Design Notes

March 29, 2019

Become an Infernal Warlord

Available in the Wheel of Doom and Merge shop!

The Wheel of Doom spins round and round... and this week, as we prepare to enter the month of WAR on Monday, we've got an all-new set of gear for you -- the Infernal WarLord

New Gear from the Wheel of Doom!

We know a lot of you are raring to redeem your free spins... so we're adding a full new Epic rarity set for you, crafted by AQW Artist, Crulon! Each piece of the Infernal Warlord set will be available from the Wheel of Doom and from the Doom merge shop. 

Get your Free Spins

Everyone loves to get prizes... and that's why we brought back back free spins for the Wheel of Doom!

  • Members get one free spin a day while their upgrade is active
  • All players get one free spin a week. 

See the Free Spins Design Notes for more details.

Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness

We've gotten a lot of really positive feedback after introducing the free spins... but also a lot of you who wanted 1) a way to make sure you got an Item of Donated Awesomeness and 2) kept spinning in a quest to get the Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness to drop from the Wheel... and then not didn't get it.

That's why, earlier this month, we introduced the Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness. This item is available from the Doom Merge Shop, so even if you don't receive the EIoDA as a bonus prize, you can save up your Treasure Potions and get the PIoDA.

Important Points

  • The PIoDA will be a Wheel of Doom merge shop exclusive. 
  • Cost: 1,000 Treasure Potions. 
  • You can get both the EIoDA (from the Wheel) and the PIoDA (from the merge shop)
  • The PIoDA currently stacks up to x5.

At a cost of 1,000 Treasure Potions, that means a member who ONLY uses their one free spin per day/week will need to log in every day for about 2.5 years to get it... but they WILL get it eventually. 

* Exceptions include staff personal items, cu

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March 29, 2019

April 2019 Event Calendar

Month of WAR!

"Shadows run when a good Hero goes to war." If March was the month of Evil, April is the month of... WAR! Get your /party on as we celebrate the real-life Thai New Year with a micro-war in Bloodtusk Ravine before beginning the year-long Queen of Monsters' finale saga with the War of Shadows.

April 1April Seasonal Set: Bio-War Cultist

April 5:

Dage Birthday and March seasonal events leave
Songkran Water War in Bloodtusk Ravine
Galactic Battle Captain upgrade pack

April 12: Grenwog and Earth Day return

April 19: Infernal Recruitment: Lord Balax'el's Army Grows

April 26: Shadows of War, Part 1: The Queen's Eyes

May 1: New Seasonal Set arrives


Shadows of War, Part 2: When Dragons Rage
Infinity Throne Upgrade Set

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March 29, 2019

This Weekend: Stryche's Saga Continues

Return to the Lands of the Hunter's Moon Clan

This weekend, enter the Mooncursed Lair as we continue Stryche's battle to save his people! Marchosias, the rebellious leader of the Mooncursed Warriors, is still free to threaten the lives of the Hunter's Moon Clan. To defeat him will require skill, sacrifice, and a moon-forged weapon strong enough to cut through Marchosias' madness.But there is more to Voland's curse than we know, and if you're not careful, one of your closest friends may lose himself... forever.

  • Forge a powerful weapon made of magic and moonlight
  • Battle Eclipsed and Moon-cursed warriors 
  • Explore the Marchosias' lair and confront him in battle

Stryche's Saga, Part 1: Answer the Call of Vorland, the Spirit Bear

Stryche, Warrior and the owner of Battleon's HeroMart Store, has been your friend and fellow defender of Lore for years. This weekend, explore his past and join in the fight to defend his home from Marchosias, a rival warrior who'll stop at nothing to take control of the Hunter's Moon Clan. 

  • Confront his greatest rival for leadership of the clan
  • Battle Werebears and slavish acolytes
  • Fight monsters to get all-new reward gear
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March 28, 2019

Midweek Update Medley

Bits, Bites, and Bytes of News for You

As March draws to a close, we've got a melange of things you need, want, or should know before we move into April. Read on for news, and then come back tomorrow for the April release calendar!

Email Imposter Alert

Keep an eye out for emails claiming to be from [email protected] or [email protected] -- these are not legitimate emails from Artix Entertainment or Boacompra (a Brasilian payment provider).

Legitimate emails from Artix Entertainment and Boacompra do not use or other public providers.

Make sure your AE emails are being sent from one of the following:


If you ever have questions about whether an email you've received is legitimate, please contact the Artix Help team through our Support Pages

Dage Birthday + March Events Leave Soon

March is our Month of Evil, and brings with it Dage the Evil's birthday, the Lucky Day Fair, and more. All our limited-time March events will leave for the year on Friday, April 5th. 

