Design Notes

December 09, 2015

Next week: Nulgath Returns to AQW

The ArchFiend comes back with new gear!

This just in! NULGATH returning to create a special armor and weapon set for this month!

Check out his concept art for the Assassin Fiend! He will be redrawing it to match the AQW game model proportions, but this is a GREAT preview of what is to come!


December 24, 2015

Frostval Quibble Shop Updates

Nulgath Returns with Gear in Quibble's Frostval Shop!

Nulgath the ArchFiend returned to AdventureQuest Worlds last week and brought the CryoFiend and Assassin of Nulgath armor sets to Quibble's 2015 Frostval shop! All-new gear will be added to the shop later tonight at midnight on Christmas Eve!

Quibble's Gear will be available until January 8th... but once his shop leaves, it will be gone forever!


August 13, 2015

The Fiending Gear Leaves...

And the Necrotic Sword of Doom Quests Arrive!

On July 24th, we released Nulgath's Fantastic Lore Limited Time shop featuring his take on "The Thing" - The Fiending! Tonight's your last chance to get the armor, helms, or weapon before they leave with tomorrow night's release.

It's almost time to head back to school, and that means the Summer Shop is about to leave! Until next Friday. you can find all the summeriest gear in your game menu!


July 29, 2015

Chaos Queen Beleen Shop Leaving

Last Chance to Get Chaos Queen Beleen Rares!

If you haven't played through the Chaos Queen Beleen release, then you are missing out! You can begin your war against the pinkification of Lore when you /join drearia! If you are a FAN of the color pink, adorably fiending things, or fan-favorite artist Nulgath, then you want to make sure you don't miss the Chaos Queen Beleen Rares shop!

The Chaos Queen Beleen shop holds:

  • Cutie Makai Bank Pet 
  • Chibi Nulgath Bank Pet 
  • Chaos Beleen Sparkles 
  • Purified Axe of Nulgath 
  • Purified Blade of Nulgath
  • Purified Scythe of Nulgath
  • Purified Polearm of Nulgath
  • Nulgaleen Horns Morph 
  • Nulgaleen Locks Morph 
  • Chibi Nulgath Helm 
  • Icy Chibi Nulgath Helm 
  • Pinkitron Armor  
  • Chibi Head Pilot 
  • Icy Chibi Nulgath Kitty Helm

The items in the July Holiday Rares shop also leave tomorrow night, so be sure to snag anything you want now, before they are gone until next year!


July 22, 2015

Before the Full Moon Rises...

The LunarMancer Needs Your Help!

The LunarMancer (no, we don't know his real name, he won't tell us...) needs someone to help him very, very badly. The villagers on the island of Luna Cove won't do it. When I asked, they just shook their heads, crossed their eyes, and stuck out their tongues. But if a certain Hero were to take a vacation to Luna Cove this weekend, we might discover why... and he might complete the spell that would help him gain the rest and respite he so badly needs! If that's enough of a Wednesday teaser for you. Stop here. Otherwise, read on!

There's just ONE. Little. Problem! As the moon moves through its phases, passing towards the full moon, lunarmancy gets stronger. And if your focus is not ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, spells and rituals are... apt to go awry. 

If you haven't checked your lunar calendar (or the night sky) lately, then you may have missed that it is ALMOST the full moon! And THAT means that the LunarMancer's power is ALMOST at full strength! This is both a good thing and a BAD thing - we're not quite sure WHAT will happen when (or IF) he completes the ritual. THAT is going to be up to you, Hero! 


Friday: The Fantastic LORE Limited Time Shop Arrives!

Starting this Friday, July 24th, find the Fantastic Lore shop in your game menu for until August 7th! Get Nulgath's "The Fiending" armor, helms, and maces, based on everyone's favorite Fantastic Four character, The Thing!


Get Up to 30% More Free Bonus ACs until Friday!

This Friday at 6PM server time, the free bonus amount and select packages will change! If you want to get the most bonus ACs (so you don't miss any of our awesome summer rare rewards like The Collector Class or the Ancient Grovebreaker Blade), now's the best time to do it!

free rpg mmo bonus adventurecoins

Bug Fix update: The Dead Rewards Shop in /death. which had been erroneously removed, has been returned. The gear is now available again! Thanks to all those who reported it!


July 02, 2015

This Friday: Chaos Queen Beleen Release!

AQWorlds Weekly News for July 3, 2015

Hiya hero! I am SUPER excited to announce this week’s newest release:

chaos queen beleen video game release aqw adventure quest worlds

Chaos Queen Beleen Art Print Now in HeroMart!

Make your way to, our online, real-life merchandise store to find the new Chaos Queen Beleen Arti Print! Inspired by Beleen, marketing writer for Artix Entertainment, and created by Nulgath, master artist, this 8.5x11" limited edition print will bring chaos and craziness to your room, dorm, office, or castle!

free online rpg mmo chaos queen beleen


June 26, 2015

NEW Print at Heromart: Chaos Queen Beleen

Embrace the Chaos with Nulgath's New Print

Make your way to, our online, real-life merchandise store to find the new Chaos Queen Beleen Arti Print! Inspired by Beleen, marketing writer for Artix Entertainment, and created by Nulgath, master artist, this 8.5x11" limited edition print will bring chaos and craziness to your room, dorm, office, or castle!

Nulgath the lead designer for Oversoul and long time artist for AdventureQuest Worlds brings his unique art to HeroMart. We appreciate him taking the time between waging wars and gathering minions to create this awesome art piece and the in-game Items!

The Chaos Queen Beleen print comes with the exclusive Chaos Beleen armor! The Locks of Love and Spikes of Love helms pictured above will be available both with the HeroMart print and from this week's story release shop.

Next Friday in AQWorlds: All Hail Chaos Queen Beleen!

Beleen, Artix Entertainment's bubbliest, most positively-pink developer has discovered the sad, abandoned village of Drearia and vows to bring it back to life. But after accidentally stumbling Nulgath the ArchFiend, lord of the Oversoul and former ruler of the Underworld, her powers of randomness and cheer... mutate in the STRANGEST way possible!


June 21, 2015

Featured Artist Limited Quantity Packages

Rare Collectors, You Won't Want to Miss This Gear!

Starting tonight, June 19th, at 11:00 PM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Set page to grab one of our newest Limited Quantity Package sets! Each item has been crafted by one of AQWorlds' most talented artists, and with the "Return of the Living Devs" summer event, this is the perfect time to release them!

Each package ties in with one of the first three event releases - Artix's Ebil Dreadspace zone (coming this Friday!), Cysero's Deadmoor Spirit story, and Beleen's Chaos Queen insanity. If you like collecting souvenirs from your favorite AQW events, then you will NOT want to miss your chance to get your gauntlets on this gear!

Dage’s DreadSpace Set 
Includes an armor, helms, and weapons. Items give additional XP and Class Points when equipped.

Price: 2000 ACs
Quantity: 5000 sets
Initial stock: 3000 sets
Restock amount: 400 sets per restock

Nulgath’s Void Rider Armor 
Includes motorcycle mount armor. gives 15% more Class Points when equipped.

Price: 1000 ACs
Quantity: 5000 sets
Initial stock: 3000 sets
Restock amount: 400 sets per restock

Nulgath’s Void Rider Armor and Pets
Includes motorcycle mount armor, Legend-only Battle Pet and regular pet. Armor 15% more Class Points when equipped.

