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April 23, 2014

More Goodies in the Tower of Doom

Want to glow in the dark?

On Friday, you collected Monster Trophies in the Tower of Doom to trade for Zoshi's gorgeous Marrowfiend sets. But those sets were based around the look and feel of the top half of the tower. What about all of the people who liked the dark caves of the lower half, filled with glowing stones and fungus?

I got your glowing stones and fungus right here.

To fill this dark void, we've added these two new sets. The Bioluminous gear, worn by the gentleman on the right, can all be purchased from the Monster Hunter merge shop for Monster Trophies, and is available to all players. For those who prefer a fancier look, the glowier (and Legend-only) Bioluminous Amarita set, shown on the right, is available as drops from the bosses in the lower half of the tower.

In the Monster Hunter merge shop:

  • Bioluminous Armor
  • Bioluminous Cloak
  • Bioluminous Hood
  • Bioluminous Mask

Dropping from the bosses:

  • Bioluminous Amarita Armor - drops from Slugbutter
  • Bioluminous Amarita Cloak - drops from Dread Avatar
  • Bioluminous Amarita Hood - drops from Dread Fang
  • Bioluminous Amarita Blades - drops from Dread Warrior

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Hunt Maker

April 23, 2014

AQW Mod and Artist Hunt

Do You Have What It Take To Create Art For AQW?

Do you dream in vectors? Is Flash your favorite program? Are your shading skills up to speed? If you think you've got the skill, talent, and drive to create art/animation for AQWorlds, we want to see YOUR portfolio!

With school and work having stolen much of our artists' time, we are looking for a few great AQW fans to become volunteer assistant developers, and hopefully, if things work out in the future, full time staff members of AE.

So we want to see what YOU can do!

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Experienced Item artists and animators
  • Experienced/Talented/Skilled Background / Environment Artists
  • Artists who can mimic the AQW style
  • Artists who have experience with Adobe Flash

Find more details on THIS PAGE!

New In-Game Moderators Needed!

We have always said that we make these games for and WITH you... and that's why so many of our team members began as regular players*! Now we need some of you to join Reens, Sora, and Stratos' in-game moderation team to make AQWorlds a safer, funner** game for everyone!

Reens, Sora, and Stratos want YOU to join the mod crew!

Interested in Joining the Mod Team?

Then read this letter from Reens, the lead in-game moderator!

Hi guys! Stratos, Sora, and I are looking for new mods for AQWorlds (and HeroSmash), and now is your chance to apply!  One thing I have to stress - you MUST be over 18.  If you are under 18, if you don't include your age, or if you start with "I'm not 18 yet, but..." the application will not be considered.  

We are most in need of moderators who are bilingual (or more) in English and one of the following languages:  Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish.

Find more details on THIS PAGE!

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April 22, 2014

TWO New Design Contests!

Become Eternal: Become an AQW NPC!

1 lucky owner of the Eternity Blade will become a permanent NPC in an upcoming release

You’ve always wanted to be an NPC in AQWorlds. You’ve always wanted to govern your own zone. You’ve always wanted to send heroes on challenging quests. And if you have the Eternity Blade, YOU have a chance of becoming an in-game NPC!

The Hunt for the Eternity Blade is on! If you’re Level 30 or higher, speak with Zoshi in the Tower of Doom (/join towerofdoom) and accept his special quest to begin the hunt for the Eternity Blade.

On May 7, 2014, one randomly selected owner of the Eternity Blade will be transformed into an NPC during an upcoming new release. YOU will decide how your NPC will look, and what your NPC does in this zone.

See THIS PAGE for more contest details!

Design Your Own AQW Release!

Yes. You read that right. Alina, Artix, and the whole team wants YOU to create a brand new release in AdventureQuest Worlds! We know you’re super excited—and for good reason too! But you’ll need to follow all the rules for your idea to be eligible. So listen up!!

