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April 30, 2013

Blood Titan News and More

Read ALL the News so you Don't Miss Out!

"There is power in blood. Coming from a long line of titans, your blood is especially potent. You have mastered the ability of calling on the power running through your veins to bring devastation to your foes. "
- Scroll of Nine Deaths

Power and victory can be yours!

Blood Titan Class Details

Are you prepared to consume your OWN life to deal damage to your foes? Drain your own health to increase your defense? Tap the power of your fury to deal massive damage to your enemies? Yes? YES! Then it sounds like you're ready to become a Blood Titan!

  • Members can farm the Blood Titan or Ultra Blood Titan boss monsters for the 450 merge tokens needed to create the Class.
  • OR complete the member-only quest at Shi Mar (arrives Friday), which rewards stacks of 1,3,5 (or rarely. stacks of 15 or 25) tokens.
  • The member version of the Class will cost 0ACs for free storage.
  • All players can purchase the Blood Titan Class for 2,000 ACs.
  • Cysero will have a skill breakdown for you tomorrow!

Shop News: Comings and Goings

  • Hizu, AQW's assistant animator*, is our next featured artist. His shop will go live next Tuesday!**
  • The Dunestalker Shop in Battleon leaves on Wednesday, April 30th!
  • The Astral Guardian and Astral Wanderer shop leaves on Wednesday, May 8th! Find it under the Shops tab in your Dragon Menu!

The Astral Guardian and Astral Wanderer sets!

* He brought you the Ultra Blood Titan animation!
** Kezeroth the Worldsaver's Limited Time Shop took this Tuesday's slot. 

Jade Samurai are known to strike faster than snakes!

  • The Jade Samurai 12 month Membership package leaves May 17th...
  • And the Elite Asgardian package arrives! More news on that soon.

PS: Have any of you heard the rumors? Artix called the team together this morning to let us know some dire news: ... Grimskull is coming! We are not sure what this means, but he was VERY serious. We will need to buff our defenses and post guards on the perimeters!


April 30, 2013

Fender Gender

Is you car a Girl or a Boy?

Ever wonder if the vehicle parked outside your home/castle/secret volcanic lair is male or female? We often refer to boats as a “she” because, in Romance languages, the word “ship” is feminine.

But crazy ol’ English doesn’t have genders for objects, as is the case in many other languages. So, if you’re living in an English-speaking country, how do you know if your car is a boy or a girl?

It’s simple, really!

Car Eyelashes scion tc beleen

Look for the Eyelashes!

Oh yes, right there is Beleen’s tC. And she’s sporting a mighty fine pair of long, lovely eyelashes—equipped with waterproof mascara, of course! 

Beleen tc car eyelashes

It’s pretty simple to tell if your vehicle is a male or female based off the eyelashes. And you should SEE all the other cars that stare at her, flash their lights, and honk their horns when she drives by.

Cat Calls in the Car Industry. Hehehee... I mean, beepbeep beepbeep beeep (that’s EXACTLY how a car laughs, btw)!

Mystery Solved: Now you know which gender your fender is =D


April 29, 2013

Grimskull is Coming...


Upon the winds you will find a whisper of doom, "Grimskull is coming." We thought he was just something the Paladins thought up to scare the young Knights in training. The slight possibility he could be real sends a shiver down my spine.

GrimSkull is coming

The rumors say Grimskull is coming... but if the stories are true, it will not be this week. It will not be when you expect it. It could happen at any time, any place... all that you know is it WILL HAPPEN. When it does, it will happen in AdventureQuest Worlds.


April 29, 2013

More Mirror Realm Gear

Quibble Coinbiter's Shop gets NEW Gear Friday!

We have had an OVERWHELMING amount of positive feedback from you guys on this Quibble shop... and even more suggestions about what we should put in it this Friday!  Read below to see an incomplete list of what's coming.

Nax the (sane) Cryomancer is the Mirror Realm version of Xan the Insane Pyromancer*. In the Mirror Realm, his skull doesn't NEED healing flames because he wasn't injured. So many of you flooded us with requests an icy skull helm, though, that Memet came up with something to cool your rage!**

* DragonFable players know that Xan used to be called Alexander, but for ease of recognition, we're keeping Mirror Xan's name as Nax.
* No one was really angry, but the pun worked well!

  • Blade of Awful (mirror Blade of Awe)
  • Blade of Auld (mirror Blade  of Awe)
  • Sword of Despair (mirror Blade of Hope)
  • Evil Star Slasher (mirror Star Slasher)

Also arriving this week in Quibble's shop:

  • Hate Weaver armor (mirror of Love Weaver)
  • Twil-Lich pet (mirror of Twilly)
  • Dream Plate (mirror of Nightmare Plate)
  • Dracomancer Armor (mirror of Dragonslayer)
  • and more!

April 29, 2013

Blood Titan Class News

So Much Melee and Rage in One Class!

Yorumi finished the Blood Titan Class coding today and it is now ready for staff testing! Prepare to break some skulls, because with this tank class, you'll want to charge into battle, mace-first!

How Can I Get the Class?

Good question! Members can earn the Blood Titan Class by saving up Blood Titan Tokens, which drop from the Blood Titan and Ultra Blood Titan boss monsters! Find them when you /join bloodtitan! This week we'll ALSO add a quest to help you farm up tokens.

The Class will ALSO be available for 2,000 AdventureCoins! Find Blood Titan in the Class Shop on your Dragon Menu this Friday. Expect a skill breakdown from Cysero later this week!

What About the Tier 3 Sepulchure Weapons?!

Good news! Beleen and Dage worked out the last of the bugs with the armor. (For some reason, it worked fine in testing, but on the live servers... no one had a chest!) She and Dumoose will add the quests for the Tier 3 gear in the morning. She say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!" for your patience.*

*You can HEAR the pink in her voice when Beleen gets excited and/or grateful. 


April 29, 2013

Kezeroth the Worldsaver

Limited Time Shop is LIVE!

In the Mirror Realm, Kezeroth the Worldsaver kept Lore from ending by throwing himself into the heart of a volcano ... and now you can honor his sacrifice by equipping his earth-themed gear! Find his 48 hour Limited Time Shop in Battleon!

Will you save the world... or end it?

The 48 hour shop will contain:

  • Kezeroth the Worldsaver armor
  • Forest Guardian Helm
  • Lady of the Woods Helm
  • Forest's Blessing Cloak

The shop will have two versions of the set: one for Members and one for AdventureCoins!


April 26, 2013

Quibble Coinbiter Returns

New Rare Sets & Challenge Fights!

This week, Quibble Coinbiter has returned with an all new set of never-before-seen, slightly-used items from the future! In this case, he's selling items from the Mirror Realm where Dage the Evil is Dage the Good, Paladins are Painadins and the Doomknigts serve the light! 

Dage the Good set!

Imperial Lightscythe Set! (Based on Mirror Gravelyn)

Doomlight Highlord and Dark Painadin Overlord!

Omega (NOT Alpha) Pirate set!


Cysero Weaponbreaker Set!

Blood Titan and DoomKitten Challenge Fights!

This week we have a few new Challenge Fights for you! The Blood Titan is a massive monster who is waiting to stomp would-be-heroes into the ground. There are 2 versions of this monster for mid- and high-level players and the long awaited Doom Kitten fight for lower level players. Each monster has drops for Members and non-members alike!

Don't miss out of the all-new FUN! 

To battle the Blood Titan and Ultra Blood Titan, find Shi Mar in Greenguard East, on the edge of Darkovia! To take on the DoomKitten, speak with to Kottur in Warlic's Magic Shop! 

Blood Titan and DoomKitten attendants!

The Ultra and Blood Titan monsters drop:

  • Blood Titan Token
    (Drops in stacks of 1,3, or 5! Members can merge these into the Blood Titan Class once it's released*!)
  • Titan's Gilded Crusher Mace!
    Has a .01% drop rate and does extra damage against undead monsters!
  • Titan's Brawler Mace!
  • Titan's Blood Mace!
  • Titan Attendant Armor!

* The Class will also be available for 2k AdventureCoins if you have not upgraded your Hero.

The DoomKitten monster drops:

  • Prismastic DoomKitten Attendant!
  • DoomKitten Attendant Armor!
  • Maned Attendant Helm!
  • Tomcat Helm!
  • Queencat Helm!
  • DoomKitten Pet!
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April 26, 2013

The Ancient Undead

How Old IS the Undead Legion...?

Dage's Undead Legion has a long, very dark history. Much came before the Undead Legion as we know it today was formed... and Dage has many plans for it which have not yet been revealed. In order to explore the Legion's history more fully, and better plan out suitable quests, we're going to delay releasing the Ancient Undead set until NEXT week. 

Ancient Undead Warrior

Next Friday, we'll release this set along with specific quests to let loyal members of the Undead Legion farm up the tokens necessary to purchase the coming Undead Legion Class! The Class will be available for either a ridiculous amount of Legion Tokens OR for AdventureCoins (but you will need to be a member of the Legion to buy it with ACs).

This Class will NOT go rare, and we are planning to release the Class this Summer. Warriors who have not yet learned of the Legion's power deserve to share in the deadly might and majesty of the coming Class. Fair warning, Legionnaires: You WILL want to start farming early to earn enough Legion Tokens to unlock it, though! 

