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March 16, 2018

Double Spring Holiday Weekend

Lucky Day + Grenwog Events Return!

This weekend, /buff your real-life LUK stat, then log in to AdventureQuest Worlds, because the Shamrock Faire and the Grenwog Egg Hunt are both back in BattleOn! Our Lucky Day and Spring holiday events return with all-new seasonal rare items, the Grenwog Boss Battle, and all your favorite carnival mini-games.

New this year:

  • Talk to Daibh ("It's pronounced Dave") the Sneevil at the Shamrock Faire to battle his Whack'em Smack'em Makai minigame and unlock the Dark Void Monk armor!
  • Battle the Grenwog to collect the pieces of the Cuddly GrenwogSlayer armor set and the Void Grenwog pet

Lucky Server Boost Happening Now!

Log in all weekend to get 15% more gold from any quest or battle on our live servers. Get 25% more gold on our PTR server!

Spring into Action with our new and returning Holiday Gear!

Do you feel LUK-y, Hero? If you do, then get in and Battle On as we celebrate Spring this weekend! After you play all the Shamrock Faire's minigames and defeat the Grenwog, check out the all-new event gear.

New this year:

  • Feature Gear Shop: Golden Leprechaun, Cutesy GrenwogSlayer armor set, + the Dark Void Knight and Monk armors
  • Shamrock Fair Merge Shop: Leprechaun Lord set
  • Grenwog Boss reward: Cuddly GrenwogSlayer set
  • Daibh's Void Merge Shop: Dark Void Monk and Knight armors and Legion Fans

You're in luck! Each of this year's new holiday items is seasonal rare. That means it will return during future Lucky Day and Grenwog events. So if you aren't able to get the gear you want this year, you'll have another chance next year.

How to Have Fun at Shamrock Fair

Once a year the Shamrock Fair comes to town with it's games of chance.  Here's hoping the luck of the Mog-lish bring you treasures of chance.  

Wander through the fair and complete the minigame carnival events. Get Golden Tickets as prizes, then spend them in the Shamrock Fair merge shop! and test your luck with our mini-games, then /join luckdragon to help Galanoth get ALL the luck during his birthday Dragon Hunt!

Also Roy G. Biv needs help saving the colors, so /equip your rainbow and fight Monochrome!

Potsy's Potchapon Quests

Talk to Potsy in /luck. Battle his Pot o' Gold for a chance to get Bronze, Gold, Platinum, or Rainbow coins. Turn those coins in for a chance to get ALL the 0AC rewards below! 

End of the Rainbow

Where to go: join /rainbow
Who to talk to: Woodland Faeries, Roy G Biv
What do to: Monochrome has blasted the Rainbow, help the Faeries make everything right.

Shamrock Fair

Where to go: Join /luck or button in Rainbow
Who to talk to: Mog O'Rahilly and Carnie Sneevils
What to do: Play games and earn Golden Tickets for prizes!

Shamrock Fair Shops

Hedge Maze 

A-MAZE-ing Race: Find the Small Pot O’ Gold in the Hedge Maze and get the Pot O’ Gold Polish from Monochrome.


Clover Fields: How’s your memory?  Pretty good?  Well click the clover pattern for Golden Tickets.  You have 3 chances to get the highest score. (Legend Only)
Jackpot o' Gold: Step up and test your strength! When the pointer is in the red zone click the button for a strong smash and earn Golden Tickets.
Rainbow Run: Grab that gold! Collect as many coins as you can without falling or tripping.  Speed the Sneevil up by moving your mouse to the right.  Slow down by moving your mouse to the left.  Jump over holes and obstacles by clicking the left mouse button.
Ring Toss:  Ring ring! Want Golden Tickets?  Just get as many rings onto the bottles with 10 chances.  Choose which bottle you want the ring to be on with the pointer then hold down the mouse button.  The higher the red in the bar gets the farther the ring goes.
Smack A Sneevil:  Frustrated at Sneevil’s for taking your boxes? Well let it out by using the mallet to whack as many as you can in the time allowed.
Shamrock Smash: It’s your Luckee day!  Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to control Luckee and bounce  
Daibh's Smack a Makai: Daibh the Sneevil is a HUGE fan of the Legion. And, therefore, NOT a fan of Nulgath or his pet Makais. Smack Makais and he'll reward you handsomely.

Featured Farming Set: Nakana Rei's Cuddly GrenwogSlayer

The Cuddly GrenwogSlayer armor set was created by fellow AQW hero and community artist, Nakana Rei, who also drew this adorable graphic inspired by the set. 


Each piece of the in-game armor set comes with a 20% gold boost. BUT If you're a member and don't have time to farm for the set, you can pick up a version of the armor set (without the gold boost) immediately from the Featured Gear Shop. 

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March 09, 2018

Dage's Dark Birthday, Part 2

Discover the fate of Dage the Evil's soul!

Dage the Evil, leader of the Undead Legion, is poised to break free of the hold Nulgath the ArchFiend has on his soul. This weekend, battle alongside him to defeat the Void Guardian and change his fate… FOREVER! This week, battle through the conclusion of our 2018 Dage's Dark Birthday Finale event. 

Take on the Dark Void Knights and Dark Void Monks as you fight to reach the Zeph'Gorog, the Void Guardian! Battle him for a chance to win all of the pieces of the Enraged FiendHunter armor set. (Each piece is 0 ACs for free storage!)

Dage's Dark Collection Chest

Save 2000 ACs on event rare gear: Get all of Dage’s birthday rare items in his Dark Collection Chest for 10,000 AdventureCoins (total value: 12,000 ACs) and get an exclusive character page badge! 

Equip the Deadly Harbinger Blade and click it to access an exclusive quest. Slay a Dark Makai to earn the Dage's Dark Collection Chest character page badge!

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March 01, 2018

Coming Soon: Seraphic Paladin Finale

Laken's 2-Part Seraphic Order Finale Birthday Event

This month, fan favorite artist Laken returns for the two-part finale to his character's saga! For so long, Laken - leader of the Seraphic Order - devoted his unlife to Dage the Evil's Undead Legion. Along the way, he traveled through time, became a thief, and accted as a conduit for Evil, all to serve a greater Good. 

But no matter how enticing the lure of Dage's Darkness was, he could not fight his true, Good nature, and began a quest to take down the Legion. Next weekend, join us for the penultimate challenge as he fights to achieve his final victory.

