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February 13, 2014

Love Is In The Air

New Valentine’s Day Event Tomorrow!

Happy Thursday! I am soooo super excited because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! And that means we are 1 day away from finding me a Valentine. Woohooo!

Valentines Day roses and love is in the air fortune

Even my fortune cookie knows I’ll find true love!!

Tomorrow at sunset, you shall embark to Beleen’s Dream Island, and whoever is the first to claim the Legendary Cherry atop the Red Velvet Cake Mountain will be my Valentine =D

Beleen and the bull balloon

Check it out! Last week, I received a bull balloon (a bulloon!) from a secret admirer. Who could have sent this adorabull gift? I love it so muuuc---

Gust of wind blows bulloon away

OMG! A wild gust of wind appeared. It’s super effective! (looks like love AND wind is in the air... who knew!?)

Bulloon balloon flies away

Come back here, bulloon!!! You’re not getting away from me!

Bulloon flying away Beleen twitter Tweet

“Noooooo! My bulloon is flying away! I gatta catch it! BRB!”


February 11, 2011

It’s the Final Countdown!

Limited Time Shop, Heroes Hearts Day Event, Seasonal Rares, and the Game-Tastic Game Challenge are all a part of Tonight’s Release(s)!

So I wanted to post these Design Notes earlier… like waaaaay earlier… but for the past couple of hours… I haven’t been able to pull myself away from the Fat Panda minigame! OMG it is just sooooo addicting!

beleens high score fat pandaMy high score! Can you beat it? Wahhaha >:D

This past week, the entire Artix Entertainment team (from all of the games) broke into 10 small Teams and produced 10 never-before-seen games from scratch! Each Team only had 5 days to create a game… and starting at 6pm EST TONIGHT…or something close to that... YOU get to play them AND judge to see which game is the best!

I’m rooting for Fat Pandas ^___________^

You can find out more about each game by clicking here!

Now on to Tonight’s Release in AQWorlds!

Limited Time Shop: Valentine’s Day Limited Rares!

Valentine’s Day is this Monday… but tonight begins Heroes Hearts Day! In Battleon, you can get your hands on 5 Limited Rare weapons that will ONLY BE AVALIABLE until Monday, February 14th!

  • Pink Hedgehog Plushie of Doom

  • The Dark Heart Blade

  • Blade of the Gemmed Heart

  • Red and Pink Heart Reaper

  • Hero Heart Slasher

The best part about this shop: all of these weapons were suggested by your fellow players (or given as a gift to yours truly)! Get your hands on these Limited Rares before they disappear and are never offered again <3

The Power of Love… and Chocolate

It’s that lovely time of year again! Big Daddy, the CEO of Big Daddy Chocolates & Cards LLC, is bringing Heroes Heart Day to Lore and bringing back last year's Valentines Seasonal Rares… as long as you can help him on some very important—and very pink!—missions throughout the Forest of Infinite Terror.

heroes hearts day

Complete all of the quests Big Daddy and Prince Jim have to unlock their shops loaded with 2011 Heroes Hearts Day Seasonal Rares!

Game-Tastic Game Challenge In-Game Items!

Dage the Evil started it all with his ridiculous Triple Rainbow Cheetah helm. And then Fat Pandas came around and made an in-game armor and two fat panda helms. And then J6 from Robot Unicorn saw what we were doing and snuck 11 Pets in the shop from their game!

!!!!! I SEE WAT YOU DID THUR, J6. So… Lodarazs and I made 6 Derp Food pets last minute! Wahahah! Insane competitiveness brings out the best in us all =D

goooo fat pandas lol

And YOU get to reap the rewards! So… in the Game Challenge shop in Battleon… you can get 21 Game-Tastic Inspired Items! Some are for everyone… some are for Members… and some of the Pets are JUST ACs! All of the items are selling for extremely low prices so that everyone can have a fair chance at getting this totally awesome loot.

In addition to all of this… the Chinese New Year celebration will be staying put for another week. I know it’s a challenge to get all those Emblems, but I know YOU can do it! Get a group of friends together and farm those quests over and over again to get all those Emblems for the merge shop!

Also… I heard that Princess Ai no Miko upped the drop percentage for the Emblems in the Freeing the Animal Spirit quests… hint hint wink wink nudge nudge =D

The AQWorlds release is live! Happy Valentine's Day and Battle on!

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