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May 06, 2016

Main Saga Soundtracks: Paradox Portal

Listen to the soundtrack for this week's release before it is live!*

Xeven's themesong from the new Throne of Darkness release was written and performed by Ghost. You may recognize his style... he did most of the music in DragonFable too! I am really excited to see you reaction to tonight's new story release. The map looks crazy, but the actual adventure is a fun, daring, and often deadly chase through time and space. Who are you chasing exactly? Xeven the time traveling assassin of course! After the first release, a lot of players commented that Xeven was too cute and nice to be a villain. As usual, I rewrote the script for this week's release to intertwine our player's comments into it. Be sure to let me know how you feel about her *after* you make it through the Paradox Portal. Her attempts to kill you may be offset by the promises of cake. 

free online rpg mmo chaos queen beleen

* MAN, time-travel is cool!

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April 15, 2016

Throne of Darkness is Here!

Enter the Castle of Bone

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here, a brand new main storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds has just begun... and you, if you are reading this, you are going to be a part of this from the very start.

As our new story opens, a rogue's gallery of powerful villains have gathered for a secret and terrible purpose...

Our first adventure is told by the DeathKnight Vaden. He hails from a castle that is completely made of bone. Legend has it that any hero who ventures into the castle and perishes will either become an undead servant OF the castle or WORSE... part of the castle of bone itself!

YOU have ventured into this place... this dungeon of horror... and we know this because Vaden is telling the story about it in-game RIGHT NOW!

Bonus Member Dungeons Coming Next Week!

We have been listening to you and it has going to be quite some while before we do any fillers, musical guests, or releases that draw away from the main story. Because it will take a minimum of TWO WEEKS to create all of the art, animation... and monsters... and items... and NPCs... and quests... 

We will be doing special bonus releases, giving MORE backstory into specific areas and sub-bosses from Throne of Darkness. The majority of these releases will be member only, which will satisfy a long-time desire for more content for the players who are making these releases possible.

Thank you for making this story a reality. If you read my previous Design Notes, you know that this story is incredibly important to me... it has one of the things I have been saving for so long. And to see it happening, well, let's just say you can see misty eyes through giant skull helmets.

I really, truly hope that you enjoy the unique way in which this story is structured, and that the twists and turns that you'll experience from these seven incredible villains will leave you smiling...
sometimes angry...
sometimes crying... 
sometimes banging your head repeatedly on the table over and over and over saying "why, why, why, Artix why,"... and most importantly... laughing.

Thank you. 

The Throne of Darkness has begun...


PS- oh, and if you'd like the score for this week's music track "Death has a name," I'd be happy to put them ALL up for you! Let me know what you think. (And please, subscribe to our Youtube channel while you're there!)

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April 15, 2016

BattleGems Founder Leaving Soon

Unlocks the exclusive DragonKnight set inside AQWorlds!

This is your very last chance to get Founder in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game. Considering that you had.. oh wow, nearly two years now, it is finally time to make BattleGems Founder go perma rare!


Rolith and his team have upgraded BattleGems to the newest version of Unity improving the game's speed and giving it 64 bit support. Along with this release, we will be removing the Founder package which basically gives you ulimited turns, unlimited keys, special in game armor set, special AQWorlds armor set, well... EVERYTHING for a single in-app purchase of $10. Founders will be pretty proud of that they got it, because after the new patch goes live, the armor will be perma rare and will have to pay double to get the upgrades and perks.

So if you have been wanting the DragonKnight armor from BattleGems in AQWorlds and BattleGems... this is your final chance to get it on the Apple iOS or Android versions of the mobile game!


April 14, 2016

Your Lair or mine?

Upcoming Dungeons of Throne of Darkness

The Throne of Darkness begins this Friday… a brand new main storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds. There are 7 villains in this story, each will unlock a new major dungeon. I like using the term dungeon… even when describing an outside area like a forest or clouds you can walk on. To get a flying eyeballs view of the land we shall soon explore together, let us sent forth our scout… Jimmy the Eye!

