Design Notes during Oct 2009
Top secret behind the scenes information about AdventureQuest Worlds and our other web based games.


Socked and Loaded!

October (((30th)))*, 2009
Trick or... um,Treant?
Spookiest weekend of the year. Now 34.5% spookier!

Each year I am reminded that many of our players live in countries that do not celebrate Halloween and may not have heard of Trick or Treating. Which means some of the things we are doing seem even weirder than normal. This weekend, hordes of children will dress in costumes and go door to door through the neighborhood saying "Trick or Treat!" in hopes that they will get..... caaaandy. Sometimes you will get a "Trick" and they will try to scare you... but, every once and a while a dentist will live nearby and you will end up getting a toothbrush or <shivers> an apple**.

Inspired by real life events.... SCARY!

You must perservere! Now, the strores all want you to believe you need a fancy plastic pumpkin shaped bucket -- but you need something BIGGER. When I was in middle school we had the ultimate run where we filled two pillow cases EACH! The secret is double tapping***. That is you need to get 2x the candy from each house. A lot of amateurs try switching costumes... but that uses up too much of your precious candy collecting time. You only have a few hours of prime caaandy-eering! So use your imagination to come up with a clever reason as to why you should get a second handful of candy. (I should not be telling this story... but I was really young, lol) We declared that we worked for a group that was investigating alien candy tampering activity and needed an extra "sample" to take back to our scientists to examine. Saying this with a straight face was harder than it sounds! They often laughed and said "that was a good one" while dishing out another handfull of candy. (Mmmmm.... I love Reeses. +25pts) When the night ended we all went my friend's house and spilled our candy filled bags on the floor to begin.... candy trading! (Best part of the night) We wanted to recreate this experience in game which is why Mogloween features Trick or Treating or candy filled craziness in our games. Next year I would like to have real trick or treating in our AQW houses. For all of you going trick or treating in real life this weekend... be safe, and have fun! ...and if you see a younger "newbie" trick or treater who is having trouble filling his plastic pumpkin bucket. Be sure to share some of your candy from your OVERFLOWING PILLOW CASE OF CANDY FILLED JUSTICE :-) Battle on!

SPECIAL CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have special holiday "Mogloween" events running in all four of our games this weekend. As a special treat, tonight we have a grand conclusion of this year's Mogloween in AQWorlds! If you can complete that AND the new Mogloween releases in DragonFable, MechQuest, and the original AdventureQuest.... <dunn dunn duunn> You will earn the title: Moglomaster '09****

LAST CHANCE to get 1st Upholder
This weekend is your last chance to become a 1st Upholder. One it is gone, it will never be available again (...just like Founder.)

* Added anti-time-travel-faerie defensive force shields!
** Getting "Aple-jacked" is a dreaded curse for any serious trick or treater and spells doom for the rest of your candy gathering crusade! Although, one year we got carmel apples which was awesome! ...except we had to put it in our pillowcases withall the other candy which was... um... not to appetizing when we got home to look. (See? DOOOOOM!)
*** Also useful for Zombies. But... this is not the same thing.
**** Since the master account system is not done yet, we do not actually have any way of tracking this.... it is on your honor! Good luck!

Early Release!
We're Just Full Of Surprises
Hiya guys!

It's the Mogloween Finale! WOOHOO! You get to find out who is behind trying to ruin the Cauldron Sisters, spoil Mogloween and transform the normally scary moglinsters into truly terrifying Super Moglinsters!

We've released a TON of new Mogloween and dentist themed items this week including a two new armors, but this is your last week to grab these brand new Seasonal Rares!

Remember, TONS of new players start playing every day! You'll be able to show off your reasonal rares to all the players who missed out on Mogloween 09!

You know you love having the RIGHT to brag, even if you don't brag. :)

Remember: To see the new Cutscene you have to /join candyshop and do the Cauldron Sisters 3 new, final quests!S

Sunday is November 1st whch means a LOT of stuff is changing: The Birthday ends, Twig and the Sweetish Fish leave, the remaining Presents open, The Founder's shop in Aria's Pet Shop closes, and 1st Upholders get their Golden Startswords and Character page Achievement Badges!

It's been a looooooong month and you guys have been very patient. We're really happy to be able to make so many of you 1st Upholders and we're really grateful for all the support!

Happy Mogloween! Be safe, use the buddy system, never eat unwrapped candy, dynomite will NOT kill a werewolf, vampires don't sparkle... they burn, Mummies move slow and have no super powers or special attacks to speak of, and the only thing that hurts worse than getting Egged, is getting Steak and Egged.

Have fun!

or else!

Book face!

Social Networking Update
Staff Imposters and other oddities
Beware of people on FaceBook, Myspace, and Twitter claiming to be our staff. Never give out your password. The staff will never ask for it, and any one who does is just trying to steal your account. Especially beware of the new imposter on FaceBook claiming to be Beleen.

Here are official links to Games and Staff

AQWorlds - FaceBook MySpace
DragonFable - Myspace
MechQuest - FaceBook Myspace
AdventureQuest - FaceBook MySpace
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Artix Ent! - FaceBook  
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Artix October 29th, 2009
Engine Repairs 50% Complete!

Our Check-Engine Light Won't Turn Off
Mission Un-Titanic is making great progress! We are already 50% done… which means only 50% more to go!

Tomorrow we will be releasing 100% of the 50% engine repair. Everyone is hard at work stitching on some new game patches to help improve overall performance and some crashing issues. This means your Auto Attack—that was doing everything BUT attacking automatically—will be fixed! And just in time, too, since new Mogloween baddies are only a day away.

