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July 27, 2010

Will The Real Cysero Please Stand Up?

What A Hilarious Past Few Days

So my Facebook account got disabled. There are a LOT of fakes on facebook, and I was apparently one of them.

I got disabled for being a fake Cysero. Classic.

I'm really kind of happy about that. It was great while it lasted but all the fakes and scammers on facebook make it a really dangerous place to be.

All you really need to know is that I am no longer on Facebook. Neither is Beleen. Artix IS on facebook and he also has a FANPAGE that anyone can join, but rarely gets the chance to check it just because he's so amazingly busy ALL THE TIME. there are a LOT of FAKE ARTIX's ON FACEBOOK. If you're not talking to the one I linked above, you're talking to a fake.

Any other Artix is a fake. Any Cysero is a fake (unless I decide to try to get my account re-enabled). Any Beleen is a fake. There are MANY other fake AE Staff profiles (Fake Reens, Fake Miltonius, Fake SKyline, Fake J6 and so on).

Just remember to be safe, remember that if anyone says they can get you ACs, memberships or make you a mod that they are lying and will just steal your account. Remember that AE staff will NEVER ask for your password. We don't NEED your password, we have acces to every account. Just be smart and be safe.

Anyway, sorry about all the Miltonius stuff again. We are still tying up some loose ends but this solution is finally one that will work. Remember to hang on to your Totems, as Miltonius will begin adding NEW items/ armors etc starting NEXT week, (not this Friday).

This Friday we're working on the Giant tale finale. It's been a fun story and I'm going to be sad to see it go, but it's been a nice, silly break from the constant war against chaos. We're thinking of moving into the Sandsea next. We're also considering the Bloodtusk Gorge, or Arcangrove. What would YOU guys like to see next?

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