Design Notes

February 28, 2014

Dark Carnaval Comes to Terra de Festa

Are You Ready To Party?

It's that time of year again! Beads, feathers, sparkly costumes, samba dancing, and lots of celebrating! But before you can get to the party, you'll have to fight your way through hordes of zombies and hexed voodoo dolls - and one ornery ghoul!

What the heck, Samba Zombies?

You'll be able to play through all of last year's content if you /join carnaval. Once you're finished, head to /terradefesta to help Samba's cousin Frevo prepare for the party - assuming Baron Sunday and his zombies don't destroy the island first! 

Don't Forget Your New Party Clothes!

Can't go to Carnaval without a Samba costume! We have a ton of new Carnaval rares for 2014, including two gorgeous full sets for free players: Roroth's HarleQuint set and the voodoo-themed Samba costume pictured below...

Party Time!

New Carnaval Rares Include:

  • HarleQuint jester set
  • Firebird Carnaval set (above, right!)
  • Firebird Maraccas
  • Frevo Carnaval set (above, left!)
  • Frevo's Voodoo Doll mace
  • Voodoo Doll battle pet

New Stuff In Dage's Birthday Shop!

Dage the Evil's pre-birthday celebration continues with a boatload of new additions to his Dark Birthday Shop. That includes the new Hardcore Paragon quest pet, which - if you buy it - will also unlock access to the Living BladeMaster armor, as well as the heavily-requested Dual Blademaster Katanas.

Now Available in Dage's Birthday Shop:

  • Hardcore Paragon Pet
  • Legion Dreadrider armor
  • Dreadmarch armor
  • Blademaster Hood, Wraps, Mask and Horns

And don't forget! Once the BladeMaster class goes rare, we'll randomly choose ONE of the players who bought it and send them a free Undead Legion poster signed by Dage the Evil! That's right, you didn't need any extra incentive to get BladeMaster, but we're giving it to you anyway.


February 28, 2014

Hardcore Paragon Explained

Let's Be As Clear As Possible

First, some changes have been made to the Hardcore Paragon Pet being released later today. 

Hardcore Paragon Pet

After announcing the extreme challenge quest and rewards in YESTERDAY's DESIGN NOTES, we sat down and did a little math. As of yesterday the quest was to collect 13 drops at 2% drop rate, which would give you 66 legion tokens OR a 1% chance to get the Dual BladeMaster Katanas or the Living BladeMaster armor.

Impossible Rewards

Let's Look At The Numbers

Most of the time, winning battles against binky take an hour on average. 

2% means an average of 50 wins to get a drop. You needed 13 drops. 

13 X 50 = 650 runs, or 650 hours on average. 

The item drops are 1%, meaning it would take, on average, 99 quest completes to get one of them. 

650 X 99 = 64,350 hours, on average, to get one of the item drops. 

That is 7.3 years of straight playing without eating, sleeping, pooping or doing anything else. 

There is no accounting for luck, (and I just KNOW that some lucky turkey is going to get one of the drops on their first turn in) but still it seemed a LITTLE unreasonable to play a game longer than it's been alive to get a single quest drop. Granted, when you got it you would feel like a GOD but even Dage isn't that evil. 

Let's Fix The Numbers

Dage has requested that the drops be lowered to 1 rib, rather than 13. It's STILL a VERY HARDCORE quest requiring an average of 206 hours of gameplay, but a lot more possible to actually complete. The Legion Token reward has also been raised from 66 to 250 per turn in. 

A lot of people also pointed out last night (thank you) that while an optional hardcore quest seems like fun, the POINT of a Paragon Pet is to be able to farm Legion Tokens faster or at least easier then you could without the pet. It was a very good point. 

I've added a second quest (this one is a daily) that will require 20 drops (25% drop rate) off of the Ultra Chaos Warrior, but the reward is 100 Legion Tokens. Not the fastest way to earn Legion Tokens but faster by far than not having the a Paragon Pet. The quest and monster also both drop rather a lot of XP and gold so it's a good place to farm to approach max level. 

If you have 0 Tokens now, get the Hardcore Paragon Pet, complete his quest once a day for the next 20 days, you will have enough to get the Legion Token version of the new BladeMaster Class and still have time to spare before it goes rare. 

Dage has also created the LESSER CALADBOLG (which is just as powerful as the original but harder to get and with no glows or animations to cause lag) which has been added as another 1% drop to the Binky quest. 


The Hardcore Paragon Pet is going into Dage's Birthday Shop later today. 

It has 2 quests: 

  1. FIRST QUEST: Collect 1 Rib from Binky (2% drop rate). Rewards: 250 Legion Tokens, or a 1% chance to get the Dual Blademaster Katanas, Living BladeMaster armor or the Lesser Caladbolg weapon. This quest is NOT a Daily.

  2. SECOND QUEST (DAILY): Collect 20 Chaorrupted Dark Fire samples from the Ultra Chaos Warrior (25% drop rate). Rewards: 100 Legion Tokens. 

The Hardcore Paragon Pet is showing up in Dage's Birthday Shop later today and will cost 2000 ACs like all of its brothers before it. 

ONCE AGAIN: This pet was made with HARDCORE players in mind. The first quest isn't unfair to anyone because it's not required and completely optional. This is a CHALLENGING quest for people who were asking for a CHALLENGE. 


February 27, 2014

Hardcore Paragon Pet

How Hardcore Are You?

As many of you know, Dage The Evil's birthday is Sunday and we kicked off his birthday with a bang on Wednesday by releasing the new (eventually Rare) BladeMaster Class!

You can see my Class Breakdown HERE. Maybe you got it for ACs. Maybe you're an Undead Legion follower and you grabbed it for Legion Tokens. Maybe you're still farming Legion Tokens so you can get it before it goes rare in about a month. All good options. 

IF you're a loyal Undead Legionnaire then it's fair to assume that you're a pretty Hardcore Player, but exactly how Hardcore Are you? 

The Hardcore Paragon Pet Club (No Whiners Allowed)!

Tomorrow, we will be adding a bunch of new stuff to Dage's Birthday Shop but my favorite is the Hardcore Paragon Pet!

There would be a 
picture of it here but
Dage hasn't finished
the art for it yet.

Like most Paragon Pets, this one comes with a quest. Since I've been covering for Alina during her well-earned holiday, I've seen a LOT of you saying that Legion Tokens were too easy to farm and you wanted a REAL challenge. So I made one for you. 

WARNING: If the impossible scares you, just crawl back into your casual-gamer hole right now. 

The Hardcore Paragon Pet comes with 3 possible rewards. 

  • 66 Legion Tokens (we might raise that, considering...)
  • The BladeMaster Dual Katanas

Dual BladeMaster Katanas

  • or The Living BladeMaster armor. 

Living BladeMaster Armor

You asked for a challenge so here it is: You will get 66 Legion Tokens each time you finish the quest unless you get one of the items. Each of the items is a 1% drop (0 AC for storage, naturally) from the quest. In order to complete the quest, you will need to collect 13 Ribs from Binky the ungodly-powerful, nasty-as-frak unicorn monster and each rib only has a 2% Drop rate. 

You read that right. 2% chance to get a rib, IF you manage to kill the unkillable Binky. Collect 13 ribs to complete the quest. 1% chance that you'll get one of these items, making them two of the rarest items EVER in AQW.

Sound impossible? Some say it is. Some say it's not worth buying the pet. That's fine. It isn't for them...

It's for YOU. I made this quest as hard as I could think without making it literally impossible for those few of you who say that the game has become too simple... who say that even Drakath is too easy and you need a REAL challenge. 

Remember: This quest is NOT REQUIRED AT ALL. Complaining about it is like complaining about a test you don't have to take. Accepting this challenge will require you to spend 2000AC on the pet but if you're really a HARDCORE player, then this is just exactly what you've been asking for.

Good luck and godspeed, adventurer. 

Sounds Dumb, What Else Ya  Got?

Fair enough. Also coming in the shop will be the Legion DreadRider armor (800 ACs) and helm (90 ACs)...


... The DreadMarch Armor (500 ACs or 500 Legion tokens), helm (90 ACs or 90 Legion Tokens and cape (250 ACs or 250 Legion Tokens)...

