Design Notes

April 25, 2016

Friday: The Time War BEGINS!

Message from Kairos, the High Chronolord

I have come, and not a moment too soon! The coded message from your Chronomancers arrived two years too late, but I could sense the turbulence in this point in the time stream as I drew closer… I sense Paradox Portal energy coalescing, and worse -- Creatures from deep within the timestream are massing to invade.

I need you and your fellow heroes to drive them back. Buy me the time I need to discover the cause of this invasion! And remember...



September 08, 2015

Answer Aranx's Call This Friday

Save the Celestial Realm before it's too late!

The three Celestial Avatars of Time, Death, and Life are missing. A portal to the Infernal Realm (two realms to the left of the Underworld) has been opened by Chamat, the Queen of Monsters’ talented Lieutenant. Infernal creatures are flooding into the Celestial Realm, and Aranx needs YOUR help to drive the dark beasts out and discover where the Avatars have gone -- if his world falls… Lore will be next!

War in the Celestial Realm

There are no certainties in war. There is a precipice on either side of you, Hero — a precipice of caution and a precipice of over-daring... but failure is not an option for Aranx, and he will make it worth your while! 

If you battle for him, he'll give you the opportunity to earn gear from his Celestial Realm merge shop and purchasegear from the Rares shop. 

Aranx levels up in Real Life - Birthday Shop!

This Sunday, Aranx-the-Artist levels up, and that means an in-game birthday shop! He's crafted some amazing gear for his once-a-year shop (including the galactically-gorgeous set you see in the image above!) If you love space-themed gear like I do, you are not going to want to miss the items in this shop!

Changes and Updates

Art Update: The art for the baby seal pet from the August Birthday Shop has been updated to avoid any potential copyright infringement claims. 

In this case, the team member had quickly created the seal pet art a long time ago to use while practicing animation, and didn't remember how much reference art had been left in. It is always better to do 100% original art. Make sure when using reference art that it's for inspiration only! 

If you purchased the AdventureCoin version of the Baby Seal pet and do not like the new version, you can contact Player Support to get a full refund.

Reward Update: If you see that you've been unexpectedly awarded the Ancient Grovebreaker Blade, give Captain Rhubarb a hearty Thanks! He's tweaked the AQW prize reward package system to award those for Paygarden purchases from August forward.

Bug Fix Update: The bugged Bard Class skill is still being investigated. Thanks to those who reported is last week! We'll get that fixed as soon as possible!


February 26, 2014

Summer 2014... DRAKATH!

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

She just keeps repeating these words over and over in the dark room. The young girl traded her sight for the curse of seeing the future. It was the only way to save her brother. A dark pact made with a being that no human should ever bargain with. She sees what is about to happen to our world. She saw you...  the hero, and she saw your secret. She knows what you truly are. She you and your allies facing the 13th and final Lord of Chaos. An unpredictable war that did not follow the rules and changes everything... The world torn asunder, entire Kingdoms destroyed and changed never to be the same again. She saw lands that could never be drawn on any map. She saw madness. She saw what the gate behind Drakath is for. She saw Drakath's true power... and how he acquired these powers. She saw what happens when Gravelyn finally has the opportunity to avenge what he did to her Father. She saw what everything we have done together was leading up to. She saw you alone, in a duel to the death with the Champion of Chaos, Drakath. She saw our world's final stand....  She saw it happening THIS SUMMER.

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."

"The future is not yet written... the purple ink will not let it dry."


May 31, 2013

Chaotic Sneak Peek

Fight Chaos with... more Chaos!

Hooray! It’s Friday! And you know what that means: a brand-new release in your favorite online adventure game!

Drakath was in online fun games

So who is ready for a chaotic weekend full of quests and adventure?

Who is ready to save the world from the forces of Chaos?

And who is ready for a sneak peek at all the AWESOME items arriving tonight?!

Twitter has spoken! They want sneak peeks!