March Seasonal Set - Legion WarSeeker - Leaves April 1st

Our March seasonal set, the Legion WarSeeker, will leave at 12:01 AM EST on Monday, April 1st. It will be replaced by the Bio-War Cultist set, crafted just for you by AQW Community Artist, Noire. 

Undead Legion Weapon Update

Exclusive Undead Legion weapon update: has not forgotten about the weapon he is crafting just for his loyal followers. The estimated release date is the first week of April. Keep an eye out for previews in the near future. 

Gear/Quest Update for the Undead Legion House 

Earlier this month, we announced plans to update the Undead Legion House with new gear and a quest or two. Those updates are still planned, and will release along with the new weapon Dage is making for the Undead Legion. (Note: the Legion House will *not* be required to get the new weapon, but will be used to unlock additional variants of the item, like the floating sword pet.)

Not Live, but Not Forgotten

A tip of the hat to AQW player Cynderella, who asked for updates on several of the projects the AQW team has planned:

  • (New) Server Rewrite: Update announced in January. The new server will be used for AQ2D (or whatever it's true, final, for-real name will be), but will not release for AQWorlds (the web version you play now).
  • Monster Hunter Class This class is no longer scheduled for release on the web.
  • Decreasing Username Cap Limit Good news! After meeting with Captain Rhubarb and Nythera last week, implementation plans are in place to allow you to change your character name to one with 3 letters. (Included in the plans are a few new, additional account security measures Captain is adding.) Keep an eye on future Design Notes for more updates.

These story/zone updates are still planned for the future, but will be worked in around the Queen of Monsters' finale arcs:

  • "Mysterious Egg" followup to the 7 Deadly Dragons Saga
  • Wolfwing/Werepyre's Return 
  • Mystcroft event: Masquerade Part 2 
  • Chaos Saga / Other Area revamps Based on your feedback, we will continue to do these, but as time allows rather than one every month.

Achievement Tracker Class/Micro Zone Updates

I had wanted to do these myself, because I think they're a very fun idea... but the universe has a way of interfering with plans. My schedule has changed enough to make this unfeasible for the foreseeable future, so I reassigned the micro-zones for last year's Achievement Tracker classes to another designer. Work on them is currently in the planning stages.

Classic Alpha Pirates Returned to OG Owners

Earlier this week, the team added a 0 AC tag to the Classic Alpha Pirate Class. If you are one of the original heroes who received the class back in 2008 (during the 1st Mulligan Day) and no longer have it... GOOD NEWS! Yorumi is adding the class back to your account yesterday. If you do not see your armor on your account, hang tight. We'll be adding the rest in today.

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March 22, 2019

Limited Time Set: UnderWorld General

Dage x ShadowScythe Crossover Armor Set

What happens when Dage's birthday is followed by a ShadowScythe story? The most EVIL crossover! This set is an Undead Legion twist on the ShadowScythe General art. Find it in your Dark Caster Collection Chest for free or Dage's Birthday Shop for AdvenureCoins for a limited time. 

Set pieces include:

  • Underworld General armor
  • 3 Underworld General helms
  • 2 Underworld General capes
  • Underworld General Axe
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March 22, 2019

Recover the ShadowScythe Artifacts

Enter a Crashed ShadowScythe Spaceship!

Near ShadowFall's Dracolich Fortress lies the newly-discovered wreck of a crashed ShadowScythe starship -- a vessel who's journey through space and time ended in pieces. Now, Empress Gravelyn needs your help to explore the ruins once owned by a race of alien beings spawned from the Darkness itself.

This weekend, our month of EVIL events continues this weekend with the "Artifacts of the ShadowScythe" update designed by AQW Community Writer Catpyre (working with Memet). Enter wreck of a crashed ShadowScythe starship, explore its ruins with Treasure Hunter Z, and reap the rewards.

  • Take on the alien creatures guarding the ship
  • Explore the wreck to find any information left behind
  • Battle the vault's guardian to recover treasures 
  • Slay monsters to collect, then exchange, Shadow Gold for Z's gear
  • Complete farming quests after finishing tonight's update to earn the pieces of the boss's armor set
  • Take on 100 Vault Guardians to unlock a new character page badge (coming tomorrow!)
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March 15, 2019

Lucky Paragon Set + More

New Featured Gear for Lucky Day

Tonight, find the Lucky Paragon set and Lucky Golden Paragon Bank Pet in your Featured Gear Shop for AdventureCoins. These items will be available until the Lucky Day Event leaves. 

