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January 25, 2014

Birthday Cake for All

January: Month of Many Birthdays!

In addition to Fae's Shapeshifter Shop and Fae's Shapeshifter Merge Shop, we also have a ton of birthday stuff coming this week! Nulgath, Stratos, Rhubarb, Mritha, and Vokun all have birthdays this month, which means a TON of new birthday gear (or updated birthday shops) going live this weekend!

Too much raspberry smoothie, too.

Stratos Birthday Shop

It's Captain Stratos' birthday today! /Join Airship and take down the Skypirate Draconians for a chance to get Captain Stratos' favorite blade, the Stratospheric Tachi 2014, and find his birthday shop (with all the new and returning gear) in your Game Menu until January 31st!

Rhubarb's 72 Hour Birthday Gear Hunt

Yarrrrr! Today be the piratiest day of the year, so grab your mugs of moglinberry juice, hoist your cutlasses, and /join pirates to quest for the Pierate Birthday Cutlass +5 (gives more gold and damage against Elementals! Some boneheaded scallywag has stolen Rhubarb's birthday present for you, and you need to get it back!

Nulgath Birthday Update

Find Nulgath's Challenge Pet in his Birthday shop now! Accept the Tenacity Challenge Quest to earn Bloodgem of the Archfiend! Merge 5 of these in Nulgath's Underworld Merge Shop into a weapon to unlock the second daily quest, which has a boatload of random gear!*

Nulgath's birthday gear will be in your Game Menu** until February 3rd!

Vokun Birthday Gear

Happy birthday, Vokun! Find this dark artist's birthday gear in your Game Menu until January 31st! And find Vokun's permanent shop and quests next month!

/Cheer for All our Other January Birthdays

A little undead parrot told me AQWorlds' favorite Gypsy Goth Pirate musician ALSO has a birthday this month! Happiest of birthdays to Mritha, Head Moderator of AQWorlds General Discussion forum, as well,and to all of our other team members, heroes, robots, and organic lifeforms not otherwise specified with January birthdays/creation dates!

* These quests are daily quests. This is one way we can combat botting without making quests overly difficult.

** PS: The pets in the Meme Moglin shop have moved into Aria's petshop!


January 25, 2012


Happy Level-up day Voltaire, Captain Rhubarb and Stratos

Today we are playing BirthdayQuest. Your quest is to wish each of today's three mustka-birthday-teers (Voltaire, Captain Rhubarb, and Stratos) a very happy Birthday! Because, today is, in fact, their birthdays!

Happy Birthday!

Quest Objectives (0/3)

  • Wish Captain Rhubarb Happy Birthday on the AE General Forums
  • Wish Voltaire Happy Birthday on Facebook or Twitter
  • Wish Stratos Happy Birthday on Twitter
    (BONUS OBJECTIVE: Because Stratos is the youngest of today's birthday bunch.. be sure to find a way to call him an old man or for even more fun, make up an age "Happy Birthday Captain Stratos." You can have even more fun by putting the age as binary, hexadecimal or using negative or illogical numbers.)

What do you get for doing this?

Thankfully, almost none of you need me to answer this. But for our few friends who expect to get something for everything they do in life, please let me be the first to tell you -- sometimes, you do things for no other reason, other than it is cool. Often you will find in this life, that these are the very best things you ever do.

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