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February 26, 2024

Game News: February 26 - March 3

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Tuesday, February 27: Yokai Thief's Heist

While Valencia was traveling around Yokai Island, she learned of a merchant's stolen supply of weapons. Talk to her in the Museum and she'll be able to give you enough information to begin the hunt to recover it. Find them and you'll be rewarded with the valuable Yokai Sky Ripper Kamas!

Rewards include:

  • Sky Ripper Kama (single and dual-wield)
  • Backhanded Sky Ripper Kama (single and dual-wield)

Rewards will be permanently available. 

Wednesday, February 28: Balance Update Preview

Several balance updates are planned to arrive this Friday, including a rework of the Legion Paladin Class Skills. You can check out the changes in this post, and read on to see what else is on the balance team's list.* 

Class Updates

  • Legion Paladin: full skill rework, new icons and animations
  • Enforcer / Protosartorium: light rework
  • Chunin: Quality of Life updates / buff


  • Ravenous: added base damage, MP recovery, small stat buffs for self and stat debuffs for target, slightly reduced Execute damage bonus
  • Dauntless: slightly reduced damage
  • Smite: damage increase
  • Avarice: reduced stat penalties
  • Absolution: adjusted stat penalties
  • Hearty: removed stat penalties


  • Ultra Exos: Touch of Chaos skill adjustment

Quest Updates

  • Quests in /Crashsite
  • Various Forge quests

* List is subject to change.

Thursday, February 29: Legion Token + Rib Boost

Get double rewards from select Legion Token quests and 2x Dark Unicorn Rib drops from Binky until March 13th in this special two-week Legion Token boost!

Legion Token Quests:

  • Spring Cleaning
  • First Class Entertainment
  • Legion Quest: Light vs Dark
  • Coal for the Legion
  • Hearts and Souls
  • Hearts and Souls (Member)
  • Legion Castle Quest
  • Research Materials
  • Suffering is Magic

Dark Unicorn Rib

  • Battle Binky in the /binky or /doomvault map to get x2 Dark Unicorn Ribs instead of x1

Friday, March 1: Update Details

Evil takes over Lore this weekend! Dage's seasonal Dark Birthday zones and gear return along with the oh-so-evil RNG-themed minigames in the Lucky Day Fair.

  • Holiday Events return: Dage's Dark Birthday and Lucky Day seasonal events return
  • March Seasonal Set: Legion Warseeker returns
  • New Battles: New Underworld Boss + Rewards
  • New Bonus Pack: exclusive set crafted by Dage the Evil

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Gold Boost
  • Resource Boost: Legion Token and Rib Boost
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: Luckiest Kiwi pet + Lucky Mask helms

Leaving This Friday

Seasonal Event Maps

  • Hero's Heart Day event maps + gear
  • Yokai New Year event maps + gear
  • Carnaval event maps + gear
  • Superbowl /punt map
  • Pancake day gear
  • February Seasonal set + Chronomancer
  • Nulgath's Birthday Collection Chest

Rare Daily Login Gifts

  • Mutou Hong drops in /yokaihunt
  • Lovely Mask drops in /yguasu
  • Stolen Heart drops in /lovespell
  • Paladin Ascendant drops in /voidrefuge + /voidchasm

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

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February 23, 2024

Dragons of Yokai Saga WAR

The Blood of the Dragon is Strong in Yokai Isle

The Dragons of Yokai saga continues this weekend as WAR comes to Haku! Danger looms on two fronts: an army of invading dragons threatens the land while the Yokai themselves seek to kill Empress Miko. Battle alongside her loyal warriors to defend the Empress and her home. If she dies at the Shrine of the Great Yokai Spirit, all of Yokai Isle will fall back into the claws of ancient beasts.

Friday, February 23: Update Details

  • New Event: Dragons of Yokai Saga WAR!
  • Rewards: Yokai DragonSlayer sets (regular + color-customizable)
  • Featured Gear Shop: rare, color-customizable Draconic Assassin set 

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double Gold, XP, Rep, Class Points
  • Resource Boost: Celestial Dungeon + triple Void Orbs boost
  • Saturday: Dragon's Diamond Hoard cape drops from the war boss in /hakuwar
  • Sunday: Diabolical house items drop from the Diabolical Hoard in Lost Villa

War Rewards: Yokai DragonSlayer Sets

There are enough enough rewards in the Haku War merge shop to fill a greedy dragon's hoard... you just need to kill it first! Battle through the war to unlock the resources to craft the Yokai DragonSlayer (regular + color-customizable).

Hakuwar Merge Shop

Complete the War Medal quests to raise the meter and collect merge shop resources. You'll use the Village's Grace tokens to craft the pieces of the Yokai DragonSlayer set.

  • Yokai Dragonslayer armor
  • Noble & Yokai Dragonslayer Helms
  • Noble & Yokai Dragonslayer Beards
  • Yokai Dragonslayer Quiver Cloak & War Cloaks
  • Kisshoten Naginata
  • Luminous Mikazuki (single + dual-wield)
  • Seven Fang Blade (single + dual-wield)
  • Dragonbane Tanto  (single + dual-wield)

Save your set pieces and combine them with even more tokens to make the color-customizable version of the Yokai DragonSlayer set!

Dragons of Yokai Saga Order

  1. Prologue: head to YokaiPirate + YokaiTreasure
  2. Chapter 1: battle through /HakuVillage
  3. Chapter 2: fight through in /HakuWar
  4. Chapter 3 + 4 arrive later this Spring!

Featured Rare Set: Draconic Assassin

This weekend's featured rare set combines two of the coolest themes in all of Yokai Isle: dragons + assassins! Find the rare color-customizable Draconic Assassin armor sets & the Storm of Kunai cape in your Featured Gear Shop until April 26th!

This week's set includes:

  • Armed Draconic Yokai Assassin armor
  • Draconic Yokai Assassin armor
  • Draconic Yokai Assassin Ponytail & Masked PonyTail
  • Draconic Yokai Assassin Mask
  • Draconic Yokai Assassin Sheathed Katana
  • Storm of Kunai cape
  • Bladed Destiny Circle ground rune
  • Dragon's Breath Katana
  • Sheathed Dragon's Breath Katana
  • Backhanded Dragon's Breath Katana (single + dual-wield)
  • Kaminari Kunai (single + dual-wield)

Guide to War in AQWorlds

Battle alongside your fellow heroes to defeat the dragons attacking Yokai; Empress Miko is counting on you to defend her home! For many of you, this will be the first war you've ever fought in, so we've got a few tips to help guide you through this coming encounter: 

  • Complete Chapter 1 Quests: if you haven't finished the quests in /hakuvillage, head there now and complete the quests*. Then /join hakuwar.
  • War Meter:  Defeat your opponents to earn war tokens, then turn them in to increase the war meter. When the meter hits 100%, it unlocks the war boss.
  • War Tokens: There are two different kinds of tokens. Turning in 5 regular tokens to increases the meter by a regular amount. Turn in mega tokens to increase the meter by DOUBLE the normal amount.
  • Goals: Raising the war meter unlocks special achievements. Depending on the war, this could be a special shop, challenge fight, cutscene, or the war boss (once the meter hits 100%).  
  • War Boss: Defeat the war boss to unlocks the final cutscene, then battle him to earn reward drops

You and the rest of the heroes in Lore will all be fighting together to reach a common goal: victory! With every additional hero who battles in the war, you'll reach the 100% mark that much faster... and that means you'll unlock the rewards and final cinematic cutscene sooner, too!

War Exclusives

During the War event only...

  • Completing the one-time only quests in /hakuvillage will also increase the war meter
  • Increased gold and XP rewards on non-boss quests in /hakuwar


While battling in the war, you may notice that a couple of the monsters are notably different than the rest. We're calling these monsters "Commanders," and here's what you need to know about them:

  • Considerably stronger than other monsters on the battlefield
  • Have increased stats, sometimes skills, and a damage shield* 
  • Drop more rewards than other monsters when killed. Any items dropped won't be exclusive to them, and will also be obtainable from regular mobs.
  • Have a longer respawn time**

* Adding increased stats and damage shield gives other players in the map time to reach them before they are defeated.
** For this war, Commander mobs will respawn when a new map instance is created, this may change in future wars.


February 22, 2024

Challenges of Hosting a Contest in Today’s Tumultuous Internet

It was a tidal wave of challenges in the Dage vs Nulgath Weapon Contest. Now that we’ve announced the winners, it’s time to reveal the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes secrets of what went down amongst the sea of 500 entries. 

dage vs nulgath contest behind the scenes

Hiya heroes! A few days ago we announced the winners of the Dage vs Nulgath Weapon contest! With over 250 participants submitting 500 entries, our judges faced a challenge of epic proportions, casting 7500 votes in order to *uh-hem* “narrow down” the contestants. What we assumed would be like 10 winners tops turned out to be… 55 🤩 

Every entry displayed a dazzling array of artistic passion and brilliance, so choosing winners amidst this typhoon of talent was no easy feat. And if that wasn’t already challenging enough, wait ‘til you see the troubled waters ahead 🌊

Navigating the Sea of Art Theft

The art world is a space for inspiration, collaboration, and, most importantly, donuts respect. Unfortunately, we encountered a hefty handful of contestants who decided to stray from these principles. Art theft, AI-generated art, and commissioned art pieces infiltrated this contest – a contest meant to celebrate individual creativity, artistic passion, and love for AQWorlds. 

Thankfully, we have wonderful players who reached out and let us know if they saw suspicious entries. Additionally, our panel of judges, which included 10 Artix artists, are expertly armed with keen eyes. They know what to look for since they have decades of combined professional experience in everything art related. Our judges took on the arduous task of distinguishing authentic creations from those that betrayed fair play – and of course the contest rules. It was very disheartening to witness such breaches of trust, but rest assured we stand firm in upholding the integrity of our contests and our community. Cheaters never win – not in our contests, and not in real life – and were therefore disqualified. 

Technical Twitter Woes

So. As if judging 500 entries and parsing through possible stolen art wasn't overwhelming enough, we also faced unexpected technical hiccups. Some entries on Twitter mysteriously vanished due to previously collected links leading to an empty page that said, “Hmm...this page doesn’t exist. Try searching for something else.” Naively assuming these Tweets had been deleted by the users (because this happens all the time), our judges moved on to the hundreds of other entries. While I have personally hosted numerous contests on Twitter before (and trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of crazy things on that platform), never once had I encountered links playing hide-and-seek 🙈

Although something like this was totally out of anyone’s control, I take full responsibility for these unforeseen obstacles. Our misplaced entries caused a momentary panic among our participants, and I sincerely hope we've recovered all the entries 🤞 I must give a shoutout to Darkon for having the brilliant idea of posting all collected contestants in order to double (and triple) check that everyone was included.

I had NO idea this contest would explode THAT MUCH in popularity, and I was woefully unprepared. However, this contest has been a wonderful learning experience! That being said: for future contests of this magnitude, we'll be using Google Forms as our primary collection for entries. Posting on socials like Twitter and Facebook will still be allowed (and totally encouraged!) but your entry will also have to be uploaded to the Google Form, which will only take like 15 extra seconds :) 

Thank you for being the greatest gaming community ever!