Price: 150,000 gold 
Quantity: 3000 sets
Initial stock: 2000 sets
Restock amount: 200 sets per restock

This package is available to anyone with an active or expired account membership.

Memet's Pet and Weapon Combo
Includes pet and two weapons. Items give bonus to Rep and Gold when equipped.

Price: 100,000 gold (available for all players)
Quantity: 20000 sets
Initial stock: 10000 sets
Restock amount: 2000 sets per restock

This package is available for all players.

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

The Featured Artist Limited Quantity Packages become available at 11:00 PM (that's midnight) this Friday, June 19th!  Not sure when that is in your part of the world? Here's a timezone converter to make setting your alarm easier!

  1. 11:00 PM Friday, 6/19 (initial stock)
  2. 9:00 AM Saturday, 6/20
  3. 7:00 PM Saturday, 6/20
  4. 5:00 AM Sunday, 6/21
  5. 3:00 PM Sunday, 6/21
  6. 1:00 AM Monday, 6/22 (final restock)

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold (if you have EVER upgraded your account, you can purchase the Legend sets for gold!)
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)

Note: Item quantities will restock throughout the weekend so that everyone gets a fair chance at the gear. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will there be enough items for everyone? No, but with multiple restocks your chances of getting an item are pretty good... as long as you keep an eye on your clock and don't miss the restock!
  • Will item quantities update automatically? No, but once you purchase an item from the shop or revisit the page, you'll see an updated amount. 
  • If a set doesn't sell out right away, will the restock amount roll over? Yes. The next restock amount will always be added to the previous amount of gear. Gear not sold before a restock will remain in the shop.
  • Will the items be 0 ACs? All items in the Limited Quantity Packages will be 0 ACs, so you can keep them in your bank for free, forever!
  • Do I have to have an active Membership to buy the Member-only sets? You do not need to have an active upgrade to purchase the Legend sets, as long as you have purchased a membership for your account at any time in the past!
  • Can I return the package if I don't like it? The items from the Limited Quantity Packages are non-refundable, like our other item packages.

Find examples of the web page's layout on our Limited Quantity Set FAQ page


June 04, 2015

Spoiler Alert: Chaos Queen Beleen

The first glimpse at this summer’s upcoming release

Okay okay okay, so Nulgath doesn’t know I’m about to do this… which is why this post will be super short… but look what he just sent me:

chaos queen beleen concept drawing sketch

Chaos Beleen Concept

EEEEEEEE!!! Now, this is only a sketch, so Beleen’s final chaos form may look a bit different than that. But man oh man oh MAN I am LOVIN’ what Nulgath has worked up!

What are your thoughts? Share them on my Twitter!

xoxo Beleen =D


May 07, 2015

Nulgath's Chaotic Fiend Rares

Nulgath the ArchFiend Embraces Chaos to Create New Gear

If you love evil but are not a fan of the Undead Legion, then you might just enjoy the new gear crafted for you by one of Artix Entertainment's darkest artist-animators - Nulgath the ArchFiend, Lord of the OverSoul! Nulgath took time from his work on the mobile and OverSoul teams to bring his newest, most chaotic gear to AQWorlds!

free rpg mmo nulgath chaotic fiend

Find the Chaotic Fiend armor, wings, and blade PLUS the Nulgath's Motorcycle Pet and Battlepet in the Chaotic Rares shop in your game menu starting tonight! The gear will only be available until June 5th, so get your gauntlets on it now if you don't want to miss out!


May 06, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: May 8 2015

Dare you enter Dage's forgotten tombs?

The Forgotten Tomb Nulgath's Rares Shop Obsidia - Necromancer Armor Set Play Now Firestorm: The Forge Refer a Friend!

New items, new adventures, new friends and new foes await you this weekend. We hope you enjoy playing AdventureQuest Worlds as much as we enjoy making the game for you!


Alina, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQWorlds Team



January 28, 2014

Nulgath’s Birthday Items

Unwrap these Archfiend-approved presents

Nulgath leveled up IRL last week, but you can still party like an Archfiend with Nulgath’s personal stash of loot.

Archfiend Nulgath Birthday Items

  • Nulgath Face Morph
  • Nulgath Armor
  • Mini-Nulgath Battle Pet
  • Nulgath Challenge Pet
  • Greater Bloodbeacon Polearm + 5

Find the Nulgath Birthday Shop in your Game Menu and unleash your inner Archfiend!

xoxo Beleen


January 25, 2014

Birthday Cake for All

January: Month of Many Birthdays!

In addition to Fae's Shapeshifter Shop and Fae's Shapeshifter Merge Shop, we also have a ton of birthday stuff coming this week! Nulgath, Stratos, Rhubarb, Mritha, and Vokun all have birthdays this month, which means a TON of new birthday gear (or updated birthday shops) going live this weekend!

Too much raspberry smoothie, too.

Stratos Birthday Shop

It's Captain Stratos' birthday today! /Join Airship and take down the Skypirate Draconians for a chance to get Captain Stratos' favorite blade, the Stratospheric Tachi 2014, and find his birthday shop (with all the new and returning gear) in your Game Menu until January 31st!

Rhubarb's 72 Hour Birthday Gear Hunt

Yarrrrr! Today be the piratiest day of the year, so grab your mugs of moglinberry juice, hoist your cutlasses, and /join pirates to quest for the Pierate Birthday Cutlass +5 (gives more gold and damage against Elementals! Some boneheaded scallywag has stolen Rhubarb's birthday present for you, and you need to get it back!

Nulgath Birthday Update

Find Nulgath's Challenge Pet in his Birthday shop now! Accept the Tenacity Challenge Quest to earn Bloodgem of the Archfiend! Merge 5 of these in Nulgath's Underworld Merge Shop into a weapon to unlock the second daily quest, which has a boatload of random gear!*

Nulgath's birthday gear will be in your Game Menu** until February 3rd!

Vokun Birthday Gear

Happy birthday, Vokun! Find this dark artist's birthday gear in your Game Menu until January 31st! And find Vokun's permanent shop and quests next month!

/Cheer for All our Other January Birthdays

A little undead parrot told me AQWorlds' favorite Gypsy Goth Pirate musician ALSO has a birthday this month! Happiest of birthdays to Mritha, Head Moderator of AQWorlds General Discussion forum, as well,and to all of our other team members, heroes, robots, and organic lifeforms not otherwise specified with January birthdays/creation dates!

* These quests are daily quests. This is one way we can combat botting without making quests overly difficult.

** PS: The pets in the Meme Moglin shop have moved into Aria's petshop!


July 31, 2013

Nulgath Strikes Back!

Brand New Archfiend Class arrives Friday

When anyone whispers the name “Nulgath,” shivers run down my spine, my hair stands on end, and ermahgerd goose bumps consume my body.

So you can only image how terrified I was when the AQWorlds team told me that we’re releasing a Nulgath Class on Friday: the color custom Archfiend Class!

Archfiend Class

One can always tell when an Archfiend has dominated the battlefield. A wake of devastation and destruction follows the Archfiend, as if it personally signed its name on every fallen victim!

