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January 24, 2020

Darkon's Birthday Shop + Quests

Happy Belated Birthday, Darkon!

Darkon is a mysterious artifact collector who is willing to sell some of his collection... to make room for more "valuable" things. (In real life, HE is one of our most valuable artists, working primarily on AQ3D, but also on AQWorlds when we can steal him away for a week!)

Find him when you /join garden and check out what he's made for you!

Darkon's Rare Animated, Boosted Weapons

To help you bring the power AND pain, Darkon crafted a series of incredibly rare, powerful weapons. Find them in the Featured Gear Shop for a limited time. Each comes with a damage boost AND a chance to call down a rain of fiery comets.

Darkon's Debris 6: 1,500 AC
Boost: 12% damage to all, 
1.5% chance for the comet animation to appear

Darkon's Debris 8: 2,000 AC
Boost: 15% damage to all, 
2% chance for the comet animation to appear

Darkon's Debris 11: 1,200 AC
Boost: 10% damage to all, 
1.2% chance for the comet animation to appear

The Darkon's Debris 6 and 11 are available in single and dual wield forms. Darkon's Debris 6 and 8 are also available as back items for 500 AdventureCoins each!

Darkon's Debris

This weekend, /join garden and talk to Darkon to begin his quests for THREE new armors and a couple helms. They are pretty wicked but... if you want them, you're going to have to WORK to get'em. Darkon's garden will expand later this year with even more quests, rewards, and areas to explore.

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January 24, 2020

Happy New Year, Yokai Heroes!

Get Ready to /Party... Yokai Style

Yokai Isle blends many cultural elements from China, Japan, and other Asian countries to create one of the most popular zones in-game. So every year, we celebrate Yokai New Year in Akiba. This year is the Year of the Rat (and the colors green and blue) in the Yokai Calendar and Akiba’s new year celebration is getting disrupted by… SURPRISE!!!... an infestation of rodents.

Log in this weekend and help Empress Miko and Bronwin the Pied Piper drive these vermin OUT of Akiba! But be careful -- music may soothe the savage beast... or make it even ANGRIER!

/join akibacny and talk to Empress Miko to begin your adventure and get all the returning seasonal items!

This weekend's boss monster has a chance to drop:

  • Ratnegade armor set
  • Cheese daggers and Rat Bomb
  • Ratnegade katana series
  • Chibi Shu and Chibifar0 pets
Other monsters in this weekend's release may drop:
  • Yokai Peek-a Helms
  • Shu Basket of Surprises cape
  • Kawaii Yokai Hair helms
And check out the Yokai New Year Merge Shop for...
  • Lán sè Sh Ninja armor set (member only)
  • Lǜsè Shu armor set (available for all players)
  • Foo Dog pets
  • Parade weapons and accessories
  • and more!

In AQW it has become tradition that we sell a Non-Member AC pet to go with the theme of the Yokai New year. This year it's the Darkon's Debris 2020 Pet... but you don't need to buy it. ANY player can /join garden and find it in his merge shop.

Yokai New Year Color Custom Rare Gear

It's not a /party without party favors! This year, we're celebrating Yokai's New Year with Rat-themed rewards! Inspired by the deadly ninja that stalk the isle of Yokai, find all our color-customizable rare event items in the Featured Gear Shop in your Game Menu

Australia Day Gear Arrives January 26th

Later this weekend, blokes and shielas everywhere can find non-member, spiffy prezzies for gold in your Featured Gear Shop!

  • Undead Zoo Keeper armor + helm
  • An all-new Kangaroo pet
  • The AUS-some Cape
  • An all-new Barry the Platypus pet
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January 17, 2020

Treasures of the Djinn Guardian

Log in and celebrate Crulon's Birthday!

Crulon is one of the guardians of the Djinn Realm... and also one of AQWorlds top item artists. He celebrated his real-life birthday earlier this month, and to share in the joy he felt, he’s created a host of new treasures for you! This weekend, log in and battle to find 12 elemental keys; find them all and the rewards are yours!

Plus, log in this weekend and find…

  • New gear in Nulgath’s Birthday Shop/Collection
  • New ArchFiend farming reward sets
  • Permanent gallery shops added in /artistalley for item artist, Crulon, and map artist, Arlette

More Adventures in the Djinn Realm

Being a Djinn Guardian, you come across a LOT of mystical chests. Last year, Crulon found one locked with three magical seals. Decipher his riddles, locate the monsters, and fight to get the seals you need.