Post-thought: I've got an idea crowding my brain-meat. It might be time for another Legion-based short story. Anyone up for exploring how Dage converted the first warriors to his Undead Legion?

Coming later tonight: Quibble Coinbiter's shop returns! Take on the DoomKitten Challenge boss fight in Warlic's Magic Shop OR tackle the Blood Titan (and ULTIMATE BLOOD TITAN) Challenge boss monsters in Greenguard East!


April 25, 2013

Quibble is Coming

That Moglin always has the coolest gear!

Why hello my lovely heroes and villains =D Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever. Why? Not only is it Friday (and Fridays are always awesome, duh), but Quibble Coinbiter is also headed to Battleon! Yippee!

Quibble Coinbiter moglin rare items
Hey there, Heeeeeeero...!

Who is Quibble?

Quibble Coinbiter is everyone’s favorite sales Moglin who travels far and wide, collecting never-before-seen Items to add to your impressive collection. No one knows if—or when—Quibble’s Items will go permanently Rare, so your best bet is to get all the goodies in his shop just in case it’s the latter!

Rare Items Gravelyn Paladin Doomknight
Do you ally with Good or Evil?

That slick Moglin also has the uncanny knack of showing up right before the next Lord of Chaos strikes… and always seems to know an awful lot about the Chaos Lords, too.

Cryomancer Nax will also have an Ice Skull helm! 

No one wants the Lord of Chaos to win (well… except for Drakath, who is all bent out of shape because we wouldn’t make him an in-game Mod), so suiting up in Quibble’s sweet swag is one of your best—and most fashionable!—defenses against the Chaos uprising.  

The opposite of Alpha Pirate is... Omega Pirate!

Let’s get real here, folks—Quibble stocks Battleon with epic Armors, Helms, Weapons, and more, but he charges the AQW Team a hefty price. It takes a lot of time, energy, creativity, coffee, and money to craft these amazing items featured in Quibble Coinbiter’s Shop.

Cleric Zorbak just wants to help you heal!

But you can help! Your kind donations in the form of AdventureCoins and Membership purchases go towards helping AQW grow bigger and better every week. We could not have made AQWorlds without your help and Beleen love cheer happy heartssupport, and any donation made to us is greatly appreciated and continues to make AQW your favorite online MMO!

Become a real life Hero to your friendly AQW Team! Help support us by Upgrading to a Member today and by purchasing an AdventureCoins bundle =D

You guys and girls are awesome, and I look forward to continuing our adventures together! I wouldn’t want anyone else to battle alongside as we defeat the 13 Lord of Chaos! Let’s Battle ON!


April 25, 2013

Changes to the Dragon Menu

You said the Astral Guardian Shop Would Still be Here!

You are correct, Hero! It IS still available in-game, but the shop has been moved. To where? Into your Dragon Menu, so you can access it from anywhere inside AQWorlds. If you've logged in since yesterday, you'll see we made some changes to the menu.

What All is on the NEW Dragon Menu?

Good question! Scan your eyes about an inch down the site to see screenshots of the new menu! But if you prefer bullet points to pictures, here's a handy list:

  • Shops tab
  • Adventures tab
  • News of our weekly releases
  • Your map of Lore
  • A link to Ballyhoo
  • The In-game Payment button
    (Shows "Get Membership" if you are not upgrade or Get ACs if you have")

How Do I Find the Shop? 

And here's a pictoral guide for those of you who hate words. (They say "A picture's worth a thousand words," after all.) So for you, graphic illustrations of how the Astral Guardian gear is only 3 clicks away!

Step 1. Click the Shops button on your Dragon Menu.

Dragon MenuStep 2. Click the Astral Guardian shop button on the Shops tab.

Dragon MenuStep 3. Choose the items from the Astral Guardian or Astral Wanderer sets from the shop before it leaves May 1st!

Astral Guardian and Wanderer setsWill All Shops Be On That Tab?

It depends. One of the things we want to avoid now is cluttering up Battleon. With so many people in the map, having too many NPCs along the side makes things VERY confusing! (One time we had EIGHT of them... NPC OVERLOAD!!!)

So now, if you're looking for a shop that used to be in the main Battleon map and you don't see it, check the Shops tab on your Dragon Menu first! If it's not there, it's gone for good. Some of the shops you'll see there are:

  • Featured Artist shops
  • Rare shops (until they leave the game)
  • Limited Time shops
  • Ways to get to Special shops like the Seasonal or Treasure map shops

April 25, 2013

AQ3D Alpha Test #5 Today

Become an "Alpha Tester" of AdventureQuest 3D

There are a ton of great reasons to renew your Membership in AdventureQuest Worlds… but the #1 reason is that your upgraded account will also give you PRIORITY ACCESS to the Alpha Tests of our new video game... and the next test is later TODAY

Become an Alpha Knight!

Programmer Zhoom has been hard at work on "interactive objects," so we are bringing the test server online later today (and leaving it up until AQWorld's new release starts Friday night) to try it out!  

To participate in the Alpha Test you must be a Member of AdventureQuest Worlds or have supported one of our games in the past. We love you guys for making all of this possible!

Can YOU take down the Troluk?

Read all about our new 3D game on Artix's Design Notes at!


April 24, 2013

LightCaster Package Offer

Become a LightCaster and Command the Light!

Become a LightCaster to destroy the Darkness! Will you wield the Light... or fight against it? The Order of the LightCasters formed to support the Champion of Light, but war grows closer and they need YOUR help!

Starting today, April 24th, at 12 PM server time (Noon), upgrade with either a 3 month membership package OR purchase a 5,000 AdventureCoin package to unlock the LightCaster Armor set

Become a LightCaster and rule the Light

ALL of the items unlocked when you purchase either the 3 month membership or the 5K AdventureCoin package will be non-member, 0 ACs for free storage AND will come with a character page badge!

  • Get all 8 PLUS 2 Member-only exclusive weapons for free when you buy a 3 Month Membership package! 
  • Get all 8 items for free if you buy a 5,000 Adventure Coin package!

OR buy individual LightCaster items from the Limited Time LightCaster Shop for AdventureCoinsThe shop will be available until June 4th.

Wield weapons made of Light

The LightCaster Limited Time Shop will include:

  • LightCaster Armor
  • LightCaster Runic Cape
  • Shining LightCaster Runes
  • LightCaster's Ring Helm
  • LightCaster's Ringed Hood
  • Hammer of Shining Justice
  • Wand of Glory
  • Staff of Victory

Member-Only LightCaster Exclusive Items are:

  • Blade of Loyalty
  • Spear of Honor

Astral Guardian and Wander Sets Leave at Noon!

The introduction of the LightCaster special package means the Astral Guardian and Wanderer package will go rare on Wednesday! Since we promised that the Astral Guardian Limited Time Shop would remain in-game until May, it will be available until May 1st.


April 23, 2013

This Week’s Artist Showcase Shop

Limited Time exclusive items from Memet!

It’s Tuesday! And you know what that means: the second week of the Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop is underway!

Limited Time Featured Artist Showcase Shop

This week’s featured artist is AQWorlds’ own Memet, who unleashes beautiful magic every single week in our new releases. Memet loves what she does—and now you get to gear up in an exclusive Armor Set that you’ll love, too!

Nightmare Armor Set by Memet

Memet’s Artist Showcase Shop includes:

  • Nightmare Hunter Armor -- RARE!
  • Black Iron Bow -- RARE!
  • Nightmare Hunter Tricorn
  • Nightmare Hunter Cloak
  • Umbral Fawn Pet
  • Nightmare Hunter Feathered Tricorn
  • Nightmare Hunter Cloak and Quiver

Just log into Battleon and click the big red “Featured Artist Shop” button with the countdown timer! You can’t miss it! 

Meet Memet!

Memet is cute and cuddly on the inside and out! Memet is not actually a Moglin, however—she is a baku, a dream creature, who changes her shape to suit her needs. Memet usually appears as a Moglin because she's found that people are very friendly and helpful to her in that form… because her real form is much more frightening!

Moglin Memet Adorable and Cute and Cuddly

Memet is a local Secret Underground Lab artist who has been producing AQW artwork since November 2012. But Memet didn’t start off as an AQW artist—she knew Nythera and Zazul from school and they helped her land a job in Player Support 3 years ago. But as soon as Alina and Cysero discovered Memet’s artistic talents, they quickly stole….erm, permanently borrowed…Memet and she joined the Artist team! Memet likes working with so many creative, talented people, and loves how everyone supports and encourages each other to try new things and to grow artistically =D  

What is the Artist Showcase Shop?

Every Tuesday, AQWorlds releases a special Featured Artist Showcase Shop loaded with items that an Artix Entertainment artist creates using their own style and flair. Our wonderful artists get to unleash their creativity to make some truly amazing Armors, Weapons, Helms, and other Items just for you! But these items are only available for a limited time, so get the gear while there’s still time!

Last week’s featured Artist was Vokun, and he released undead pirate gear for landlubbers and seadogs alike. But for those akin to nightmares and mystery, you will absolutely LOVE Memet’s Nightmare Hunter Set! Give Memet a Tweet on Twitter, too!

Travel to Battleon now and get your Magic on!

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April 22, 2013

Summer 2013 in AQW

We have BIG plans for AE's biggest MMO!