DreadMarch Armor Set

... And finally some items that we missed in the initial BladeMaster release: BladeMaster Hood (90 ACs), BladeMaster Wraps (9000 Gold for everyone), BladeMaster Horns (90 ACs), the BladeMaster Mask (Legend only, 9000 gold) and the BladeMaster Cape (animated, 250 ACs).

BladeMaster Helms

Something About A Free, Signed Poster?

Thanks for reminding me. Once the BladeMaster Class goes rare (again, in a month or so) we will be looking through everyone who has it (AC or Legion TOken version, both work) and drawing a name at random. That lucky Legionnaire will recieve a free Undead Legion Poster signed by Dage The Evil. We'll even pay the shipping. 

Dage Art Neuveau

What Else Is Happening Tomorrow? 

That's not enough? 

No, That's Basicaly Just A Shop.

OK, true. We also have our Mardi Gras/Carnival Big Bad Voodoo Event! There will be beads and dark magic and some colorully attired undead. It's not something that you want to miss beacuse of all those things I just mentioned. Especially the last one. 

See ya tomorrow! 


February 26, 2014

Dage's Pre-Birthday Surprise

Dage's new Blademaster Class is Live!

Dage's birthday isn't until Sunday, but he's decided to start celebrating tonight, and he's got plenty of evil goodies to share with everyone! Log into Battleon tonight and talk to Dage to open his Dark Birthday Shop. The new Blademaster class and Blademaster weapons are live now, and more new Legion gear - including a new quest pet - will be added on Friday. And don't forget, Dage's big birthday celebration is coming next week!

Like an undead ninja.

Login Tonight For:

  • Dage's new BladeMaster class - AC and Legion Tokens versions!
  • BladeMaster's Sword
  • BladeMaster's Katana
  • BladeMaster's Fauchard
  • BladeMaster's Dual Weapons

And coming Friday:

  • NEW Legion pet with owner-only Legion Token quests
  • Legion Dragonrider Armor

February 26, 2014

Summer 2014... DRAKATH!

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

She just keeps repeating these words over and over in the dark room. The young girl traded her sight for the curse of seeing the future. It was the only way to save her brother. A dark pact made with a being that no human should ever bargain with. She sees what is about to happen to our world. She saw you...  the hero, and she saw your secret. She knows what you truly are. She you and your allies facing the 13th and final Lord of Chaos. An unpredictable war that did not follow the rules and changes everything... The world torn asunder, entire Kingdoms destroyed and changed never to be the same again. She saw lands that could never be drawn on any map. She saw madness. She saw what the gate behind Drakath is for. She saw Drakath's true power... and how he acquired these powers. She saw what happens when Gravelyn finally has the opportunity to avenge what he did to her Father. She saw what everything we have done together was leading up to. She saw you alone, in a duel to the death with the Champion of Chaos, Drakath. She saw our world's final stand....  She saw it happening THIS SUMMER.

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."


February 25, 2014

More New Servers - Same Names but Faster!

We have added five more super fast game servers to replace several of the old ones. Each can hold up to 4000 players! The new fast servers use the old names: Artix, Cysero, Twilly, Quibble, Espada

Some of the other servers have been upgraded to max 3000 capacity, and some have been tossed into the hamster graveyard.


February 25, 2014

BladeMaster Class

Dage's Early Birthday Present!

Everybody (except a pirate) loves a Ninja. Every team has a master of stealth. G.I. Joe has Snake Eyes. Cobra has Storm Shadow. The Autobots (G1) have Mirage. The Thundercats have Tigra. AE has Thyton and the Undead Legion has the BladeMaster. 

This is the NEW CLASS coming TOMORROW in the first wave of Dage's Birthday Shop. 


Dage's actual birthday isn't until Sunday but Dage wanted to release this early so you would have time to rank it up before the day arrives. But what is a BladeMaster without his or her blades? 

BladeMaster Weapons

Pictured above, from left to right, you can see:

  • The BladeMaster Fauchard (sword, 50,000 gold, Legend Only)
  • The BladeMaster Katana (sword, 250 AC)
  • The BladeMaster Sword (sword, 50,000 gold for everyone)
  • The BladeMaster Dual Weapons (Dagger, one in each hand, 300 AC)

Dual Weapons

There are 2 ways to get the class:

  • BladeMaster Class (2000 ACs)
  • BladeMaster Class (2000 Legion Tokens)

Dage wanted a way for his dedicated followers to get the class through blood, sweat and tears. Both versions of the class and the weapons are all going RARE, but that won't be for at least a month so you have time to get those Legion Tokens. 

But let's stop kidding ourselves. We're all here to see what the class has to offer other than a pretty face. Balancing testing classes and writing class breakdowns were always some of my favorite parts of the job while I was working on AQW, so I'm very happy to be able to do it again in my week filling in for the vacationing Alina. Without further ado, I present the...


Dage had a lot to say about the development of this class. He wanted it to be stealthy and roguelike but unquestionably strong considering its rare nature. It is definitely a powerhouse and if you use it right, you're pretty close to unstoppable. 

Normally I suggest a build and encourage you to play around and find a build that works for you but, this time, If you're not using Thief Enhancements then you are wasting your own time. The class THRIVES on Dodge so all you want is Dexterity. 

Some of the skills are fast and others are slow but what you want to balance here it your MANA usage to really master this class. You'll see what I'm talking about .


1.75 second cooldown

A blade strike from the hilt, fast enough to hit before your opponent gets a chance to act..

Did you catch that? This is your autoattack but it goes off every 1.75 secs, not the standard 2 secs. Being built on the rogue MANA regen model, you get MANA back with every auto attack, so this keeps the MANA flowing in at a faster rate than any other class that does this. 


15 MANA, 9 second cooldown

Unleash a fury of steel striking at up to 4 targets.

This is your only AoE (area of effect) attack. You have to have them grouped pretty tightly but this can pull 4 enemies onto you at once. Sounds like a bad idea? WRONG.

Again, this model of class generates MANA from every auto attack, but also from every Dodge that you manage to pull off. You also get Health back every time you dodge. If your build is sufficiently Dex heavy, then you will be dodging at least 4 enemies at a time with this skill, giving you life and the juice you need to keep stabbing monster face from every direction.

This is not the strongest attack but can help whittle down the group at a friendly pace. Don't want to kill them too fast or you lose your MANA/HP generators. 


20 MANA, 25 second cooldown

A technique used to deflect incoming attacks and strike back at your target. Grants Evasion increasing dodge by 20% and critical strike chance by 10%.

Another slow cooldown but this power will become your bread and butter. 20% Dodge, on top of what you're already generating means more survivability, more MANA and more HP for you. 10% bonus crit means more damage AND more MANA since Crits generate additional MANA. 



25 MANA, 9 second cooldown

Deals moderate damage and disables your opponents ability to fight back significantly reducing all damage they deal for the next 5 seconds.

Decent damage here. This will probably end up being your main damage skill due to the cooldown, which means it will probably be where most of your MANA goes, so watch it. In addition to doing decent damage, it also nerfs your enemy's damage for 5 seconds adding even more to your survivability.  


Rank 4 passives

Increases critical strike damage 20% and dodge chance by 15%

Increases dexterity by 10%

20% more Crit Damage which just goes straight into butt-kicking and 15% more Dodge which means more survivability, more MANA and more HP for you. 10% more Dex means the same. 


35 MANA, 10 second cooldown

Attempt to split your target in two with a powerful strike. Has a chance to stun your target for 2 seconds.

Here's your Nuke. This is a HEAVY damage attack. It eats a lot of MANA and has a pretty short cooldown for such a powerful attack so you'll be tempted to spam it, but you'll run out of juice very quickly doing that. Use it wisely, wait until the moment is right to strike. It also has a 50% chance to stun your target for 2 seconds which is just icing as far as I'm concerned. 


Rank 10 passive

Increases dexterity and damage done by 10%

Does exactly what it says. More Dex and all the goodness that it brings with it and even more damage. 