Talk to him in /djinn to begin his quests. Complete his Seal of Approval quest and to collect the pieces of the Serpent Knight gear. Find his Sandsea Enchanter set in his birthday shop or the Featured Gear shop in your game menu.

Real Life Quest: Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!

Crulon, Guardian of the Djinn Realm, summons you!

Long ago, the Guardians of the Djinn Realm fought - and defeated - a powerful evil. But now, the seal binding Gedoz the Malignant has been shattered, and the Realm is once more under attack. Quest to recover the Guardians’ weapons and answer Crulon’s call to battle!

Log in and journey to the Djinn Realm to help stop Gedoz the Malignant and unlock out of this world rewards!

Djinn Realm Guardian Armor Sets

After you complete the story, battle to create the Djinn Realm Guardian armor sets shown below! Talk to Crulon to begin his Unseen Essences farming quest. There is a 10% chance to get the merge item resources from the quest, and an additional chance to get even more from each monster you kill!

Artist Alley Showcase: 2020 Edition

You cannot make a game without art! And some of the most talented artists I have ever met make (or have made) gear for you in AdventureQuest Worlds. We wanted to recognize their talent by giving each of them a space in-game to craft gear that they felt most showed who they are as artists. So /artistalley was born! The shops in our Featured Artist Alley contain gear by individual AQW team and community artists.

This weekend, /join artistalley to meet them and see all of the items they've crafted escpecially for you! We found Crulon, Arlette, Lae, Darkon, Kotaru, Dage the Evil, J6, Ghost, and many of our other artists when they began playing our games, just like you and all of the artists featured this weekend.

This weekend's artist alley update features:

  • Crulon, Item Artist Extraordinaire
  • Arlette, J6's landscape/map background apprentice

And if you're new to Artist Alley, don't miss the shops by our other artists:

  • Aegis, Aranx, and Arklen
  • Blade, Dage, and Diozz
  • Ghost, Hizu, J6, and Jemini
  • Memet, Mido, and Nulgath
  • Roroth, Solrac, and Veneeria
  • Vokun and Zoshi
  • Lae, Tyronius, Kotaro
  • Bido, Ferozakh, PP2, and Hikari
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January 13, 2020

2019 Honorable Hero Rewards

Log in to get your Honorable Hero Prize 

As a way of saying "thanks!" to the AQWorlds heroes who did not get muted or banned in 2018, and as an incentive to keep following the rules in 2020, we are awarding players who helped keep AQWorlds a positive, fun, and family-friendly game!

What's an honorable hero, you ask? Good question! They are what true in-game heroes and role models are, and we want to reward them for a year's worth of good behavior... with 500 FREE AdventureCoins and a character page badge! 

Starting today, if your hero account meets the following requirements:

  • Did not receive a 24 hour or longer in-game mute or ban in 2019
  • Not currently disabled
  • Logged in between January 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2019
  • Level 11 or higher 
  • Created your account before January 1st, 2020

You'll get 500 AdventureCoins and a character page badge on your next daily login (automatic awards are added the first time you log in for the day).

When will I get my prize?

The fastest, easiest way to get you your rewards is to automatically give them to you the next time you log in after the daily server reset. Servers reset at midnight EST. So if you are logging into AQWorlds for the first time today, you'll see your award. If you already logged into the game today, you'll get your rewards when you log in tomorrow.

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January 10, 2020

Nulgath's Birthday Shop + Collection

Unlock 60+ rare items in Nulgath's Birthday Collection

Nulgath the ArchFiend’s birthday celebration is this weekend, and we want everyone to get in on the /party! Join us as we bring back his seasonal birthday gear and a new shop FULL of wicked rare items! And for all you real-life rare hunters, the first-ever Nulgath Collection Chest is here! Get all of the event rare gear, including bank pets, 8 armor sets, and a rare character page badge for 10,000 ACs! (Over 20,000 ACs worth of gear)

This week, Nulgath's Collection Chest unlocks over 45 items, including:

  • Nulgath's Larvae Gift Pet (with a quest for the exclusive character page badge)
  • Nulgath's Fiendish Gift Bank Pet
  • Trascendent of Tercessuinotlim armor set
  • Dragon Tamer of Tercessuinotlim armor set
  • HypeFiend of Nulgath armor set
  • Underworld Heretic armor set
  • Void TideWalker armor set

Next week, the rest of Nulgath's Birthday rare gear will be added to your chest:

  • Jolly Void Pirate armor set
  • OverSoul Paladin armor set (with and without shield variants)
  • Evolved Legacy of Nulgath armor set

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pets, all of the gear contained inside the Frostval Collection chest will also be available to buy individually in Nulgath's birthday shop.

