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October 12, 2018

Login Issue Update

Fix Investigation in Progress

Update for heroes experiencing the "Unknown Error Accessing Game Database. Please Try Again Later." issue: Captain Rhubarb is investigating the problem and we will resolve this as soon as possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience. We will keep you updated here and in the DNs.

Update #1: Captain Rhubarb, Cemaros, and the Bug Hunters are on the hunt. They will report in ASAP.

Update #2: The issue (which only affected select AQWorlds member accounts) has been resolved! Thanks to those who reported the issue; we've left a gift on your account to show our appreciation for helping us fix this very nasty issue.

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October 11, 2018

10th Anniversary Gifts

Log in for our 10th anniversary gifts to you!

This Friday, we begin AdventureQuest Worlds' BIGGEST anniversary celebration ever. Log in and head to Battleontown to /party with all your favorite NPCs and friends from across our game universe.

Join us this week for:

  • 500 free AdventureCoins (accounts must have logged in within the last 3 months and be level 10+)
  • 10 free Item Inventory spaces, 10 free Bank spaces, 10 free House Inventory spaces, 10 more Friends List slots
  • The max number of buyable slots available will increase to: 250 Item Inventory spaces, 300 Bank spaces, 125 House Inventory spaces

Note: accounts must have logged in within the last 6 months to get the free spaces.

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October 10, 2018

10th Anniversary Artifact: Sepulchure's Helm

Arrives 10.12.2018

Sepulchure's Helm is one of the most iconic items in AdventureQuest Worlds. For the past 10 years, we've gotten requests from players on our forum, on social media, in-game, and via email, asking for a way to obtain this helm. This Friday, you'll get FOUR different ways to obtain it!

Because the helm is such a key part of one of the Artix Entertainment Universe's NPCs, and because so many players have wanted it for so long, we did not want to lock this behind a paywall or create an overly-complicated, long grind to get the item.*

Instead, we created a what we call a "Sane Completionist" end-game gift. Unlocking Sepulchure's Helm is a badge of honor; a way to show everyone that you've finished everything we consider "main story content."

  • Farm for the iconic Sepulchure's Helm
  • Unlock it for free if you have Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor 
  • Unlock it for free if you bought the Sepulchure Action Figure from Heromart
  • Unlock it for free and get the color-custom variant if you bought the Sepulchure Armor T-Shirt from Heromart

If you've kept up to date with all the releases, or bought one of the HeroMart products listed above,** we want you to be able to log in and immediately unlock the helm once it's live.

Requirements to unlock the helm:

  • Level 70+ 
  • Complete the 13 Lords of Chaos story
  • Complete the AQW: Zombies story 
  • Complete the Throne of Darkness story 
  • buy a 1 million gold item 

This Friday, find Gravelyn in Battleontown as we celebrate our 10th anniversary with the BattleOn Birthday Bash! Once the birthday event is over, the quest for Sepulchure's helm will move to ShadowFall.

*Sepulchure's DoomKnight armor and random RNG drops not required.

** Must have the in-game achievement in order to unlock the helm

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October 12, 2018

Our 10th Anniversary begins this week

The Battleon 10th Birthday Bash begins on Friday, October 12th!

Welcome to your AQWorlds' 10th Anniversary party, Hero, and thank you for battleon alongside us! No matter if you've been with us since 2008, or just created your account yesterday, this party is for you because... without your enthusiasm, support, loyalty, and encouragement, we would not be here.

Log in NOW as we begin the first week of AdventureQuest Worlds' BIGGEST anniversary celebration ever. Head to Battleontown to /party with all your favorite NPCs and friends from across our game universe. With 4 maps, 21 quests, 11 shops, 5 cutscenes, and over 60 items, this week's DOUBLE 10th Anniversary Birthday/Sepulchure's Saga release is HUGE!

  • Talk to Zorbak in Battleon to quest for 12 new Good and Evil house statues!
  • Explore Battleontown and see who's come to your party... like The Hollow, Tomix, Verylrus, and more! Each NPC has words of congratulations, shops, or quests for you to take.
  • "Sign" our Guest Book by posting on the event page here: Sign the Guest Book
  • Head to the /birthday map to see even more friends, battle the 10th Anniversary Cake for delicious goodies and rare drops
  • Talk to Artix for his Bright Paladin's Weapon quest
  • Talk to Alina for the 10th Anniversary Event shop
  • Talk to Gravelyn to begin (or immediately unlock) Sepulchure's Original Helm

Plus, each of the Game Leads' NPCs has their BattleCon shop featuring imported gear from their games PLUS a new item just for you!

