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February 15, 2012

Etherstorm War in Two Weeks

In the heart of the Fire Realm, Ssikari - newly-raised Prime Fire Dragon - arches her head and roars. She and the rest of the Primes sense war on the wind.

Flames climb into the sky and viscious winds whip them into a frenzy. Acidic rain pounds upon a battered, scorched Earth littered with shards of their vital, secret-containing crystal.

The High Priests of Etherstorm gather deep belowground, safe - mostly - from the ravages of the Fire, Water, and Earth raging aboveground.

Even here, in the heart of the Temple, Air bites their skin and lashes at their clothing. Nowhere... not a single realm, temple, or cave - in Etherstorm is safe from Desoloth's fury.

Hs'Sakar, High Priest of the Prime Fire Dragon, stands tall, strong, and unafraid, but still must shout to be heard over the airstorm:

I hear in the hissing of the flames that our time grows short. We have but a few weeks to prepare.

They tell me that Desoloth plans to ravage Etherstorm, but we knew that. He will char us, scorch us into ashes. Drown the ashes until our corpses are mud, then bake the mud into hardened clay.

And once we have returned to the Earth he controls, he'll pulverize it, scattering the grains of our future, ourselves, and our world on the wind.

Summon the Hero! We must rally for war! The testing time has come - for the Hero, for our Primes, for us all!

An earth-shaking roar splits the ground, assaulting the air in all four Etherstorm realms. The dragons tremble and the elements are whipped into an even more frenetic frenzy. Desoloth calls, and the elements answer.

They turn on the dragons nearest them and attack, trying to consume the heartsblood of loyal dragons that Desoloth craves. If they do not stand with him, they will not LIVE and their blood will BURN!

Time is short, so short. Be ready, Hero, because the fates of the dragons, of Etherstorm and of Lore are in your hands and heart!

On Friday, March 2nd, WAR comes to Etherstorm! Will YOU be ready?!

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