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September 20, 2017

Friday: TLaPD Kaiju War Finale

Yarrrrr, Me Hearties, Ye WON the WAR!

Last week, the heroes of Lore banded together to defeat the Kaiju Corsair fleet, and now all that stands between Lolosia and safety are… Captain Kraylox and the Kaiju, Klashex! This weekend, log in and take on the captain and deadly sea-beast to win the war and unlock all-new loot. YARRRRR!

Kaiju War Details

Even though the war was won last Friday, you can still /join Kaijuwar then click the catapult to head into battle! Fight monsters and turn in quests to farm for war rewards. Then, this Friday, log in to:

  • Unlock two boss battles
  • Defeat Kraylox and Klashex to unlock the war finale cutscene
  • Fight both bosses for a chance to get exclusive reward drops and event rares
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September 18, 2017

This October... Vampire Lord Class

The 15th anniversary / Mogloween Class theme revealed!

For nine years, we've gotten requests to create a new, unique skill set for the rare Vampire Class. With this year's anniversary *and* Mogloween event themes revolving around vampires and Darkovia, this is the perfect time to do just that! 

Next month, we will release the Vampire Lord Class for the birthday/anniversary/Friday the 13th/Mogloween* holiday event chain. Like all our birthday classes, you'll be able to get it immediately with 2000 AdventureCoins or you can choose to farm for the Class. Unlike our other birthday classes, though, the Vampire Lord will return for future Mogloween events.

Mogloween event: The Return of Vampire Queen Safiria?!

Vampire Queen Safiria is one of the most popular Artix Entertainment characters of ALL time ** and has appeared in all of Artix's major 2D games. Regrettably, she fell during the Chaos Saga finale, a casualty of a war in which the stakes (pun intended!) were unclear. I believe, as so many of you have said, that if you had known WHAT you were fighting for, the war would have turned out differently. **

The spirit of Queen Safiria still lingers on, in the shadowy realm where Vampire spirits rest uneasily, near the Void where Sepulchure's spirit was trapped. If we fight hard enough, if we are brave enough, if we are WORTHY enough... we may be able to return her to Lore. ***

If given a chance NOW... would you still fight for her?

October Event Schedule

1: 9th Upholder begins
4: Taco Day returns
6: Mogloween event hub returns
13: Friday the 13th / 15th Anniversary event in Darkovia
20: Part 2 of the Bloodfang Masquerade
27: 2017 Mogloween event

* PHEW! That is a lot of holidays to celebrate in 3 short weeks!
**  Spoilers ahead. AVERT YOUR EYES if you haven't finished the Chaos Saga.

*** We should go place some Want Ads: Necromancers needed.

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September 19, 2017

AQWorlds Patch Notes

Check the list of bug fixes to see what the team has addressed

Cemaros, Reens, and the AQW bug testers team are busy squashing the bugs you submit each week to the Bug Tracker at From here on out, check back to see if the bug you reported has been addressed.

Bug fixes: September 18/19, 2017

  1. Prismatic Kaiju Captain Locks CC on the hair at the back now fixed.
  2. Legend version of Blue Dragon’s Parrot Cape added to Quibble’s Dragon Shop.
  3. Red Dragon’s Parrot Cape now in it’s proper place in the Dragon King Chest shop.
  4. Kaiju Corsairs in /kaijuwar are now tagged “human”.
  5. Captain Rhubarb now has one “lot’s” in his apop in /kaijuwar
  6. Death Standard staff rarity changed to Awesome.
  7. Issue with (DOOM) Naval Commander forcing a darker shading of the face template fixed.
  8. Weaver Knight Back Blades & Weaver Knight Back Spears rarity changed to Awesome.
  9. “The Leery Contract” quest description changed because of previous gold cap increases.
  10. Room numbers in /manacannon showing in the top-right corner removed.
  11. Explorer Pistol and variants now held correctly.
  12. All Brazilian Day pet macaws showing different head art in running animation now fixed.
  13. OathBreaker set delagged.
  14. Paladin Naval Commander shoulder transformation fixed.
  15. Female Crystal Dragonborn Naval Commander’s jacket cuffs now change colors.
  16. Crystal Dragon Wings now change colour while standing still.
  17. Sakura Dragon’s Blaster art changed.
  18. Dragonborn male armours all have eyebrows now (and scars added where missing).
  19. Dragonborn Tricorns odd bit of animation removed.
  20. Undead Pirate Dragon On Yer Back no longer hides.
  21. Quibble’s AVAST! Quests added.
  22. Dragon King Chest Pet Quest added in /battleon.
  23. Various typo fixes.

Bug fixes: September 11, 2017

  1. Dragon Phoenix Bow held upside with drawstrings towards feet instead of head.

  2. Chaos Hunter Crossbow and Legit Chaos Blade requires stack x2 in Gustav Merge shop, but only stacks to 1

  3. Kiss The Void had a will/may get conflict. Fixed now.

Bug fixes: September 5, 2017

  1. Gargantuan Golem chest fixed
  2. August upgrade art removed from Ragnar in battleon
  3. Legend-Only Paragon of Nulgath room in /brightfortress no longer accessible to free players
  4. Purple square in top-left corner of citadel removed
  5. Text in Denara’s apop in /archives after completing the “Locate the Source” quest fixed
  6. Abyssal Lighting Orbs of Nulgath typo in name fixed

September 22, 2017

This Weekend: Kaiju War Finale Gear

More Booty in Quibble's Shop + War Reward Drops

This weekend, Quibble Coinbiter gets even MORE piratical loot in his Talk Like a Pirate Day rares shop! All his booty will be available for AdventureCoins in-game until October 6th, 2017.

This weekend, check out Quibble's newest offerings:

  • Obsidian Paladin Naval Commander (inspired by fellow Hero, Chic_Wingz!) set
  • Kaiju Rider Quibble Bank Pet
  • Kaiju Pirate Captain Quibble Pet
  • Paladin Naval Commander accessories

Kaiju War Finale Rewards

Check Quibble's gear out, then /join kaijuwar and take on the Kaiju Corsairs to loot THEIR booty and teach them who's boss!