Major fixes are coming next week. As much as we love relasing a new engine without having tested it, this is one of those things we might want to spend a bit more time on. Home improvements and ActionScript fixes are next on our agenda. While Aritx runs to HeroMart to buy more Duct Tape and Liquid Nails, go ahead and check out the newest addition to our NPC Family!

Wahoo! It’s Ballyhoo!

Adventure Coins?

The Master of Promotion and official provider of Hoopla has arrived. But some clever explores have already discovered Ballyhoo’s hideout! And that’s awesome!

Tomorrow we will be installing a new red “Ballyhoo” button in Battleon for your convenience. If you are too impatient, you are more than welcome to pay Ballyhoo a visit by typing /join ballyhoo in game!

WARNING: Ballyhoo JUST moved in, so some of her really cool promotions are still packed. Feel free to laugh at some of the VERY outdated ads. Such as our very own AC ad. And yes, you WILL laugh when you see just how lame it is!


October 27th 23rd****, 2009
Fix! Fix! Fix!
We can rebuild it. Faster. Stronger. The Bionic Game!

In addition to this week's exciting Mogloween main event (which will feature the first ever appearance of Dr. Voltabolt in AQworlds) we are releasing the biggest game fix we have ever done. The fix is so big, that it is only comparable to teleporting onto the deck of the Titanic after it had already hit an iceburg... BUT, in this story you happen to be MacGyuver and you have super glue, duct tape, silly puddy and a really cute co-star/assistant*. We are calling this new version of the game engine, the "Un-Titanic**". Fixes include everything from your auto-attack, housing, game performance and patching an Actionscript 3.0 memory leak the size of Niagra Falls***.

Oh! Do not forget, this is your last chance to become a 1st Upholder. We will be running the update to give the achievements this Sunday!

* Minimal and Zhoom are now demanding that they get really cute assistants.
** Better than the originaly suggested name, "The Hindenburg"
*** I do not know what they are talking about. I opened up my computer and looked inside but could not find any memory leaking anywhere!
**** Curse you time travel faeries!

Datendra, the Time Travel Faerie says, "Hah! Got him again. 2 points!"
Calendrana, the Time Travel Faerie says, "Awww, it was my turn."
Millenia, the Time Travel Faerie says, "I'm calling dibs on the next one!"



I'll be home soon!

October 26th, 2009
Gravelyn's surprise: Skelepoodle!
Be careful! Skelepoodles are tough!
So Gravelyn came to visit me today, as we were celebrating Mogloween together. She decided to surprise me with something, so I thought I'd share it with you:

Apparently Gravelyn is bored of merely turning people into undead, so she decided to give it a try on my Hadeshound, Phaedra.

(Megan of Best In Show Pet Spa performed the wonderful work on Phaedra, turning her into the coolest skelepoodle ever)


A Special Thank You!
From Alac and I (Ai No Miko!)

For all the birthday wishes on the forums, facebook, and twitter! You guys are wonderful and we love all the custom images, cookies and fried twinkie presents. It was certainly an eventful day full with sillyness and laughter and of course cake! We had our own mini little mogloween party with costumes, helms and styrofoam weapons. Our cake was beautiful, thank you to Faith and the AE team!

We saved you a piece!

PS: Alac and I are not the same person. /laugh
My actual birthday was yesterday, the 25th. Alac's birthday is today.

Bug Fixes
We're In Ur House, Fixin Ur Bugz

We had a minor HUGE catastrophe over the weekend. Some of you equipped some of the new House Items that drop from the Moglinsters and found that you had lost your house!

That tiny GIGANTIC bug has been fixed and if you re-login you should be able to equip your house once more.

Another small bug fix is in the works... We had a LOT of house items dropping from the Moglinsters and some of them were CLEARLY marked member items... but non-members can equip them anyway. Very soon this bug will be fixed and the member items will ONLY be equipable by members as intended.

Finally, last week we changed the player model so you would see your little spirit flame before your armor and other items spawned around you.

Teh flames
This Is NOT a bug!

We just wanted the people with slower computers and slower connections to see SOMETHING other than black player outlines running around, and we think it looks pretty rad.

Now let's talk about THIS week.

We've got the Mogloween 09 Finale coming this week. Who is responsible for the Super Moglinsters? Who commanded the Moglisnters to invade and wreck the Cauldron Sisters' Candy Shoppe? What kind of evil genius could have the kind of power necessary to control those candy-crazed beasts?! Who would want to ruin the Cauldron Sister's candy making? Who has the motive to destroy Mogloween?!

Don't forget that SATURDAY is the last day that you can become a 1st Upholder! Sunday the sword and badges get delivered. it is also the last day to enter the Pumpkin Carving Contest! I know that a lot of you guys like waiting until the last minute...

... Well, this is IT! This IS the last minute!

Teh flames
Beleen Made A Gravelyn Pumpkin!

Of course Beleen can't win the contest, but it's pretty good for her second-ever-pumpkin, right?



October 23rd, 2009
The Release is LIVE!
Mogloween Part 2 and victory over the lag monser

Thank you everyone! After three of the most incredibly laggy releases of all time we did it! A lot has been added this week including many behind the scenes updates to improve the game for you. We hope you like it! Read Beelen's post below for details. If you do like it, we will make it better. If you like it... we will make it even better!

"Grooooovy" My spoof armor went live today....
wait... there is a girl version?!

Artix Monstrous Moglin Madness!
The Cauldron Sisters’ Candy Shoppe
Bubble, Toil and Trouble have opened their Candy Shoppe in Mystcroft. But, uhh.... there’s a teensy weensy problem… The shoppe is overrun with candy-snatching goblins and mutant furballs of doom known as Moglinsters!