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March 01, 2018

This Weekend: Dage Levels Up

Dage's 2-Part "Fate of Evil" Birthday Event

Last year, we saw the dark future that awaits Dage the Evil and his Undead Legion. But Dage CAN change his fate... IF you're there to help him! This Friday, March 2nd, fight to help Dage recover his soul from Nulgath... then return on Friday, March 9th to change the course of his future... FOREVER!

Fight to get 4 new farmable item rewards this week from the event miniboss:

  • Paragon Greatsword Cape
  • Dreadnought's Skull Staff
  • Grief's Shrine House Item
  • Cape of Envy
  • Plus all the returning seasonal gear from the /Undervoid and Future War map and events.

Dage's 2-Part "Fate of Evil" Birthday Event

Last year, we saw the dark future that awaits Dage the Evil and his Undead Legion. But Dage CAN change his fate... IF you're there to help him! This Friday, March 2nd, fight to help Dage recover his soul from Nulgath... then return on Friday, March 9th to change the course of his future... FOREVER!

  • Rares Shop: Dark Harbinger armor set and Envy armor
  • Farming items: Grief's Cape house item, Envious accessories, and more
  • The seasonal Shogun Paragon farming pet returns
  • Thanatos Armor drop rate increases from 0.01% to 10%
  • Altar of Caladbolg available from birthday shop
  • Exalted / Soul Cleaver Class* revitalization: rebalanced skills, new animations, new icons
  • The Soul Cleaver series sister-class: the Exalted Harbinger Class.

Dage's 2018 Dark Collection Chest + Birthday Gear

Starting this Friday, find Dage's 2018 Collection Chest in his Birthday Rares shop. Instantly unlock all of the 2018 birthday rare items for 10,000 AdventureCoins (12,000 ACs worth of gear for 10,000 ACs is a really GOOD deal from a very Evil Artist)!

Dage's 2018 Rare Collection includes: over 20 items, plus a character page badge and the Collection Chest pet!

  • Dage's Dark Collection Chest pet (click this to access the shop full of 0 AC gear)
  • Dark Harbinger Armor + Class 
  • Envy Armor
  • Harbinger's Cape, Helms, Weapons
  • Deadly Harbinger Blade Pet (this will have a quest to get the character page badge on Monday)
  • Tainted Harbinger Blade Pet + Bank Pet
  • Legion FiendHunter Armor
  • Legion FiendHunter Capes, Helms, and Weapon
  • Grief's Shrine Bank Cape

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive Dark Collection Chest pet itself, all of the gear contained inside the Dark Collection Chest will also be available individually in his Birthday Shop.

Birthday Rewards

This week, gear up and get ready to fight for all the returning and new dark reward drops, including the:

  • Eternal Dark Caster and Eternal Dark Caster X Armor sets
  • Spirits of War, Famine, Death, and Conquest armor sets
  • UW3017 Gunner and Blaster Armor sets
  • Dreadnought House
  • Shogun Paragon Pet
  • Enchanted Eternal Painsaws
  • Paragon Greatsword Cape
  • Dreadnought's Skull Staff
  • Grief's Shrine house item
  • Cape of Envy
  • and more!

Next week, return and find AQW community artist Ferozakh's Legion FiendHunter armor set in the Birthday Rares shop or fight to get the pieces of the Enraged FiendHuner armor set from the event boss!

Undead Legion Members: Get your tokens ready! This week, you'll be able to buy the new Exalted Harbinger Class and Envy Armor for Legion Tokens. If you're not a member of the Undead Legion, never fear! You, too, can sell your soul to Dage the Evil and become a part of his immortal army.

Exalted and Soul Cleaver Class Update

Currently, the Soul Cleaver Class is available for 2,000 AdventureCoins. The Exalted Soul Cleaver Class is available for 2,000 Legion Tokens. On March 2nd, the updated classes will become available; merge your existing class to unlock the new skills, animations, and icons for free, or buy the new version separately.

  • Classic Soul Cleaver: 2,000 AdventureCoins (keeps original skills and art)
  • Classic Exalted Soul Cleaver: available for 2,000 Legion Tokens (keeps original skills and art) 
  • Soul Cleaver: 2,000 AdventureCoins (updated skills, original art)
  • Exalted Soul Cleaver: 2,000 Legion Tokens (updated skills, original art)
  • Dark Harbinger Class: 2,000 AdventureCoins (updated skills with the Exalted Harbinger art)
  • Exalted Harbinger Class: 2,000 Legion Tokens (updated skills with the Exalted Harbinger art)

If you are a member of the Undead Legion with a stockpile of Tokens, get ready! The Queen of Envy armor will have a permanent farming variant for Legion members. The AC armor version will only be available during the birthday event, then will go rare.

Your fellow heroes and artists Axeros and Ferozakh have also created wicked gear for the Rares Shop and to farm. Plus, Arklen and the Class team are re-balancing the Soul Cleaver Class skills to bring that up to our 2018 balance standards.

** The Altar is ALWAYS available as a drop from the Treasure Chest, but now you don't have to rely on Luck to get it.

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February 28, 2018

March Upgrade Bonus: Paragon Dreadnought

Upgrade with a Membership or AdventureCoins for exclusive gear!

March is the month of EVIL! Starting this Friday, March 2nd, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive Paragon Dreadnought March upgrade bonus items! Get the Paragon Dreadnought gear and the exclusive Paragon Helm House Dreadnought Bank house item with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.

12000 AC or 12 month membership packages: Paragon Dreadnought + House

Get more gear and save more of your real-world gold with our largest upgrade packages! Unlock the armor set and the house with our 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership packages:

  • Paragon Dreadnought armor
  • 3 helms, 1 cape, 2 weapons
  • Paragon Helm House
  • Paragon Helm House Bank item
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

The Paragon Helm House has 6 rooms (including the exterior), plus an armor/character customization room (just like Yulgar's Inn). Gaze into the abyss while you contemplate your new look, then take a screenshot to show all your friends! 

2000 and 5000 AC or 3 and 6 month membership package: Paragon Dreadnought Armor Set

  • Paragon Dreadnought armor
  • 2 helms
  • 1 cape
  • 1 weapon
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

All packages will also come with the Paragon Dreadnought  character page badge, so you can show all your friends who the most loyal member of the Undead Legion REALLY is. The March bonus gear goes rare April 6th, 2018.