Contest Timeframe

  • Begins Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Contest Location

Contest Components

This new contest just started on the Forums. You have 1 week to plan out a new weekly release following these guidelines and parameters: 

Want to see a sample of how your AQW Release should look like? Check out the sample Google Doc here!

See THIS PAGE for more contest details!

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Schedule Maker

April 22, 2014

Summer of Chaos

13 Lords of Chaos Saga Finale Begins June 6th!

When you first arrive in the Land of Lore, you're hit by lightning and fall down a mountain. This is a sign that YOU are no ordinary Hero! You're strong, can withstand things that would kill an ordinary person and, beyond that, have been chosen by Fate for an extraordinary journey! 

Artix has planned the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos storyline for YEARS... and the finale is about to begin! Over the coming weeks, the AQW team will be focusing on building the Chaos Saga finale, because once the sun sets on June 6th, CHAOS will erupt and the world as you know it... will be gone!

Prepare yourselves, heroes, because this summer you're not going to be fighting for your life... you'll be battling to save the world!

Summer of Chaos

June 6th: 13th Lord of Chaos Saga Finale BEGINS! Confront Drakath and discover the identity of the 13th Lord of Chaos. It's time to save the world, and it's all up to YOU!

June 13 - 27th: 13th Lord of Chaos attacks! How will YOU fight back? Live wars each day, story events every Friday!

July 3rd: Shadowfall Rises! EVERYONE on Lore needs to band together to battle Chaos... and Empress Gravelyn is NO exception! We are going to need everyone to work together if Shadowfall is going to fly again! (... Lore's Indepence day comes right before the USA's!)

July 11th: Drakath waits for you, Hero... Will you be ready?! The answer is YES!!!!!!

July 18 - 25th:

SPOILERS, Mortal! No one may know my plans! You will find out soon enough...
- Drakath, Champion of Chaos

"Calm" before the Summer of Chaos Storm

In the weeks leading up to the Summer of Chaos, we'll be focusing a LOT of our development time and energy on making this summer the BEST MOST CHAOTIC EVER! Check out what we've got planned for the month of May to keep your battle skills honed while we prepare!

May 2nd: Dragon's Rise

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo and Randor's Birthday Shop

May 9th: Dragon's Salvation

May 11th: Mother's Day

May 16th: "Design an AQW Release" Contest Winner's story

May 23rd: X-Treme Heroes event
(I will be gone for a week again wrestling rattlesnakes and riding buffalo... WHAT is Memet going to DO?!!?!)

May 30th: "Calm Before the Storm" pre-Chaos AQW Cleanup!

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Plague Maker

April 21, 2014

Friday: Return to Etherstorm

Stop the Deadly Plague Killing Etherstorm's Dragons!

Darkness has fallen over Etherstorm. The elemental dragons are dying mysteriously, and no magic is able to save them! Search through the homecity of the Elemental Dragons to discover where this plague came from and how it infects them. Time is running out, and as the dragons die one by one, so does Lore’s future! Work with Warlic and Galanoth to discover who - or what - is killing them before dragons outside of Etherstorm are infected, or all of the dragons of Lore may die out… forever!

Here there be dead dragons!

Tuesday: "Design an AQW Release" Contest!

Look for Beleen's DNs on the new contest tomorrow! This is YOUR chance to design an AQWorlds release! You (and any friends you work with) will have your ideas turned into a release for ALL our players to enjoy! You'll also be featured in the Design Notes and Facebook, get some extra ACs, and know that you had a huge hand in building AQW! 

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List Moglin

April 21, 2014

Wheel Of Doom Gear Changes

Coming Soon: New 1% Drops in the Wheel of Doom

Deep in the forests near Doomwood, you'll find the Carnival of Fortune, a place of magic, mystery, mayhem... and luck! Spin the Wheel of Doom or the Wheel of Destiny for a chance to win exclusive prizes, Potions, gold, and a chance for the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness!

Not sure how this all works? Check out our Wheel of Doom FAQ!