  • Battle the Kaiju Cannoneer to get their armor set
  • Defeat Kraylox to get his accessories
  • Defeat Klashex to unlock the Deep Sea Pirate set, the Mini Kaiju pet, and the crazy, silly Bandana Split helms (suggested by fellow Hero Tenzan on Twitter)

Kaiju Naval Commander Armor Delayed

Last week, we said the Kaiju Naval Commander would launch tonight, and would require the AC version of the Naval Commander Class. I apologize for the delay, guys, I know you are looking forward to it. We want to avoid item sellback abuse, and keep things fair for people who previously bought the Naval Commander Class. 

We are looking at an alternative to the delay which would let us release this next week. If it does not work out, the Kaiju Naval Commander armor and top hats will become available on October 9th, after the Talk Like a Pirate Day event leaves for the year. If you have the AC variant of the Naval Commander class, you'll be able to grab it from the chest in Lolosia on that day.

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September 13, 2017

Running a Video Game Studio During a Hurricane 101

Artix: Gather round the fire and let me tell you a story from a long, long, time ago... when hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm in history, came to destroy Artix Entertainment's Secret Lab.
Players: Um. Wasn’t that just this week?
Artix: *coughs* Yes.
Players: OMG! Is this another Storytime special design notes!?
Artix: You better grab a drink....

Running a Video Game Studio in a Hurricane 101

“No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy” - Sun Tzu
"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth" 
- Mike Tyson

Hurricane Irma was the most powerful storm in recorded history. We first started hearing about it over Labor Day weekend. Our video game studio, Artix Entertainment, is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, which if you look at a map, is pretty high up off the west coast. So we felt pretty safe while watching that Kaiju of a storm sloooooowly treading its way towards us like Tonberry from Final Fantasy.

During the week, anxiety built like the bladder meter of an AFK character. Florida declared a state of emergency. Hordes of evacuees fled North like some sort of inverted version of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. The gas stations ran out of gas. Grocery store shelves were stripped as bare as that time my friend's ex-girlfriend sold all the items off his WoW account.

We thought we were safe, but then the storm continued creeping west, poising itself for a surprise visit to the Tampa Bay area and our "Secret Underground Lab".  The hurricane did not even have the courtesy even email Faith in advance (as is customary for scheduling a visit to our game studio). 

We had been furiously working on releases in all our games for our upcoming Friday the 13th event in October, which will be our 15 year anniversary (At least we will not need to worry about blowing out all the candles on the cake ourselves.) Our major games have new releases every week, and if you’re reading this, you probably already know we didn’t miss any. So the following is the story of how we did it while prioritizing the safety of our team.

As CEO/Paladin, my first action was to call Fox 13 News and cancel the interview they had scheduled with us-- because we sent the entire team to work from home for the rest of the week. Second, we contacted all our in-house team members to verify that each had a hurricane plan for the coming storm. Anyone who asked for time off to take their families north were of course granted, while the rest of us figured out who was living or not living in a flood zone, so we could band together when the storm hit. This set the stage for what could have been the greatest Gaming LAN party of all time… but not by far. Keep reading!

On the last day before the hurricane, only a small skeleton crew went into the office where we coordinated the final releases of our game projects, and handed over the keys to our staff in Canada (changing our slogan temporarily to “Battle on, eh?”) We also unplugged everything to secure the lab (OMG, do we have a lot of plugs!) The scariest thing to take down was our homemade farm of cloud servers for AdventureQuest 3D, because once they went offline it would be near impossible to do any game updates or fixes. OK, that’s the boring techie stuff. Let’s move on to the actual hurricane.

The Day of the Hurricane was scheduled to reach us EVERYONE in Tampa was tense and freaked out! It didn’t matter who you talked to or where you went, you knew exactly what it felt like to be on an episode of the Walking Dead. The eerie, empty roads. The uncertainty of where and when the hurricane would land. Up to this point, the news had completely failed to call where it would land, through no fault of their own. The hurricane had some crazy RNG.

At my home, jokingly called “Castle Krieger” -- both because it looks like a castle and has a moat, and more because Zazul checked in on Facebook calling it that name and everyone’s been doing it since -- was to provide shelter for three families.

Stryche, who runs Heromart, showed up with a power drill and some plywood he managed to secure (and we’re not going to ask how). We started boarding up the castle walls, emptying the moat, and throwing all of the pool furniture into the pool. We did the inside windows and accidentally made a giant westworld logo (“doesn’t look like anything to me")

Not far away, Alina who runs AdventureQuest Worlds, went to fill up sandbags for her neighbor and found all of the locations were out. Driving home, she saw some teenagers at an abandoned construction site filling up garbage bags with sand. Alina, realizing this was a pretty good idea (even if not entirely legal) went to join them and help. Then a police car showed up! Everyone looked up trepidatiously, expecting handcuffs, when the police officer reached into his car, pulled out a giant load of sandbags, and with a nod, drove off. Normally we make fun of the government, but man did bring their A-game. In fact, everywhere you looked, you saw everyone helping each other the best they could. It was really heartwarming... until you remembered the impending doom.

Back at Castle Krieger, the sun had set. Massive gusts of wind and downpour started. The power violently flickered on and off for an hour. Of the four children staying with us, my son, who just turned 3, looked up at me and said, “What happened?” I took a small flashlight out of my pocket and said “whenever the power goes out, you say flashlight and I’ll hand this to you.” When the power comes back on, you say “all done” hand it back to me.” He bravely did exactly that.  And then, at 11 PM, the power died for good (and evil). At which point, my son looked at me, determining if he should be nervous or not, and I smiled and said “do you remember all those times we ran around the house with flashlights… this is what we’ve been training for.” 

We were well stocked for the storm, and my home has a generator BUT it never came on. Stryche and I went out to inspect the fuze box and tried everything we could do to fix it. I don’t remember which one of us asked, “We’re going to go out in this storm and try to fix the generator, aren’t we?” No one said anything, we just smiled. As Stryche was standing there in his raincoat and flashlight, I said, “you know, this is how every horror film starts, right?” After an hour we realized we had not put sufficient points into our Generator Repair skill tree and decided we were resigned to experience the storm by candlelight and radio, kind of like that kid in Neverending Story up in the attic. “Atreyyyyyyuuuuueeee!”

Even though the power was out, the cell towers continued to function perfectly, meaning we were in contact with all the staff, our family, and friends and -- I cannot stress this enough -- able to check on them. There was GREAT rejoicing when it was announced the hurricane had dropped down to a category 1 or less. It felt like our team had won the Superbowl (again?) The eye of the storm drifted east towards Lakeland, where AdventureQuest 3D artist Thyton lives. He and his sword and spartan shield defended his home (and probably did a better job weakening his home than the 50,000 people who joined the Facebook group to shoot at it. /facepalm. Hopefully most of them joined just to watch what happened). 