Despite all the challenges we faced, this was undeniably one of the BEST contests I have ever had the pleasure of being part of! Thank you all for joining us on this contest journey – even if it was stressful at times 😵‍💫 But ya know what: it’s often the things in life that “go awry” that make for the best, most memorable memories... aaand lots of lengthy Design Notes, too. Tehehehe! 

On behalf of everyone at Artix Entertainment, we couldn’t be more proud of you all who played fairly. It is awe-inspiring to witness hundreds of honest artists showcasing their talent with passion and integrity – and THAT right there is what makes someone a good artist AND a great human being. 

Keep being amazing, heroes, and I cannot wait to see what you dish out in our next contest! 💕 

Battle on!
Beleen, our  judges, and the AQW team

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February 19, 2024

Unveiling the Winners: Draw Your Weapon Contest

Over 250 contestants submitted 500 entries, making this one of our most amazing contests ever!

Hey there, heroes! The moment we have all been eagerly awaiting is finally here! We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Dage vs Nulgath Draw Your Weapon Contest 🏆💀😈 

With over 250 talented participants submitting a whopping 500 entries, our judges faced an overwhelming challenge unlike any I have ever experienced. Every entry displayed a unique blend of passion, creativity, and artistic brilliance, so narrowing down the winners was no easy feat – even with the help of 15 judges!

Now that 7500 votes have been cast and tallied… it’s time to reveal our wonderful winners!

Dage vs Nulgath contest winners

Feast your eyes on our winners at

Battle on!
Beleen, our amazing panel of judges who are most certainly tuckered out, and the AQW team


February 19, 2024

Game News: February 19 - 25

Read on for the latest news and information

Don't miss a battle, boost, or boss drop! Read on to stay up to date with the latest details about what's happening this week in AQWorlds!

Tuesday, February 20: Treasure Hunt

Talk to Samba in the /yguasu map. Complete her quest to choose from one of three Queen of the Waves artifacts!

0 AC, seasonal Quest drops:

  • Queen of Waves Mirror
  • Queen of Waves Pendant (dual + single-wield)

Once you have the mirror, head to /yguasu to craft the color-customizable Enchanted Queen of Waves Mirror in the merge shop!

Quest and rewards are available until Friday, March 1st.

Birthday Badger Brigade Update

For all you heroes wondering why you haven't gotten the BEST seasonal birthday house item drop, never fear, it's not bugged, it just has a very low drop rate.* As of today, 3 heroes have gotten the item from the Wind Elemental in /fableforest, so it IS dropping for everyone.

To give more people a chance to obtain it, we're extending the time it will be available; instead of leaving March 2nd, it will now be available until June 2nd. (That would be the definition of irony, if the BugSmasher's item were borked.)

Gravelyn's ShadowFall Quest Fix Update

While working on porting over early areas of the game for AQ: Infinity, last week Reens found and fixed an issue for heroes who skipped the second half of the prologue. This meant many heroes were seeing two quests they'd previously missed. There were a few more issues that appeared related to this bug, which lead to another round of fixes.

NOW:If you had not previously done the Recover Sepulchure's Armor or Unlife Insurance quest, you should see them and be able to complete them.

Make sure you clear your cache first, then log back in and /join shadowfall to try again.

Thursday, February 22: Celestial Dungeon Boost

Get double rewards as you battle to create your Greatblade of the Entwined Eclipse until February 28th.

  • Temple of the Midnight Sun: 2x Sliver of Sunlight
  • Temple of the Solstice Moon: 2x Sliver of Moonlight
  • Ascension of the Eclipse: 2x Ecliptic Offering
  • All Dungeons: 2x Hallowed Remains

We've heard your feedback and thrown in a surprise Triple Void Aura Boost along side the Celestial Dungeon Boost until February 28th.

Friday, February 23: New Update Details

WAR comes to Yokai Isle! The Dragons of Yokai Saga continues this weekend. 

  • Yokai Dragon Invation, Part 2
  • New Rewards: Yokai DragonSlayer set and more
  • Featured Gear Shop update: color-customizable Dragon Assassin and more

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double EXP, Gold, Class Points, and Rep
  • Resource Boost: Celestial Dungeon items + Triple Void Auras
  • Saturday: rare Dragon's Diamond Hoard cape
  • Sunday: permanent Diabolical house items

Leaving This Friday

Daily Login Gift drops from January 27 + 28

  • ArchFiend Stormbringer Eyes + Fiendish Stormbringer Spear from Carnage in /voidchasm
  • Fiendish Magus capes from Carcano in /voidchasm

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

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February 16, 2024

Dragons of Yokai Saga, Pt 1

The Blood of the Dragon is Strong in Yokai Isle

Log in this weekend for part one of our Dragons of Yokai story: an ancient Dragon with a centuries-old grudge demands Empress Miko face him in combat, as her ancestor did long ago. If she refuses or loses, her people will be slaughtered and her home destroyed; victory will buy their safety forever. Guard the coast while she and her Guard Captain prepare for battle. 

To begin the Dragons of Yokai storyline in /hakuvillage, you'll need to finish the quests in /yokaipirate and /yokaitreasure (which act as a prologue.) Parts 1 and 2 arrive this month, and Parts 3 and 4 will arrive after March.

Friday, February 16: New Update Details

  • Dragons of Yokai Saga, Pt 1
  • Carnaval and Yokai Reward sets
  • New seasonal, rare, and permanent sets in the Featured Gear Shop

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double EXP
  • Resource Boost: triple Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Saturday: battle the Paladin Ascendant in the /voidrefuge map to get the 0 AC rare Radiant Bloodfiend Capes + Armblades
  • Sunday: battle the Wind Elemental in /fableforest for Aelious' 0 AC Birthday Badger house items

New Holiday Reward Drops

This weekend brings enough rewards to fill a greedy dragon's hoard! 

Dai Tengu in /hakuvillage:

  • Elegant Changshan armor
  • 2 Noble Topknot helms
  • Noble Incognito Cloak

Master of Ceremonies in /sambaflag:

  • Heartbeat Festa Dancer
  • 4 Heartbeat Festa helms + 2 masked helms (member-only)
  • Heartbeat Festa Cape, Heartbeat Festa Bow + Glimmer Bow

M'Boi in /yguasu: Yguazu Warrior armor, 2 Yguazu helms, and Spear

Green Rat in /Terradafesta: Back Alley Pancake Thief + Sweet Pancake Thief pet

Sakura Petal Fox in /eventhub:

  • Love Kitty Sweater armor
  • 3 Love Kitty helms
  • Love Kitty Tail and Budding Hearts capes
  • Love Kitty Paws gauntlets

New Limited Time Sets 

We've got a host of new rare, seasonal, and permanently-available items available in your Featured Gear Shop this weekend for AdventureCoins.

Rare Gear
Available in the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu until March 1st.

  • Badger Brigade Morph Armor
  • Fairy Tale Romance Dress + Garb armors*
  • Enchanted Love Kitty Sweater and Gauntlets*
  • Enchanted Budding Love Hearts and Love Kitty Tail capes*

Permanently Available Gear
Find these color-customizable items in the Featured Gear Shop until March 1st, and permanently available in Yue's AC Shop in /hakuvillage.

  • Enchanted Stylish Qipao armor*
  • Enchanted Modern Trend Bun + Hair*
  • Enchanted Dragon's Favor Fan*

Savage Glaceran Warlord Class 
The Savage Glaceran Warlord Class is the seasonal variant of the Glacial Warlord Class. Get more details on the Glaceran Warlord Class and skills in these Design Notes.

  • Savage Glaceran Warlord class
  • Savage Glaceran Warlord armor
  • Glaceran War Axe (single + duel-wield)
  • Savage Glaceran Warlord Cloak
  • Savage Glaceran Warlord Horns + Helm

If you have the Glacial Warlord Upgrade Bonus pack, good news! You'll find the class in your badge shop for free! 

* Color-customizable

Leaving Soon!

Heads up, heroes! The 2024 Nulgath birthday events, rares shop, and collection chest will be available until Friday, March 1st. New helms went live in the chest and shop last week, along with a fix to the Void Commander armor's leg position.


February 12, 2024

Game News: February 12 - 18

Read on for the latest news and information

Stay up to date with the latest details about what's happening this week in AQWorlds!

Tuesday, February 13: Treasure Hunt

Our Tuesday Treasure Hunt is live! Talk to Beleen in the /eventhub to accept her Heart of the Cards quest. Complete it, and you'll unlock 2 new 0 AC seasonal Hero's Heart Day capes! (The quest and rewards are available until Friday, March 1st.)

Thursday, February 15: Dark Spirit Orbs Boost

Get triple rewards as you battle to create Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor until February 21st.


  • Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Penny For Your Fought quests

Rewards: x15, x30, x45 or x60 Dark Spirit Orbs (instead of  x5, x10, x15, or x20)

Friday, February 16: New Update Details

  • Yokai Dragon Invation, Part 1
  • New Carnaval and Yokai Reward sets
  • New seasonal, rare, and permanent sets in the Featured Gear Shop

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: double EXP
  • Resource Boost: Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Saturday: rare Purified Bloodfiend Capes
  • Sunday: Aelious' Birthday Badger house items

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

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February 11, 2024

Halftime Show is ON!

Half-time is /Punt time: Chieftains vs Miners!

Join us this Sunday at during the SuperBowl half-time show to /punt Twilly, battle the Undead Defender, get new gear, and /cheer for your favorite team as the Bloodtusk Chieftains face off against the Dwarvish Miners! These two teams last faced off against each other back in 2020 and they're squaring off again!

When the Bloodtusk Chieftains face-off against the Dwarvish Miners, all of Lore goes CRAZY! So, football fans, kick your puntin' foot into high gear tonight, because the /punt map is NOW OPEN! 

When: During the Super Bowl half-time show 
Who: Chieftains, Miners, the AQW Team & YOU!
Where: Right here... in-game!
What: /Cheer for your favorite team!

Score a field goal AND a rockin' character page badge by punting Twilly across the field and into the end zone!

LoreBowl LVIII Gear

The half-time shop sports a stock full of returning fan favorites: Chieftains gear, Minwea gear, and faction outfits! So grab your pompoms and /cheer for your favorite team! Plus, battle the Undead Defender monster to collect all the Lorebowl House Pennants.

The map + gear shop will be available until Friday, March 1st.

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February 09, 2024

Carnaval of LOVE

Log in for a Double Holiday Event!

Log in now for our Carnaval x Hero's Heart Day double holiday event! Journey to the Yguasu Falls, where two lovers have been forever separated by a jealous deity. With your help, Samba and Big Daddy may just turn this tragedy into a triumphant love story.

Friday's Update Details

  • Double Holiday Event: Carnaval x Hero's Heart Day
  • Festive New Rewards in /yguasu and /love
  • Chrono ShadowHunter Set: variant added to 2024 Calendar Badge Shops
  • Featured Gear Shop: new limited time rare + seasonal color-customizable items

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double Gold 
  • Resource Boost: Spirit Orbs & Metals
  • Saturday: Enchanted Masks from Lovely Masks in /yguasu
  • Sunday: Hero's Heart Gear from Stolen Heart in /lovespell

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

Double Holiday Rewards

We know you LOVE to /party, and that's why we're flooding you with new gear to collect this weekend! 

