About AdventureQuest Worlds

Join millions of players in a video game that grows every week!

Create a free character and embark on an epic adventure in a beautiful and ever-growing fantasy world filled with monsters and quests. AdventureQuest Worlds is a free-to-play web browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with brand-new weekly releases, real-time combat, challenging quests, beautiful cinematic cut-scenes, thousands of equipable items, interchangeable Classes, and an entire world to explore.

New Release every Friday!

We expand the game every week with new monsters, weapons, quests, areas, holiday & special events, new features and more! Because the game is built in flash, we can add and change things in the game while you play it. Our friendly team listens carefully to player feedback... and uses it to shape the direction of the game and storylines! We normally release the newest adventures on Friday, but we frequently do mid-week releases too.

  • Over 35 MILLION accounts created
  • No Downloads!
  • No Spyware!
  • No Spam!
  • No Programs to install!
  • No Kidding!

Safe and Easy to Play!

With flash based fantasy adventure games you can play anywhere, anytime, all the time! All you need is your web browser and the flash plugin (which is standard on most browsers) to jump into the action.

Real Time Combat & Gameplay

Created from the ground up by our creative team, AQWorlds lets you explore and battle in real time.

  • Multiplayer cooperative battles AND player-vs-player
  • Storylines that actually change the game world
  • Super friendly & crazy fun team building the game under your feet while you play it.

Chat, Guilds, Partys and PvP!

With flash based fantasy adventure games you can play anywhere, anytime, all the time! All you need is your web browser and the flash plugin (which is standard on most browsers) to play.

  • Team up to battle monsters
  • Battle other players in special dueling arenas
  • Get your own house and customize it!
  • Join guilds

Game Features

AdventureQuest was waaaaay ahead of it's time!

  • TONS of playable Character Classes
  • Multi-Class (Start as one class, learn ALL OF THEM!)
  • Group Loot (When an item drops... EVERYONE gets it!)
  • Enhancements (Make ANY weapon max level.)
  • Ultimate Customization (Change anything about your character at any time.)
  • Player Recomendation Shop (Suggest items on our forums... and yours might be picked to be created!)

Epic Storylines that change the world

The main plot of AdventureQuest Worlds is currently "Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos." Each week, we continue the story by adding new places to explore and quests to complete. Players shape the direction of their story based on their feedback with our game development team. Occasionally we do side stories, sagas, holiday events and other special events. Some of our releases and events only happen once. Most of them change our game world forever...

  • Evolving Main Storyline "The 13 Lords of Chaos"
  • Side Stories & Sagas
  • Holiday Events
  • Special Events with special guests!

Free to Play thanks to Upgrading Players

AdventureQuest Worlds is free to play! The team agreed that the entire main storyline should be completely free for all players to complete as we build it. If you enjoy the game and want to help us create the weekly releases, you can support us by becoming a Legend. Your account upgrade unlocks a ton of bonus features and content.

Free to Play thanks to Upgrading Players

Check out Lorepedia and our Player Handbook for awesome tips and tricks to make your battle skills the best in AQWorlds! See you in game :-)

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AdventureQuest Worlds
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