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August 21, 2015

Limited Quantity Packages are LIVE

Mirror Realm LQS Packages Are On Sale NOW!

Head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab one of these blindingly-brilliant, limited-edition sets!

Only a few heroes in AQWorlds will ever be able to equip them, so if you like rare gear - or like Good-themed items, then these are the limited quantity items for you! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Paragon of Light Armor Set

Price: 2000 ACs 
Total Quantity: 4000 (Initial stock: 2000, 400 per restock)
Package includes armor, helm, two capes, and two weapons.


Bright Fortress House (AC version)

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins 
Total Quantity: 4000 (Initial stock: 2000, 400 per restock)
Package includes in-game house.


Bright Fortress House (Member version)

Price: 150000 gold
Total Quantity: 8000 (Initial stock: 4000, 800 per restock)
Package includes in-game house.

Note: AC and member-only versions of the Bright Fortress house packages have the same art.

Data Elemental Pet and Weapon (Available for all players)

Price: 50000 gold
Total Quantity: 100000 (Initial stock: 25000, 15000 per restock)
Package includes a 0 AC pet and axe for all players, plus a member-only battle pet 

What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Friday, August 21st, at 3:00 PM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page* 
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
  6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

  1. 3:00 PM Friday, 8/21 (initial stock)
  2. 1:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  3. 11:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  4. 9:00 PM Saturday, 8/22
  5. 7:00 AM Sunday, 8/23
  6. 5:00 PM Sunday, 8/23

If you've got more questions about Limited Quantity Packages, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

* Link to webpage coming once the release date gets closer.


August 17, 2015

Dage Invades the Mirror Realm

August 21st: Battle Between Good vs Evil in the Mirror Realm!

The Queen of Monsters has been plotting for centuries - even before she was released into our world, her whispers found their way into the ears of those who would listen. Alteon the Imbalanced was ready to listen. Dage the Evil was ready to listen. And now, those two dark commanders have allied and are massing to take out the forces of Good in the Mirror Realm!

This Friday, travel to the Overworld but know this - whether you battle for Good or Evil, your goal remains the same - you must return Dage the Evil to our world and Alteon the Imbalanced's portal key must be... dealt with... or the psychic reverberations will resonate throughout the galaxy, causing greater and greater rifts. Everywhere!

Featuring the character cast of:

  • Dage the Evil
  • Alteon the Imbalanced 
  • Evil Ice Drakonnan
  • Dark ArchMage Brentan  
  • InnDestroyer Yulgar 
  • Beleen, She Who Strikes from the Shadows
  • Dage the Good
  • Nulgath the Archangel 
  • Aranx the Good
  • Memet, Dream Moglin
  • Twig who loves Broccoli and Hummus

You are not going to want to miss these releases - I saw ACW0's scripts, and there is a VERY interesting secret you'll find out... about yourself... that you have NEVER known before!


June 18, 2015

Dage's Summer2015 Concept Art

Help Us Choose the Top 3 Favorite Designs!

Dage spent the last two days coming up with concept art for a new rare gear shop launching later this summer. Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, or the forum which designs you like the best!


June 13, 2015

Science, Technology, and AQWorlds

7-12th Graders Use Videogames to Learn about Technology

At the Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum's STEM Summer Camp, a group of dedicated counselors and crazy-smart, enthusiastic teens are leveling up their real-life Intellect and Wisdom stats through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses. And to give them extra hands-on experience, one computer science class taught by Artix Entertainment volunteer Cody Moore, has its students create characters in AdventureQuest Worlds and HeroSmash!

AQWorlds: Virtual Classroom

Moore, one of AE's volunteer testers, told us about his incredible class of students, explaining how they've been using AQWorlds and HeroSmash to learn about how the internet works: how anyone can connect to people on the other side of the world, work together to accomplish their goals, and keep their personal information secure. 

"Some of them actually already played AQW, and it was amazing to see them teaching the new players in the class how to play the game! [...] It really blew their minds when I explained to them what all went into making the games and how many different kinds of jobs there are to do in the game design field!" - Cody Moore, camp counselor

STEM Summer Camp

The camp, based out of Hammond, Lousiana, offers several different classes for the students to choose from, focused on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and aeronautics, all geared towards helping them prepare for future career opportunities.

