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July 30, 2010


Finale, Fianlly.

We have arrived at the end of the Giant Tale finale! If you haven't been keeping up to date, you beat up a housecat, took a trip through 80 cartoon nostalgia, raced to a bowl of soup against a bunch of roaches and you're finally ready to grab the key and rescue Jack's village from certain dinner.

We decided to try something a little different today. You have to climb the giant and fight his various body parts. Most of which have quite a few interesting drops.

Cy vs the Boot
See? Here's me in one of the new Shadow Guard armor, Shadow Helm, Razor Wings and sporting the color custom Live Dragon Daggers that came from J6's Live Drawing Event yesterday!


The girls club

Our Adver-master Ballyhoo has not been getting a lot of love recently so we decided to help her help you guys. As you know you have 10 chances a day to watch her ads and earn either gold, or... if you're lucky... FREE ACS!

We took a look at our in-game economy and realized that capping her gold per view ar 160 for lvl 30s was really cheap! So we've made it 500 FREE GOLD per view! That means that you can get 5000 Gold a day just by watching her ads.

We also made her eaiser to find. How could we make it eaiser than a big button in Battleon? How about putting her directly in Battleon, right in front of town square!

We ALSO decided to DOUBLE the chance you that you would get FREE ACs from wathcing her ads.

Want to help the game out, but don't have the cash to upgrade or buy ACs? Clicking on the ads that you find even a little interesting always helps the game stay alive and helps us continue to bring you new adventures and items week after week. But remember, you don't even have to click the ads for your free gold or chance at free ACs, you just have to sit through the ads!

J6's Live Drawing Event Yesterday

Yesterday at 3:00pm EST to about 4:30 PM EST we had our first live item creation event in AQW! We streamed J6's webcam through AQW. More than 20,000 players logged in and he took suggestions live as he created the Live Dragon Ranger sword, and the culor custom member version the EPIC Live Dragon Ranger. He decided to use the esign that you helped him make and created staves and daggers to go with each sword as well!

You even helped him pick the price, 1337 gold for each weapon. For the next week you can find them in the J6 Live shop in Battleon, after that they are leaving the game forever. Be a part of AQW history by grabbing one or ALL of these amazingly cheap items, before they go Rare.

Don't worry if you missed out on the Live Drawing Event. It went SO WELL that we are already planning our next Live Drawing Event!

Friday The 13th News!

Speaking of live events, we are growing ever closer to Friday, August 13th. As you know Friday The 13th events have become something of a tradition in our happy little web game, and we are planning on continuing this tradition with one of our craziest events EVER featuring the voice and/or musical talents of Voltaire, Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll and famous TV/Film voice actor George Lowe!

OMGOMGOMG I get to write for George Lowe! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

We've got a lot of work to do and only two weeks to do it in, so I gotta split. Have a great weekend guys!

Or don't.

But I hope you do. Point is, it's optional.

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July 29, 2010

J6's 1st Live Drawing Event

First he draws his 6-shooter... then he draws it!

Today, we experimented by having our very first LIVE drawing session. J6 streamed a live video feed of his screen allowing players to watch him as he drew a weapon from scratch. Thank you to everyone who came to watch. We hope you enjoyed it and will definately be doing it again in the near future. Watching J6 draw is a lot of fun! (Maybe Miltonius can do one for us also?) I was on the Sir Ver server with my PMs on tallying up the votes from players to determine what he should do next (they flew past at 20 to 30 tells a second -- it was crazy)  The items J6 drew during the event will be available in tomorrow's GIANT finale release.

Live Dragon Weapons

Free version and Color Customizable Member version available for 1337g tomorrow!

Special note: We voted on everything while he was making the weapon. The winning vote for the handle color was between Red, Blue and "Chuck Norris" We all had sprayed our monitors with our drink when J6 actually pulled up a picture of Chuck Norris and picked colors directly out of his beard!

Regarding the upcoming Friday the 13th Event

... I just got off the phone with George Lowe. \trying to keep a secret... failing/ This is going to be fun!

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July 27, 2010

Metrocon Pictures and Stories!

Wait... you guys are really real?

Last weekend the team went to the Metrocon Anime convention. It was so much fun! It was the 1st time we had ever ran a booth. Meeting people without a keyboard in-beween is so strange!  Thyton and Nightwraith drew sketches for people while the rest of us talked to people about what we were building and... generally just had a lot of fun! It was a huge success. (Well, unless you are good at math. for every $1 we earned, we spent $2 on anime, manga and silly hats.) We wished you all could have been there. Until Zhoom finishes his insta-teleportation machine so we can travel everywhere... I have some pictures for you... now, it is officially against our policy to post real pictures of us on the game sites. But I am going to break the rules for you... because if I cannot meet you in person, I would like to meet you here online.  So if you have been wondering what Artix and the team really look like... Here you go! (Note: I immediately regret this decision!)

Nythera, Miko and Artix crash Metrocon
Nythera, Ai No Miko & Artix crashing cosplayers with their games!

We were amazed at the huge number of people who knew and had played our games. Everyone and their grandmother (literally, we met one) had played the original AdventureQuest. Meanwhile we got to meet a ton of incredibly cool AQWorlds and DragonFable players. However, it was MechQuest that shocked us all. Die hard MechQuest fans were so intense, loyal, and dedicated... and there were so many!  There must be something special about delivering Pizza in a 100 ton war machine (stepping on cars may hurt your tip though.) Some players even came dressed up -- including one girl in Alpha Pirate armor! Our friends from DragonCon returned in costume as J6, Valencia, Tek, and Ash!

AdventureQuest CosplayCosplayers, Chickencow T-shirts and... *Whispers* Thyton is the one on the far left.

We had a giant candy bowl which we used to lure unsuspecting convention attendees to our booth. (Unrelated note: While normally a very healthy eater... I chomped down about 3 bowls worth of candy during the convention.) Many people were surprised when they found out that all of us running the booth actually built and run the games... we were not just some faceless corporation that just imported games from other Countries. You could see the passion and enthusiasm for the games when talking to the team. They are as super friendly in real life as they are in game! (Talking about which... the poor skeleton crew back at the lab really had a rough time. But we are going to make it up to you... we are making something EXTRA SPECIAL for you for Friday the 13th)

BattleOn Merch Booth

We had some new things with us including the ChickenCow Shirts and our first Music CD, The NPC's "Critical Hits". If you picked up one of the ones from the convention... check your email tomorrow. We will be sending instructions. If you were not there, do not worry -- they will be available with the premiere of the new HeroMart store which will open shortly. "Shop Smart... shop... HeroMart!" Unfortunately, we are now completely out of stock of Thermo-Nuclear Detonators for Toddlers and Herios Breakfast Cereal (Free Princess in every box -- be sure to rescue her before the expiration date!) Meanwhile, the MechQuest Artbook is still available at Jinx.