Yguasu Falls Merge Shop:

Gather resources to create the Queen of the Waves items, then fight to earn additional merge resources to make the 0 AC color-customizble variant!

  • Vestes da Rainha das Ondas armor
  • Rainha das Ondas helms
  • Espírito da Mãe d'água Guardian cape
  • Leque da Mãe D'água mace (single + dual-wield)
  • and color customizable variants

M'Boi's Boss Drops

Defeat this weekend's boss monster to collect new reward items

  • Capa das Ondas
  • Bolsa da Mãe D'água (single + dual-wield)
  • That's M'Boi, the House Guest (stacks up to 6)

New /love Drops

Defeat Kewpid in the /love map to collect new Big Daddy-themed items

  • Big Love Formal Wear
  • Big Daddy's Hat
  • Big Mama's Top Hat
  • Big Daddy's Cane
  • Enchanted Big Love Formal Wear (color-custom, member-only)
  • Big Daddy's Enchanted Hat (color-custom, member-only)
  • Big Mama's Enchanted Top Hat (color-custom, member-only)
  • Big Daddy's Enchanted Cane (color-custom, member-only)

Festive New Featured Gear

Find all-new 2024 Heroes Heart Day x Carnaval color-customizable rare and seasonal sets + click-to-transform weapons in the Featured Gear Shop through March 1st.

Rare color-customizable shop additions

  • Amor e Alegria armor
  • 4 Amor e Alegria helms
  • Amor e Alegria bow
  • Dark Love Gambler
  • Dark Love Gambler helms (male + female) 
  • Dark Love Gambler Cane
  • Lovely Dark Royal Flush Cards (single + dual-wield)

Seasonal color-customizable shop additions

  • Amor e Folia
  • 4 Amor e Folia helms
  • Amor e Folia bow
  • Asas do Amor cape
  • Love Gambler Armor
  • Love Gambler Panama helma (male + female)
  • Love Gambler Cane 
  • Lovely Royal Flush Cards (single + dual-wield)

Click-to-Transform weapon

  • Lovesick Infernal Staff
  • Lovesick Infernal Hammer (single + dual-wield)
  • Lovesick Infernal Obliterator
  • Lovesick Infernal Blades

Find several new Void Commander items from Nulgath in his Collection and Birthday Rares shop! All his birthday zones and drops will be in-game through March 1st. 

Also Happening This Weekend: LoreBowl Returns

Make sure you log on this Sunday for the Superbowl Half-time Show, the Punt Twilly Challenge, and all-new gear!

PS: Icy Vordred Battlepet is live

PS 2: The 0 AC Frostval Crate item drops from December were delayed due to a string of real-life difficulties I had, which made finishing them impossible in a timely manner. At this point, to help avoid cluttering up your inventory or bank, next week we are going to turn the items into bags you can sell back for increasingly ridiculously large amounts of gold... or just destroy if you you are a fan of silver. (These items will never be used for anything, so it is fine to use them to make a profit.)

PS 3: Find several new helms in Nulgath's Collection and Birthday Rares shop! All his birthday zones and drops will be in-game through March 1st.

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February 07, 2024

Void Chasm - What If?

Void Chasm - A Peek at Defeat

Hello, Cylisse here again! Hope your week's been good, peaceful, eventful, or whatever you wanted it to be!

Recently, a player on Discord asked me about what would have happened in /VoidRefuge and /VoidChasm, our most recent Nulgath Nation releases, if we lost the Shadows of Doom War. (See Here for what would have happened directly after the defeat in /Camlan).

Had Gravelyn been incapacitated, who would have accompanied you to investigate Nulgath's "Dying Star?"

I wasn't going to make Design Notes for every release that was effected by your victory, which would be all of them, but it made sense to make a post since I already gave the answer to a couple of people. This way, everyone can see it!

Be aware, big spoilers for the events of /VoidRefuge and /VoidChasm!

Note, the events detailed in this post are what would have happened if the Shadows of Doom War was lost. What is currently in-game is the result of your resounding victory in /ShadowBattleon.  

If the war was lost, Gravelyn would not be present. Instead, it's Shakaz that listens to Ana and calls on the Hero to investigate Carcano, Nulgath, and the 'dying star.' Ana and the Hero would go on their own.

Without Gravelyn, Ana is far more pessimistic about why her brother saved her from being handed over to the Nation. She would be more willing to believe Carnage smuggled her to the Lightguard just so he could steal her fate, instead of taking her place in the Nation because he cared about her.

Ana fights more recklessly because it takes a combo of Gravelyn and the Hero to give her hope, and effectively control the situation. In the end, Carnage doesn't form a temporary truce with Ana and the Hero. With his pride and fear of weakness getting in the way, he can't come to terms with how he joined the Nation both to finally be special, and to save his little sister. The Hero has to focus on keeping the siblings from fighting, and does not have time to negotiate with Adimonde.

Instead of a united effort to neutralize Carcano, it's a three-way brawl. Because Ana's attention is split, she's eaten alive by Carcano. Carnage kills Carcano in retaliation, tearing the monster apart as if he'd be able to pull Ana out, safe and in one piece, but it's too late. The Hero couldn't intervene because they needed to neutralize the 'Dying Star.'

Nulgath would have arrived after the Hero and Carnage left the Void. Instead of using these events as a show of good faith to Gravelyn in-game, the entire spectacle was intended to erase what weakness remained in Carnage's heart. In addition, Carnage wouldn't have been given a Fiend Shard. In a Lose-ShadowBattleon scenario, Nulgath will not trust anyone at all after such a huge blow to the Evil Alliance. So, his inner circle remains 'me, myself, and I,' which continues to stagnate the Nation

Gravelyn being incapacitated by the /ShadowBattleon war motivates Nulgath to prioritize ruthlessness instead of trust. This would have also begun to sour the interactions between the Hero and Nulgath, since Gravelyn's absence wouldn't be the only factor. The loss of your character's morale would have also triggered these series of events.

But, none of this came to pass! You guys kept Gravelyn healthy beause you won the /ShadowsBattleon War, and your allies will be more ready for the conflicts to come. The effects of your efforts continue to cascade through the story. I usually trend towards darker tones in regards to the writing, and what better place than a Nation release to do that, but I'm moving towards a lighter mood because everyone worked so hard to get a good outcome in that War.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this was interesting! I'll make more Design Notes like this if I end up sharing other details like these in Discord or X (formerly Twitter) so no one misses out!

Coming up next are the Year of the Dragon four-parter story, March's Legion Story, and the beginning of the next Arc of the Main Story - The Rumbling of Cold Thunder. Thanks for adventuring with us, and we'll see you for the next one!

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February 05, 2024

Game News: February 5 - 11

Arm yourself with information before heading into battle

Stay up to date with the latest details about what's happening this week in AQWorlds!

Tuesday, February 6: Aciel's Birthday

Talk to Aciel the Hollowborn Cryomancer in the /Shadowrealm for this week's midweek update! Complete his quest to unlock the new rewards he's crafted for you.

  • Floor Items: Aciel Plushie, Birthday Plushie, and GIANT versions
  • Weapons: Aciel Plushie Mace &  Birthday Plushie Mace
  • Hollowborn Cryomancer's Staff

Plus new 2024 NPC Plushies: Axeros, Cylisse, Eht, Immortal Joe, 133spider, Tyronius, Axeros

Thursday, February 8: Spirit Orbs & Metals Resource Boost

Get double rewards as you battle to create your Blinding Light of Destiny Axe until February 14th.

Spirit Orb Quests:

  • Essential Essences
  • Bust Some Dust

Rewards: x10, x20, x30 or x40 Spirit Orbs (instead of  x5, x10, x15, or x20)

Minecrafting Metal Quest

  • 2x the rewards from the MineCrafting Metal quest

Friday, February 9: New Game Update

  • Double Holiday Event: Carnaval x Hero's Heart Day
  • New Rewards: festive gear to help you get the /party started
  • Featured Gear Shop: New rare items we think you'll LOVE!
  • Server Boost: Double Gold 

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

Useful Links + Patch Notes

OMG Client Patch Notes: Most recent client changes + quality of life updates
Class Balance Updates: Latest balance changes to classes and quests
Account Manager: Change your email, update password, buyback items, and more
Bug Tracker: Found an issue inside AQWorlds? Report it here!
Support Site: Having problems with your account? Contact our Player Support Team

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February 02, 2024

Triple Holiday Weekend

Get ready to /dance!

Happy Lunar New Year, Heroes! This weekend, we're celebrating with Empress Miko in Akiba once again... and THIS year is special: it's the Year of the Dragon so you KNOW we've got an epic boss battle ahead. Plus, find Beleen and Frevo, our holiday emissaries for Hero's Heart Day and Carnaval, in the /eventhub. February is a Triple Holiday month-long celebration: from the SuperBowl /party all the way to Hero's Heart Day and Yokai New Year! Log in all month long for new holiday events, stories, and gear.

Friday's Update Details

  • New Story: Year of the Wood Dragon Boss Battle
  • New Rewards: Treasure hoard of new Yokai dragon gear
  • Class Updates: Not a Mod rework + new icons, DragonSlayer General rebalance
  • Holiday events: the Groundhorc, Yokai New Year, Hero's Heart Day, and Carnaval return
  • Upgrade Bonus: find an all-new upgrade bonus set based on the Year of the Dragon

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double Reputation
  • Resource Boost: Celestial Dungeon Temple items
  • Saturday: Terran Dragon Guards from Mutou Hong in /yokaihunt
  • Sunday: Year of the Dragon Houseguests + Dragon Bao Server Guest from Mutou Hong in /yokaihunt

Stay up to date with upcoming release plans and boosts on the Artix Calendar.

Year of the Wood Dragon Rewards

Complete all of Baoyu Lin's quests and battled the boss in /yokaihunt. Then craft new reward gear in Empress Miko's merge shop. Plus defeat the monsters in the /eventhub to collect even more sweet, celebratory seasonal gear.

Seasonal Hero's Heart Day Events Return

In the real world, Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of emotion -- most people either love the hearts, the pink decorations, and the cheerful cheesy romance... or they love to rebel against the idea of it all.  This weekend, log in and get ready to slay your way through (friend)zones full of unloved undead, disgrunted draconians, and long-lost loves as we bring back all our seasonal Hero's Heart Day events.

(Happy endings not guaranteed... but at least you can get some sweet loot out of the deal.)

Event Maps

  • /love (event hub town)
  • /chateau
  • /wheeloflove
  • /fezzini
  • /lovelockdown
  • /necromance
  • /wubbles
  • /wubblevania
  • /arcadia

It's Carnaval in Terra da Festa! 

In the town of Terra da Festa, the party is in full swing bringing you amazing party outfits inspired by those seen in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Members will find special bonus quests with special Member Only rewards, but there are shops and other quests for everyone to enjoy!