Perma-Rare Event Items

  • Color-customizable Rainbowtheus set
  • Undead Ringmaster set

Calling all members of the Undead Legion 

If you are a member of the Undead Legion, you can also get select items from the Lucky Paragon set with Legion Tokens.

  • Lucky Paragon Plate: 2,000 Legion Tokens
  • Lucky Paragon Helm: 500 Legion Tokens
  • Lucky Paragon Cape: 500 Legion Tokens 
  • Lucky Paragon Pet: 1,000 Legion Tokens (Legion exclusive!)
  • Dual Lucky Caladbolgs: 1,000 Legion Tokens (Legion exclusive!)
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March 15, 2019

Lucky Day Returns

The Shamrock Fair is BACK!

Do ya feel lucky, Hero? I hope so, because this weekend, The Shamrock Fair returns as we celebrate Lucky Day! Log in all weekend log for one of the most colorful holiday events of the year.

Lucky Day Fair events:

  • Double gold and rep server boost 
  • Play minigames to collect Golden Tickets
  • Unlock the Evolved Leprechaun Class
  • Seasonal items and bosses return

You can access the Fair RIGHT NOW when you /join Luck, and then continue to taste the painbow inthe /rainbow and /hedge maps!

Don't miss the many minigames you'll find at the Shamrock Fair:

Save up the Golden Tickets you earn from the minigames to purchase gear from the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, and if you get a Lucky Hat or Lucky Top Hat from the Fair Token Shop, you'll earn double the number of Golden Tickets from any minigame you play!

The Luckiest Class: Evolved Leprechaun!

Most people find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we found the Evolved Leprechaun Class, and we can't think of a better Hero to /equip it than YOU

You can get the Evolved Leprechaun Class in 2 ways:

  • Buy the Evolved Leprechaun Class with 2,000 AdventureCoins
  • Turn in 12 Lucky Clovers, 20 Rainbow Shards, and 2,000 Golden Tickets to the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, run by Mog O’Rahilly

Make your friends GREEN with envy as you battle through this Luckiest of weekends filled with LUK, leprechauns, and LOTS of loot!

Enter the Fairy Grove

The veil between our world and the Fae has thinned enough for you to enter the realm of the Fairy Queen. This weekend's Lucky Day expansion is based on Celtic fairy lore. Learn more about them, complete the Runestone's quest for prophecies and advice, and rank up your new Faerie Court rep.

Gold + Rep Server Boost

Get DOUBLE Gold and Reputation all weekend long at  as we celebrate the return of the Lucky Day Fair and the new Fae Grove farming zone (with the Faerie Court rep).

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March 11, 2019

AQWorlds Patch Notes

Check the list of bug fixes to see what the team has addressed

Reens, Cemaros and the AQW Bug Hunter team are busy squashing the bugs you submit each week to the Bug Tracker at



Please do not send non-release bugs on Twitter.  They will get lost.  Make sure you send bug report forms!

Check back weekly to see if the bug you reported has been addressed.  Please remember that not all bugs are "easy fixes" so some reported and confirmed bugs from each week may not be on the fixed list as they will require more time or a different person to fix them.

If you would like to know how the reports go from you to fixed, check this page:

Bug Fixes:

  • Aquamarine of Nulgath will now require the quest taken to drop to help control drop spam.

Art Fixes:

  • Void Guardian's Claws repositioned.
  • Summer Xeven and Sekt - Xeven’s bikini CC issues fixed.
  • Paragon Fiend Mounted House Guard ® now actually faces right. (Horses cant tell left from right because they cant make an L out of their hoof!)
  • Wrath of the Legion Blade Pet matches the sword now.
  • Dark Caster Armor - special Dage Head version now has a different head for the ladies too. (It may have involved giving @Aelious_AE an axe …) 
  • UltraWrath of the Legion Blade flipped right side up.
  • Chaorrupted Lycan Hunter male was not supposed to have any CC bits.  Bits removed.

Not Fixed & Why:

  • Enchanted Nulgath Nation House - edit menu disappears after using armor customizer. This happens with every house with a customizer room.  Unfortunately, this is not something we can fix. You can bring the menu back by leaving the house and returning.  The Wiki will also be updating the house pages which have customizers to state this.
  • There were a number of reports about Art which were not bugs this week. Please refer back to the Design Notes for Non Standard Armours and Bug, Opinion or Engine Limitation.