Rare Farming sets

Next week, several additional farming sets will be added as we continue celebrating Nulgath's birthday! The following sets will be available in Nulgath's Birthday Rares Shop / collection chest OR by completing Nulgath's quests (so if you've been stocking up on your Diamonds and other resources... get ready)!

  • Evolved Legacy of Nulgath armor set 
  • Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim armor set 
  • Void Cowboy armor set 
  • Hypefiend of Nulgath armor set*

* This armor set was accidentally left off of the list last week. The chest/shop variants will receive boosts to the existing set. (edited 14 jan 20)

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January 10, 2020

Nulgath's Birthday Returns

New Birthday Rares, Farming Rewards, and a new Story!

Nulgath the ArchFiend, lord of the OverSoul, has gathered around him many followers, creatures, and allies over the centuries. This weekend, as we celebrate Nulgath’s birthday once more, log in and battle to uncover more information about one of his mysteriously silently minions, the sentient Rock Beast known only as… Crag.

Talk to Bamboozle in /cragglerock to begin your quest. Collect special gems for his best boulder bud to earn the special gear that only a powered-up Crag can create.

Complete Bamboozle's quests to reawaken (or at least... partially /heal) Crag to collect stones for his merge shop and to rank up the new CraggleRock faction.

And if you're a true member of Nulgath's Nation, you'll want to find Lae in the /tercessuinotlim zone! He's got a bounty of new gear for you... IF you can pay his price. All crafted by Yo Lae for members of Nulgath's Nation to celebrate the ArchFiend's birthday!

Nulgath's Seasonal Birthday Shop Returns

Last year, in honor of the Flame Dragon Invasion, we brought 1Nulgath's Void Rebirth and Void Awakening sets from OverSoul into AQWorlds. These sets will return every year for his birthday, as our way of helping all his fans celebrate!

Nulgath's seasonal Birthday Shop features:

  • Void Rebirth armor set
  • Void Awakening armor set
  • Shielded variants of both armors
  • Nulgath's Bounty Hunter Drone Pet (with two quests)
  • Nulgath's Birthday Gift Pet (with one quest)

Next week, even more gear will be added to celebrate Nulgath's birthday, including the Void Jolly Roger set, the OverSoul Paladin, the Void Cowboy, and more!

Not sure who Nulgath is? Read on!

Nulgath the ArchFiend is the in-game persona for Nulgath-the-team-member, one of AQWorlds' original artists. Though he no longer works regularly for Artix Entertainment, his art style (prevalent in early AQW and featured in Oversoul) and the character itself remain hugely popular with many of our long-time heroes. To recognize their dedication and enjoyment, we hold an event in-game each year to celebrate the character and give them a hefty dose of the gear they love.

Honorable Hero 2020 moved to next week

It has been a CRAZY week! Reens (the dev in charge of weekly releases, item set-up, and testing) set up over 150 items sent in by our artists, updated 11 in-game maps, and set-up 24 quests... Her gift to Nulgath's Nation and the ArchFiend himself is a mighty one. Now, all that's left is for you to enjoy it!

But because of just how huge this week was, to keep the team sane, we've shifted the Honorable Hero 2019 awards to next week. 

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January 03, 2020

It's Time to Bring in the New Year

But the Spirit of 2019 is NOT READY to let go

The Chrono-Phoenix is a part-organic, part-mechanical creature created to track the cyclical death and re-birth of the year. But its gears are going haywire, and if you don't help Lucca the Chronomancer fix it, 2020 might NEVER arrive!

Once you finish battling the 2020 Ball monster in our /newyear map, head to /chronophoenix to begin our new New Year event!

  • Help Lucca the Chronomancer extinguish the rampant Chrono Phoenix flames
  • Stabilize the rift in spacetime 
  • Defeat rogue Chrono Assistants
  • Battle the Spirit of 2019 and the ChronoPhoenix itself!