People watching 101. If you are ever out with a group of friends in a public place and want to do something funny... try this. During day two of the convention Cysero, Thyton, and a bunch of others went out to the center of the room and.... just looked up and stared with shocked expressions at a random spot on the ceiling. They did this for about 10 minutes without so much as glancing away. Meanwhile, back at the booth -- we video taped the reactions of people walking by. People react so weirdly! From flinching, running, studying it... but.. no one ever asks what they are looking at!

Once again, thank you to everyone for making this such a special and memorable experience. Now... what convention should we do next!?

AdventureQuest Booth

Should have finished mouth full of caaaaaandy before the photo was taken

Watch J6 draw LIVE on Thursday

We are setting up a special room in AQWorlds. You will be able to go there and watch J6 draw a weapon for this week's release.... LIVE as he draws it. We are not sure how to facilitate chat, but we will think of something. We are aiming for 3pm EST this Thursday

Giant Finale & the Start of the new Zone

This week is the finale of the Giant zone! Next.. if the poll on the forums continues the way it is going, we will enter the enhanted forest of Arcangrove. How high should we raise the level cap for the next zone?


July 27, 2010

Will The Real Cysero Please Stand Up?

What A Hilarious Past Few Days

So my Facebook account got disabled. There are a LOT of fakes on facebook, and I was apparently one of them.

I got disabled for being a fake Cysero. Classic.

I'm really kind of happy about that. It was great while it lasted but all the fakes and scammers on facebook make it a really dangerous place to be.

All you really need to know is that I am no longer on Facebook. Neither is Beleen. Artix IS on facebook and he also has a FANPAGE that anyone can join, but rarely gets the chance to check it just because he's so amazingly busy ALL THE TIME. there are a LOT of FAKE ARTIX's ON FACEBOOK. If you're not talking to the one I linked above, you're talking to a fake.

Any other Artix is a fake. Any Cysero is a fake (unless I decide to try to get my account re-enabled). Any Beleen is a fake. There are MANY other fake AE Staff profiles (Fake Reens, Fake Miltonius, Fake SKyline, Fake J6 and so on).

Just remember to be safe, remember that if anyone says they can get you ACs, memberships or make you a mod that they are lying and will just steal your account. Remember that AE staff will NEVER ask for your password. We don't NEED your password, we have acces to every account. Just be smart and be safe.

Anyway, sorry about all the Miltonius stuff again. We are still tying up some loose ends but this solution is finally one that will work. Remember to hang on to your Totems, as Miltonius will begin adding NEW items/ armors etc starting NEXT week, (not this Friday).

This Friday we're working on the Giant tale finale. It's been a fun story and I'm going to be sad to see it go, but it's been a nice, silly break from the constant war against chaos. We're thinking of moving into the Sandsea next. We're also considering the Bloodtusk Gorge, or Arcangrove. What would YOU guys like to see next?

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July 26, 2010

The Miltonius Mess

Let's Try This Again

As you probably know, we "fixed" the issue if Miltonius selling quest item turn-ins for AC this Friday. We did this primarily for the players who were looking at their ACs and coming up short, then sending us letters to ask what happened. We keep track of items bought and sold for ACs so that we can provide you guys with the very best Player Support that we can, but unfortunately, due to the database layout, we can't track AC items that you turn in for quests which really messes up your spending record, and damages Player Supports ability to help you if you lose an item, think you lose and items or get hacked. Miltonius was unaware of this fact when he originally designed these quests and rewards.

Our solution was elegant. Replace all the items with copies that are not worth ACs, leaving the originals in tact and still able to be stored in the bank for free or sold back for ACs, while giving all new-comers a shot at these famously hard-to-get items but without the AC tracking nightmare.

We didn't want to you to feel like you'd wasted any money getting these items so we made them pretty hard to farm for. Most AC items were replaced with a number of Totems which one can only get by gaining access to Miltonius' Secret Area and killing his minions until they drop 100 Essences of Miltonius, each essence only having 10% drop rate. We did the math and found that it would take about 40 times as long to farm for a Totem as it would take to get the requisite amount of ACs by doing AExtras offers, depending on your luck in item farming.

We felt like it was a pretty fair deal. People who  spent the money to save hours of their lives farming for items that were much harder to get now, got "Rare" tags on their items and got to keep them in the bank for free, while newer players still had access to the items. Problem solved, right?

Very wrong. Oh Cysero, will you ever get tired of being so wrong?

YOU did NOT feel like it was fair. Quite a few players believe that NO amount of life lost farming can equal spending $10 on ACs. You spoke, some of you more eloquently than others, and we listened to all of you.

We really want you guys to be happy, and we don't want you to feel like you EVER sspent money on AQW only to see it wasted, so here's what we are going to do now.

We're removing these items and making them Rare. As of today, you will no longer be able to obtain these items in AQW.

  • Betrayal Blade of Miltonius
  • Dual Betrayal Blade of Miltonius
  • Primal Saw of Miltonius
  • Primal Dread Saw of Miltonius
  • Dual Primal Dread Saw of Miltonius
  • Oblivion Blade of Miltonius
  • Shadow Orb
  • Primal Orb
  • Blood Orb
  • Arcane Orb
  • Coin of Miltonius Pet (300)
  • Void of Miltonius
  • Shadow of Miltonius
  • Shadow Guard of Miltonius
  • Fiend of Miltonius
  • Fiend Face of Miltonius
  • Blood of Miltonius
  • Blood Guard of Miltonius
  • Hex of Miltonius
  • Hex Mask of Miltonius
  • Dual Busters of Miltonius
  • Spellbound Staff of Miltonius
  • Skull of Miltonius
  • Vestige of Miltonius

The Totem versions will not be tagged. If you happen to get one or more over the weekend, grats!

For those of you who feel left out in the rain, fear not. Miltonius is working on a load of new armors, items and pets for his area all of which/whom will be obtained with Totems, so your totems will not go to waste. We'll start releasing the new items next week!

We really, sincerely appologize for this whole mess and hope that this will satisfy everyone.

Live and Learn (to never do anything like this ever again).

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July 23, 2010

Let The Races Begin FINALLY!

Sorry For The Delay

You wouldn't believe the day that we've had. Poor llussion is on his last nerve trying to get all the coding done. He really wants to make a super fun mini-game and put a lot of time into but ran into some issues. So did Dumoose and I when making all the fixes to the Miltonius Zone. It also took some time adding all 43 race prizes to the minigame.

Roach Race Prizes

We've got 2 new armors, 3 new pets, 9 new weapons, 3 new helms, and 26 new house items! That's a whopping 43 brand new, never-before seen items that you can ONLY get by gaining racing trophies in the minigame! And you can ONLY play the minigame, if you are up to date in your Giant tale Quests!