Moore's class focuses on subjects like:

  • computer hardware 
  • software installation
  • basic networking and trouble-shooting 
  • internet safety and privacy

After his students finished covering the planned coursework, Moore took time to explore a career many of them were curious about: videogame development. He covered the different types of jobs available, how videogames are made, and what steps to take to pursue careers in the future. 

STEM's Students: Inspired and Inspiring

We were so inspired by Moore's students and their enthusiasm, we've added the STEMWare OS Computer house item in-game, to commemorate their drive and desire to reach their goals, realize their dreams, and build the worlds they want to live in!

We need to encourage as many people like them as we can to choose careers in the STEM fields. That's the only way to make sure we have the future scientists, engineers, innovators, and programmers we need to invent time machines, explore the galaxy, and defy the laws of science.

(We're also making sure Moore and his students have everything they need to battle through this summer's in-game events AND the rest of their classes in style!)


June 08, 2015

Defeat the Guardian of the Underworld

Defeat GRRRberus, Guardian of the Gates next Friday!

After battling through the Vale of Mourning and standing before the three Judges of the Underworld, Dage the Evil has granted you permission to approach his Dark Throne! 

But after passing through the Gate... something is not right: Grrrberus, Guardian of the Underworld, and other infernal creatures have succumbed to the Frozen Flame and are rampaging through Dage's Fortress, attacking anyone bearing Dage's Seal! 

Defeat the three-headed beast and discover why Dage's fiercest enemy has breached his lair NOW... before YOU fall under her spell, too!

Origin of Grrrberus, Guardian of the Underworld

The big bad beast in the picture up above is named Grrrberus, Guardian of the Underworld. His name is a reference to Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the gate to the Underworld of Greek mythology,* preventing the dead from leaving and the living from entering. He is one of my favorite mythological creatures, and I love how Dage the Evil recreated him!

free online mmo cerberus

The original Cerberus is the offspring of Echidna, a hybrid half-woman/half-serpent (talk about a Mother of Monsters!) and Typhon, a gigantic monster feered by even the Greek gods. Some say each of the three heads can see a different point in time - past, present, and future.

Shadow of Cerberus Drops and Rares Shop

Victory is its own reward, but if you want to seize the REAL prize, you'll need to WORK! The Grrrberus boss monster will have a chance to drop a lesser version of the Shadow of Cerberus armor as well as merge tokens which you can use to upgrade the entire set! The Blood of Cerberus armor and accessories will be available for a limited-time in the release rares shop.

* You can see Grrberus' puppy form in DragonFable, our single-player fantasy RPG!


June 08, 2015

Undead Goat Class and NSoD Updates

Updates Are Coming!

In addition to the weekly releases (with new storyline updates, shops, farming gear, and challenge monsters) and working on the upcoming Summer 2015 Return of the Living Devs events, we've got a number of side projects that we are working on each week, like the Undead Goat Class, Necrotic Blade of Doom, and more... and we know many of you are incredibly eager to get your gauntlets on these hot-ticked items. So without further ado, read on for project updates and new details.

Undead Goat Class Status: In Progress

Our Class designers have been hard at work (amidst classes ending, real-life jobs, and summer insanity interfering) to create the Undead Goat Class - chosen by Noobstine, winner of the I Can Has Mod contest - and they have made progress. In order to make sure the Undead Goat Class does not resemble others too closely, we're taking extra time to review the skills and come up with a combination that will do Noobstine's theme and generosity justice.

Because the Golden Cheezburger is a 0AC item, you can store it for free in your inventory. Then, when the Class is ready, you'll take it to Noobstine's NPC in Greenguard and exchange it for the Class!

Necrotic Sword of Doom Quests: In Progress

Asuka and Tendou - two of AQW's volunteer testers - have designed several challenge quests and Nulgath updates over the last year. They're crafting a quest chain that will fit both the Blade's theme and its importance to the storyline. 

Once the quests are ready, you'll speak with one of the Dark Minions in Shadowfall to begin battling for the Necrotic Sword of Doom. Prepare yourselves, Heroes, and rank up that Evil Rep!


May 26, 2015

Did someone say, "Living Dungeon Design?"