The BuyBack Shop and Equippable Items Used in Quests
The BuyBack Shop was designed to allow you to repurchase any item you had ever obtained by paying ACs for it.  In 2016, this function was also expanded to include items you obtained from quests or farming which were taggged as 0 ACs.

Many of you have noticed that this will also allow you to get them back when you have used them in a quest or merge.  This is not a bug.

It was an unintended side effect.  However, after reviewing all the implications of this, we have decided to allow it to remain. 


March 08, 2019

Carnaval 2019 Limited Time Shop

Available for a Limited Time!

It's that time of year again! Beads, feathers, sparkly costumes, fire dancers, and lots of celebrating! But before you can get to the party, check out the HOTTEST Carnaval shop yet. The Passaro de Fogo armor set will be available from your Featured Gear Shop for AdventureCoins (with some member and free gold items mixed in) from March 8th to April 1st.

Pieces of the armor set include:

  • Passaro de Fogo armor
  • Plumas de Fogo helms
  • Pluma de Boitata staves
  • Boitata on your Back cape
  • Even more fiery feather capes and wings
  • Passaro de Fogo Moglin pet (AC and member gold versions)

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March 08, 2019

This weekend: Immortal DarkCaster Class

Dark Caster Class Skills Return with New Art!

It's Dage the Evil's birthday, and we're celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! Last week, we brought back all his birthday events and announced we were bringing back ALL the Dark Caster Class skills, tied to new art created by Dage just for this event. Log in now and head to /darkbirthday; find the Immortal Dark Caster Class with the buffed original Dark Caster class skills in his birthday shop OR the Dark Caster Collection chest.

If you bought the Immortal Dark Caster Class Note last week... congratulations! That has automatically changed into the Immortal Dark Caster Class.

This class uses the original Dark Caster class skills... but they got a wicked buff! You can see the original Class Skills writeup here, then read on for all the juicy buffs.

How to get it: 

  • Buy it from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop for 2,000 ACs
  • Find it in the Dark Caster Collection Chest for 0 ACs

Original Class owners:

If you have the original Dark Caster Class, you will get the Immortal Dark Caster Class for FREE. You'll also get to keep the DC skills as they were first designed on your original class. (For those of you who want to keep it old-school.) Talk to Dage in the /darkbirthday map to complete his quest to claim your free class. We will also be adding the class's armor just for you!

(Immortal) Dark Caster Balance Changes

Because of how old the original Dark Caster Class was, it needed a LOT of work to make it competitive with more recently-released classes. After several level cap increases (and the new enhancements, higher crit, damage, and haste modifiers introduced since the DC's release), we found Dark Conversion was no longer necessary to sustain its mana regeneration.

BUT Because consistent healing was previously difficult to sustain, we changed the skill to Forbidden Rite, a slight heal on a low cooldown that also utilizes stacking auras (which keeps the fast-paced stacking feel).

We also:

  • changed every aura on the class to increase its potency 
  • doubled the damage reduction on Shadow Grasp 
  • increased the maximum damage increase on Shadow Bolt to 40% at five stacks

With the addition of the 24% outgoing damage increase on Forbidden Rite and the haste boost on Legion Strike, the overall damage potential for Immortal Dark Caster is notably higher than original Dark Caster, although the individual skill damage has been slightly lowered.

With the consistent heal and damage reduction effects from Soul Crush, Soul Barrier, Legion Aegis, its survivability increased. With the outgoing damage increases from Soul Burn, Soul Conflate, and Legion Alacrity, its damage potential increased.

(Immortal) Dark Caster Change Breakdown

Auto attack

  • Renamed to "Dark Pulse"
  • Now deals damage based on Spell Power
  • Now has a 20% stun chance

Soul Grasp

  • Mana cost reduced to 15
  • Base damage reduced
  • Soul Crush target damage reduction increased to 10% per stack
  • Soul Crush no longer replaces stacks of Soul Burn

Shadow Bolt

  • Mana cost reduced to 15
  • Base damage reduced
  • Soul Burn target defense reduction increased to 8% per stack
  • Soul Burn no longer replaces stacks of Soul Crush

Dark Conversion

  • Renamed to Forbidden Rite
  • Mana cost of 15 added
  • Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds
  • Now heals the user
  • Dark Conversion effect replaced with Soul Conflate
  • Soul Conflate increases outgoing damage by 6% and damage reduction by 5% for 15 seconds
  • Dark Conversion stacks to 4