How to get to the Wheel of Doom/Destiny?

  • Click on the Carnival of Fortune button in your Game Menu or 
  • Type /join doom in your chat bar to go to the Wheel of Doom or 
  • Type /join destiny in your chat bar to go to the Wheel of Destiny

How to spin the Wheel of Doom or Destiny:

  • Get a free spin at the start of each month 
  • Get a free spin every day when you upgrade your account

What do I get when I spin?

EVERY time you spin, you will receive:

  • 10,000 gold 
  • Fortune Potion 
  • 1 hour XP Boost

You can use the Fortune Potions and the XP Boosts you receive in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny merge shops to create exclusive gear! You may also win one of the bonus prizes that also drop from the Wheels!

Old 1% Drops Leaving and New Gear Arriving

With every spin, you get a chance to get a rare 1% drop - either the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness OR a hard-to-get item OR gear that ONLY drops from the Wheel of Doom! The gear listed below will be leaving the Wheel of Doom NEXT WEEK... while the gear replacing it will become available for a while. 

Before the items listed below leave, their drop rate will increase to let anyone still hunting have one final shot at getting the gear!

The MechaJouster Armor is ONLY available from the Wheels!

1% Gear leaving:

  • Doom Chaos Symbiote Armor
  • Doom Naval Commander set
  • Doom Prismatic Composer Armor
  • Doom Celestial Sandknight
  • Doom Rotting Naval Commander set
  • Doom Shiden Bardiche
  • Doom Pirate Captain set
  • Doom Red Star Sword
  • Doom Toga
  • Doom Pirate Captain's Elegant Hat
  • Doom Open Celestia Sandwings
  • Doom Celestial Sandsword
  • Doom ExoKatana Binsoku
  • Doom Souleater Warrior
  • Doom Iced Jester
  • Doom Iced Foule-Bordeau Helm
  • Doom Soul Ripper
  • Doom Star Slasher
  • Doom Lycan Transformation
  • Doom Vampire Transformation
  • Doom Celestial Sandknight Helm

Dark Exosuit Binsoku

Gear arriving next week:

  • Exosuit Binsoku Armor, Dagger, and Helm
  • Doom Shielded Centurion Armor and Helm 
  • Doom Centurion Armor and Helm 
  • Centurion Cape

Gear arriving in the Merge Shop THIS week:

  • Dark Exosuit Binsoku Armor, Dagger, and Helm (based on the Exosuit Binsoku)
  • Twig's Fishbones pet

Why is the Gear Changing?

Good question! Back when we first introduced the Wheel of Doom, we added in old Quibble items that were NOT tagged rare (we will never return an item that has been tagged rare!) and gave them a 1% drop rate. MANY of you guys were very, very happy about that, but a lot of you had reservations.

As a compromise, we said we would swap out the 1% items every couple of months so... and that time has come. There are only a handful of Quibble items without rare tags left, which means there are only a small number of them that qualify for inclusion in the WoD. So, we are adding some of those items back in, but with some additional recolors for the merge shop.

We were going to stop cycling the items in and out, but based on player feedback, we decided not to do that. There will still be a small increase in the drop rates, however, before this latest batch leaves next week.

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Egg Maker

April 18, 2014

Double EXP Weekend

Get Double EXP on ALL SERVERS All Weekend Long!

This weekend, heroes and their families around the world celebrate Spring! New life, more sun, and LOTS of fun times ahead! That's why all weekend long we have a DOUBLE Exp Server Boost on all servers! (And on Legend servers, you'll see even MORE Exp from every battle!) The boost will last until Monday morning, so get farming! (And now that Spring's here... you can!)

Sunday: NEW Grenwog Boss Drops!

This Sunday, celebrate Spring by battling the Grenwog boss when you /join Grenwog! He'll drop the Legend-only Eternal Egg pet AND the Grenwog Dyes Blade for all players! The Spring egg hunt, Grenwog map, and rare gear leave next Friday!