NOT A MOD Class Rework

 It's been almost 11 years since NOT A MOD first released and a lot has changed since then. We've all leveled up IRL, some of us have started families (or gotten battle cats), and who knows, maybe one of us has even gone to space *eyes the robot* ... But despite everything that's changed, there's one thing that's remained constant, and that is non-stop requests from people asking to become a mod. No, you still can't be a Mod.* ;_; 

You're just a normal gamer like most of us reading this post. However, what you can be is NOT A MOD, a ridiculous, yet deceptively powerful class that won't give you any special mod powers, but can allow you to unleash that inner gamer spirit within. 

Dragonslayer General Class Updates

While making updates to Dragonslayer last year, we knew that Dragonslayer General would also need a few changes to keep up! The updated Dragonslayer General now plays similarly to Dragonslayer, but with a LOT more punch!

Get more details on Not a Mod Updates in this post and the DragonSlayer General Class changes in this post.

* Unless you go through the proper channels, survive 6 rounds against Dage the Evil in combat, and find the real-life Blinding Light of Destiny locked in a box, hidden away deep inside Artix's Artifact Storage Rarehouse. 

Thursday, February 1: Celestial Dungeon Resource Boost

This week’s resource boost is live! Get double dungeon drop rewards as you battle to create your Greatblade of the Entwined Eclipse until February 6th. Log in each day for a new reward, boost, or other bonus.


Tuesday, January 30: Dark Treasure Hunt

Defeat the darkness as you battle monsters to recover a two deadly weapons! Battle Creature 12 in Darkon's Garden to begin your search. Survive, and you may just find yourself wielding the Dark Dragon Summoner's Rifts (single or dual-wield.) This hunt will be available until Friday, March 1st, 2024.

  • Get more details on midweek treasure hunts, zone expansions, and star ratings here.
  • See what's coming up on our event calendar.

Useful Links + Patch Notes

OMG Client Patch Notes: Most recent client changes + quality of life updates
Class Balance Updates: Latest balance changes to classes and quests
Account Manager: Change your email, update password, buyback items, and more
Bug Tracker: Found an issue inside AQWorlds? Report it here!
Support Site: Having problems with your account? Contact our Player Support Team

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February 02, 2024

Dage vs Nulgath Art Extravaganza… and Exposé

Over 250 players entered the Draw Your Weapon Contest, which means we’ve got 500 entries to judge! That's amazing!! However, something sinister emerged that was darker than the deepest depths of the underworld… 

Hey there aspiring artists and doodle-doers! We've just wrapped up the Draw Your Weapon Contest, and let me tell you: it was absolutely overwhelming in the best way possible!🎨✨We are thrilled to announce that 250+ players entered the contest, showcasing their artistic abilities and allegiance to Dark Lord Dage and/or the ArchFiend Nulgath. What's even more mind-blowing is that most contestants submitted not one but TWO weapon entries each! That means our judging panel has the mega monumental task of evaluating 500 artistic endeavors!😱🥵🤩

The A(rtist)-Team

To tackle this colossal task, To tackle this colossal task, we've assembled a dream team of 15 judges, including 10 of our game artists plus moderators and testers. These dedicated and highly skilled beings are armed with keen artistic eyes and are actively delving the depths of our community’s creativity. We HAD to employ this many judges because the contest turnout is legit blowing our minds, and having 15 members is a good strategy JIC of accidental brain-explody. Safety first, right? 😜

Needless to say, our judges are buzzing with excitement as they witness how incredibly talented our gaming community truly is! 

The Dark Side of… the dark side

However *deep sigh* here comes the truly not-so-exciting part. In the midst of this creative jubilee, our judges are encountering a handful of players who decided to let the dark side win – aka dishonesty and flat-out cheating 😢 There's nothing sadder than seeing art theft, AI-generated art, or even commissioned art pieces in a contest explicitly meant to celebrate individual artistic expression and genuine passion for their craft. It's disheartening to witness the betrayal of these core values that make the Artix community a vibrant – and authentic – space for imagination, inspiration, and mutual respect, because, well, you know what they say:

Cheaters NEVER win

This is an important life lesson for everyone: cheaters might *think* they’ve outsmarted the competition, but in the end, cheaters NEVER win. The contest rules (and common courtesy) state that "Your art MUST be made by you (so no copying / stealing / using someone else’s work)" and "Using someone else’s work or using AI art will lead to automatic disqualification."

Our vigilant judges, equipped with superhuman artistic-detection skills, are scrutinizing every entry to ensure fairness and integrity throughout the contest. They're spotting “little details” in some players’ submissions that the untrained eye – or a sneaky contest cheater – would otherwise miss. Kudos to our fantastic judging team for their dedication, perseverance, and commitment to upholding the spirit of fair play in our community 👏👏👏

Happy times ahead!

On a much brighter note, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the honest, dedicated, and talented artists who poured their hearts into their genuine creations! Your passion for art – and devotion to the ArchFiend Nulgath and Dark Lord Dage – shows so amazingly well! The sheer variety of styles and weapon concepts left the entire Artix team in awe, and we can't wait to unveil the winners in order to showcase the exceptional talent within our community. 

To all our participants (who played fairly, of course), thank YOU for making the Draw Your Weapon Contest an unforgettable experience! We are so amazed over how talented you all are, and we are honored to have heroes like you by our side. Stay tuned my friends, for sometime later this month we’ll announce the contest winners and celebrate the incredible world of Dage vs Nulgath weapon art! 🏆💀😈

Battle on!
Beleen, our amazing judges, and the AQW team


February 02, 2024

Become the Earth Dragon's Avatar

Upgrade to unlock all the exclusive new bonus gear

Warriors of legend rumored to possess draconic blood, even the immortals whisper about their incredible abilities.Unlock the color-customizable, transformable Earth Dragon Avatar, Dracomancer, & Guard sets when you upgrade your account any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more.

After you purchase an account upgrade, select a bonus set of your choice from a list of options in your Account Manager.

Pack Details

Choose the new upgrade bonus set to unlock all the color-customizable gear (including a click-to-transform armor) from the set's badge shop in your Book of Lore. The set includes:

  • Earth Dragon Avatar armor
  • Earth Dragon Dracomancer armor
  • Earth Dragon Guard
  • Shenlong Guardian Dragon companion cape
  • 8 Helms
  • 2 Capes
  • 1 polearm, 1 dagger, 1 sword, 1 gauntlet
  • and a character page badge

Once you've chosen the new pack on the Account Manager page, log in and open your Book of Lore. You'll find the badge shop in the Other Achievements tab.

12000 AC or 12 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the new upgrade bonus pack gear
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

2k and 5k AC or 1, 3, or 6 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the new upgrade bonus pack gear
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts
  • and a character page badge
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February 02, 2024

Balance Patch Notes

Running List of Class Updates, Balance updates, and More

Read on to see what we've updated, what's been fixed, and stay up to date! 

2/2/24 - Class Updates

This week's class updates include changes to NOT A MOD, Dragonslayer General, and Chrono ShadowSlayer.


Please refer to this post for the full rundown

Dragonslayer General

While making updates to Dragonslayer last year, we knew that Dragonslayer General would also need a few changes to keep up! The updated Dragonslayer General now plays similarly to Dragonslayer, but with a LOT more punch!


  • No longer applies the Seared aura to Dragonkin

Searing Steel (previously Basilisk Strike):

  • Damage: 160% > 120%
  • Mana Cost: 10 > -5
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds > 4 seconds
  • No longer applies Sapped Mana
  • Now applies Charred, reducing target's Damage Resistance by 15% for 15 seconds.If the target has General's Dragonbane, it's consumed to apply Seared Scales, reducing their Damage Resistance by 8% for 15 seconds, stacks to 5.

Inspired (previously Drake Tongue):

  • Range changed to Melee
  • Max targets: 6 > 1
  • Damage: 100% > 180%
  • Mana Cost: 25 > 0
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds  > 15 seconds 
  • Focus duration: 6 seconds  > 4 seconds 
  • Slayer's Inspiration and Dragonslayer's Inspiration duration: 9 seconds > 15 seconds
  • Slayers Inspiration and Dragonslayer's Inspiration no longer increase outgoing damage.
  • Slayers Inspiration and Dragonslayer's Inspiration now each increase Damage Resistance by 20%. If the target has General's Dragonbane, it's consumed to apply Instilled Fear, reducing their Haste and Dodge by 25% for 20 seconds.

Piercing Wyvern's Eye:

  • Range changed to Melee
  • Damage: 150% > 140%
  • Mana Cost: 15 > 0
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds > 8 seconds
  • If the target has General's Dragonbane, it's consumed to apply Piercing Eye, reducing their Hit Chance, Crit Chance, and Damage by 10% for 15 seconds, stacks to 5.

Dragon's Demise (previously Ancient Rites)

  • Target: Self > Enemy
  • Damage: 0% > 300%
  • Mana Cost: 35 > 50
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds > 4 seconds
  • Applies General's Dragonbane to Dragonkin targets, causing the next skill you use to apply an additional effect.
  • Forgone Conclusion duration: 12 > 4
  • No longer applies Talon Twisting
  • No longer applies Hard Iron

Absolute Resolution:

  • Now increases outgoing damage by 25%

Dragon Destroyer (previously Aggravated Assault):

  • No longer increases outgoing damage
  • Starting at rank 1, all skills except the Auto Attack now deal bonus damage to Dragonkin.
  • At Rank 10, if your target is Dragonkin, Dragon's Demise applies Execute to yourself for 1 second, causing your skills to instantly kill Dragonkin below 10% of their max HP.

Chrono ShadowSlayer

These changes buff Chrono ShadowSlayer's baseline and smooth some parts of its playstyle. This also empowers non-Gunslinger mode by proportionally increasing the damage of FMJ Rounds. The class was originally balanced expecting players would get between 6 and 10 Chaos Rift stacks, with some higher, but ensuring the class was nearly as strong without using it. The cooldown change only aims to remove unintended behavior and shouldn't impact normal play at all, limiting shots during Gunslinger Stance to below 20.


  • Damage: 105% > 115%
  • Cooldown: 0.15 seconds > 0.2 seconds, this should not affect normal play, but does lower the maximum number of Gunslinger shots to around 20.
  • Painted duration: 12 seconds > 16 seconds

FMJ Rounds:

  • Damage: 147% > 170%

Silver Bullet:

  • Now applies Blinded to the target, reducing Hit Chance by 50% for 1 second.


12/15/2023 - Class Updates

Glacial Warlord

  • Now has a new, chilly set of icons!
  • Frozen Heart will now crit if the Frozen Heart aura is active


  • Battle Healer can now be used by all players
  • Added a Battle Warrior class to the PvP merge shops. Battle Warrior uses Warrior's old skills and can only be used in PvP maps

12/08/2023 - Class Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Updates

Hello everyone, Immortal Joe here! This week's class updates are focused on improving the performance of early game classes with the intent of providing a better experience for new heroes. If you're a more seasoned adventurer, we have something for you as well! 

Glacial Warlord

Please refer to this post for the full rundown


Reduced mana costs, adjusted On Guard's cooldown and duration so it can be used more frequently, added a new effect to Decisive Strike, and shifted power from Decisive Strike onto Prepared Strike. The duration of Off Balance has been reduced by a second as we don't want to set an expectation for new heroes that stuns will always be that long without any drawbacks, but with the On Guard change, overall survivability should be greatly improved. 