Seems like this class would be a monster is PvP but I didn't get a chance to try it there personally so I'll be interested to hear your feedback. Between the dodge, the enemy damage debuff and a 50% stun chance there is NO reason that any BladeMaster should EVER die unless they want to go AFK to make a sandwich mid-fight. Even then, I'd say this beast has a pretty good chance of staying alive on autopilot until you come back, sandwich in hand. 

BladeMaster Female

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Essence of the Undead Legend will also be in the shop, as usual at the normal 2 MILLION gold pricetag. 

Enjoy and Happy Birthday Dage The Evil! 


Friday Dage's Birthday Shop will be getting even more items!

  • NEW Legion Pet with Legion Token Quests (Quests for owner only, 2000 AC)
  • Legion Dragonrider Armor (800 ACs)

Dage mentioned that he might (or might not) add some items next week too, depending on his time. 

This Friday we also have our brand new Mardi Gras/Carnival event coming. Time to see if you've got the voodoo in you.


February 25, 2014

Spoiled Alert!

Pink presents from fellow friends Princess Rissa, Diane Swiftfingers, Jkg082201hero, and Submeobi

Happy Tuesday! And what a glorious day it is! When I arrived to the Secret Underground Lab, two gift boxes greeted me from our fellow AQW heroes!

Beleen pink presents

Ooooh! How exciting! I quickly opened the smallest present and an explosion of glitz and glamor filled my eyes:

Beleen in real life with pink computer mouse

OMG OMG OMG! A Bedazzled Pink Computer Mouse from the 3 sisters, Princess Rissa, Diane Swiftfingers, and Jkg082201hero! Eeeeeee I love it soooo much! Thank you pretty ladies =D

Pink Mouse pets in online game AdventureQuest Worlds

Your kindness (and pinkness!) has touched my heart, and for that, I am creating 2 in-game Sparkling Mouse Pets to show the AQWorld how much you mean to me. Princess Rissa, Diane Swiftfingers, and Jkg082201hero will get these pets free of charge while everyone else can obtain these shimmering squeakies from my shop in Beleen’s Dream Island this Friday =D

Now, on to Submeobi’s gifts!

Beleen in real life presents from player Submeobi

Oh Submeobi, I love-love-LOVE all my gifts! Thank you so much!!! You really know how to brighten my day everyday…and, consequently, doom Artix and Dage the Evil to a life of pink madness =D

Beleen Squid Sketch work in progess

That huggable adorable pink squid plushie totally belongs in game. I’ll get to work making an in-game pet for you and put it in your inventory =) Everyone else can get the Pink Squid Plushie pet from my shop in Beleen’s Dream Island come Friday. Do you like its eyes, or should I make them button eyes? Let me know on my Twitter!

Pink Goblet of Love for player Submeobi

Additionally, I am bestowing a Pink Goblet of Love just for you, Submeobi! It’ll magically appear in your inventory once it has finished being forged =D

Oh happy day! The greatest part about working for Artix Entertainment is having amazing friends like you all. I am so blessed to have such caring friends who bring a smile to my face (and pink things for me to snuggle)!

You guys and girls are the best, and I cannot wait to defeat the forces of Chaos alongside you!

Battle On! 

xoxo Beleen  


February 21, 2014

A Fractured Alliance

Chaos is On the Rise!

After King Alteon's death, the kingdom of Swordhaven is in upheaval. Alteons daughters Victoria and Tara, along with his son in law Brentan, all lay claim to the throne. As the alliance between good and evil lays shattered, the forces of chaos close in and prepare to attack. It's up to you to battle the coming onslaught and help the people of Lore prepare for war!

Even Time Dragons can help.

As chaorruption spreads over Lore, many of the towns you helped in the past will need your aid again. Tonight, you'll be revisiting Mobius, Arcangrove and Dwarfhold. All have become ruined by chaos, but with you on their side, it may not be too late!

Good & Evil Alliance Shops!

Whether you fight for good or for evil, there's plenty of awesome new gear to collect from he new Good and Evil Alliance rep shops!

Gutter chaos.

  • Alliance Exponent set
  • Chaos Punk mythsong set
  • Chaooze axe & cape
  • Chaotic Forge hammer
  • Epiphaneia sword

Time Dragon Warrior Set Now Available

Unlock all 10 items in the TimeDragon Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package, or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set!

Dragon + Chrono? Yes Please.

Awesome Updates!

New Player Suggestion Items:

  • Dragonfire Of Vengeance sword by TheAvenger07
  • Bright Rypt Sword by Vultex023
  • DarkLuster sword by Reki
  • Twilly & Obake Battlepuppets by El_Rue

Treasure Map Shop Update:

  • Champion Snowboarder armor
  • Champion Snowboarder Goggles
  • Champion Snowboard weapon

February 21, 2014

BladeMaster Birthday Class

Can you master Dage's Darkest Gift?

March 7th, Dage's Undead Apocalypse Challenge begins in the Underworld Arena... but first we've got to celebrate his birthday! (Or as we call it, his deathday.) Next Friday, February 28th, Dage the Evil will release one of his most sought-after gifts, the BladeMaster Class!

Are you ready to fight for your mastery?

It will be available to ALL heroes... either for 2000 AdventureCoins OR with Legion Tokens! (A LOT of Legion Tokens, says Dage... so you'd better get your battle on before next Friday, Legion members!) Dage's birthday shop will release on Sunday, March 2nd, and then the full release on March 7th.

Every master needs a blade he can trust.

Birthday Class Poster Bonus!

If you buy a BladeMaster Class OR earn one using Legion Tokens, your account will be entered into a pool for an exclusive signed and personalized copy of the Legro Inmortuorum poster! The drawing will take place in mid-March (to allow time for Legion Members to farm for their version).

We will contact the winner by email, so make sure the address tied to your account is active! In the email, we'll ask if there is a personal message you would like Dage to write on your poster, too. /cheer! 

Dage's Undead Apocalypse Begins March 7th!

A Hero must face many challenges as they battle for glory, honor, and ALL THE LOOT! But there are some bosses only the strongest, bravest, most fearsome champions should face... and on March 7th, you will stand face-to-face with them all! 

Famine's armor and the Famine boss

The four horsemen of Dage's Apocalypse - Conquest, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. If you can best them (and I KNOW you can!), then the vast riches Dage has created will be yours!

And join us later tonight for the Fractured Alliance release in Shadowfall! Make sure you've completed the Swordhaven Chaos storyline, or you will not be able to begin it!

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February 20, 2014

Treasure Map Update: Snowboarding!

Ready for some winter sports?

The treasure map chest has left Battleon and moved to a new, secret location! If you don't have a treasure map yet, just log in and buy it from the game menu in Battleon. Then, read it to find a clue to the location of a treasure chest packed with goodies... including Zoshi's awesome Champion Snowboarder set!

Bet you didn't know Twilly likes extreme sports.

  • Champion Snowboarder armor
  • Champion Snowboarder Goggles
  • Champion Snowboard weapon

And don't forget to check in later tonight for Alliance Salvation, as the forces of good and evil join together to fight chaos!

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February 19, 2014

PVP Beast King Merge Set!

Fight Like A Beast King

We've updated the PVP Merge Shop! Starting tonight, if you save up your combat trophies, Legends can trade them in for Dage's new morph set based on Bluddron the Betrayer! If you've ever wanted to look like a beast king, it's time to log in and start slaying!

PVP For Beleen's Heart

  • Bluddron the Beast armor
  • Bluddron's Bestial Cape
  • Beast King morph helm
  • Beast King's Crown morph helm
  • Ultra Beast King's Glory sword
  • Beast King's Lightning animated sword
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February 18, 2014

Server Changes

New AQW Servers: Better, Stronger, Faster!

When you logged in today, you probably noticed a LOT of new servers. Thanks to all of you who have supported AQWorlds over the last year, Captain Rhubarb has acquired newer, FASTER servers! When we say we could not build these games without you, we mean it!

Llussion is testing their load-bearing properties.

He's been working tirelessly over the last week and a half to test the increased performance and stability. (If you were one of the Hidden Grotto testers, thanks for helping us test!) Now that we're sure the new servers (and their hamsters) are aligned, we are retiring some of the old servers and replacing them with the new ones.