Our Featured New Year Gear: Monster Drops + Holiday Shops

We have 32 (!!!) new holiday monster drops ready and waiting for you this weekend! Plus, find 31 more RARE holiday items in our Featured Gear and New Year's shops, only available until January 31st!

  • Boss drops: ChronoPhoenix Guard armor set + pet
  • Monster drops: Spirit of 2019 pet + morph helm and the Battle Party Gear armor set

Find the rare Silver Party Outfit in your Featured Gear Shop along with the Aurora and Twilght armor sets until January 31st!

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January 03, 2020

January 2020 Event Calendar

A Month of Good, Evil, and Birthdays!

January is here! That means it's a new year and a new decade. But there's one thing that never changes -- EVIL! In AQWorlds, this month is also a month of BIRTHDAYS! We're celebrating the new year and a host of AE team member and guest artist birthdays, including Nulgath, Crulon, Kotaro, Hikari, and (belatedly) Darkon. The adventures will continue all month long, so gear up and get ready to /SLAY!

January 1New Year's 2020 update + January ArchFiend Overlord Seasonal Set

January 3Chrono Phoenix story + BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath upgrade bonus gear + Free AC gift

January 10: Nulgath's Birthday: "Who or WHAT is... Crag?!" + Nulgath Birthday Rares + Honorable Hero 2019

January 17Crulon's Birthday Scavenger Hunt + Artist Alley update + more

January 24: Yokai New Year celebration + new items in the Featured Gear Shop + more

January 31The Shadows are growing restless... Malgor has been silent for too long.

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January 03, 2020

Become a BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath

Our neweset upgrade bonus set is now available!

Nulgath the ArchFiend's BloodVoid Knights are used to hunt his unluckiest prey.They hide in the shadows, waiting until just the right moment to strike in his name. Unlock all 24 items in the color-customizable BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath armor set when you buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more.

Pack Details

Choose the color-customizable BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath pack to unlock all 24 pieces of the set, including: 

  • BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath armor
  • Vampiric Knight of Nulgath armor
  • 7 helms
  • 3 capes
  • 7 weapons
  • BloodVoid Greatsword Blade Pet
  • BloodVoid Knight's Orb Pet (with a quest for 3 additional Knight House Guards)
  • Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory
  • and a character page badge

Once you've chosen the BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath bonus set on the Account Manager page, log in and find the set's shop in the Other Achievements tab in your Book of Lore. 

12000 AC or 12 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath gear
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

2k and 5k AC or 1, 3, or 6 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL the BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath gear
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • and a character page badge

Upgrade to unlock your choice of exclusive bonuses

When you buy any AC or membership pack worth $10 USD or more, you'll be able to choose one of the following bonus sets:

  • BloodVoid Knight of Nulgath sets
  • GlacialFrost Royalty
  • Apocalyptic Werepyre armor sets
  • ShadowFlame DragonMage and Enchanged DragonMage
  • Galactic and Solar Pirate Commanders
  • Yami no Akuma / Hikari no Akuma and floating Guardians
  • Infernal Invoker / Enchanted Invoker / Legion Pyromancer
  • DoomDragon's Master mount/rider armors
  • Infinity Titan Class / Throne / House
  • Galactic Captain / Galactic Battle Pilot
  • Paragon Fiend / Legion Paragon Fiend Rider
  • Akiban Defender
  • Copper Void ChronoKnight
  • Golden Northlands Royalty

Fans of Nulgath the ArchFiend's Void series, don't miss the Copper Void ChronoKnight set upgrade bonus set. It's the perfect blend of Nulgath's style and our New Year event theme! Find this gear along with all the rest listed above in your account manager.

With our upgrade pack bonuses, you get even more options and choices in your rewards. Plus, each time you upgrade, you get to choose a new reward! 

Important Details

  • ALL of the upgrade bonus gear for a set will be available when you buy an AC or membership pack worth $10 USD.
  • Each time you upgrade, you'll be able to choose another bonus set. If you've already unlocked all the available sets, once a new one releases, you'll be able to choose it immediately.

If you buy a 12,000 AC or 12 month membership pack, in addition to choosing an upgrade bonus set, you'll also get 7x Game Boosts, a character page badge, plus 10 Wheel of Doom Fortune Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs).

Last Chance to get up to 50% more free AdventureCoins!