Legion Strike

  • Base damage lowered
  • 4 second stun removed
  • Having 3 stacks of Soul Crush on the target will now apply Legion Alacrity to your character
  • Legion Alacrity increases haste by 20% for 10 seconds
  • Heal over Time removed
  • Having any stacks of Soul Burn on the target will now apply Legion Aegis to your character
  • Legion Aegis increases your damage reduction by 30% for 10 seconds


  • Speed of Darkness: Haste increased to 15%
  • Dark Pact: Damage increased to 15%
  • Spirit Death: Now increases Dodge Chance by 15%

Other Changes

Evolved Dark Caster and Infinite Dark Caster had Smouldering added to second skill, which increases incoming damage for enemies for 6 seconds



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March 05, 2019

Dage's Dark Caster Giveaway

Share for a chance to win

Greetings friends! We know not everyone is able to get the Dark Caster collection. So, by popular request, we are making 3 collections available in a giveaway.

All you need to do is help us spread the word on:
(or triple your chances by doing all three.)
You know what to do-- like, share, and be sure to comment your AQWorlds character name in the comments.
In the event that a winner already has the collection-- the staff reserves the right to put an epic rare onto your character :)
Thank you for helping us spread the word... and may the undead legion's hand of fate be pointing it's boney finger at you when winners are chosen this Friday.
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March 04, 2019

Pancake Day is BACK!

Grab Your Maple Syrup!

The Grand Master Lunch Lady Oishii has returned to Yulgar's Inn, bringing with her a few silly, pancake-based items. You can find her in Yulgar's Inn until Monday but watch out, you will probably get hit at random by her flying flapjacks of doom! 

Seasonal items are returning - like the Pancake Hat w/Butter and the Oolong the pancake bunny pet, and the fan-favorite Pancake Puppy pet!

Oishii's Pancake Goodies:

  • Pancake Hat
  • Pancake Hat w/Butter
  • The Full Stack
  • Oolong Pet
  • Pancake-Topus pet
  • Pancake Puppy pet

NEW treats in Oishii's shop

  • Oishii's Li'l Helper Dragon pet
  • Hungry Skull cape and pet
  • Hungry Unicorn Foal pet
  • The BIG Breakfast Helm
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March 01, 2019

Dage's Dark PVP Birthday

Discover the fate of Dage the Evil's soul!

In-game, Dage the Evil is the leader of the Undead Legion, ruler of the Underworld. In the REAL world, the artist behind the NPC has one, true love... PVP! That's why this year, AQWorlds is celebrating with a battle-birthday full of new Undead Legion gear, a Dark Caster Collection Chest, two new Underworld PVP maps, and more!

This weekend:

  • Underworld Team PVP: /join dagepvp and choose which team you want to fight for
  • Underworld 1v1 PVP: /join dage1v1 and go head to head with your friend... or a stranger
  • Collect Legion Combat Trophies in the Team PVP map 
  • Complete Dumoose's daily quest in the 1v1 map to get Legion PVP Trophies
  • Spend your trophies on all-new undead-themed rewards

Dage's Dark Caster Collection Chest

Save 2000 ACs on event gear: Get all of Dage’s birthday items in his Dark Caster Collection Chest for 10,000 AdventureCoins (16,000 ACs worth of gear for 10,000 ACs is a really GOOD deal from a very Evil Artist)

Dage's Dark Caster Collection includes: over 20 items, plus a character page badge and the Collection Chest pet!

  • Dage's Dark Caster Collection Chest pet (click this to access the shop full of 0 AC gear)
  • Infinite Dark Caster Class (with the buffed Evolved DC class skills)
  • Timeless Dark Caster Armor (with the buffed Arcane DC class skills)
  • Timeless, Infinite, and Immortal Dark Caster armors*
  • Paragon Fiend Quest Pet (with the seasonal farming quests)**
  • Legion Sigil Pet (with quests for gear)
  • Dark Caster Skull Collection Pet (with quest for the character page badge)
  • Legion Overfiend Blade Pet
  • Paragon Fiend Rider Pet
  • Dark Reaver weapons
  • Enchanted Caster scythes
  • Dark Caster Skull capes
  • Legion Fiend helms
  • and more!

* The Immortal Dark Caster CLASS will arrive next Friday.
** This is for heroes who prefer a more classic Paragon Pet look over the Shogun Paragon pet.

Like in AdventureQuest 3D, the items for Dage's birthday this year (which can all be found for 0 ACs in Dage's Dark Caster Collection Chest) will return to Dage's birthday shop each year. But the collection chest (and the discount it gives) will only be available THIS year.

