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November 20, 2019

Get up to 50% more FREE ACs

2019 Holiday AC Bonus Begins NOW!

NOW AVAILABLE - get up to 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins when you buy any Adventure package until January 6th! If you're excited about the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday items, or are gearing up for all our December holiday items, now's the time to top up your ACs.

The bigger the AC package you buy, the more free AdventureCoins you'll get!

12000 AC pack: 6000 extra ACs (50% more ACs)

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2000 AC pack: 500 extra ACs (25% more ACs)

900 AC pack: 100 extra ACs (11% more ACs)

* Note: bonus AdventureCoins are only available with AdventureCoin packages. The special bonus offer does not apply to membership packages.

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December 03, 2019

Underworld Chronomancer Class

The 2020 Calendar is here, and will remain forever epic!

It’s that TIME of year again... a new Calendar Class is here! When you get the 2020 Calendar from HeroMart, you'll unlock in-game rewards inside AQ3D, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, EpicDuel, and the Underworld Chronomancer Class / Armor set in AQWorlds.

The Underworld Chronomancer Class combines the core skills and hourglasses of the Timeless Chronomancer Class with three new, 2020 exclusive consumables:

  • the Timepiece of Inevitability 
  • the Timepiece of Madness 
  • the Timepiece of Pestilence

Currently, the Underworld Chronomancer has the same icons and animations as Corrupted Chronomancer (which were intended to be a part of the Timeless Chronomancer theme. Based on your feedback, we will update the icons and animations to be unique to the Underworld Chrono class.

Timeless Chronomancer Class?!

Last year's Corrupted Chronomancer Class and this year's UnderWorld Chronomancer Class showcase our new style of releasing Calendar/Chronomancer classes. Each of these classes, and future calendar classes, will have:

  • a core base of skills will return each year 
  • a set of gameplay-altering items which will return from year to year
  • a set of unique gameplay-altering items (exclusive to that year's class) that affect your play style according to what you equip
  • All-new art and a new name

We call the core base of skills the Timeless Chronomancer Class. With the addition of the year-exclusive items, we can make an almost-endless array of variants, each with its own feel: the Corrupted Chronomancer, the Underworld Chronomancer, and many more to come!

The Timepieces that come with the 2020 UnderWorld Chronomancer Class can be used in conjunction with the returning Hourglass consumable items to alter the way the class plays.

Calendar Class Gameplay Recap

The new calendar classes are built around 6 unique class-only consumable items. These act as a (pseudo) sixth skill you can use to customize the class to your own style and needs. There are...

3 Hourglasses

These provide a base to your class. They either buff you in specific ways or provide complicated interactions to your skills. (These or other class items like them will return each year.)

3 Timepieces

These alter your skills with different gameplay elements.

Top off your stacks of Hourglasses and Timepieces by grabbing the pet in your Book of Lore 2020 Calendar badge shop. 

Gameplay example:

  1. Prepare before a fight by equipping and using an Hourglass. (Hourglasses last up to 2 hours or until you log out or die.) 
  2. Then, switch to a Timepiece to use during fights. 
  3. The Hourglass aura will remain, meaning you can mix and match any one Hourglass with any one Timepiece.**

Note: You can only have one Hourglass and one Timepiece active at a time. (Changing to a new one will end the affect from the previous Hourglass or Timepiece.)

Underworld Chronomancer Details

Recommended Enhancements: Lucky, Hybrid.

Underworld Chronomancers rely on Hourglasses and Timepieces they create using their Hourglass Pet (equipable items found in the Book of Lore) to manipulate and distort time itself.

Stats: Strength, Dexterity and Intellect.

Mana Regen: Gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on critical hits.  The amount depends on damage relative to *your own* HP total.


Timeless Strike

Deals damage based on your weapon damage. Each of your skills gets an additional benefit from Hourglasses and Timepieces you equip in your consumables slot. Hourglasses and Timepieces can be obtained from the Hourglass pet in the Book of Lore.

Type: Physical
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds       

Rank 1: Timeless Rift

Deals damage to your target and applies Temporal Rift to you. Temporal Rift stacks 4 times and is used by your other abilities.

Type: Physical/Magical       
Mana Cost: 15       
Cooldown: 4 seconds

Rank 2: Hourglass Reversal

Reverses time to heal you and up to 4 allies. Heal on you is increased by stacks of Temporal Rift and consumes those stacks.       

Type: Physical/Magical       
Mana Cost: 30       
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Rank 3: Distortion Through Time

Applies Corruption Through Time. Corruption Through Time increases all damage you do by 20% for 10 seconds. Doesn’t stack.       

Type: Physical/Magical       
Mana Cost: 20       
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Rank 4 Passive: SandskinDodge chance increased by 10%
Rank 4 Passive: Cosmic Energy Critical strike chance, Hit chance, and Haste increased by 7%

Rank 5: Temporal Collapse

Deals damage to your target based on the damage you've recently dealt while under the effects of Temporal Rift (in the past 10 seconds).  Consumes Temporal Rift stacks.       