The original Espada will be replaced with Espada2 (which will be renamed Espada). And now that the Samba/Hidden Grotto's test period is done, J6 has finally (at long last) gotten his own server! When he found out, here is what he said:

We are not re-renaming the server to George.

The Minimal and Zazul servers are being combined during these changes, but in order to let Minimal fans have a way to show their server spirit, we're going to make a Minimal Server house item. Other suggestions have been a Minimal Knight and a Minimal house (something bigger on the inside?!)... what are YOUR ideas?

End of Server Zoning Experiment Coming Soon!

Last April, we began the server zoning experiment, which tested grouping our Filipino players into their own server (and Member servers if they were upgraded). We wanted to see if this would make AQW a safer, happier game for our players, and help make selecting servers easier to understand.

An experiment is, by definition, a test. To be specific, it is "an orderly procedure carried out with the goal of verifying, refuting, or establishing the validity of a hypothesis". After several months observing data and listening to player feedback, we found that returning to an open server model is the better model for the majority of players.* Talim will become an international server, and ALL servers will be open to all players once more.**

Thank you all for battling alongside us as we work to make our game - and its servers - safe and fun to play on! We could not ask for a better, more incredible community of heroes... You rock!

Results: We found that just having the language-specific Battleons is the better option.
** You will still need to upgrade your account to access Sir Ver or Evil Sir Ver.

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February 17, 2014

TimeDragon Warrior

Unlock exclusive gear when you support AQWorlds!

In the world of Lore, one thing is always true: it is always a good time for MORE dragons!* For the newest package of 2014, we asked Dage to combine two of your most-beloved themes, dragons and chronomancy, to create the TimeDragon Warrior set!** 

Unlock all 10 items in the TimeDragon Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package starting next Wednesday, February 19th, at 12:01 AM server time, or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set!

The 12 month upgrade package comes with all 10 of the following:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • TimeDragon’s Crest Helm
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • Eternal Piercer Bladed Staff
  • TimeDragon’s Defender Polearm
  • Blade of Eternal Victory
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail
  • Eternal Fledgling pet
  • Character page badge
  • TimeDragon PVP Amulet +3250 ***

The 6 month upgrade and 12000 AdventureCoin packages come with 7 items:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • TimeDragon’s Crest Helm
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • TimeDragon’s Defender Polearm
  • Blade of Eternal Victory
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail
  • Character page badge

The 12000 AdventureCoin package ALSO comes with the Shadowfall Commander set!

The 3 month upgrade and 5000 AdventureCoin packages come with 4 items:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail
  • Character page badge

The 5000 AdventureCoin package ALSO comes with the Shadowfall Commander set!

Current Packages Leaving Soon

As 2013 has come and gone, it's time for the following sets to become permanently rare, too. The following packages will leave Tuesday, February 18th:

* I think that is true no matter where you go or what you do!

** If you are not familiar with what the Dragon of Time is, then you should /join Chronospan to begin the 10th Lord of Chaos storyline! You will get answers to how your world was formed... and raise questions that will only be answered during the final battle with Drakath, Champion of Chaos!

*** New PVP medals for all players will release later this week.


February 14, 2014

Weekend of LOVE!

Get Double EXP and Rep while you Battle to Save Beleen!

It is Valentine's Day: a time of love, candy, and SO MUCH PINK! So, of course, we HAD to have Beleen plan out the event; there's just one problem... she's gone missing! If she's ever going to find her true Valentine, you're going to have to find (and rescue) her first! /Join Beleensdream to begin the adventure, because love IS a battlefield, and you're her Hero!

We LOVE to give you extra bonuses!

All weekend long, we've got a Double Rep AND double EXP Boost begins on ALL servers! (Legend servers will get even higher boosts!) 

And do not worry about Artix (who has long had an allergy to Beleen's favorite color). He's been barricaded behind anti-pink shields all week while he and the Omni team pushed to submit Battle Gems! (Check out GameSkinny's review here!)

Paragon of Love and Bluddron's Morph Rares!

Romance is the reason for the season(al) event, so what better time to release the Paragon of Love set from Tyronius? And if you're not a fan of pink gear (or wings), then Dage has crafted a classic-style plate armor set based on Bluddron the Betrayer's gear.


Paragon of Love and Bluddron Armor

And once you finish the event, you'll find the Dream Rewards shop filled with even more heartpoundingly-inredible gear from Zoshi, Memet, Blade, Lovelace, Veneeria, Vokun, and our other artists! This gear will remain in-game FOREVER... just like Beleen's zone! (Though the Hero's Heart Day event will only be accessible for another 2 weeks.)

Also happening this week

  • The experience curve for levels 1-33 has been adjusted to make leveling in the early levels progress at a more even rate.
  • The Frostbrawl and Chaosbrawl maps were affected by the server rollback, so they have been temporarily locked. They WILL return in the future!
  • The Lorelympics regular and merge shops will be released tomorrow! Stock up on PVP medals, because to earn some of THIS gear, you'll need to battle! (

Happy Hero's Heart Day from the AQWorlds Team!

We love Hero's Heart Day! But you do not need to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy it... there are many kinds of love, and many ways to celebrate your love for friends, family, and your fellow heroes! 

If you can't escape the friend zone, /join another map.

But if you haven't found that special someone just yet and you DO want one, do not give up! YOU are a HERO, and that means the only way to fail... is to give up!

PS: Bluddron's BEAST form and ultra weapons will be available for PVP medals along with some additional new PVP gear next week!

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February 13, 2014

Head over Hooves in Love

Udderly Obsessed with Beleen

Valentine’s Day, huh? Even beasts need someone to love.

Bluddron the Betrayer beast in AQWorlds MMO

Click to see the full-sized awesomeness...of my love.

Everyone says they love Beleen… and oh yes… oh yes... I can see why.

BELEEN… you SHALL BE MINE this Valentine's Day...

whether you like it or not!



February 13, 2014

Love Is In The Air

New Valentine’s Day Event Tomorrow!

Happy Thursday! I am soooo super excited because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! And that means we are 1 day away from finding me a Valentine. Woohooo!

Valentines Day roses and love is in the air fortune

Even my fortune cookie knows I’ll find true love!!

Tomorrow at sunset, you shall embark to Beleen’s Dream Island, and whoever is the first to claim the Legendary Cherry atop the Red Velvet Cake Mountain will be my Valentine =D

Beleen and the bull balloon

Check it out! Last week, I received a bull balloon (a bulloon!) from a secret admirer. Who could have sent this adorabull gift? I love it so muuuc---

Gust of wind blows bulloon away

OMG! A wild gust of wind appeared. It’s super effective! (looks like love AND wind is in the air... who knew!?)

Bulloon balloon flies away

Come back here, bulloon!!! You’re not getting away from me!

Bulloon flying away Beleen twitter Tweet

“Noooooo! My bulloon is flying away! I gatta catch it! BRB!”


February 13, 2014

Double EXP, Rep, and ACs

Battle Bluddrun the Betrayer for Hero's Heart Day!

Tomorrow night, the Double Rep AND Double EXP Boost begins on ALL servers! (Legend servers will get even higher boosts!) Login this weekend to battle the Bluddrun the Betrayer, find Beleen's Valentine, and show the world how much you love to battle in AQWorlds!

Love is a battlefield... and so is this Friday's release!

  • Log in now to replay previous Hero's Heart Day events!

Starting with tomorrow's release, you can:

  • Find the Paragon of Love set and other gear in the Valentine's Day Rares shop
  • Check out the Olympics 2014 gear in the Limited Time Shop in your Game Menu
  • Get the Dark Heartbreaker set from Wheel of Doom!  The Yokai Sunlord set leaves the Wheel of Doom.

Update: The Snowboarder armor set in the Treasure Map shop will be released next week.

Get Double the ACs with Matomy!

We LOVE that you can get free AdventureCoins by doing Matomy offers, and we hope you do, too! Starting tonight at 12:01 AM and running through Sunday at 11:59 PM, any Matomy offers you complete will earn you 2x more ACs than normal!

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February 12, 2014

Test new Hidden Grotto server

We are testing to see how many total players we can have online with this server without too much server lag.