Decisive Strike:

  • Mana Cost: 15 > 5
  • Damage: 190% > 130%
  • Now applies Armor Shred, reduces the target's Damage Resistance by 10% for 5 seconds.

Inbalancing Strike:

  • Mana Cost: 30 > 20
  • Off Balance duration: 4 seconds > 3 seconds
  • Damage: 60% > 240%

Prepared Strike:

  • Mana Cost: 20 > 10
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds > 12 seconds
  • If Prepared Strike was applied while On Guard was active, the Prepared Strike Auto Attacks will deal double damage. 

On Guard:

  • No longer deals damage and is now a self target skill
  • Mana Cost: 30 > 15
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds > 10 seconds
  • On Guard duration: 10 seconds > 5 seconds


  • Now also increases Hit Chance by 10%.


We found Rogue to already be in a good spot, but some of its cooldowns were a lot longer than they needed to be, so we've made some adjustments that should make it feel better to play.


  • Cooldown: 32 seconds > 16 seconds
  • Footwork duration: 15 seconds > 7 seconds


  •  Cooldown: 60 > 20
  • Concealed Blade duration: 20 > 7


  • Added 10% Hit Chance


Increased overall damage output, reduced mana costs, and changed Explosion to consume Scorched so Frozen Blood can be more easily applied, but reduced the effectiveness of Frozen Blood as it was an incredibly powerful debuff for early stages of the game. Also adjusted Arcane Shield to be active more frequently.


  • Damage: 225% > 120%, now deals damage based on Spell Power (damage overall increased)
  • Damage increase from consuming Frozen Blood: 75% > 100%

Ice Shard:

  • Mana Cost: 18 > 15
  • No longer deals bonus damage to targets affected by Scorched
  • Now deals damage based on Spell Power (damage overall increased)
  • Frozen Blood Haste and Damage debuff: 50% > 20%


  • Now applies Detonated to targets affected by Scorched, dealing damage after 1 second and consuming it.

Arcane Shield

  • Mana Cost: 5 > 0
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds > 20 seconds
  • Arcane Shield duration: 20 seconds > 10 seconds

Hot Headed:

  • Added 10% Hit Chance


Giving Healer a much needed bump in damage, though it won't do as much damage as the other starter classes because it's well... a healer... 


  • Damage: 10% of current HP > 15% of current HP
  • Mana Cost: 20 > 15

Holy (previously Clear Mind):

  • Target: Self > Enemy
  •  Damage: 0% > 350% (also deals bonus damage to undead)
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds > 8 seconds
  • No longer applies Clear Mind

Pure Hearted:

  • Added 10% Hit Chance


Dragonslayer wasn't doing a good job at slaying dragons, so it has received a set of changes that should instill the fear back into them while also being more effective against other types of mobs.


  • Mana Model changed to Warrior
  • Skills that were previously restricted to Dragonkin only can now be used against all monsters
  • All skills now deal physical damage
  • Swapped the order of skills 2 and 4

Scorched Steel:

  • Damage: 210% > 100%
  • Mana Cost: 24 > 5
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds > 4 seconds
  • Now applies Charred to targets, reducing Damage Resistance by 15% for 15 seconds.
  • Now applies Cindered Scales to target's affected by Dragonbane, reducing Damage Resistance by an additional 15% for 15 seconds.


  • Changed icon
  • Damage: 110% > 160%
  • Mana Cost: 30 > 0
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds > 10 seconds
  • Impaled aura duration: 12 > 15
  • No longer has a chance to stun targets
  • Now applies Adrenaline Flow to the caster, a 15 second HoT
  • Now applies Infected Wound to targets affected by Dragonbane, another, stronger DoT for 15 seconds. Now applies Adrenaline Surge to the caster if the target is affected by Infected Wound, increasing Haste and Crit Chance by 15% for 15 seconds.

Incapacitate (new skill):

  • 200% damage
  • Mana Cost: 0
  • Cooldown:12
  • Applies Incapacitated to targets affected by Dragonbane, reducing outgoing damage by 30% for 15 seconds, and stunning them for 3 seconds.

Dragon's Bane (new skill):

  • Damage: 120%
  • Mana Cost: 50
  • Cooldown: 2
  • Applies Dragonbane to Dragonkin targets, causing the next skill you use to apply an additional effect.


  • Now also increases Hit Chance by 10%.

Veteran Slayer:

  • Starting at rank 1, all skills except the Auto Attack now deal bonus damage to Dragonkin.


  • Changed the cooldown of Love Caster's Love Torment to 5 seconds to match Elemental Dracomancer
  • The amount of Dragonslayer Marshal Medals needed for the Dragonslayer Marshal (Red Dragon) quest has been reduced to 1

NOT A MOD and Legion Paladin Changes are in Development!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that changes to NOT A MOD and Legion Paladin are in the works. These are still planned to happen, but as both classes are in need of overhauls, it will take some before they are ready to be released. Be sure to keep an eye on the AQW Class Team Twitter for updates as they get closer to release.


12/1/2023 - Class Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Updates


Abyssal Angel's Shadow: 

  • Shadowed Flight is now Infinite Range (to match the original Abyssal Angel).

Arcane Dark Caster:

  • Arcane Overwhelming no longer stuns, instead it now Silences and increases Dodge by 30%.


  • Updated Righteous Judgement's description to state the correct passive effects.

Blood Titan:

  • Updated Blood Volume's description to state the correct Endurance increase amount.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Infernal Shield from stacking.

Evolved Pumpkin Lord:

  • Updated Pumpkin Splat's description to state the correct passive effects.

Immortal Dark Caster:

  • Updated description on Forbidden Rite to state the correct stacking amounts.

Legion DoomKnight:

  • Updated description of Touch of Doom to state the correct stacking amount.

Legion Revenant:

  • Updated description of Depraved Empowerment to state that the Crit Damage buff only applies to the caster.

Lord of Order:

  • Updated the description of Edited Timelines to be more accurate.
  •  Updated Resilience's description to state the correct passive effect.


  • Updated descriptions to be more accurate.

Northlands Monk: 

  • Winter Wind now applies the correct defense debuff.
  • Fixed a stacking bug on the Frostval Spirit aura, duration increased to 8 seconds.

Neo Metal Necro (and variants): 

  • Removed the Unhinged Frenzy aura and moved the Haste buff to the Soundwave aura on Shocking Soundwave. 
  • Reduced the cooldown of Enraging Pain to 3 seconds.


  • Updated Edited Timeline's description for clarity.

Paladin Chronomancer:

  • Updated Radiant Rift's description to state the correct duration of Radiant Light.


  • Updated descriptions for clarity.

Scarlet Sorceress:

  • Reduced the cooldown of Crimson Ritual to 2 seconds.

Troll Spellsmith:

  •  Fixed a Crit Chance stacking bug on the Sigil aura.
  •  Updated Weakness Sigil's description to state the correct Troll Resilience amounts.
  •  Updated other skill descriptions for clarity.

Yami no Ronin:

  • Updated descriptions to better reference the Revealed aura.

Quality of Life & Potions

  • Added missing periods to various descriptions.

Basic Body Tonic:

  • Updated description to state the correct Endurance increase amount.

Basic Crusader Elixir:

  • Added missing effect, changed to +20% Heal Boost.

Crusader Elixir:

  • Added missing effect, changed to +30% Heal Boost.

Unstable Crusader Elixir:

  • Added missing effect, changed to +40% Heal Boost and -10% Dodge.

See any Class & Combat bugs we missed? If so, remember to report them to the Bug Tracker so we can add them to the list! Also, keep an eye out for buffs to Warrior, Dragonslayer, and something cool next week!

11/11/2023 - Grimskull Dungeon Updates

Grimskull was being a bit stingy on the rep rewards, but he's been "convinced" to be a bit more generous. 

  • All quests that rewarded 500 rep now reward 750.
  • All quests that rewarded 1,000 rep now reward 1,500

Additionally, a few adjustments to the challenge boss have been made:

  • Slightly reduced base damage
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing its auto attack from hitting multiple targets
  • Reduced the stun duration on one of its skills
  • Slightly increased the charge time of its final attack

10/10/2023 - The one that involves a DoomKnight

Verus DoomKnight

Reduced the stat buffs from the Unleashed Doom and Darkness auras, but drastically increased the base damage of all skills. Solo damage should be slightly higher than before and damage in parties should be significantly increased. Also made adjustments to the class's utility, reduced MP costs, and increased the duration of the Darkness auras.

Skill Changes:

Necrotic Blade

  • Damage: 35% > 80%
  • Weakened no longer reduces Crit Chance by 15%
  • No longer applies Blinded 

Soul Fracture

  • Damage: 40% > 85%
  • Cataclysm Crit Chance: 50% > 20%
  • Cataclysm duration: 15 seconds > 20 seconds

Life Carve:

  • Damage: 50% > 95%
  • Mana Cost: 8 > 5
  • No longer applies Decay (see Unleash Doom)
  • Now applies Lingering Darkness
  • Lingering Darkness duration: 12 seconds > 6 seconds (damage per tick unchanged)
  • Veil of Darkness duration: 15 seconds > 20 seconds

Doom Spikes:

  • Damage: 45% > 90%
  • Mana Cost: 10 > 5
  • Added a new Unleashed Doom aura called Skewered, which reduces Haste and Dodge by 15% for 5 seconds
  • Demise outgoing damage: 50% > 15%
  • Demise duration: 15 seconds > 20 seconds

Unleash Doom

  • Damage: 60% > 120%
  • No longer applies Lingering Darkness (see Life Carve)
  • Now applies Decay
  • Decay duration: 1 second > 3 seconds
  • Unleashed Doom outgoing damage: 100% > 25%

Inner Darkness

  • Hit Chance and Haste: 15% > 20%

09/22/2023 - Higure Update + Class Changes

Higure Update

Based on your feedback, we have some some updates to the Higure weapon:

  • Now does 40% more damage to monsters, damage range changed to static, and added a 30% Class, Rep, and EXP boost.
  • Added an "Empowered Higure" weapon to the /ultrdarkon merge shop. Does 51% more damage to monsters and can be purchased for x1 Higure, x20 Darkon Insignia, and x20 King Drago Insignia. Higure will remain a seasonal weapon, but Empowered Higure can be merged all year round.

Great Thief

Class performance increased.

Quick Stabs

  • Cooldown reduced (1.5s -> 0.8s)

Treasure Toss

  • Cooldown Reduced (4s -> 3.5s)


  • Stealth duration increased (10s -> 15s)


  • Cooldown reduced (24s -> 15s)

Interstellar Knight 

Performance and niche applicability increased. Mana costs increased to compensate for increased mana generation from new Damage over Time effects.