Not only are the Sisters unable to travel through their own candy store unharmed, but their beloved cauldron, Myx, is being held captive inside! The Moglinsters are planning on using Myx for something nasty.

We need your monster-slaying expertise here. Personally, I have never seen a Moglinster before. I have no problem with cute little fluffy things—such as my chinchilla—but these beefed-up sugar-powered moglins are waaaay more than I can handle.

New Costumes

Myx’ing up New Treats
When we say Treats, we really mean Items. And when we say Items, we really mean armors and weapons and helms and capes and house items!

“Treats” is just much easier to say. Especially since we have a WHOLE pumpkin-patch worth of brand-new holiday items being released tonight! Head to the Sisters’ Candy Shoppe and uncover more Tricks and Treats of Mogloween! Some of the Treats you can expect to find include:

  • Ebil Dread Paladin (Artix’s favorite armor)
  • Dream Slayer
  • Brown Fedora
  • Moglow Wand (Candy Shoppe Monster Droppe)
  • Swirly Candy Carpet (House item; Monster Droppe)
  • Hockey Stick
  • Mummy (armor)
  • Witch’s Hat 09
  • And so much more! (not an actual item name)

Unwrap your Birthday Gift Boxes!
Well… not all of them. But because you asked so nicely—and Artix couldn’t wait any longer—2 of the Member presents and 2 of the nonmember presents from the Sweetish Fish will be opened tonight: Prismatic Gift Box, Pink Gift Box, Purple Gift Box, and Yellow Gift Box.

Once these presents open themselves, these 4 gifts will be removed forever from the Sweetish Fish. I hope you were lucky enough to get these presents! Who knows what surprises will be hidden inside?

Founders get their presents, too!
The Platinum Dragon will be made available once again to Founders! This is the EXACT same pet from a year ago for those of you who accidently deleted it by mistake. Or on purpose. Regardless, it’s back just as it was a year ago. But remember: if you currently don't have an active membership, you can't equip it.

Still have your Platinum Dragon and want something more? No problem! Give a nice warm welcome to the all-new Armored Platinum Dragon! This new Founder-only pet is NON-MEMBER, so you can still show off your Founder status even after your membership expires! But hurry, Founders! These dragons will only be available in Aria’s Pet Shop until November 1st!

More Bank Slots
With the addition of all these awesome items, we just had to raise the Bank Cap from 40 bank slots to 60! The “Human Vault” achievement will be fixed too, so if you have already received this badge in the Book of Lore, it will stay there. A new Human Vault badge—called Inhuman Vault—will be rewarded when all 60 bank slots have been purchased! And remember, you can store as many AC items as you want in the bank for free.

We hope you enjoy this weekend’s release! Mogloween is currently in full swing, and we still have another TWO WEEKS of holiday festivities to plan for! It’s only ganna get better!

Forum Question: Are you dressing up for Mogloween in real-life? I’m going to dress up as a Pirate! Yaaaarrr!


October 21st, 2009
Founder AQW Birthday Presents!
Bet You Were Wondering, Werentcha?

You already know that if you purchae ANY AC package or membership within the month of October, then your support of AQW makes you a 1st Upholder. You also know that 1st Upholders get a special Achievement Badge on your character page and the rare Golden Starsword...

1st up!

...But what about the Founders? One year ago when AQW first went live, these bold adventureres had enough faith in the Artix Entertainment development team (or maybe they just had enough fun in the new-born AQW) to purchase memberships and help us build AQW into the game it is today!

You Founders knew that we wouldn't lave you behind. Last year you had the chance to grab the Platinum Dragon pet to show off, in addition to the Founder achievement badge that you can now find on your own chatacter pages.

It's been a long crazy year with a LOT of releases, a LOT of rares and a LOT of events. Maybe you gave your account to some scammer and when you got it back your beloved pet had been sold off. Maybe you meant to delete some unlovely drop and you missed, accidentally releasing your platinum drgon pet into the wild. Maybe you just didn't like it and now you regret letting it go, or maybe your membership just expired and it's sitting in your backpack collecting dust.

Well, this year we're proud to offer our Founders the chance to reclaim their lost glory!

This Friday we will be opening a special limited-time shop in Aria's Pet Shop!

Come Visit Me Friday!

The Platinum Dragon wll be once again made availble to Founders! It is the EXACT same pet from a year ago so remember, if you don't have an active membership then you can't equip it.

But wait, there's more! We are ALSO releaseing the all new ARMORED PLATINUM DRAGON to Founders!

New And Improved!

This new rare Founder pet is a NON-MEMBER pet for Founders so you can show off your founder status, even after your membership expires!

The best part is... Each pet will only cost 1 Gold, just like the Platunim Dragon did during those early days of AQW.

AQW's 1st Birthday Celebration will only last until November 1st, and that is when the shop vanishes, so move fast Founders and claim what is rightfully yours!

Thanks again for your support, and thanks to EVERYONE who has support the game (even in spirit). Without you all we'd just be making video games for ourselves!

Pumpkin Carving Contest Extension!
We've been getting SO many great submissions that we're going to need a little extra time to pick some winners in the AQW Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Grand Prize: 5000 Adventure Coins
Additional Prizes WILL be awarded for other GREAT pumpkins!

The contest NOW runs until 11:59 PM EDT (which is server time) on October 31st (Halloween Night) and Winners will be announced here on the DNs on the following Friday, November 6th!

If you haven't submitted your pumpkin yet take a look at our competition and give us your very best gourd! See you on the forums.

Or "Read you on the forms", I guess.

Unless you carved your own face onto one of the pumpkins.



October 20th, 2009
Wee Tiny Update
Things, They Are A'Changin'

Got a couple of quick notes for ya...