Drawing its vicious power from the Abyss, every spell the Archfiend casts has a chance to leech life from his opponent. The Archfiend has no compassion for those weaker than him—and, in this case, encompasses just about everyone and everything.

Due to his ruthless tactics and thirst for war, Nulgath was exiled into the OverSoul Abyss last year…but from the looks of things, Nulgath has returned once more to Lore. When the sun sets this Friday evening, the Archfiend will rise, engulfing all who wish to deliver massive damage to the battlefield!

Archfiend takes flight

Rumor has it that anyone can become an Archfiend Class with a 2,000 AdventureCoins donation. Upgraded Legends always have the upper hand, though; Nulgath will make Legends an Archfiend in exchange for his Fiend Tokens. How many? …Nulgath hasn’t told us yet, because he is pure Evil and wants to keep us all in suspense!   

Speaking of suspense…

Nulgath is keeping the Archfiend’s Class Skills and Abilities a secret… for now. Our magnificent potions master, Alina, is currently concocting a truth serum to put in Nulgath’s goblet. If successful, Alina will retrieve the list of attacks from the head Archfiend himself.

Alina and her potions

We wish you the best of luck, Alina!

And I wish all of you the best of luck in your ongoing adventures… even if you DO become an Archfiend on Friday evening… *shiver*

xoxo Beleen


July 22, 2013

The Final Judgment!

Travel to the Plane of Judgment this Friday

You have fearlessly fought across the Isle of Fotia. Then you dove deep into the dark depths of the Underworld and confronted the 9 Guilty Joys. You traversed the River Acheron with Charon the Ferryman, defeated the Styx Hydra, and slayed Dage’s 3-headed hound Cerberus.

Hydra Battle 

The gates leading into Dage’s kingdom will finally open Friday evening! Stroll through the surreal Field of Asphodels, survive the Vale of Mourning, and meet the 3 Judges of the Underworld: Rhadamanthys, Minos, and Aeacus!

Judges of the Underworld

The brave heroes who meet Dage’s Judges will be fairly trialed… in accordance to Dage’s understanding of “fair.” You will be judged on:

  • your overall performance as a hero or villain
  • Dage’s standards as a Dark Lord
  • and on your relationship to Dage!

The 3 Judges guard the entrance to Dage’s Palace. Only if you prove your worth to them will you possibly gain admittance to the Dark Lord’s throne!

Oh and OF COURSE there’s going to be epic item rewards for the victorious.

Speaking of Victory…

We’ve got a bunch of sweet loot headed your way!

  • Tuesday’s Featured Artist Shop: Solrac!
  • Rare Dage items arriving Friday
  • Combat Dage’s Rares with Nulgath’s Rares on Friday
  • New quests for new gear in Tercessuinotlim
  • MechQuest Finale Shop & quests 

Evil vs Evil!

Find the Archfiend Armor (NOT the Class), Blade, and more in Nulgath's Rares shop this Friday! The Legend-onlyFiendish Blade BattlePet and other gear for ALL players will be added to quests in the /Tercessuinotlim map Friday, too!

Talk to Dage in Battleon or in the Soulforge for the Undead Legion Rares shop! Members of the Undead Legion will be able to quest for Legion-exclusive gear (got your Legion Tokens ready?)!

Looks like you’ve got A LOT to do before release Friday night! If you haven’t already, catch up on Dage’s Underworld adventures by /join fotia, travel to /join tercessuinotlim to embark on Nulgath’s insane zone, and head to and play through the beginning of the finale!

Next Week: Quibble Arrives

Everyone’s favorite traveling sales Moglin has just booked his ticket back to Battleon! Next week, Quibble will bring a bunch of never-before-seen items that will rock the entire (AQ)world.

Keep an eye on the Design Notes later this week for spoiler previews!

Until then… Battle on!

xoxo Beleen


May 21, 2013

Artist Showcase Shop: Nulgath

OverSoul infects AQWorlds!

Tuesday is here—and that means an all-new Featured Artist Showcase Shop has arrived!

Artist Showcase Shop online adventure games

If you couldn’t tell by my glaringly obvious Design Notes title, this week is dedicated to everyone’s favorite Archfiend of Oversoul, Nulgath! As the mortal enemy of Dage the Evil, Nulgath has unleashed his own collection of ALL-RARE killer armors, weapons, capes, and more to show Dage where the REAL artistic talent lies.

Nulgath's Shop includes:

Nulgath fantasy games armor set

  • Duality of Nulgath set - 600 ACs
  • Celestial Evolution Staff - 150 ACs
  • Fiendish Face - 75 ACs
  • Serene Countenance - 75 ACs
  • Bright Wings - 100 ACs
  • Fiendish Wings - 100 ACs

Broodfiend of Nulgath armor

  • Prime Bloodletter Blade of Nulgath - 2,000 ACs (color-custom)*
  • Dual Vital Bloodletters of Nulgath - 250 ACs
  • Vital Bloodletters of Nulgath Cape - 100 ACs
  • ArchFiend's Sneer Helm - 150 ACs
  • Icy Predator Pet - 300 ACs
  • Double Stealthy Crossbow - 200 ACs
  • Golden Rune Cape - 100 ACs

* Includes a quest to farm Diamonds/Uni 13s/weapon.

Rare weapons and capes of Nulgath

  • Broodfiend of Nulgath armor - 45,000 gold (Member only)
  • Vital Bloodletter of Nulgath - 25,000 gold (Member only)
  • Light's Defender Spear and Shield - 20,000 gold (Member only)
  • Valiant Defender Battle Pet - 25,000 gold (Member only)
  • ArchFiend's Sneer Helm - 15,000 gold (Member only)
  • Stealth Crossbow - 17,500 gold (Member only)
  • Ruby Rune Cape - 5,000 gold (Member only)
  • Golden Rune Cape - 5,000 gold (Member only)
  • Victor's Dual Glory Blades - 20,000 gold (Member only)
  • Fiendish Spy Pet - 15,000 gold (Member only)

Bask in the glory of browser games gear

  • Victor's Glory Blade - 15,000 gold
  • Undead Gutter - 15,000 gold
  • Emerald Rune Cape - 5,000 gold 
  • Sapphire Rune Cape - 5,000 gold

All of the items in Nulgath’s Artist Showcase Shop will go permanently rare—they will NEVER be offered again—so if you wanna own a piece of history (or like 27), you better stock up today!

Nulgath Revealed

As the former Master to Dage the Evil, Nulgath is the General of the Great Abyss, looming over the battle-hungry souls of OverSoul. Nulgath has appeared in many forms under many names, but his current evolution is quite pleasing to him …even if his appearance does strike fear into all those who gaze upon him!

Nulgath NPC character

Outside AQWorlds and OverSoul, Nulgath’s real-world artistic inspirations stemmed from Conan the Barbarian book covers and fantasy art at an early age/level. Back then, Nulgath was known as “Miltonius” and was contacted by Artix about doing a short film for DragonFable. That movie, Artix vs. The Undead, is AMAZING and incredibly popular and ZOMG if you haven’t seen it you NEED to right now!

After the world(wideweb) was blown away by his film, Miltonius joined forces with Artix in February 2006. Miltonius started off as a Game Clerk, leveled up to Animator, and completed his evolution into Nulgath the OverSoul Game Developer. Nulgath praises the positive enthusiasm Artix Entertainment brings to every project and looks forward to another 7 years of awesome developments for an awesome game development company =D

Feed Nulgath’s self-esteem by giving him a shout-out on his Twitter!