Sneak-peek at this summer’s blockbuster release

I am writing two (maybe three) releases for AdventureQuest Worlds this summer. Cysero and Beleen are coming back to write special releases too! For this one, Titan Hollow, I wrote a short story about three Titans battle for the tear of a Fairy that turned into an eternal curse. Like the most popular dungeons from Doomwood, this will be a story-crawl adventure with bonus hidden secrets for hard core gamers.

dage the evil sketch sneak peek
Designed by Dage the Evil

Originally, I wanted to make it a Grimskull dungeon, but for some reason, players hate dying horrific terrible animated deaths over and over again. <_< Not sure why. >_> Really. So instead of animating comical death cutscenes, we will be focusing on heroic acts of how to cleverly get from point A to point B which will provide scores of awesome screenshot worthy moments.

Beware of living dungeons though.... sometimes... they move. O_O

Like what you see? Share your thoughts on my Facebook post here!


May 08, 2015

Survive the Forgotten Tomb

Will You Protect or Destroy Dage's Darkest Artifact?

Battle through The Forgotten Tombs this weekend as we continue the saga of Dage the Evil. Members of the Undead Legion guard one of Dage's most treasured artifacts deep inside the tomb, and Laken's Seraphic Paladins will do anything to possess it - the fate of the Dark Shard depends on YOU!

free rpg mmo darkness evil warriors

If you're up to date on the events in the Dage's Betrayal storyline, talk to Darkon when you /join legioncrypt and begin the hunt for Dage's Dark Shard! If you are not up to date but want to jump right into battle, talk to Angelina Rayder, Extraction Specialist and begin her quests!

Dage's Betrayal: the Story So Far...

The First Betrayal

Battle as Dage the Evil through Nulgath’s Shifting Planes cavern in the /darkfortress as you quest to gain your Mark of Mastery and become a full-fledged necromancer! But beware, betrayal waits for you... from the person you least expect!

Undead Legion Infiltration

The Order of Seraphic Paladins are charged with keeping Lore safe from Evil, and the Undead Legion is their favorite target! But something is amiss inside the Seraphic Fortress... Talk to Darkon when you /join seraph and answer the call of the Seraphic Paladins as they seek out the spies sent by the Undead Legion!

This week's other releases

Don't miss the rest of the new content in AQWorlds this week! 


May 06, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: May 8 2015

Dare you enter Dage's forgotten tombs?

The Forgotten Tomb Nulgath's Rares Shop Obsidia - Necromancer Armor Set Play Now Firestorm: The Forge Refer a Friend!

New items, new adventures, new friends and new foes await you this weekend. We hope you enjoy playing AdventureQuest Worlds as much as we enjoy making the game for you!


Alina, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQWorlds Team



February 25, 2015

New Game Updates on Feb. 27

new game release in adventure quest worlds pyrewatch peak fire in the sky

Dage's Birthday Shop

The Dark Lord is leveling up! On Friday, harness Dage’s evilest & newest Items. And then... prepare yourself... because the Legion DoomKnight Class arrives Monday!

dage birthday items rare march 2015

Coming Soon! ShadowFlame Dragon War

War is on the horizon... are you ready for battle, soldier? Brandish your blade and prepare for the ShadowFlame Dragon War! 

shadowflame dragon war coming soon to adventure quest worlds

AQ DRAGONS fan art contest: happening now!

Attention Dragon Masters! A new contest has started and we want YOU to create AQ DRAGONS fan art. Read more here

adventure quest dragons fan art contest happening now 2015

November 05, 2014

New Game Release on Nov. 7

Dark Harvest Seasonal MMO Event Returns

MMO game event Thanksgiving online

Prepare for a cornucopia of adventure this Friday!

  • Harvest holiday zones return
  • Seasonal Rare armors, weapons, pets, & more
  • Kung Food Fighter Achievement badge
  • Upgraded Legends will fight the Turdraken boss
  • Legends also unlock Shop & Seasonal House

Talk to Oishii in the /cornycopia map to get your Dark Harvest adventures underway!

New: BrightFall Warlord Armor

New RPG armor set in online mmo adventure quest worlds

A brand new 12 Month Upgrade Package arrives this Friday, November 7th. Dage the Evil is creating a masterpiece inspired by your fellow player Reki!