February Upgrade Bonus Prize Winners Chosen Tomorrow

Back in March of 2017, we started a new upgrade incentive to show our appreciation for all the heroes supporting AdventureQuest Worlds. This year, we're doing the same... with a twist! 

Each month, we will choose FIVE winners from among the list of people who upgraded the previous month. Winners will find a note in their inventory with details on how to contact us with their prize choice. They will get to choose one thing from the following list:

  1. Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness ticket
  2. 5 More bank, inventory, and house spaces (over the cap, if they are already maxed out)
  3. A 20% boost to one weapon of their choice (that they already own)
  4. 2000 AdventureCoins
  5. 1 month membership

And because we know not everyone is able to upgrade every month, we will ALSO choose 1 person from the list of all the everyone who logged in within the last 30 days. They'll receive the same prizes listed above.

Prize FAQ

  1. Only one entry no matter how many times you upgrade. (Upgrades include the 1-12 month upgrade packages and 2000 - 12000 AC packages)
  2. Staff-only/custom items are not eligible
  3. Team members may only donate an item they have legitimately purchased (not gotten for free).
  4. Winners can ask for any item; the list below is just a suggestion. Requests can only be fulfilled if a another account has donated the item. 
  5. If only one donated item is left (example: Great Thief Class) and two players ask for it, the first to email will get the item.
  6. While you can ask for a non-rare, farmable item instead of a rare item, the request can only be granted if another account has donated it.
  7. You can win EIoDA more than once on the same account (if you're very, very lucky)
  8. Eligible items to request include: classes, armors, weapons, capes, helms, pets, houses. Farming resources are not eligible.

If you ask for something that the developers feel may become a problem, they will write back and explain the issue, and ask you to choose another item. 

Where will I see the note? What will it look like?

Winners will see the note in the Miscellaneous Items tab in their inventory. It will look something like this: "January 2018 Golden Ticket"

If I already won the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness, can I win the Epic one?

Yes, you sure can! (If you're that lucky, we have a couple favors to ask...)

Are there limitations to the boost I can pick?

You can only choose an item (weapon, helm, cape, armor, etc) you currently own. It cannot already have a boost on it.

Available boosts are: Gold, XP, Class Points, Rep, Racial (increased dmg to humans, dragons, etc)

Can an upgraded account win the "log in" prize?

We went back and forth on this. Short answer: no. 
Long answer: The pool of 5 winners is only drawn from people who upgraded in the previous month. If you did not, then you're elgible for the "log in" pool.

We know there are some of you who would love to buy a membership or ACs, but just can't. Real life happens (and so do bills). We want all our free players to have a chance to win awesome prizes like this, too. 

Ultimate Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness

Back in 2012, heroes who spun the Wheel of Doom had a chance to get the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness. Anyone with the UIoDA could choose one item from a list of items donated by other, SUPER generous heroes. For years, you guys have been asking us to bring back the UIoDA. And now... we HAVE!

The Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness is the exact same thing... only you have a chance to get it by upgrading your account with an AdventureCoin or Membership package. (Or a smaller chance just by logging into the game!)

The list below is a sample of items donated by your fellow AQWorlds heroes. If you log in and find an Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness in your inventory, follow the instructions on it to claim your prize.

Sample list of items

Want something that's not listed above? If you get the Epic Item of Donated Awesomeness, follow the instructions on the item description and ask the team. They'll see if one is available!

Want to Donate Your Items?

Want to donate one of your rare items? Email your username and the list of items you'd like to donate to:!

We will contact prospective donators before removing items, so be sure to send the email from an address you check regularly. Once you donate an item, you will no longer be able to buy it back from your Buy Back Shop, so be sure before you say "yes"!

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February 28, 2018

Confirm your Email, Get Rewarded

Get a Free Event Rare Helm with a Confirmed Email 

The gift-giving starts early this week! Get the FREE event rare Dark Spikes of Envy helm when you confirm your email address and log in between March 1st and March 31st! If your email is already confirmed, BONUS! You get the helm automatically upon logging in tomorrow.*

The helm is tagged 0 AC, so you can store it for free FOREVER! The in-game helm does not include a face, so whatever expression you have on your armor will shine through.

*Captain Rhubarb will start sending them out some time tomorrow afternoon. 

Update your AQW Account with an active email address

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your Username and Password, then Login
  3. Click on the Change Email link on the left
  4. Insert your New Email, and Retype New Email, and Submit (see picture below)
  5. In a bit, you should have an email in your inbox from: AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG ( with a subject line of: =AQW= AdventureQuest Worlds Confirmation

Change Email 

Confirm that you will get the AQW Weekly Newsletter

  1. Go back to
  2. Enter your Username and Password, then Login 
  3. Click on the Newsletter link on the left.
  4. If your Status reads as "unconfirmed" please click: Resend Email (see picture below)
  5. In a little while, you should have an email in your inbox from: AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG ( with a subject line of: =AQW= AdventureQuest Worlds Confirmation
  6. Click the “CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT” link in that email and you’re all set!

resend newsletter 

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February 26, 2018

March 2018 Event Calendar

Good, Evil... and Holiday events!

Get your gear on! Log in all month long for Evil gear, Good rewards, and a double holiday event; we're celebrating Dage the Evil and Laken's birthdays with two new story updates, plus the return of the Lucky Day Fair and Grenwog.

March 2Dage's Birthday: Fate of Evil, Part 1 + Birthday Gear and Collection Chest + March upgrade bonus

March 9: Dage's Birthday: Fate of Evil, Part 2 + Legion FiendHunter sets

March 16: Lucky Day and Grenwog holiday events return! (Plus the holiday map revitalizations!)

March 23: Laken's Seraphic Order Finale, Part 1 + Event Rewards

March 30: Laken's Seraphic Order Finale, Part 2 + Full Moon Featured Gear Set

Also this month... we are adding 20 new buyable house inventory spaces plus everyone gets FIVE house inventory spaces for FREE!

Lucky Day + Grenwog

The Evil Continues... On March 16th, we'll begin our seasonal Lucky Day and Grenwog events! The Lucky Day fair returns with all your favorite mini-games PLUS Daibh the Sneevil (it's pronounced Dave!), a new carny ready to reward you... if you complete his challenge. Our Grenwog event will feature the Void Grenwog + Nakana Rei's adorably deadly GrenwogSlayer armor set!