Now, this is not our first hurricane, and if you’ve been through one too, the most dangerous part is not the storm itself, but what happens AFTER. There’s flooding, the sewer backs up, the roads are cut off because the trees and power lines (like when one too many creepers walked into your house in Minecraft). Then there’s the alligators. I’m not joking. They get confused and just walk everywhere.

I can’t even express the joy of opening the door and looking out at the sunlight in the morning.  It was like that moment in the Matrix 3 where they jumped up over the clouds, except nobody got impaled afterwards.

I was able to get the generator back online, in addition to powering a fridge full of milk for my 1 year old daughter, I could sit at the counter on my laptop typing out the unfinished AdventureQuest 3D design notes and newsletters. AdventureQuest 3D artist Dage, built a fire to brew up some coffee and spent the day guarding the animals at his house (a zoo that includes a bearded iguana dragon and enough dogs to make a sled team). The smart thing to do immediately after a hurricane is… NOTHING. Not unless of course, you’re an official working on clearing the roads, restoring power, or in a real emergency.

While I always write in a tongue and cheek way, this was a terrible situation. We were lucky, but there are a lot of people who lost their homes, possessions, and lives. Our hearts go out to everyone who suffered loss from this Hurricane. And we celebrate the heroes who did whatever it took to keep people safe. One interesting story is my friend Hannah who saved a friend using Twitter.

4 million people across the state do not have power and Warlic, Dage, Faith, and I are a few of them. The Lab has power though. We got our video game studio back online and running. As I write this, the coders are working on the new class improvements for AdventureQuest 3D.

I was really impressed by how the team came together and helped each other and their neighbors to help each other through the storm while simultaneously getting their releases out on time. AdventureQuest Worlds had the climactic finale to their Shadow Dragon of Envy boss battle. DragonFable players returned to Swordhaven to save the Queen. The original AdventureQuest heroes began the new and improved quest for The Cure in Darkovia. Right now, HeroMart is shipping out all the latest orders and our player support team is going through the overwhelming number of messages from the last few days to help out everybody in need. 

Thank you to all of you who sent us concerned messages on Twitter and Facebook-- even though the storm weakened by the time it hit us, the threat was very real and your kind words gave us a real life buff of strength. We are truly grateful for you and our amazing online community of gamers.

Join me tomorrow for some talk on the upcoming... Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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September 08, 2017

Hurricane Irma: AE Status Update

Artix Team + Lab: Safe and Secure

Hello all! Thank you (and everyone else in-game, on the forum, and on social media) who have sent us wishes of luck and good will as we prepare for Hurricane Irma's arrival. Hurricane Irma is a record-breaking, very serious storm BUT we are as safe and secure as possible.

Artix and I have checked in with the crew here in Florida -- everyone's right and tight and as prepared as can be. Not too many are evacuating/leaving, but the ones who are have good, safe places to go.The lab's secure, we've all got supplies.

We sent people home yesterday to telecommute and to conserve gas, since there are major shortages in the area. Then Artix, Rolith, and I made sure the Lab was locked up tight today.

See Artix's video of the empty-but-secure lab here!

We will get through this, and we'll do everything we can to make sure our family, friends, neighbors, and homes get through as safely as possible. If you know of anyone affected by the storm, or who has been affected by any of the recent natural disaster/emergencies and are able to help them out, be a real-life Hero and lend a hand where you can.

We are still planning to release -- AQWorlds' update will go out tonight thanks to Reens (she runs our weekly releases and lives in Canada). AQ3D's update went out yesterday.

We here are like the post office - neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor snow can keep us from Battling On! (However, you may experience a delay in getting replies from Player Support if power goes out in any major way.)

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September 05, 2017

This weekend: Battle Maleth, Dragon of Envy

The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga Continues!

Maleth, Shadow Dragon of Envy, holds the legendary Dragon Crown. There’s just one problem - none of the clans accepts his rule.  This weekend, log in and face Maleth as the 7 Deadly Dragons saga continues. Take the crown, bring him down, and prevent civil war between the dragon clans!

Legend of the Dragon Crown

Dragons of all elements and races know the legend of the Dragon Crown - only one worth of ruling ALL dragonkind can wear it. Most assumed it was just a myth… until now. Maleth, the Darkness Dragon of Envy, wears the crown and claims the throne.

Right now, civil war on the verge of erupting - even IF the dragons wanted a ruler (spoiler: they don't), they would not choose a selfish, deceptive creature like Maleth. 

Last week, your mission to stop Maleth began with:

  • Gaining entrance into Maleth's castle... by any means necessary
  • Quelling an uprising by villagers angry at the draconic destruction
  • Convincing the dragon clans to support YOU instead of their own champions

This weekend, the fight to dethrone Maleth continues:

  • Battle suspicious guards and servants to progress through the castle
  • Take down 3 of Maleth's most trusted warriors as you ascend to the throne room
  • Face down Maleth, Shadow Dragon of Envy with Mariel at your side

New: DragonKing Warrior Set

No matter who holds the crown, we know who the REAL dragon royalty is… you! Find the DragonKing Warrior set in your Featured Gear Shop, available for AdventureCoins until October 6th, 2017!

And after watching the final Dragon of Envy cutscene, you'll be able to farm for the pieces of the Prince of Dragons armor set, the Key of Envy* and a host of other reward drops!

* If you have the Heptagonal Chest from /battleundere, you may start to hear some rustling and tap-tap-tapping coming from inside. Collect all 7 keys (one from each of the 7 Deadly Dragons) to unlock it!

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September 01, 2017

September Event Calendar

This Month: Dragons and Pirates and Birthdays!

Our summer saga, the 7 Deadly Dragons, has got the entire team fired up for our August releases! You'll battle alongside Galanoth, head of the Order of DragonSlayers, to take down 2 more of the 7 fiercest dragons our world has ever known! 

September 1: so many things!

  • Back to School AC Bonus: September 1st - 5th
  • 7 Deadly Dragons: Dragon of Envy, Part 1
  • September Upgrade Bonus: Golden Raider and Naval Reaper
  • 25% XP and Rep Boost on all servers

September 4: Double XP, Gold, Rep, and CP boost on PTR server

September 7: Brasilian Independence Day gear returns

September 8: 7 Deadly Dragons: Envy, Part 2

September 15: Talk Like a Pirate Day begins + Quibble Coinbiter returns

September 19: extra TLaPD rewards added

September 22: Talk Like a Pirate Day Boss Fight and MORE GEAR!