Our Gifts to You: Free ACs and More Space!

Yesterday, we gave all eligible heroes 500 free AdventureCoins and more inventory and bank space as our way of saying thanks! for playing AdventureQuest Worlds during our 10 year anniversary.

Join us this week for:

  • 500 free AdventureCoins (accounts must have logged in within the last 3 months and be level 10+)
  • 10 free Item Inventory spaces, 10 free Bank spaces, 10 free House Inventory spaces, 10 more Friends List slots
  • The max number of buyable slots available will increase to: 250 Item Inventory spaces, 300 Bank spaces, 125 House Inventory spaces
  • Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor becomes 0 AC, non-member (quests will still require membership)

10th Anniversary Armor Sets: Eternal Champion

Check out the 10th Anniversary Rewards shop, with the seasonal Eternal Champion set and the event rare Platinum Eternal Champion sets! 

The Event Shop includes:

  • Eternal Champion set
  • Platinum Eternal Champion set
  • Eternal Champion's Paragon Pet (with quest for wings)
  • Eternal Champion's Nulgath Pet (with quest for wings)
  • Doom Fire

The Eternal Champion's Paragon and Nulgaht pets each have a quest for equippable versions of their wings, to help you and your companion sync up on and off the battlefield!

The Undead Legion and Nulgath Nation are two of the most popular factions in AQWorlds. That's why we've created pets to help YOU celebrate your time here. Starting tonight, find the exclusive

  • 10th Anniversary Paragon Pet in the Undead Legion Merge shop for 1000 Legion Tokens (0 ACs)
  • 10th Anniversary Nulgath Pet in the Diamond Merge shop for 100 Diamonds (0 ACs)

Each pet has a quest for an equippable version of its helm.

The 10th Anniversary Paragon and Nulgath pets will be available until the end of the year. If you're only just now joining these factions, you will have several months to farm for the requirements to unlock the pets! Happy battling!

Member Preview: ShadowScythe General Class

Starting tonight, members can talk to Gravelyn in Battleon to try out the ShadowScythe General Class. This baby has some lore behind it (he was originally a LightGuard General who... sadly... fell to Sepulchure and Noxus) and a LOT of power. 

Next week, you'll be able to unlock the class immediately for 2,000 AdventureCoins or - much like the Artifact Hunter Class - you'll be able to farm a daily quest and/or get drops from next week's boss.

Member Preview: ShadowScythe General Class

Starting tonight, members can talk to Gravelyn in Battleon to try out the ShadowScythe General Class. This baby has some lore behind it (he was originally a LightGuard General who... sadly... fell to Sepulchure and Noxus) and a LOT of power. 

Sepulchure's Helm Reward

  • Farm for the iconic Sepulchure's Helm OR
  • Unlock it for free if you have Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor 
  • Unlock it for free if you bought the Sepulchure Action Figure from Heromart
  • Unlock it for free and get the color-custom variant if you bought the Sepulchure Armor T-Shirt from Heromart

Note: the color custom helm will arrive next Friday.

Story Release: The Rise of ShadowFall

We continue Sepulchure's Saga with Chapter 2... the Rise of ShadowFall! This section of the story follows Sepulchure as he battles to build a foundation for himself. Noxus the Lich is very willing to use (and abuse) his desire to expand. This week, fight through /noxustower as Sepulchure on your way to become the darkest ruler Lore has ever seen!

Our 10th anniversary event is really a double event. There's the full birthday release, but with such an milestone year, we wanted to tell a story that none of our games ever has. ShadowFall has been such a HUGE - but silent - part of your adventures through Lore that showing its creation felt like a worthy story to tell. Next week, we'll continue the tale as the Champion of Light (and Sepulchure's love) Lynaria re-enters the picture on HER quest to save him from the Darkness.

2018 Founder Pet: Twilly's Platinum Dragon!

Tonight: the original AQWorlds Founders will unlock their exclusive 10th Anniversary Exclusive pet: Twilly's Platinum Dragon! This is our way of continuing to say "thank you!" to the original supporters of AdventureQuest Worlds.

