vordred, the Paladin Slayer!


  • AE attended Pariahcon 2011 (where we were met by only 1 fan but maybe our biggest fan)!
  • AE attended Metrocon 2011 where we held a GREAT panel for future game developers!

  • AE went to E3. I don't know what happened there But I'm sure it was fun!
  • Solrac (Mennace at the time) began his work for AE!
  • Released AQW's first PET class, Necromancer!
  • Introduced the AC Shortcut to get classes for those who don't want to spent the time!
  • Added the Espada server for our Brazillian players!
  • Released the 2011 AE Surfboard collection for the start of summer!
  • Death began showing commercials (which Members can skip)!

  • Introduced the Free Color Picker allowing you to pick ANY color in the visible light spectrum.
  • Introduced the Member 3 Month perk: Battletested AxeMaster Armor Set!
  • Introduced the Member 15 Month perk: Chaos Shaper Class!
  • Buffed DoomKnight and Paladin classes! Twice!
  • Introduced the DragonHero armor set!
  • ArcAttack came to the game for a special DoomWood Event!

  • Celebrated Freedom Day in style with fireworks and new items!
  • Aegis came to work for AQW as a part-time volunteer Assistant Art Dev!
  • DF Artist Tomix came to AQW part-time and brought his considerable skills to bear!
  • Released Evolved Shaman Class!
  • Released UndeadSlayer Class!
  • teamed up with George Lowe to release the George Lowe Bites soundboard App!
  • Actually Finished the Vordred storyline of DoomWood. That's a huge accomplishment. nearly killed some of us!
  • Added Character Page Backgrounds as a Member Perk!
  • Added the ability to turn Duel Invites off! 
  • Added Gender Change option in Yulgar's Inn!
  • Expanded the J6 Storyline to insane proportions!
  • Artix let visiting super-fan Winnie write a Design Notes post, which was nice!
  • Added Member only emotes as a Member Perk!
  • Added Class and Reputation Boosts to the game!
  • Began the BloodTusk Ravine storyline!
  • Added Treasure Chests as a random collectible drop to the game!
  • Added 2 Free Treasure Chest Keys per month for Members as a Member Perk!
  • XAN arrived in AQW... and will be back!
  • As usual, we had a FANTASTIC time at DragonCon (can't wait to see you guys this year)!

  • Released our biggest and most popular Talk Like A Pirate Day Shop ever! YAR!
  • AQW Introduced it's 3rd Upholder deal!

  • Alina thought it would be a good idea to keep working after having her wisdom teeth removed!
  • We had our biggest and best AQW Birthday bash ever with special guests THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS!

  • We held our traditional Pumpkin Carving Contest and had so many great entries!
  • Expanded the Mogloween Storyline when I decided to bake a pie.
  • Released the Vindicator Of They Class!
  • Veneeria came to work for AQW as a part-time volunteer Assistant Art Dev!
  • Released the Battle Card Mod packs!

  • Released the Paladin Slayer Class which comes with both Mod Packs!
  • The 11-11-11 Portal showed up in Battleon and lead us to the DragonRealm!
  • We released the 2012 AE Calendar with ChronoCorruptor Class which is still on sale at HeroMart!
  • Artix was the guinea pig for the first I CAN HAS MOD contest! Next one coming soon!
  • Expanded Harvest Cornycopia event!
  • Re-opened our Black Friday shop with bunch of new Black Themed items!
  • Once again, thanks to you guys, The AE family became Platinum Sponsors of the charity Child's Play! Thanks again!
  • Nythera and the Player Support team held the first "Save The Players Event"!
  • Released Troll SpellSmith Class!
  • Released Horc Evader Class!
  • Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll came to visit and wore an Artix Entertainment Shirt on stage that night! How COOL!