And now, get your Gear On in Battleon’s Featured Artist Shop!


May 17, 2013

Journey to the Overworld

Tonight: Battle Alongside Dage the Good!

Journey to Brightfall to help Mirror Drakath, the Champion of Order, before tonight's release! Because THIS week you'll need to help Dage the Good in the Overworld! He needs you to FREE the souls*... and then he'll help you reach the strange, celestial egg that is the key to saving Lore's future and YOUR life! 

Evil King Alteon In the Mirror Realm, King Alteon is your enemy.

And be warned, while THIS is the final release in the Mirror Realm 2-part arc, you aren't done with Xing and Xang's storyline... because THEY aren't done causing Chaos for YOU!

* Dage the Evil, in our realm, would NEVER approve!

Final Update to Quibble Coinbiter's Shop!

Tonight's release is the final update to Quibble Coinbiter's Mirror Realm shop! Don't miss the Doom of Lore, Cleric of Nulgath, and Mirror Caladbolg Blade!

Doom of LoreLore's Doom is upon you (literally)!

NEW to Quibble' shop:

  • Doom of Lore armor (mirror Savior of Lore)
  • Doom of Lore helm
  • Doom of Lore capes (3!)
  • Doom of Lore blade
  • Light Witch armor (mirror Witch armor)
  • Light Witch helms (3!)
  • Light Witch cape
  • Light Witch wand
  • Mirror Caladbolg (mirror of Caladbolg)
  • Consciousness Blade of Nulgath (mirror of Oblivion Blade of Nulgath)

In the Mirror Realm, Artix is undead!

NEW to the Mirror Realm Merge shop:

  • Cleric of Nulgath (mirror of Legacy of Nulgath)
  • Cleric of Nulgath Hood
  • Intimidating Hood of the ArchAngel
  • Enticing Hood of the ArchAngel
  • ArchAngel's Protection Cape
  • Blade of Ashes (mirror of Phoenix Blade)
  • Underfriend Blade of Nulgath (mirror of Overfiend Blade of Nulgath)
  • Mind Expulsion Blade (mirror of SoulEater Advanced)

Destiny Kitten approves of your battle skils.

NEW gear in the Treasure Map!

X marks the spot, TreasureHunters! Grab the Treasure Map from the shop in your game menu (or talk to Valencia or Cleric Joy) for 2,000 ACs, then decipher the clue and hunt through AQWorlds to find the Treasure Map's hidden location. If you have the Treasure Map in your inventory, when you mouse your cursor over the spot where the shop's hidden, you'll be able to open it... and receive ALL the gear we've ever added to the shop!

Find the BrightBlade Warrior with the Treasure Map!

Read the Treasure Map design notes for more details on how this hunt works. Just remember: ALL the gear in the shop is 0 ACs for free storage, and you'll be able to unlock ALL future Treasure Map updates for free... as long as you keep the Treasure Map! 

Find the Treasure Shop's hidden location to access:

  • BrightBlade Warrior
  • BrightBlade Helm
  • Bright Blade
  • Bright Warrior Shoulder Cape
  • Dragon Priest and Priestess Armors
  • Dragon Devotee Helms
  • Dragon's Flame Katana
  • Dual Dragon's Flame Katanas

Anonymous Drone's gonna knock you out!** 

  • Shadow Commander Armor
  • Hood of the Fallen
  • Nameless Warrior
  • Anonymous Drone Helm
  • Terror of the Undead Blade
  • Slasher of the Undead Mace

** His momma said knock you out!

Tuesday: Nulgath Featured Artist Shop arrives!

This Tuesday, May 21st, the Mother's Day, Missing Sock, and Cinco de Mayo 2013 shops and Nulgath's Artist shop arrives! See all the previews and prices for his shop here!

Duality of Nulgath set!


December 16, 2012

Changes Made to Quests

A Few More Ways to Make AQWorlds Work Better!

Since Friday night, changes have been made to a number of the quests in-game (including many of Nulgath's farming quests) to optimize how they interact with the servers. These changes are not designed to increase the quests' difficulty. Each altered quest has had 1 monster drop added to it.

Many of the Nulgath quests have had one of the following items added to them: Nulgath Rune 1-9. Each Nulgath Rune has a 100% chance to drop from its monster. None of the other items required for the quests were altered.*

You will find the difficulty has not increased. Much.

For the quests which have had Nulgath Runes added to them, you can find the monsters dropping them in either /nulgath, /tercessuinotlim, or /evilwarnul.

The Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Rare) and the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath each now require you to possess the correct pet in order to do the quests. The change made in September introduced a hole which allowed anyone to do them.

* For the "Nulgath" quest, 5 Charged Mana Energies - each at 100% - were added to the Mana Elemental. The regular Mana Energy drop from the Mana Golem has had its' drop rate lowered back to normal (it was raised during the Dage/Nulgath war).

The Undead Legion is many and strong.

A few of Dage's Legion quests have also had an item added to them. Slay the Dreadfiend of Nulgath to find the Darkness Core Dage requires.

Random Disconnect Bug Solution

We've had many people reporting that they are getting randomly disconnected while questing recently. It appears to be caused by accepting to many item drops at the same time, too quickly. While we investigate a permanent solution to this issue, please accept or deny your item drops as they come in to avoid the abrupt disconnects.

This Friday: Just Another Day?

No way! This week's release is the conclusion to the End of All Things storyline began last Wednesday on 12-12-12... and it takes place on 12-21-12 - the end of the world! We WILL NOT let our world end, but we're going to need EVERYONE to help save it!

With this blade, YOU will help us save Lore!

Make sure you have the Sword of Hope from the bottom of FrostDeep dungeon, because you will not be able to start this Friday's release without it!

New Chronomancer, Chronocorruptor, TimeKiller, and member quests will also be added this Friday!


September 04, 2012

24 Hours Left for War Gear

The Clock's Ticking...!

Because this past weekend was a holiday in the US (so people had less time to farm) and because we really DO want to make you guys happy when we can, we're extending the removal date of the war content until tomorrow night!

We did announce that the war content would leave on September 4th, and many of you set farming schedules around that. But sometimes real life interferes with what people plan, like life, school, and holiday time with family.

For those of you who do not want us to extend it, we hope you can understand your fellow players' desire to have one extra day to get what they want. And you guys who couldn't farm/buy ACs in time to meet today's deadline, we hope the extra 24 hour extension will help!

What Goes Rare?

  • ALL of the items in the Dage AC Rares shop
  • ALL of the items in the Legion Merge Shop EXCEPT Evolved BladeMaster Armor
  • ALL of the farming quests in the /evilwardage map
  • ALL of the items in the Nulgath AC Rares and House shop
  • ALL of the items in the Diamond Merge Shop EXCEPT Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
  • ALL of the farming quests in the /evilwarnul map
  • The item farming quests and shops at Dilligas and The Stranger

What Stays Permanently?

  • The Underworld map
  • Underworld monsters
  • Monster drops
  • Underworld story-related cutscenes and cinematics
  • The War Merge shops(aka the Favor shops)
  • The Evolved Blademaster and Abyssal Priest of Nulgath armors

Legacy of Nulgath and Paragon Sets: Sept 21st!