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Moglin of Doom

April 18, 2014

Now Live - Tower of Doom

Battle through 100 Levels of Terror!

What dark and deadly creatures wait at the top and bottom of this death-trap? Battle increasingly-difficult monsters on your way to the top of the Tower of Doom. Then, take on more and more challengers as you fight your way to the lowest level of the Tower! You won't be able to skip any levels in the Tower of Doom, so the only way to reach the last boss is to fight through ALL 100 floors!

Even Creel Wants This Sword.

This dungeon crawl is epic. We've taken a giant spire and filled all 100 floors with every kind of monster we could think of, and then added a boss - all familiar faces to you old-timers! - every 10 levels. The monsters get increasingly difficult as you progress through the tower, so not only is completing this dungeon something to brag about, it's also a great place to farm gold and XP, no matter what level you are.

Hunt for the Eternity Blade - and other awesome loot!

Heroes level 30 or above will be able to unlock a special quest to hunt through the Tower of Doom for the fabulous Eternity Blade! You'll be able to get the quest from Zoshi in the /towerofdoom map. This awesome sword is available to Legends and free players alike, and switches between two looks when you click its hilt. Keep it - in the near future, it will give you a chance to experience the most brutal battle you've EVER seen!

You'll also collect Monster Trophies as you fight through the tower, which you can use to unlock exclusive gear in the Tower of Doom merge shop. To access the shop, just talk to Zoshi in /towerofdoom.

Made from all your monster trophies...

From Beleen To Tendou

As a special "thank you" to Tendou for helping her in such a huge way with contest judging, Beleen has released a special superdeformed "Tendurrr" pet! You can get this cute lil guy as a rare drop from Dark Makai from /nulgath and /tercessuinotlim.

Wolfhound Warrior Set & Fantasty Hero Pass

Unlock all 11 items in the Wolfhound Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set! Or, get the Fantasy Hero Package Pass to unlock ALL the fantasy hero gear with one pass!

Also available now:

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Story Slayer

April 17, 2014

Lost Knight's Eternity Blade

Tower of Doom: the Lost Knight's Tale

It is known as the Tower of Doom.

It grew from the ground over the course of a hundred years, a dark, twisting  spire of rancid flesh that reached 50 stories into the sky. At first it was merely a curiously which cast a shadow over the land (and a widening blanket of morbid odors). But soon it was apparent that the Tower was poisoning the land around it. Brave axe-wielders were sent to dismantle the Tower, but for every gash they rendered upon its surface, another layer of fetid matter grew to heal it.

An opening was discovered in the Tower at ground level, and it was decided that it may need to be destroyed from the inside out. Many warriors and mages entered, and found the bowels of the Tower to contain vast collections of the world's most terrible beasts. The Tower defended itself by raising its own army within it, and rarely did an adventurer escape with their life.

At last there arrived the legendary knight Sir Tendeth, whose expoits included defeating three dracoliches at once and saving one of King Alteon's daughters from a band of cannibalistic highwaymen. He was the most admired fighter in the realm at the time, and if anyone could make their way to the top of the Tower and find its source of power, it was Sir Tendeth.

He carried with him the fabled Eternity Blade, an ancient sword said to be forged using the metal from the heart of a falling star. With this blade, Sir Tendeth chopped, sliced, and gashed his way to the top of the Tower of Doom, with his Moglin squire Ingvald following close behind. But at the top of the Tower, Sir Tendeth discovered a terrifying creature that called itself Creel. The honorable knight fought bravely, but succumbed to Creel's attacks, and the Eternity Blade was lost in the bowels of the Tower.

Only Ingvald made it out alive, a shuddering, blubbering mess. All he could say at first was, "The Tower is Creel, and Creel is the Tower!".

The Tower of Doom extends 50 stories up, and 50 stories below the ground. Somewhere within, the Eternity Blade waits to be found. And the at the top of the Tower, Creel awaits his... or her... or its next victim.