Woah woah WOAAAH! Alright alright, here they come!

Beleen wearing Chaos Armor Set in free online game AQW

Chaos Armor preview

Color Custom Chaos Armor and another Chaotic Armor Set in online adventure games

Oh man. I dig these Chaos looks. Since purple is pretty close to pink… does that make me pretty close to being Chaotic?

Tehehee… erm, I mean, mwahahaha =D

All these items—and more!—can be obtained during tonight’s release. Stay tuned for more updates!

xoxo Beleen!


November 20, 2012

Dark Harvest: Deadly Feast

This Thanksgiving, YOU are the Special Guest!

It’s that time of the year to set the tables... but where's the main course? This year, a rogue turkey is fed-up with the Thanksgiving tradition. He has been inviting human guests to a feast they’ll NEVER forget! Find out how this terrifying turkey acquired his powers, free the guests of honor, then defeat (and eat!) the foulest fowl in town!

Gobble On to Victory!

Chaos Golems Reign in The Span!

Chaos can control a creature... or break the chains that bind them! Drakath has sent his Twin minions to oversee the start of a war between those golems and creatures loyal to you and the Chronomancer Chaos Lord... and those who want to see you both destroyed!

Will Drakath's Twin Minions make things worse... or better?

Now the golems and monsters in The Span run amok as Chaos courses through their veins! Will all of the Chaos Lord's plans be destroyed? Or will you save him, yourself, and Lore?

There is no hiding from the eyes of Chaos!

Prepare for EPIC (and Chaorrupted!) rewards from the war's AC Rares and War Merge shop! The DragonLord Knight and Chaos DragonLord Knight armors, The Seeker and Chaos Seeker sets, weapons, pets, and more!

DragonLord Knight and Chaorrupted Knight Armors!

There are TWO member-only farming quests for the war. They give 6 Chaorrupted Gems as a reward, double what you'd get from fighting war waves!

Astral StarCaptain Armor!

The Thief of Hours Class  is Live!

Everyone can use some extra time in the middle of battle... and with the Thief of Hours Class, you'll have that! Check out Cysero's Design Notes for the details on the newest Dex-based Thief Class.

This NON-MEMBER class is available from Ragnar in Battleon for AdventureCoins OR you can rank up your ChronoSpan Reputation to 10. The AC version will be sold both in the Rep Shop as well as from Ragnar.

Fiery Fall Shop in Battleon!

The closer it gets to the holidays, the more the AQW team gets fired up! Head to Battleon tonight to see the hottest gear in the Fiery Fall shop!*

Armors, weapons, and 3 pets: 2 come with quests which include reward items AND items used in a merge shop available from the 3rd pet! Collect them all!

* The Fall Dryad Armor has a female appearance for both male and female characters!

The Dryad Pet is ALSO available as an armor from the Fiery Fall Shop!

Coming Friday: the Darkest Black Friday Shop!

As the sun sets earlier each day, darkness falls faster... and that means it's time for the Darkest Black Friday shop! This Friday, find all your favorite Black Friday items along with NEW, shadowy gear!

Check out the Male Black Friday Armors here!
Check out the Female Black Friday Armors here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those of you in the United States, have a happy, safe Thanksgiving!** Enjoy the turkey (or Tofurkey), stuffing, cranberries, pierogies, spanikopita, or whatever other dish your family enjoys. Safe traveling, and enjoy the releases!

Working with the rest of the AQWorlds team as we pushed to get 2 weeks worth of releases done in 3 DAYS has only reminded me just how thankful I am for everyone who contributes to creating the game we love to make for you!

And we are doubly thankful for all of YOU! Without your support, there wouldn't be an AQWorlds or an Artix Entertainment! Have a happy holiday and Battle On!

** Everyone else, happy Thursday!


October 18, 2012

800,000 Monsters!

Chairman Platinum Plays Dirty!

I think the Chairman is getting desperate.