Type: Magical       
Mana Cost: 35       
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Rank 10 Passive: Hands of FateStarting from Rank 1, you can equip Hourglasses and Timepieces as a consumable to enhance your other skills.

The Returning Hourglasses

Hourglass of Power
[Timeless Chronomancer Class]
For the next 2hrs your Hourglass Inversion skill now also increases most of your secondary stats a further 10% for 30 seconds. Doesn’t stack. This includes Damage Done, Haste, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Hit Chance, Dodge Chance and Damage Reduction.

Note: This one is as straightforward as you can get. It’s a broad buff on everything you want. It doesn’t complicate things or add strategy. You just smash it and go. 

Hourglass of Paradise 
[Timeless Chronomancer Class]
For the next 2hrs, your Corruption Through Time skill now also toggles between several new buffs. You get a mana and heal over time, a reduction in damage taken by 40% and increased haste by 30%. Also, your crit chance and damage are reduced by 40%. These auras last 2hrs and toggle on and off each time you use Hourglass Inversion.

Note: Mix this with an offensive Timepiece to mitigate some of the Timepiece’s defensive weakness. Turn Paradise off right before your nuke for great sustain AND damage! 

Hourglass of Transience
[Timeless Chronomancer Class]
For the next 2hrs, Corruption Through Time makes you Transient for 10s. Applies a growing DoT to you. Using it again applies Ephemeral for 5s. Buffs dodge & damage by 50%. Using Hourglass Inversion while Transient gives you Incorporeal for 10s. Increases END & Haste by 50% & removes Transient & Ephemeral. While Transient, Sand Rift applies Flow. Increases enemy damage taken by 8% for 5s, stacks to 3. While Stable, it instead applies Ebb for 8s. Gives a growing DoT

Note: This Hourglass lives up to its namesake- your life is quite temporary and chaotic. But, balance your resources, and you'll find it paying off handsomely.

Get Ephemeral and you'll be dishing out huge damage while being nearly invincible- but your stay will be quite temporary.

Stabilize yourself out and you'll act faster and gain health- but you'll lose your Temporal Rift stacks.

Try to strike a balance alternating between these two skills, and you'll be able to extract the item's full power- but don't get too greedy!

The Underworld Chronomancer Timepieces

Timepiece of Madness 
[Underworld Chronomancer Class]
For the next 30 seconds, Timeless Strike applies Mad, increasing your outgoing damage by 5% for 3 seconds, stacks to 5. Upon reaching 5 stacks of Mad your next Timeless Strike consumes them and you become Eternal, increasing your Critical Strike Chance by 80% and reducing your outgoing damage by 30% for 2 seconds. Your Distortion Through Time Skill also applies Potential, increasing your Hit Chance by 20% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 12 seconds

Note: A simple Timepiece that rewards you for consecutively hitting your opponent to ramp up your damage. As soon as you have Eternal, your chances of seeing those big orange numbers appear on Temporal Collapse are almost guaranteed. On top of that, Distortion Through Time now grants increased hit chance, allowing this to be more successful.

Timepiece of Inevitability
[Underworld Chronomancer Class]
For the next 10 seconds, Distortion Through Time also applies Inevitable Corruption, increasing your outgoing damage and Haste by 12% for 20 seconds. Using the Timepiece of Inevitability while Inevitable Corruption is active applies Snap to your opponent, dealing significant damage to them after a short delay. Cooldown: 20 seconds

Note: Another straightforward option, this Timepiece focuses on seamlessly adding extra damage so long as you can keep it refreshed often. In between your decimation-inducing finger-snaps, you get to enjoy a notable buff to both your outgoing damage and your haste, boosting the rest of your skills. This all culminates in an inevitable nuke from Temporal Collapse.

Timepiece of Pestilence 
[Underworld Chronomancer Class]
For the next 10 seconds, Distortion Through Time also applies Infectious Air, increasing the amount of damage the enemy takes by 20% for 10 seconds, stacking to 3 but is consumed by Temporal Collapse. As you recover from the contaminating air, your incoming damage is increased by 100% for 10 seconds. Also applies a light DoT and Decay to your target for 10 seconds, preventing them from healing. Cooldown: 10 seconds

Note: Lastly a Timepiece that makes you and others gain damage exponentially through lowering your enemy’s defenses until you tear them down with your utter prowess. This Timepiece requires a bit of timing alone however benefits greatly when given haste buffs allowing you to stack your Infectious Air aura with ease. Make your enemy rot and make the world of Lore witness the true power of The Undead Legion! 

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December 02, 2019

Check the list of bug fixes to see what the team has addressed

Reens, Cemaros and the AQW Bug Hunter team are busy squashing the bugs you submit each week to the Bug Tracker at

Please do not send non-release bugs on Twitter.  They will get lost.  Make sure you send bug report forms!