For the last several years, we themed the Platinum Dragon on one of the Talk Like a Pirate Day naval sets, and this year was going to be no different. We tried the "Ghostly Platinum Dragon" and the "Golden Platinum Dragon" AND the "Spiderkin Platinum Dragon" but... none of them felt QUITE right for such a milestone. So we went back to our roots, and your heroes. Twilly has been with you for the last ten years, and its fitting he join your platinum dragon now.

More to come...

This week is only the FIRST part of our 10 year anniversary extravaganza! Next week: the ShadowScythe General Class will be available for all players. Buy it for ACs or farm for it (daily quest or boss drop methods). NostalgiaQuest will have a small update. The Color-Custom Sepulchure Helm and Renn/Zio armors will also be added.

And later this month, find...

  • 9th and 10th Upholder Star Sword accessories in /DragonRoad
  • Sepulchure's Rise: Chapter 2, Part 2 (and the farmable Noxus armor rewards set)
  • New Achievement Tracker rewards
  • New Mogloween 2018 event and rewards
  • As many other surprises as we can craft, construct, and create
  • the Surprise of DOOM! (some of you may know what this is. Some of you may even be right. O_O)

Thank you

You make our games possible, and for that Artix, the AE team, and I /salute you! Here’s to another 10 years and more battling to save this world and all the future ones we journey through together.

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October 05, 2018

Mogloween Returns for 2018

Tricks, Treats, and Sweet Rewards are Back!

Log in this weekend and return to the haunted town of MystCroft as all our seasonal Mogloween zones, bosses, and rewards return, plus taste the PAINbow in an all-new adventure chock-full of colorful confection-based mayhem in /chromafection!

The Chromafection: When a mysterious benefactor sends Wacky Winka (the owner of the Snackers Candy Shoppe) a sweet new confection-creation machine, a delicious-but-deadly new threat is unleashed. Help Carly Canister save her family and friends from the color-sucking candy zombies, then battle the Chromafection itself to colorize your rewards.

Unlock the Pumpking Armor set  

After you defeat the Chromafection, battle the boss to get the Colorless Pumpking armor set. Then talk to Wacky Winka after completing the Chromafection story to farm for the dyes that will bring your gear to life (or... at least... to full color!) 

His quest will drop the dyes you'll use in his Chroma merge shop to create the full Pumpking armor set! The Colorless Pumpking moglin pet is 0 AC, and available for all heroes. Members can dye the Colorless Moglin pet to create the Pumpking Moglin pet.

Getting a Head(less) Start on Halloween!

If you haven't joined us for this event before, Mogloween is the fall seasonal event where you Trick or BEAT your way through the spookiest, creepiest releases we've put out over the last ten years

Returning Mogloween zones this year:

  • /mogloweengrave
  • /pie
  • /candyshop
  • /candycorn
  • /cask
  • /crusher
  • /cruxshadows
  • /cruxship
  • /cruxvip
  • /franken
  • /mummies
  • /mogloween
  • /MystcroftForest
  • /necronaut
  • /poehub
  • /ultrafranken
  • /voltabolt
  • /wyvern

Check out our Mogloween Event Guide to see all the maps, bosses, and quests waiting for you: Mogloween Guide

Spookiest Gear of the Year Returns Friday!

Find the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble, when you /join mogloween and help them play their tricks to save Mogloween... and all the delicious treats that come with it! You'll also have a chance to unlock some of our most awesomely spooky (and most popular gear) of the year, plus new farmable rewards including the 0 AC Shadow Jester set shown below!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Rares leave Monday!

This is your last weekend to pick up any of Quibble Coinbiter's 2018 Talk Like a Pirate Day items, including the Pirate King Treasure Chest. They will leave Monday, October 8th, so get them while you still can!

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October 04, 2018

Happy Taco Day

The Deliciousness is REAL

Todayy is National Taco Day. This holiday celebrates everything taco and all of it's many varried forms. Find all of these crunchy costume equips in your Featured Gear Shop in hte game menu. The items will be available until October 11th. This is the only time you'll be able to get the  absolutely delicious tacomancer armor (and the rest of the taco seasonal rares) until next year!