  • BrightFall Warlord Armor Set:
  • 1 Armor
  • 2 Helms
  • 2 Capes
  • 2 Weapons
  • Character page Achievement Badge
  • Unlock TONS of Legend-only Perks with your Upgrade

Thank you so much for supporting AQWorlds, and when you Upgrade with the 12 Month Package, you shall become the BrightFall Warlord! 

Over the Horizon: Dragon’s Dawn

Dragon Fantasy Game release coming soon

What came first—the Dragon or the Dragon Egg? On the fateful day of November 21, everyone will find out!

  • Team up with the DragonMasters of Lore
  • Locate the fabled Dragon Eggs of the mighty dragon ancestors
  • New Limited Quantity Shop includes:
  • Dragon Gear, 2 Dragon-Themed houses, and a FREE PLAYER PET!

Spoiler Alert: your actions will determine which Dragons will rule in the upcoming mobile game, AQ: Dragons!

Coming Soon: A Feast of Souls

Dage the Evil in online mmo rpg AQ Worlds

The people of Lore aren’t just harvesting crops this year… because Dage the Evil wants to harvest some souls!

  • New Thanksgiving Holiday Event: Dage’s Rage
  • As Dage prepares the ultimate feast, you must prepare for the ultimate battle!
  • 2 Opposing Factions will duke it out (just like the in-laws)
  • New Rare and Seasonal Rare items aplenty

It’s going to take some time to cook up a release of this magnitude, so sharpen your blades (and turkey-cutting knives) and prepare for your just desserts!


February 28, 2014

Dark Carnaval Comes to Terra de Festa

Are You Ready To Party?

It's that time of year again! Beads, feathers, sparkly costumes, samba dancing, and lots of celebrating! But before you can get to the party, you'll have to fight your way through hordes of zombies and hexed voodoo dolls - and one ornery ghoul!

What the heck, Samba Zombies?

You'll be able to play through all of last year's content if you /join carnaval. Once you're finished, head to /terradefesta to help Samba's cousin Frevo prepare for the party - assuming Baron Sunday and his zombies don't destroy the island first! 

Don't Forget Your New Party Clothes!

Can't go to Carnaval without a Samba costume! We have a ton of new Carnaval rares for 2014, including two gorgeous full sets for free players: Roroth's HarleQuint set and the voodoo-themed Samba costume pictured below...

Party Time!

New Carnaval Rares Include:

  • HarleQuint jester set
  • Firebird Carnaval set (above, right!)
  • Firebird Maraccas
  • Frevo Carnaval set (above, left!)
  • Frevo's Voodoo Doll mace
  • Voodoo Doll battle pet

New Stuff In Dage's Birthday Shop!

Dage the Evil's pre-birthday celebration continues with a boatload of new additions to his Dark Birthday Shop. That includes the new Hardcore Paragon quest pet, which - if you buy it - will also unlock access to the Living BladeMaster armor, as well as the heavily-requested Dual Blademaster Katanas.

Now Available in Dage's Birthday Shop:

  • Hardcore Paragon Pet
  • Legion Dreadrider armor
  • Dreadmarch armor
  • Blademaster Hood, Wraps, Mask and Horns

And don't forget! Once the BladeMaster class goes rare, we'll randomly choose ONE of the players who bought it and send them a free Undead Legion poster signed by Dage the Evil! That's right, you didn't need any extra incentive to get BladeMaster, but we're giving it to you anyway.


February 26, 2014

Dage's Pre-Birthday Surprise

Dage's new Blademaster Class is Live!

Dage's birthday isn't until Sunday, but he's decided to start celebrating tonight, and he's got plenty of evil goodies to share with everyone! Log into Battleon tonight and talk to Dage to open his Dark Birthday Shop. The new Blademaster class and Blademaster weapons are live now, and more new Legion gear - including a new quest pet - will be added on Friday. And don't forget, Dage's big birthday celebration is coming next week!

Like an undead ninja.

Login Tonight For:

  • Dage's new BladeMaster class - AC and Legion Tokens versions!
  • BladeMaster's Sword
  • BladeMaster's Katana
  • BladeMaster's Fauchard
  • BladeMaster's Dual Weapons

And coming Friday:

  • NEW Legion pet with owner-only Legion Token quests
  • Legion Dragonrider Armor

June 26, 2013

Join the Undead Legion!

