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May 26, 2015

Did someone say, "Living Dungeon Design?"

Sneak-peek at this summer’s blockbuster release

I am writing two (maybe three) releases for AdventureQuest Worlds this summer. Cysero and Beleen are coming back to write special releases too! For this one, Titan Hollow, I wrote a short story about three Titans battle for the tear of a Fairy that turned into an eternal curse. Like the most popular dungeons from Doomwood, this will be a story-crawl adventure with bonus hidden secrets for hard core gamers.

dage the evil sketch sneak peek
Designed by Dage the Evil

Originally, I wanted to make it a Grimskull dungeon, but for some reason, players hate dying horrific terrible animated deaths over and over again. <_< Not sure why. >_> Really. So instead of animating comical death cutscenes, we will be focusing on heroic acts of how to cleverly get from point A to point B which will provide scores of awesome screenshot worthy moments.

Beware of living dungeons though.... sometimes... they move. O_O

Like what you see? Share your thoughts on my Facebook post here!

May 26, 2015

OMG! AdventureCoins are on sale!?

Score limited time deals on all AdventureCoins bundles

Okay, so, I just came back to the Secret Lab from my 4-day weekend and… what do I find... but an AMAZING deal on ALL AdventureCoins!!

summer sale adventure coins online game aq worlds

Never before in the history of all history has AdventureQuest Worlds offered bonus AdventureCoins for FREE! And who doesn’t love free stuff?

AdventureCoins allows you to purchase awesome and rare armors, classes, weapons, helms, capes, pets, and various special consumables (like potions, buffs, and food). Buying an item with ACs also lets you store it for FREE FOREVER in your bank. Woohoo!

Now is the BEST (and ONLY!) time to stock up and score up to 50% more AdventureCoins. Act fast—because this amazing offer ends Sunday, May 31, 2015!

order now buy now button adventure quest worlds

May 26, 2015

Battle Dragons in ThunderFang Spire

The Hunt for Krenos begins on May 29th!

It has been foretold: 12 VERY SPECIAL eggs are about to hatch, and one day, the descendants of those dragons will be the most powerful of their kind... but many dangers may befall young creatures in the world of Lore. To the far north of the Dragon's Lair lies a mountain range ruled by the iron claws of Krenos the Lightning Dragon… and if you are skilled enough to survive the storm… you may find yourself richly rewarded from his treasure hoard!

online free mmo rpg dragon hunt
Also happening on May 29th:

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May 22, 2015

Face the Wrath of the FlameLord

Can you Withstand the Wrath of the Flamelord?

The Fire Titan has risen, summoned by the might of an army of fire mages and warriors. The Firestorm Onslaught rules in Embersea now and after demolishing the Forege last week, there's only one thing left to do - defeat their leader at the Lavarun Altar and take over the entire army!

free rpg mmo firestorm finale

If you haven't played through the Firestorm Onslaught storyline yet, you're missing out on one of the hottest zones in AQWorlds! Find out what you've missed, and how you begin your adventures to save the people of Embersea from the Queen of Monster's fieriest general in our Saga Summary Design Notes post!

Flamelord Rares Shop

Things are heating up in AQWorlds, and the Flamelord Finale rare gear is proof! Find these hot items in your game menu until June 22nd!

free online mmo burning challenger rares

But tonight's reward gear is not JUST in the rares shop - each of the boss monsters tonight has drops for you to farm for (and some of them are also available in the merge shop)!

Take on the Phedra and Mega Tyndarius to unlock all the cutscenes in tonight's release and complete the Firestorn Onslaught storyline! THEN unlock the Ultra Phedra battle (with its own drops) and if you're a Legend, take on ULTRA Tyndarius (also with his own rewards)! 

May 22, 2015

Get Bonus AdventureCoins Until May 31st

We're celebrating Memorial Day By Giving More to AQW's Heroes!