September 29: Celestial Realm: Battlegrounds + LightCaster Class returns + Aranx Birthday

Plus... 9th Upholder comes soon!

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August 31, 2017

Get Up to 50% More ACs

This Friday: Get up to 50% more AdventureCoins

Get up to 50% more free AdventureCoins when you buy a 12000 AdventureCoin package from September 1st through 5th during our Back to School AdventureCoin Bonus ! (That is 6000 more free ACs with the 12000 AC package!)  If you're excited about our upcoming Talk Like a Pirate Day andanniversary events - or the rare gear they'll bring - this is the best time to stock up!

Get up to 50% more free AdventureCoins when you buy any AC package PLUS unlock the exclusive September Upgrade Bonus Gear!

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September 15, 2017

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017

Mechas, Pirates, and Kaiju Corsairs = WAR!

Every September, Pirates around Lore ship out with one goal in mind -- bringing home BIG piles of plunder! Every ship stops at home port to refuel after battle which means… Lolosia is loaded with gold.This Talk Like a Pirate Day, a fleet of fiercesome, Kaiju-loving corsairs plan to take control of Lolosia and ALL the loot! On September 15th, the Defense of Lolosia begins with Rhubarb, Lim, Cysero, the entire crew… and you!

This war is SO BIG, and there are so many farming and shop rewards (not to mention the titan-sized war boss battles) that we've split the event into two weeks.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017 Schedule

  • Friday, September 15: war begins, Quibble's Shop arrives
  • Tuesday, September 19: Quibble's shop gets more gear + more war farming gear
  • Friday, September 22: War boss + end cutscene + even MORE rewards

Kaiju War Details

/join Kaiju then click the catapult to head into battle! 

  • Fight monsters to raise the war meter
  • Unlock additional war quests, monsters, and map frames as the war meter rises*
  • Each time you turn in one of the war quests, you'll have a chance to get one of the items in the Dark Corsair set (hint: get the war meter up to 25% for a chance to get the armor!)

* Especially when you summon the Skyguard and the Cyserrific Lim MECHA!

Quibble's Shop Returns: ARRR You Readyyyyyyyyyy?!

We know one of the most anticipated shops of the year is the Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop, and this year our artists have outdone themselves! There were so many great ideas, and so many requests for colors and styles that not even a warship would be able to carry all of them! So here's what we're going to do!

Permanently unlock 120+ Dragonborn Naval Commander items

 This week, find:

  • the Dragon King Treasure Chest: get ALL 120+ item from the DragonBorn Naval Commander Sets 
  • the Dragonborn Naval Commanders: 12 different color versions... choose your favorite!
  • Paladin Naval Commanders
  • Kaiju Pirate Captain
  • the returning Naval Commander Class

NEXT week, find:

  • Obsidian Paladin Naval Commander
  • Kaiju Naval Commander (free if you have the AC version of the Naval Commander class)
  • More farming rewards
  • TWO boss battles

Dragon Chests of Many Colors

Because dragons come in many colors and species, so will the DragonBorn Naval Commander! (In reality, we received SO MANY requests for different colors, we wanted to please everyone!) Talk to Quibble to unlock color-specific Dragon Treasure chests with either the red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, crystal, shadow, or pink Dragonborn Naval Commander sets.  

(Color) Draconic Treasure Chest: 2000 ACs

  • 1 Dragonborn Naval Commander armor of your color choice
  • A full set of accessories (helm, cape, weapons)

To get the Blue DragonBorn Naval Commander set, talk to Quibble for the Blue Dragon Treasure Chest, etc

Dragon King Treasure Chest 

If you're the one Dragon King to rule them all... we've got you covered! The Dragon King Treasure Chestcontains over 120+ items (all the gear from the 12 variant sets above, plus an exclusive bank pet and bonuses).

Dragon King Treasure Chest: 10000 ACs

  • 9 DNC armor sets
  • House items (coming next week!)
  • Damage boosts on items
  • Exclusive Pirate Wyvern bank pet (coming next week!)

This is a BOATLOAD of loot, but for you collectors (and would-be dragon rulers) out there, the dragon-themed treasure will overflow!

Note: In order to prevent shop abuse, the treasure chests cannot be sold. 

War Loot Headin' Yer Way

We've got chestfuls of gear coming for you this week and next! Two full sets of farming rewards were designed by your fellow players: Seth Juron and Daniel PP2!

  • Farm for Daniel PP2's Dark Corsair set as soon as the war begins
  • Unlock Seth's Oathbreaker Pirate in the 75% war reward chest (TLaPD 2017 war rare)

  • If the war hits 100% by next Friday, September 22nd, anyone with the AC version of the Naval Commander CLASS will automatically unlock the 2017 event rare Kaiju Naval Commander (shown in the image above and originally designed by former guest artist, Vokun) for FREE! 
  • Fight to earn Axeros' Deepdweller Pirate gear once the boss fight is unlocked on September 22nd!

Even MORE gear will arrive next week, including the Kaiju Naval Commander, the Obsidian Paladin Naval Commander, Seth Juron's set, and the Kaiju Quibble rider Bank Pet!

Note 2: There is currently a bug with Naval Commanders using an incorrect face template. This will be corrected ASAP.

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August 29, 2017

Payment Screen Bug on Firefox

Mouseover Text Ordering Error Fix In Progress

Hello all! We are aware of the in-game payment screen issue on Firefox and Chrome. Developers are working now to fix the the ordering issue where mouseover text for the 12k AC package appears on the 900 AC button.

This text was promoting the "Get 25% more ACs until Friday" bonus offer currently happening.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you've made a purchase because of this issue, please write to the Help Team and they will refund you.

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September 05, 2017

This Month: Unlock the Golden Raider Set

Upgrade with a Membership or AdventureCoins for exclusive gear!

Starting this Friday, September 1st, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive Golden Raider September upgrade bonus items! Get the Golden Raider gear and the Naval Reaper set with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.