Unlock the Void Knight and Void Monk armors by:

  • Completing his Whack'em Smack'em Makai minigame OR
  • Buy them for AdventureCoins

Laken's 2-Part Seraphic Order Finale Birthday Event

This month, fan favorite artist Laken returns for the two-part finale to his character's saga! For so long, Laken - leader of the Seraphic Order - devoted his unlife to Dage the Evil's Undead Legion. Along the way, he traveled through time, became a thief, and accted as a conduit for Evil, all to serve a greater Good. 

Memet, AQW's lead writer, is working with Laken as I type to finalize the story while he handcrafts a collection of new reward gear.


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February 20, 2018

Building a Better Prologue

Swordhaven and ShadowFall Level Up

Return to Swordhaven and Shadowfall this weekend as we rebuild and revitalize two of the most popular areas (and more!) in Lore with a smoother progression and new shop and farming rewards. 

This week's revitalization changes take place in:

  • PortalUndead
  • WarHorc
  • SwordhavenUndead
  • CastleUndead
  • ShadowFall
  • ChaosCrypt
  • Castle
  • Prison
  • ForestChaos

Changes to these areas include...

  • Adding more "Guide Notes" like you see in Robina's text box in Swordhaven Undead, to help new heroes understand where to go next.
  • Updating many NPCs text boxes to help guide new heroes through zones.
  • Adding an Enhancement Shop and instructions to Cleric Dawn, so new heroes have one visible and handy before entering battle.
  • Monster level adjustments, to better match new heroes' levels as they play through the opening areas.
  • Updating item levels in the Chaos Shop: most new heroes are only level 5 when they unlock this. We're adjusting levels give them a few rewards sooner, but also give them a reason to come back to the shop as they level up.
  • Hiding "bonus NPCs" until new heroes have played through the zones at least once. 

Featured Armor Set: Dark Knight of ShadowFall

This weekend, find the Dark Knight of ShadowFall armor in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu. Buy the armor for 1000 AdventureCoins to unlock the rest of the set for free in Battleon's Curio Shop. (Each of the accessories will cost 0 ACs, so you can store them in your bank for free, forever!) This set will be permanently available.

The set includes:

  • Dark Knight of ShadowFall armor
  • Dark Knight's Blade
  • Dark Knight's Spear
  • Dark Knight's Crested Helm
  • Dark Knight's Helm
  • Evil Horns of the Dark Knight
  • Evil Horns + Locks of the Dark Knight
  • Dark Knight's Hair
  • Dark Knight's Horns
  • Dark Knigh's Face Morph

New Evil Rewards are SO GOOD

Theeeeeeeeey're great! This weekend, complete Empress Gravelyn's daily quest, Inquisitor Inquiry for a chance to get the pieces of the Golden Knight of ShadowFall set. 

Then battle the Undead Giant in /SwordhavenUndead for a chance to get the pieces of the Royal Knight of Swordhaven set!

Each of these sets will be available forever, so if you can't get them this weekend, you've got plenty of time.

2009's Horc War Returns

This weekend, answer Cleric Dawn’s call! The Greenguard Horc tribe has been quiet since 2009… but this week, Dawn needs your help to prevent them from over-running her Portal and reaching BattleOn!

If you were around back in the early days of AQWorlds, you might remember our micro-wars. These zones and their rewards were never intended to go perma-rare, so this week we'll be returning a permanent, static version of the Horc War (and over the next few months, we'll add the rest back in, as well). 

If you're a more experienced Hero, we've got you covered. We've expanded the Horc War map and added increasingly difficult Horc monsters.., including the level 75 General Drox Ironhide. Get the item drops from the Horc Warriors, then battle the higher level mobs for a chance to get runes that will let you increase their damage ranges (and a small boost to gold)!

Why Go Back to Old Zones?

Good question! In the last (close to) 10 years, we've introduced over 1,000 unique zones, 3,000+ monsters, and almost more gear than a hero can count. With your help, we've had an incredible amount of amazing adventures, and have built a game we are truly proud of. But just like a Hero never stops training, WE never stop working to improve what we’ve built. Join us this weekend, as we introduce changes designed to help new and experienced heroes enjoy opening zones of our story and the towns of Swordhaven and Shadowfall. 

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February 16, 2018

Journey To NibbleOn

Hometown of Moglins

Moglins are one of Lore’s most recognizable creatures; they are healers, magicians, caretakers, and sometimes battle companions. This week, journey to NibbleOn, the village Moglins call home, and learn more about the race that has helped you so often on your adventures (and lend a hand to defend it from invaders out to steal their magic… and moglinberries)!

Frostvale may be cool, but this... is... NIBBLEON!

The town of Battleon has always been your hero’s hometown in AdventureQuest Worlds. But this weekend, for the first time ever, you’re invited to visit the moglins’ main hometown: NibbleOn!

Meet the Moglins

NibbleOn is full of like... and moglins! You'll meet a new cast of characters in the moglin hometown:

  • Button the Adorable Greeter Moglin
  • Thistle the Potion Moglin
  • Comet the Flying Treasure Hunter Moglin
  • Bixx the Innkeeper
  • Phero the Pet Store Owner 
  • Zifwin the Colorful the Rainbow Mage
  • Nel the Lorekeeper
  • Tika the Hut Seller
  • Zavnix the Dark Makai (!!!)
  • Herp the derp moglin

SUPER SECRET SPOILER: we have some pretty cool ideas for expanding NibbleOn in the future. Stryche, the head of HeroMart, is vital to these plans and future additions.

Merch from the Moglins

There are 27 new items coming this weekend in the town of NibbleOn (give or take a few that the Makai made off with)! Talk to the different shop vendors, complete their quests, and take on monsters (like the cute-but-deadly DoomKitten) to get fierce, funny, and fuzzy rewards!

Get your /Party On with New Holiday Items

Our month of holiday celebrations continue with all-new gear. Find the Carnival of LoveCupid’s Toga, and Armure l’Amour armor sets this weekend in the Featured Item Shop in your game menu. Check out the Gold Parade armor set in the Yokai New Year Shop.*

*Only avilable only during our Hero’s Heart Day, Yokai New Year, and Carnaval events each year. 

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February 06, 2018

New Help Pages are Live

Help Pages Leveled Up: Better, Faster, and More Helpful!