Both the Legacy of Nulgath and Paragon sets will also go rare on September 21st.

Back from Dragon*Con!

MAN did we have a great time! We saw so many new faces and got to hang out with many returning friends! The AE panel was incredible... and so were the secret, random midnight panels!

We had lots of fun and returned with lots of sweet swag, but more importantly, we brought back LOTS of new ideas! Look for Artix and Cysero's Dragon*Con Wrap-up Design Notes on later today (or tomorrow if the ConRots hits too hard)!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is in September!

We always release a Naval Commander and Pirate Captain armor for Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, 2012, and this year's theme is... Chaos! (After all, it IS the Year of Chaos!) We will have a Chaos Naval Commander, but haven't yet decided on what the Pirate Captain's theme should be. What would YOU like to see?

AQWorlds: It Takes a Team to Make the Game!

You all see Cysero, Artix, and I post Design Notes, and maybe 1 or 2 more names that pop up frequently on Twitter. But it takes MANY more people to keep AQWorlds up and running every week, and not all of them get the recognition they deserve.

So, in no particular order, I'd like to list for you all of the incredible team members who work so hard each week to bring you AQWorlds:

Aranx: One of the newer faces on the AQW team, Aranx pairs speed with creativity and quality, and does it all in his spare time!

Aegis: Aegis came on board the AQW team over a year ago and contributes top-quality armors and gear in-between wrangling the deadly real-life monster.

Veneeria: We aren't sure where he gets his innovative ideas for weapon concepts, but we look forward to his creative take on weaponcrafting every week, and so should you!

Jemini: AQW and all-around go-to artist. She's been an AQW artist for the last half year (while still finding time to work on website assets or our other games).

Tomix: Though he mainly works on DragonFable, Tomix will often spare some time each month to craft exquisite weapon art for AQW.

Memet: AQW's newest artist, she's slowly transitioning over from Player Support staff! She created many of last week's water-themed polearms and looks forward to making much more.

Solrac: From weapons to armors, helms to capes, AQW's most cyborgic artist creates them all with speed and dexterity!

Dage the Evil: Beginning with AE as a player, Dage rose through the ranks to become an epically Evil artist for AQW!

J6: He's the only Bountyhunter who gives more than he takes! With AE for years, J6 has worked on every game we've created. As AQW's lead artist, he creates all our maps and often finds time for NPCs, monsters, and gear, too! 

Sora to Hoshi: Sora's proven herself to be incredibly dedicated to AQWorlds as an in-game mod and Game Liason. She's got your back, and ours!

Reens, Stratos, and the Mods: The Lead and Assistant Lead of the in-game mods, Reens and Stratos run a crew of devoted volunteers who give up their free time to make sure AQW is a safe game for you all to play!

Miko, Mido, and Diozz: Please the eyes and you'll please the soul, and they want you to be happy from the start. Designing and updating all of AQW's website graphics, they're unsung artistic heroes!

Hizu: When you see an old monster with new, flashier skills, it's likely you'll have Hizu to thank. He's our assistant animator and buffs the epicosity of older mobs.

Samba: The nicest troll you'll ever find, she likes to move it, move it... and she's moved the quality-levels of AQW's monsters and cutscenes up to heights we've never seen before!

Zhimaira: The newest assistant writer, Zhimaira makes it possible for you to wield the weapons you do. He takes charge of the database work, the newsletter, and doing all the little things that make AQW possible.

Beleen: One of the punniest people on the team, Beleen uses her considerable writing skill to focus on new plans to get more people playing and staying with AQWorlds!

Dumoose: Once solely focused on game design (like tradeskills and guilds), over the Summer Dumoose stepped up to the plate and is now our release coder!

Yorumi: If you're able to log in and play AQW tonight, it's because of Yorumi. He's working on lag fixes, keeping the engine running, and is now devoting the bulk of his time to finishing guilds.

YOU guys: We make the game YOU want, and we try to base our releases and ideas on your feedback as much as we can! Thank you for helping us make the game be the best is can! (Saved the best for last, I did!)


July 06, 2012

Dage vs. Nulgath: War Begins

Who Is The Greater Evil?

The time has come.

Dage, once an apprentice of Nulgath, has marshaled his forces and begun his march against his former master. But who is the true master? Is Dage The Evil really as clever as he thinks he is? Has he truly used Nulgath's own contracts to gain power and escaped the consequences only to become an even greater evil than his former master? Maybe he is just an overconfident fool who will pay the ultimate price for lashing out against a patient teacher who was simply biding his time while his student became full of himself?

This war will decide the fate of both of these creatures of evil.

In this war, there are SIX total shops, and as the war progresses, all of the shops will gain more items.

  • Dage's AC RARES
  • Nulgath's AC RARES
  • Dage's Legion Token Shop
  • Nulgath's Diamond Shop
  • Dage's War Merge Shop
  • Nulgath's War Merge Shop

The AC RARES shop each have items for their own side. This week Nulgath has released less than Dage but a little but he has released a VERY expensive RARE Armor that is sure to go down in history.There are rumors that Dage is hard at work crafting an armor set or two to rival the Deathfiend of Nulgath but those are only rumors.

The Legion Token and Diamond Shops also contain special items for each side but these are ONLY for the devout followers of Dage, Nulgath or both. All of these items will also be going rare so, to make them a little easier to get the two evil masters have agreed to allow you to farm for Legion Tokens and Diamonds inside the war.

UPDATE: Due to an oversight and dramatic imbalance, the quests have been removed. If a more balanced solution is found, they may be re-added with some new requirements next week.

Members get special quests with larger pay-outs to help you farm for Legion Tokens or Diamonds more quickly.

Finally, there are the War Merge Shops. These shops will NOT be going Rare, neither will the war so you will be able to earn the items in these shops whenever you like.

Right now Nulgath is working on the first of several animated shorts which I hope we will be able to put up here on this design notes post a little later tonight. If not, we will get it up as soon as we can.

We want to know who you are fighting for so here are some Twitter Links:

  • Let Nulgath know that you're a member of the #NulgathNation and ready to crush the weak!
  • Let Dage know that #DagesLegion will never rest until they win, even after death!
  • Let Me know if you're an #AQWMercenary and plan on playing both sides of the field!

New Treasure Chest Update!

After a VERY long time we have finally been able to update the Magic Treasure Chests that drop from every monster in the game! In addition to the already amazing items that come out of the Treasure Chests we have three new sets coming as individual pieces.

First is The Mischief Set...

The colored bits are color custom so you can express your inner-trickster. We also have the Brave Golden Set...

and finally is the Shadow of Death set, complete with helm and weapon!

Remember that Members can go to Twilly for 2 FREE Treasure Chest Magic Keys per month, but if you run out you can always buy more from him.


Don't forget that if you are running low on AdventureCoins, you can also purchase more or complete the sponsored offers in AEXtras to get FREE ACs!

We also have the Golden Plate One Year Membership Promotion still going on. It appears that almost everyone who wants to take advantage of this offer, has already done it so it won't be around for too much longer. If you're waiting until the last minute... now is the time!


July 05, 2012

Dage Vs Nulgath Tomorrow

The First Confrontation Begins!