He's losing this war and he knows it. He knows that he can't possibly win against an army of gamers united under the common goal of fighting for the survival of the game company which you all helped to build.

Today, only EpicDuel and AQ Classic were left fighting their wars, but things were getting a little too hot for our suited foe so he his his big red button and released 800,000 reserve monsters into AQW!

We only have until Friday to defeat all the EbilCorp Monsters and save the Artix Entertainment Game Network and I think we can do it!

Chunin Class Preview

VoT is gone so that means that it's time for a new AQW Birthday Class, the rare Chunin Class arrives when all the war meters reach 100%!

That's right, I said Rare. You will only be able to buy this class with AdventureCoins until next October and it is removed from the game forever.

BUT here's the good part. As a special bonus for those of you who are here to help us battle and save the network, we are offering you the chance to EARN this NON-MEMBER class (all of the other set pieces, 2 helms, 2 cloaks) for free!

The chance to earn the class will only last until the birthday event closes and takes all the rares with it (about a month from when we win). You will have to farm to earn the class BUT you won't have to come back every day and earn it like you did with VoT.

All you have to do is earn 300 Chunin tokens and the class is yours. Non-members can earn one at a time but Members can earn two extra for a grand total of 3 at a time, and you can farm the quests for the tokens non-stop as fast as you want!

This class is a strength based warrior type class which is designed to take on multiple enemies at once. It has no heal but every power debuffs the enemies ability to hit or damage you so it has a very high survivability!

Come back tomorrow for the full Chunin Skills Breakdown!

Alina and Rolith Get Married!

Tomorrow you can also expect the Alina and Rolith wedding event. Since the real Alina and Rolith are getting married this weekend you will actually get to see them get married BEFORE they really get married!

As the real couple scrambles to get all the last minute prep-work done for their real wedding you will be helping their characters take care of all of THEIR last minute disasters! This will probably be a little closer to a real life wedding than any of us would like to admit.

I hope you can make it and help the AE family wish Alina and Rolith many years of happiness together!

4th Upholder!

The month of October is already half gone and Mogloween fast approaches. Remember that you only have two weeks left to grab your piece of history and become a 4th upholder!

To learn more, read m,y earlier 4th Upholder Design Notes. That will tell you everything that you need to know about how to get your character page badge and your TWO rare Star Swords!

63 days until Just Another Day


July 06, 2012

Dage vs. Nulgath: War Begins

Who Is The Greater Evil?

The time has come.

Dage, once an apprentice of Nulgath, has marshaled his forces and begun his march against his former master. But who is the true master? Is Dage The Evil really as clever as he thinks he is? Has he truly used Nulgath's own contracts to gain power and escaped the consequences only to become an even greater evil than his former master? Maybe he is just an overconfident fool who will pay the ultimate price for lashing out against a patient teacher who was simply biding his time while his student became full of himself?

This war will decide the fate of both of these creatures of evil.

In this war, there are SIX total shops, and as the war progresses, all of the shops will gain more items.

  • Dage's AC RARES
  • Nulgath's AC RARES
  • Dage's Legion Token Shop
  • Nulgath's Diamond Shop
  • Dage's War Merge Shop
  • Nulgath's War Merge Shop

The AC RARES shop each have items for their own side. This week Nulgath has released less than Dage but a little but he has released a VERY expensive RARE Armor that is sure to go down in history.There are rumors that Dage is hard at work crafting an armor set or two to rival the Deathfiend of Nulgath but those are only rumors.

The Legion Token and Diamond Shops also contain special items for each side but these are ONLY for the devout followers of Dage, Nulgath or both. All of these items will also be going rare so, to make them a little easier to get the two evil masters have agreed to allow you to farm for Legion Tokens and Diamonds inside the war.

UPDATE: Due to an oversight and dramatic imbalance, the quests have been removed. If a more balanced solution is found, they may be re-added with some new requirements next week.

Members get special quests with larger pay-outs to help you farm for Legion Tokens or Diamonds more quickly.