The new AdventureQuest Worlds Help Pages are live at! They are better in every way:

  • Use the on site search bar to find answers faster
  • Easier to navigate
  • Give feedback on Help Articles so we can make them more useful
  • See additional articles that may prove helpful

Help Pages Evolution: The Quest

The first Artix Entertainment Help Pages were created for AdventureQuest back in the early 2000s. The internet has changed a lot since then… and so has how people use it. We knew that in order to help all our players to the best of our ability, we needed to do a total overhaul of the Help Pages. On all our sites. O_O

So last March, the Artix Support Team made their battle plan, geared up, and set out on the journey to redo… everything.

This was a huge project. They rewrote and/or updated over 8,000 articles across 12 games, our online store, our forums, and the Artix Portal site. Based on early feedback from testers and some of our community members*, we knew this was the right decision. Early last month, we set the hard date for AQWorlds’ transition.

That day is here! Check them out at

* You may have gotten a preview of the Help Pages while playing AdventureQuest, DragonFable, or while shopping at HeroMart. We ported over our single-player Flash games early, as a soft launch of the new set-up.)

Help Us Help You

There are a couple keys to writing a good email to the Support Team:

  • Be informative. Include as much detail on the Support Request form as possible related to your issue/question. This reduces the amount of back-and-forth emails as the team asks for more information

  • Be polite and honest.** The Support Team are here to help you, but it’s much easier for them to do their job when they aren’t being called names or threatened.

**These guidelines are good for writing any email, or interacting with anyone on a day-to-day basis.

Meet the Help Team

The Artix Help Team is small, but mighty, and is made of our 4 support agents***:

  • Nythera, Support and Community Lead
  • Vidra, Player Support Agent
  • Requin, Player Support Agent
  • Zohrah, Player Support Agent (focus: on AQWorlds account/ game issues)

They have a combined 19 years of support and game experience, and their only job is to help you with any account, game, or technical issues you may encounter.

*** "Agent" sounds much more epic than "representative."

What Comes Next?

Our new system gives us the ability to do so much more… and the Support Team plans to take advantage of that. We are already planning for:

  • A new community discussion hub / forum
  • Integrating the Bug Tracker at

Based on your feedback, we may also begin offering support on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next!

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February 04, 2018

AQW Superbowl Show is live

Half-time is /Punt time!

When the Harpies face-off against the Loyalists, all of Lore goes CRAZY! So, football fans, kick your puntin' foot into high gear, because it's half-time, and we've opened the /punt map! Score a field goal AND a rockin' character page badge by punting Twilly across the field and into the end zone!

Loyalists vs Harpies!

WHEN: It's half-time, so NOW!
WHO: Harpies, Loyalists , the AQW Team & YOU!
WHERE: Right here... in-game!
WHAT: "/Cheer for your favorite team!"

The half-time shop sports a stock full of fantastic fan favorites! So grab your pompoms and /cheer for your favorite team! It all begins NOW!

And by popular request, the GridIron Game Gear and the Endgame Upset armor are now color customizable. If you already had the armors, you've already got the new versions. If you don't, find them in the Superbowl Shop in the /punt map.

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February 07, 2018

Hero's Heart Day 2018 is Here!

Sometimes the best pairings don’t make sense.

Recipe for love: Vordred the PaladinSlayer + Beleen + Cupid’s Cursed ArrowsBeleen loves everyo- wait… Vordred?! This weekend, log in and fight to help your old enemy win the hand of his Pink Princess (and see who else fell prey to Swaggy's plotting). The undead may never die, but maybe they can finally learn how to love.

After you battle your way through the event, take on the boss for a chance to get the pieces of the NecROMANCE set, along with the resources to create gear in the merge shops.

New Holiday Event Gear

Getting the sweet new Valentine’s Day gear will be as easy as falling in love! The new VorDREAD armor setand Chateau Swaggy house  arrive this weekend plus, return on Wednesday, February 14th to find Aranx’s adorable Armor l’Amour set.

VorDread Armor set

Armure L'Amour set arrives on Wednesday, February 14th!

DanielPP2's Festa das Cores Carnaval set also arrives in the Featured Gear Shop this weekend as we continue our Carnaval 2018 celebration!

Hero's Heart Day Lineup

This year's Hero's Heart Day is full of love... and not the couples you'd expect. But if you were looking for holiday gear, we've got you covered! All our seasonal zones and rewards include, PLUS:

Hero's Heart Day event rares shop Find the VorDread armor set and both the Swaggy of Love and Pinky the Unicorn pets in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu starting tonight.

Beleen's Pink Dye merge shop Complete the holiday event, then battle the boss to gather the Pink Dye Beleen needs to pink-ify your gear. 

  • Magentity Armor
  • Mrs. Cuddles Pet and helm
  • Fists of Fierceness
  • Like a Pretty Moglin BattlePet
  • Pink Socktana
  • Pinky's Uni-Horn
  • Pink Chainsaw Katana
  • Sparkler of Love
  • Pink Unarmed 
  • Derp Llama Overlord armor and morph
  • Rose Ebil Ninja and Hood

Chateau of LOVE house shop  Complete the holiday event, then talk to the Bouncer outside Chateau Swaggy to begin his quest for SwagBucks. Spend those in his House Shop or battle the boss to get a mansion's worth of lovely furniture for your house (28 new items in all)

There are two houses releasing this weekend:

  • Chateau Swaggy House: available for 2000 ACs (9 rooms: including the VIP lounge, stargazing, and deck rooms)
  • Manor of Love House: 1% drop from the event boss (5 rooms)

See the Manor of Love House here

The /Party for Carnaval Continues!

Our Carnaval 2018 celebration continues this weekend! Find the Festa das Cores (Party of Colors) armor set in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu, created exclusively for AQWorlds by fellow hero and artist, .

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February 01, 2018

This Weekend: Get ready to /Party

Carnival, Yokai New Year, and MORE comin' at you!

We have a TON of events happening, because this is the week of OMG all the returning events! So strap on your lightest gear and get ready to MOVE!

Carnaval Returns!

This year for Carnaval, all our seasonal zones, bosses, and reward gear return. We also have the Honra Selvagem armor set from fellow AQW hero and artist, DanielPP2. Battle Ultra Bello for a chance to get the entire set! *


Yokai New Year Returns!

Every year, we celebrate Yokai New Year in Akiba. This year is the Year of the Dog (and the color yellow) in the Chinese Calendar. Talk to Princess Ai no Miko and battle a visiting Lycan Shinobi, Zhongchéng. Battle him before the Emperor to show your respect for his skill. He has a chance to drop the Gold Foo Pup pet and helm.


February Upgrade Bonus Gear!