The time has come for you to pledge your allegiance to one of these nefarious scions of Evil; help them finish the conflict Dage’s quest for independence began. Follow Dage and help secure his domination or support Nulgath to aid him in teaching unfaithful subordinates that loyalty is not an option!

Each side will unlock 3 minibosses over the course of the war!

In the battle for control of the Underworld - and to determine which of these two dark commanders is the supreme Evil - Dage and Nulgath need YOUR help to turn the tide of battle in their favor!

For those who do not favor either leader, they both understand the mind of a mercenary warrior. Battle and be rewarded by the gear they've set aside for your kind. They know that when you see what they have to offer, you may just reconsider your loyalties.

Details of the Dage vs Nulgath War!

You are about to enter into a free-for-all battle zone. The darkness in the Underworld is oppressive and thick. Do not think to find friends there; even those who pledge to watch your back may be tempted by the rewards available.

Know what you will face before stepping onto the battlefield:

  • Dage the Evil's Undead Legion Vs Nulgath the Archfiend's followers
  • The 3-part war will release over the next 6 weeks. (One week of war, one week of something new, repeat)
  • The war will unlock new maps, mini-bosses, and rewards as the meter climbs higher
  • The goal for this week is to reach 30% and the first miniboss
  • Each side will have War Token, Loyalty (side-specific), and AC shops
  • Each side will have 2 extra-high reward quests, one member-only, one free-player
  • The member quest will give triple the usual rewards (3 Diamonds/Legion tokens). The free player will give double the usual rewards (2 Diamonds/Legion Tokens).
  • The war farming quests and AC items will go rare. The map, War Merge items, Legion/Diamond items, and cutscenes you unlock during the war will remain for everyone to see.

Nulgath Rewards Loyal Followers with Epic Gear!

The evolution of a fiendish creature pledged to Evil, Nulgath’s lust for power rages as he searches for the defector who severed his chains. NO one deserts Nulgath without suffering repercussions; those who try may THINK they've escaped, but time and power are against them. Hope is but an illusion when faced with a vengeful creature determined to take - and keep - what is his.

It was by watching Nulgath that Dage learned the secret to keeping greedy souls by his side - give them gear they cannot live without, then keep them questing to obtain the best pieces. With each quest, each reward, his followers accept from Nulgath, they are bound ever tighter to his dark, deceptive power.

Ice Void of Nulgath Armor will be remade in AQWorlds' style

Dage Offers Loyal Minions Riches Beyond Compare!

Born through betrayal, Dage the Evil has become one of Lore's most feared necromancers. After learning the rudiments of undeath magic on his own, he signed Nulgath's contract, swearing allegiance and promising loyalty. But when he became strong enough, he shattered the bonds he'd forged and broke away, choosing instead to form his own Legion of followers.

To sway them away from Nulgath and bind their souls, Dage began crafting incredible armors and weapons to buy their loyalty. But will mere metal, chains, and skulls keep his minions loyal? Take a look at Dage's shops tomorrow and decide for yourself!

The Undead Infantry set comes to the Underworld tomorrow!

Dage and Nulgath AC Shops Coming Tomorrow!

Along with the items you'll be able to earn by amassing stacks of war tokens, Legion tokens, or Diamonds of Nulgath, you'll also be able to buy incredible gear for Adventure Coins!

Sanguine and Ragnarok Blades available from Dage's General!

For those of you just joining AQWorlds, welcome to your first war! AC war shops offer an alternative way to purchase awesome war rewards instead of farming for them, like other rewards require. If you don't have time to battle for hours or don't feel like allying with either Nulgath or Dage, then this shop will have rare gear to battle on with (or save in your bank as war mementos. Remember all AC items get free storage in your bank)!

We'll have previews of Nulgath's AC items tomorrow and a Nulgath story Design Notes post.

Treasure Chest Update Tomorrow!

Aranx and Solrac have combined forces to bring you the shiniest Treasure Chest update in quite a while! Twilly's chest is packed full of the Brave-st, most gilded gear out there! /Equip these new items and your opponents will know what it is to fear the Shadow of Death!

I hope you've kept your chests and have your keys in hand!

Coming to the Treasure Chest in tomorrow's release:

  • Kind of Brave Armor
  • Kind of Brave Locks
  • The Shadow of Death Armor
  • The Shadow of Death Mask
  • Axe of Absolute Death
  • Bow of Bravery
  • Golden Guardian Armor

Boku and Allopass Available as Payment Option Again!

For the last few weeks, we've received many requests to bring back the Boku and Allopass payment method for international users. We've got good news for you guys: they're back and ready for action! Thanks for being patient while we analyzed how to provide the best payment method for our players overseas, and MANY thank yous for wanting to help support AE! We couldn't make the game without you!

Full Moon Shop Leaves Tomorrow Night!

This news is going to make many of you HOWL with disappointment, but full moons only last so long. And, true to life, our Full Moon shop leave with tomorrow night's release. If you want to frighten your opponents with a wolfish grin before they turn tail and /run, then get your gear before the Dage vs Nulgath war begins.

Freedom Shop Leaves on Monday!

Freedom is something we should fight for all year 'round, but the Freedom SHOP is only available until Monday! If you'd like to get libertastically awesome equips, then your time ends in a few days!

J6's Galanoth Helmet Up for Auction!

Handmade and signed by J6, this real-life replica of Galanoth's Helm was created to help him pay for his wedding this September! It measures 21 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall (including horns). It will fit large-sized heads, so if you're as sturdy as Galanoth and looking to take up a blade and become a Dragonslayer, this is the helm to get!

Dragons (and everyone else) will run from you in fear when you /equip this helm!

For details on how the helm was constructed, head to J6's ebay auction! Only 3 of these helms are in existence, so it's one of the rarest pieces of AE-related merchandise you can buy. The winner of the auction will ALSO get the never-before-released Lair house in AQWorlds if they own a valid account!


July 04, 2012

As the shadows fall...

The Undead Legion Rises!

In the frigid darkness of the Underworld, poisonous whispers hiss on the wind. The hisses turn to rumbling, rumbles to growls, until the unintelligible voices begin to scream. The winds cry, keening with their calls. These are the sounds of the undead, the ones forgotten and left to the darkness. Alone.

A ghostly blue light begins to shine, highlighting the twisted halls and cavernous chambers which pit this desolate realm like jagged, angry lesions. As the glow grows brighter, unseen eyes watch the Undead rise.

Staggering to their feet, they shake the dust off of bones which have lain motionless for centuries. Compelled to move, urgency fills empty chambers where once their hearts beat; an unknown force pulls at their broken feet.

Lurching and swaying and crawling, they make their way to the place where they know HE will appear. Their Master. The Evil. Dage is waiting.

Across Lore, tens of thousands of the Undead Legion muster to his call. Though still alive, they are bound as tightly as the new Undead Dage has recruited. They all belong to him, body and soul, and they will ALL fight and die - or die again - at Dage's command. Those who survive the war will reap the rewards and many riches Dage has to offer.

He knows that Nulgath, the Archfiend, is readying his followers to take the field against him. He laughs to himself, relishing imagined images of the utter defeat the Fiend's pitiful warriors will suffer at the hands of his highly-trained, loyal Legion members.