1) The Great Pumkpin King now drops the GPK Staff and the GPK Head and the Pumpkin Deviant Helmet.

2) The Seasonal Rare Shop (which was in Valencia last year) will be in the Cauldron Sister's Candy Shoppe (this Friday's releas) this year!

3) Zhoom assures me that the new Bank cap will be raised from 40 bank slots to 60 bank slots THIS weekend. They WILL cost ACs like all the other Bank slots (except AC items which you can store in the bank for free).

Oh Artix said that yesterday.

4) Due to player request, 2 of the Member presents and 2 of the nonmember presents from the Sweetish Fish will be opening THIS weekend.

These are the presents that are opening: Prismtic Gift Box (member), Pink Gift Box (member), Purple Gift Box (non-member), Yellow Gift Box (non-member).

Once these presents open themselves up THIS FRIDAY, then these gifts will be removed from the Sweetish Fish.

That's it. Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

See you guys in AQ Worlds! :)



October 19th, 2009
Coming next: Mogloween Part 2
The Cauldron Sisters

It is great being free! (I really missed doing design notes.) Shortly, thanks to you, all of the heroes will return to their proper places in game. Be sure to get Lionfang's armor while you still can! Meanwhile, this year's expansion to Mogloween is being created as you read this.... can we pull of a full release on Friday with no lag? Check back tomorrow for more!

The Cauldron Sisters
The Cauldron Sisters. They 1st appeared in DragonFable

Bank space! Bank space!
Now that the server issues have been fixed, we can safely return to coding more stuff to break the servers with! First up... more inventory space! In addition to unlimited bank spaced for AC items, Zhoom agreed to increase the number of bank spaces you can aquire by 20. There are some technical issues that need to be overcome for this... but Zhoom says we can have a early mid-week release for these bank slots. Congratulations to everyone on Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace and the Forums who pushed so hard for this.

Forum Question
Would you like us to remove one free-player and one member gift box from the Sweetish fish... and open it on Friday?


October 17th, 2009 (Thanks for the data fix Deidara)
Lag Monster!
"You are going down!"

The lag was insane. Minimal and Zhoom spent over 24 hours recoding the server. When plans A, B, C, & D failed... we never gave up. (We never do -- Thank you for believing in us.) Plan E struck true and at 10:30pm, 3000 players joined us on the Minimal server to help test. We ALL battled the Sweetish fish in an all out assault which has been called "extreme payback for the lag" Poor fishy! During the test I was getting a lot of PMs so we made a video.... enjoy! We JUST rolled the new game version live! Be sure to refresh, or go to the homepage and use the play button to get the anti-lag version!

WOAH! Look at all the private messages!!!

See you at the wedding





October 16th, 2009
Mogloween 09! *updated*
Lag Lag and MORE Lag!
Hi guys!

If you've logged in since the live release then I'm sure that you've noticed the lag. This happens every release, but the more popular the game gets... the more lag we get... and today is a doozy.

Everyone on the planet seems to be trying to log in and see this week's new release, and our poor servers just don't know how to handle it.

We're here in the underground lab, checking wires and offering the server cookies if they will work for us and we're making some progress.

Just remember: You fix more servers with cookies than by hitting them with chairs.

Stick with us, guys. The Lag Storm will pass us by pretty soon. Wish us luck!

We've been saved!

From all of us to all of you... THANKS FOR SAVING US!

It was really close and I'm very happy to see you all giving Archlord Lionfang what he deserves!

Mind Moving Your Tail?

On a personal note, I'd like to thank you for freeing me from that circle. It was cramped. Have you ever had to sleep standing up? Have you ever have make yourself not go to the bathroom using only your will power... for a WEEK?!

Not fun.

Thanks so much for making AQW's Birthday Event so great. Without every single one of you this huge undead slaying, present dropping super event would have been nearly as much fun!

Twig is still in Battleon and the Sweetish Fish is STILL dropping presents which will open on November 1st, along with the 1st Upholder's Gift and Badge and the secret Founder Gift!

If you haven't become a 1st Upholder yet there is STILL TIME! There's never been a better time to be a member with the release of the Doom Knight Class and you KNOW there are going to be some super-awesome member only items in Mogloween!

For our Canadian players, don't forget to call your local Safeway, Toys R Us, Macs, and Sobeys to see if they now have our Upgrade Cards! They started arriving in stores this week!

The full moon pours down and it's rays rip open the autumn fog to reveal Mystcroft! It's the magical, spooky town that only appears once a year during that ghost catching, werewolf bashing, pumpkin smashing, candy... uh... eating holiday that we've come to know as MOGLOWEEN!

This special holiday event will only last through the beginning of November, starting this week with last year's chapter of the quest chain PLUS some all new Mogloween goodies!

In addition to the improved Cauldron Sisters shops (Bubble, Toil and Trouble have been waiting ALL year to see you!), Safiria has been given her onw unlockable shop, PLUS all new Mogloween monsters... Like The Thriller and all new seasonal rare drops for the 09 Mogloween season!

Yeah, He's Moonrunning At You!

Those of you who were around last year will notice that the 08 models of most of the items have gone RARE and now have 1st Addition in their item descriptions and some items like the Vampire and Witch Classes, have been changed in to Vampire and Witch Armor (Both member items) for Mogloween 09! Old favorites like the Banana armor have returned (Non-member armor just like last year)

Best of all, this is just the beginning. NEXT week the Caundron Sisters will be opening their Candy Shoppe, but they won't be able to get their amazing candy out the the rest of Lore without YOUR HELP!

It's going to be a lot of fun to make sure that your quest chain is up to date so you don't miss out next week!

Have a great wekend guys and Happy Mogloween!