The Taco Day gear includes:

  • Tacomancer Armor
  • Taco Adimiral Hat and Locks
  • Destructo-Tacos
  • Soft-Shelled Cape
  • Taco on a Stick
  • Tacobender Helm
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October 05, 2018

October Seasonal Set: ChronoStriker

Available every year from October 1st - 31st

Every October, we celebrate the anniversary of AQWorlds' launch. This year -- our 10th anniversary -- we're showcasing a set that pays homage to the origin of your hero... and their future. AQWorlds was created when Galanoth the DragonSlayer killed the Eternal Dragon of Time* and the 3 original timelines** merged. 

October Set: ChronoStriker

The Eternal Dragon of Time rules over the past, present, and future. The ChronoStriker armor will enable you to strike at your enemies regardless of the timeline they inhabit. 

There are two ways to get the gear:

1) Total package: Buy the entire set directly through the website for $9.99 USD 

2) Individually: Buy each of the individual pieces from Garek the Traveling Gear Merchant in Battleon.

The total cost to buy all of the gear individually is 4,000 ACs, so getting all the gear from the ChronoStriker pack is a pretty sweet deal (you save 2,000 ACs).

The set includes:

  • ChronoStriker Armor
  • 3 helms 
  • 4 capes
  • 3 weapons
  • character page badge

Seasonal Set Details

Each month, we'll feature a new set, available only during that month every year. 

Seasonal Sets
September: Celestial Naval Commander
October: ChronoStriker
November - August: ??? - come back to see what we'll bring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as the monthly upgrade bonus? 

Monthly upgrade bonus gear is an extra reward for buying AdventureCoin or Membership packages. Seasonal set packs are bought separately. Just like the Flame Dragon Warrior pack, you can buy the entire set directly, for one price, on our site. You can ALSO buy the individual pieces in-game.

This set will return EVERY October, so if you can't get it now, you'll have another chance in 2019, or 2020, or 2021, etc.

If this isn't the monthly upgrade bonus, what IS the bonus in October?

The current upgrade bonuses are the Guardian of Time sets. These brave warriors defend the timestreams from those who would corrupt them, or use them for their own nefarious purposes. Get more details here

What if I just want ONE of the items?

You're in luck! Talk to Garek in Battleon. He'll be selling the individual pieces of the set through October 31st.

Where do I get my gear if I buy the full set through the website?

You'll find it in your Book of Lore.

* To see this in-game, /join thespan and play through the 10th Chaos Lord's story, Iadoa the Chronomancer. Your hero may experience deja vu upon seeing the Eternal Dragon of Time. It is perfectly normal. Do not be alarmed.
** Based on the first three Artix Entertainment games, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest.


September 28, 2018

TLaPD 2018: Curse of the Sea King WAR

Talk Like a Pirate 2018 Finale

Every September, Pirates around Lore ship out in search of one thing… TREASURE! Last week, Captain Rhubarb and his faithful trobble sought an ancient, powerful artifact. With your help, they found the Heart of the Sea… and a boatload of trouble! The Sea King doesn’t look kindly on those who steal his prizes, and now he’s declared war against you and your crew. This weekend, log in at and defend yourself from the wrath of the watery gods! Survive, and the prize is YOURS. Fail, and you’ll lose more than your loot.


  • Talk to Captain Rhubarb to accept war quests 
  • Slay the war mobs and turn in war quests to rainse the war meter
  • Unlock new quests (and the rewards they drop) at 20, 30, 50, 60, and 75%
  • Unlock the boss fight and reward drops at 100%

War quest rewards include:

  • Gilded Naval Commander Reavers and other accessories
  • Guncraft Commander helms and flintlocks
  • The Forgotten Cutlasses 
  • Gilded Hook Mace
  • The Arachnid Commander's Sword 
  • Bloodborne Naval Commander Top Hats and helms
  • Golden Monkey and Golden Parrot pets
  • and more!
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September 28, 2018

Become a Guardian of Time

Upgrade to unlock the exclusive gear sets until November 2nd!

Whether you ally with Good or Evil, one thing remains true... YOU are the only Hero that can save the universes!

Unlock the all-new Dark Guardian of Time set upgrade bonus gear starting Friday, September 28th at 6 PM EST! Buy any AC or membership package worth $10 USD or more to unlock the Dark Guardian of Time set and get both the Dark and Bright sets with the 12,000 AC or 12 month membership packs!