We will have the release out as soon as we can, I promise!

The Biggest Bug

So, llussion has encountered the mother of all bugs. I guess we shouldn't have added so many roaches. The problem lies in the racing opponent AI. It was somthing that was working in the minigame engine and now is not. He has called in re-enforcememnts and busted out the COMEDICLY LARGE CAN OF BUG SPRAY.

I'm really really really sorry that the release is running so late. Believe me, we want to go home and put this week behind us as much as you want to play. I'll keep you as updated as I can.

Update: 10:55 PM

We've both been here since about 9AM, and neither of us have eaten since lunch. Just ran out to get Llussion and myself some dinner while he yelled at his computer, and shook it a little bit. Exactly the way you don't treat a baby.

Maybe it's the glow brought on by fast food or maybe it's the fact that we've been at work for about 15 hours, but I think we're making some headway!

Talked to Artix. He had fun at MertoCon. Goober.

Update: 11:05 PM

Starting to wonder if this will actually be a SATURDAY release. 55 mins left.

Also starting to wonder what my wireless mouse tastes like.

Update: 11:06 PM

Bad. It tastes bad.

Update: 11:16 PM

Zhoom has a breakthrough, finding a crack in the GREAT WALL OF BUGS. Roach racing opponent is no long bashing his face into the piles of mashed potatoes that the minigame places in his path, allowing the player to now finish the game!

Looking hopeful, right at the very second all hope seemed lost.

I should be webcasting this tragic comedy!

SIDE NOTE: Wireless mouse's off-putting taste just takes some getting used to. Now tastes like chickencow.

Update: 11:30 PM

J6 comes online to see if I'm ok after reading that I am chewing on my computer peripherals. Llussion, through his delirum, just mentioned something about "looking good". Can't be long now.

How long have we been in this wilderness?

I can't remember civilization. Was my life before the bugs all just a fever dream.

Update: 11:51 PM

Minigame now working, Beware hard mode, it's not impossible too difficult but those roachers will cut you off and drive you into the fruit. Llussion says we need to test just one more thing and we'll be ready to start the countdown!

Update: 12:10 AM

Looks like a Saturday release after all. BUT we are merre minutes from getting this release OUT! 10 minute warning Incoming!

kaneuf saeknfsoaenfkiawdoanbw d! (faceplant on keyboard)

Update: 12:31 AM

Servers are down, and so are we. Our brains are moving slugishly after 16 hours at this table.

Just making sure that everything has been moved to the live servers before we open up the floodgates and let you guys swarm in.

Hey, look at it this way... we saved you from the midnight lagstorm.

SIDE NOTE: My mouse is in tattered ruins. One of us was not going to make it home tonight. I'm glad it was him and not me or Llussion.

Update: 12:39 AM

WE ARE BRINGING THE SERVERS BACK ONLINE. We survived the release. The Miltonius changes are in, the Giant Tale part 3 is up, Cutscenes work, Racing Game works, Music works, Prize Wall works.

Something like 16 and a half hours after we walked into the lab, we are finally ready to leave.

Goodnight AQW, and thanks for keeping us company through our madness.


Update: 1:44 AM

Broken Yulgar fixed, racing pets fixed, Crag & bamboozle and Dridgen prcing fixed. May odd dreams of edible wireless mice haunt carry you through the night.

This concludes our broadcast day. Going to bed. Night night.


July 22, 2010

Roach Racers & Sword Lasers

I've Never Used The New Design Notes System Before

This is a brand new back-end system that we're trying out. The amazing coding team put it together for us and NOW we have tags and we can link to specific entries and all kinds of good stuff. Let's see how badly I break it!

Roach Rage!

Tomorrow we're releasing the next to last section of the Giant Tale storyline, which includes a brand new racing minigame! We are also releasing loads of prizes you can earn by playing the game! Llussion has been blowing a lot of his brainpower (and coding time) on making this game interesting, and I haven't seen more than 3 seconds of it yet so we'll see how that turns out. Expect greatness.

(now, how do I add a picture?)

Racing A Roach!(I wonder if that worked.)

Some of you have been saying that the Giant Tale storyline isn't very interesting or too "kiddie" for your tastes but I have been having a BLAST writing these cutscenes and it's really nice to take a break from the stress of the constant war against Chaos to just have a little silly fun.

AE has always been about silly, stupid fun and I hope we never lose that part of ourselves. It's what makes us, us. So for those of you who have been laughing along with me, thanks for keeping me company on this adventure!

Friend's List Increased!

Zhoom told me the Friend's List Max was increased by 10, as promised. I haven't tried it out yet. Hope that works too.

Miltonius Fixes!

All is going well with the Miltonius Secret Area quest and item fixes. Today is the last day to turn in your AC Turn Ins, and pick whom you love better, Drudgen or Crag & Bamboozle. If you're confused by the whole concept, re-read my earlier DN's HERE. (did that work?)

Metrocon, Here We Come!

And when I say "We" I mean everyone else. Sometimes I look at by beautiful son and remember why I love being a father so much... because it get's me out of things like working the Artix Entertainment Merch Booth at MertoCon in Tampa this weekend (starting tomorrow actually) like Artix, Nythera, Ai No Miko, Thyton, Nightwraith, Faith, and Zazul!

I plan on stopping by for a few hours on Saturday, wearing my Chickencow T-Shirt! If you see me, say hi!

Our merch booth will be the FIRST PLACE EVER that someone will be able to buy the Chickencow T AND the NPCs AE Soundtrack CD! Remember that buying the CD will earn you a secret code that will unlock a special guitar item in EVERY AE GAME, including earining you the Green StarGuitar (and achievement) in AQW!

Green StarGuitar!

And, as you know the Chickencow T comes with a special in-game pet in DF and AQW. The non-member Armored Chicken Calf!

AND AND If you buy ANYTHING from our merchbooth at MertoCon, you will recieve the very, very, very, very rare MetroCon Samurai Moglin non-member pet in AQW! I know it's going to be very, very, very, very, very rare because MetroCon is NOT a very large convention. In fact, Shawn and Violet. y'all might be ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH with these pets when all is said and done.

Critical Hits Track List

Lots of folks have been Tweeting me and asking about the NPC's AE Soundtrack CD Track listing.. so I'll just type that out for you. All 32 tracks of greatness.