Naval Reaper (front) and Golden Raider (back) sets

12000 AC or 12 month membership packages: Naval Reaper + Golden Raider

Get more gear and save more of your real-world gold with our largest upgrade packages! Unlock the following gear with our 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership packages:

  • 2 armors: Naval Reaper and Golden Raider
  • 3 helms
  • 5 weapons
  • 3 capes 
  • Skull 'n Bones Chest pet
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

2000 and 5000 AC or 3 and 6 month membership package: Golden Raider 

  • 1 Armor: Golden Raider
  • 2 Helms
  • 2 Cape
  • 2 Weapons
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

All packages will also come with the Golden Raider character page badge, so you can show all your friends who REALLY owns the seven seas! The September bonus gear goes rare September 29th (when 9th upholder begins), so get it while it is still here!

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August 25, 2017

PTR Update: Combat + Power Level Testing

Player/Monster Power Level Improvements in Testing

Thank you to everyone who logged in earlier this week to give feedback on PTR combat. Your comments were invaluable! The positive feedback was awesome to see, and the constructive suggestions were really well-thought out. After talking with Artix and working with the dev and tester team this week, we've got several new changes up for testing on the dev PTR server.

Look for this on the live PTR later next week, when you'll be able to try out the changes yourself!

Yorumi and Arklen are adjusting:

  • your character's power level / damage
  • Monster HP
  • Monster power level

We have two main goals for this:

  1. You should feel stronger on the PTR than you do now
  2. Combat should feel even closer to the live servers

Testers are crunching numbers and taking names to help Arklen and Yorumi refine the new power level scaling. You'll see larger damage numbers and higher crits, and monsters will scale up, too. These larger number ranges will also give us more flexibility as we go back to update and improve older classes. 

Note: there are currently several class bugs on the live PTR which affect your damage output. These will be fixed after the new server goes live. If you are play-testing on the live PTR and see lower damage numbers, please try switching to a different class and note the differences.

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August 24, 2017

New: Dungeon Destroyer Set

Available for a limited time!

Descend into the depths this weekend to find the color customizable Dungeon Destroyer set in your Featured Gear Shop, available for AdventureCoins until September 1st, 2017!

You'll be able to get the following gear:

  • Dungeon Destroyer armor
  • Dungeon Destroyer hood 
  • Elven Shag hair
  • Chainbreaker Axe
  • Backbreaker Blade
  • Enchanted Dungeon Spirit

The red and blue parts of the armor shown above can be changed to any color! There is a non-color customizable variant available in this week's new 7 Deadly Dragon's release, as well.

Void Spartan Farming Set

Earlier in the summer, we made plans with one of our legendary (though not very active) guest artists -- Zee the Legend -- to release a set we knew all you Void-loving heroes would love as much as Lascivia's attendants loved her.

It was a set to DIE for... but unfortunately, real life got in the way. That's ok, though, because NOW we've got the gear, and instead of adding it into the new Dragon of Lust zone, /tercessuinotlim has received a new update. This weekend, head there to begin the quest to unlock the 0 AC Void Spartan set! (And if you see him in-game, shoot Zee a hearty "happy birthday"!)

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August 25, 2017

This Weekend: Battle Killek DeadChewer

The Dragon of Lust's story continues this Friday!

Last week, we release Lascivia's zone, the latest update in our 7 Deadly Dragons Saga. With an enchanting-but-evil dragon (from the human point of view, at least), beautiful royal captives to save, and a plot twist that'll have your neck cracking, the Dragon of Lust became a fan favorite for the storyline. If you aren't caught up on the story, head in-game and /join lust to begin the adventure! If you are.... prepare to meet Killek Deadchewer this Friday.

The Story of Killek Deadchewer

Not much is known about Killek's life before devoting his blood, breath, and blades to the Dragon of Lust. What IS known is that he was one of the most ferocious warriors in the Bonebreaker Bandit Brigade -- before being exiled for having a midnight snack... on his comrades.

Of all the creatures on Lore, only Lascivia, Dragon of Lust, understood his hunger and rage, and what he needed to feed them. He became the most devoted of her admirers... until he grew TOO dangerous to the rest of the hoard.

With great sorrow, she ordered him locked away, to protect the rest of her princes and princesses. But after the events in last week's release, Killek is even angrier. Hungier. DEADLIER. 

With his mistress gone, he MUST be...restrained. Good luck, heroes.

Killek Deadchewer: the First Battle

AdventureQuest Worlds is a timey-wimey game and, much like the nature of time itself, it's not always linear. This week, in addition to battling Killek in the present, if you have the BoneBreaker Adventure Pack, you can head back in time to 2014 and encounter him Braddock Bonebreaker's fortress.

If you have access to the BoneBreaker adventure pack, I recommend going there and completing Shara KinRunner's 5 new quests to (re)introduce yourself to Killek, then head to the new 7 Deadly Dragons update.

Learn the backstory of how Killek came to leave Braddock Bonebreaker's fortress; why he needed to venture out into the world, where he met Lascivia, the Dragon of Lust. Then battle him to unlock his armor!

BoneBreaker Adventure Pack Update

Back in 2014, we released the BoneBreaker Fortress: an exclusive zone, quests, boss battles, and gear. All you need to gain entrance is the Adventure Pack OR an active membership. 

The Adventure Pack comes with:

  • 3 armors: BoneBreaker, Minion, Outcast
  • BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • Character page badge
  • Access to the /bonebreakfortress
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop
  • A farming quest that will reward 1 of 15 potions or game boosts plus merge shop resources
  • 3 months of membership*
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

This Friday, the zone will get:

  • New armor: Bonebreaker DeadChewer **
  • New cape: Dark Spikes of Bonebreaking
  • New axe: Axe of Boneshearing

* Plus all the usual member perks
** The art (used to create the Killek monster) is a variant of the Bonebreaker set originally released with the update, and is only available from the /bonebreak map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why an expansion package instead of a normal upgrade set?

We had a ton of players excited for Dage's new Bonebreaker Berserker set, and so were we! But rather than just attach the armor set to a 3 month membership package, we wanted to do more with the character and give you more value for the money you'd be spending.

Can I access this if I have an active membership but don't buy the package?

YES! To access the /bonebreak map, you'll need to buy the package OR have an active membership. The achievement badge is exclusive to those who buy the package. (If you buy the package, you can access the map at any time, even if you do not have an active membership.)

Will this be part of the main story?

The quest chain and boss battles are all optional side content and will not feature in the main story, but you'll get to battle a massive boss (seriously, this guy's beefy!) and reap the rewards of your victory! If you defeat him, you'll unlock a quest to plunder his hoard to unlock additional prizes!