Remember that there are at least four different types of game "lag".  For this test, I am most interested in learning about Lag #3 and #4 below compared to our other busy game servers.

1)  Animation Frame Rate Lag
This type of lag is from too many different animating things on the screen.  This type of lag is totally dependant on the complexity of the equippment and monster artwork.  If your computer is faster, you will have less animation lag.  The server you are connected to will not affect this type of Lag.

2) Animation File Loading Lag
This lag can happen after your character first appears on the screen and the game has to download your armor and equipment graphics.  If you have recently cleared your browser cache, this takes longer than normal.  There is also loading lag time when another player enters your game screen, and their artwork files have to download so that you can see them.  The server you connect to will not affect this type of lag, except if the server is full of players on your screen, with artwork that needs downloading.

3) Data Loading Lag
This is when you log into the game and your game character data is loaded from the game database.  The more inventory and house stuff you have will affect this time. If a lot of people are all trying to log into the game all at the same time, there will be more data loading lag.   A busy server will cause more of this type of lag.

4) Chat/Combat/MonsterRespwan Lag
This lag does depend on how busy the game server is.  The more people battling and chatting will create more of this type of lag.


February 11, 2014

Next Friday: TimeDragon Warrior

Unlock exclusive gear when you support AQWorlds!

In the world of Lore, one thing is always true: it is always a good time for MORE dragons!* For the newest package of 2014, we asked Dage to combine two of your most-beloved themes, dragons and chronomancy, to create the TimeDragon Warrior set!** 

Unlock all 10 items in the TimeDragon Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package starting nextWednesday, February 19th, at 12:01 AM server time, or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set!

The 12 month upgrade package comes with all 10 of the following:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • TimeDragon’s Crest Helm
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • Eternal Piercer Bladed Staff
  • TimeDragon’s Defender Polearm
  • Blade of Eternal Victory
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail
  • Eternal Fledgling pet
  • TimeDragon PVP Amulet +2500 ***

The 6 month upgrade and 12000 AdventureCoin packages come with 7 items:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • TimeDragon’s Crest Helm
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • TimeDragon’s Defender Polearm
  • Blade of Eternal Victory
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail

The 12000 AdventureCoin package ALSO comes with the Shadowfall Commander set!

The 3 month upgrade and 5000 AdventureCoin packages come with 4 items:

  • TimeDragon Warrior Armor
  • Armored Faceplate of Eternity
  • Dragon’s Victory Daggers
  • TimeDragon’s Tail

The 5000 AdventureCoin package ALSO comes with the Shadowfall Commander set!

Current Packages Leaving Soon

As 2013 has come and gone, it's time for the following sets to become permanently rare, too. The following packages will leave next Tuesday, February 18th:

* I think that is true no matter where you go or what you do!

** If you are not familiar with what the Dragon of Time is, then you should /join Chronospan to begin the 10th Lord of Chaos storyline! You will get answers to how your world was formed... and raise questions that will only be answered during the final battle with Drakath, Champion of Chaos!

*** New PVP medals for all players will release later this week.

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February 11, 2014

Graveclaw the Destroyer Legend Fight

Think You Can Take On Graveclaw the Destroyer?

Tonight, a new challenge fight arrives in the Coliseum! Legends can login and /join bosschallenge to battle the toughest contestant in the Coliseum, Graveclaw the Destroyer. Part minotaur, part zombie, and part mutated horror, this grotesque beast is even worse than the original Graveclaw. Think you can handle him?

Then get in there and prove it.

Heroes Heart Day seasonal items returning tonight!

  • Royal Romance Armor
  • Royal Role Reversal Armor
  • Love At First Scythe
  • Ex's Caliber
  • Diamond Ring Staff
  • and more!
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February 11, 2014

Heroes Heart Day Returns!

Returning Heroes Heart Day Content Is Live Tonight!

Friday you'll be battling for Beleen's Heart, but there's plenty of pink, love and hearts to go around in the meantime! Log in and /join love to start playing through all of our past Heroes Heart Day content. The Love map goes live tonight, along with all of our returning Heroes Heart Day seasonal rares! And don't forget to help J6 and Mia the Mer'Angel in /lovescurse - that map is available all year, but isn't this the best time to revisit it?

So much pink.

Seasonal items returning tonight!

  • Big Daddy Pet
  • Snuggle Bear and Armored Snug Bear Armors
  • Pink and Blue Snug Helms and Armored Snug Helms
  • Heart Dispenser Pet 
  • And more!
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February 11, 2014

Lag Fix #1: Temporary Server Rollback

Engine reverted to improve performance

Due to the vast number of awesome gameplay additions, functionality, classes, and new challenge boss fights we've released over the past few months, we have strained our servers almost to the limit. You may have seen our plans to rebuild them better, faster, and stronger, but before we do THAT, we need to stabilize them.

So we are rolling back the game's engine to a version live in early December. Earlier today, we tested the rollback on Evil Sir Ver and Cysero servers and received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback, so we are rolling back the rest of our servers tonight.

What that means for you and your gameplay

This rollback will change how the classes released in December and January work (because we write new code for each new class, and we are reverting it). Dumoose has changed the skills so that the classes DO work, but the skills are not the same. This is NOT a permanent change. These classes will return to normal once we are done working on the servers.

The fableforest and librarium maps have also been removed, as we made significant changes to the game's engine in order to release them.

You will still keep all of your gameplay progress!

You will not lose any progress you've made over the last few months. The following remain unchanged:

  • Your storyline and quest progress
  • Your Reputation or Class rank
  • Your inventory items

You SHOULD see:

  • Less lag in chat and combat
  • Faster room joins
  • Fewer disconnects

Please let us know how this works for you on Twitter, Facebook, and the forum!

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February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Because you can’t have too much pink. Trust me.

Valentine’s Day is this Friday, February 14th! And as you know, I’m like SUPER DUPER busy setting everything up on Beleen’s Dream Island. Luckily, I have the help of my awesome friends, like Randor the Red, who made these awesome Valentine’s Day wallpapers for you!

Beleen Valentines Day Wallpaper 1

Click the pic for the full size!

Beleen Valentines Day Desktop Wallpaper

Click the pic for the full size!

Oooo! What do we have here? iPhone 5 wallpapers, too!

iphone valentines day wallpaper Beleen love

Click the pic for the full size!

valentines day iphone 5 wallpaper

Click the pic for the full size! 

Wowie, thanks so much! *hugs* Make sure you give Randor the Red a shout-out on Twitter!

Beleen Valentines Day iphone wallpaper

Now… how do we… um… “convince” Artix to use these wallpapers on his desktop and phone?


xoxo Beleen!


February 10, 2014

Fight for Love This Tuesday

Fight for Love, Candy, and To Destroy the Color Pink!

This Tuesday, grab your sharpest weapon and enhance your gear to its maximum power, because the battle for love, candy, and all things d'awww-ful begins Tueday! This Friday, join us to help Beleen search for her Valentine, the one Hero who will always save the day! 

Love is a battlefield... and so is this Friday's release!

Battle for Beleen's Heart in "Beleen and the Beast!

Beleen loves ALL of Lore’s heroes, and they love her… but WHO will win her heart? (And can Artix survive the floods of pink threatening to crash down across AQWorlds?!) Quest to help Beleen find her true love… or help her learn HOW to love! It will all depend on what Lore’s perkiest pinkomancer’s heart desires most!

Even monsters need love sometimes.

  • Tuesday: past Valentine’s Day events return 
  • Friday: Roroth's Birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Snowboarder gear in Twilly's Treasure Chest + Olympics LTS
  • Friday: Limited-time Valentine's Day set  in the Wheel of Doom arrives, Yokai Sunlord set leaves
  • Friday: DOUBLE EXP and REP weekend! Beleen LOVES Valentine's Day, and wants to see YOU online!

NEXT WEEK in AQWorlds!

  • Tuesday: Last Love Ultra Boss (Valentine’s Day Legend-only bonus!)
  • Friday: Help defend towns around Lore in the Alliance Salvation, Part 1!
  • Friday: the TimeDragon Warrior tiered special package arrives! 
  • Friday: NEW Gear in the Treasure Map shop AND Suggestion shop!
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February 07, 2014

Coliseum Boss Beatdown

Defeat 10 Bosses to Unlock 5 Champion Shops!