12000 AC or 12 month membership packages: ALL the Guardian of Time Gear

Get more gear and save more of your real-world gold with our largest upgrade packages! Unlock the Dark Guardian of Time armor set and the exclusive Bright Guardian variant with our 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership packages:

  • Dark Guardian of Time + Bright Guardian of Time armors
  • 4 helms, 4 capes, 4 weapons
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

2000 and 5000 AC or 3 and 6 month membership package: Dark Guardian of Time set

  • Dark Guardian of Time armor
  • 2 helms
  • 3 capes
  • 2 weapons
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

All packages will also come with the Guardian of Time character page badge, so you can show all your friends how much faith and trust the people of Lore have in you!

Upgrade to become a 10th Upholder until November 2nd

AQW is coming up on another birthday... a very SPECIAL birthday! That means starting NOW, we are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder!* Upgrade with any membership until November 2nd to unlock our 2018 Star Swords, the exclusive class, zone, and all our membership perks! 

What is an Upholder?

Ten years ago, AdventureQuest Worlds went live and players jumped at the chance to become the first Members of AQW. These lucky, early supporters of the game became the game's Founders. Now, we are celebrating AQW's 10th birthday and offering YOU the chance to join the AQW Founders by becoming a 10th Upholder!

The first ten years have been crazy, insane, and awesome, but you have not seen anything yet. Our programmers' focus has been, and will continue, on the AQWorlds: Mobile port of the game. On the web version, Artix, Memet, and I met on the 2019 main story. It is Time that you unlocked one of the main Eternal Dragon of Time powers and take care of the Queen of Monsters once and for all. For Good, for Evil, and for Eternity!

What does a 10th Upholder get?

As a 10th Upholder, you'll receive:

  • Exclusive Upholder Class: Sentinel Class!*

  • Spiderking Star Sword (and classic variant)

  • Plasma Star Sword  (and classic variant)

  • Gilded Star Sword (and classic variant) 

  • Bloodborne Star Sword (and classic variant)

  • 10th Upholder Character Page Badge

  • Infinite bragging rights

  • Access to the exclusive Star Sword: Origins zone

Once you become a 10th Upholder, you can easily access these Items in your Book of Lore by clicking your 10th Upholder Badge icon in the Badges tab.

* The Sentinel Class will be available for ALL previous Upholders and Founders as our way of saying thanks for supporting us in the past!

How do I become a 10th Upholder?

All that we ask is that you help support AQW the game undergoes its exciting rebirth!

If your account is ALREADY upgraded and your membership expires AFTER November 2nd, 2018, then you are automatically a 10th Upholder. Congratulations!

Please note that only Upgraded Legend Memberships count toward 10th Upholder.

Want to know if you're already an Upholder?

That's easy! Just click the Manage Account link on the left under the ACCOUNT section. As soon as you sign in you'll see when your membership expires. Here's mine:

Cool! When Do I Get My Upholder Gear?

10th Upholder badges, Star Swords, and Sentinel Class will be awarded starting September 28th! You will find your 10th Upholder Badge in your Book of Lore in the Other Badges tab.

Only Memberships Count?

Yes. You can use Artix Points on the Portal site or any method in AQW to upgrade, but it MUST be an AQW Membership. AdventureCoins DO NOT COUNT TOWARD 10th Upholder.

Your Support Makes AQWorlds Possible!

Thank you so much for helping us make AQWorlds! Without you, we couldn't make this game, or allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy it for free. We couldn't keep AQWorlds running without every single upgrade and AC that you buy. Nearly every penny you spend goes back into the game.

Though some people prefer buying AdventureCoins and others prefer upgrading, anyone who spends real money on this game deserves to get as much as we can give them, because without their support... there wouldn't BE an AQWorlds for everyone to play!

You may not know this but AQW (like all AE games) is ENTIRELY supported by the players. We have no financial backers and nobody owns stock in the company. Clicking on ads and doing AExtras offers does bring in some money, but not nearly enough to keep AQWorlds free for everyone to enjoy.

That's why we continue to reward the AQWorlds' Founders, who supported us in the very beginning. To make sure they know how much we appreciate that, we are continuing to give them free gear each year!

Thank you for battling alongside us, and for sharing your ideas and love of AQWorlds with us. You truly are the best gaming community on the internet, and I am genuinely grateful for all of you. /bow Thank you for the first 10 years of AQWorlds, and here's to another 5 years, 10 years, and beyond!