There can be only ONE supremely Evil being in the Underworld, and Dage has grown very tired of his temporary home in Shadowfall. The souls he'll steal from Nulgath's fallen army will only increase his power. No bad bonus, that.

He has decided. Nulgath will fall and Dage's reign will begin. He knows this war is his to win.

Leagues away, a lone figure stands listening to the report his trembling minion has brought. As the puling pawn begins to turn, shaking with relief at having delivered the pretender's message, he freezes in place. His mind and body shatter into shards of failure. As the pieces hit the floor, Nulgath slowly smiles.


May 10, 2012

Nulgath Loyalty Shop

Who has YOUR loyalty?

Blood, blades, and terror all combine into one form - Nulgath. And if YOU are a fan of Artix Entertainment's infernally-inspired artist, Nulgath, then you'll want to choose his side in this Summer's Dage vs Nulgath WAR!

To get his followers' blood boiling, Nulgath is stocking a Loyalty Shop in Battleon with ton of temptingly terrifying rare items! They'll only be available for 2 weeks (the same length as the Dage Loyalty Shop), so make sure to grab your gear while you can! For Nulgath!

  • Blood Fiend of Nulgath Armor - 2,000 ACs
  • Overfiend BackBlades of Nulgath Cape - 100,000 gold (member only)

  • Fiery Halo of Nulgath Cape - 200 ACs
  • Blood Fangs of Nulgath Cape - 200 ACs
  • Guise of Nulgath Helm - 200 ACs
  • Blood Fiend Face of Nulgath - 200 ACs

  • Dreadlord of Nulgath Helm - 200 ACs
  • Terror Wings of Nulgath - 200 ACs

  • Blood Leeches of Nulgath Cape - 200 ACs
  • Shadow Fiend of Nulgath Helm - 100,000 gold (member only)

Color Customized Items!

The eyes and blades on the Blood Fiend of Nulgath armor are all color customizable, as are the eyes on the helms, the inner section of the Terror Wings, the Fiery Halo Cape, and the eyes on the Nulgath Backblade.

Doom is all around!

Deeper, darker, deadlier! Descend even further into the depths of the Necropolis the Friday as Sally continues her plans to re-build Vordred and rule the Necropolis! The history-shattering revelations are nothing compared to what we’ll reveal TOMORROW! Arm yourselves, heroes, because underneath the Necropolis lies… your DOOM!

Prepare for:

  • Member-only Doom Overlord Evolution boss battle (He's got MAD skillz!)
  • Member-only Mystery Challenge boss battle (You won't know what hit you!)
  • Armored Daimyo and Dark Armored Daimyo merge shops
  • New member-only versions of Paladin and Necromancer armors
  • New quests in the Blinding Light of Destiny chain
  • New quests in Sepulchure’s Armor chain
  • And more!

Remember, everyone can play through the storyline of Doomwood Part II: Whispers of the Dark Lord, but we've packed this zone with extra-special content geared towards members!

We've got a fair bit of work left to do before tomorrow's release, so I'm going to finish up the quest text, outline the NPC text, and get to bed. We'll see you all bright and early tomorrow morning as we gear up for this weekend!

PS - This is the last weekend the Doom Starter Package will be available (comes with DeathKnight set), so if you're thinking of upgrading, now's the time to take advantage of a great deal!


February 16, 2012

Power Week Continues!

We Got Yer Updates, RIGHT HERE!

Power Week is continuing here at AE's Secret Underground Lab at lightspeed! I wanted to keep you guys in-the-know so here are some updates about the pile of stuff that is coming at you!


UPDATE: There are SIGNIFICANT bugs that were just discovered in last minute testing (of course) which means that we will need to POSTPONE AQ3D Name Pre-registration until they have been sorted out. Sorry for the falst start.

AE's 3D game project will be opening its servers soon to past and present AQW Members (as well as Dragonlords, Star Captains, Guardians, HeroSmash Members, etc) as well as anyone who has ever supported AE with ACs, SmashCoins, Varium etc. Basicly ANYONE who has every purchased ANYTHING and helped keep us going can get their name!

Once things get rolling you will need to go to ARTIX.COM to pre-register your character name. This will give you the chance to get your name before anyone else. Don't bother trying to take our names (Artix, Cysero, Alina, etc) We've already taken them.

Things To Remember:

  1. This is NOT Alpha Testing, this is JUST CHARACTER NAME RESERVATION! There might be some new stuff to see but there will be no game to play just yet.

  2. You won't be able to reserve your name unless you have a MASTER ACCOUNT set up on the AE PORTAL SITE!

  3. You won't be able to reserve your name unless you have your ACCOUNT LINKED TO YOUR MASTER ACCOUNT!

I imagine it's going to be CRAZY then the servers do eventually open with everyone trying to cram into the servers all at once so good luck! Keep your eyes on ARTIX.COM and our Twitter feeds to know when the floodgates open!

When the time comes you will register your name at

but only if you meet the criteria listed above.

Get On The Line!

FISHING is coming tomorrow. We are busy adding lots of amazing gear and at least 2 achievements to this trade skill. It really is a lot of fun!

FAITH has changed her hair color but she is still waiting to sell you bait, fishing poles and TNT as well as give you lots of advice about becoming a better angler!

As my grandmother always said... "There is nothing quite as satisfying as tossing a lit barrel of explosives into a cool, calm pond and wathcing it rain fish!"

Remember that this is only the first of AQW's trade skills and will have many uses in the future but this week it will just be a very fun and very deep fishing system.

Member Bonuses for AC Packages

Tomorrow we will be releasing the Member Bonus additions to the three standard AC packages. People still seem a little confused about them so I'll address a few questions here.

  • Are the Member Bonus Items Member Only? Yes. I would think that one could have gone without saying but it turns out that it's still one of my top 10 questions about the items.

  • Do the AC Packages Stack, IE. If I buy six 2000 AC packages do I get the 12,000 AC Class? No, the packages are seperate and do not stack. Each package unlocks it's own item or items. If you get the 12,000 AC package then you only unlock the 12,000 AC Badge, Shop and Class Set.

  • Can I Use Artix Points to buy the AC Packages through the Portal Site? Yes you can. It calls the same function in the payment flow so no matter how you buy your 2000, 5000 and/or 12,000 AC Package, it will unlock the Member Bonus Items for you.

  • Is there anything for the 1000 AC package on the Portal Site? Sorry, but no. These were added to the packages that are availible through AQW's payment page. Since there is no 1000 package there, there is no Member Bonus for that package.

  • When I got my Membership I also got the 5000 extra ACs for 5$, Do I get the 5000 AC CC Armor? No, the Member Bonus Items are only being added to the three stand-alone AC packages. Getting 20$ worth of ACs for 5$ is pretty great on its own!

  • Do I have to buy them after Friday? No, we are also reaching back to Jan 1st 2012. If you have purchased an AC Package in 2012, then you have already unlocked that bonus shop! We were only going back 6 weeks but decided to take it all the way back to the start of this year.

  • Are these going rare? Nope, they are staying as Member Bonuses in-game for the life of the game.

  • How do I get my Member Bonus Items? After you purchase the 2000, 5000 or 12,000 AC package, the next time you log in you will see a new badge in the AE Tab of you Book of Lore! Click the badge, open the shop that appears on the page and get your Bonus Items!