Swordhaven has always been a battlefield between Good and Evil! Starting this Friday, February 2nd, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive Royal Paladin February upgrade bonus items! Get the Royal Paladin gear and the Cursed DeathKnight set with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.

GroundHorc's Day Returns!

(Are you seeing a pattern here?) So when you log in this Friday, you'll see a Philip the Weather-predicting groundhog (a wee little ground-dwelling rodent.) If you aren't familiar with strange US folk traditions, here's the story of Puxatawnee Phil, who inspired this NPC. Talk to Phil in Battleon and complete his quest to save his brother (also named Phil... it's a family thing) from General Porkon in the Horc Fort.

Then wear his head on your face to celebrate. 

LoreBowl LII

In the real world, this Sunday is the SuperBowl. In AQWorlds, we hold LoreBowl! (WAY less chance of summoning lawyers with that name, you know?) This year, the Loyalists face off against the Harpies, and during their half-time game, WE open up the /punt map so YOU can get your kicks seeing how far you can make Twilly fly. Get 100 yards to unlock a special character page badge!

All of the LoreBowl armors + accessories are tagged as "Seasonal Reoccurring" items in-game. They will become available again each time the football team they represent goes to the Superbowl in the real world.

Free Nulgath Pets

Earlier this week, Artix issued a challenge -- if his image got 1000 retweets, we would give EVERYONE a free pet made by Nulgath. Since you blew that challenge out of the water, we found TWO pets from Nulgath, made for OverSoul...

  • Nulgath's Bloodsucker Larvae
  • Bloodsucker of Nulgath pet

Find them in the Underworld War Merge shop. Each pet is 0 ACs. The Larvae has no price, but the Bloodsucker of Nulgath requires the Larvae + 1 Bone Dust.

* Next week, as we get closer to the actual Carnaval date, the Carnival de Cor set you see  in the image above will be in the Featured Gear Shop.)

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February 01, 2018

February Upgrade Bonus: Royal Paladin Set

Upgrade with a Membership or AdventureCoins for exclusive gear!

Swordhaven has always been a battlefield between Good and Evil! Starting this Friday, February 2nd, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive Royal Paladin February upgrade bonus items! Get the Royal Paladin gear and the ShadowFall DeathKnight set with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.

12000 AC or 12 month membership packages: Royal Paladin + ShadowFall DeathKnight

Get more gear and save more of your real-world gold with our largest upgrade packages! Unlock ALL of the February upgrade bonus items, including the exclusive ShadowFall DeathKnight set, with our 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership packages.

2000 and 5000 AC or 3 and 6 month membership package: Royal Paladin

All packages will also come with the Royal Paladin character page badge, so you can show all your friends the power to save (or destroy) Swordhaven lies in your hands. The February bonus gear goes rare March 2nd, 2018.

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January 30, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

Triple Lunar Event Happening Tonight

For the first time in 150 years, three lunar events will take place at the same time:

  • Blue Moon: this is the 2nd full moon of the month (aka a Blue Moon)
  • Super Moon: the full moon occurs during perigee (when the moon is closest to the Earth, and looks bigger)
  • Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipses are often called "Blood Moons" because the moon turns a reddish or copper color when it passes through Earth's Shadow

Pretty much everyone here at the Lab, and a ton of our offsite team members, are all space or science nerds, so this was an event we definitely had to recognize in-game!

And just because we can't let a special event go by without an item or two, starting tonight you'll find the Dire Lunar Wolf and Super Blood Moon Cape in the Featured Gear Shop until this Friday. (The cape will go perma-rare, but the pet will return each time there's a Lunar Eclipse!)

Want to see where you can get the best views? Check out this image from Nasa of the Total Lunar Eclipse stages. Or read this article for more information about the triple event.

image credit: NASA

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January 29, 2018

Void Overlord Set Leaves Friday

Our January Upgrade Bonus Set leaves this week

LAST CHANCE! The Void Overlord Evolution is going perma-rare. AQWorlds heroes only have a few days to get it as part of the January upgrade package at

BONUS QUEST: If this tweet -- -- gets 1K retweets, EVERY player will get a pet made by Nulgath. O_O

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January 29, 2018

This Weekend: Get ready to /Party

Carnival, Yokai New Year, and MORE comin' at you!

We have a TON of events happening, because this is the week of OMG all the returning events! So strap on your lightest gear and get ready to MOVE!

  • Carnaval returns - all our seasonal maps + gear AND a new farming set from your fellow Hero, Daniel PP2! /party
  • Yokai New Year returns with the Year of the Dog - all our seasonal events + gear AND a new battle against visiting Lycan Shinob, Zhongchéng! /partyMORE
  • GroundHorc's Day returns - log in and talk to Phil the Weather Predicting Groundhog in BattleOn for a chance to get seasonal rare gear! Then wear his head on your face to celebrate. 
  • This Sunday is... the LoreBowl! - The Loyalists face off against the Harpies for ultimate ball-based supremacy and YOU get sweet gear.
  • February Upgrade Bonus set: Royal Paladin and Cursed DeathKnight sets!
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January 26, 2018

Tonight: Building a Better Battleon

Battleon and Greenguard Level Up 

In the last (close to) 10 years, we've introduced over 1,000 unique zones, 3,000+ monsters, and almost more gear than a hero can count. With your help, we've had an incredible amount of amazing adventures, and have built a game we are truly proud of. But just like a Hero never stops training, WE never stop working to improve what we’ve built. Join us this weekend, as we introduce changes designed to help new and experienced heroes enjoy the town of Battleon even more! 

A lot of the changes may not be visible to our experienced heroes, but new players should have an easier (and more fun!) time navigating the zone.

Our first zone revitalization focuses on the town of Battleon and its surrounding areas:

  • Battleon 
  • Battleontown 
  • Nexus 
  • GreenguardEast and West 
  • Noobshire 
  • Willowcreek
  • and the Guardian Tower

Changes include:

  • Updating Battleon to minimize the feeling of being "overwhelmed" for new heroes
  • Reworking all the NPCs' dialogue boxes to make them less confusing/cluttered
  • Updating NPCs and the map to make it easier to know where to go next 
  • Making it easier for members to find exclusive sareas
  • Rebalancing monsters and removing superfluous, "too-high" level mobs in low-level areas
  • Updating quest text and drops so they are easier to find/figure out
  • Art clean-up + small polish changes (resizing NPCs, etc)
  • Introducing Vinara's Curio Shop, the place to go to find all your special/locked shops

Some NPCs will only be visible when your character hits a certain level, so if you are just starting out in Lore, check back often as you level up!