Our 2019 Holiday AC Bonus Event ends this Monday! Get up to 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins when you buy any Adventure package until January 6th. All our Frostval holiday event rare gear also leaves Monday, January 6th, so now's the best time to top up your ACs and get even more for free.

The bigger the AC package you buy, the more free AdventureCoins you'll get!

12000 AC pack: 6000 extra ACs (50% more ACs)

5000 AC pack: 2000 extra ACs (40% more ACs)

2000 AC pack: 500 extra ACs (25% more ACs)

900 AC pack: 100 extra ACs (11% more ACs)

* Note: bonus AdventureCoins are only available with AdventureCoin packages. The special bonus offer does not apply to membership packages.

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January 03, 2020

New Year's Gift: 500 Free AdventureCoins

Confirm your email to unlock your New Year's 2020 gift of free ACs!

Every year, we award free AdventureCoins to all of our heroes who have been battling alongside us through the winter events... and we wanted to start 2020 off right with FREE AdventureCoins! Starting tonight, we are giving 500 FREE AdventureCoins to all heroes with a confimed email address as our way of saying "thanks!" for logging in and participating in the releases we've created for you! 

To unlock the free ACs, you'll need to:

  1. Have a confirmed email address
  2. Make sure your character is level 10 or higher
  3. Log in at before January 31st, 2020
  4. Enjoy your free 500 ACs!

Make sure you have a confirmed email address and log into your game account before January 31st! If your email is already confirmed, THANKS! If you have not already logged in today, you can log in NOW to get them immediately. (If you have already logged in today, the ACs will be awarded the next time you log in starting tomorrow, Janaury 4th)

Not sure if your email is confirmed? Log in to your Account Manager (Make sure the URL you use is to avoid scam sites). 

 You should see:


Need to update your AQW Account with an active email address?

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your Username and Password, then Login
  3. Click on the Change Email link on the left
  4. Insert your New Email, and Retype New Email, and Submit (see picture below)
  5. In a bit, you should have an email in your inbox from: AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG ([email protected]) with a subject line of: =AQW= AdventureQuest Worlds Confirmation

Confirm that you will get the AQW Weekly Newsletter

  1. Go back to
  2. Enter your Username and Password, then Login 
  3. Click on the Newsletter link on the left.
  4. If your Status reads as "unconfirmed" please click: Resend Email (see picture below)
  5. In a little while, you should have an email in your inbox from: AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG ([email protected]) with a subject line of: =AQW= AdventureQuest Worlds Confirmation
  6. Click the “CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT” link in that email and you’re all set!
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December 31, 2019

Happy New Year's Eve

A New Year... and a New Decade Await!

It is December 31, 2019. We are about to begin a new year, a new decade, and a new series of EPIC adventures! But before we do, we need to give one last battle-cry for the bosses and events of 2019. Tonight, log in as our New Year's Eve maps and holiday seasonal items return and we extend our DOUBLE holiday server boost. Plus, at midnight as our January seasonal set becomes available once more. Then join us this Friday and take on our NEW New Year's Boss... the Chrono-Phoenix!

We hope you're having a fantastic holiday with your family and friends! Thank you for battling alongside us throughout 2019,and for supporting us with through purchasing Memberships and AdventureCoins! We've got plans for an amazing, crazy, and AWESOME 2020, and I can't wait to battle alongside you all as we build it together!

Tonight, /join newyear to replay all our holiday events and -- if you're impatient for 2020 to get here (like I am) take out your rage on the 2019 Ball monster. Head North from the Enter area and defeat it for a chance to get the pieces of the Glacial Knight armor set.

Return on Friday, January 3rd for all our 2020 rare items, our new upgrade bonus pack, and a holiday gift of 500 free AdventureCoins!

2019: The Chrono Phoenix Rises

The Chrono-Phoenix is a part-organic, part-mechanical creature created to track the cyclical death and re-birth of the year. But its gears are going haywire, and if you don't help Lucca the Chronomancer fix it, 2020 might NEVER arrive!


2018: A Chilling Tale

A new year dawns for the Yetis of EverFrost Valley, and a new generation of their warriors is ready to undergo an ancient rite to welcome the new year. You are the first human ever invited to join in the ritual slaying of the ice spirit Chillbite, Guardian of the Valley. On December 29th, celebrate the new year with your new tribe… if you survive!