  • What comes with each package? Glad you asked...

The 2000 AC Package comes with the Member Only Battle Wyvern Battle Pet. This pet works for anyone but if you have a Pet Class equipped it will attack for you!

The 5000 AC Package comes with the totally Color Custom Member Only Dreadnought Armor Set! Every piece of this unstoppable from the plate to the trim to the glow on the ram horns on the helm is color custom.

the 12,000 AC Package comes with the Member Only Mindbreaker Class Set. You have spent years training your body to be a fighting machine but you have ALSO honed your psychic abilities to work in unision with your weapons to create the ultimate psionic warrior!

Many of you have been asking about the class's powers so I've done a skills breakdown for you.


This is a very good, very strong, multi-purpose class with a few single target atttacks and debuffs, a few multi-attack AoEs for farming and a decent heal to keep you going. It's not bad in PvP either. This class seems to come down to mana management.

Althought it is a magic based psychic warrior (which means WIZARD ENH fit it best), it's built on the Warrior mana-regen model which means you get mana for every hit you deliver or every hit you take.


2 second cooldown

Using your mind, you reach out and cause pain to your foe. This is the Mindbreaker's basic attack.

This is Mindbreaker's Auto Attack but we this is the first time that we have added a seperate animation to the auto attack.

You appear to focus for a moment and send a blast of mental energy at your target. This is roughly the same amount of animation as swinging your weapon for an auto attack so should not cause any frame rate drop (lag) and might even be better depending on your weapon.


15 mana, 4 second cooldown

A psychic fire engulfs your foe dealing light damage and applies Brain Fog reducing Haste and Hit by 3%, stacking up to 5 times and lasting 10 seconds.

This is a decent single target attack and reducing both your target's Haste and Hit up to 15% will keep them nice and slow and keep them missing a lot more than they should. I imagine Brain Fog is like giving your enemy a mirgane that gets worse with each stack and if you have ever tried to do ANYTHING with that kind of headache then you know it can really slow you down and keep you off target.


15 mana, 4 second cooldown

You send out waves of psychic energy dealing moderate damage to one or two enemies near you.

This is a very basic AoE. It will only attack up to two targets at once so you shouldn't get overwhealned by tons of monsters as you fight. Its power remains constant and has no draw drawbacks. Just a good solid AoE.

This is another of the new skill animations that we added just for Mindbreaker. Waves of psychic energy flow out of you hitting everything near you. This new effect is also applied during MB's last activatable skill, Esper's Might. Makes me want to yell "KANEDAAAAA!" when I use it.

If you don't get that, shame on you.


20 mana, 6 second cooldown

You lash out with a mental spear, striking your foe for damage based on stacks of Brain Fog also healing yourself for half the difference between your max HP and your current HP.

A very useful attack and pretty cheap heal. The attack gets stronger the more stacks of Brain Fog you have on your target and it always heals for you half of what you're missing.

If you're at 50% HP, it heals you up to 75%. If you are at 90% HP, it takes you up to 95%, if you are at 1% it takes you up to 50.5%. It's a little deceptive because it will never FULLY heal you but if you're smart and manage your mana well then you will also never die.


Rank 4 passives

Increase Crit by 8%

Incerase Damage by 15%

Pretty basic Rank 4 passives. You crit more often and get a generous damage buff out of these skills.


20 mana, 10 second cooldown

A powerful psychic burst AoE which will hit one or two foes. Damage increases based on stacks of Brain Fog as well as greatly reducing your enemies damage output for a short time.

A stronger AoE than Psychic Wave, and can become fairly devestating with 5 stacks of Brain Fog up. Note that none of the skills consume those stacks so the only way you get weaker is if you let the Brain Fog expire. This is a very useful skill that can be used at its base level when farming (since most monsters won't last long enough to get 5 stacks of Brain Fog) or can be used in its powered up state against boss monsters or other players in PvP. The debuff is really the key. With the Haste and Hit debuff from Mindfire and the Damage debuff from this skill your enemy is reduced to little more than an angry kitten or slightly stale english muffin.


Rank 10 passive

When you are at risk of being defeated your amazing mind will occasionally construct an invisible psychic shield around you blocking all incoming damage for 5 seconds.

A new twist on the rank 10 passive to increase survivability. It is basicly a random "OH $#!%, I'M GONNA DIE!" power. Due to its very specific set of circumstances, it goes off a lot more often than the average rank 10 passive but you probably won't notice that because by the time you're that low you'll be spamming your heal power. BUT when you're low on mana and waiting to get enough for a heal... you'll be glad it's there.

Tiny Member Perks

While I was in the engine adding the new psychic animations I also added one for the upcoming Member Only Grenadier Class (Skyguard, Rank 10) and added two highly requested emotes for Members. /useweapon and /danceweapon.

Long and long and long ago when you called the /use or /dance emotes you would have your weapon in your hand. A lot of players hated this and requested that we remove the weapon. We did as they asked but suddenly a whole different crop of players were demaning that we add it back. Having just removed it and quieted the first group, we didn't want to add it back.

So finally you will be able to decide to either /use or /useweapon, and /dance or /danceweapon but the weapon versions are only for Members. it's not a HUGE perk but more specialized Member emotes is always good.


I have been learning more and more about Carnaval in Brazil since we announced our Carnaval Shop coming Friday... like a tradition called "bloco das piranhas" where dudes put on skirts and wigs and pretend to be beautiful ladies. The results are often nightmarish but pretty hilarious.

In OUR Shop we will have colorful armors, bongos, flamedancer torches, crazy masks and the world's largest and most dangerous martial arts rodent, the Capoeira Capybara Member Only Battle Pet.

Rumors About Nulgath

Lastly, I'd like to address some rumors that have been floating around about Nulgath. Sadly, some of the rumors are true. He HAS put aside his work on AQW to go build his own game under the EBILCORP corperate umbrella. He will NOT (cannot) delete his area and remove all of his stuff from the game. AE owns the rights to that game content and we are keeping it in the game. Finally, YES... his game looks pretty rad.

More Mia J Park Music For You!

From Artix - "Mia was getting a lot of requests from players for her song "One Way Ticket" that she wrote just for the AQWorlds event. So she put a link to it, for free, on the *coughs* You know, I never feel bad about plugging her music... we should just rename the the company to Mia Entertainment and make all game upgrades just buying her CD... of course... more than 30 of you would have to buy her CD for this to work!"

Here's the link to the free One Way Ticket download -

309 days until Just Another Day


May 24, 2011

Nulgath... evolved!

Insider news on AQWorld's Artists new name

Before we return to the upcoming DoomWood Saga, I would like to let you in on the behind the scenes story of Miltonius' name and art evolution to Nulgath which is taking place.... *checks sun dial* sometime after his plane lands and he arrives here at the lab. (Or possibly tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after.) In game his character will be "evolving from it's larval stage" and become the yet unseen being, Nulgath. You are probably asking: Why? The real answer: I legally gave the name Miltonius back to him as a gift between friends. It really is that simple. But if anyone else asks... just tell them. You were there, when the being called Nulgath hatched.

Nulgath Hatching.... "nearly unseen".

P.S. Prepare to see a lot of his monsters, NPCs and armor in the upcoming DoomWood Saga: Starting this FRIDAY!

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