Every Monday, the team leads meet to go over their plans for the week. In today's meeting*, Artix asked, "Hey, AQW team! What INCREDIBLY-AWESOME releases do you guys have planned?! We should tell EVERYONE about all the insane things we've got planned so they can gear up before the BIG BATTLE!!!!"

2013 Continues the Chaos!

Here's what Cysero and I have planned:

  • May: Begin the 2-part Xing/Xang** mini-arc in the Mirror Realm!
  • End of May: Mage University zone***
  • June: Summer of Dage! Dage the Evil takes over AQWorlds with NEW gear, quests, boss fights, and a Class****!
  • June: More updates to the town of Battleon!
  • July: A NEW member-only zone with challenge fight, mini-game, Class, and exclusive gear!
  • July or August: the 12th Lord of Chaos zone... can you guess WHO the Chaos Lord is?!
  • This Summer: Guilds Phase 2/3! Customizable Guild Cities AND Halls PLUS Guild vs Guild wars!*****

Prepare for the Summer of DAGE!

* BEFORE the nerf-gun battle, AFTER the ninja attack...
** Why are we only just NOW doing the 2nd Lords' zone? Because Chaos, that's why!
*** A player on Twitter suggested Horcwarts University! LOL! 
**** Cysero and I will still head AQW, but we've asked Dage to design ALL of June's releases!
***** Yorumi is already BACK to work on Guilds AND has made significant progress! 

So, tell us...

Let us know which releases YOU are looking forward to next by telling us on Twitter (Artix, Alina, Cysero) or Facebook, or the forum


April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Help Captain Lore Save the Planet!

Be a hero, join the clean-up crew to save the world from the evils of pollution! /Join pollution to help Captain Lore battle General Pollution, the foulest villain around, free his eco-friendly energy platform from the chaotic clutches of General Pollution! Reduce, reuse, and recycle as many elementals as you can to unlock Captain Lore's shop and gain access to the greenest gear in the game!

Captain Lore. Yeah, we went there.

Season rares include: 

  • Blazing Solar Staff
  • Vorpal Turbine Blade
  • Hydrogen Gun
  • Hydro-Electric Blaster
  • Biofuel Blowtorch

Alternative Energy-themed gear by J6!

The Earth Day event and all its seasonal rares will stay in-game for ONE WEEK, and leave April 29th!


April 22, 2013

Members Get Blue Names!

Set Yourself Apart

Members get special blue names now. 

Another perk for AQW Members!

Just another Member Only Perk to set Members apart from everyone else. HeroSmash did it a very long time ago... OverSoul Founders get special colored names (they don't have a Membership option) and people have requested special Member Only colored names for a very long time. Today we found a few spare minute to knock this one off of the giant AQW TO-DO LIST. 

We are also adding a slight black outline to Member Names as well to help see them a little better. 

Enjoy, AQW Members! 


April 21, 2013

Quibble Returns THIS Friday

Gear Up for Battle This Week!

We've got a lot heading your way, Hero! Take a look at the lengthy list below... and prepare to charge the battlefield against the Doom Kitten or the Blood Titan! Join the Undead Legion to unlock stores of the darkest gear on Lore... OR storm Quibble's shop for gear you've never seen before, and that you will probably NEVER see again!

Quibble Coinbiter and the Mirror Realm!*

Coming to Quibble's Mirror Realm Shop THIS Friday: Dark Paladin Overlord and DoomLight High Lord! These wicked-cool armors plus a host of other items from the Mirror Realm will be available next week!

* This sounds like an AWESOME book title!

LightCaster Set Arrives Wednesday!

Upgrade to unlock the LightCaster Set.... straight from Aranx's forge in the Mirror Realm!

LightCasters dispel ANY Darkness around them!

  • Monday: Earth Day returns! New and Seasonal Rare items... and Captain Lore!
  • Tuesday: Memet's gear in the Featured Artist Limited Time Shop!
  • Friday: Doom Kitten and Blood Titan Challenge Boss Battle!

What do you think? Blood Titan Class?

Even MORE coming this week!

  • Tier 3 of Sepulchure's dark gear!
  • A brand-new Undead Legion set... from before the Legion was formed! Only available to Undead Legion members, but WILL sell for Tokens OR AdventureCoins!

  • Major updates to the Travel Map!
  • More work on Guilds and fixing the Book of Lore!
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April 19, 2013

Login to Protect Lore

Complete 5 days of Daily Quests to Become a Realm Guardian!

Battle to defend the people who depend on you! Lore needs a Hero, whether they are Good, Evil, or Neutral... and they want YOU! Log into AQWorlds for 5 days to unlock 1 new quest a day! Save the Realm Gems you receive to spend in the Realm Guardian Shop!


Login for 5 different days and complete Jiro or Nia's quests!

Spend Realm Gems on:

  • Class Point Boost (20 minutes)
  • Realm Guardian Cape
  • Realm Guardian Helm
  • Realm Guardian Blade
  • Realm Guardian Armor

Go North from Battleon to find Nia, left of Battleon to find Jiro.

Talk to Jiro in Stonehand (just outside Battleon) or to Niamara (walk North from Battleon) to accept the Daily Quests. You can also talk to Joy in Battleon if you want a quick progress check!

Unlock more rewards with each quest you complete!

The more quests you complete, the more Gems you get! And if you are a new player beginning the quests right after finishing the Tutorial in Stonehand, you'll gain over a full level while completing them!

You can only complete ONE of the quests each day!

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April 19, 2013

The Center Of Lore

What Lies Beneath?


It's the lifeblood of the world. The mysterious force that allows people (and some other things) to bend the forces of nature to their will... to weave reality into whatever shape they wish. 

Including shaping yourself out of pure mana!

There are many different sources of magic but mana mostly flows from the para-elemental plane of magic into lore's core where it flows to the surface and wraps the world in a web of ley lines, or invisible rivers of magical energy that flow from place to place. 

Normally the ley lines are constant as the rising of the sun but something has begun deep beneath the suraface of Lore that has cause the ley lines to drift. If this continues, magic fields all over Lore will begin to destabilize causing unpredictable magical effects and disasters of a global scale.


Speak to Warlic in the Magic Shoppe in Battleontown to begin your Journey to the center of Lore!

In this release you will find an event Rare Shop full of amazing, Center-Of-Lore themed items that will only last for a limited time and an unlockble Adventure Shop full of cool gear that you can only get by completing the story. 

Since we made this release in our continuing effort to develop New Battleon, most of you won't find it to be too much of a challenge (pretty low level for new players) but the gear is great, there's still for Members as well as non-members and it's a pretty entertaining story!


The Lucky 13 Contest Shop Arrives!  

Tonight we are also release then Lucky 13 Contest rewards. 

Once again, thanks to everyone who tried to help us reach our goal of 1.3 million new users on AQW. You can find the shop on the Game Menu (Click the SHOPS button) which you can now bring up anywhere in the game by pressing the Treasure Chest Button on your game nav bar. If any of your fellow players are having issues finding the shop, please help them out or link them to this post. 

  • Diamond Dueler Armor
  • Staff of Spades
  • Cape of Clover
  • Helm of the Heart
  • Member-Only Lucky Suit Treasure Chest Bank Pet

All free, all for you! 

Don't miss tonight's Design Notes, Part 2! ... AND Part 3!


April 19, 2013

Oversoul's First Tournament

Battle in this weekend’s PvP card game Tournament!

Enter our 1st ever Tournament! Winner gets a statue of their character in town. Top 100 players get immortalized on the wall of champions. The slaughterfest begins today Friday, April 19th @ 4pm EST and the carnage ends on Sunday, April 21st at 8pm EST.

Think you have what it takes to be in the top 100? ... Or do you just want to hunt the players on the top 100 list and ruin their winning streak?

The tournament is open to ALL players. To compete, battle random players using the “BATTLE: Player” button at the bottom of your screen. Every win brings you closer to the ultimate 1st place price!.

And if you do achieve 1st place on the leader board at the end of the tournament, a statue of you will be constructed in the main town! 



  • Happening in-game at
  • BEGINS Friday, April 19st at 4pm EST
  • ENDS Sunday, April 21st at 8pm EST
  • Win battles vs random players using the Battle: Player button to rise in rank
  • #1 Player will have a statue of them placed in town (will later move to the Hall of Champions)
  • Top 100 players will also be immortalized on a web page called the Wall of Champions for everyone to see.
  • We reserve the right to award players at any level if they have battled with honor.
  • Cheats/Hackers/Exploiters will be disqualified.
  • “Disconnects” are being tracked. High numbers of disconnects from battles will disqualify you.
  • The game is in Beta... but we think this is SO COOL, we want you to get to try it right now! But when bugs inevitably occur, remember the age-old battlecry: “THIS IS… A BETA TEST!”
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April 18, 2013

What Lies Beneath?

Dirt, Rocks And Other Items Of Interest

Tomorrow you, me and Warlic will be heading straight down! 

Something has begun to destabilize the magical lines of fore that flow over the face of Lore, helping magi control the elemental forces of magic and Warlic suspects the cause might lie at the center of Lore itself!

Here's a sneak peek of some of what you can expect to see in the stand alone adventure called The Center Of Lore!