Finally, there are the War Merge Shops. These shops will NOT be going Rare, neither will the war so you will be able to earn the items in these shops whenever you like.

Right now Nulgath is working on the first of several animated shorts which I hope we will be able to put up here on this design notes post a little later tonight. If not, we will get it up as soon as we can.

We want to know who you are fighting for so here are some Twitter Links:

  • Let Nulgath know that you're a member of the #NulgathNation and ready to crush the weak!
  • Let Dage know that #DagesLegion will never rest until they win, even after death!
  • Let Me know if you're an #AQWMercenary and plan on playing both sides of the field!

New Treasure Chest Update!

After a VERY long time we have finally been able to update the Magic Treasure Chests that drop from every monster in the game! In addition to the already amazing items that come out of the Treasure Chests we have three new sets coming as individual pieces.

First is The Mischief Set...

The colored bits are color custom so you can express your inner-trickster. We also have the Brave Golden Set...

and finally is the Shadow of Death set, complete with helm and weapon!

Remember that Members can go to Twilly for 2 FREE Treasure Chest Magic Keys per month, but if you run out you can always buy more from him.


Don't forget that if you are running low on AdventureCoins, you can also purchase more or complete the sponsored offers in AEXtras to get FREE ACs!

We also have the Golden Plate One Year Membership Promotion still going on. It appears that almost everyone who wants to take advantage of this offer, has already done it so it won't be around for too much longer. If you're waiting until the last minute... now is the time!


May 23, 2012

Zombies, Mayhem, Mods

All they want to do is eat your brains!

And the brains of every single person on Lore! Sepulchure started this war, but you are going to have to be the one to end it, Hero! The war meter is at 62% right now, so you've got 8% to go before you unlock the boss fight! Which of your friends will be the first to fall to the raging horde of Zombies?

Zombie Ninja Armor releases this Friday! (PvP last week's Zombie Pirates!)

The war continues this week as the toxic fog creeps across the land, turning innocent townsfolk into terrifying undead! Dark truths will be brought to Light this week, but not before you and your fellow Heroes take down the millions of undead swarming out of Swordhaven!

Gaaaaaaames, I want to make you gaaaaaaames.

Et Tu, Zombeh?

Tomorrow is the 2,055th anniversary of Julius Caesar Germanicus's birthday. A famous general, ruler, and directly responsible for both Nero and Caligula (the first fiddled while Rome burned, the second made his horse a politician), tomorrow he rises again to lend his military might and strategic knowledge to the army of undead plaguing Lore!

We'll have the Zombie Caesar Armor and more in a Limited Time Shop available until next Wednesday!


And now a word (actually, many words) from Reens, AQW's Lead In-Game Moderator:

Hi guys! Stratos and I are looking for new mods for AQWorlds (and HeroSmash), and now is your chance to apply!  One thing I have to stress - you MUST be over 18.  If you are under 18, if you don't include your age, or if you start with "I'm not 18 yet, but..." the application will not be considered.

What we need included in your email is:
1. Your real name, age, country of residence.
2. AQW Game account name and email
3. Artix Entertainment Master Account name and email (AE Portal Site)
4. Forum account name and email (not required to have one)
5. Languages you speak
6. A cover letter describing yourself, and what you think being a mod will mean.

Please send your COMPLETE application to [email protected] .  If the application is not complete, we won't consider it.  And please, one application per person. Stratos and I will read all the applications.  If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to everyone.

Battle on!


May 10, 2012

Nulgath Loyalty Shop

Who has YOUR loyalty?

Blood, blades, and terror all combine into one form - Nulgath. And if YOU are a fan of Artix Entertainment's infernally-inspired artist, Nulgath, then you'll want to choose his side in this Summer's Dage vs Nulgath WAR!