  1. DF - Warcry Of The Paladin by Carbon Rapture (AKA The Out Crowd)
  2. ED - Epic Duel Suite by Warlic
  3. AQW - TV Spot by Warlic
  4. BH - Main Theme (Yeah, BladeHaven will have music) by Warlic
  5. Artix Vs the Undead - The Rise Of The Paladin by Warlic
  6. WF - Break Free by The Archivist
  7. AQW - Mythsong Classical by Warlic
  8. DF - All Roads Lead To Falconreach by Ghost
  9. AQW - Mythsong War by Warlic
  10. MQ - Flight Of The Kingadent by Warlic
  11. DF - Call Of Kathool Atchoo by Ghost
  12. MQ - Galactimecha 8Bit by Warlic
  13. AQW - Coronation by Warlic
  14. AQ - Bouree by Warlic (Arranged by J.S.Bach)
  15. DF - Demento's Dirge by Ghost
  16. MQ - Sugar Plums and DOOM by Warlic
  17. BH - Swamp Battle by Warlic
  18. DF - Looks Like It's Time To Get Awesome by Ghost
  19. AQW - March Of The Doom by Warlic
  20. MQ - Crush The Weak by Evil Jim
  21. AQ - Shipcrash by Warlic
  22. DF - Into The Fray by Ghost
  23. MQ - Evil Jam by Warlic
  24. AQW - Sneevil Jig by Warlic
  25. MQ - Spaceflight by Warlic
  26. DF - You Will Become What You Once Destroyed by Ghost
  27. MQ - Ticklish Zorbo Dance Party by Warlic
  28. AQW - Dramatic Theme by Warlic
  29. DF - Magiscience - Ghost
  30. MQ - Sys-Zero Breakbeat by Warlic
  31. DF - Ruins Of Bask by Ghost
  32. NPC's Original - Don't Like Them Ninjas by Warlic, Zhoom, Alina and Artix


And to answer some of your OTHER questions, YES, the CD will eventually be available on Heromart, once we get it up and running and it will still come with the rare guitar items!

What have we learned today? Ghost favors long titles, Cysero likes the new DN posting system, BladeHaven (our next game project) has music, and aircraft deisgners use a "chicken gun" to fire dead poultry at 900 miles an hour at the windshields of new aircraft to test how well they will handle getting hit by birds mid-flight.

That last bit is entirely true. It was also my 1337th post. W3rd.

Now let's go see if this DN's post worked!


July 21, 2010

Preparing for Metrocon

The convention is only 2 days away!

It is madness here at the lab. Cysero and the team are getting a brand new release ready for you in AQWorlds on Friday. Meanwhile, Nythera, Thyon, Miko, Faith and I are preparing to run our first ever booth at the Metrocon Convention. We created a giant 9 foot wide banner to hang behind the booth and another 9 foot wide one to go in front.  We have a few never before seen things that we will be releasing at the convention... like our first music CD!

The NPCs Critical Hits

The BattleOn NPCs

Our first music album is called The NPCs - "Critical Hits". It features 32 tracks of music from ALL of our web based games... and a bonus track of Zhoom's never before heard themesong, "I don't like dem Ninjas." EbilCorp ninjas best go to Yulgar's for some ear plugs. The CD sounds amazing and there are some songs on it that I did not even know we had in game!

Target 10% off Promotion

Just a reminder - Target Stores are offering 10% off our in-store Game Cards until the end of the month. You can use any of our game cards, even the ones that just say for AdventureQuest and DragonFable, for ANY of our games.  You can even stack up cards to get larger packages by using the Master Account System.

Random Act of Kindness

It does not cost anything to make someone smile. I think it is contagious when people do good deeds. Especially they do them for no reason at all. So please join me in a quest today to do an act of random kindness. Help a stranger with a problem, give someone a compliment or words of encouragement, do an unexpected chore at the house just so someone else does not need to, or even politely answer a question from someone who is frazzled. When you complete this quest... keep it a secret. The reward is a feeling deep within your heart that will have no equal.

Friday the 13th

Thank you for reminding me that we have a Friday the 13th coming up next month! I want to do something bigger and crazier than we have ever done before! Bigger than a box of herios breakfast cereal!

Forum Question: Any ideas? Maybe an un-Friday the 13th?


July 20, 2010

RIP Best Boss Mug

Farewell old friend

Alas... my favorite mug* has fallen in battle** and was thrown away before I came into the lab today. I shall never forget all of the days I have spent drinking boiling hot green tea... which I have always underestimated and burned my tongue on and then not able to taste lunch because I had that wierd burnt mouth-hurt feeling... while you would sit there next to my computer while I worked on the games, being warmed by my computer's overheated video card...  I would raise my mug and toast to you.... but my hand is empty... and you are somewhere, up, there, in Heaven's Starbucks. Because... I am pretty sure... there are Starbucks everywhere. Green Tea On my old friend!

Battle Mug
R.I.P. Best Boss Mug, July 30*** 20, 2010

* Ehem... no, I did not buy it for myself.
** ... well, maybe not in battle, but it has "fallen"
*** I guess that is how time Travel Faeries show their respect? O_O


July 19, 2010

What's Up With Miltonius' Area?

You Didn't Explain Yourself Very Well...DO BETTER!

OK, I will do better. We've been getting a HUGE number of questions about the changes coming THIS FRIDAY to Miltonius' Secret Area. If you don't know what that is, look it up. If you don't care then you can skip the next few bits.

First, Why Are You Changing It!

As many of you know AE has a very small but very dedicated Player Support team headed up by Nythera and Zazul. The team handles all the "I GOT H4CK3D!" reports, returns what accounts and items that can and deal with all the various payment issues that arrise.

Miltonius, as Art Director of the game, was given free reign to create his own area which quickly became so confusing that nobody except him had any idea what was going on, thus ensuring that it would become a fan favorite.

It became a fan favorite.

Unfortunately he added some AC items and weird item-trade-in voodoo that really messed with the payment system, causing HAVOC for the poor Player Support team and complicating their job.

As the Game Lead, the task fell on me to straighten out the entire mess once and for all. So I made Dumoose do it.

THIS FRIDAY (I can't stress that enough) we are permanently changing around the most of the AC items, repalcing a few with non-AC copies that will be MUCH MUCH harder to get.

OK, What's Changing?

We are removing a few of the quests that allow you to trade items back and forth. We are also removing ALL the items that you buy with ACs and replacing them with Totems of Miltonius.

How Will I Get Totems Of Miltonius?

Miltonius' minions, the Dark Makai, have a small chance to drop the Essence of Miltonius. You can trade in 100 of these for a Totem of Miltonius.

What Can I Buy With The Totem of Miltonius?

You will be able to use these (in various amounts) to buy MOST of the Miltonius Items, Such as the Arcane Orb, Blood Orb, Primal Orb, Shadow Orb, Void of Miltonius, Coin of Miltonius Pet, Betrayal Blade of Miltonius and others...

But I Already Have The AC Version Of That Stuff!