  • An AC Rare Shop!
  • An Unlockable Adventure Shop with Member and non-member items!
  • Dirt!
  • The delivery of several letters!
  • My failing to understand your very obvious requests!
  • More than a few hidden Minecraft jokes!
  • Almost no Jules Verne references!
  • Monsters!
  • At least one skeletal dragon arm!
  • A comfortable crushed velvet chaise lounge!
  • Levers!
  • Rocks!

If you manage to find all of that stuff, I'll be pretty impressed but I guarentee that it's all there! The fun will start at with Warlic in the Magic Shoppe in Battleon and carry you to all over the face of LORE! 

Well... 1 place on the face of Lore. Then back to Battleon. BUT THEN you get to go UNDER the face of Lore! 

See ya then! 


April 17, 2013

Magic Has Been Tainted

Discover the Threat in the Center of Lore!

*shudder* .......

*creak* ......


Hundreds of miles below the town of Battleon, cracks race across the face of the crystallized mana core that is Lore’s heart.  The spiderweb of fractures crawls across a surface untouched by man or beast for eons.

The sound dies, and silence reigns once again in the empty chamber surrounding the core. Crystal dust settles to the floor. All is still, and safe… for now.

ArchMage Interrupted

As reverberations from the soundless blast hit his shielded chamber, Warlic’s eyes fly open. Candles ringing the meditation room shake, flames sputtering on unburnt wicks.

He gestures; the fires die. Warlic sits, eyes closed, listening to the silence. He slows his breathing until it matches the thrummm thrummm thrummm of Lore’s heartbeat. 

Stilling his thoughts, maintaining calm, Warlic thrusts his mind – his consciousness – into the network of ley-lines crisscrossing Lore, feeling for anything… out of place.

In the eternity between one breath and the next, he identifies 11 cancers in the veins carrying mana around the world. Sees the rot eating away at key ley-line intersections.

His eyes fly open, and the candles spring to light. In the outer chamber, his familiar springs from its perch, flapping to the forge of the Mad Weaponsmith. Warlic presses his lips together, smiling grimly. It begins. FINALLY, it begins.

He must meet with Cysero NOW. They will need to gather reactions from mages across Lore. Anyone actively drawing on the ley-lines will have felt what he did.

Hundreds of miles below the town of Battleon, a single eye opens...

This week's story is a prologue, hinting at what is to come during the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga! You will not discover EVERYTHING about Lore's mana core tomorrow... but you will journey to the Center of Lore and see many things no Hero has seen in many millennia.


April 16, 2013

Become a Dunestalker

The Mysterious Sandsea Desert Calls to You!

Can YOU stalk the dunes without raising a dust cloud? Sneak up on a Cactus Creeper before he decimates the only oasis for miles around? If the answer is yes, then YOU would make the perfect Dunestalker! And if the answer is no, you'll want to head to the Sandsea and begin training, Hero!

Get 25% More AdventureCoins with CashU!

Talk to Arvio in Battleon to begin your adventure in the Sandsea desert! His Dunestalker shop has the perfect gear to help you reach the oasis, and from now until April 30th, you'll receive 25% more AdventureCoins or Artix Points when you checkout with CashU!

The desert calls you, Hero!

What is CashU?

CashU is a safe, secure way for our players in the Middle East and North Africa to upgrade or buy AdventureCoins online. You can use CashU to buy Artix Points on the Portal site* or at

* Find payment methods available in your country here!


April 16, 2013

Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop

The start of something epic every week!

Artix Entertainment has so many amazing artists that harness wonderfully unique art talents. The artists of the original AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, AQWorlds, EpicDuel, HeroSmash, and OverSoul implement their own artistic flair and style into everything they create for their game.

Artist Showcase Shop


Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to see an entire AQWorlds Item Set made by one of the Artix Entertainment artists every single week? In some sort of limited-time Artist Showcase Shop? Right in the Game Menu?



The Showcase Scoop

Starting today, Tuesday, April 16, and every Tuesday that follows*, AQWorlds will release a special “Limited Time Featured Artist Showcase Shop” loaded with items that an Artix Entertainment artist creates using their own style and flair.

The Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop will feature a complete Item Set made by an Artix Entertainment artist, created in any manner they so choose. This shop encourages our wonderful artists to unleash their creativity and make some truly epic Armors, Weapons, Helms, and other Items for AQWorlds.

And because it’s called the Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop, the artist’s items will run for 1 week (Tuesday until Tuesday) with a new artist’s Showcased Items replacing the previous set.

At least one RARE item will be included in each artist’s showcased shop. All other items in the shop may or may not return at a later date—that’s all up to the artist! The Rare Item will always sell for AdventureCoins (free storage woohoo!) and will ONLY be available during that week.  

*We say every Tuesday… and we mean it! We’re ganna keep on releasing new Artist Showcase Shops every Tuesday until we run out of artists… or run out of coffee. 

The First Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop

Vokun is the first to be featured in the Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop!

Vokun's set

Vokun’s person stash of undead pirate items is guaranteed to shiver the timbers of friends and foes throughout your swashbuckling travels. 

  • Void Blade of Vokun – RARE!
  • Pirate of Vokun Armor
  • Vokun’s Pirate Hat
  • Vokun’s Pirate Hat Hair
  • Plume of the Pirate Wings

The Void Blade of Vokun will be going forever RARE on next Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The Void Blade is selling for 200 AdventureCoins—so get more ACs now if you wanna score this awesome Rare blade!  

Who is Vokun?

Legend foretells that Vokun was a Lord of the Forgotten Tombs, guarding its fabled treasures and dark magic. When the Forgotten Tombs collapsed during an earthquake, Vokun locked himself up for a millennium. Now that Vokun has resurfaced, he has harnessed the Tombs’ dark magic, creating a new breed of dark army followers.


In the real world, Vokun is an AQWorlds volunteer artist hailing from the Netherlands. Inspired by the artists of Artix Entertainment, Vokun began his own artistic adventures with Flash less than a year ago. Vokun receives lots of help and positive energy from the Artix gaming community and continues to master his art and style.

Want to thank Vokun for his hard work? Give him a shout out on the Forums!

Now that you know everything about Vokun and the first Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop, get your gear on in the Battleon Game Menu!

PS: Soon you'll see Vokun's NPC in-game permanently! He'll be moving to a room in the Underworld. Look for him (and the shop he'll have there) in the near future.


April 15, 2013

Lore's Magic... Tainted?!

This Friday: Journey to the Center of Lore!

Look up into the sky, Hero, and then deep into yourself. Whether or not you are a mage, you have a bright, burning core at the center of your being. Magic users can see and manipulate this pool of energy, but ALL creatures on Lore have one.

These are ley lines. Currently unstable.

It connects you to the ley lines which encircle the planet. Those ley lines, in turn, are linked to the crystallized mana core in the center of the world.

YOU are directly connected to that mana core... And something is very, VERY wrong with it!

Artist Representation of the Mana Core. Not to scale.

The forces of magic have become unbalanced, and Warlic fears that it might have something to do with the heart of Lore. This Friday, You'll need to journey to the center of Lore (dig ALL the way down through rocks and dirt and dead dinosaurs) to discover... and fix... whatever is causing magic to be so unpredictable!

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April 15, 2013

Rhubarb's Little Helper

Thanks For All Of Your Help

This weekend AQW encountered a very large problem. We started getting lots of reports of people being unable to start brand new accounts. As you might know, AQW needs players to keep it going and the more we have the better we do so when there's a bug that stops being from being able to create free accounts, we take it VERY seriously. 

Being the generally awesome group of people that you are, you jumped up and began volunteering useful information, a few of you even taking movies of the account creation not working which was great but we were still unable to narrow down the cause of the problem. 

One player who was having the issue struck me as both a native English speaker and very mature and well spoken (all traits that we need when testing for bugs). I asked if he was willing to hop on to AQW and help Captain Rhubarb track down the issue and he did. 

While many of you volunteered the same information as this guy, he sat in a room with Cap and I for many hours, testing link after link, opening up his browser's networking panel and reading us the output as Cap tried to figure out what the source of this bug was. 

This player asked for no kind of reward and expected nothing in return for sitting in a private room and being our test subject for hours after numb-numbing hour. He has a live. He could have gotten bored or tired and we would have understood but he was a trooper and kept working with us deep into the night until his services were no longer required and Cap and put a temporary fix in until he could patch the issue. 

He was such a great sport that I offered to do something for him to thank him for his hard work. He is already a Member with plenty of ACs and several thousand Artix points just waiting to be spent so I asked if there was a rare that I could give him as a thank you. 

He asked if Dark Caster was too much. I told him that I was sorry but it was. It would be unfair to everyone who entered the SUATMR contest to just magic one into existence for him when we were scavenging used ones from our own accounts for the winners. It couldn't come from that list. 

Finally, he asked if I might be able to give him the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath pet, which I was happy to do. 

It's not the first time that a Dev has awarded a player for helping us in some respect and it won't be the last (not that we give a gift to EVERY person who helps us, either.), but there seem to be lots and lots of people on the forums and on Twitter who either think that this player did not deserve an award or that they ALSO deserved an award. To those people I offer this:

  • To those who think he did not deserve a this treatment... I'm not sure what you think that but you really don't have any idea what he did to earn it our how much he helped us out. Whomever we ask to help us and what we offer them, if anything, to thank them is our call. 