How long will the package be available?

The Bonebreaker expansion package, unlike our other upgrade sets, is not planned as a limited time offer.  

How to Unlock the BoneBreaker Package?

  1. Buy the BoneBreaker package in-game, on our website, or through the Portal site
  2. Get the “Bonebreaker Fortress Map” item in BoL Badge Shop
  3. /join Bonebreak (if you do not have the item in your inventory, you cannot join map)
  4. Talk to Shara Kinrunner in /bonebreak to begin the adventure!
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August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 starts NOW

Spot the Mysterious leZard Men and get special event gear

Solar eclipses are a super-rare, incredibly cool real-world event. The devs at Artix are pretty huge science and astronomy fans (and of urban legends!) so we're celebrating this historic event with special gear and an event-only town makeover. 

Deep in the forests of Southern Greenguard live a mysterious race - the leZard Man - that only emerge during Solar Eclipses. (This is a real thing, according to the internet!) Log in and get your leZard Man armor, helm, animated Solar Eclipse Cape, and more until Wednesday!

Solar Eclipse 2017 Viewing Party 

We had an impromptu viewing party at the labEveryone went down near the fountain and we had a bunch of different viewing methods. I made an old-school pinhole projector, Llussion made a box projector from a cereal box. Nightwraith brought the actual glasses. And Artix went full-on tech geek and ripped out the heart of a zip drive. Rolith is holding that up in the pic below.

Safety was super important, even for cell phones. So Zhoom held the drive heart over his phone as he took a picture. Artix took a picture of him taking a picture... eclips-ception!

Not to be outdone, Gravelyn got into the act and gave us the DOOM eclipse!

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August 18, 2017

Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble Preview

YARRRRRRR You Readyyyyyyyyyy?!

We've got a boatload planned for this year's Talk Like a Pirate Day event, and art (and teasers) are starting to come in! We won't spoil the event for you yet. Instead, I leave you with 5 words -- Skypirates. Dragons. Kaiju. Naval battle. (And all the farmable rewards that go along with the event... ok, 15 words.)


We know one of the most anticipated shops of the year is the Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop, and this year our artists have outdone themselves! There were so many great ideas, and so many requests for colors and styles that not even a warship would be able to carry all of them! So here's what we're going to do!

We've locked in plans for 2 of the 3 Naval Commander themes (a 4th may happen... if the sea gods are with us) and a Pirate Captain. Those are:

  • Dragonborn Naval Commanders: 12 different color versions... choose your favorite!
  • Paladin and Obsidian Paladin Naval Commanders
  • Kaiju Pirate Captain
  • (Plus the returning Naval Commander Class)

Get the Dragonborn Naval Commander gear (2 versions show below) or any of the other Naval Commander armors and accessories listed above from Quibble's shop just like always.

We received so many requests for color variations on the Dragonborn Naval Commander that Quibble's shop frame broke when he tried to fit all the gear for all the sets in! (Each of the Dragonborn Naval Commander sets comes with over 10 accessories)

So we're introducing a new way for you to get full Naval Commander sets. Just like how we sell entire sets of gear for one price in our Limited Quantity Shops, this Talk Like a Pirate Day, you'll be able to buy an entire set of gear (with a sweet discount for getting it all at once). 

Dragon Chests of Many Colors

Because dragons come in many colors and species, so will the DragonBorn Naval Commander! Talk to Quibble to unlock color-specific Dragon Treasure chests with either the red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, crystal, shadow, or pink Dragonborn Naval Commander sets.  

(Color) Draconic Treasure Chest: 2000 ACs

  • 1 Dragonborn Naval Commander armor of your color choice
  • A full set of accessories (helm, cape, weapons)
  • Parrotagon Pet (only available from treasure chest)

To get the Blue DragonBorn Naval Commander set, talk to Quibble for the Blue Dragon Treasure Chest, etc

Dragon King Treasure Chest 

If you're the one Dragon King to rule them all... we've got you covered! The Dragon King Treasure Chest contains over 120+ items (all the gear from the 12 variant sets above, plus an exclusive bank pet and bonuses).

Dragon King Treasure Chest: 10000 ACs

  • 9 DNC armor sets
  • House items
  • Damage boosts on items
  • Exclusive Pirate Wyvern bank pet

This is a BOATLOAD of loot, but for you collectors (and would-be dragon rulers) out there, the dragon-themed treasure will overflow!

Note: yesterday's post was updated to adjust shop options and clear up confusion about what comes in each different set.

* The treasure chests cannot be sold.

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September 01, 2017

Dragon of Envy: the Dragon King

The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga Continues!

Dragons of all elements and races know the legend of the Dragon Crown - only one worth of ruling ALL dragonkind can wear it. Most assumed it was just a myth… until now. Maleth, the Darkness Dragon of Envy, wears the crown and claims the throne.

Right now, civil war on the verge of erupting - even IF the dragons wanted a ruler (spoiler: they don't), they would not choose a selfish, deceptive creature like Maleth. By this Friday, we'll have dragon clans going fang to claw as they fight to offer up a champion to put in Maleth's place.

Your mission is not to fight IN the war, but to stop Maleth. 

  • Gain entrance into Maleth's castle... by any means necessary
  • Quell an uprising by villagers angry at the draconic destruction
  • Convice the dragon clans to support YOU instead of their own champions

This weekend, log in as the 7 Deadly Dragons saga continues as you begin the fight to stop the dragons’ war and recover the crown! Tackle this week's mini-boss for a chance to get the pieces of the Draco Tenebris set below!

IF you manage to convince the Dragon Clans of your worth AND gain the approval of the Castle Guards, next week you'll be able to battle through Maleth's lair for a chance to take the Dragon Crown!

To begin the Dragon of Envy release, /join dragoncrown or use the AdventureMap in your game menu.

PS: the Key of Envy will arrive next week, with the Dragon of Envy boss battle.

PTR Server Update: Power Adjustments

Yorumi and Arklen worked this week on a number of changes to the tutorial, as well as adjusting player and monster power level based on your feedback. This weekend is a test of the damage multiplier and other monster tweaks, and may change again based on your comments.