* The same way that the Founders got their chance at the birth of the game and the way 1st Upholders got their chance nine years ago, 2nd Upholders got the chance eight years ago, 3rd Upholders got the chance seven years ago, 4th Upholders got their chance six years ago, 5th upholders got their chance five years ago, 6th upholders got their chance four years ago, 7th Upholders got their chance three years ago, 8th Upholders got their chance two years ago, and 9th upholders got their chance last year at this time.
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September 28, 2018

October 2018 Event Calendar

This Month: 10th Anniversary + Mogloween

Log in all month long as we celebrate our 10th anniverday! Birthday gifts, free AdventureCoins, and new achievement tracker rewards, plus the two-part birthday story - battle as Sepulchure as you work with Noxus the Lich to create the evil, iconic flying dracolich fortress, ShadowFall. 

September 28: 10th upholder begins + Guardians of Time upgrade bonus gear

October 1: ChronoStriker seasonal showcase set arrives
October 4: National Taco Day shop returns
October 5: Mogloween seasonal events return
October 12: 10th birthday event, part 1 feat. Sepulchure and Noxus
October 19: 10th birthday event, part 2
October 26: New Mogloween event for 2018

Also coming this month...

  • 10th Birthday Class: ShadowScythe General
  • Birthday gifts: free inventory/friend list spaces* + space caps increased
  • Free AdventureCoins
  • Achievement tracker rewards: adventure zones + class variants
  • Unlock Noxus' armor, helm, and pet
  • Unlock for Sepulchure's helm
  • and more!

* The free inventory, bank, and friend list spaces are confirmed... and free house spaces if the gods of Lore are with us (planned, in testing now). 

The number of free spaces will be announced next week, along with whether the free house inventory spaces will be possible. Keep an eye on the Design Notes!

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September 24, 2018

Coming Soon to HeroMart: T-Shirt Preview

Nulgath's Navy and Stygian Legion Logo T-Shirts!

YARRRRR! Evil is back, and this time, it's taking over the high seas AND our online store at! Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day Month with by joining the crew and showing your allegiance to either Nulgath's Navy or Dage's Stygian Legion. Shirts will go on sale later this week. Keep an eye on HeroMart's Twitter account and website for exact dates and times.

These shirts are dark, deadly, and tell the whold world which crew YOU belong to! 

Exclusive In-Game Bonus Items

Each t-shirt comes with in-game bonus items in AdventureQuest Worlds

Nulgath's Navy T-Shirt

  • Nulgath's Navy Commander armor set 
  • Character page and Book of Lore badges

Stygian Legion T-Shirt

  • Dage's Stygian Legion Pirate armor set
  • Character page and Book of Lore badges

Get both t-shirts to unlock the Double Agent far0 pet!

Designed just for you by... Ferozakh

We love showcasing work by our talented community artists, and this month, we're featuring logos and in-game rewards designed by AQW Community artist, Ferozakh! When we asked him to tell us how he found AdventureQuest Worlds, this is the story he told...

"I started playing AQ when I was like 10, and then MechQuest. I started playing the original AQ initially due to peer pressure. Then, after my final exams in my primary school in 2008, I started creating my AQW account via an ad.

However, I started playing in February 2009, due to the difficulty in logging in that time.
I started drawing my personal armor when I was 11. Then when I played the game, I started drawing doodles of Nation sets in 2011, as they were my favourite that year.

At the time, I didn’t have much creativity in making sinister-looking art (I drew the concept art of the ArchFiend DoomLord for the first time ever, though it was lost.).

After that, I just drew AQW art, all over, even in my lessons... I was once even reprimanded by my tutor for drawing all over my worksheet.

This December will be my character's 10th anniversary!"

Ferozakh also draws AQW-themed comics featuring the cute little far0 NPC shown above. You can see his latest comic here!

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September 21, 2018

Talk Like a Pirate Day LOOT

Quibble Coinbiter + the Sea King's Collection Chest

Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of the most popular holidays in AQWorlds. Every year, Quibble Coinbiter returns with new pirate-themed gear from the past, present, and future for heroes who don't ask too many questions about where their loot originated. 

This year, the AQWorlds team has been featuring a selection of different community artists. To showcase their talent, the 2018 Talk Like a Pirate Day theme is "Artist's Choice" and man, have they really pulled out all the stops! 

All of this year's Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day rare items will be available individually from his shop in Battleon until the event leaves on Monday, October 8th, or you can unlock all 60+ items from the Sea King's Collection Chest.