Wane of Dusk

  • Perpetual Rend damage increased and formula changed (100%x8 Hybrid -> 300%x6 Magical), and now ticks twice as fast
  • Damage calculation changed to Magical

Strike of Dawn

  • Damage increased and calculation changed (45% Hybrid -> 90% Magical)
  • Temporal Shift now does damage over time, dealing 500%x6 Magical Damage, and ticking once per second


  • Veil of Compressed Time defense increased (36% -> 40%), and now gives 40% DoT resistance, and duration increased (6s -> 8s)
  • DayBreak Heal damage calculation changed to Magical, name changed to “Daybreak Radiance”
  • Daybreak Stun removed
  • New aura Twilight Shadows applies when Temporal Shift is not present, dealing 3600% Magic damage over 12 seconds, and ticking once per second
  • Mana cost increased (8 -> 12)

Incinerating Era

  • Incinerating Era duration increased (6s -> 10s), damage calculation changed to Magical
  • Mana cost increased (14 -> 28)
  • Temporal Rift/Shift consumed duration increased (1 -> 30) (This does not change the mechanic, it just prevents the “fades” message from cluttering up the UI)


  • Cooldown decreased (21s -> 3s)
  • Subsequent Dusk no longer increases DoT resistance and Haste, instead lowers it (30% DoT Resistance -> -60%), decreases damage dealt (10%), and duration increased (12s -> 16s)
  • Subsequent Dawn no longer increases enemy Haste, now lowers damage dealt (20%), and duration increased (12s -> 16s)
  • Damage increased and calculation changed (115% Hybrid -> 175% Magical)
  • Mana cost increased (14 -> 24)
  • Can now crit but still cannot be avoided


  • Hit chance bonus increased (20% -> 75%), crit chance reduction decreased (-20% -> -15%)

Heroic Stoicism

  • Endurance now increased by 75%

Empyrean Chronomancer

Rifts no longer require Deadlock proc states to apply. Instead, Deadlock states now offer a stat bonus for a short time. This makes the class simpler to play, less prone to mistakes, and small cooldown changes make it slightly faster as well, without significantly impacting its performance.

  • Taking Eternity and The Fourth Dimension positions switched

Eternal Deadlock

  • No longer applies Infinity Rift
  • Now applies Infinite Hit, 5s duration, -25% Dodge
  • Can no longer be avoided
  • Deadlock now takes more stacks to apply Enter Infinity (4 -> 8), Enter Infinity duration reduced (90s -> 3s) but now increases Crit Chance by 20%

Taking Eternity

  • No longer applies Infinite Damage
  • Taking Eternity now applies full effects in a single stack (10%x3 -> 30%), duration reduced (30s -> 15s), and now grants 20% damage dealt and critical damage
  • Cooldown reduced (10s -> 4s)
  • Unity Through Time updated

Speed Abrasion

  • Cooldown reduced (20s -> 16s)
  • Damage lowered (180% -> 150%)
  • No longer applies Infinite Hit

The Fourth Dimension

  • Can no longer be avoided
  • Temporal Rift no longer requires The Fourth Dimension to apply
  • Deadlock now takes more stacks to apply The Fourth Dimension (4 -> 8), The Fourth Dimension duration reduced (90s -> 3s) but now increases Physical Damage by 20%

Yami no Ronin

A small change to increase quality of life.

Jigen Kogeki

  • Can no longer be avoided


08/26/2023 - Monster Changes

Monster Changes

God of the Depths is intended to be a more accessible challenge fight in comparison to others. After some observation, we've concluded that it's in a good spot difficulty wise, but it is taking certain parties quite a long time to clear it. Therefore, the resistances of the God of the Depths have been lowered, the debuffs are slightly less frequent, and the Sacrosanct Tendril's respawn time has been increased. 

God of the Depths:

  • Damage resistance: 100% > 50%
  • DoT resistance: 100% > 50%
  • Peer cooldown: 8 seconds > 10 seconds
  • Call of Kathool cooldown: 20 seconds > 25 seconds

Sacrosanct Tendril:

  • Respawn time: 30 seconds > 40 seconds


Monster and Item Changes

  • Voice in the Sea's Oxidize aura healing reduction: 90% > 66%
  • Vigil duration: 8 seconds > 6 seconds

The Vigil consumable is intended to be used on reaction, the high duration was a bit too lenient in regards to that. 


Warlord Icewing Map

The Warlord Icewing boss at the end of /icestormarena has been moved to its own map. If you are at least level 75, /join icewing to take on the challenge!

Frost Spirit Map

  • The Frost Spirit mobs have been moved to their own map. If you are at least level 75, /join icestormunder to take them on!
  • The Frost Spirit mob's level has been increased to 255, and now gives 600 EXP and 150 Gold (before modifiers) when defeated.
  • The number of Frost Spirit mobs in the room has been increased to 15.

Void Highlord

  • Updated icons.

Lord of Order

  • Updated icons.

Yami no Ronin

  • Updated icons.

Dark Metal Necro (and variants)

  • Updated icons.

Nu Metal Necro (and variants)

  • Updated icons and added a new aura to speed up its guitar solos a tad.

Subsuming Scream

  • Added a new aura called Unhinged Frenzy, which increases Haste by 10% for 8 seconds.


Monster Updates

A few changes have been made to certain /ascendeclipse monsters, primarily to the Ascended Midnight and Ascended Solstice bosses.

  • Adjusted the magic damage stat on the Fallen Star monster.

The Fallen Star's Solar Flare aura is intended to kill the player if a mechanic is failed, but it (still) wasn't doing so under certain circumstances.

  • Increased the base damage of the Ascended Solstice boss.
  • The Ascended Solstice now only uses its Daybreak skill at 80%, 50%, and 20% remaining HP. (previously, the skill was being used every 10% hp the boss lost).
  • Increased the base damage of the Ascended Midnight boss.
  • The Ascended Midnight boss now only uses its Nightfall skill at 80%, 50%, and 20% remaining HP. (previously, the skill was being used every 10% hp the boss lost).

The frequent activation of Nightfall and Daybreak auras proved to be quite frustrating, so the amount of times they activate throughout the fight have been reduced. The base damage of the two bosses has been increased to compensate for the change.

  • Added a new aura to the Ascended Solstice and Ascended Midnight. If one is killed, the surviving boss gains damage upon every auto attack.

The two bosses are intended to be killed at around the same time, but certain strategies involved quickly killing one boss, while enduring the surviving boss's debuff for a long period of time. 


Monster Updates

We are thrilled with all of your responses to the release of our Eclipse Ascent dungeons! A few changes have been made based on your feedback and the data we have collected:

  • Increased the DoT multiplier on the Fallen Star monster.

The Fallen Star's Solar Flare aura is intended to kill the player if a mechanic is failed, but it wasn't doing so under certain circumstances.

  • Reduced the amount of Dodge the Faithless Deer and Blessless Deer gain per each Lunar Prance stack from 15% to 5%.
  • Increased the duration of the Ascended Solstice's Noon of Radiance aura from 12 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Increased the duration of the Ascended Midnight's Midnight of Silence aura from 12 seconds to 25 seconds.

Noon of Radiance and Midnight of Silence are only applied if a mechanic is failed. The effects of the two auras could often end up being largely ignored when certain party compositions were used.

Quest Updates

  • The amount of Sliver of Moonlight rewarded from the Night Falls (Bonus Daily) quest has been increased to x3.
  • The amount of Sliver of Sunlight rewarded from the Dawn Breaks (Bonus Daily) quest has been increased to x3.
  • The amount of Ecliptic Offering rewarded from the Frozen Cycle (Bonus Daily) quest has been increased to x3.


Frost SpiritReaver

Several changes have been made to make the class stronger and smoother to play. Notably, all damage is now magical and Synchronizing now affects your crit stats instead of magical damage.

Farming Method Updated

With the amount of difficulty it takes to obtain Frost SpiritReaver when compared to other winter themed classes such as Cryomancer and Glacial Berserker, it didn't make sense to keep Frost SpiritReaver's performance around the same level. Therefore, Frost SpiritReaver now requires a Frost Sigil (purchasable in Abel's /icedungeon shop if you have either version of Cryomancer) and Rank 10 Glacera rep in order to begin its quests. 

Miscellaneous: Third and Fourth skill order switched.

Mana Regeneration: No longer recovers extra MP in addition to the mana gained when using Spirit Ripper or Spirit Freeze

Spirit Ripper:

  • Damage: 80% > 35%

Spirit Freeze:

  • Damage: 100% > 50%
  • Now deals Weapon Damage instead of Weapon DPS*
  • Damage type: Physical > Magical
  • Spirit Chill Hit Chance and Dodge debuff: 10% > 25%

Spirit Banishment:

  • Damage: 150% > 75%
  • Now deals Weapon Damage instead of Weapon DPS
  • Damage type: Physical > Magical
  • Skill can now crit
  • Spirit Destruction and Spirit Devastation merged together
  • Spirit Devastation defense debuff: 15% > 30%
  • Spirit Devastation now also reduces enemy Hit Chance by 30%
  • Spirit Devastation duration: 4 seconds > 6 seconds
  • Spirit Devastation no longer requires Spirit Vanishing to be active in order to be applied
  • No longer applies Spirit Vanishing

Spirit Charge:

  • Damage type: Hybrid > Magical
  • Fully Synchronized Spirit no longer increases Hit Chance or Magic Damage, now increases Crit Damage by 500% and reduces Crit Chance by 100%
  • Spirit Vanishing defense buff: 30% > 50%
  • Spirit Vanishing duration: 6 seconds > 20 seconds

Spirit Synchronization

  • Cooldown: 20 seconds > 2 seconds
  • Damage: 20% > 30%
  • Range: Medium > Infinite
  • Spirit Synchronizing now also increases Crit Chance by 75%.
  • Renamed the Spirit Cooldown aura to Desynchronized
  • No longer applies Spirit Shattering
  • No longer applies Frozen Essence Gathering (Frozen Essence now applies if Spirit Synchronizing is active)

*Weapon Damage deals double the damage of Weapon DPS, while also using your equipped weapon's damage range.


Nechronomancer/Necrotic Chronomancer

Added a long lost missing skill icon

Legion Revenant

Updated skill icons (and yes, Void Highlord will receive the same treatment in the near future)

Blood Titan

Blood Titan's skills have been reworked to make the class more engaging to play, while preserving some of the traits that originally made the class unique.

Blood Titan proved interesting to redesign as it is a tank based class that utilizes HP for its skill costs instead of MP. This is quite contradictory when you think about it. If the point of using a tank class is to mitigate the amount of damage you receive, but its skills effectively ignore your own defenses by taking away a big chunk of your HP, then how are you supposed to stay alive? Well, you give the class more healing, a lot more. Blood Titan is now a super tank. Its damage output isn't too significant, but it's now able to withstand some of the hardest hitting attacks out there, and can even convert some of the damage it receives into HP under certain circumstances. You will truly feel like a titan when using this class now!

Farming Method Changed

Blood Titan's farming method has been updated. Blood Titan Tokens no longer drop from the Blood Titan bosses, but are instead now rewarded from Shi Mar's reworked quests. The class cost has also been reduced to 200 Blood Titan Tokens. Additionally, Titan's Gilded Crusher now provides a 30% damage boost to all monsters, but it no longer drops from Ultra Blood Titan. Instead, it is now purchasable for 1,000 Blood Titan Tokens in Shi Mar's merge shop.

Stat Model: Tank Melee

Mana Regeneration: Blood Titans don't use mana. They instead channel their life force into their abilities.