2017: Archive of Time

Corruption will result in alteration of existing persons, places, and things in Lore. Correction required before countdown expires or changes will become per-pe- *static* SIGNAL LOST.

2016: Future of Fear

2016 is starting off with a bang.. and blasts… and an attack on Northpointe by the Queen of Monsters’ new Captain, Goregrim! The forces of Good, Evil, and Chaos will need to come together, or Northpointe WILL fall!

2015: A Monstrous Future

With the defeat of the Chanpion of Chaos last summer, the Queen of Monsters has been released from her prison... and she is ready to show our world how little we REALLY know about the nature of monsters! Tonight's release continues the Rise of the WorldBreaker trilogy in the /Northstar map.

Tonight: Battle to reach Karok the Fallen, but FIRST you'll need to face don a mysterious new monster... one HE did not create, but who has been commanded to follow him. Coming FRIDAY, you'll be able to face Karok the Fallen himself! (And have a VERY small chance to get the DarkIce version of his mage armor!)

If we don't want Karok's horde of monsters to join forces with the QUEEN of monsters, it's time to bare our blades and BATTLE ON... or the future will be MONSTROUS!

Old and New Gear for the New Year!

Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to get The Fallen Mage Armor with a 15% Class Points bonus! You can also talk to Lim in the NewYear map to access all the returning seasonal rares PLUS find the 2015 New Year's Ball house item in the New Year house shop!

2014: Year of the Horse!

For the 2014 New Year's release, we wanted to take some inspiration from the Chinese zodiac. 2014 is the year of the horse, so naturally this is what we've come up with...


In Norse mythology, Hrimfaxi and Skinfaxi are the steeds of Night and Day, carrying the chariots of the sun and moon across the sky. Their equivalents in Lore are Frostmane and Embermane, and Ulfgar (remember him?) is worried that something is wrong with them. Embermane, the Steed of Day, has gone missing and her brother Frostmane is keeping the land in perpetual darkness. It's up to you to find her so she can bring back the sun - and bring in the new year.

So then, who's that nightmare steed, you ask? Is he what's keeping Embermane from returning to the sky? /Join frostmane to find out!

2013: A New Dawn for a New Year!

Save the sun, Hero, or tomorrow will never come! When a Werepyre petitions the Nocturan Creed, guardians of the night, to ensure he will never be harmed by the light again, you will need to work with the Lumina Votari to protect the sun and save the world! Journey across Lore to ensure that a new dawn - and a New Year - will begin!

2012: Time for Chaos

2012 was the Year of Chaos, and we started the year off with a BANG! Literally! But tonight, you'll go BACK in time to meet Professor Iadoa (Professor Yana, anyone?), a famous Chronomancer who has been missing for decades. He should have stayed gone, though, because now that he's back... it's time for Chaos!

The New Year's ball frozen in place. All clocks have stopped.

2011: The Chaos Continued

Lim has returned to the frozen north to help is close out 2010 with a BANG! Literally.

Well, that's what he INTENDED but once again he can't get his science all in one bucket and he needs your help to stop the ever hungry Icemaster Yeti from munching on this gizmos and doo-dads.

We hope you guys have all had a great holiday. We all took a little time out of insane production schedule to spend some time with our friends and travel hoe to see family, but we are SO READY to get moving on all our plans for 2015! 


New Year, New Year!

On Monday, December 31st, we'll release our 2019 New Year's shop, with the 2019 weapons and a host of new wintery gear, PLUS Vesper's pink, purple, and prismatic birthday shop!

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December 23, 2019

New Doom Set This Friday: Frozen Fury

Available in the Wheel of Doom merge shop!

The Wheel of Doom spins round and round... and this weekend, as we release the final Frostval update of 2019, the team wanted to bring you an ice-cold killer - the Frozen Fury set arrives in the Wheel of Doom merge shop this weekend!

Find all of the set gear in the Wheel of Doom merge shop:

  • Frozen Fury armor
  • 5 helms
  • 2 capes
  • Frozen Force of Fury polearm

Get your Free Spins

Everyone loves to get prizes... and that's why we brought back back free spins for the Wheel of Doom!

  • Members get one free spin a day while their upgrade is active
  • All players get one free spin a week. 

See the Free Spins Design Notes for more details.