GREAT! Because it's going to be a LOT harder to get the new versions with these Totems of Miltomius! You lucked out!

We are NOT... I REPEAT, NOT... removing any of the items. The Chaos Lord Helm will still be there, but only as a helm. You will no longer be able to trade it in for the orbs. If you have an AC version of one of the duplicated items.... Gratz! They will be RARES on friday.

We'll be chaging the rarity score and tagging them as rare in the title! (If you happen to have one of the accidentally released non-member Coins of Miltonius Pets which is already tagged as "Rare",, then we're tagging those "Extra Rare").

Who Cares?! What About Drudgen, Crag & Bamboozle!

Due to popular demand,the Drudgen The Assisstant and Crag & Bamboozle pets will remain AC items but Miltonius will sell them directly for 5000 ACs, rather than trading you for a 5000 AC item.

YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO TRADE ONE PET IN FOR THE OTHER, so decide which one you like the most by THIS FRIDAY!

If you have an AC item to turn in, Or decide to get one of the Miltonius items before they go rare/very VERY hard to get, You have until we release on Friday to do so. We don't want you getting stuck with a useless Miltonius Minion Voucher.

OH, I Totally Get It Now!

Good, I'm glad we had this chat :)

So What Else Is Happening This Friday?

We've having a minigame in the Giant Tale storyline! Race across the dinnertable before the racing roaches beat you to the giant's soup!

Warlic is making a new song JUSt for the racing minigame and Miltonius is focusing all of his considerable artistic might into making some amazing member and non-member rewards for beating the mini-game!

What About MetroCon?!

Oh yeah! This weekend is MetroCon in Tampa and we've got a merch booth there! If you happen to live in the Tampa Bay area (like us), stop by, say hi and pick up some swag!

This will be your first shot at the Chickencow Tee and your ONLY chance to get the Metrocon Samurai Moglin non-member pet!

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July 18, 2010

Target is offering 10% off!

Special in-store only promotion

As announced in the Target stores circular (much better than a square-ular) starting today there is a special promotion! You can get any of our GameCards in Target stores at a whopping 10% discount. ( Off their end... not ours! So go for it!) Get $20 worth of upgrades for only $18! Do not forget you can finally stack up cards to get bigger packages in the BattleOn Master Account Sysem. This Target promotion ends on July 31st.

**Sorry guys, we were misinformed about the sale and it IS only 10% off, not 20% as originally stated. Sorry.**

New "BattleOn!" cards will start showing up on store shelves too!
We really need to do the "BATTLEON SITE SWAP" soon...

Do not forget... Metrocon Convention is next weekend!

I will be at Tampa's largest anime convention with Nythera, Thyton, and many other members of the AE team. If you are going, please stop by, I would love to meet you! (Please save any undead Cosplayers if I forget where I am.... ok?) Thyton is going to be sketching random things to give out. We might even se up a little portable DVD player with game footage... and terrible live-action ninja martial arts movies that we have been making during the weekends at unmarked construction sites. Oh! ... and Nythera told me to remind you that we will have Chickencow T-shirts, Artbooks, and some other experimental new things with us :-) This is the first time we have ever done this -- I am a bit nervous, but it should be fun!

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July 16, 2010

Guardian and Defender Classes

Available now!

They are finally here! You guys have been waiting for quite awhile now and the time has come to introduce the newest Classes in the Verification Shops: the new-new Guardian and the old-new Defender!

Guardian And Defender
Defenders and Guardians showin’ respec’t

The Defender Class (pictured left) has the same skillset as the former Guardians, but sports an incredibly awesome new look. Defenders are a NON-MEMBER Class and can be obtained from any of the 3 Verification Shops inside the Guardian Tower.

Guardians, listen up! Due to an overwhelming amount of player suggestions (aka demands), we have given the Guardian class a complete skill makeover! The new and improved Guardian Class (still Non-Member) now has incredible damage-dealing potential like the DragonLord and Star Lord classes. As a new-new Guardian, you must master the following abilities:

  • Guardian Rage

    Furiously bombard your opponent with strikes. Damages and cripples your target, reducing outgoing damage by 5% for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

  • Keen

    Use the pointy end of your weapon for stunningly sharp attacks. Applies Keen, increasing critical chance by 15% and has a chance to Stun the target briefly.

  • Guardian Light

    Empower yourself! Releases blinding damage if your weapon is Keen, otherwise increases your resistance to incoming blows.

  • Red Shift (Passive Ability)

    Haste increased 10%

  • Dragon’s Might (Passive Ability)

    Strength and Intellect increased 10%

  • Guardian Blast

    Calls forth mighty dragon flames to scorch your opponents.

Yes, both of these Classes are Non-Member. But the ONLY way to get them is by verifying your upgraded accounts in AdventureQuest (specifically for Guardian Class), MechQuest, or DragonFable.

Here, I’ll give you easy to follow links! =D

Smuurvil Village

Last weekend you began retelling your heroic story of how you helped Jack save his village from a hungry giant. After defeating a gigantic guard-cat, you discovered that the only way to free the town was to get a very large key hung around the very large neck of the very large giant.

And since ‘asking politely’ would result in an instant respawn, you and Jack must travel to Smuurvil Village in hopes of finding a potion strong enough to knock the giant out cold. Keep a look-out for these monster item drops while on your flashback:

  • Mushroom Axe
  • Smuurvil Pain Spoon (uuhh, what?)
  • Smuurvil Hat (color custom!)
  • Mushroom Mace
  • Smuurvil Pet
  • Mushroom Scythe


Comic Contest Winnars!

After 5 days of uncontrollable laughter, we have FINALLY picked the winners to our first ever Comic Contest! There were sooo many amazing entries that it was incredibly hard to narrow them all down! Wanna see if your comic made us LOL enough to win a prize?

Check out the Comic Contest Event Page with our top picks!

Well folks, I think that’s it! Go forth and enjoy the release and enjoy the LOL’s!

Battle on!

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July 15, 2010

Hey Fat

Now It's Time For A Breakdown!

Let's have a quick summary of what we've got going on.


AE has a merch booth at MetroCon in Tampa next weekend. Artix, Nythera and a few other AE staffers will be manning the booth.

Buy ANYTHING there and get a free non-member Samurai Moglin pet!

Chickencow Tee!

First appearing, at the MertoCon Merch booth, then being sold in Heromart. Buy this and get a bonus non-member Armored Chickencalf Pet in AQW and one in DF too!

A  beautiful shirt again again
Look, A Shirt!

Giant Tale!

Tomorrow we continue the Giant Tale storyline in AQW with lots of new items for members and non-members, several new quests and 2 more BRILLIANT cutscenes (As per usual, I wrote them)!

New Guardian & Defender!