Rank 1 Passive - Titan's Bloodline:

  • Starting at rank 1, all skills can't miss and can't crit. Additionally, all skills (except Gilded Crusher) heal you for 20% of your max health (before modifiers) over 1 second. 

Gilded Crusher

Strike your target with the full might of your battleaxe. Damage dealt is based on your current health.

  • Rank needed: 1 / Auto Attack
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds

Titanic Smash

Slam your battleaxe into the ground, knocking your target off balance. Deals damage and applies Crippling Smash, reducing your target's outgoing damage by 60% and Crit Chance by 30% for 8 seconds. Also has a 25% chance to stun your target for 1 second. Costs 20% of your max HP.

  • Rank Needed: 1
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • HP Cost: 20% Max HP
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Titan's Fury

Thrust your battleaxe forward, eviscerating your target. Deals damage and applies Titan's Fury, increasing your Haste by 20% for 15 seconds. Also applies Disemboweled, increasing your target's damage taken by 30% for 15 seconds. Costs 20% of your max HP.

  • Rank Needed: 2
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • HP Cost: 20% Max HP
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Titan's Curse

Challenge a worthy opponent so that your legend may spread! Deals damage and applies Focus for 4 seconds, which forces your target to attack only you for the duration. Also applies Titan's Curse, drastically increasing your target's Crit Chance but reducing their Crit Damage by 300% for 2 seconds. Costs 10% of your max HP.

  • Rank Needed: 3
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • HP Cost: 10% Max HP
  • Cooldown: 16 seconds

Blood Rage

Perform the ancient rite of the Blood Titans. Deals massive damage and applies Blood Rage, increasing your outgoing physical damage by 100% for 5 seconds, but reducing your Heal Power by 50%. Costs 30% of your max HP.

  • Rank Needed: 5
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • HP Cost: 30% Max HP
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds


Crimson Shield

  • Rank Needed: 4
  • Damage taken reduced by 80%.

Blood Volume:

  • Rank Needed: 4
  • Endurance increased by 400%, but your increased size reduces your Dodge by 50%.

Titan's Bloodline:

  • Rank Needed: 1/10
  • Starting at rank 1, all skills can't miss and can't crit. Additionally, all skills (except Gilded Crusher) heal you for 20% of your max health (before modifiers) over 1 second. At rank 10, Gilded Crusher applies Life Drinker, which heals you for 5% of your max HP (before modifiers) every 2 seconds.



Blood Ancient

Blood Ancient has been completely reworked into a mid to late-game dodge class that utilizes the HP bar in order to strengthen itself.
The original version of Blood Ancient didn't fill any particular roles, nor did it feel like it was embodying the strength of multiple vampire warlords. Therefore, the Blood Ancient rework aims to bring a fresh take to dodge classes, while also giving it a more vampire-like feel.

Farming Method Changed

To reflect Blood Ancient's new power level, the latter half of the Blood Ancient farming quests have been updated and the quest line now has a level 50 requirement to begin it. The class now also only requires x1 Ancient Vitae to merge it instead of 25. Finally, like previous reworks, anyone who already has the class gets to keep it with its new skills!

Stat Model: Dodge Melee

Mana Regeneration: The Blood Ancient gains mana when they

  • Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
  • Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)

Seeing Red

Gouge your target with your claws. Deals increased damage the lower your HP is.

  • Rank needed: 1 / Auto Attack
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • Cooldown: 2.5 seconds


Your hunt for blood is insatiable. Deals damage and applies Bloodlust, increasing your Crit Damage by 10% for 10 seconds, stacks to 10. Costs 20% of your max HP.

  • Rank Needed: 1
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: physical
  • Range: Melee
  • Mana Cost: 0
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds


Your enhanced speed makes you a blur to those around you. Applies Afterimage, increasing your Dodge by 15% for 6 seconds, stacks to 3. Costs 20% of your current HP.

  • Rank Needed: 2
  • Target: Self
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: True Damage
  • Range: Melee
  • Mana Cost: 0
  • Cooldown: 2 seconds


Tap into your vampiric strength, temporarily empowering yourself. Applies Blood Boon, increasing your Crit Chance and Haste by 30% for 12 seconds. While empowered, all non lifesteal healing you receive is negated.

  • Rank Needed: 3
  • Target: Self
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Status
  • Range: Melee
  • Mana Cost: 20
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds


Bite into your target, inflicting a devastating wound. Deals increased damage the lower your HP is and heals you for a portion of the damage dealt. Feasting on your target temporarily exposes you, reducing your Dodge by 100%. Also applies Blood Loss, reducing your target's Haste by 30% while inflicting a DoT that increases the lower your HP is. While your target suffers from Blood Loss, all non lifesteal healing they receive is negated. All effects last 1 second. Can't miss. 

  • Rank Needed: 5
  • Target: Enemy
  • Max Targets: 1
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: Melee
  • Mana Cost: 20
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds


Enhanced Senses

  • Rank Needed: 4
  • Crit Chance and Dodge increased by 10%.

Superhuman Reflexes

  • Rank Needed: 4
  • Dexterity increased by 10%.

Wonderful Night

  • Rank Needed: 10
  • Crit Damage increased by 50%.



(Exalted/Dark) Soul Cleaver | Exalted/Dark Harbinger

A set of changes to make the class stronger, more dynamic, and more flexible. Now is very receptive to builds, and is a late-game solo class with end-game uses. Blood Price will no longer kill you as well.

Legion Token cost 2000 -> 5000

Soul Rend

  • Cooldown reduced (6.5s -> 6s)
  • Can no longer be avoided
  • Description updated

Soul Leech

  • Damage reduced (100% -> 50%)
  • Description updated

Soul Snare -> Soul Pact

  • Cooldown reduced (20s -> 12s)
  • Mana cost increased (25 -> 50)
  • Now targets self
  • Soul Snare no longer applies
  • New aura Soul Pact reduces damage taken and incoming healing by 50% for 30 seconds
  • Description updated

Blood Price

  • Damage reduced (166.5% Hybrid -> 50% current health)
  • Damage type changed (Hybrid -> True)
  • Blood Price now also increases haste by 8%
  • New aura For The Legion!! applies to you, increasing Critical Damage by 20% per stack for 10 seconds, doesn’t refresh
  • Description updated

For the Legion

  • Endurance boost increased (20% -> 50%)
  • Description updated


A small change to normalize health cost, so it won’t kill you.

Invoke Essence Orb -> Essence Orb

  • Damage reduced (375% Hybrid -> 30% current health)

Psionic MindBreaker

A small change to increase usability and consistency.

Psion Drain

  • Damage reduced (130% -> 70%)

Extrasensory Perception

  • Now also increases Crit Chance by 15%

  • Description updated

Evolved Pumpkin Lord

A few changes to make the class more dynamic, and stronger if used well.


  • Ready to Sprout duration increased (8s -> 30s), effect increased (-20% damage taken -> -30%), now also increases incoming healing by 25%
  • Description updated

Explosive Pumpkins

  • Damage increase (140% -> 200%)
  • Health cost increased (10% -> 20%)
  • Description updated


  • Empowered Prismatic Manslayers damage range is now static




Ran outta oil.


  • Outta oil




For far too long, Rustbuckets have been ignored. My compatriots, now is the time to rise up.


  • Applied oil




  • Necromancer, Pinkomancer, and Grim Necro second and fifth skill switched
  • StoneCrusher and Infinity Titan fourth skill defensive auras duration increased to 8 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Dragon of Time, Mindbreaker, and Psionic Mindbreaker’s healing mechanic fixed
  • Several recently broken boss skills fixed
  • Elysium damage on the Enhancement Traits page fixed. This was a typo, and there are no changes to the enhancement in-game.



Chaos Avenger

Quick changes so it stacks a bit faster, has higher base damage (but doesn't stack quite as high), and to make the autoattack scale with Strength instead of Intelligence.

These changes together result in an overall increase in performance for the class.

Chaos Greatsword

  • Now scales with STR instead of INT
  • Damage coefficient lowered (320% -> 130%), but can do more damage than before because of the scaling change
  • Chaos Fury now stacks faster but lower (6%x15 -> 15%x4)
  • Description updated

Chaos Siphon

  • Defense Chaorrupted now stacks faster (5%x8 -> 10%x4)
  • Description updated


  • Crit Chance Chaorrupted now guaranteed to activate (70% -> 100%)

Chaos Bulwark

  • Chaotic Armor no longer needs to stack, and grants full effect immediately (30%x2 -> 60%), and has inherited the HoT from Chaotic Regeneration, which also no longer needs to stack (500%x4 -> 2000%)
  • Chaotic Regeneration no longer applies (effect combined with Chaotic Armor)
  • Description updated

Fury Unleashed

  • Fury Unleashed no longer respects Ravaged stacks, and instead grants the full effect immediately (10%+5%x8 -> 50%)
  • Description updated

Unending Rage

  • No longer reduces INT by 99%
  • Now increases Crit Chance by 10%


  • Blood Titan’s Life Drinker, Scarlet Sorceress’ Blood Lust, and Blood Sorceress’ Red lust now do more damage and heal the lower your HP, but have a lower base heal. This was a mechanic fix, and not a targeted change for the classes.




The Darkside Class's skills have been updated to match the Dark Lord Class's skills. (Darkside will still summon the Hate Wolf battle pet though!)

Battle Pet Classes

Necromancer, Pinkomancer, Horc Evader, BeastMaster, and Darkside/Dark Lord no longer require battle pets to be equipped in order for certain skills to function. (Affected skills will no longer deal 0 or severely reduced damage when a battle pet is not equipped.)

Evolved Leprechaun

The Soilsigh skill now always crits and can't miss.



Paladin Chronomancer

Paladin Chronomancer has felt a bit underwhelming as a support class, so we're making a few changes to its skills to improve its support capabilities. 

Radiant Rift:
  • Now deals bonus damage to undead
  • Now always hits, but can't crit, base damage increased
  • Ascendancy now also reduces target Haste by 10% per stack

Holy Vow:

  • Heal no longer scales off of Temporal Rift stacks
  • Holy Shield Physical and Magical Resistance: 25% > 33%
  • Holy Shield now grants 10% Haste
  • Holy Shield duration: 10 > 15
Divine Intervention:
  • Cooldown: 40 > 36
  • Indomitable END increase: 500% > 400%

Divine Retribution:

  • Cooldown: 20 > 18
  • Removed Divine Reckoning aura
  • Spirits Within MP restored over 5 seconds: 30 > 45


  • END increase: 50% > 100%

Sacred Blessing:

  • Haste increase: 10% > 5%
  • Heal Boost: 10% > 20%



Arachnomancer Changes

Significant reworks to better align the class’s damage types, desired stats, and give it a playstyle. Cooldowns were significantly reduced overall, making the class play much faster. Original niches have not significantly changed, but the class now functions as a strong mid-game high dodge solo class that can scale into early endgame. 

This class presented an interesting challenge in design- it was already strong (if underappreciated), and aligning its damage types and stat model would have made it far too powerful. A light redesign gave it a new way to play while still being usable the same way it was before, allowing it to now function with 100%+ dodge, and encouraging more interaction from the player.