  • To all those who think they should also get something... part of the reason that I was willing to offer him a thank you was that he never asked for anything in return and nor indicated in any way that he expected something. He was willing to help just to help fix the game, and we are very grateful for that kind of selfless appreciation of AQW. Again, I want to thank everyone who tried to provide us info about the bug but he ended up being immeasurably helpful in testing this thing.

We move at a very rapid pace at AE. One of the prices that we pay for releasing new playable content just about every week of the year is that we don't get to test as much as we'd like and we end up with quite a large bugs list. We are grateful for every single bug report that we get and we consider you all testers to some degree but please don't be a hater when it comes to someone who was in the right place at the right time with the tools and the talent to help us out. 

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April 12, 2013

J6 Saga Finale

Discover J6's TRUE Secret!

Log in now to battle across the galaxy with J6 the Bounty Hunter! Tonight, YOU are the sole decider of J6's fate! Will you be the Bounty Hunter's friend or foe? Will you help him with his mission… or put a permanent end to J6? Log in now for the highly-anticipated J6 Saga Finale! 

Complete the entire J6 Saga to unlock the Member-only Hyperium house! And find all the new 0 AC, Member-only rewards in the Bounty Hunter shop update!

J6 Saga Check List

  1. /join j6 to begin your J6 Saga adventures
  2. Complete quests in J6 map and defeat the Sketchy Dragon until you find J6’s Secret Hideout Map and equip it
  3. Find the Dwakel Decoder
  4. Use J6’s Secret Hideout Map to find the Rusty Spittoon Saloon
  5. Help the Saloon patrons with their quests and learn about J6
  6. Find J6, snag the Crystalized Dragons Breath, get a perfect score on J6’s Quiz, and receive coordinates to the Hyperium Starship
  7. Bring 2 friends to the Hyperium to get past the Turrets
  8. Access the Bounty Hunter Shop by clicking the gauges in the right order
  9. Embark on H.A.L.’s Missions in the 3rd floor using the Elevator

  10. Find where J6 keeps his VR Room Access Ticket
  11. Go to the VR Room on the 2nd floor using the Elevator
  12. Complete missions in the VR Room and H.A.L.
  13. Find missing Datadisks hidden all over Lore
  14. Return to the VR Room after finding Datadisks
  15. Join Hyperium and begin Part 1 of the finale.
  16. Complete the hyperspace map's missions.
  17. Join Hyperium and get to work!

Complete the entire J6 Saga to unlock Steampunk J6!

The entire J6 Saga is complex, taking luck AND teamwork to complete. One of the hardest storylines in game, team-up to discover his secret! Good luck, intrepid Bounty Hunters!

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April 12, 2013

Astral Guardian and Wanderer

Astral Guardian Double Set Package!

Soar through the stars and defend entire dimensions with the Astral Guardian and Astral Wanderer sets!

The Limited Time Astral Guardian Shop will be available until sometime in May and includes 11 AC items OR...

  • Get all 11 PLUS 2 Member-only exclusive items for free when you buy a 3 Month Membership package! 
  • Get all 11 items for free if you buy a 5,000 Adventure Coin package!

Astral Guardian Set

The shop will include:

  • Astral Guardian Armor
  • Astral Wanderer Armor
  • Shadowed Runic Seal
  • Wanderer's Runic Seal
  • Astral Guardian Wings
  • Astral Shadow Wings
  • Runic Universal Shield
  • Color-custom Shield Wings
  • Runic Universal Wings
  • Astral Guardian Hood
  • Astral Wanderer Hood

Astral Wanderer Set

Member-package exclusive items are:

  • Color-custom Astral Wings 
  • Ringed Wanderer Hood 

Astral Shop Available in Battleon Tonight!

The following items will be sold in the Astral Guardian Battleon shop for a limited time:

  • Astral Guardian Armor
  • Astral Wanderer Armor
  • Shadowed Runic Seal
  • Wanderer's Runic Seal
  • Astral Guardian Wings
  • Astral Shadow Wings
  • Runic Universal Shield
  • Color-custom Shield Wings
  • Runic Universal Wings
  • Astral Guardian Hood
  • Astral Wanderer Hood
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April 12, 2013

Your Treasure Chest Overflows

New Gear in Twilly's Treasure Chest!

Talk to Twilly to get your NEW Treasure Chest items! Take the Treasure Chests that drop from monsters as you battle and buy Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly to unlock them (or use the TWO FREE Keys you get from Twilly each month you're a member)! 

Legion Nightmares will stalk Lore... tonight!

Not Sure What the Treasure Chests Are?

These chests have a less than 1% chance of dropping from ANY monster in the entire game. Each one contains one of over 20 (and the number will keep growing) Epic Items that you can't get anywhere else!

NightCaller Scythe

All of the items are 0 AC so you can store them for free, all of the items are non-member so you can use them forever!There's just one problem. You can't open the Treasure Chests without a Magic Key. The good news is that Twilly (the little red Moglin in Battleon) has a few extras and will happily sell you one for 200 ACs and open your chest for you.

Coffinbreaker Blade and Claymore of Light

If you don't have a lot of spare ACs, you can always do some AEXtras to get some quick AdventureCoins, and if you don't feel like doing that, just sell the Treasure Chest! Each one is worth 500 GOLD!

BattlePoint Scythe

MEMBER PERK: Once again, AQW membership gives you even more of the best of AQW. Every month you're a Member, you get two FREE Treasure Chest keys!

Deepspace Engineer Suit!

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April 11, 2013

J6 Saga Study Guide

A Simple Guide to a Complex Saga

Embark on the exciting conclusion of the J6 Saga this Friday evening!


Here’s a helpful spoiler-free guide to aid you on your J6 adventures from beginning to end. Give a great big THANK YOU to Sora To Hoshi for helping with this guide and providing screenshots =D

Pencil Puddle

J6 goes out for a picnic and forgets to draw his zone. But not all is what it seems! Fight the Sketchy Dragon for a clue to find the elusive Bounty Hunter J6.

pencil puddle

Begin your J6 adventures by typing /join J6 in the chat field in-game!

The Rusty Spittoon Saloon

Grab some Moglinberry juice and help the local patrons with their quests. Discover valuable information about the mysterious J6 and test your knowledge against the Bounty Hunter himself.


Answer all of J6’s questions correctly and he’ll award you with coordinates to his Hyperium Spaceship!


Watch out for those darn Turrets! You and your friends must work together as a team to get past the Turrets. Don’t give up—it WILL take some time! Crack into the Bounty Hunter armory by clicking on the gauges in the correct order, meet H.A.L. the computer, and find the hidden VR Room Access Card.


Continue on your quest with J6 and pay special attention to his clues!


Once you’ve found the VR Room Access card, you can embark on Virtual Reality missions! Explore the Zephyrus train, talk to the passengers, and make sure none of them are hiding anything.


Retrieve the Crystallized Dragons Breath, spin open a chamber, and run across the Zephyrus roof until you reach the Hyperium once more!

Planet Westion

Finding the Chapter 5 Datadisk allows you to find out more about J6! Travel through the Moonyard playing AS J6 but make sure to hold your nose… because this is one Virtual Reality simulation that really STINKS!


Kick some Robo-butt in the Moonyard and return to the Hyperium when finished.

Banzai Planet

After helping H.A.L. with some missions, find the location of Datadisk 4 and journey to Banzai! Nullify all life on this planet by winning multiple mini games and defeating the L.O.S.E.R.S.


After disarming the bomb, make your way back to the Hyperium floating through space and complete your mission.

Evil Medieval

Help H.A.L. and get a clue to the location of Datadisk 3. Watch the content of this Chapter 3 Datadisk in the VR Room once you found it.


Afterwards, speak with J6 and help him with his last minute quests before taking flight into hyperspace!

j6 hyperium

Take H.A.L. Offline

Now that you are in hyperspace, go to the VR Room and await instructions from the Baron.


You need to find a way to turn H.A.L. off—so you must challenge your Memory against his!

hal minigame

Defeat H.A.L. at his game and discover the secret to powering down this super computer.

Last Week’s Cliffhanger

Once the Baron breaks onto the Hyperium, it is up to YOU to decide weather or not to Shoot J6 or Spare J6’s Life.

Baron on Board!

And this Friday, YOU are the sole decider of J6's fate! Will you be the Bounty Hunter's friend or foe? Will you help him with his mission… or put a permanent end to J6?

Log in tomorrow night for the highly anticipated J6 Saga Finale! 

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April 11, 2013

Become an AQ3D AlphaKnight!

Help us Test our Newest Game!

AlphaKnights are hailed all across Lore for their epic greatness. And here’s your chance to become an AlphaKnight in our new 3D MMO, AQ3D: Legend of Lore!


How to Become an AQ3D AlphaKnight

  1. Be an upgraded Member in AdventureQuest Worlds
  2. Link your AQWorlds Account to your Artix Master Account
  3. Wait for the “Play Now!” to turn RED on
  4. Make an AQ3D account when the server is online

It’s just that simple!

You help us test our brand new game… and you will earn infinite bragging rights as an AQ3D AlphaKnight!

Don’t let this rare opportunity pass you by! Upgrade to an AQWorlds Member now and become an AQ3D AlphaKnight today!

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April 10, 2013

HeroMart Joins the Dark Side

Support the ShadowScythe with a ShadowShirt!