Take on the biggest, baddest, most brutal bosses on Lore this weekend! Unock new boss fight challenges as you level up... and earn access to higher levels of Coliseum Champion gear!

Are you ready for VICTORY!? (Note: we recommend your bring friends, because these fights are TOUGH! Dumoose was laughing evilly ALL DAY as he and the testers worked on balancing.) 

/Join Bosschallenge and talk to The Ogre to begin your journey towards Coliseum DOMINATION!

NEW Class: MechaJouster!

It takes A LOT of skill to ride (and stay on!) a mechanical steed in the midst of battle. But before you can start leveling up your Jouster Class, you'll need to unlock it! To see what's in store for you, check out Beleen's Class Skills writeup!

There are a few ways you can become a super awesome Jouster.

  1. Win the Jouster ARMOR from the Wheel of Doom or the Wheel of Destiny
    1. Type /join doom in the chat bar for Wheel of Doom
    2. Type /join destiny in the chat bar for Wheel of Destiny
  2. Complete Quests with the Jouster Armor to unlock Jouster Class
  3. Win the Jouster CLASS in the Wheel of Doom/Wheel of Destiny
  4. Get the Jouster CLASS in the Wheel of Doom/Destiny Merge shop
  5. Invent a time traveling machine, give Artix Entertainment the rights to patent your invention, get hired by the AQWorlds team, and get the Jouster Class for FREE! (Yes, we're serious) 

Blockhead Shop and Zoshi's Birthday!

Don't miss Zoshi's pre-birthday shop! He lost power all week due to the raging winter storms up north, but he is going to have an awesome pet for you soon! Roroth's birthday shop had the Gren pet (with quests and rewards) added. His shop will leave next Friday.

You'll also find the Blockhead Shop in your game menu! We love us some lego-themed gear, and if you REALLY want to use your head in battle, these babies are your best bet!

PS: Valentine's Day is next week! Now, Beleen's been working REALLY hard on her zone. I know because I keep hearing screams of rage from Artix's room. But... I haven't seen her all day. I hope she's alright...

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February 07, 2014

Checking in!

"Good things come to those who wait... work hard through the night for months." Greetings and salutations! I wanted to write you and give you an update on, well, everything! This will be a bit of a long post. Which is great, because it will make up for so many of the days I have not had time to post. I really miss writing you design notes posts! If you have recently joined AdventureQuest Worlds, or the Artix Entertainment community, and are not a survivor of my light hearted, pun laced, potentially trauma inducing posts.... then nice to meet you and good luck! Has anyone seen the asterisk*?

7 months ago I stole the some of AE's top coders, artists, and people who were morally ok with working on fiery armored dragons, undead cereal jokes, and time traveling yellow dinosaurs and started something called "Project: Omni". The goal? To product wicked dark and awesome games that play on every divice capable of playing games. I do not know about you, but I REALLY WANT TO PLAY AQWORLDS ON MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But first we needed to learn how. So we started building a light hearted and fun game called Battle Gems. It was a quick project that we thought could be done in 3 months. That was 7 months ago**. We are 98.5% done. Today we are sending a preview of our game to our contacts that work at Apple. I will be honest with you-- Battle Gems will be worth the wait. But this will also be the last project I work on with Chibi style characters. Sure, they were a perfect fit for this type of game. But I have an unquenchable itchy thirst*** to get back to making the dark, epic, actiony, over the top, death & doom filled characters that I set out to make when we first announced that we were "aging up" our games.

In AdventureQuest Worlds, we are quickly approaching the ultimate battle versus Drakath, the Champion of Chaos. If you are mad that it has not happened yet, blame me. I told Alina that I wanted to write the finale of the "13 Lords of Chaos" personally. Obviously, this is something I cannot focus my full attention on and do until Battle Gems is finished... and since it is going to be the biggest and craziest thing ever done in the game (certain to get everyone on the staff furious at me)I think it would be safe to plan on it happening during summer break. We will finally reveal what you,  the hero, really are... and we will reveal the big secret behind all of the Chaos Lords and -- just like in the old days -- what happens will change our world forever. It possible, I want to do it as a month long live event.

My New Year's resolution was to get back into game development personally. Late at night I have been learning how to program and animate using the new tools the rest of the team has been mastering over the past year. When I started doing writing for Battle Gems I invited everyone to join me on a live stream via my ArtixKrieger twitter. It was crazy fun and a great way to brainstorm****. If you are up for it-- I would love to do a bunch more of it in the future. If you want to, sent me a tweet with the hashtag #DoEeetArtix


** 7 Months, 2 days, 11 hours and 22 seconds. But who is counting. Really.

*** You might want to get a doctor to look at that. Maybe some antibiotics.

**** Brainstorming Stream (v.) - A chatotic non-stop stream of insanity and very loud techno-remixed Doctor Who Music run by an over caffinated, armor wearing crazy guy who has an attention span shorter than the following sentence: "I a...."

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February 06, 2014

Building a new AQWorlds

We are making AQW servers better, stronger, faster!

We have made a lot of changes to AQWorlds over the last year or two, and gained MANY new players! That is great, because it means there are tons of new heroes for you to quest with, battle with, and talk to... but also puts our servers under a great deal of strain. 

We have a good deal of control over the game, but currently we are using server software whose base we did not build ourselves (though we created all of our server-based game functionality)... and that means there are some things we cannot change.

This is one of the main causes of the random bugs some of you are reporting (lag, quests not turning in, daily login rewards not working). It's also one of the reasons some bugs (like desynced friends/guild lists) have not been fixed and why some features (like the better botting detection, all-new class skills, and finished Guild cities) have not been released.

To make AQW the BEST game it can be, we need to take the time to FIX the current issues. So... how do we DO that?

We rebuild AQWorlds' servers!

Yorumi has spent the last few months researching what AQW's servers will need, and has met with Zhoom and other programmers (who have built servers for our other games) to discuss the specifics of what EXACTLY we'll be doing.

Good luck, Yorumi and Zhoom!

Together, they will outline the architecture of AQW's servers, borrowing structure and functionality from the other servers we've already created, then later this month, Yorumi will begin rewriting the server itself. While this happens...

We WILL still be releasing every Friday, and you can still log in every day!

There will be new storylines, new challenge fights, new shops and gear... that will NOT change. This is the kind of project our artists, writers, and designers cannot help with, but they CAN keep our awesome updates rolling out while Yorumi works on rebuilding. 

How this affects future releases/gameplay

Rewriting the server is going to give us more control and allow us to build some game functionality we've wanted to work for a long time. It ALSO means we will be able to significantly reduce the main causes of lag, fix the desynced friends and guilds list, and improve core gameplay (like replacing the enhancement system).

We asked you guys last year what changes you'd like to see in AQW. That list (and one we've made) will form the basis of the additional changes we make to the game post-server rewrite. 

Some current ideas:

  • Adding elements
  • Locking PVP maps to only allow certain classes
  • Saving your last location and current quests
  • Changing (or removing?!) the Enhancements system

How long will this take?

We estimate 3-4 months for the core server rewrite (which will address the lag, failed quest turnins, and disconnects), then several additional months as we build the foundation for additional changes to the game. 

Remember, we will still be releasing EVERY Friday! AQWorlds isn't going ANYWHERE... but to keep the game running as smoothly as it should, we need to make these changes. In the long run, this will make AQW even MORE fun to play!

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February 06, 2014

Be My Valentine?

New Valentine’s Day release next Friday, February 14!

Hello my loves! I have some super exciting news to announce! Next Friday, February 14th, is the lovey-dovey pink-a-licious holiday known as Valentine’s Day. And guess what… Alina, Memet, and Artix (yes, srsly, even him!) are allowing me to have my own PINK zone in AQWorlds for this special occasion!

Beleen Dream Island

Imagine a magical dream island full of EVERYTHING that I cherish: pink sand beaches, Sriracha rivers, chocolate!!!!, balloon animals, heart-shaped landscaping, ADORABLE critters, marshmallows, fortune cookies, and the world’s largest Red Velvet Cake mountain!