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive Dark Caster Collection Chest pet itself, all of the gear contained inside the Dark Caster Collection Chest will also be available individually in his Birthday Shop.

Birthday Rewards and Rare Items

This week, gear up and get ready to fight for all the returning and new dark reward drops, including the:

  • Eternal Dark Caster and Eternal Dark Caster X Armor sets
  • Spirits of War, Famine, Death, and Conquest armor sets
  • UW3017 Gunner and Blaster Armor sets
  • Dreadnought House
  • Shogun Paragon Pet
  • Enchanted Eternal Painsaws
  • Paragon Greatsword Cape
  • Dreadnought's Skull Staff
  • Grief's Shrine house item
  • Cape of Envy
  • Altar of Caladbolg
  • and more!

Over the past year, we've begun cutting back on the number of rare items we release. But we will still do several rare items per holiday release. This year, Dage's Birthday rares are:

  • Dark Caster's double skulls cape
  • Legion Sigil staff
  • Dual Caster Scythes

More surprises from Dage the Evil! His Legion OverFiend Blade pet drops from the "Taking a Boat Trip" available on the Shogun and Paragon Pets. Plus, we've increased the quest turn-in stack size from 10 to 50. Happy farming, heroes!

Undead Legion Members 

Get your tokens ready! This week, you'll be able to buy 13 NEW items crafted by Dage the Evil, Axeros, and AQW Community Artist L A E.

  • Legion Fiend armor set
  • Infinite Dark Caster Class (with Evolved DC skills)
  • Legion Sigil pet
  • Paragon of Loyalty armor set

If you're not a member of the Undead Legion, never fear! You, too, can sell your soul to Dage the Evil and become a part of his immortal army.

** The Altar is ALWAYS available as a drop from the Treasure Chest, but now you don't have to rely on Luck to get it.

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March 01, 2019

ALL the Dark Caster Classes Return

Dage's Dark Birthday Gift to You

The Undead Legion is made up of Lore's finest undead (and not-undead-yet) warriors. That is why we're bringing back ALL the Dark Caster Class skills, tied to new art created by Dage just for this event. 

  • Infinite Dark Caster Class uses the Evolved DC class skills
  • Timeless Dark Caster Class uses the Arcane DC class skills
  • Immortal Dark Caster Class uses the original DC class skills

Each of the Class armors you see above is built on art created for the last-ever, final, totally-not-going to ever be another Eternal Dark Caster.* There are variants to each to help distinguish between the classes in shop.

* Every year, Dage vows it will be his last Dark Caster. But every year, we get new, incredibly passionate requests to keep the line going. We hate disappointing you guys, so each year, he goes back to the design. It would be easier to do new designs and create new traditions, but with as much as you guys love this particular line... we keep updating it.

Dark Caster Classes get buffed!

With the return of the Arcane and Evolved Dark Caster class skills, it is time for… BUFFS!

Every Dark Caster* class now has:

  • a unique auto attack dealing 100% spell damage (long range)
  • a 20% chance to stun your opponent for 1 second

This allows all Dark Casters to make full use of their high Intellect state. 

* Except for the original Dark Caster, which gets buffed next week

Infinite Dark Caster Class

This class uses the Evolved Dark Caster class skills. You can see the original Class Skills writeup here

How to get it: 

  • Buy it from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop for 2,000 ACs
  • Find it in the Dark Caster Collection Chest for 0 ACs
  • Get it in Dage's Dark Birthday Merge shop for 2,000 Legion Tokens

Original Class owners:

If you have the original Evolved DC or the Legion Evolved DC Class, you will get the Infinite Dark Caster Class for FREE. Talk to Dage in the /darkbirthday map to complete his quest to claim your free class.

Infinite Dark Caster Changes

 These changes also apply to Evolved / Legion Dark Caster.

  • Overshadowed now deals 35% more damage 
  • Onyx Combustion now deals 20% more damage
  • Soul Scourge now deals 25% more damage

Timeless Dark Caster Class

This class uses the Arcane Dark Caster class skills. You can see the original Class Skills writeup here

How to get it: 

  • Buy it from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop for 2,000 ACs
  • Find it in the Dark Caster Collection Chest for 0 ACs

Original Class owners:

If you have the original Arcane DC or the Mystical DC Class (which unlocked when you purchased one of the event rare armors), you will get the Timeless Dark Caster Class for FREE. Talk to Dage in the /darkbirthday map to complete his quest to claim your free class.

Timeless Dark Caster Changes

These changes also apply to Evolved / Legion Dark Caster.