Please log in and battle monsters on the PTR server. Then let us know your thoughts about whether you feel stronger, combat feels smoother, and if the new server is working well in general. Send messages to @Alina_AE, @Arklen_AE, and @Cemaros_AE 

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August 14, 2017

AQ:Dragons Changes are Live

Flame Dragon Warrior Package Available in AQW Tonight

Good news - we updated AdventureQuest:Dragons on Google Play and the iOS app store

What's new:

  • Updated to Unity 5
  • Banner ads removed
  • More free keys
  • Krumblor the Cookie Dragon now availale with any purchase

During the update, we had to remove the AQW account linking feature which awarded the Flame Dragon Warrior gear in AQWorlds. Because we did NOT want this set to go perma-rare, we are making it available directly on our upgrade page for the same price as the original AQ:Dragons upgrade package ($9.95 USD) .*

Why did you have to update?

One of the biggest challenges about creating and maintaining mobile games is the way the app stores and software developers are also required to update and maintain their products. That can lead to version conflicts which require updating different components of a game or, like with the most recent changes to AQ:Dragons, significantly overhauling parts of it.

BUT on the plus side, if you didn't have a device which could run AQ:Dragons, you'll be able to unlock the Flame Dragon Warrior set in AQW! 

* As of today, buying the AQW Flame Dragon Warrior package will unlock a unique character page badge. AQ:Dragon Founders will get to keep their exclusive character page badge AND unlock the new badge for free.

Flame Dragon Warrior set + Class

Buying the Flame Dragon Warrior set unlocks the full armor set PLUS the Flame Dragon Warrior CLASS! 

The Flame Dragon Warrior is a VERY powerful class with a skillset that's extremely useful for either boss fights (like taking down dragons), pvp (slaying DragonSlayers) or just everyday use farming (in the Dragon's Lair) .

Flame Dragon Warrior Class Skills

Auto Attack: Pretty basic. 2 second cooldown.
You need to be able to swing around your weapon somehow.

Fire Dragon's Roar: 10 Mana, 4 second cooldown
Blast 3 targets with flame to deal fire damage.
Builds stacks of Dragon's Roar which affects other abilities.

This is the ability you want to keep stacked. Stacking this ability will allow you other skills (Which we will go over) an extra kick to them

Burn Of Akriloth: 25 Mana, 15 second cooldown
Akriloth grants you the power to do a 400% DoT for 10 seconds, with a 25% chance to stun your opponents for 6 seconds with Smothering Smoke, Stacks of Dragon's Roar increase damage.

Yes, all those words and numbers are correct. You can get an extremely high DoT AND do a pretty nifty amount of damage too and even a good chance for stuns. This skill is really good for beating down something (or someone) really quick without hassle. 
Note: The DoT CAN be applied even without stacks of Dragon's Roar, BUT YOU WILL NEED THE STACKS if you wish to do damage as well.

Dragon Strength: 20 Mana, 12 second cooldown
A Moderate Damage Skill.  Applies Ablaze which increases Strength by 25% for 8 seconds. If stacks of Dragon's Roar are present, removes all stacks of Dragon's Roar and applies Extra Defense which reduces all damage taken by 40% for 15 seconds.

Feeling a tad too squishy? Want to buff yourself up like a (small) tank? With stacks of Dragon's Roar, your defense power grows AS WELL as your strength! It's a GREAT thing if you want to survive a few more hits and make sure you can take your opponant down. Goes great with a healer.

Fire Dragon's Scales & Dragon's BloodRank 4 Passives

The magic of dragon scales gives you 30% spell resistance.
The power of dragons blood gives you 30% endurance increase

Neat little passives. Helps you survive more. Not much to say about it.

Burning Rage: 30 Mana, 15 second cooldown

DESTROY with the power of your rage and damage! Also applies a 350% DoT over 8 seconds.
Double the DoTs, double the fun! The fun WILL be doubled with this skill! This is your boomshot, the skill you *wisely* use as you don't wanna waste your mana compltely (I'm bad with mana at times...) Anyways, as well as getting a decent strike off, you also get another DoT just to be more of a bother. Works quite nicely with Dragon's Strength. 

Rank 10 Passive: Dragon's Burn
Increases your DoTs by 30%

Do you like your DoTs? Of course you do. Do you want to make them even better? OF COURSE YOU DO! Similar to Dragon Shinobi's Rank 10 passive, Dragon's Burn will give your DoTs even BIGGER damage ranges! it's a PERMANENT increase!

Overall, you can survive pretty well with the class. Your power can be used for high damage and DoT or tank it out, taking hits from everything that decides to come your way. 


August 11, 2017

Dragon of Sloth Boss Fight

Part 2 of Phlegnn, Dragon of Sloth's Story this weekend!

Moving the plague-ridden Dragon of Sloth against his will seemed like an impossible task… but not for a Hero like you! The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga continues this week as we battle Phlegnn, now faster, stronger, and fueled by rage after your victory last week!

We last left Galanoth, your hero, and the Dragon of Sloth in the middle of shenanigans (concocting potions, cures, hoses, and SCIENCE were involved. It got a bit messy). This week, you'll need to tackle a bigger, stronger, faster Phlegnn, then find (if you can!) two bonus battles: the Actual Sloth Dragon and the Dragon Virus monster!

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August 11, 2017

Elemental Dragon Summoner Packages

Get them before they're gone!

As the summer of our 7 Deadly Dragons rages on, we bring you... the Elemental Dragon Summoner Limited Quantity Sets! It's been quite a while since our last limited quantity gear was available. Featuring the Elemental Dragon Summoner armor set, the Summoner Twilly pet + Elemental Dragon Weapons, and the Dreadhound Rider battlepet and house item, these are the ultimate in rare collectibles!

This weekend, a selection of the limited quantity sets that did not sell out the first time 'round will also become available again! Once their quantity reaches 0, they will never become available again... which means, they become instant status symbols for you rare hunters. Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Restock Schedule

Quantities for the new packages wil partially restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. 

Restock times:

  • 6:00 PM Friday, 8/11 (initial stock)
  • 6:00 AM Saturday, 8/12 (restock)
  • 12:00 PM Saturday, 8/12 (restock)
  • 6:00 PM Saturday, 8/12 (restock)
  • 12:00 AM Sunday, 8/13 (restock)

Note: Returning packages will not restock, as their quantities are so low... so get them while they're available!

Elemental Dragon Summoner set

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins
Quantity: 1000 sets
Restock: 250 sets each


Dreadhound Rider BattlePet and House Item

Price: 40000 gold, member package
Quantity: 20000 sets
Restock: 10000 sets each

This package is available to all current and former members

The Dark Makai Shop Vendor house item will open up Nulgath's Diamond merge shop, for those heroes who do not want to travel far to create their gear!