Red Velvet Cake Mountain

So now that I’m getting my own zone-sweet-zone, there’s only 1 thing left missing: a Valentine! All the heroes of AQWorlds have a special place in my heart (I wuv you!), but…. I was wondering… *blush* if YOU would like to be my Valentine?

Beleen pink sand beach

BUT there’s a catch! With over 50 million AQW heroes, it’s ganna be WAAY too hard to randomly pick one of you guys or gals. So instead, I’m holding a little competition on Valentine’s Day to see who is worthy of being my Valentine!

Crystalized Cherry

Behold! The Crystalized Cherry atop the Red Velvet Cake Mountain! Whoever is the first to retrieve this legendary cherry (hehe that’s super fun to say!) will be my Valentine =D

But of course there’s going to be ridiculous quests to prove your worth. Would you expect anything less??!? Hahaha!

To: Beleen, From: Secret Admirer

Ooohh!!! What is THIS?! A present from a Secret Admirer? It’s not from Submeobi… so I wonder who?

Beleens present

The tag says, “Do not open until Valentine’s Day.” *looks left* *looks right* *tears open present*

Beleen bull balloon

OMG OMG OMG! It’s a Bull Balloon! A Bulloon! OMG!!! Isn’t he simply adorabull!

I wonder who could have sent him?! Well whoever it is… I hope they reveal themselves on Valentine’s Day!

And I cannot WAIT to see if YOU will be my Valentine!

Totally excited? Me too! Let me hear your thoughts on my Twitter!

xoxo Beleen

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February 06, 2014

New Class: Jouster

Gallop towards victory!

On the fateful day of February 7, 2014, the world’s best MMO is getting a brand new class: the Jouster!

Jouster Class

Jump upon your faithful steed and sprint into battle as you obliterate the opposition with your killer Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity stats.

Obtain the Jouster Class

There are a few ways you can become a super awesome Jouster.

  1. Win the Jouster ARMOR from the Wheel of Doom or the Wheel of Destiny
    1. Type /join doom in the chat bar for Wheel of Doom
    2. Type /join destiny in the chat bar for Wheel of Destiny
  2. Complete Quests with the Jouster Armor to unlock Jouster Class
  3. Win the Jouster CLASS in the Wheel of Doom/Wheel of Destiny
  4. Get the Jouster CLASS in the Wheel of Doom/Destiny Merge shop
  5. Invent a time traveling machine, give Artix Entertainment the rights to patent your invention, get hired by the AQWorlds team, and get the Jouster Class for FREE! (Yes, we're serious) 

Jouster Skills

It takes A LOT of skill to ride (and stay on!) a mechanical steed in the midst of battle. As you level up your Jouster Class, you shall learn the following abilities:

Joust Attack


Auto Attack

2 second cooldown

A not so basic attack taught to all Jousters. Deals bonus damage on your First Strike... CHAAARGE! Has a chance to stun off balance targets.

 Thrust Attack


Rank 1

13 mana

5 second cooldown

A moderate attack that can puncture your targets armor with enough momentum or knock your opponent off balance with enough precision.

Magnetized Attack

Magnetized Precision

Rank 2

15 mana

14 second cooldown

Deals light damage and for the next 6 seconds your accuracy is greatly increased. If your opponent is already punctured he will begin to bleed for damage over time. Gives your thrust attacks the ability to knock your opponent off balance, greatly reducing their chance to dodge.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair

Rank 3

32 mana

17 second cooldown

Repairs your mechanical parts restoring a moderate amount of health.



Rank 4


Increases your chance to dodge by 10%



Rank 4


Increases endurance 15%.

 Charge attack


Rank 5

39 mana

29 second cooldown

A battle cry granting the jouster a boost in momentum. Increases haste and while greatly increasing the damage of your First Strike in combat. Also gives your thrust attacks the ability to puncture your opponents armor increasing damage they take from all sources.



Rank 10


Joust attacks have a chance to give you “First Strike” in which for 6 seconds all joust and thrust attacks are as powerful as your first strike.

Jouster arrives 2/7/14!

Assuming you’re reading this today (and not using your prototype time machine), then you can become the Jouster Class starting tomorrow night!

You are a great person and a great hero—and you deserve a Class that’s equally as great! I cannot wait to fight alongside you as Lore’s greatest Jouster!

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen!


February 04, 2014

AQW: Chaos in a Comic 1

Our Story Begins as Undead Attack Swordhaven 

As I was scrolling through the Design Notes a few weeks ago, seeing just HOW MUCH we write about, I thought, "This is the internet, and we need WAY MORE FUNNY PICTURES on here!" And so the AQW: Chaos in a Comic series was born!

Click to see larger image

The 13 Lords of Chaos storyline all started with an invasion, so that is where our comic begins! Created by one of AQWorlds' newest - and funniest - artists, Blade* will be recreating the 13 Lords of Chaos in comic form one panel at a time! Wish him well, and enjoy!

Artix has graciously agreed to write the core of the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga finale as soon as he is finished with Battle Gems. He's known the ending since before AQWorlds began, and he is without a doubt the BEST person to outline the ending! I will fill in all the bits and pieces to tie up loose ends so we do not leave anyone hanging! 

** Also known as "Bladehilt Swordface," "The Fire-forged," and "GO TO YOUR SHEATHE"

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February 04, 2014

AQW Patch Notes

Updated List of Fixed Bugs in AQWorlds

We've pulled in extra programming help to keep smashing all those AQW bugs that have infested your characters! (/Cheer for Llussion!) You can see a list of other recently fixed bugs on this Lorepedia page, but in the future, keep an eye on THIS PAGE in the Bug Tracker to see which of your issues has been addressed!

Top Priority Bugs List

Do you see any we've missed? If so, report them on our Bug Tracker so we can get them fixed!

Note: Only the top priority bugs that require a programmer's time to fix are listed here. We fix bugs every week as we hear about them!

Class Bugs

  • Dragonslayer's scorched steel skill fixed! It now does the right amount of damage.
  • Dragonslayer's scorched steel skill fixed! It now calculates the correct amount of damage (based on 140% of yor base damage)
  • Palading High Lord's Light Wave fixed! 5% reduction on enemies is applied.
  • Darkside's Bloodboil fixed! Now doubles your weapon damage.
  • Blood Titan skills draining health on miss: not broken! The skill is designed to drain your health if you miss a hit.
  • Paladin Highlord's undermine skill fixed! The name of the second aura was changed to make sure it got applied.
  • Dragonslayer's Impale skill does not do 200% damage: confusing description fixed! The ability is supposed to apply a DOT (damage over time) of 200% of your attacking power.
  • Chronocorruptor's Shiftburn skill: confusing description fixed! The skill is supposed to have a chance to hit or not, not that you would do a hit every time.
  • Doomknight Overlord's Torture: fixed! 20% reduction on monsters is being applied.
  • Soul cleaver's Rend skill: fixed!
  • Card Clasher's Tap Imposition skill can be used multiple times before green card vanishes: fixed!
  • Pyromancer's Withering Blast skill fixed! Now reduces enemy damage. 
  • Necromancer’s Command Undead skill fixed! No longer causes battle pet to do 0 damage.
  • Dark Caster's Soul Grasp's effect Soul Crush fixed! Now replaces Shadow Bolt's effect Soul Burn when used, and vice versa.
  • DeathKnight's Deathgrip fixed! It isn't bugged without stacks of Death's Chill, and when stacked 5 times, it no longer increases intake damage as opposed to decreasing by 15%.
  • Thief of Hours's Timestream fixed! Effects applied with 2 and 3 stacks instead of just with first.
  • DoomKnight Overlord's miasma skill fixed!
  • Mindbreaker's Brain Fog skill fixed! Skill now stacks.

Map Bugs

  • Invisible players in AQ: Zombies' Yulgar's Inn fixed! Players are no longer ghosts.
  • Mqlesson cutscene fixed!  Players no longer needs to watch cutscene repeatedly
  • The "time for truth" cutscene fixed! No longer causes the game to freeze.