October 15th, 2009
And Lionfang has gotten restless…
I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that the kidnapped Heroes are in more trouble than we first thought. And my gut has never steered me wrong before…

You have been at war with the Golden Onslaught for almost a week now. As part of my Undead Army, you may not fear death since, after all, you are already a skeleton. Your Heroes, on the other hand, are still alive… for now. But Lionfang has gotten restless… *gulp*

It is up to you to save them! If you cannot save Artix, Cysero, King Alteon and the rest of the Team… then what will happen to the rest of Lore? And, more importantly, who will make AQW’s weekly releases?

Quickly, my minions; you must save our Heroes! After all, Mogloween is supposed to be released tomorrow!!

Artix October 15th, 2009
Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble
Trick or and Treat!
Greetings my friends
and the heroes of Lore
listen closely, my dears,
for the surprises in store

There’s been kidnaps and cake
‘far as the eye can see
the DragonKoi Tournament
and it’s only week three

AQWorlds’ birthday
has been such a blast
but just wait ‘til this week
the best is saved for last

When the Sisters go a’Myxing
and black kittens are seen
the moon laughs and howls
for this be Mogloween!

Mystcroft has magically reappeared*, bringing back all of your favorite holiday characters. The Queen of Vampires, Safiria, will be in the middle of town, supplying you with all your Mogloween tricks and treats. The Cauldron Sisters, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble cannot wait to get their hands on some delicious candy, either!

Cauldron Sisters

*By now, you should know that some places disappear and reappear without notice. We are still working on fixing these bugs…

No Mogloween would be complete without the things that go bump in the night. Have your revenge against Ghostly Sheets, Jack-O-Dooms, and even the Great Pumpkin King! Brand new baddies will make an appearance as well—after all, Gravelyn had to send her bootleg undead somewhere…

What is Mogloween?
Mogloween is a costume-themed pumpkin-inspired spooky holiday celebrated in October. Candy, ghosts, candy, candy, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and more candy are just a few of the things that make Mogloween one of the most fun holidays in Lore.

When is Mogloween?
This year, Mogloween starts Friday, October 17th, and lasts the entire month of October and into the first part of November!

Where is Mogloween?
Mogloween is held annually in a time-and-space altering land known as Mystcroft. You can journey to this mysterious place via the giant unmistakable Mogloween button in Battleon.

What can you do during Mogloween?
An easier question would be: what can’t you do during Mogloween! Multiple quests will be provided by the Cauldron Sisters and the Vampire Queen, Safiria. Collect candy, slash through ghosts, pulverize mutated pumpkins, and collect spooky items! Seasonal Rare shops will open, allowing you to dress up in awesome costumes, available ONLY during Mogloween!

Oh no, I missed last year’s Mogloween!
No problem. For the first week, we are re-releasing Mogloween just as it was last year! This will give everyone a chance to play through AQW’s 1st Mogloween ever (feel free to laugh at our typos) that will prepare you all for this year’s brand-new festivities (coming next week)!

Are the Mogloween 2008 items going to be re-released?
Not exactly. We will be releasing 2009 versions of last year’s items; this means you can still get all the Mogloween costumes, helms, and weapons that were released last year! The only thing different will be a “2009” tag added to the name. This way, those of you who participated in 2008 will have the 1st Edition of said items, while everyone else can get their hands on the 2009 2nd Edition items!

What Mogloween 2009 items will be released?
All of the items released last year will make a grand reappearance! Such items include the 2009 versions of:

  • Banana Suit
  • Red Moglin Head
  • Paper Bag helm
  • Vampire Armor (Vampire Class has gone Rare!)
  • Jack-O-Doom Helm
  • Pumpkin Lord Class

Along with these 2008 items, brand-new Mogloween 2009 items will be available! What will they be? Hmmm… you’ll just have to wait to find out. We don’t want to ruin any surprises!

Help! I’ve been turned into a Ghost! Now what?
Stay calm. It’s time to have some fun being a ghost—scare your friends or haunt your enemies! Don’t forget to brush up on your Ghost lingo: “BOO!”




October 14th, 2009
An Undead Army?
Stories from Lionfang's Hero Prison


As I write to you I am trapped in Lionfang's prison along with King Alteon, Warlic, Twilly, Cysero and even Yokai Isle's Princess Miko. We can hear fighting outside... I had hoped it was you coming to rescue me, but the sounds of this battle are one I know all too well. They are fighting an army of the undead! I wish I could see what was going on out there. If he would release me I could use unleash my secret mass exorcism attack and destroy the entire skeletal army in one cast. Perhaps if I give him my word of honor that I will return to his prison when I am done, he will allow me to help him win this battle. He is misguided, but I just know there is still good in him. Hero... wherever you are... if you get this message, please come and help fight whatever undead army is outside of this tower. Then, perhaps we can find some way to change Lionfang's mind.

Battle on!

Other things!

  • Canada Upgrade Cards are going live today!
    (But only in some stores to start. Can you tell us if you see any in Canada at Safeway, Toys R Us, Macs, and Sobeys?)
  • The 8" Deady Vinyl Figure sold out....
    Wow they went fast! Thank you if you pre-ordered. The Deady Figures have arrived here and we are packing them up now to send to everyone who pre-ordered. Yup, that is Daimyo in the picture!
  • Zhoom Server Offline for a bit
    We are doing maintence on it -- will be right back!
  • WHAT!? I hit the max number of friends on Facebook..... Not fair! (ironic, huh?) Ai no Miko just made me a fan page though if you want to add it.
  • I started making you a special youTube video at 2am last night.... *smile*
    This is exactly why Artix should not be allowed to have any free time. Ever.
  • Have you seen the amazing entries beeing added to the AQWorlds Pumpkin Carving Contest!? There are sooo many incredible entries! Contest does not end until Oct 29th -- you have time to enter!
    Save Chuckles Pumpkin
    Member Pumpkin
    Member 2 Pumpkin
    Deady Pumpkin

    Deady Pumpkin #2


October 12th, 2009
RARES and Canadian Thanksgiving!
Who You Callin' A Turkey?!
Hi guys!