  • 2018 TLaPD Quibble Bank Pet
  • Crulon's Arachnid Naval Commander set 
  • Ghostly and Forgotten Naval Commander sets
  • QuickDraw Naval Commander set
  • Golden and Antique Naval Commander set
  • Vampiric Naval Commander set
  • Sea King Pirate Captain set
  • Shipwrecked Pirate Captain set
  • Tricorn helms and Captain's Hats
  • Golden and Undead Parrot + and Vampire Bat capes
  • Pirate King's Skull pet
  • Cutlasses
  • Rapiers
  • Anchor maces
  • Animated Revolving Revolvers
  • and more!

Sea King's Collection Chest

Rare collectors, take note! The Sea King's Collection Chest will be available for 10,000 ACs and contains ALL of Quibble Coinbiter's 2018 Talk Like a Pirate Day rare items (over 20,000 ACs worth of gear). This magic chest comes from the very depths of the dark sea, and has over 60+ items from all 8 of Quibble's Naval Commander and Pirate Captain sets.

Sea King Treasure Chest pet: 10,000 ACs

  • 7 Naval Commander armors
  • 2 Pirate Captain armors
  • 50+ accessories and weapons 
  • 2 Bank pets: Ghostly Quibble Bank Pet + Prince of the Sea far0 bank pet
  • Sea King's Skull Pet w/ quest for exclusive character page badge

This is a BOATLOAD of loot, but for you collectors (and would-be rulers of the sea) out there, the Neptune's fabled treasure chests will overflow!

Note: In order to prevent shop abuse, the Sea King's Collection Chest and Skull Pet cannot be sold.

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September 21, 2018

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018 is LIVE

Part 1 of the Curse of the Sea King

YARRRR! Talk Like a Pirate Day is one of the most anticipated holiday events of the year. Log in this weekend for the first of our 2-part Curse of the Sea King adventure. Quest for the Heart of the Sea, a priceless gem that will make you LEGENDARY! (Just... try not to get caught. The Sea King is merciless to thieves.)

  • Help Captain Rhubarb and Floyd the trouble-making Trobble on their quest
  • Hunt through an underwater realm and battle through a sunken ship
  • Take on a flotilla of angry mer-draconians guarding the Sea King’s treasure

One word of advice, me hearties... DO NOT -- I REPEAT -- NOT anger the Sea King. He is merciless to those who would steal from him.

Take on the monsters in the Sea King's realm for all-new monster drops, plus find J6's Pirate armor in his Bounty Hunter Shop!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Server Boost

YARRRRR! Make sure to log in and get DOUBLE GOLD on all servers during our Talk Like a Pirate Day server boost. The Sea King's Trident seasonal event item also drops. (The boost runs from September 19 - 23) 

Naval Commander Class is BACK!

Here are a few basic things about the class that you defiitely want to know. Get all the details on the class skills in this Class Skills Guide post

  • This class is available for 2000 ACs OR if you have an upgraded account, you can buy it for gold.
  • This class is only available for a limited time around Talk Like a Pirate Day, but will return each year as a seasonal rare. 

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September 19, 2018

TLaPD Quibble Poll

Help us choose this year's event bank pet!

Vote for the theme of this year's Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble Bank Pet! The winner will be added to Quibble Coinbiter's rare gear shop for this year's "Curse of the Sea King" event at (Polls ends Thursday at 8:30 PM EST)

Vote on Facebook 

Vote on Twitter

Vote on Discord

The votes from all 3 sites will be added together to find the final winner.

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September 14, 2018

Return to the Celestial Realm

Help us celebrate Aranx's real-life birthday!

Log in this weekend for a bounty of Good gear and a great adventure as we celebrate Aranx the ArchAngel’s real-life birthday! Battle to help him locate the long-lost Lady of the Celestial Realm, Arthelyn. Whoever captured her holds the heart of an entire people in their hands… or claws. We MUST save her to secure the safety of the Realm!

Battle through a succession of pocket dimensions as you search for Arthelyn, the ruler of the Celestial Realm. Find her, and we save the Realm... for Good!

Battle this weekend's minibosses and event boss for all-new drops, then complete this week's reward quest for a chance to get the pieces of the Fallen DeathKnight set. Each of the 0 AC drops will stay forever... EXCEPT the Fallen DeathKnight Accoutrements (the dual wield light orb/darkness dagger), which leaves September 28th.

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