To get his followers' blood boiling, Nulgath is stocking a Loyalty Shop in Battleon with ton of temptingly terrifying rare items! They'll only be available for 2 weeks (the same length as the Dage Loyalty Shop), so make sure to grab your gear while you can! For Nulgath!

  • Blood Fiend of Nulgath Armor - 2,000 ACs
  • Overfiend BackBlades of Nulgath Cape - 100,000 gold (member only)

  • Fiery Halo of Nulgath Cape - 200 ACs
  • Blood Fangs of Nulgath Cape - 200 ACs
  • Guise of Nulgath Helm - 200 ACs
  • Blood Fiend Face of Nulgath - 200 ACs

  • Dreadlord of Nulgath Helm - 200 ACs
  • Terror Wings of Nulgath - 200 ACs

  • Blood Leeches of Nulgath Cape - 200 ACs
  • Shadow Fiend of Nulgath Helm - 100,000 gold (member only)

Color Customized Items!

The eyes and blades on the Blood Fiend of Nulgath armor are all color customizable, as are the eyes on the helms, the inner section of the Terror Wings, the Fiery Halo Cape, and the eyes on the Nulgath Backblade.

Doom is all around!

Deeper, darker, deadlier! Descend even further into the depths of the Necropolis the Friday as Sally continues her plans to re-build Vordred and rule the Necropolis! The history-shattering revelations are nothing compared to what we’ll reveal TOMORROW! Arm yourselves, heroes, because underneath the Necropolis lies… your DOOM!

Prepare for:

  • Member-only Doom Overlord Evolution boss battle (He's got MAD skillz!)
  • Member-only Mystery Challenge boss battle (You won't know what hit you!)
  • Armored Daimyo and Dark Armored Daimyo merge shops
  • New member-only versions of Paladin and Necromancer armors
  • New quests in the Blinding Light of Destiny chain
  • New quests in Sepulchure’s Armor chain
  • And more!

Remember, everyone can play through the storyline of Doomwood Part II: Whispers of the Dark Lord, but we've packed this zone with extra-special content geared towards members!

We've got a fair bit of work left to do before tomorrow's release, so I'm going to finish up the quest text, outline the NPC text, and get to bed. We'll see you all bright and early tomorrow morning as we gear up for this weekend!

PS - This is the last weekend the Doom Starter Package will be available (comes with DeathKnight set), so if you're thinking of upgrading, now's the time to take advantage of a great deal!


February 28, 2012

Etherstorm Three-Way War

Will you fight for Good, Evil, or... Desoloth?

Kill Desoloth... or kill dragons FOR Desoloth! Drunk with power and the anarchy he has caused, Desoloth the Final is finished waiting. The time has come to make his move on Etherstorm, but the battlefield is far from where you've been fighting!

This portal transports you between Lore and the DragonPlane.

Fire, Water, Air and Earth all join together in the DragonPlane, and at their center - the Cor Draconis. The heart of the Plane and the heart of elemental dragons, it is imbued with eons of draconic power. And it's the only place secure enough to hold Desoloth now that he is this powerful!

Do not be distracted by the beauty; death is present in every stone.

But his downfall and imprisonment in the Cor Draconis is far from a sure thing. Those who choose Evil may feel that his attacks merit more punishment than just imprisonment. And for those who choose to fight on Desoloth's side... his freedom and rise to power is the only goal.

Paths to the boss battle frame and the Cor Draconis will only unlock at 100%!

But how easy accomplishing that goal will be when Drakath has turned his attention to Etherstorm's anarchy remains to be seen!

The choice is yours. War comes to Etherstorm THIS Friday!

  • 3 sides to choose from! Fight for Good, Evil, or Desoloth!
  • Battle Chaorrupted Elemental Thunderbirds OR Elemental dragons!
  • Winning side determines the outcome of the war!*
  • Winning side will affect the final battle against Chaos!
  • Unlock a cutscene starring Galanoth at 50% on the war meter!
  • Epic War Rares shop! (leaves at the end of the war)
  • War Merge shop! (permanent content)
  • Members will receive double resource drops from the member-only merge quests!