Skills for the Timeless Dark Caster (and Evo/Legion DC) were buffed earlier in February, in preparation for Dage’s birthday. You can see a list of those changes here.

Immortal Dark Caster Class (Next Week!)

This class uses the original Dark Caster class skills... but is getting a nice buff! You can see the original Class Skills writeup here

How to get it: 

  • Buy it from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop for 2,000 ACs
  • Find it in the Dark Caster Collection Chest for 0 ACs

Original Class owners:

If you have the original Dark Caster Class, you will get the Immortal Dark Caster Class for FREE. Talk to Dage in the /darkbirthday map to complete his quest to claim your free class. We will also be adding the class's armor next week, just for you! Plus, complete your "Obtain the Dark Caster Class" quest to get the original class art's armor.

Immortal / Original Dark Caster Changes

Next Friday: we’ll be re-releasing and buffing the original Dark Caster class skills. These will be available directly on the original class, and will also be available on the new Immortal Dark Caster class.

Tier 2 Dark Caster Class (Coming in May!)

Earlier this year, when we were planning out the return of the Dark Caster classes, our plan was to bring back a buffed version of the original DC class. That plan grew and morphed into a Tier 2 version of the original Dark Caster Class, which Dage was a HUGE fan of. 

After talking with a lot of you and the team over the last few days, the team is going to take extra time and design out a full, NEW Tier 2 for the Dark Caster class. This will release around May and will have unique skills, icons, animations, and a farming method (no dailies needed!)

How to get it: 

  • If you have ANY of the Dark Caster classes, you'll be able to join a map and begin the quest to unlock the Tier 2 version
  • The class quest will have level and farming requirements (like but not exactly the same as T2 Light Caster)

And like Light Caster, this class will be permanently available, year-round, for anyone with any of the Dark Caster classes. Everyone will need to farm for the class (no shortcuts).

Dage the Evil really wanted something dark, stellar, and standout as a Tier 2 for you guys, and so do I. (So do Pisces and the class team, too) For a class like this, we want to take the time and do it right for you guys.

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March 01, 2019

Become a Paragon Fiend

Upgrade to unlock new exclusive gear sets!

Terrify your enemies and dominate the Darkness in our newest upgrade bonus pack! Starting tonight at 6 PM EST, get the Paragon Fiend mount armor, regular armor, house, and more when you buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more.

After you purchase an account upgrade, select a bonus set of your choice from a list of options in your Account Manager

Pack Details

 Choose the Paragon Fiend bonus to unlock two full armor sets and a new house. 

  • Legion Paragon Fiend Rider armor
  • Paragon Fiend armor
  • Paragon Fiend helm
  • Paragon Fiend Wings
  • Paragon Fiend Blade (dual and single wield)
  • Paragon Spear
  • Paragon Fiend Blade pet
  • Paragon's Knightmare pet
  • Legion Fiend Dome House
  • BONUS armor set for members of the Undead Legion
  • Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory
  • and a character page badge

Once you've chosen the Paragon Fiend bonus on the Account Manager page, log in and find the set's shop in the Other Achievements tab in your Book of Lore. 

12000 AC or 12 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the Paragon Fiend gear
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

2k and 5k AC or 1, 3, or 6 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the Paragon Fiend gear
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • and a character page badge

Our Upgrade Bonuses Leveled Up... Choose your Reward!

In the past, our upgrade bonus sets would only be available for a single month, and then would become permanently rare. We made some really incredible gear... that no one can get now. I've talked with many of you individually to brainstorm and get feedback, and last month, we took a big step forward: from here on out, our upgrade bonuses will be permanently available. We will continue to add new upgrade bonuses regularly, but the big difference is... now you can choose which upgrade bonus set you want!

When you buy any AC or membership pack worth $10 USD or more, you'll be able to choose one of the following bonus sets:

  • Paragon Fiend / Legion Paragon Fiend Rider
  • Akiban Defender
  • Copper Void ChronoKnight
  • Golden Northlands Royalty

Important Details

  • All future upgrade bonus packs will be added under this system. 
  • ALL of the upgrade bonus gear for a set will be available when you buy an AC or membership pack worth $10 USD.
  • We will no longer be doing Tier 1 and Tier 2 sets.
  • Each time you upgrade, you'll be able to choose another bonus set. If you've already unlocked all the available sets, once a new one releases, you'll be able to choose it immediately.

If you buy a 12,000 AC or 12 month membership pack, in addition to choosing an upgrade bonus set, you'll also get 7x Game Boosts, a character page badge, plus 10 Wheel of Doom Fortune Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs).