Tomorrow the non-member Guardian class gets a skills make over for the AQ Classic verification shop, and the current Guardian skills are moving to the Defender class, which will be another non-member armor availible in ALL 3 verification shops.

Comic Contest Winners!

Announced tomorrow. We've been making Beleen read all of them to narrow down the best of the best for judging!

Prizes are all in BATTLEON POINTS which you can use on ANY AE GAME! You can even get an upgrade in AQW with them if you want.

Or get some Varuim to get some Beta items before EpicDuel
leaves Beta testing forever!

More Friends List Space!

A lot of you have asked for more friends list space. I talked to Zhoom about adding 10 more spaces for everyone for free and he said ask Artix if it was OK.

I asked Artix is it was OK if we added 10 more friends list spaces for free for everyone and he told me to ask Zhoom if the servers could handle it.

So, there ya go. Next weekend, (not tomorrow) we'll adding 10 more friend spaces for free for everyone.

Changes To The Miltonius Quests!

We've been having a lot of Player Support issues with the AC item turn-ins from the Miltonius quests, so next weekend (not this weekend) we will be removing the AC items and changing the quests. It will be rougnly 40 times more difficult to get those items from that point forward.

If you have the AC items that you need but haven't turned them in yet DO IT NOW. More than a week warning should be more than you need, but I wanted to make sure that nobody wasted their ACs.

Friday the 13th?!?!?!

Voltaire is very busy working on his NEW ALBUM (which, i'm told, will feature AQW songs AND art on the cover) so he can't do a Friday the 13th event.

What kind of Friday the 13th Event would YOU like to see in AQW? Let us know on the Forums!

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July 14, 2010


Rofl’s in the Lab

A few weeks ago, I got the crazy idea to start up a new contest on the Forums. In the past, we’ve hosted Art contests, cookie-making ones, and even a pumpkin-carving competition that resulted in a particularly unlucky gourd that exploded into flames.

But this Comic Contest was my favorite one yet!
Over 750 of our friends submitted amazing comics that had the entire Secret Lab laughing out loud. Yours truly spent the past 5 days going through each entry and compiled the images into the biggest ZIP file I have ever seen. And tomorrow… these comics will face a panel of AE Judges to determine the winners!

I gatta admit, I have never LOL’d this much. Ever! And, if you know me, I’m always laughing about something. Always. But one particular comic really touched the laugh-boxes of everyone here at the Lab.


This hilarious masterpiece was made by your fellow player, Skymage55. As one of the first few submissions received, Skymage55’s work made me laugh so hard that I immediately showed Nightwraith and Titan from EpicDuel. After hearing the roar of laughter, everyone else at the Lab gathered around to see what was so funny. A few seconds later, the hallways became flooded with “HEY FAT” exclamations and cheers of “we are fat but we are STRONG!” Yea, we’re all a little weird here…

So this has been going on all week, folks. Dubbed as the “HEY FAT!” meme, Cysero took it upon himself to even make an E-Honda avatar inspired from this one comic.

If you have been following us on Twitter, you have already felt the meme’s effects. A bunch of you have joined in the meme fun, wondering why mercenarys—HEY FAT!

See? It never fails to LOL =D

On Friday, the winners of the Comic Contest will be announced on a special page devoted to them. I cannot WAIT to see which comics come out on top! Even though you guys are all winners for making me LOL so much that Lim tried to hadouken me 192 times in the past 72 hours…

Beleen’s Secret Mission

Next week I will be embarking on a top-secret mission to an uncharted realm in the middle of Earth’s largest Ocean. Some people call this a ‘vacation’… I call it a QUEST!
My lovely GrandNPCs are celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary and have invited me to /join their party! For the next 2 weeks, I will hang-up my Pink Armor and equip the more appropriate Battle Swimwear (still available in the Battleon Summer Shop!). I’ll even use a SPF 20 Enhancement on my skin to help protect me from Lvl 100 critical sun rays as I explore my new surroundings. I hear there are many new Monsters and NPCs on this island… and I will be charting my travels in the form of random Twitters and photographic evidence!


I am even told that there is a beautiful deity who lives on the island, powerful enough to control fire, lightning, and volcanoes. I wonder if I am going to meet such a Maiden on my travels…

Aloha On!

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July 12, 2010

Chickencow Shirts & BIG news!

Artix's Secret Project

Last week Artix asked you for your craziest ideas ever, for his secret project. We are all absolutely LOVING your terrible ideas (and some really great ones too) and Artix has decided to keep this ball rolling for another week.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about... READ THIS.

Donate ideas freely. Go nuts.

Chickencow Tee!

We are getting closer to releasing our Chickencow Green T-shirt. To start it will ONLY be released in Cysero Green but if the shirts do really well we might re-release it in other colors like Sepulchure Crimson, Chaos Purple, Got My Eyes Closed Black and Artix Is BLIND Pink.

A beautiful shirt again
Cluck Cluck Moo to You!

The shirt comes with a BONUS, Non-member pet in AQW and BONUS pet in DragonFable... the Armored Chickencalf!

Just A Baby!

I'm told that the shirt will be $19.95 + Shipping and that we will be shipping to the US, Canada and Australia. We're trying as hard as we can to offer shipping to a lot of other countries too. Setting that up is harder than it looks.. I'll give you guys news on that as soon as I get some.

AQW's BIG Adventure

This week we will be continuing the Giant Tale storyline cause I want to. You'll be making your way to the fabled Smuurvils Village, home to the blue sneevils called Smuurvils. Papa Smuurvil is a world class apothocary and he might have the ingredients to make a Knock-Out Potion strong enough to take out a GIANT!


Dumoose's rework of the Guardian Skills is total win, and will bring the Guardian Class's damage dealing potential up to the amazingly descructive level of DragonLord and Star Lord classes!

Defender will also be coming to ALL THREE verification shops... yet another non-member AQW class. It will have all the current Guardian skills and will continue to be a great tanking class with the ability to yank monster aggro AND be darn-near unkillable with the right party.

Dage The Evil is doing the art for Defender and our coversation actually included this tidbit:

Dage The Evil: I'm thinking over the top
Cysero: Always
Cysero: Or rather, I should say... There is no top to go over.
Dage The Evil: rofl aight dude I think I can put something together :3

Expect win.

I Had Something Else To Write About

But I forgot what it was.

Oh Yeah! Zhoom's Auto-Ban Hammer!

It was this. Some of you have noticed that you're getting banned by Zhoom's auto-banner for 3 days at a time. This is NOT a mistake. We checked the records for everyone who reported this as a bug over the weekend and none of them were.

Just fair warning, this week the 3-Day Warning Bans are a thing of the past... they turn into Permma-bans.

To sum up, script-kiddies... You cheat, you hack, you spam, you scam... you're done with AQW and vice versa. Play the game fair and keep it fun for the other AQW players, thanks.