  • We held our ever popular Creative Cookie Contest with some truly amazing entries!
  • Began Mid-Week releases as another Member Perk starting with Molgulp's Marsh2 expansion!
  • Continued the Mid-Week release Member Perk with an expansion to the Lair map!
  • The /Samba emote became an unlockable reward from Samba's dance mini-game for Members Only as another Member Perk. 
  • Expanded Frostval with Song of the Frozen Heart parts 1 and 2!
  • Gave EVERYONE 200 ACs for a Frostval gift!
  • Introduced Bank Pets to AQW!
  • Expanded the New Year's Release with all new content, rewards and villian!
  • Then I wrote this.

WHEW! It was a big year and those are just the highlights. I didn't even get to mention EVERY shop, release, advancement, event, or project, but you were here for a lot of it so you get the idea.

It's been a hard but fun year here in the lab making AQW and the other AE games for you and I can't wait till you see what fun stuff we've got planned for 2012!

351 days until Just Another Day.


January 05, 2012

3 x Friday the 13th = ???

The first one is NEXT WEEK!

It is hilarious that to our gaming community, Voltiare has become a greater iconic figure of Friday the 13th than the hockey mask-wearing Jason Voorheese. Ooooooh, I wonder who would win in a supernatural creep-off fight between them? (Oh yes, that is the official Twitter question. It should be assumed that Voltaire has Deady... and probably access to various Star Trek and Star Wars technology.) So NEXT WEEK is Friday the 13th... and we will be summoning Voltiare in-game (probably by standing in a dark room and saying his name three times in front of a mirror) where he will appear and hopefully play his new song "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children." (Yes, that is really the name of the song.)

Voltaire says he wrote this song after he asked his fans on Facebook how to describe his music. One person responded, "Your music is like Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children!" Voltaire had one of those "YES!!!!!!" moments... and named his new album and hit song after it. Note: All of the songs in Voltaire's new album, except for the 3 we are using for the upcoming event, are strictly for fans age 15+. However.... fans of all ages can get his special, um, "dark, funny and all age appropriate" album, Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids... read some reviews.

Voltaire was not the only person to create a Unicorn-themed song based on recommendations from his fans. In fact, the artist who made the song in the next video has the EXACT same story. But our Friday the 13th would be a whole lot creepier if this rising youtube star appeared in it O_O

Galanoth: Why would you post that?
Artix: Um... someone posted it on Voltaires wall. I thought it was funny.
Galanoth: You are going to upset all the anti-bronies.
Artix: ...
Galanoth: In fact, posting that may have actually moved the end of the world up from December 22nd!
Artix: LOL! OK, you are right. I will take it down.
Artix: Um... ok, I cannot figure out how to remove a youtube video from a post.?
Artix: ZHOOOOOOOOOOOM! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Rolith: *laughs in the distance*

The new Friday the 13th event is next Friday (only 8 days away.) All of the holiday mega releases really crunched us. We have never had this little time to do an event - so it is going to be a real challenge to see what we can do. Cysero, I talked with Voltaire last night and got a concept. Alina is writing the script now. This event will most likely be three segments long. But you can bet your bottom gold coin that we will be riding a Black Unicorn down the side of an Erupting Volcano! (Wait... or will we?) AQWorlds is so unpredictable.


January 04, 2012

Ahoy There!

First Mid-Week Mini-Release of 2012 is LIVE!

The Alliance smuggler Rakham has come to Lolosia!

The simple pirate area has gotten a major expansion tonight, with an entire mini-storyline and all new Pirate items for you to earn.

Once again, this mid-week release, the quests, the boss, the cutscenes and of course the new pirate gear is for MEMBERS ONLY! It's also a veyr high-level area which will help some of you reach the level cap more easily as well as some pretty excellent gold and Xp rewards from the Member Only quests from Rakahm.

Come back Friday for the introduction of our new elemental and dragon themed area, the Etherstorm Wastes!

352 days until Just Another Day.


January 03, 2012


The Next Winner Of The I CAN HAS MOD Contest Has Been Chosen!