Upgrade Pack Changes: Why Now?

As I talked with many of your fellow AQW players about these changes, one question repeated itself over and over: "why do we need to do this? Why now?"  

Development for AQW:Mobile is going to go into overdrive. With AQW:Mobile, we will not be able to do nearly as many rare items (this is in large part for game performance reasons, like managing asset loading, just like in AQ3D). It is also a pretty big blow to the artists and future players to lose access to entire sets of gear every month. 

We want to avoid that. We want to keep all the incredible art the team makes available for everyone, no matter when they start playing. And as we move into new platforms (mobile devices, Steam, ... maybe consoles?!) we want to make sure that art is available for the new heroes who will join you.

Upgrade Pack Changes: Why These Changes?

The goal with all these changes is to reward you even more -- to give you guys more options and more choices. (Plus, this new method lets people who upgrade multiple times get multiple rewards.) This is a great improvement for players who want to collect upgrade bonus sets (but may not always have the ability to when they first release).

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March 01, 2019

March 2019 Event Calendar

Good, Evil... and Holiday events!

Get your gear on! Log in all month long for Evil gear, great rewards, and a double holiday event; we're celebrating Dage the Evil's birthday, a new ShadowScythe update release, plus the return of the Lucky Day Fair and Carnaval holiday events!

March 1: 
Dage's Dark Birthday: Team and 1v1 PVP Arenas
Birthday Gear and Collection Chest
Evolved and Arcane Dark Caster class skills return
March seasonal set
New upgrade bonus
A dark surprise or two?!

March 5: Pancake Day returns

March 8: Carnaval returns with a new story update and rewards

March 15: Lucky Day returns + Dage the Sneevil gets up to no Good

March 22: Artifacts of the ShadowScythe + Event Rewards

March 29: Stryche's Saga, Part 2 + new Undead Legion gear in the Wheel of Doom

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March 01, 2019

Unlock the Legion WarSeeker Set

Available every year from March 1st - 31st

March is the month of EVIL! Warriors around Lore channel their inner darkness, rage, and embrace the war-like spirit that lives within. This month's seasonal set honors that drive, featuring a new set straight out of the Underworld: the Legion Warseeker.

March Set: Legion Warseeker

Starting Friday, March 1st at 12:01 AM EST (that's server time), unlock the Legion Warseeker armor and all its accessories!

There are two ways to get the gear:

1) Total package: Buy the entire set directly through the website for $9.99 USD 

2) Individually: Buy each of the individual pieces from Garek the Traveling Gear Merchant in Battleon.

The total cost to buy all of the gear individually is 4,400 ACs, so getting all the gear from the pack is a pretty sweet deal (you save 2,400 ACs).

The set includes:

  • Legion WarSeeker armor
  • Warseeker's Skull pet (with quests for house items)
  • Warseeker's Skulls cape
  • Warseeker's Burning Skull helm
  • Warseeker's Horned Mask
  • Warseeker's Mask
  • Warseeker's Horned Visor
  • Warseeker's Visor
  • Warseeker's Blade
  • Dual Warseeker's Blades
  • Warseeker's Axe
  • Dual Warseeker's Axes
  • Warseeker's Scythe
  • Warseeker's Cape
  • Warseeker's Backblades
  • Warseeker's Bladed Cape
  • an exclusive character page badge

Seasonal Set Details

Each month, we'll feature a new set, available only during that month every year. 

Seasonal Sets
September: Celestial Naval Commander
October: ChronoStriker
November: Harvest Hunters
December: Northern Wanderer
January: ArchFiend OverLord
February: Obsidian Samurai
March: Legion Warseeker
April - August: ??? - come back to see what we'll bring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as ann upgrade bonus? 

Upgrade bonus gear is an extra reward for buying AdventureCoin or Membership packages; new bonus gear comes out roughly every month. Seasonal set packs are bought separately. Just like the Flame Dragon Warrior pack, you can buy the entire set directly, for one price, on our site. You can ALSO buy the individual pieces in-game.

This set will return EVERY March, so if you can't get it now, you'll have another chance in 2020, or 2021, or 2022, etc.

If this isn't a new upgrade bonus, what IS the next bonus?

You can see all the available upgrade bonuses on our upgrade site. The next bonus set will be available soon, so keep an eye on the Design Notes! 

What if I just want ONE of the items?

You're in luck! Talk to Garek in Battleon. He'll be selling the individual pieces of the set through January 31st.

Where do I get my gear if I buy the full set through the website?

You'll find it in your Book of Lore.

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