Spin the Wheel, Collect your Treasures, and Choose Your Prize 

The Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness is here! Each time you spin the Wheel of Doom, you'll get a Treasure Potion to spend in the Doom Merge Shop. Save up 1,000 and you'll be able to buy a Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness. Each WIoDA will let you choose a rare or valuable item, and a member of the Support Team will add it to your account.

Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness Details

  • The WIoDA will be a Wheel of Doom merge shop exclusive. 
  • Cost: 1,000 Treasure Potions. 
  • The WIoDA token will no longer be left in your inventory.  
  • With each prize awarded, it will be removed so you can obtain a new one.  And another new one. And another new one.
  • The stack limit shows as x1.  
  • At this time, the same rules as PIoDA will remain in place for what types of prizes you can ask for.  

While we do have even more plans for the Wheel of Doom and the IoDA tokens, those are a subject for another day.  (hint*hint*teaser)

* But since they are removed now with the placements of your prizes, you can get as many of them as you have Treasure Potions for.  You just have to redeem them one by one.

** Exceptions include staff personal items, custom weapon contest prizes, HeroMart items, etc

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December 27, 2019

Battle the FrozenSoul Queen

SLAY Bells will ring this weekend!

Our Frostval celebration continues this Friday at with a bounty of new gear, an all-new boss monster + her minions, and a level-cap increase to... 100!

Heroes of all levels and class types are invited to /join frozensoul to take on Zastruga, a rival upstart aiming to wrest control of the Northlands away from Nythera. Take on her level 50 and 100 versions for a chance to get the new Northlands Monk CLASS as a boss drop, or complete Nythera's quests to create 3 new armor sets in the FrozenSoul merge shop. 

This weekend:

  • Level cap increases to 100
  • Higher-level enhancements (including Awe Enhancements) added*  
  • FrozenSoul Queen boss monster + minions
  • Northlands Monk CLASS and armor set as farming rewards, in Quibble's Shop, and collection chest
  • Double XP, Gold, Rep, and Class Points boosts continue through Monday, December 30th
  • Frozen Fury armor set available in the Wheel of Doom merge shop

The Level Cap Increases to 90!

You began your adventures in Lore as a level 1 Hero. But this weekend, you'll finally be able to reach the ultimate, supreme level -- 100! We're pushoing the cap ALL THE WAY to level 100 to help start 2020 off with a BANG.

The Double Gold, XP, Rep, and Class Points boost that began last week will continue until December 30th (just one more Frostval gift for you!).

  • New Enhancements: level 50+ enhancement shops in your game menu
  • Awe Enhancements: in the Awe Enhancements shops in /museum

A New Year (and Decade!) are Almost Here

Join us during the first week of January 2020 for...

  • The return of our New Year's seasonal events
  • Tinsel's Gift Boxes open
  • The Chrono Phoenix boss monster + armor set
  • New Year's AdventureCoin Gift... 500 AdventureCoins!*
  • 2020 Honorable Hero award
  • And more

* Traditionally, we give all active heroes in AdventureQuest Worlds a gift of free AdventureCoins during the holiday season. To celebrate a new decade and new year with even more cheer, we're shifting our 500 AC gift to the first week of January. (The gift will be available for at least a week before the Frostval rare gear leaves.)

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December 27, 2019


'Tis the Season

This year we celebrate the time of giving and getting together with the seasonal Northlands Monk Class! Northlands Monks embody the holiday spirit with its arsenal of presents, harsh winter winds, and the ability to deliver a devastating attack upon its foes when fighting alongside allies.

How to Unlock the Class

There are four ways to obtain the Northlands Monk Class:

  1. Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to find his shop. Immediately unlock the class for 2,000 AdventureCoins, or buy individual pieces of the Lord of Order set.
  2. Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to find the Holiday collection chest for 10,000 AdventureCoins. Immediately unlock 75+ event items and rares, plus the Class and armor set
  3. Battle the Frozensoul Queen (level 50) in /frozensoul
  4. Battle the Challenge Frozensoul Queen (level 100) in /frozensoul (higher drop rate)

Mana Regeneration

Northlands Monks gain mana when they strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits) or are struck by an enemy in combat. They also regenerate mana with each auto attack.