The newly-redesigned ShadowScythe T-Shirt combines the two previous shirts into one. The Shadowscythe logo is in a deeper blood red and the philigry (that stuff in the back) is a darker black on black color.

Mido & Miko are in the photos modeling the shirt.

The Shadowscythe T-Shirt comes with the Shadowscythe Follower Pet with TWO owner-only quests!

The Shadowscythe Follower is VERY good at its job!

Complete the quests to get the following gear: 

  • Dark Blade of the Shadowscythe
  • Shadowscythe Tentacles Cape
  • Shadowscythe Watcher Cape

Darkly-awesome items of Darkness!

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April 10, 2013

Heromart Sells Bacon

"My other car's a flying carpet of Bacon"

*resists urge to make this entire post a series of bacon puns just bacons...* Two shirts hit the shelves of our official online store, Heromart, for all you heroes. Both include exclusive in-game items.

Cysero Loves Bacon... And Shirts!

Bacon: all the fun of candy in delicious pan-fried meaty goodness! Everyone knows that Bacon is the most magical meat in the world, and when you combine that with Cysero’s wacky magic, you get a flying bacon carpet—on your shirt AND in-game!

Cysero is pleased to meat you!

The Cysero Bacon Carpet T-shirt comes with the following in-game items:

AQWorlds in-game items:

  • Flying Bacon Armor
  • Guy's Bacon Fez
  • Gal's Bacon Fez
  • Magic Bacon Ride Character Page Badge

AND gear in our other Artix Entertainment games!

AdventureQuest in-game items:

  • Ep-Pig Pet

DragonFable in-game items:

  • Bacon Wings

MechQuest in-game items:

  • Bacon Shooter Back Arm weapon

HeroSmash in-game items:

  • CyseroBacon T-Shirt Badge
  • Bacon Cape
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April 10, 2013

Dragon Blade Birthday Shop

Galanoth's Birthday Limited Time Shop!

Galanoth the DragonSlayer had a birthday last month... and it's almost time for his birthday rares (and seasonal rares) to leave game! 

To highlight the end of his birthday event, we've added 3 new Dragon Blades to a Limited Time Shop, each doing more damage to Dragons AND with a Rep boost attached! This shop will vanish on Friday, April 12!

  • Polished Dragon Blade +7
  • Legion Dragon Blade +5
  • Rare Platinum Dragon Blade +3

Each of these blades does bonus damage to dragons AND gives you a small bit of reputation! 

What About The Dragon Blades I Already Have?

Because we didn't announce this Limited Time Shop ahead of time, many of you already bought your Dragon Blades from Galanoth's birthday shop. To make sure his DragonSlayers know he appreciates all the heroes who celebrated his birthday, Galanoth has added an extra bit of Rep to all of the blades in his Birthday Treasures shop!

Galanoth's seasonal and rare birthday items AND quests leave Monday, April 15th until next year!


April 10, 2013

Server Zoning Changes

Taking Action On Your Feedback!

Yesterday we began the server zoning experiment, which tested grouping our Filipino players into their own server (and Member servers if they are upgraded). We began this experiment to make players safer, happier, and to make selecting servers easier to understand.*

A lot of you liked the changes, but many of you had concerns. We always want to act upon your feedback as soon as possible, so today I met with Artix and Galanoth, and we've got a list of changes for you!

Changes to Server Zoning

Based on your comments, we have made the following changes to our server zone experiment:

  • Minimal server will return for ALL players as our second International server! 
  • Filipino players will see the Talim Filipino server, Artix and Minimal international servers, and both Member servers when you log in once the coding changes are complete.**
  • Brasilian players will see their server screen change in the near future, as we introduce a featured server display list, but we do not have plans to restrict them to a single set of servers.
  • We are considering re-naming the Member servers. Sir Ver would become "Alteon," while Evil Sir Ver would become "Gravelyn" and receive an International Member server label.*** Give us your feedback on this idea!

* With 19 servers, it can be overwhelming for some new players.
** We are shooting to have the Minimal server and the rest of these changes out to you all by Friday.
*** All members would still be able to access both Member servers. Just the labels would change. 

Thank you all for your comments, enthusiasm, or concern for your fellow players, and for working with us as we try new ways to make AQWorlds a better for all our players!


April 09, 2013


The March SUATMR Winner is ROUGEMASTER5464!

The first Tuesday of every month we draw a winner for the SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RARES contest. All you have to do is own a Rares Raffle Ticket for that month from Cleric Joy in Battleon. It costs nothing and bank storage is free. 

If you want to increase your chances, you get one more entry for every day of Membership you have left on your account on the day of the drawing (example: buy 1 year Membership, get 365 more chances), and you get one extra entry for every AExtra that you complete in that month on top of the FREE AdventureCoins that you earn. 

The winner gets to hang out with one Mod or Dev of their chooising for a while and get to take one rare item donated from the staff, which we may not replace. The list of prizes and Mods/Devs can be found on the CONTEST PAGE. 

Yesterday, ROUGEMASTER5464 became the most recent winner of the contest.

He's been playing AQW since 2011 but was a DF DragonLord before that and has been an AQW Member for quite a while. He selected the original Dark Caster armor as his prize and even though he was in considerable pain (had some dental work done that earlier that day) we had a lot of fun hanging out. 

I answered a few of his questions, forced Faith and Syra from HeromMart to both PERSONALLY check on the status of his Artists of Artix Sketchbook order status, then we PvP'd a little and he got to see just exactly how amazingly cheap my personal Cysero class really is. 

There are a LOT of people who enter this contest every month but ANYONE could win. Will you win next month?

And just because there hasn't been enough links in this post, here's one of the Cysero Magic Bacon Ride shirt coming tomorrow to HeroMart and here's one of me laughing, as I so often do, at myself


April 09, 2013

Introducing Server Zoning

Testing New Server Functionality!

Late last year, we introduced the first phase of server changes to help make playing AQWorlds more enjoyable for everyone. Chatting with new friends and making plans to battle with them against epic boss monsters is one of the best parts of being a Hero on Lore... and now we're trying to make that event BETTER with server zoning!

Today we're introducing a server zone for players in the Phillippines! Anyone playing from the Philipines will be required to log into the Talim* server OR our Member servers (if you have an upgraded account). Anyone outside the Philippines can also join the Talim server to battle with your friends! Canned-chat players in the Phillippines will be able to log into the Talim server, as well.

* Talim means "blade" in Tagalog.

Why Have Zoned Servers?

There are a few different reasons game companies use server realms or zones:

  • Some of our servers are WAY more crowded than others. This should help reduce server crowding in over-populated servers like Cysero and Twilly.
  • Another goal is to help players in the same parts of the world share in-game as well as real world experiences and victories.

Will My Country Get Its Own Server?

This is a test of the server zoning system. We want to test this with a Filipino-zoned server to see whether this experiment should be expanded to zones for other countries. Although not every country will get its own server (as some countries have fewer AQW players than others.)

Feedback Update

We've been watching everyone's reactions to the new server zoning experiment, and I want to address some of the questions that keep coming up.

  • Server zoning is pretty common in many online games, though this is a new step for us to take.
  • We are testing server zoning to see if it reduces a number of stresses on the team and our servers.
  • We are tracking a lot of data which we'll use to review how effective the server zoning experiment is.
  • If it is not as effective as we've theorized, then we'll review the idea and see what else can be done.
  • Our main goal with the server zoning is to make as many players as possible SAFE and HAPPY.

We'll have more news in a few weeks, once we've had a chance to gather enough information.


April 08, 2013

Battle Through the Stars

Friday: J6 Saga Finale Part 2!

Log in now to battle across the galaxy with J6 the Bounty Hunter! Last week we released Part 1 of his epic, 2-year storyline. This week, Part 2 of the finale will bring ALL the secrets to light as we disclose the mystery of J6! Who IS J6, and why is he REALLY hunting across the galaxy?

If you haven't already begun your journey through space, take a look at Beleen's J6 Saga Walkthrough to board the spaceship to new worlds of fun! 

Astral Guardian Double Set Package!

This Friday, April 12th, soar through the stars and defend entire dimensions with the Astral Guardian and Astral Wanderer sets!

The Limited Time Astral Guardian Shop will be available until sometime in May and includes 11 AC items OR...

  • Get all 11 PLUS 2 Member-only exclusive items for free when you buy a 3 Month Membership package! 
  • Get all 11 items for free if you buy a 5,000 Adventure Coin package!

Astral Guardian Set

The shop will include:

  • Astral Guardian Armor
  • Astral Wanderer Armor
  • Universal Shield Wings
  • Runic Universal Wings
  • Color-custom Double Wings
  • Gilded Double Wings
  • Astral Runic Cape
  • Universal Runic Seal
  • Shadowed Runic Seal
  • Astral Guardian Hood
  • Astral Wanderer Hood
  • Ringed Wanderer Hood (member-only!)

Astral Wanderer Set

Member-package exclusive items are:

  • Color-custom Wings 
  • Ringed Wanderer Hood 

Become a Warp Necromancer!

Don't forget: the Warp Necromancer is still here, but the shop will leave in the few weeks! Once it does, the ONLY way to get the gear will be by finding the Warp Necromancer CAPE Shop from another player! You'll need to click their cape to open up a Cape shop you can use. 