Oh yeah. Zorbo is now worth 0 gold

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July 09, 2010

Once Upon a Time…

in a galaxy far, far away…

That’s how all great stories start. Right? …something like that, at least? But seriously, imagine how cool it would be to play the lead role in one of those timeless tall-tales! Just envision the feeling you would embrace from the gathered neighborhood NPC children, all star struck and awe-inspired from your glorious tales of Giant-slaying adventure. Oh yeah. That would be pretty epic.

Well wait no longer—your PM’s have been answered! Because this is the Yulgar’s Story Release!

Story Time
Omg ew, why am I holding a USED q tip?!

The noobish children of Battleon Town have all gathered inside Yulgar’s Inn and are eagerly awaiting Story Time from their favorite Hero: that’s YOU! Relive (for the first time) the classical tale of Jack and the Beanstalk ChickenCow Ladder and team up with Jack himself as you tell the children of how the Giant captured the young farmer’s village*.**

Don’t remember the story? Well, I would hope not, since this is a never-before-told rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk—with that special AQWorlds’ touch, of course!

I don’t wanna ruin the Story for you, so I won’t say anymore! …except that the monsters in this first-of-its-kind Story Time Release are loaded with HUGE drops.

Giant Items
Red Ants eat Dust Bunnies

This is just the first chapter in this tale, so anything CAN happen as we sink deeper in the upcoming weeks. You guys are the ones retelling YOUR story, so get a group of friends together and help write the next exciting chapter!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Battle On! ^___^

*Longest proper sentence EVAR!
**When was the last time I used asterisks?

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July 08, 2010

Craziest Release Ideas... EVER!

Weatherman forcast predicts "BRAIN STORMING"

Over the past 8 years we have received an incredible number of your creative ideas and suggestions... but today, a new top secret project**has begun. This project may... possibly.... involve AQWorlds, an amateur film crew, a tour of the Secret Underground Lab and the usual quantity of Ninja, PIrates, Cyborgs, Vampires, and Were-servers. I was sorta wondering... did you want to be a part of this too? If so, next monday the team will be recorded looking at a special thread... this will be an anything goes... any plot... any feature... any game... even new game ideas... or even things you want the team to do in real life. Be forewarned, we might actually do/build/act some of the best (or wierdest) things in this post. Limit yourself to just posting once -- make it your best! This thread shall be known... as the CRAZIEST RELEASE IDEAS EVER thread! Take your time & have fun!

* Curse you time travel faeries!!!!!!!!
Since when has Artix actually been able to keep a secret for more than 20 seconds?

MetroCon, Tampa FL

Nythera and I are going to be running a booth this year at Metrocon -- Florida's Largest Anime Convention. If you are attending we hope you will visit the booth so we can meet you! It is happening July 23-25th at the Tampa Convention Center. Warlic is even make a special CD featuring music from the games and a special Zhoom track "I don't like dem Ninjas", because it is a well known that Zhoom, does not... like being attacked by Ninjas.... and it is really funny when we overdub him with a cowboy voice saying so.

Zhoom also does not like Hackers (Ban Warning!)

The ban hammer has been unsheathed and over 1,000 hacker accounts have been flagged (targeted) in the database for perma-ban. A new version of AQWorlds has just went live fixing the town-kill and attack-spam exploits that were reported yesterday and is now secretly identifying players who use cheat programs. Any characters found using cheats will be banned. We love all of our players... it is our goal to create a fun, safe and fair game world for us all to enjoy together.

Crazy Idea Thread Update....

OMG... this is the best thread ever!

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July 07, 2010

Update Time

I'm Sick.

Sorry I haven't updated the Design Notes this week. Here's what we've got going on:

Chickencow Tee!

We FINALLY have a BEAUTIFUL Chickencow T-shirt coming to Heromart! IT IS NOT ON SALE YET but when it DOES go on sale it will come with some chickencow pets for the various games, including a NON-MEMBER mini-chickencow pet for AQW!

A beautiful shirt
Cluck Cluck Moo.

I'm more excited about this shirt than I have been about any of our other swag, mainly because it was my idea. See how majesticly the chickencow spreads it's mighty wings and soars through space? You can almost her it's bone-rattling... uh.. roar. Mido, our current graphic-design intern is responsible for this masterwork. Clutch, right?

Tall Tales

We are taking a small break from Chaos before to turn our attention to the next Chaos Lord. This weekend starts a new kind of adventure, it's a flashback tale of how you saved an entire village from a hungry giant, in AQW's own version of Jack and The Beanstalk.

Picture the setting: You are sitting in Yulgar's Inn telling tales of your adventures to a group of children gathered at your feet, reliving your adventure in the form of AQW quests, running around a terrifying giant's home, no larger than a mouse.

New weapons like the Cotton Swab staff, and the Acorn Cap helm. The Dust Bunny pet.

Defender Class

We haven't forgotten what we said. We are still working on the Guardian Class skill rewrite. The Guardian has long been our flagship member status from AQ classic, and it means a lot to Artix (and quite a few of the players from the game that started it all) that we make the Guardian skills more closely resemble the BoA Skills from the original AdventureQuest, and the Guradian Class from DragonFable.

Once Dumoose has reworked the skills, we will balance them against the DragonLord and Star Lord classes, then we will move the current Guardian tanking skills into the Defender art and make Defender Class availible in all 3 verification shops.

It won't be coming this weekend, but I'll keep you guys updated on the project and when it WILL be released.

NO Green Starsword.

A few days ago, a players asked me via Twitter if a weapon got enough support behind it, would it be made in game? I answered "We always do our best to listen to the wishes of the community. So, yeah, we probably would." which most of you know to be true. We pull idea pretty regularly from the AQW forums.

The same player asked how many supporters it would require, to which i answered "Considering if the petition goes through people will suddenly petition for everything, it has to be high. I'll say 3000 signatures."

I was thinking that if someone was driven enough to get 3K AQW players to sign a petition on some petition website, and all 3k signatures were legit and it wasn't an silly request like "give everyone free memberships" then I would happily reward that kind of effort by creating the item and probably name it after that person.

It takes a real leader to get that many people together behind one idea and respect that kind of power. I've seen it a few times in my life and it's pretty awe-inspiring.

We're VERY big on interacting with you guys and allowing you to build Lore through your own requests & decisions, but this suddenly degenerated into insanity.

People were spamming all the servers telling people that I promised to make a non-member free green starsword if 3000 people wore green at the same time, which I never said.

Some of these players were demaning that other players wear green "or else". There were some threats, lots of spamming on the staff facebook and twitter accounts, and outright madness on the forums that even eventually degerated into some rude and very offensive comments.