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving (which is today) J6 went out of his way to craft a special Lumberjack Turley Armor and Helm, and we are re-releasing the "Iron Maple Leaf Axe"!

Gobble Maple Gobble!

These items will only be avialable TODAY (and probably part of tomorrow, depending on where you live). These Items are SEASONAL RARES, so they will probably be back next year.

Join me in wishing our northern neighbors a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Moose Ribs, and Syrup! Or whatever you guys eat on Thanksgiving.

Do you fall asleep watching hockey?

To access these amazing new items, just click the new button in BattleOn! If you Don't see it, clear your browser's cache and try again!

Not Actual Size

Inventory Space!
Feel like your backpack is a little cramped? Is your bank full to overflowing? We have your cries of pain in the game, on the forums, on facebook and your mighty tweets!

Friday we will be adding at more AC purchasable space to your BANK!

Thanks for letting us know what you want, in your game. Whenever possible we try to give you what you want. We can't always deliver, but we will always try to! Remember, AQW is YOUR game and you shape it through your suggestions and ideas!

Undead Armors for sale!
The temporary undead armors have been getting a LOT of heat from the AQW Community. People have been asking left and right if the Undead Mage anmd Undead Fighter will ever be made permenant additons to AQW.

Grrrr. Argh.

So we have decided permanent versions of these armors will be added to Mogloween this year as Seasonal Rares!

Undead Fighter will be non-member but if you want the color custom Undead Mage then you will need to be a member!

A lot of AQW players have been with us since the original AQ but even more of you guys have never players an Artix Entertainment game before AQW so allow me to explain the difference between Rare and Seasonal Rare to ya.

RARE: Rare items are items that are released ONCE and will never return to the game. If you miss your shot at these items then you're out of luck so get them while they're HOT!

SEASONAL RARE: Seasonal Rares are just exactly what they sound like. They are items that released for one of our in-game holiday celebrations, and after the celebration they leave the game UNTIL NEXT YEAR when they will once again become available. Some examples of these items are the Canadian Thanksgiving Items released today, the Mogloween items and armors released last Mogloween (and soon to be-re-released with a host of NEW fun items and armors) and Frostval armors and items (Coming in December!)

All These Goodies Are Coming BACK to Haunt Us!

I hope this clears up some of the confusion surround this Mogloween, Thanksgiving, Frostval, and other holiday items.

Speaking of Mogloween...
... It starts THIS FRIDAY! Prepare for CANDY!


Evil Empress of the Shadowscythe

Its really your Birthday!

Socky Birthsock!

October 9th, 2009
Undead Assault!!!
Our Friends Await Rescue In Onslaught Tower!
Undead Warriors, Undead Mages, DOOM KNIGHTS... prepare for battle!

black doom!
Doom Knights can pass through the Death Fog!

The Golden Onslaught stand around their tower. Can your new undead senses detect their fear? This weekend, on the first anniversary of AQ Worlds' release, WE will finally be the undead army marching across the bridge to invade the tower while THEY cower in fear and fight for their lives!

Join the war, heroes! Speak to me and will transform you into a Shadowscythe soldier or possibly a DOOM KNIGHT, and we will destroy Maximilian Lionfang's Golden Onslaught army!

Doom Knights can pass through the Death Fog!

For Glory! For the Great Truce! LONG UNLIVE THE SHADOWSCYTHE!

Libras and Loot!
So, tomorrow is 10/10/09 and I can't believe that AQW has been live and online for a year!

You've already faced 2 of Drakath's Chaos Lords (and met the Twins), survived dragons, black knights, and even a giant fish monster with ice cream on its head... but you've never HAD the chance to actually BE the undead army assaulting the tower!

Let's go over what acme out today:

A brand new Birthday Event war starts today, with new enemies and new rewaeds unlocking at 50% and 100%!

MEMBER: 6 new items including the DoomKnight CLASS (with levelable skills) , the DoomKnight Hood and the DoomKnight Cloak.

NON-MEMBER: 7 new Items including the Golden Phoenix Helm, White Fur Cloak, Red Double Axe Blade, Horns of the Undead Staff, and Lionfang's Whip!

All of these items drop from the war enemies and will probaby become war rares after the event, but some of the items will not drop until you reach 50% or 100%.

ADVENTURE COIN ITEMS: In the war, Gravelyn sells 6 new AC items: The Gold, Onyx and Ornate DoomKnight armors, as well as the Gold, Onyx and Ornate DoomKnight hoods!

This weekend we are also celebrating 2 MORE birthdays in the Secret Underground Lab in addition to AQW's: Rolith's and mine.

The Names Are Reversed. HA!

Today is also my beautiful fiancee's birthday and I'm taking the chance to say it here: Happy Birthday Bekah, I love you! :)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the release, guys! Happy Birthday AdventureQuest Worlds.


Evil Empress of the Shadowscythe

where are your glasses?

1st Sockholder

October 8th, 2009
We Attack Tomorrow!
The Golden Onslaught will PAY!
Archlord Maximilian Lionfang of the Golden Onslaught stands in his tower which belonged to an Evil necromaner. Lionfang converted it to Onslaught Tower once he had "cleansed" the necromancer from the world. It was his first act of treason against King Alteon and the Great Truce between Good and Evil.