Summoner Twilly Pet + Dragon Weapons

Price: 25000 gold
Quantity: 20000 sets
Restock: 10000 sets each

Available for all heroes, for gold.


What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package* is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Friday, August 26th, at 11 AM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released again. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Achievements tab
  6. Look under the "Other Badges"section
  7. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!
All times listed are for Eastern U.S. time zone.  That's the same as server time. You can find a timezone converter here so you know exactly when the restocks are in your part of the world!

Isn't this gear rare, though?

Good question! Limited Quantity Sets aren't considered "rare" until they've sold out. (These aren't limited time packages, they are limited quantity packages!) Once they do sell out, then they will never become available again!

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August 08, 2017

Dragons, Vacations, and LQS update

Summer is on fire, and so is the 7 Deadly Dragons Saga

Happy Tuesday, party players! We've got a lot going on this week, so let's get right down to it. (Unlike Phlegnn, Dragon of Sloth we are ready and rarin' to move right along).


7 Deadly Dragons: Sloth, part 2

If you haven't completed last week's release, stop reading now, log into the game, /join sloth, and get your battle on. Spoilers are ahead! If you HAVE finished with last week's release, you may continue. (Unless you are a rebel...


... Are you a rebel?



... Ok. I can respect that. Onwards!)



We last left Galanoth, your hero, and the Dragon of Sloth in the middle of shenanigans (concocting potions, cures, hoses, and SCIENCE were involved. It got a bit messy).

This week's release focuses on the 2nd boss fight of the Sloth Dragon storyline, and picks up where last week left off. Normally, we would have put both boss fights into one week. BUT several things happened in the week's leading up to this one which made splitting them a wise choice:

  • Multiple team members have taken/had to take time off in the last 2 weeks (vacations, birthdays, illnesses, and more)
  • We had several requests for some additional fun monsters (like the Actual Sloth Dragon monster... a bonus hidden battle)
  • We've been getting a lot of feedback from you guys saying it feels like the dragon zones are "moving too fast" and that you want more and fuller stories. 

We can make that happen! The next three dragons will each have 2 part releases, intentionally spaced out to let us expand on their stories.

The final 3 Deadly Dragons:

  • Lascivia, Green Dragon of Lust 
  • Maloth, Darkness Dragon of Envy
  • Gorgorath, Undead Dragon of Wrath

We also took a look at what we want to do with the Slayer's Rise story, and there is just TOO much to Galanoth's history with Akriloth to fit in one week. So we're expanding that into a 4-part story which will begin in January of 2018. There will be a one-week break between the Dragons of Envy and Wrath as we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, too. YARRRRRR! 


Elemental Dragon Summoner LQS Previews

It's been quite a while since our last limited quantity gear was available. That all changes this Friday as we bring you the Elemental Dragon Summoner LQS! Get a first look at the new gear releasing, and check back later this week for final stock times, quantities, and prices.

Elemental Dragon Summoner set
1000 AdventureCoins

Dreadhound Rider BattlePet and House Item
40000 gold, available to all current and former members

The Dark Makai Shop Vendor house item will open up Nulgath's Diamond merge shop, for those heroes who do not want to travel far to create their gear!

Summoner Twilly pet and Elemental Dragon weaponsHouse item
25000 gold, available for all heroes


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August 18, 2017

The Dragon of Lust is READY

The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga continues this weekend!

Deep inside a fortress, hidden from sight and out of reach of the family who would seek to reclaim them... Lascivia, Dragon of Lust feasts and frolics and delights in the antics of the kidnapped, enchanted princes and princesses - her royal horde hoard! 

This weekend, battle to aid Princess Cecily in her quest to free her fiance and rescue the other members of Lascivia's Hoard'em!

Regal Gear for the Royal Hero!

Lascivia's Hoard'em is full of royal princesses and princes. Many serve as her attendants, waiting on her hand and foot. Others dance for her amusement, or serve as Royal Hoard guards. Those she favors receive enchanted armors which change color as the bearer chooses. 

Find the Royal Centurion set and other regal gear in the Featured Gear Shop, available for AdventureCoins until September 1st, 2017!

Friday, the following gear arrives:

  • Royal Centurion Armor
  • Royal Centurion Cape
  • Royal Centurion Crested Helm
  • Royal Centurion Pike
  • Enchanted Royal Attendant Armor
  • Enchanted Royal Attendant Cape
  • Royal Warrior Blade

August 04, 2017

Now available: Void DragonGuard Gear

Unlock our August Upgrade Bonus Sets Now

Not all who battle despise dragons. Some humans recognize their power, might, and majesty. This month, we honor those DragonGuards with the Void DragonGuard set for our August upgrade bonus gear. Unlock the full set when you buy any membership or AdventureCoin package worth $10 USD or more starting now.  

Unlock the color customizable Dark DragonGuard set AND all the Void DragonGuard gear when you buy a 12 month membership or 12,000 AdventureCoin package! This upgrade bonus leaves September 1st, 2017. 

Tier 1: Void DragonGuard

Shown on the left in the image above

Get the Gear with a

  • 3 month membership 
  • 6 month membership 
  • 2000 AC pack
  • 5000 AC pack

Unlock the rewards

  • Void DragonGuard Armor
  • 2 Helms
  • 2 Capes
  • 2 Weapons
  • 5 Rep, XP, Gold, and Class Points boosts
  • Character page badge

Tier 2: Dark and Blood DragonGuards

Blood DragonGuard shown on the right in the image above

Get all the gear with a
  • 12 month membership
  • 12000 AC pack





Unlock the rewards

  • Dark DragonGuard armor(color customizable)
  • Blood DragonGuard armor
  • Void DragonGuard armor
  • 5 Helms
  • 4 Capes
  • 4 weapons
  • 7 Rep, XP, Gold, and Class Point boosts
  • Character page badge

August 11, 2017

Save 25% on HeroMart T-Shirts

HeroMart Summer T-Shirt Sale Ends Soon!

Stay cool offline with HeroMart's real-life gamer merch! Save 25% on any regular T-shirt* through September 4, 2017. Check out all of our gear at to unlock HeroPoints for special in-game item rewards.

free online rpg mmo chaos queen beleen

* Except the Paladin and Legion Armored T-Shirts… our shipping sneevils say the platemail is too heavy!

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