THOSE are not the kind of actions that I would consider rewarding. As i finally said on my twitter, after 2 days of mass spamming from a few rather rude people, "There are NO PLANS to make any starswords anytime soon... Not to say we won't make one someday. I love green, so we probably will. But not like this. Bullying people and ruining fun to get your way."

I'm sorry if you're disapponted by this announcement. I know a lot of people were promised a lot of crazy things by people who had no place to promise anything but we want to keep this game, and all of our games, FUN... and that wasn't fun.

It just goes to show you that some people can get excited about something, thoughtlessly take things way too far and ruin the fun for everyone.

What a mess.

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July 06, 2010

Yulgar's BIG Tale

Coming in this week's brand new release

Some say it is a tall tale. Some say he is stretching the story. But this week's release may just be the biggest release of the year! The game expands this Friday just before sundown!

Forum Question: What is the biggest monster you have ever fought?

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July 02, 2010

Hollowsoul Castle & Freedom!

And Mulligan Day!

Now that we are live, Mulligan Day is in full swing! If you are one of the fighteningly large amount of people who did not recieve your "Eye Was There" badge for completing the event LIVE with is, you may now join the replay event and you will get the badge, right off the bat.

Talk to Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll in Battleon!

Remember, you only have 24 hours to grab the badge. If you miss out this time, it's all on you!

As we warned, the rares have left the event but the replay will stay in Battleon for another week become being intigrated into the Mythsong storyline.

Hollowsoul Castle

The NEXUS portal, just outside of Battleon has opened up a new portal to a new area!

Hollowsoul Castle is an ancient place, and vast. More vast, by far, than any other castle anyone has ever dared create. Who builtc this "castle with no end", that has clamined the lives of SO many who have gotten lost within it's walls.

You might be the first to find out.

Speak with the ghostly Duke Ellington and unlock the mysteries of this all-new member only area!

Duke Ellington, Long Time Resident of Hollowsoul Castle

Uncover key after key, and maybe you can gain access to the Hollowsoul Castle Armory, PACKED with all new member only items, including the Hollowsoul Knight Armor, Hollowsoul helm and Hollowsoul Lance!

Phat  lewtz!
The Hollowsoul Castle Armory!

Duke Ellington also has some treats to offer those who dare speak to him. 2 brand new houses are being released today including the Castle House and the Chroma Theatre!

The Castle House may look friendly, fun and inviting but you will find the insides resemble the cold and ancient walls of Hollowsoul Castle!

bouncy bouncy bouncy
Don't Judge A House By Its Bouncy Exterior!

The other house is whole different story! It only has one single room but the Chroma Theatre is CUSTOM built for all of you YouTube stars who love to make and edit your own AQW movies!

This house has been designed with a special GREEN SCREEN room (the only room really) for people to use their movie editing programs to drop in their own amazing backgrounds and use movie magic to whisk their AQW heroes to far of locations!

Green  screen madness!
Don't Judge A House By Its Bouncy Exterior!

Llussion and Zhoom event went so far as to find a way to remove your shadow, so it won't ruin the green-screen effect! What a couple of great guys!

Did anyone else notice that the last 3 pics are of me getting smaller and smaller and smaller?

Limited Time Shop

Once again the countdown clock is ticking for AQW Members to grab the latest guarenteed rare item, the Scythe of Liberty (painstakingly hand-crafted by Skyline!). Just click the really hard to miss button with the clock under it in battleon to learn more!

it leaves Sunday midnight. You have been warned!

The Freedom Shop!

In the United States, the 4th of July is when we celebrate our hard won independence and remember the day that we became our own nation. Canada celebrated their independence day on July 1st. France's is the 14th and a host of other countries seem to have liberated themselves from the chains of oppression and now celebrate the idea of freedom in July.

Must be something in the air, round this time of year.

Sadly, we don't have the time or man-power to make a flag for every country on Earth, or even every country who celebrates their independence day in July but we ARE able to, once again, release our American and Canadian Independence Day seasonal rares today in the Freedom Shop in Battleon, and we hope that you'll join with us in honoring freedom all over the world!

Happy 233rd Birthday USA! (if my math is right)

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend guys! I'll be trying to make Nursey admit she's sick and stay in bed.

But HEY... Fireworks, right?!

Don't blow your faces up, mkay?.

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July 01, 2010

Sneak peek at what’s in store

... and what’s leaving the stores

Don your anti-pink-protective-eyewear now… because this sneak peek is more like a scenic route! But I’ll try my best to keep it somewhat short. (key word being ‘try’)

For starters, the RARE items in the Pre-Show Merch Shop are going PERMANENT RARE! There are 11 items in this shop that will NEVER EVER return. Ever! So if you haven’t already got your One-Eyed Warrior Armor, One Eyed Crawler Cape, One Eyed Axe, and all the others… now is your last chance!

Last Chance for One-Eyed Doll Rares!

Remember that these items can FOREVER be stored in your AC bank for free! So get ‘em while you still can—this shop will disappear tomorrow right before we release.

There will be an ‘encore’ of the Live Event tomorrow; Cysero has dubbed this as the Mulligan Day. So if you missed out on the Live Event last Friday, you can replay through the madness (hopefully without the servers crashing) and get the “Eye Was There” achievement badge! This rerun will ONLY be available for 24 hours after we Release… and One-Eyed Doll would be crushed if you missed out on their show…. again…. Lol!

We are also celebrating Freedom Day in Battleon this weekend! Last year’s seasonal items are returning along with a few new festive ones to help celebrate Freedom throughout Lore. Skyline has even made an auuuuhhhmazing Scythe that will be put in the Limited-Time Shop in Battleon. The Scythe of Liberty will ONLY be available until this Sunday at Midnight, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Hollowsoul Castle

Hollowsoul Castle is known as the “castle with no end.” Legend says that the Castle itself feasts off the unlucky souls who become trapped within its corridors. Haunted by ghoulish Wraiths, Hollowsoul is a dangerous place accessible only to the bravest of Members.

You are going to need some protection before charging through Hollowsoul Castle. Luckily for you & your soul, a specially-crafted Hollowsoul gear set has been made! Starting tomorrow night, you too can suit up in this amazing armor, helm, and weapon combo. Looks great with the Dragonhawk, too. Wahahah!

It is also rumored that you can get a mortgage on your very own 4-roomed Hollowsoul Castle Home! Don’t worry; the Wraiths and mothballs have been evicted and the House is move-in ready… as long as you don’t mind the Florida-inspired whether patterns.

Well my friends, I do believe that about sums it up! ^__^ I really do want to give a sincere ‘thank-you’ to all of our friends, especially Members. Without the support from you guys, none of this would ever be possible, yah know! So thank-you so much again, guys!

Battle On!

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