Dage the Evil wants YOU. Enlist Today!

Dage is one Evil dude, that’s for sure. Do you have what it takes to become part of his growing Undead Legion army?

Dage the Evil Recruitment Poster

Undead Legion Requirements

  1. Undying passion for the Undead
  2. Absolute affection towards the dark and deadly
  3. Total commitment to AQWorlds
  4. Passion for ridiculously ridiculous quests
  5. SKULLS!
  6. And more SKULLS!

If you meet the above requirements, then you are the perfect candidate for Dage the Evil’s Undead Legion!

How to Join the Undead Legion

  1. Log into AQWorlds
  2. Travel to the Underworld (/join Underworld)
  3. Find Dage the Evil and introduce yourself
  4. Click on “Shops”, then click “Armor Shop” and buy the Undead Warrior armor for 1200 ACs
  5. Speak to Dage again, and
    • click “Quests”
    • and then “Legion Quests”
    • and complete the Undead Champion Initiation
  6. If successful, you will be able to complete the remaining quests (Mourn the Soldiers, Understanding Undead Champions, Slay the Unworthy, and Fail to the King)
  7. After you complete “Fail to the King” quest, you can buy the Undead Champion armor
    • In Dage’s speech bubble, click “Shops”
    • Then click “Legion Shop”
    • Buy the Undead Champion armor for 50,000 gold
  8. As an Undead Champion, you can now go on Champion Quests
    • Speak with Dage, slick “Quests”
    • Click “Champion Quests”
    • Complete INSANE quests to prove your worth
  9. Start earning Legion Tokens with every successful quest complete

10. Use Legion Tokens to buy things from the Merge Shop

  • Speak with Dage
  • Click Shops
  • Click Merge Shop
  • Get epic loot!

Assuming you’ve made it this far, you can complete lots of other quests from Dage, gain access to Dage’s Soul Forge where MORE items can be crafted, and also be fully prepared for Dage’s brand new armor arriving Friday…

Once you Achieve Undead Legionnaire Status…

On Friday evening, Dage the Evil will unleash the Legion Champion Armor upon the world! If you have completed the above steps, then you are one step closer to becoming a Legion Champion. Wicked!

Dage Legion Champion Armor in online adventure game

Legion Champion Armor Specifications

  • Must be a member of the Undead Legion (follow steps above)
  • Unlocks exclusive Legion Token farming quest
  • Permanente addition to the game
  • Arrives Friday, June 28, at sundown
  • Legion Champion sells for either
    • ???? Legion Tokens
    • or 1,000 AdventureCoins

Now that I have shared everything with you… you can begin (or continue!) your journey into Dage’s Undead Legion!

Get to work, soldier!  


April 26, 2013

The Ancient Undead

How Old IS the Undead Legion...?

Dage's Undead Legion has a long, very dark history. Much came before the Undead Legion as we know it today was formed... and Dage has many plans for it which have not yet been revealed. In order to explore the Legion's history more fully, and better plan out suitable quests, we're going to delay releasing the Ancient Undead set until NEXT week. 

Ancient Undead Warrior

Next Friday, we'll release this set along with specific quests to let loyal members of the Undead Legion farm up the tokens necessary to purchase the coming Undead Legion Class! The Class will be available for either a ridiculous amount of Legion Tokens OR for AdventureCoins (but you will need to be a member of the Legion to buy it with ACs).

This Class will NOT go rare, and we are planning to release the Class this Summer. Warriors who have not yet learned of the Legion's power deserve to share in the deadly might and majesty of the coming Class. Fair warning, Legionnaires: You WILL want to start farming early to earn enough Legion Tokens to unlock it, though! 

Post-thought: I've got an idea crowding my brain-meat. It might be time for another Legion-based short story. Anyone up for exploring how Dage converted the first warriors to his Undead Legion?

Coming later tonight: Quibble Coinbiter's shop returns! Take on the DoomKitten Challenge boss fight in Warlic's Magic Shop OR tackle the Blood Titan (and ULTIMATE BLOOD TITAN) Challenge boss monsters in Greenguard East!

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