All Adventurers of Lore must enter the Tower of Doom and take on this challenge, before the evil spreads further and can no longer be held in check. Find the Eternity Blade, destroy Creel, or do both, and go down in history like Sir Tendeth! (Just be sure to stay alive!)

Conquer the 100 Levels of the Tower of Doom!

As the sun sets tonight, unsheathe your blades and speak to Zoshi the Monster-Hunter in the /towerofdoom. Prepare yourselves, because once you enter the beast, you'll find:

  • 50 levels of increasingly-difficult monsters and minibosses as you climb towards:
  • The Dread boss, Creel the All-Knowing
  • 50 MORE levels of increasingly-difficult monsters and minibosses as you descend towards:
  • Slugbutter the All-Consuming
  • Unlock the Quest for the Eternity Blade* at level 30 and slay bosses until you recover it
  • Slay monsters and bosses to gather resources to craft your rewards



April 17, 2014

Fantasy Hero Package Pass

Unlock ALL the Fantasy Hero Gear With One Pass!

We have been getting a lot of emails and tweets from players who are maxed out on ACs, have years worth of membership, or simply want to buy the gear that comes with our special packages. In response to that request, we are trying a new package: the special package pass. 

Wolfhound Warrior, Dragon Emperor, Dark Warlock sets

Buying a special package pass for $60 USD will unlock ALL of the gear from the Wolfhound Warrior AND the other two packages in the series once they are released, PLUS an exclusive character page badge!Once those packages go live in over the next several months, anyone who bought the pass will automatically get them in their badge shop in the book of Lore. 

You can find the Fantasy Hero pass in the "Special Offers" section of the in-game payment window, on the upgrade page, or on the Portal.

Why Get the Fantasy Hero Pass?

Good question! This is something very new for AQWorlds, but implementing it allows us to let many players who just want gear to unlock it without having to about missing deadlines. (We get a TON of requests from players around the world asking us to extend a package deadline for a day, a week, or a month because someone is going to miss it.)

The Wolfhound waits...

You would also have to buy 3 years worth of membership (that is $180 USD) to get all of this gear with the set-up above, but if you're a gear collector, a HUGE Game of Thrones fan like me (#TeamTyrion), or maxed out on upgrades, then this is going to be the way you want to go. 

Fantasy Hero Package Pass Items

You'll unlock all 11 Wolfhound Warrior items right now, and as we release the next two sets, you will automatically see those appear in your Fantasy Hero Pass badge shop (found in your Book of Lore)!

The full Wolfhound Warrior set comes with:

  • Dire Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • Deadly Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • Wolfhound Warrior Armor
  • The Wolves’ Fury Blade
  • Wolfhound Fangs Daggers
  • Wolfhound’s Pike
  • Wolfhound’s Crown
  • Glowing Wolf Crown
  • Shaggy Wolf Hair
  • Shaggy Wolf Beard
  • Wolfhound’s Pelt

When the Dragon Emperor Package releases, you'll unlock:

  • 1st tier Dragon Emperor armor
  • 2nd tier Dragon Emperor armor
  • 3rd tier Dragon Emperor armor
  • 1st weapon
  • 2nd weapon
  • 3rd weapon
  • Cape
  • 1st helm
  • 2nd helm
  • 3rd helm
  • and maybe more, depending on how many additional items we create for the sets!

When the Dark Warlock Package releases, you'll unlock:

  • 1st tier Dark Warlock armor
  • 2nd tier Dark Warlock armor
  • 3rd tier Dark Warlock armor
  • 1st weapon
  • 2nd weapon
  • 3rd weapon
  • Cape
  • 1st helm
  • 2nd helm
  • 3rd helm
  • and maybe more, depending on how many additional items we create for the sets!

* You will get an exclusive badge with the Fantasy Hero Pass, not the Wolfhound Warrior Ultra badge.

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