He is surrounded by an army of golden clad knights and a fog that kills any living thing that it touches... and tomorrow we're going to attack them with the courage of those who have ALREADY given their lives to save their friends!

Transformed Into Shadowscythe Mages & Warriors!

Tomorrow , heroes, I will transform you into unliving warriors of the Shadowscythe army... the members will even be offered the honor of becoming a Doom Knight, like me... Like my father, Sepulchure.

Together we will march through the Death Fog that surrounds Onslaught Tower. We will lay waste to ANY Golden Onslaught warriors who stand between us and our allies, and we will not stop until they have been freed. Maximilian Lionfang's treachery must be stopped at all costs! Long Un-live the Shadowscythe!

I'm The Answer Guy?!
People have been writing in and asking questions about the prison in which that Lionface has us locked-up. As you can clearly see Artix and our friends are imprisoned behind strong iron bars, the mighty Warlic has had his hands magically bound to the wall making spell casting nearly impossible, the brave little moglin Twilly has even been given a prison to himself... a cat carrier, and I...

...I'm standin' inside a chalk circle which is labled "Do Not Cross."

One player wrote in asking: "If it's just a chalk line, Why not just walk across it?"

Here is why: Lionfang gave each of our prisons a lot of thought. We are each held captive in the way that suits us best... a way which we are INCAPABLE of escaping.

I can't just walk across the line... because that isn't funny.

I'm literally imprisoned by my own sense of comedy.

Lionfang is a tactical genius, be careful when you face him!

Free Items!
Everyone knows that members are getting the Doom Knight class this weekend, complete with never-before seen skills...


...but a lot of the non-member players have been saying that they are feeling a little left out of the war against the Golden Onslaught.

I've decided to let you know, in advance, all of the items that Free Players can get this weekend!

new stuff
Brand New Non-Member Weapons and items!

1) The Golden Onlsaught enemies will drop SIX brand new items for non-members: Golden Phoenix Helm, White Fur Cloak, Red Double Axe Blade, Horns of the Undead Staff, RazorBack Skull Blade, and the Undead Skull Polearm.

2) For people with REALLY short memories, we released a LOT of non-member stuff last week too! The Sweetish Fish monster in Twig's Birthday map will continue to drop FOUR non-member gift boxes that will open with goodies inside of them on November 1st.

3) The Sweetish Fish will also to continue to drop the THREE non-member items: Cherry Bomb dagger, Sweetish Fish Tail back item and the Ice Cream Helm.

4) Last week we also updated the Yokai Tournament Rep Shop with some new non-member items: ONE new weapon, Sporkion's Spork, ONE new armor, Absolute Zero's armor and TWO new helms, Absolute Zero's Zero Mask and Sporkion's Hood.

5) For those non-members with some ACs to spend, on Friday, Gravelyn will also be selling THREE new non-member armors and THREE new non-member helms: the Gilt Doom Knight Armor, Gilt Doom Knight Hood, Gold Doom Knight Armor, Gold Doom Knight Hood, Onyx Doom Knight Armor, and the Onyx Doom Knight Hood.

Remember, if you don't have any AC's left, you can always use AExtras to get more FREE Adventure Coins!

Lemme count. Looks like a grand total of 23 new items availble for non-members. And it's only Thursday. Who knows... we might even add MORE between now and release time tomorrow!

1st Upholders!
There is now a handy-dandy page explaining all about 1st Upholders! If you think you might be already be a 1st Upholder, just login and check your character page. If you see an achievement badge like this...

1st Upholders rule!
1st Upholder Badges & Item Arrive November 1st!

...Then, GRATZ! You're already a 1st Upholder and thanks for helping AQW out. We could not keep the game going or keep the weekly updates coming without your support!

The undead war against the Golden Onslaught begins TOMORROW! Rest well, heroes, for tomorrow... you die.

Well, you die and then go fight some more.


miss you :(

October 6th, 2009
1st Upholders
Just Because We're trapped In An Enemy Tower Doesn't Mean That We Get To Stop Working.
Hi guys!

We've been talking about 1st Upholders, but people seem a little confused so I'm going to tyr to make it more clear.

What Does A 1st Upholder Get?!
That's easy! When you become a 1st Upholder you get a Golden Starsword, an achievement badge on your character page and some CRAZY bragging rights.

1st upholders
Cool Gear!

Those of you who have been playing for a while know that Founders already get bragging rights. They can say "I was supporting the game before you even heard of it!" and they have the fancy Platinum Dragon pet and character page achievement badge to prove it!

*Don't worry Founders, you're getting something REALLY cool for the Birthday too :)

This is YOUR chance to grab some of the spotlight for yourself (even if you're already a Founder!)

Sounds Great! How Do I become a 1st Upholder?!
EASY! There are 2 ways!

  • 1: If you are ALREADY a member and your membership expires AFTER October 31st, then you're are ALREADY a 1st Upholder. Gratz.
  • 2: If you help support AQW buy buying ANY membership OR Adventure Coin package ANY TIME during the month of October (from the 1st to the 31st) then you are a 1st Upholder!

That includes Cell Phone SMS payments, Upgrades using AE Upgrade Cards (Hey Canada! Upgrade Cards are coming to you October 14th!), Any of our other Upgrade methods or even buying the Voltaire's new AQW Deady toy!

If you pay to directly support the game in ANY WAY during the month of October, then you are a 1st Upholder!

golden starsword
Thanks For Your Support!

Cool! When Do I Get My Super Sweet 1st Upholder Sword and Badge?
November 1st!

Ok, So How DON'T I Become A 1st Upholder?!
To become a 1st Upholder you have to support the game DIRECTLY. Buying the T-Shirts, Toys or MQ Artbook through JINX.COM does NOT count.