* All 3 endings are written, but YOU will pick which one we animate and which becomes storyline canon based on the war's victor!

Dracomancer Class coming THIS FRIDAY!

Cysero and Yorumi are hard at work designing and coding the Dracomancer class. Dage just came in with a concept sketch and it is pretty awesome! Cysero's Dracomancer skills writeup will come later this week!


Midweek member releases delayed

Sadly, Cysero's been swamped pitching in on this week's release (are you ready for the Aussie Day Wish gifts? I know I am! Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI OI OI! /cheer) so there will not be a member-only midweek release this week. And next week he will be writing the next installment of the Xan storyline. Members, look for a return of the midweek releases on March 14th!

Where have all the Pancakes Gone?

Where is the Lunchlady?
How to feed my pet dragon?
Where is the sweetest ending?
Where have all the pancakes gooooooone?*

Thousands of pancakes have been consumed, and even more heroes were injured by falling flapjacks. Pancake Day is gone for another year! Tuck into any plates you've hidden around Yulgar's Inn and dream of the next syrup-laden day to come.

* It's Late-90s Music Day! Ah, memories.

Leap Day comes tomorrow!

Jump for joy, because tomorrow is Leap Day! It only comes every four years, so to spring into action, we're offering four boosts to bump up your battling! Look for four FREE boosts in Battleon sometime tomorow - EXP, gold, rep, and class rank boosts!

Solrac's Birthday today!

Celebrate, celebrate, /dance to the music!Wish Solrac a happy birthday on Twitter or the forum as he furiously Flashes awesome art for this Friday's war rewards! /Cheer him on as he levels up in real life!

The Return of Xan NEXT Friday!

Things are about to get HOT! Next Friday will see the return of Xan, drawing to him flames and fury as he seeks out the target of his newest goal. Nearby locals have something he needs, something he MUST have! Without it, could his fire be forever extinguished? Find out next Friday!


February 15, 2012

Etherstorm War in Two Weeks

In the heart of the Fire Realm, Ssikari - newly-raised Prime Fire Dragon - arches her head and roars. She and the rest of the Primes sense war on the wind.

Flames climb into the sky and viscious winds whip them into a frenzy. Acidic rain pounds upon a battered, scorched Earth littered with shards of their vital, secret-containing crystal.

The High Priests of Etherstorm gather deep belowground, safe - mostly - from the ravages of the Fire, Water, and Earth raging aboveground.

Even here, in the heart of the Temple, Air bites their skin and lashes at their clothing. Nowhere... not a single realm, temple, or cave - in Etherstorm is safe from Desoloth's fury.

Hs'Sakar, High Priest of the Prime Fire Dragon, stands tall, strong, and unafraid, but still must shout to be heard over the airstorm:

I hear in the hissing of the flames that our time grows short. We have but a few weeks to prepare.

They tell me that Desoloth plans to ravage Etherstorm, but we knew that. He will char us, scorch us into ashes. Drown the ashes until our corpses are mud, then bake the mud into hardened clay.

And once we have returned to the Earth he controls, he'll pulverize it, scattering the grains of our future, ourselves, and our world on the wind.

Summon the Hero! We must rally for war! The testing time has come - for the Hero, for our Primes, for us all!

An earth-shaking roar splits the ground, assaulting the air in all four Etherstorm realms. The dragons tremble and the elements are whipped into an even more frenetic frenzy. Desoloth calls, and the elements answer.

They turn on the dragons nearest them and attack, trying to consume the heartsblood of loyal dragons that Desoloth craves. If they do not stand with him, they will not LIVE and their blood will BURN!

Time is short, so short. Be ready, Hero, because the fates of the dragons, of Etherstorm and of Lore are in your hands and heart!

On Friday, March 2nd, WAR comes to Etherstorm! Will YOU be ready?!


September 19, 2011

Happy TLPD 2011!


Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, maties! It be time for a little nautical education. A lot of people didn't grow up in a piratical culture like I did here on the gulf coast of Florida so I'm sure a few of you don't really know what YAR actually means. It's not just something pirates yell to be piratey.

I think it was best defined in one of my favorite movies. Katherine Hepburn's character Tracy Lord is talking about a ship she and her ex-husband, Mr. C.K. Dexter Haven (Cary Grant) once owned:

" My, she was yar...It means, uh...easy to handle, quick to the helm, fast, right. Everything a boat should be..."


Quibble has really outdone himself this time, brining more than 40 TLPD rares including the Platinum Naval Commander Set, The Inverted Pirate Captain set and the Legion Jolly Roger set! Quibble will be here at LEAST until Friday, maybe longer, but he won't stay forever. If you like this year's TLPD rares, grab them quick!

Screenshot Contest Is OVER!

At noon today (EST, server time) our latest Screenshot contest ended and we have a LOT of entries to sort through before we can announce the winners but keep your eyes on the Design Notes and we will announce them as soon as we have some to announce.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I can't wait to see how these new shots look on AQW Screenshot page!

The War Is Over... But The Battle Is Just Beginning.

Word of the Twins appearance in Bloodtusk Ravine has spread far and wide, as well as tales of the increasingly bloody conflict between the Trolls and Horcs.

Princess Gravelyn and King Alteon have come to the conclusion that neither a Troll or Horc should be allowed to become a new Chaos Lord and they are willing to use all the combined might of the Good and Evil Alliance to end this stalemate.

The undead armies of evil are marching alongside the armored knights of good and they are all marching on Bloodtusk. The Allaince plans to force a peace between the Horcs and Trolls by any means necessary.

The war AC shop going rare at Friday's release as well as all of the Boss's drops EXCEPT for the Tigriff and Chaos Tigriff pets. War Merge shop and drops are staying in, as promised.


April 08, 2011


Strange Monsters Sighted Marching Toward Battleon!

It's that time again! I was out collecting dirt for my dirt collection and I noticed some creatures that look like they've escaped from someone's nightmares. Needless to say I went back to collecting dirt for a few more days then immediatly headed back to Battleon to let everyone know that an army was marching on town.

While i was out there I counted heads. It looks like there are about 3 MILLION waves headed this way. Artix naturally assumed that they were undead. He was so excited that I didn't have the heart to correct him.

You will find War Rares in the War Chest, but you will need to defend Battleon and earn Fear Trinkets to obtain them. The war will be over next Friday, whether we win or lose it and when the war is over, the items go rare. Items like Dage's Knight Terror set.

All of this is just a prelude to the Fear Chaser musical Event NEXT FRIDAY.

There will be AC Event Rares in the pre-show swag shop during the Event but those items will also go rare once the Event is locked for non-members (members will be able to play replay the event and earn the Achievement badge whenever they like).

Rather Massive Suggestion Shop Boost!

Another TEN items have been pulled from the pages of our Suggestion Threads on the AQW Forums and added to Yulgar's Player Suggestion Shop!

You have probably noticed that we have been getting CRAZY with the Player Suggestion cheeze-whiz lately. I want to thank all of the contributing AQW Artists for helping make some of the players ideas come to life on the screen. Want to see your creation in AQW? Head to the AQW Forums and make a suggestion.

AQWorlds Battleon Battle Card Game Comign April 18th!

This week we recieved a TRUCK full of boxes of our Card Game! We had to move all the Ebil Corp Board-Room Skeletons out of the board room to make room for card game storage.

I'm totally serious about that last sentence.

You guys should pop over to the Battle Card Page and check out the web commercials that Artix and Xyo built while Xyo was visiting the Underground Lab!


  • April 18th - AQW Battle Cards released to EVERY U.S. Toys R Us store. Only stores in the United States will recieve the card game.
  • Early May - HeroMart begins selling AQW Battle Cards to the rest of the world. Check to see if we deliver to YOUR country!