Max Targets: 1 enemy
Throw a magical present at your enemy and unwrap another for yourself. Applies a small, medium, or large DoT to one enemy and a small, medium, or large HoT to you. Each effect lasts 4 seconds.
Type: Magical
MP: 10
Cooldown 6 seconds

Winter Wind
Max Targets: 1 enemy
Blast your opponent with a gust of cold air, lowering their Haste by 15% and increasing their incoming damage by 15% for 10 seconds.
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Northland Lights
Use the starlight from the Northlands to guide the paths of your allies, increasing the Hit Chance, Haste, and outgoing damage for yourself and up to 5 allies by 10% for 10 seconds. Every ally buffed by this skill gives you one stack of Frostval Spirit, which increases your outgoing damage by 5% per stack for 6 seconds.
Note: Additional teammates are required in order to utilize the full power of Frostval Spirit.
Max Targets: 6 players
Type: Magical
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Holiday Spirit Bomb
Channel the spirit of Frostval into a ball of magical energy and launch it at your opponent, dealing huge damage. Your allies give you strength-- damage increases with stacks of Frostval Spirit.
Max Targets: 1 enemy
Type: Magical
MP: 20
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Fortitude: Decreases incoming damage by 10%
Peacebringer: Increases Heal over Time and Damage over Time strength by 10%
Festive Fury: Increases outgoing damage, Critical Strike Chance, and Critical Strike Damage by 8%

Class Design and Use

As a class meant to be easily obtainable by heroes of all levels, Northlands Monk is a moderately powerful class with skills that are easy to understand and optimally use. Present’s Heal over Time gives Northlands Monk longevity while its Damage over Time whittles down enemy health-- this class doesn’t have significant damage mitigation, so Present’s heal will determine which monsters you can solo. Winter Wind deals moderate damage and increases enemy incoming damage, which compounds with the damage increasing effects of Northland Lights.

Northland Lights gives Northlands Monk utility in group settings-- not only does it buff the stats of party members, but it also increases your own maximum damage output by applying one stack of Frostval Spirit for every ally you buff (including yourself). In order to best use Northlands Monk, you should keep stacks of Frostval Spirit up as much as possible-- not only does it increase your outgoing damage by 5% per stack, each stack also directly increases the damage you deal with Holiday Spirit Bomb.


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January 01, 2020

January Seasonal Set: ArchFiend OverLord

Available every year from January 1st - 31st

January is a month of new beginnings and birthdays in AQWorlds! To help ALL our heroes celebrate the new year and Nulgath's birthday, this month's seasonal set features the ArchFiend OverLord. 

January Set: ArchFiend OverLord

Starting this Tuesday at 12:01 AM EST (that's server time), unlock the ArchFiend OverLord armor and all its accessories!

There are two ways to get the gear:

1) Total package: Buy the entire set directly through the website for $9.99 USD 

2) Individually: Buy each of the individual pieces from Garek the Traveling Gear Merchant in Battleon.

The total cost to buy all of the gear individually is 5,400 ACs, so getting all the gear from the Northern Wanderers pack is a pretty sweet deal (you save 3,400 ACs).

The set includes:

  • ArchFiend OverLord Armor
  • 5 helms 
  • 7 capes
  • 7 weapons
  • character page badge

Seasonal Set Details

Each month, we'll feature a new set, available only during that month every year. 

Seasonal Sets
January: ArchFiend OverLord
February: Obsidian Samurai
March: Legion Warseeker
April: Bio-War Cultist
May: Lord of the J-Sixth + Lightning Lich Lord
June: ShadowZard Mount + Rider
July: Flameborn + Underworld Summoner
August: Urban Assassins
September: Celestial Naval Commander
October: ChronoStriker
November: Harvest Hunters
December: Northern Wanderer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as the monthly upgrade bonus? 

Monthly upgrade bonus gear is an extra reward for buying AdventureCoin or Membership packages. Seasonal set packs are bought separately. Just like the Flame Dragon Warrior pack, you can buy the entire set directly, for one price, on our site. You can ALSO buy the individual pieces in-game.

This set will return EVERY January, so if you can't get it now, you'll have another chance in 2019, or 2020, or 2021, etc.

If this isn't the monthly upgrade bonus, what IS the bonus in January?

The next upgrade bonus will be available starting January 3rd, and contains the BloodVoid and Vampiric Knights of Nulgath set.

What if I just want ONE of the items?

You're in luck! Talk to Garek in Battleon. He'll be selling the individual pieces of the set through January 31st.

Where do I get my gear if I buy the full set through the website?

You'll find it in your Book of Lore.

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