Greenguard: New Gear, New Polish

Find Loremaster Lydia in Greenguard West. She's gotten a pretty large behind-the-scenes polish update, but she's also got a shop with gear for new and experienced heroes.

Other Greenguard Forest changes include:

  • New area maps to help heroes navigate the forest more easily
  • Monsters rebalanced and new animations added*
  • Breken the Vile and Ogug Stoneaxe monsters added to Greenguard West
  • Insomniac Beauty, Mazumi, and the 3 Little Wolves have all had their quests updated for clarity.

* Check out the new animations on: Black Knight, Dreadspider, Fishman, Frogzard, Guru Shroom, Mogzard, Ogug Stoneaxe, the Kitarians, Ragewing, Spider, TWereboar, Wolf, and more!

Polish and Improvements


  • Twilly's apop is now THE go-to place for all new heroes, and has been made more visible. He'll direct you where you need to go, and show you what you need to know.
  • Cleric Joy has been moved to the 2nd frame of Battleon and will help direct new heroes.
  • Valencia has been added to the 2nd frame of Battleon, and has all the "extras" that Twilly used to keep. (Recruit-a-Friend, Power Gems, Daily quests)
  • All shop NPCs except for Ragnar will be invisible unless you are level 15 or higher. (The shops themselves will still be available in the game menu.)
  • The trees in Battleontown above Aria's pet shop have been reverted to match the rest of the trees in Battleontown


  • Zorbak and Nythera's text has been updated.
  • Keenwa has been removed, but the Guardian Tower armor has been added in the /tower map
  • Elise has been removed from outside her shop. Go inside to see her again. But Brock is gone. No one liked him, anyway.
  • King Alteon's statue has been updated. You will only be able to replay the Derp cutscenes once you have completed the story in that area.
  • Augold's text has been updated.

Aria's Pet Shop

  • Aria's text has been updated and the Pet Shop art has been reverted to before the Queenn of Monsters storyline.
  • Aria got corrective eye surgery, so her eye no longer rolls around weirdly.
  • A house shop has been added for Pet Tamer rep.

Vinara's Curio Shop

  • The Legion Recruiter directs you to /Shadowfall now, and will only be visible once your hero is level 15 or higher.
  • Vinara paid the Undead Legion off, and has turned the Recruitment Center into a Curio Shop. 
  • Talk to Vinara in her shop to get a Daily Quest for Crypto-Tokens. Use these to buy strange, weird, random gear from across Lore. More items may be added to this shop... IF she finds anything strange enough.
  • You can also talk to Vinara to access your "special/locked" items or shops (like the Warp Necromancer cape, Treasure Map Chest, and more). These will only be visible to you if you have the required items.


  • Matrea and Thok's text has been updatedALL of the trainers' quests were requiring Rare Classes. This has been fixed.

Magic Shop

  • Warlic's text has been revised for clarity. You can also view the "Battleon Transport" cutscene from his podium.

Greenguard East

  • Monsters specific to the Queen of Monsters storyline have been removed. The original monsters have been added back in.
  • Shi Mar, the mid-level boss NPC, has had his text updated to give players a better idea of what waits for them.

Next week: more changes are planned for Nexus, the Museum, and Greenguard East and West. (The area maps previewed on Twitter are still in development, but should significantly help new heroes once they are finished.

Zone Level Adjustments

New Greenguard Forest Zone Levels:

  • Noobshire: level 1
  • Farm: level 2-3
  • Forest: level 3
  • East Greenguard: level 3-4
  • Willow Creek: level 4
  • Cellar: level 4-5
  • West Greenguard: level 5-8
  • Horc Fort: level 6-7
  • River: level 8
  • Shallows: level 8 (member only)
  • Battleunder: level 10-12
  • Sleuthhound Inn: level 15-18
  • Dwakel Crash Site: level 15-18

East/West Greenguard NPC Levels are as follows:

  • Red Hunting Hood (GGE): level 3-4
  • Tom Foolery (GGE): level 4

Other zones:

The following NPCs have been updated to provide clearer directions.

  • Rolith in /noobshire
  • Calafas in /willowcreek
  • Pete Noggle in /river

Zone Revitalizations: The What, When, and Why

In any area of life, it is much easier to focus on the NEW and the NOW - whatever you are currently working hardest on. That's true for our teams, too. But it's also really important to make time to revisit what we've done before and improve it where we can. 

That's why, each month in 2018, the development team will revisit one of the game's early zones to polish, enhance, and improve what we've created.

The Goal: take the early zones in AQWorlds and polish them until they shine as bright as new.

  • Smooth out quest progression and story flow (you should always know exactly where to go and what to do next)
  • Clean up monster levels and balance, and revise target levels per zone (so you know if the monsters in an area are too high or low for your level)
  • Add new reward drops and shops, giving experienced heroes a reason to return to earlier areas
  • Other adjustments, changes, fixes, and improvements depending on the zone

We want to make sure all the new heroes joining us each week have as polished and fun an experience as possible, and that we address any outstanding issues lingering in the favorite zones of our long-time, legendary heroes.

Important Details

Will the art change? 

We also know that many of you heroes who've been with us since the beginning LOVE the art style of the earlier areas. Do not worry -- we will not be giving these areas a facelift -- the NPCs, monsters, and gear you know and love will stay the way you remember. Our focus with the zone revitalizations is to improve the feel and flow of each area, not overhaul its appearance.

Will this reset progress in the storylines?

No, your progress should not be reset in any of the storylines. 

How deep will these changes go?

The revitalization will be the full focus of the weekly release dev team each week, so changes and improvements will go as deep as we can/as needed in a single week. If, after a polish update goes live, there is more you'd like to see, just let us know!

What's next? 

Before each revitalization begins, we'll give all our players, old and new, a chance to give targeted, focused feedback on the coming zone. We'll use that input as we map out plans for each area's adjustments, fixes, and improvements.

Next up: the Prologue, Swordhaven Invasion, and ShadowFall revitalizations

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January 26, 2018

Next Friday: Triple Holiday Event

Carnaval, Yokai New Year, and the Lore Bowl LII return!