Get more AdventureCoins with each AC package until May 31st during our Memorial Day sale! The larger the AC package you buy, the more bonus ACs you get as we prepare to kick off our summer of crazy awesome events - written by Artix, Beleen, and Cysero as they return to AQWorlds for the next 2 months!

free rpg online fantasy game memorial day sale
Get up to 50% More Free on AdventureCoin Packages

Until May 31st, when you buy any of the following AdventureCoin packages, you'll get tons of EXTRA ACs, and based on what I've heard from Artix, Cysero, and Beleen as they plan out their releases, we're going to have reward gear so cool, you won't even need to turn on your AC (air conditioner)... but you WILL want to stock up on ACs (adventurecoins) to get the gear they're planning to create!

  • 12000 AC package + 6000 bonus ACs     $39.95
  • 5000 AC package + 2000 bonus ACs       $19.95
  • 2000 AC package + 500 bonus ACs        $9.95
  • 900 AC package + 100 bonus ACs           $4.95

If you already purchased AdventureCoins today, you will still receive the extra ACs!

May 21, 2015

New Combat Test Server is LIVE!

Upgrade to get a preview of combat system changes and help test!

Alongside the weekly release updates and the other backend projects we're working on, Yorumi made a LOT of progress on the server re-write… in fact, we are ready to start getting YOUR help testing the changes!!

free rpg mmo combat

Why we need help testing, and what is different

When we set out to rebuild the server, we decided to change the way stats work in order to make the game more fun. But that means the entire balance of combat has changed - which means we have to rebalance EVERY class in the entire game.

It’s a giant task, but one that we can do with your help! (I know a lot of you have wanted classes rebalanced for a long time. That time for that STARTS now, and will need a lot of testing.) We need to make sure each class is working properly, and that the changes to the stat system have not made any single class too over- or under-powered.

Important information 

  • This server is still in testing, and not every feature is included in this build. Whatever you see while testing may - and probably will - change in the final version.
  • This is a test of the current combat system using the NEW server. The gameplay will be almost entirely the same, functionally.
  • Combat, chatting, joining maps, and equipping items work for this first test. The rest will be added later.
  • This is primarily a BALANCE test - we want to see if the changes we’ve made to the existing combat system are working on the new server.
  • The server does not currently save character data, so if you equip an item and log out (or change to another server), you will need to re-equip your items.
  • You MUST use the correct version of the game to help test. If you are not logging on to the right version, you will not be able to log in to the server.

Once this test is over, anyone who has helped test will get a prize as a way of saying thank you!

How to help test

  • Upgrade your account. We’re restricting this test to members so we can start testing under load (to make sure the server can handle the strain) but we want to limit just how many players we throw at it to start.
  • Log onto the correct server. You can do this here.
  • /join testinghub
  • On this map you can choose classes to equip, enhancements, and automatically level any class to rank 10. You can even equip legend and AC classes from the list available, so have fun playing some classes you might not currently have. REMEMBER: THESE WILL NOT STAY ON YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • Post your comments and bugs in this thread on the forum or on Facebook.

What to do during the test and how

The purpose of the test is to rebalance combat. There is a lot of work to do, and it won’t be over in one week any probably not even one month. Combat on this new server should feel as close as possible to combat on current live servers. Since some things were added like parry and resist it means it's impossible to get things to be exactly the same, but we want to make sure no classes are “broken.”

Warrior Class test example:

  1. Equip Warrior Class, with all fighter enhancements at your current level. and
  2. Go fight the Red Dragon in Lair on the test server.
  3. Record how long the fight takes you, and what damage you are seeing.
  4. Log into a regular server in the normal game with all the same equipment.
  5. Go fight the Red Dragon in Lair on a normal server.

Let’s say on current servers you can kill him in 1 minute. If you kill him in 30 seconds on the new server, it means the Class is too powerful and will need some sort of nerf. On the other hand, if the Red Dragon kills you on the test server, then it means the Class is too weak and needs a buff.

Another good test is to equip classes, use them on the regular servers to see how much damage you do, mana regen, buff/debuff amounts, and how much damage you take, then compare those numbers to what you get on the test server.