I Love AQW! It's The Best Game EVER!
Thank you, AQW Player! What a nice thing to say! But seriously... thank YOU for playing. We LOVE making the game for you guys and thanks to the support of Founders a year ago, 1st Upholders this month and everyone in between then and now, we get to keep making it better and better every week!

We're so happy that you could be with us to celebrate our first birthday and we hope that you will stick around for many more birthdays and keep adventuring with us.



Oh and if you were wondering how I'm updating the Design Notes while I'm stuck in Lionfang's tower... it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I'm going to explain exactly how I'm doing it, I just hope I can get done before this power crystal runs out of *POP*


October 5th, 2009
"Squash" out the competition!
Creative Pumpkin Carving Contest!
Do you have what it takes to carve the best AE-themed pumpkin in all of Lore? How skilled are you in the fine arts of the pumpkin-carving blade? Are you able to duel-wield a camera at the same time?

If so, this contest is perfect for you!

This is the official all-call for pumpkin-carving masters! And since Mogloween is right around the corner, there seems to be no better time for such an event!

There will be ONE Grand Prize winner. The contest starts now and ends on Saturday, October 31st. The winners will be announced on the Design Notes and the Forums on the following Friday, November 6th!

The Grand Prize winner will receive 5,000 AdventureCoins!

Now that I have your attention, you’re probably wondering how to enter. The rules and guidelines are simple but MUST be followed accordingly for your entry to be considered eligible:

  • Your pumpkin MUST be carved in an AQW theme.

  • Your pumpkin carving can relate to anything from AdventureQuest Worlds.

  • Your canvas must be a pumpkin or another form of squash and/or gourd.

  • The photo of your carved pumpkin must be of the Highest Quality—the bigger and more clear the picture, the better!

  • Please include your AQW character name with your submitted photo.

  • You have until 3:00pm EST on Thursday, October 29th to submit a photo of your carved pumpkin!

  • Only one photo submitted per character, please!

  • Post your carved pumpkin photo on the Official Contest Forums!

The AE Team is really looking forward to seeing all your wonderful ideas and creatively carved pumpkins! I wonder if your pumpkin will win the Grand Prize? There is only one way to find out—submit your photo today! And remember, be creative, be safe, and more importantly, Carve On!

Evil Empress of the Shadowscythe

October 2nd, 2009
Hear me well!
What happened to the missing heroes
It is one week from the 1st Birthday of AQWorlds and your favorite “good” heroes have been kidnapped. Yes, all of them—including Artix, Cysero, Beleen, J6 , Princess Miko, and even King Alteon. All adventurers, good and evil, are requested to meet at my Fortress immediately. Long Un-live the Shadowscythe!

Who has kidnapped the Heroes?

It's not who you think!

Meanwhile, someone put Twig in charge of setting up AQWorld's Birthday party. That little yellow Moglin loves fish and icecream... but this is just getting out of control. The new boss monster drops 10 presents, a new armor, new weapon and two special pets!


1st Upholder Achievement
Did you miss out on being a FOUNDER? Want to Know how to become a 1st UPHOLDER so you don't miss out on this? All you have to do is buy ANYTHING from our upgrade page during the month of October... From a tiny 500 AC package to renewing or getting a year membership, and you wil become a 1st UPHOLDER by Nov 1st!
Go to the Upgrade Page

What if I upgraded last month?
Did you just upgrade before this was announced? Don't worry, we have you covered! As long as your Membership is active through the last day of October at midnight, you will receive the achievement as well!

When will I see the achievement on my page?
The 1st Upholder title is going to be applied to everyone at one time just like Founder was. The big day is November 1st!

Will I get 1st Upholder if I used an Upgrade Card?
Of course! If you are an active Member through the last day of October, or redeem your card for AdventureCoins during October, you will get the achievement. Our upgrade cards can be purchased at Best Buy, Target, and other select stores... including the Cumberland Farms Gas Station next to the Martial Arts school we go to.



October 1st, 2009
It's very, very quiet...
Where IS everyone?
I've just gotten back from the Marsh where I was gathering some Sabbatia, and I found a whole PILE of messages on my door! First Cysero looking for Artix, then Galanoth, Robina and Llussion looking for Cysero! From all these notes it looks like not only Artix and Cysero have disappeared but also King Alteon, Warlic, Beleen, Llussion, Zhoom, Robina AND Twilly are missing! The last note I have is from Princess Miko, and now I can't find her, either! Where IS everyone!?

I'm going to head out and see what I can learn - sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at a situation. I'm sure they're all just off planning the birthd... Waitasec... I just had an icky skeleton shamble up to the house.


Forum Question: The Birthday of AQWorlds is almost here and everyone is suddenly dissapearing... what do you think is going on?


October 1st, 2009
Continuous Disappearances
Where, oh where have our good people gone?

I would like to thank you for coming to Yokai Isle and participating in the DragonKoi tournament. Best of luck and please continue to do well. I must remind you how important it is that you are victorious. But another issue has come to my attention and I am a bit worried.

Beleen has been keeping me up-to-date about the strange things that have been happening around here. I heard of Artix's disappearance and Cysero's as well. She had also mentioned that she couldn't find Warlic, Zhoom or J6 a few hours later. Poor things, I do hope they are alright. She sounded pretty frantic yesterday and I was trying to keep her calm but she was running around like a chicken with their head cut off! However, since then I have not heard back from her.

We should organize some sort of safety precaution for everyone who's left. Anyone know where she ran off too?

.... You don't suppose she's been kidnapped too do you?

I better go look for Robina, Galanoth and Llussion. It isn't safe anywhere anymore.


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