The Card game will cost $19.95 USD (Plus Shipping which depends on where you live) from HeroMart. Toys R Us stores will probably be selling them for close to the same price, but they may mark it up some. We do not control their pricing of the game.


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS, and with new Inventory, Bank slots and Primere Event rares to buy there's never been a better time!

 Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free BattleOn Games Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!


April 06, 2011

Fear not, my friends!

Well…actually…. fear A LOT!

Ooooohh! I just got the chills! And it’s not from the weather… since us Floridians are enjoying the 80 degree sunshine right now =D

I’ve got the chills in preparation for Friday’s release!

A new threat has presented itself to the world of Lore. They are called Terrorkind, a race of monstrous beasts deriving from an unknown dimension... a dimension comprised entirely out of fear! And about 3 million of them are headed THIS WAY! O____O Yikes!

Have you seen this Monster?

The Terrorkind must be stopped. If we can thin their ranks… perhaps we can get some answers as to who… or what… is behind this fearful onslaught…

Like good ‘ol Cysero said yesterday, you have to defeat waves of monsters in order to raise the War Meter. Once the meter increases by 25%, a new area of the battlefield will unlock. As you progress, you will venture further and further into enemy territory until you reach the Fear Feeder who is behind all these attacks… and only then may we get some answers!

But this war is ganna be a bit different. Each monster has a chance to drop up to 5 different Fear Trinkets (name is pending!). And you will be able to use these Trinkets in the War Merge Shop to score some awesome never-before-seen items!

Fear Merge

Because we all know how difficult farming for merge items can be, we decided to add a…uh…I don’t know what you would call it…but basically you can use these Trinkets to buy other Trinkets in case you have a bagillion FearTrinkets1 but really need just one more FearTrinket4 to get that epic sword from the merge shop.

Did that make any sense? Or did I just confuse you? Good—my job here is done =p    

Limited Quantity Shop

Wowie! Khuddar the Black Market Dealer in Battleon has nearly SOLD OUT of his epic loot!

lqs left

Just like the name suggests, all the items in his shop are limited in supply. And once they sell out completely… that’s it—no more will EVER be released. So it looks like this might be your last chance to score the remaining items from his shop before it’s too late!

What sort of items would you like to see in the next Limited Quantity Shop? No release date is determined…yet… but we would like to know what sort of rare items you would like to get your hands on. We don’t know when the next shop will come… or what time it will come… but just like this LQShop, we will give you ample warning time so that everyone across the globe will have a fair chance at getting the next shipment of items ^___^

Let us hear your ideas on the forums!   


October 26, 2010

One-Eyed Doll Returns!

New Song and Music Video Premiere

Kimberly, Lead Singer of One-Eyed Doll and former Chaos Lord, will be making a special appearance in AdventureQuest Worlds this weekend to premiere a new song!!!!!!! Check back tomorrow for more details.

The Vampire Lord's Army Grows Bigger

Four scouts were sent to determine the size and strength of the Vampire Lord's army in Mystcroft. Alas, only one returned... the other three are now reportedly minions of the Vampire. It gets wose, the army preparing to attack us... IS MASSIVE! King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn are meeting a few times in-game tonight and tomorrow to come up with a plan to defend the town of BattleOn. Things are looking grim however. The Vampire Lord's Army is already larger than we can possibly handle and is growing each day. By our scouts estimation we only have between 3 to 6 days before they attack!

Final Weekend for 2nd Upholder Achievement

This weekend is your last chance to get the 2nd Upholder Achievement and the collector's Onyx Starsword! To get the achievement upgrade to Member or have an active membership on or after November 3rd. Like Founder... once this achievement is gone it will never be available again. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the game during it's 2nd anniversary!

Pumpkin Carving Contest!

The Pumpkin Carving Contest ends on October 31st! Check out the entries.... they are AMAZING!

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