Next Friday, February 2nd, get ready to /party with your fellow heroes as we bring back the Carnaval and Yokai New Year events and seasonal rare gear (and you may find a groundhorc or two in Battleon). Then return on Sunday, February 4th to /punt Twilly and get new, hardcore hero gear. This year’s Lore Bowl LII features the Loyalists vs the Harpies!

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January 27, 2018

New: Sepulchure + Nulgath Armor T-Shirts

Our Armor T-Shirt Collection Just Got WAY More Evil!

Evil is back, and taking over our online store at! (Cue thunder and lightning FX) We are starting the year off right, with new shirts in our Armor T-Shirt collection and all-new exclusive in-game item rewards for all you collectors out there.

These shirts are seriously amazing. They are dark, deadly, and will show your family and friends that you are ready... to take over the world! Sepulchure and Nulgath’s iconic designs join the Paladin and Undead Legion in our Armor T-Shirt collection.

Exclusive In-Game Bonus Items

Each armor t-shirt comes with in-game bonus items in AdventureQuest Worlds and AdventureQuest3D.

Sepulchure Armor T-Shirt
AQW Lead Artist, J6, took the fan-favorite Sepulchure armor and gave it new (un)life... with color customization.

  • AdventureQuest Worlds: Original Sepulchure + color-custom Sepulchure Armors
  • AdventureQuest 3D: ShadowScythe Slayer Blade

Nulgath Armor T-Shirt
Nulgath has returned to craft the Fiend of Ralzic armor set, inspired by fellow AQW Hero, Xaayer. 

  • AdventureQuest Worlds: Nulgath’s Fiend of Ralzic Armor Set
  • AdventureQuest 3D: ArchFiend’s Dragon Blade

What about Sepulchure's Helm?!?!

After we announecd the in-game rewards for the Sepulchure Armor T-Shirt, we have been flooded with questions about whether the original Sepulchure's helm will release. The answer is... YES. It will release later this year, as a high-level farming item during our 10 year anniversary event. 

Once you have Sepulchure's original helm, IF you have the Sepulchure Armor T-Shirt, you will also unlock a color customizable version of the helm, as well.


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January 25, 2018

New 1st Edition Dage and Nulgath Prints

Hand-painted by AE Community Guest Artist, Darkon!

This weekend, find the 1st edition of our newest (and evillest) art prints at www.HeroMart.comDage’s Undead Legion: Battle for the UnderWorld and Nulgath the ArchFiend: WarPath to Apocalypse!

These prints were hand-painted by community artist, Darkon, and only 250 will be created for this first run. 

Exclusive In-Game Bonus Items

Darkon was inspired by the Evil War of 2012, where Dage's Undead Legion faced off against Nulgath and his ArchFiend Nation in a battle for the UnderWorld. Each of the exclusive in-game items is designed to celebrate one of the sides.

Dage’s Undead Legion: Battle for the UnderWorld Reward: the Legion Seraph Cape.
Evil Print Combo: get both prints to unlock the Soul Taker of Darkness Blade

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January 25, 2018

HeroMart Bonus Item Codes

Check your packing slip to find your code!

We’ve leveled up our bonus code game! Now, when you buy select items at HeroMart, the code you receive to redeem your in-game bonus items will be listed on the packing slip inside your package.

Keep these codes safe. They are the key to unlocking your in-game bonuses. If you've got a code (or codes!) already, visit to redeem them.

Accessing your reward items

 Once you've redeemed your code, here are the steps to follow to get your sweet, sweet in-game gear:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click the Book of Lore button in the bottom right of your screen
  3. Select the HeroMart badges banner
  4. Scroll to find your new badge and click on the Shop button
  5. Get all your gear and battle on!
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February 02, 2018

February 2018 Event Calendar

A Month of Good, Evil, and Mysterious Magics

2018 is the year of AQWorlds 10th anniversary! We have been on an incredible journey together, battled titanic bosses, and unleashed forces that have reshaped our world. The adventures will continue all year long, so gear up and get ready to /SLAY!

February 2Carnaval and Yokai New Year return + February Upgrade Bonus: Royal Paladin

February 9: Hero's Heart Day event + Hero's Heart Day and Carnaval gear

February 16: NibbleOn, the Moglin Hometown + more Hero's Heart Day and Yokai New Year gear

February 23: Zone Revitalization: Prologue, Swordhaven, ShadowFall + Knight of Swordhaven set

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January 26, 2018

This Weekend: Nulgath's Polish Hussar Set

Exclusively from the Juggernaut Items of Nulgath Quest 

This weekend: Nulgath's Polish Hussar set arrives! Find Nulgath in the /Tercessuinotlim and complete his Juggernaut Items of Nulgath quest, then choose your prize from among his list of rewards.

Each of the four set pieces (armor, helm, cape, and polearm) are 0 ACs for free storage! It's a rough quest to complete, but once you earn the gear, you can show it to the world proudly!

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February 01, 2018

Void Evolution Leaves Friday

Upgrade with a Membership or AdventureCoins for exclusive gear!

Nulgath the ArchFiend is BACK to help us start 2018 off right. Starting this Friday, Janaury 5th, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive Void Overlord Evolution January upgrade bonus items! Get the Void Overlord Evolution gear and the color customizable Enchanted Void Overlord Evolution set with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.

12000 AC or 12 month membership packages: Enchanted Void Overlord Evolution

Get more gear and save more of your real-world gold with our largest upgrade packages! Unlock the color customizable armor set and the regular set with our 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership packages:

  • 2 armors: color custom Enchanted Void Overlord Evolution and regular Void Overlord Evolution
  • 4 helms
  • 6 capes
  • 2 weapons
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

2000 and 5000 AC or 3 and 6 month membership package: Void Overlord Evolution

  • 1 Armor: Void Overlord Evolution
  • 2 Helms
  • 3 Capes
  • 1 weapon
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

All packages will also come with the Void Overlord Evolution character page badge, so you can show all your friends that you are a TRUE member of the Nulgath Nation. The January bonus gear goes rare February 2nd, 2018.

Behind the Void Overlord

Nulgath the ArchFiend has worked with Artix Entertainment on and off for years. He was an integral part of creating the original designs for many of our characters and areas. He is currently focusing on a few personal projects (secret!), but came back to work with us on several sets for AQWorlds and HeroMart.

The Void Overlord Evolution is even more special because it was commissioned by one of your fellow heroes, Crab! His input and Nulgath's art have combined into an AMAZING set, and we're excited to offer it to you. (He will be getting the set for free, as our way of saying "thanks for being awesome!")

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