Things went a little smoother this time. The winner happened to be online when we chose them so it was very easy to get in touch with them.

We spoke for a while and I explained what he was won and he seemed a little overwhelmed by the idea of the wish. He asked for a little extra time, so we'll be hanging out for a few hours this Sunday and he will make his wish then, while wearing his temporary gold name.

His wish will probably be granted the following Monday.

Since the winner was easily contacted and we didn't have to go to a second choice, there will only be ONE winner this time. Honestly there was only supposed to be one winner LAST time but the first winner got back to us after we'd given up on him e-mailed the second one. Deep down we're big softies so we let both of them win. But this time... just one winner.

He has asked that we do not reveal his name until his wish is granted which I think is a great idea. It shows a lot of forethought on his part. Imagine how many people would be trying to log into that account, asking him for favors, trying to friend him and so on. That means that he's a smart cookie and I can't wait to see what he wishes for!

I CAN tell you this... He is a NON-MEMBER from New Zealand and had several HUNDRED entries under his belt, all of which were AEXtras. He made sure that the odds were in his favor, but remember that even someone with just 1 entry could have won.

97,902 people entered this time and that means that 97,902 people have Cysero's Golden Cheezburger and like last time this item WILL turn into something (probably next Monday) so make sure to hold onto it.

We will probably (maybe) be starting the next contest late this week and THIS time the winner will get to pick who they want to hang out with!

Great, So What's Coming This Week?!

The AQW team is back in the AE Secret Underground Lab and rested up after traveling all over creation to spend the holidays with our famalies, kicking through the snow, and taking red-eye flights in order to get back here on time. That may not seem restful to you but to us that's like a holiday in paradise.

The first release of 2012 will be the Member Only Mid-Week mini-release which takes us back to Lolosia for a brand new pirate adventure.

On Friday we will continue the Desoloth storyline (The first part of which can be found in the 11-11-11 Portal) in the Etherstorm Wastes! Since most of the content in the DragonPlane is Member Only, you will NOT need to complete it to begin your adventure in Etherstorm Wastes but it will add to your enjoyment of the story if you know the backstory of what happened when Desoloth the elemental dragon was set free.

We're also working a number of other projects like next week's Friday the 13th Event with Special Guest (you GUEST it) Voltaire! We'll let you know more about THAT stuff as we make our way further and further into this shiny new year!

353 days until Just Another Day.


January 03, 2012

A Smoking Scroll Arrives

EtherStorm Wastes Under Attack!

Charred flecks of yellowed parchment flake off as you hold the scroll in your hands. The courier has disappeared, but a sulfurous aroma lingers in the still air outside your dwelling. Sighing, you shake your head as you crack open the scroll. It reads:


Time is short. You MUST journey to EtherStorm Wastes! My Master fears that you are the only one who can save us - and the world. Without your assistance, the great Desoloth - who even now directs his mighty powers at our home - will annihilate our land, causing the elements which make it up to consume us entirely!

And once he has subdued our home, he will move on to yours. Then... all of Lore! His power over the elements is massive; there is no knowing the strength he possesses. I fear for my Master. He is left shaken after the death of Zellare, the Prime Fire Dragon, but knows he must burn brightly as he calls to you, and to our as-yet-unknown new Prime Fire Dragon.

Time is short, and the fires burn hotter and higher as I write.

Please, make haste to EtherStorm Wastes! You are greatly needed!

May the Flame of Courage burn ever bright within you, I am your servant,

Acolyte to the High Priest of Fire

EtherStorm Wastes Begins Friday!

Things are going to heat up FAST! If you're a member, be sure to /join dragonplane to see Desoloth's escape from the DragonPlane. For everyone else, you'll be able to pick up the story fresh this week.

When the elements rebel at the command of a rogue Great Dragon, the Priests who worship the Elemental Dragons in the Elemental Wastes will need you to save them... and Lore! Two of your favorite classic AE NPCs will appear in this zone to lend their wisdom and aid, as well!

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