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March 29, 2024

Balance Patch Notes

Running List of Class Updates, Balance updates, and More

Read on to see what we've updated, what's been fixed, and stay up to date! 

03/29/24 - Balance Updates

Item Updates

Hollowborn Shadow of the Legion

  • Added a 50% Reputation boost.

Hollowborn Lich King

  • Added a 40% damage to humans boost.

Hollowborn Lich King's Pride

  • Added a 50% damage to humans boost.

Hollowborn Caladbolg & Dual Hollowborn Caladbolgs

  • Added a 45% to all monsters boost.
  • Changed damage range to match the original Caladbolg.

Empowered Hollowborn Caladbolg

  • Added Empowered Hollowborn Caladbolg to the Ultra Dage merge, requires x1 Hollowborn Caladbolg and x1 Empowered Caladbolg. Deals 51% more damage to monsters when equipped.

Empowered Dual Hollowborn Caladbolgs

  • Added Empowered Dual Hollowborn Caladbolg to the Ultra Dage merge, requires x1 Dual Hollowborn Caladbolgs and x1 Empowered Dual Caladbolgs. Deals 51% more damage to monsters when equipped.


Added a new quest to the Altar of the Hollowborn Caladbolg

How Much for One Rib?

  • Defeat Binky for a 2% chance to obtain a Dark Unicorn Rib.
  • Rewards: Hollow Soul x250 (100% drop), Lesser Hollowborn Caladbolg (2.5% drop, deals 45% damage to all monsters when equipped).

Hollowborn Paragon Quest Pet

  • Added Hollow Soul x1 as rewards to the Hollowborn Paragon Quest Pet versions of the "Clear a Path" and "Time for Some Spring Cleaning" quests.


  • Reduced Empress' Finger's Damage Resistance by 100%.
  • Reduced Ancient Mecha's HP to 180,000 and damage by around 40%.
  • Reduced Encore Darkon's HP to 222,222 and increased their Damage Resistance by 50%.


03/22/24 - Balance Updates

Item Updates

Increased the stack amounts for the following items:

  • Legion Token: 25,000 > 50,000
  • Bone Dust: 5,100 > 10,000
  • Dark Token: 600 > 10,000
  • Seraphic Medals: 5 > 600
  • Mega Seraphic Medals: 5 > 600
  • Seraphic Commander's Slain: 6 > 200
  • Ada Defeated: 1 > 20

Changed the damage range of the following weapons to static:

  • Dual Blinding Light of Destiny
  • Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
  • Obsidian Light of Destiny
  • Hollowborn Shadow of Fate
  • Dual Hollowborn Shadows of Fate
  • Void Light of Destiny
  • Cyber Void Light of Destiny
  • Dual Necrotic Swords of Doom
  • Necrotic Blade of the Underworld
  • Burning Sword of Doom
  • Hollowborn Sword of Doom

Changed the damage range of the following weapons to unstable:

  • Ascended Light of Destiny

Item Updates

  • Added Soul Sand x1 as a reward to the Daily Exercise 5: God of the Depths quest.
  • Added Soul Sand x2 as a reward to the Daily Exercise 6: Dage the Dark Lord quest.


  • Added a "The Beast teleport button" to Virgil in /sevencircleswar.

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