Check back weekly to see if the bug you reported has been addressed.  Please remember that not all bugs are "easy fixes" so some reported and confirmed bugs from each week may not be on the fixed list as they will require more time or a different person to fix them.

If you would like to know how the reports go from you to fixed, check this page:

Bug Fixes:

  • Guardian Shadow Cape now opens the Guardian Shadow shop to obtain the Cyber Guardian Shadow.  (Yes, we know it targets you, but that's how it had to be to keep the cape's original looks.)
  • Ascended Overfiend Blade of Nulgath, Ascended Overfiend Backblades, Bright Warlord of Nulgath Polearm removed from the Diamond Shop now.
  • Sublimated T-shirt Combo will now show in the BOL, with default baby red dragon art for now.

Art Fixes:

  • Fiend Face  of Nulgath (and Rare) and Dark Fiend Face of Nulgath will stop pretending to be each other now.
  • FairyTale Royalty (Female) leg is now CC to the top.
  • Dual Cyber Hanzamune Blades are now actually dual.

December 02, 2019

Cyber Monday 2019 is here!

Gear up and get your glow on!

Congratulations on FINALLY getting to sit down and enjoy Oishii's Harvest Fest dessert! But with the feast done and aliens on the run, the time for battling is over. Now heroes across the game (and America) are fighting for... NEW GEAR! Our Cyber Monday gear is LIVE!

Starting Monday, December 2nd, log in and check out the Black Friday Shop in your game menu to find...

  • M4tr1x Naval Commander set (color customizable)
  • Cyber Grimlord armor
  • Cyber Spear of Nulgath (color customizable)
  • Overclocked Blade of Azebeth
  • Techno ArchFiend Doomlord armor/helm
  • the M4tr1x of ShadowFall houses
  • and more!

Dark Holiday Item Updates

  • If you purchased the Dark Holiday 2019 Collection, you'll find all 10 of the 0 AC M4tr1x of Swordhaven and ShadowFall houses dropping from the Midnight Mochi Pet's quest.
  • The Galactic OmniBlade 1.0 and Cyber Unarmed have been added into the Black Friday Shop
  • Get the Galactic OmniBlade 1.0 to unlock its quest, then complete it to choose either the Galactic OmniBlade 2.0 or 3.0 (return each year to choose another blade!)
  • Find the Cyber Monday 2019 Rares listed above in the Black Friday rares shop in your game menu
  • If you have the Guardian Shadow Cape, return later tonight and head to Vinara's Curio Shop in Battleon to find your free Cyber Guardian Shadow cape
  • The OverClocked Blade of Abezeth and the Cyber Necrotic Blade of Doom in the collection and rares shop do not include the end-game stat bonuses. (Those remain exclusive to the farming versions of the weapons.)
  • If you have the original Ultra OmniKnight CLASS, you'll find your free version of the Dark OmniNight class in Vinara's shop, too
  • If you have the ArchFiend DoomLord armor, tomorrow you'll find the free color-customizable Digital DoomLord armor + helm in Vinara's Curio Shop. 

Join us later today for the FINAL Dark Holiday Daily Item Hunt, as the Techno Spear of Nulgath drops from one of our Dark Holiday event monsters.

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December 02, 2019

Countdown to Dark Holiday Rewards

Happening Now: Our Thanksgiving Week Item Hunt

Log in every day for a chance to get all-new gear in our Countdown to Black Friday/Cyver Monday rare bonus item hunt! Log in from Monday through Friday this week and take on monsters throughout the game for a chance to get event rare item drops. They are only available for a limited time, so get in there and get battling!

Our final Dark Holiday Daily Item Drop is LIVE at! Log in now and battle the Feegrix Queen for a chance to get the rare, 0 AC Techno Spear of Nulgath. (The color custom Cyber Spear is now available in the Black Friday Shop + Collection Chest.)

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December 01, 2019

December 2019 Event Calendar

This Month: Tis the Season for FROSTVAL!

Winter is coming (for many of you, it's already here!), and so are all our snow-covered, ice-laden, gift-bearing holiday events! To help everyone celebrate, we've got a list of all our holiday events so you don't miss a single moment of cheer. 

December 1: December Seasonal Set: Northern Wanderer arrives for 2019

December 2: Cyber Monday Shop releases

December 6Frostval Hub Town returns + December Upgrade Bonus set

December 13: Frostval the 13th + Quibble's Frostval Collection Chest

December 20: Nightmare on Frostvale St + Holiday Limited Quantity Set

December 20 - 25Double XP, Gold, Class Points, and Rep boosts + holiday boss drops

December 27Dark Gifts Boss Battle  + Holiday gear in the Wheel of Doom merge shop

December 31New Year's Eve celebration + 2020 rare gear

Also happening this month...

  • Level Cap increase
  • New seasonal Frostval Class
  • Holiday 2019 free AdventureCoins Gift
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