Good bug reports vs Bad Bug reports

The more specific details you can give the better.

Bad report: “Warrior is too weak”  
A report like this gives Yorumi a place to look but does not tell him HOW WEAK it is.

 Good report: “I was using warrior, level 35, all fighter enhancements. I fought monsters in arcangrove. On live servers I was hitting for 100 and taking hits of 80. On the test server I was hitting for 280, and taking 60 damage hits. Monster HP was higher on the test server but they were much easier to defeat.”
Look at all that information! It will help him determine exactly how weak the class is, and how much to change.

Stat changes

  • Parry and Resist were added to the game. Both work the same way, but parry is for physical attacks, and resist is for magical attacks. When you parry or resist an attack you reduce the damage done by an amount based on your parry/resist stat.
  • Strength increases physical attack power, the amount of damage reduced by a parry, and for melee classes the amount of extra damage you get from a crit.
  • Intelligence increases magical attack power, and reduces damage from a resist instead of a parry.
  • Endurance still increases HP like before, but also reduces the incoming damage from all attacks. The higher your endurance the less damage you take from attacks.
  • Dexterity and Wisdom are largely the same, except Dex works for melees and Wis for mages. These stats increase dodge, hit chance, haste, and crit chance for their respective classes.
  • Dexterity increases parry chance, and Wisdom increases resist chance.
  • Wisdom has one more effect - increasing all healing output. The goal here is to make Wis a healing stat.
  • Luck has been significantly changed. Luck now has a very small effect on hit chance, dodge, and crit chance for most classes.
  • Luck has a major effect on Luck-based classes: Cardclasher, Leprechaun, and a few others. (Luck enhancements are designed to work best this those classes. Mages and Fighters will want to use Strength or Int from here on out.)

Final Thoughts: Combat is different, but different can be GOOD

One final thing to keep in mind, as mentioned with the luck stat, sometimes things will just be different. I'm trying to avoid huge changes to the combat system, but there are also times it's better to just try something that's really broken for one reason or another. So again the goal is to get things as close to live as possible while allowing for some differences.

Report bugs and balancing issues to this forum thread or our Facebook post and I'll be reviewing things and making changes as necessary.

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May 20, 2015

AQWednesday: Newsletter for May 22 Releases

Attack on a Titan: Wrath of the Flamelord

attack on a titan wrath of the flamelordlava run finale gear in online mmoobsidia necromancer armor setplay now buttoncoming soon thunder fang spire lightning dragon rawrrefer a friend free to play game onlinememorial day boosts online mmo rpg game adventure quest worlds

Fire titans, hot items, and so much more is happening this weekend! Thanks for playing, and a special Thank You to our awesome AdventureCoin buyers & Legends for supporting the game!

Battle On!

Alina, Dage & the AQWorlds Team

May 18, 2015

I Can Has Mod Winner: Noobstine

Congratulations to Noobstine, Super Hero Contest Winner!

Earlier this month, we brought back the hugely-popular "I Can Has Cheezburger" contest. The deal was, if you bought a Golden Cheezburger and kept it in your bank or inventory, when the time came, you'd have a chance to win a single wish, a temporary gold name, and a chance to hang out with your favorite member of the AE team.

The first winner has responded, and... congratulations to the amazingly-generous Noobstine! One of the very first things he said when he emailed was: "I was thinking of my wish to be something for everyone, Because in my opinion everyone is a winner no matter who's entered [or who] won. The wish could be something of a item to represents that they are a winner too..." 

free rpg online mmo cheezburger winner

What a seriously AWESOME and generous wish! He chose to meet me in-game, so as soon as we can decide on a time, we'll hang out, battle monsters, and decide on just what the Golden Cheezburger should turn into.

Secret Wish Rule #6 Unlocked!

By wanting his wish to show EVERYONE, not just Cheezburger holders, that they are a winner no matter what, he's unlocked Secret Wish Rule #6! That means that his character will become a permanent NPC inside AQWorlds and he will hand out the Golden Cheezburger prize.