Buy the Necro Warpmancer Cape in your game menu for 1,000 ACs to unlock a second shop with the armor, daggers, and helm! The cape gives a bonus to Rep as long as you have it equipped AND if another player clicks your cape, it opens a shop so they can buy one, too!

Don't Forget!

  • Grenwog goes rare for another year on Wednesday!
  • The seasonal Earth Day event with Captain Lore returns next week AND...
  • Get ready to battle your way to the center of Lore as magic grows VERY unstable!
  • The Evil Undead Limited Time shop ends TOMORROW at 11:59pm server time!
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April 06, 2013

Send J6 Into Space

Help Send him there in Real Life!

Don't forget, we're still trying to send J6 to space in REAL LIFE! J6 the Bountyhunter gets to travel through galaxies on a mysterious mission. In real life, J6 the Lead Artist creates art on the ground ... but is always looking up to the sky for inspiration! Let's all work together to make sure he has a chance to fly among the stars!

He has worked on EVERY game Artix Entertainment has made; working together, we can make his dream come true!

Where to Vote for J6?

Click this link: Vote for J6! You'll need to click the green "Vote" button, sign into your Facebook account, then submit your vote for AQW's favorite Bountyhunter/artist! You can only vote once per Facebook account, so let your friends know, too!

Why does he want to go into space?

"Art is all about breaking boundaries; traveling into space would let me create and inspire a new generation with a first-person view of the universe!" 

Winning this contest would send him to a training camp where he would have the chance to fly into space with an international crew. This is not a joke contest; the last time he tried, he got the most votes, but the number of votes didn't matter. This time it does! Help to send our Bountyhunter up where he belongs: among the stars!

If we all vote together, we have the power to send an artist up into space! Will you help us?

Plus, if he gets there AND makes an epic item when he returns, we would be the first videogame company to have an item drawn by an artist in space!

Journey With J6 In AQWorlds, Too!

J6 is bounty-hunting across the galaxy; are you ready to join him?! If you haven't already begun your journey through space with our mysterious Bounty Hunter, /join J6! In the first installment of the 2-part J6 Saga finale, he is about to finish his Doomsday device... and YOU are asked to stop him! Hop on board the Hyperium now to get your adventure (and the battling) underway!

Unlock the J6 Highwayman Armor


April 05, 2013

Become a Warp Necromancer

Our First Viral Back Item Arrives Tonight!

Buy the Necro Warpmancer Cape in your game menu for 1,000 ACs to unlock a second shop with the armor, daggers, and helm! The cape gives a bonus to Rep as long as you have it equipped AND if another player clicks your cape, it opens a shop so they can buy one, too!

The Warp Necromancer shop will be in-game for a few weeks so everyone can purchase the Warp Necromancer Cape. When the cape is equipped, YOU will get extra Rep; anyone clicking on the cape will open a shop which will let them buy their own!

How Do I Become a Warp Necromancer?

Find the Warp Necromancer Cape Shop in your game menu! Buy the cape first to unlock the Warp Necromancer Set Shop containing the Armor, Helm, and Daggers!

The Warp Necromancer Cape Shop in the game menu will contain:

  • Warp Necromancer Cape (1,000 Adventure Coins)

The Warp Necromancer Set Shop (also in the game menu) will contain:

  • Warp Necromancer Armor (0 ACs)
  • Warp Necromancer Helm (0 ACs)
  • Warp Claws of Fury (0 ACs)

As long as YOU have the cape, you'll be able to access both the cape shop AND the set shop at any time. But once the Warp Necromancer Cape Shop leaves the game, the only way to get ahold of this gear will be to find someone with the cape equipped! Click their cape to buy your own. Then YOU can access the Warp Necromancer Set shop with the rest of the gear!

It will be really interesting to see how far this item spreads throughout the game!

What's a Warp Necromancer? Where's It From?

Warp Necromancers are a breed of soldiers who have bored through time and space, riding warpholes all the way to Lore.

(You may have already met a creature they have battled for eons: the Desterrat Moya, destroyer of the undead!) Should the Warp Necromancers learn of its actions here... WAR may be unavoidable!

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April 05, 2013

J6 Saga Walkthrough

Get up to speed on the J6 Saga!

Everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter is wrapping up his massive saga starting tonight! But in order to embark on J6’s new release, there’s a lot you need to do beforehand. 

And I mean A LOT.J6

A lot of time.

A lot of patience.

And a lot of team work!

Since the release is still a few hours away (assuming you aren’t from the future…or reading this AFTER we’ve launched), now is the time to catch up on the extremely complex J6 Saga extravaganza!

J6 Saga Check List

  1. /join j6 to begin your J6 Saga adventures
  2. Complete quests in J6 map and defeat the Sketchy Dragon until you find J6’s Secret Hideout Map and equip it
  3. Find the Dwakel Decoder
  4. Use J6’s Secret Hideout Map to find the Rusty Spittoon Saloon
  5. Help the Saloon patrons with their quests and learn about J6
  6. Find J6, snag the Crystalized Dragons Breath, get a perfect score on J6’s Quiz, and receive coordinates to the Hyperium Starship
  7. Bring 2 friends to the Hyperium to get past the Turrets
  8. Access the Bounty Hunter Shop by clicking the gauges in the right order
  9. Embark on H.A.L.’s Missions in the 3rd floor using the Elevator
  10. Find where J6 keeps his VR Room Access Ticket
  11. Go to the VR Room on the 2nd floor using the Elevator
  12. Complete missions in the VR Room and H.A.L.
  13. Find missing Datadisks hidden all over Lore
  14. Return to the VR Room after finding Datadisks
  15. Now you’re ready to help J6 conclude his saga starting tonight!

See! I told you there’s A LOT. But A LOT of fun, I promise!

Good luck, intrepid Bounty Hunters!

Galactically-Awesome Items!

J6's Bounty Hunter shop has had a planet-sized update, and NONE of it is going rare! Check out the following gear after you complete J6's storyline quests:

  • JVI Armor and Helm
  • Highway Bounty Hunter Set
  • Galactic Eviscerator set
  • FF0000 Blaster Gun
  • Azimuth Blaster Gun

  • Heavy Metal Mercenary set
  • J-Roku Samurai set
  • J-Roku Katana
  • Mercilessness Mercenary Gun
  • Shotgun of Aphelion
  • Behemoth Blade of BlueMoon
  • Backscattering Blades
  • Albedo Battle Axe

April 04, 2013

Grenwog Spring Event is Live!

Grenwog is an egg-cellent time to go hunting!

Talk to Cabdury (the friendliest, most inedible bunny in town) to access this year's Egg Hunt quests! Collect the eggs hidden around BattleOn and the rest of the town to unlock the Backpack of Eggs and the Vorpal Bunny pet! (Note: Any Vorpal Bunny will be able to access the quests to get this year's regular Berserker Bunny items. Enjoy!) 

And once you've collected all those, why not try Cabdury's Treat Hunt to unlock the Evolved Berserker Bunny set? The merge items will drop from the bosses in Greenguard Forest.  With an Armor, a Helm, a Spear, and a Long-sword, you'll have a bun-tiful amount of items to choose from! The Evolved Berserker Bunny Armor also requires the drop from the final Vorpal Bunny quest.

Grenwog gear, collect it all! (Or as much as you can carry):

  • Evolved Berserker Bunny set!
  • Berserker Bunny 13 armor, helm, and longsword!
  • Daisy on your back cape!
  • Mayflower and Marshmallow Cheep pets!
  • Fire Egg Staff, Carrotine Cutter, ChickenCow Club!
  • And much more!

Help Aria Hatch Her Pet Eggs!

Spring is here, and Aria's found a basketful of unhatched eggs. She thinks they may have rare pets inside them and needs your help to hatch them! Are you up for a quest today?

What Kind of Pets Can I Get?

That's part of the surprise! But here's a breakdown of the hints:

If you buy a Golden Egg, you can quest to get merge items for1 of 4 DIFFERENT pets (or buy 4 eggs to get them all):

  • Cracking Golden Pet
  • Rustling Golden Pet
  • Slimy Golden Pet
  • Smelly Golden Pet

If you buy a Platinum Egg, you can quest to get merge items for1 of 4 DIFFERENT pets (or buy 4 eggs to get them all):

  • Cracking Platinum Pet
  • Rustling Platinum Pet
  • Slimy Platinum Pet
  • Smelly Platinum Pet

Get ALL the details of Aria's Pet Egg quests here!

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April 04, 2013

SO Much To Do This Week

AQWorlds: A Release A Day!

Have you logged in this week? Good! Then you've seen the prolific* amount of content we've released! Here's a pre-Friday recap:

  • Monday: April Fools! AdventureQuest Farts was a gas, literally! You can still get your April 1st rares from Dage the Evil in Battleon!
  • Tuesday: Evil Undead Limited Time Shop
  • Wednesday: Grenwog
  • Today: NEW Dragon Blades in Galanoth's Birthday Treasures shop, TheSpan's Chaos Lord armor drops from the Iadoa boss monster
  • Friday: J6 Saga finale, Part 1

* Prolific is the word of the day. *scream*

Thursday Release Insanity!

Galanoth's long-awaited Dragon Blade updates are HERE! Upgrade to unlock the Evolved Dragon Blade or spend AdventureCoins to get the Legion Dragon Blade!