Item Bugs

  • Now able to merge Scroll of Petrification
  • Merging a stack of items in a merge shop now takes all proper items

Shop Bugs

  • Dragon hero shop badge now visible in Book of Lore!
  • Dage's legion shop no longer deducting improper amount of tokens
  • Decipher code on door in Northlands map now works!

NOT Bugs

  • Chaotic draconian not counted as being dragon, because monsters can only have 1 race. In this case, the draconian's "Chaos" race takes precedence over being a "Dragon"
  • Time killer's "stretch time" skill not broken. It affects monsters, but at a small amount so it may be easy to miss. It increases the chance of the player to crit and also the crit damage. It also increases the crit damage of the enemy as intended. 
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February 04, 2014

Ultra Yaomo Challenge!

Akiba Has Gotten A Lot Tougher!

Starting tonight! If you go back to Akiba and talk to Senlin-Ma, you'll be able to unlock a set of quests that send you into a brand new high-level part of the map! High-level players, this content is for you - you won't be able to accept any of the quests unless you're level 50 or higher.

A lot spookier, too.

The new area includes a different look, completely new high-level monsters, and of course a level 65 Ultra version of Friday's boss, Yaomo.

What's that? You want to LOOK like Yaomo, you say?

Well, that's good, because now you can! You'll be able to farm both Yaomo and the new high-level Ultra Yaomo to get a full Yaomo morph armor set, designed by Dage! Some of the items drop only from the new Ultra Yaomo boss, while others drop only off of the original, so you'll need to farm both bosses to get the full set.


What a stud.

From Yaomo:

  • Yaomo Morph Helm (Legend only)
  • Yaomo's Naginata

From Ultra Yaomo:

  • Yaomo Armor (Legend only)
  • Ultra Yaomo Morph Helm (Legend only)
  • Golden Yaomo Cape
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February 03, 2014

Take the Snow Day Challenge

Defeat Aisha's Drake for the Shatterglass Katanas!

It's a snow day in many parts of the US, and that means... CHALLENGE TIME! Head into the Northlands and defeat Aisha's Drake for a chance to get our newest limited-time boss drop: the Shatterglass or Dual Shatterglass Katanas! These Katanas will be available for 72 hours!

Brrrrreak your opponents heads, then pierce them to their cold cores!

Tags: Alina,

February 03, 2014

February Dates to Remember

Mark Your Calendars, Heroes!

A new month begins with the Superbowl special half-time event when the Seahorcs vs the Broncoliches! Groundhogs Day arrives, too... and then the BATTLES BEGIN AGAIN!

February 1st - February 7th

Coliseum Boss Challenge: 10 Levels of Terror
The biggest, baddest, most brutal bosses on Lore are BACK and ready to take you down… are you up to the challenge? Battle your way through increasingly-difficult, all-new, higher-leveled versions of some of Lore’s most bestial bosses!

Defeat Yaomo Tuesday for a chance to get his armor!

  • Sunday: Celebrate the Superbowl during half-time by punting Twilly!
  • Monday: Snow Day limited time boss drop in the Northlands!
  • Tuesday: Yokai New Year Ultra-Boss (level 50+)
  • Friday: Class Trainers move to the Coliseum
  • Friday: Battle 10 different boss monsters of increasingly-high levels in the coliseum to earn exclusive gear
  • Friday: Zoshi's Birthday shop arrives, Roroth's birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Jouster Class arrives! If you have the Jouster armor, complete the Jouster quest to unlock the Class for free, or find the Class in the Doom/Destiny merge shops, or from the Wheels of Doom/Destiny

February 8th - February 14th

Valentine’s Day: Beleen  and the Beast
On the even of Valentine's Day, heroes across Lore discover that Beleen has been KIDNAPPED! A dark and deadly creature has been seen stalking Lore's most beloved Love Caster... and now we know why! She was going to have you quest to discover her true love... but she may never love again if you do not save her from a most terrible fate!

The Beast and Beleen: NOT a love story!

  • Tuesday: past Valentine’s Day events return
  • Friday: Save Beleen on Valentine's Day
  • Friday: Roroth's birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Yokai Sunlord set leaves, limited-time Valentine’s set in the Carnival of Fortune arrives

February 15th - February 21st

Alliance Salvation: Prepare for Chaos
After years of battle, the realms of Lore have grown lax, and Chaos has spread its tentacles into every corner of the world. Revisit your allies to see how much Chaorruption has taken hold and help prepare their lands for the final war against Chaos!

  • Tuesday: Legend-only ultra boss delayed due to server changes.
  • Tuesday: Chinese New Year leaves
  • Friday: Zoshi's birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Alliance Salvation storyline
  • Friday: TimeDragon Warrior special package
  • Friday: NEW gear in Yulgar’s Suggestion Shop, Treasure Chest, and Treasure Map shop

February 22nd - February 28th

Carnivale Internationale: Celebrate around the world!

This year, we are celebrating Brasil's massive Carnivale AND the iconic New Orleans Carnival party in ONE WEEK! With beads, battles, and BIG REWARDS, this is going to be one /party to remember!

  • Tuesday: Chaos Boss Challenge (Alliance Salvation Legend-only bonus!)
  • Friday: Carnivale Internationale event goes live!
  • Friday: Dage's pre-Birthday Class goes live!

March 1st - March 7th

Dage’s Deadly Birthday: Legion Apocalypse
Dage the Evil summons ALL members of the Undead Legion - and any heroes brave enough to face the creatures he has called - to the battlefield! Take on his harbingers of doom, destruction, and darkness… and each other! Will you survive to celebrate his birthday with new gear and his birthday Class?

Will you defeat the Undead Legion... or join it?

  • Sunday: Dage's birthday shop goes live!
  • Friday: Dage's Deadly birthday event releases! /celebrate
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February 02, 2014

Can YOU Punt Twilly 100 Yards

Join Us Tonight for the Superbowl Special Event!

It's the biggest American Football game of the year!* On Lore, the Seahorcs and the Broncoliches (what the real world knows as the Seahawks and the Broncos) are preparing to face off! After the 2nd Quarter ends, the Superbowl halftime show will begin... and so will our special event!  When you've had your fill of watching Bruno Mars rock the stadium, Log in and head to Battleon for our once-a-year PUNT TWILLY minigame!

Two of Lore's greatest teams go head-to-horc!

Come join the PUNT map to celebrate this day and these two super-teams with the Seahorc and the Broncolich armors and the return of other seasonal favorites like the Spiked Pigskin and the Moglin Ref pet! Don't forget that this is the ONLY time of year that you will be able to get the Moglin Punter Character Page Achievement Badge and all you have to do is kick Twilly the full 100 yards!

No matter who wins, we hope you enjoy the Superbowl!

Groundhog's Dage: the Smallest Super-fans!

Happy Groundhog's Day! On this day every year, Philip, the weather predicting groundhog pops his head out of his hole and peers around. If he comes out to play, then spring is here! If he sees his shadow and vanishes back into his warm cozy burrow, then we know that we are in for SIX MORE WEEKS of winter!

/cheer for six more weeks!

But because today is ALSO the Superbowl, we've made these super-exclusive, one-time-only pets: the Smallest Super-fans! Find the pets and all our returning seasonal Groundhog's Day gear in Battleon!

* Trivia: Outside the United States, "football" refers to soccer. 

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February 01, 2014

Change to Daily Login Rewards

Login 5 Days in a Row to Get Free Rewards in AQW!

Starting today, log in 5 days in a row to get four free game boosts: gold, rep, exp, and class points! The boosts will appear in your inventory automatically. You will not need to click on anything to accept them.!

Help us test the previous system!

As our servers grow older, issues and bugs creep in that happen at random. The daily login rewards system worked without issue during testing, but once we released it to all of you, when the system tried to perform under load (and lag), bugs appeared.

That's why we are going to KEEP the current system, but move it to a separate map early next week. Until then, it will be removed from Battleon tomorrow night. We'll need all of you to test it each day, and if you get any issues, please report them to the Bug Tracker. This system is a test, so if you do not get the reward you should, send us a report!

You WILL always get the 4 free boosts if you log in for 5 days in a row. That reward is separate from this.

The daily rewards system will return in its intended form for good after the server rewrite, but we want to focus on THAT first.

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