Once the rewards are ready, anyone with a Golden Cheezburger will get to turn it in to receive the item he wishes for. Anyone who does NOT have a Golden Cheezburger can still talk to the Noobstine NPC in-game to get a DIFFERENT, free but-still-very awesome item no matter what. Like he said, EVERYONE wins!

We still have lots of other ICHM Wish Rules left to be unlocked by the winners. Here are the rules so far:

#1: Unknown
#2: Any wish that breaks, or ruins the game or causes a lot of players unhappiness will not be granted.
#3: Any wish for an item will turn ALL Golden Cheezburgers in the game into the item that was wished for.  
#4: Unknown
#5: If a wish is made for something that does not exist, it will be created as long as it is original. If it is a selfless wish, it will be created with love and care. If it is a greedy or hurtful wish, another randomly selected player will be chosen to make a counter wish, which may produce unexpected and unfortunately results upon the original wisher.  
#6: Any wish that is designed to uplift and strengthen the spirit Lore's heroes will be created with love and awesomeness... and the hero making the wish will be immortalized as an NPC so that they may grant their wish to others.
#7: Unknown
#8: Unknown
#9: Unknown
#10: Unknown, and oh man, this one is 100% insane. Please never unlock it!

Noobstine Made His Wishes: a New Class AND a Weapon

Update, May23rd: Because Noobstine unlocked Rule #6, he got to wish for 2 items - one for anyone who has their Golden Cheezburger, and one for everyone else! I met Noobstine in-game last week, and we hung out for around 2 hours... and part of that time was spent picking what he would like his items to be.
  • Undead Goat Class: Noobstine is a huge fan of undead, goats and goat-themed games, and Fairy Tale. Memet will create the Undead Goat Class art (name may change) while our class designers finalize the skills next week. Once the Class is ready, anyone who bought their Golden Cheezburger last month will be able to speak with Noobstine's NPC in-game to exchange it.
  • Gilded Blade of Champions: As we talked and I saw Noobstine hanging out with players, it was clear he truly believes that EVERYONE is a winner and a hero. That's why we will make the Gilded Blade of Champions available to everyone in AQWorlds! Once the art is ready, you'll be able to speak with Noobstine's NPC in-game to get that, as well.


May 18, 2015

Friday: Firestorm Saga Finale

Can you Withstand the Wrath of the Flamelord?

The Phedra - a giant phoenix-like titan - has risen, summoned by the might of the an army of fire mages and warriors. The Firestorm Onslaught rules in Embersea now, and after you traded your freedom to save the innocent villagers, there is only one thing left to do - defeat their leader at the Lavarun Altar and take over the entire army!

free rpg mmo firestorm finale

If you haven't played through the Firestorm Onslaught storyline yet, you're missing out on one of the hottest zones in AQWorlds! Find out what you've missed, and how you begin your adventures to save the people of Embersea from the Queen of Monster's fieriest general in our Saga Summary Design Notes post!

Burning Challenger Rares and Lavarun Rewards

The battle's have gotten heated, but the rewards this week are on FIRE! Laken's Burning challenger armor will arrive in the rares shop this Friday along with weapons, capes, helms, and pets.

free rpg mmo burning gear

If you want to get your gauntlets on the hottest gear, though, you'll have to take on the Phedra, Mega Tyndarius, or Ultra Tyndarius battles!

free rpg mmo fire hot gear

The drops from Ultra Tyndarius are Legend-only, but all heroes can face off against the Phedra and Mega Tyndarius for a chance to get his gear!

May 16, 2015

May Shop Dates to Remember

Obsidia Necromancer, Lightning Dragonsworn, and More!

First impressions are important in the real world and when you're facing down an army of savage fire monsters or the abominably-large phoenix-tiger-dragon they've set free. If you want to look like a Hero and battle like one, we've got the gear that'll help you do that! Mark your calendars so you forget when these items are available!

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