Evolved Dragon Blade and Legion Dragon Blade

  • Evolved Dragon Blade: Member-only, 1,000,000 gold, Bonus damage to Dragons AND bonus gold (in-game permanently)
  • Legion Dragon Blade: 500 ACs, Bonus damage to Dragons AND bonus gold (seasonal rare)

Take on Iadoa, the Chronomancer Chaos Lord in TheSpan for a chance to get the Member-only Iadoa armor! /Join TheSpan to begin the ChronoSpan Chaos Saga, and learn the story of just HOW AQWorlds was created when three timelines merged into one!

Tomorrow: J6 Saga Finale Part 1!

Continue your adventure to discover the secret of J6! If you haven't already begun your journey through space with our mysterious Bounty Hunter, /join J6! 

J6 Highwayman

If you're up to date, you'll discover that J6 is about to finish his Doomsday device... and YOU are asked to stop him. Challenge a friend to defeat a foe, discover the datadisk, and get ready to GO!

J6 Samurai

Events Leaving Soon!

  • Dage's Birthday shop leaves tomorrow!
  • April 1st Rares shop leaves tomorrow!
  • Lucky Day event leaves tomorrow! (Last chance to get the Evolved Leprechaun Class for another year!)
  • Aria's Pet Egg quests and Grenwog leaves April 15th

Arriving Tomorrow: GI J6 shop!

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April 03, 2013


It's Time To Change Your Passwords

There have been a new round of brute force hacks going around trying to pry their way into accounts, so we are just about to increase our security again. This is a good time to talk about account security. 

There are only 4 ways that someone can get into your account. 

  1. You share it. If more than one person has access to your account then then chances of you losing the account are very high, even if it's your best friend, brother or sister. AQW accounts are free. They should just go make one. 

  2. You give someone access. Maybe you saved your password at the cyber-cafe or library. Maybe you fell for some FREE ACs or FREE MEMBERSHIP site and entered your password when the fake site asked for it. Maybe you just have some brain disorder where you feel compelled to shout your passwords.

  3. You get a trojan or keylogger. It's not common but we've seen a few people make trainers or bots that will secretly install a small trojan on your system that will record your passwords (to AQW, e-mail, maybe even credit card numbers). It's one of the reasons we ask people not to bot.

  4. You have a rotten password and you get brute force hacked. This is the LEAST likely way to lose your account, currently but even so we are strengthening our counter measures. People can be pretty bad at making passwords and some hackers write programs that just try up to 1000 common passwords to see if they will work. Sometimes they do.  

What is a GOOD Password?

It's pretty simple to make an unhackable password. Make it long (10 characters is good). Use numbers, letters AND special characters (!@#$%^&*). Use some capital letters and some lower case letters. Avoid ANYTHING that has anything to do with whatever you're making a password for


  • jyHhaI86K!43
  • Tulip47fOOtball#belt
  • 95cCiop!BLASTER 
  • !ThisWhaleIsNot35!
  • I8u4brunchBUTiPuKeD12times 

Alina Note: Do NOT use these examples as YOUR password, because they are easy to steal! Make up your own like them, but different! :)

What is a BAD Password?

Here are examples of passwords to avoid. 

  • Artix
  • Artix123
  • 123123123
  • 12345
  • 54321
  • qwerty
  • ytrewq
  • aaaaaa
  • 111111
  • secret
  • password
  • god
  • love
  • Ilove (your friends could easily hack you)

Alina Note: Do not use THESE examples as your password, because they are easier to steal! Make your passwords like the good examples in the previous section, but different! :)

What Else Can I do?

Avoid Scammers. Scammers are people who lie to you to try and get your information. They might threaten to hack you inf you don't give them your password (which is really stupid if you think about it). They might lie to you. They might say they will give you something like ACs or a Membership or they might say they want to trade.

Examples of scammers.

DougBigBoy1: Hey, I'm Artix. I'll make you a mod if you tell me your password
You: It says your name is "DougBigBoy1".
DougBigBoy1: Yeah, this is my secret Mod account.  
You: XD You're an idiot. (report them)

LouisPhillipe1: Hello, I am the King of France. Want to trade accounts? I have Alpha Pirate.
You: (quick check on Wikipedia) France hasn't had a king since 1848. You're an idiot. (report them) 

Remember that there are LOTS of scammers on FaceBook and Twitter too. Use THIS has a handy guide and remember that AE staff will NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD.

You should also make sure that your AQW e-mail is up to date and registered with us. If something DOES happen to your account it will make it a LOT easier for Player Support to put things right for you. 

I've Already Been Hacked! WHAT DO?! WHAT DO?!

The Player Support team exists to help you with any and all account and/or payment issues.


April 02, 2013

Evil Undead Shop is Live!

Evil Undead Limited Time Shop in the Game Menu!

Join Artix and the rest of the Secret Underground Lab crew's excitement for the release of the NEW Evil Undead movie! One of Artix's earliest influences, the movie and sequels shaped how Artix views the undead (in-game AND in real life)!


Check out his post on for the story of how he and Warlic became friends and bonded over the original Evil Undead! Then log into AQWorlds to view all of the evilly-undead gear in our Limited Time Shop!

Evil Undead Slayers, Unite!

Any Hero preparing to take on the Evil Undead need to proper gear, so we've put together a shop full of armors, katanas, and (of course) chainsaws just for you! The Limted Time Shop will be around for 1 week, then will be gone for good!

Inside the shop you'll find:

  • Undead Trophyhunter (member and AC versions)
  • Skullcap Trophy Helm 
  • Skullcap Locks Helm 
  • Mia's Slasher Katana
  • Undeadite Armor
  • Undeadite Destroyer Blade 
  • Too-Slow Slayer Armor 

Undead Trophyhunter: for when you want to break ALL the bones!

  • Undeadites Armor 
  • Evil Undeadslayer Armor 
  • Mia's Dual Slashers 
  • Scalped Locks Helm 
  • Scalped Trophy Helm 
  • Toxic Chainsaw 
  • Good Ol' Chainsaw 
  • Undead Survivor Armor

More Power Against the Undead? Yes, Please!

When you equip the following weapons, you will deal 5% MORE DAMAGE when you battle any Undead monster! 

  • Evil Chainsaw +5 
  • Muddy Chainsaw +5 
  • Chaotic Chainsaw +5 

This is a new way for us to make our weapons more powerful, and we're eager to hear what you think of it! Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, the forum, or in-game!

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April 01, 2013

AdventureQuest Farts

April Fools: What Did We DO?!?!

To celebrate the coming new month, last night we fed ALL of the server hamsters an extra twelve rations of beans. In retrospect... that was a mistake. Because now EVERYONE in AQWorlds has really, really bad indigestion.

nZorbak is a real little stinker!

Never fear, everyone's stomachs (and senses of smell) should all be back to normal by late tonight. But wait! What about you heroes who LOVE it when yoou can battle with "bad indigestion"? We've got an answer for you!


That's right. If you think playing AQWorlds is a gas, then we've got you covered! And we've even got souvenirs for you to remember this day... forever! Talk to Dage the Sneevil in Battleon to check out the most aromatic items we've ever released!

Stinky Hamster is embarassed about what it ate.

Dage the Sneevil and Stinky Server Hamster pets, the Forever Provolone Helm, and the Stinky Cheese Suit, will all go rare on FRIDAY! (Dage's true form will reappear later tonight, but you can still access the April 1st Rares shop on Dage the EVIL until Friday!) 

Stinky Cheese Suit with Forever Provolone Helm

WHY Did We Do This?

At Artix Entertainment, we LOVE April Fools Day! Over the years, we've pulled some pretty amazing pranks, like when we...

DerpQuest Worlds in 2011!

  • Removed all the color in Battleon
  • Changed everyone's name to gold so they thought they were mods
  • Derped up AQWorlds
  • Had EbilCorp invade the game
  • Turned all of the DF heroes upside down in Falconreach
  • Swapped the genders of all the NPCs in AQ Classic
  • and more!

SketchQuest Worlds from 2009!

This year has to be one of the AQW team's favorites! From animating your character's indigestion, putting together the soundboard, getting all the gear drawn and animated... this was a BLAST! We think this is one of our stinkiest-but-awesomest April Fools "releases" ever! Which April Fools prank was YOUR favorite? Tell us on Twitter, the forums, and Facebook!

This Week's Releases!

Whooooo-eee, this week is going to be a doozy! (But not smell like one.... we hope.)

  • Tomorrow the Evil Undead Limited Time Shop will release
  • Wednesday we'll see the return of Cabdury the Rabbit and Grenwog
    (Cabdury will have the Egg Hammer quest for everyone doing Aria's Pet Egg quests)
  • Friday we've got the GI J6 shop the J6 Saga finale!
  • Dage the Evil's birthday Rares shop leaves FRIDAY!
  • Lucky Day leaves Wednesday with the arrival of Grenwog!

* Between Sunday's Aria Pet Egg release and today's event, it's been a CRAZY-busy (and smelly) couple of days!

Evil Undead Slayer is ready to break ALL the bones!

Read these Links for the Info You Need to Know!

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April 01, 2013

Super-Classy Soundboard


I'm just going to leave this here. By the way... have you logged into the game yet? Today's release is a gas!

Turn your sound on to experience the glory!

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