Stat Model
  • Full Hybrid -> Dodge Melee

Auto Attack -> Spider Bite

  • Now heals you when your foe has Venom Fangs
  • Cooldown increased (1.5s -> 2s)
  • Damage decreased (80% -> 60%)
  • Description updated

Venom Fangs

  • Cooldown increased (3s -> 6s)
  • Damage type changed (Hybrid -> Physical)
  • Mana cost decreased (12 -> 6)
  • Venom Fangs no longer stacks, damage increased (140% Magical -> 225% Hybrid), duration reduced, which increases damage per tick proportionally (8s -> 4s), and reduces enemy dodge by 30%
  • Now applies Arachnid Grace to the caster, increasing dodge by 70% for 1 second
  • Animation updated
  • Description updated

Slingshot Web

  • Cooldown decreased (8s -> 6s)
  • Damage decreased (100% Hybrid -> 100% Physical) (Physical damage calculation is a little lower than Hybrid calculation)
  • Damage type changed (Hybrid -> Physical)
  • Range increased (Short -> Long)
  • Mana cost decreased (23 -> 6)
  • No longer guaranteed to crit
  • No longer applies Webless to the caster
  • Web Miasma no longer requires Venom Fangs, damage now increases as your health decreases (325% Hybrid -> 250% - 2250% Physical), and reduces enemy dodge by 30%
  • Now applies Arachnid Grace to the caster
  • Animation updated
  • Description updated

Foreboding Arachnid -> Leaping Arachnid

  • Cooldown decreased (32s -> 6s)
  • Mana cost decreased (36 -> 15)Now costs 10% HP per use
  • Damage increase (0  -> 150% Physical)
  • Damage type changed (Magical -> Physical)
  • No longer stuns
  • Animation and Spell Graphic updated
  • Description updated

Toxic Adrenaline

  • Cooldown decreased (24s -> 6s)
  • Mana cost decreased (27 -> 21)
  • Now costs 20% HP per use
  • Damage increased (150% Hybrid -> 220% Physical)
  • Damage type changed (Magical -> Physical)
  • No longer applies Poison Overload to the caster
  • Animation and Spell Graphic updated
  • Description updated

Eight-Legged Freak -> Virulent Toxin

  • Effect changed (+18% dodge -> +18% DoT out)
  • Description updated

Attack-Your-Foe-Bia -> Arachnid Instincts

  • Renamed
  • Description updated

Arachne’s Favor

  • Effect changed (+10% STR/INT -> +10% Haste)
  • Description updated

Drakel Warlord Changes

Significant cooldown reductions and some damage increases to make the class play faster, smoother, and be more powerful. As well, a small taunt was added to the last skill, giving it some more niche utility. Starts as a tanky mid-game solo class, but scales into late-game.

  • Legend version longer purchased in the Class Shop, instead now requires rank 10 Death Pit Arena, merged for 500x Death Pit Arena Medals and 100k gold in the Death Pit Arena Rep shop

Drakel’s Auto Attack -> Drakel’s Crushing Strike

  • Damage increased (150% -> 200%)
  • Range increased (short -> medium)
  • Description updated

Strengthened Strike

  • Mana cost removed (15 -> 0)
  • Damage increased (125% -> 150%) and no longer static (the reason why the skill previously stated 250% is because 200% weapon DPS/type power = 100% weapon damage, and these changelogs are all converted to weapon damage to prevent confusion)
  • Range increased (short -> medium)
  • Fixed a bug regarding aura stacking on Intimidating (5x7% (bugged) -> 5x8%)
  • Description updated
  • Animation updated

Raged Strike

  • Mana cost removed (20 -> 0)
  • Cooldown reduced (15s -> 9s)
  • Range increased (short -> medium)
  • Boiling Blood heal duration reduced, increasing heal per tick proportionally (15 -> 12), stun duration reduced (3 -> 1)
  • Description updated

Strikes of Expertise

  • Mana cost removed (18 -> 0)
  • Cooldown reduced (15 -> 9)
  • Description updated

Enter the Arena

  • Mana cost removed (30 -> 0)
  • Damage increased (100% -> 300%)
  • Cooldown reduced (25 -> 9)
  • Now guaranteed to hit and crit
  • Now applies Focus to the enemy for 1 second
  • Master of the Arena now also adds +100% Crit Damage
  • Description updated
  • Animation updated

Drakel Skin

  • Effect increased (+20% END -> +50% END)
  • Description updated


DarkBlood StormKing Changes

Updated to play smoother, be more fun, interactive, and engaging, and more powerful when obtained. 

This is a class that didn’t need that much of a buff to become balanced. We feel that classes like this often get overlooked because they haven’t been updated in a long time, but the case sometimes is that they are strong enough to not need changes urgently. Because of that, we primarily cleaned up its mechanics and gave it a few playstyle spins, and a few fun mechanics.

As we slowly reach the end of F2P classes to receive changes, more cases like this will occur.

Mana Regeneration:
  • Mage Model -> Warrior Model
Storm Call:
  • Mana cost reduced (20 -> -20)
  • Cooldown reduced (3s -> 2s)
  • Now applies Conductive to caster when Thunderstrike is on the foe, stacks to 50, lasts 5s
  • Description updated
  • Mana cost reduced (40 -> 10)
  • Cooldown reduced (12s -> 6s)
  • Shocked now replaces Thunderstrike
  • Description updated
  • Mana cost reduced (40 -> 10)
  • Cooldown reduced (12s -> 6s)
  • No longer applies Thunderstruck or Thunder Stun
  • Now applies Thunderstrike to foe, reducing dodge by 20% for 10s, replaces Shocked
Ball Lightning -> Storm Bolt:
  • Damage changed (130% -> 40% - 3040%), now scales with Conductive
  • Cooldown reduced (12s -> 10s)
  • Now applies Voltaic to caster when Conductive is present, consuming it, increases damage by 10% for 10s
  • Now applies Electrocuted to foe when Shocked is present, reducing Hit Chance and Crit Chance by 20% for 10sSpell graphic updated
  • Description updated
Raging Gale
  • Effect changed (+10% damage -> +10% hit chance)
  • No longer randomly does damageDescription updated
  • Pumpkin Lord now has the rank 10 passive “Legendary”, increasing STR, INT, END, and LCK by 10%
  • Being AFK for more than 30 seconds in an Insignia Boss map will now return the player to /battleon



Legendary Starter Classes

Warlord, Acolyte, Sorcerer, Renegade, Witch, and Beast Warrior now have a rank 10 passive “Legendary,” increasing STR, INT, END, and LCK by 10%


Item Changes

Everlasting Blade of Chaos, Dual Everlasting Blades of Chaos, and Titan Drakath's Blades have had their Damage to Chaos boosts increased to 60%.

The Chaorrupter Unlocked Non Member and Legend variants are now AC tagged.


Item Changes

Chaorrupter Unlocked is a powerful option against Chaos monsters, but it could be easily obtained at a low level. These changes aim to increase the difficulty it takes to obtain the weapons while preserving their damage boosts. Additionally, both weapons will become 0 AC in the near future!

- Chaorrupter Unlocked (Free Player) moved to the Chaos War Merge shop in /chaoswar, now costs x250 Chaos Eye and x250 Chaos Tentacle
- Chaorrupter Unlocked (Member) moved to the Chaos War Merge shop in /chaoswar, now costs x100 Chaos Eye and x100 Chaos Tentacle

Burning Blade of Abezeth was causing some confusion as it could be obtained by players that were unable to equip it. To prevent any further confusion, the weapon has been moved to a shop and made more consistent to obtain.

- Burning Blade of Abezeth moved to the Celestial Champion Shop in /celestialarena, now costs x20 Champion Sash and x3 Gold Voucher 500k
- Champion Sash drop rate increased to 100%, stack limit increased to 20



Boss Skill Changes

Kitsune Shapeshift (invulnerability) duration: 15 seconds > 4 seconds
(Ultra) Iadoa Temporal Prison (stun) duration: 20 seconds > 5 seconds
(Ultra) Iadoa Astral Shift duration: 180 seconds > 25 seconds
(Ultra) Xiang stun duration on self: 15 seconds > 5 seconds
(Ultra) Xiang player stun duration: 20 seconds > 8 seconds



Nechronomancer / Necrotic Chronomancer

Nechronomancer’s farming performance fell behind other classes after the introduction of Forge Enhancements. These changes aim to make the class less frustrating to use while also bringing its farming capability back up to a more competitive level. Additionally, the class has received a set of changes that drastically improve its performance against single targets.


  • Necrosis base damage per tick increased: 90% > 100%
  • Necrosis tick speed doubled (DoT damage will be halved per tick, but will now tick twice as fast)
  • Necrosis max stacks: 5 > 25
  • No longer heals based on Necrosis stacks

Bleeding Time:

  • Eternal Frenzy damage increase per stack: 6% > 12%
  • Eternal Frenzy max stacks: 15 > 8
  • Eternal Frenzy and Passage of Time duration: 4 seconds > 8 seconds
  • Passage of Time self DoT damage decreased

Temporal Reanimation:

  • Now deals more damage the lower your HP is
  • Foreseeable Future no longer requires Passage of Time to be active in order to activate

ShadowScythe’s Past:

  • Damage: 190% > 200%
  • Cooldown: 10 > 20
  • No longer guaranteed to hit, but can now crit
  • No longer removes Necrosis stacks
  • Unleashed Doom’s DoT now deals damage over 1 second, instead of damage after 3 seconds
  • Unleashed Doom DoT damage increased
  • Added a new aura called Unleashing Doom 
  • Unleashing Doom lasts 1 second and prevents Chaos Rift from being applied while active

ShadowScythe’s Future:

  • Cooldown: 3.5 seconds > 2.5 seconds
  • Empress's Awakening Heal Power: 200% > 50%
  • Empress's Awakening tick speed doubled
  • Empress's Awakening no longer removes stacks of Eternal Frenzy or Passage of Time
  • Removed the Brittle Bones and Slowed Reflexes auras
  • Added a new aura called Debilitated 
  • Debilitated reduces target Hit Chance, Dodge, and Crit Chance by 20% for 12 seconds
  • Added a new aura called Flow of Time 
  • Flow of Time removes the Passage of Time aura and increases HoT and DoT power by 20%  for 12 seconds


  • Exiting combat after combat is now slightly faster
  • Dage the Dark Lord’s boss shield exponent changed from 0.85 to 0.8
  • You can no longer enter PvP matches during combat from challenge boss rooms. 

Like what you see? Want to share your thoughts with the team? Send a message to the Class Balance team and Alina_AE on Twitter or in our official Discord server.

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February 01, 2024

Yokai New Year - Behind the Scenes

Cylisse here, with another behind the scenes look at our latest release!

It's the Year of the Dragon which means big things for us this month. A whole new four-parter story featuring the Yokai Isles is on the way. We've set it up with an update to /YokaiHunt, adding a literal work of art dragon designed by Crulon.

Last year, I made a Writer's Thread on X (formerly Twitter) about the Year of the Rabbit's update. Since we're already here, I've combined those notes with new insights, lore, and references about the Year of the Dragon. That way, you won't miss out!

Want to know more about the in-game lore, see the concept art, and real-life references that inspired our newest release? Read the full post here.

Tags: Cylisse,
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