Jimmy the Eye is a flying eyeball. 

He is blue. 

As he flies North, he thinks to himself… why is so little known about the North?

It starts to rain. 

The rain blurs his vision, and every clap of thunder makes him jump. 

The red eerie glow of the setting sun silhouettes a castle…

The castle appears to be growing… the castle appears to be made of bone…

He flaps harder against the turbulence or tornados…

They seem to be coming from a series of portals. 

Is it a rip in time and space?

Or perhaps it is… WHAT THE!?!?!

The sun has gone black and he obsesses on an indescribable twisted shape of triangles. 

Perhaps the rumors of the 4th Dimensional Pyramid were true?

If that is true then… but before there is time for another thought, he hears weapons clashing and screams. The Death Pit Arena… a half-Dragon General stands watch as gladiators do battle.

The flying eyeball tries to look away but is blinded by what he sees next…

A Tower...

A tower made entirely of mirrors. He notices a parade of young girls being led into the tower… 

No less strange than what he thought he had seen in the clouds just moments before.

But if he ever said what he thought he saw up on those clouds... with all its bacon and cats they would just call him crazy.

So he flies on to his final destination...

It is a secret place. 

A place where THE COUNCIL used to meet...

Meet to scheme and solve their "problems."

That place, without question… was the THRONE OF DARKNESS. 


April 13, 2016

Story Time (of Darkness)!

The “Insider Secret” story behind Throne of Darkness

This Friday, our new saga Throne of Darkness begins in AdventureQuest Worlds. If you have been following me on my Artix Krieger Facebook or Twitter, then you have probably seen the posts from when I started writing it. But the truth is… I wrote the original concept for this story way BEFORE the creation of the original AdventureQuest.

Ready for this? I originally wrote this when I was 13 years old. Did you ever come up with an idea so incredible that you held onto it like your most carefully guarded secret? Except I cannot keep secrets... so I have been telling the AE Team about this concept (over and over) for as long as they have known me. Previous it was called “The Table Story” or “The original plot of ArchKnight.”

Due to the unusual way the adventure is told, I always expected it to be used for a new, stand alone game. See, in normal adventures you play it from your point of view. But The Throne of Darkness is from the Villain’s point of view. Instead of happening in real time, the Bad Guys are sitting around are telling stories about you… so everything you do, have already, technically… already happened. This is a lot of fun, because you can do things in the past, that can actually change the Villains at the table here in the present.

You will see what I mean in the opening adventure “The Castle of Bone” which features Vaden the Death Knight. It is so crazy… little did I know, so many years ago, way back then when I first came up with this story… that it would be about you.

A new cast of villains

If you went back in time and saw my childhood sketches and ideas from The Throne of Darkness, you would be surprised to find you recognized the villains sitting around the table-- Xan, Sepulchure, The Mysterious Necromancer, Drakath, and the Vampire Queen (later named Safiria.) Yup, we have secretly been using parts of this story for years. So if you have liked the 13 Lords of Chaos and other things I have written in the past... You are probably really going to enjoy this too.

To avoid using the same characters again, I wrote new a fresh new rogues gallery of villains. If you see any subtle similarities between the new villains and previous ones… you can probably take a good guess who they are taking the place of. And that is a fun thing that you will understand, and most people will not get.

I have tried not to mix any of the existing stuff into this new plotline, but every time I see clever posts from players on Twitter you make me want to break the rules. Take Vaden the DeathKnight for instance. Some players think he might be related to Vordred, or there might be a link because it sounds like Valen (Sepulchure’s original name), or that is might actually be Artix’s son (because Aidan and Vaden sound similar.) -- I am not going to rule anything out. The ink is not dry yet. 

Check in tomorrow for a sneak peak at the dungeons that Throne of Darkness will open up on the map. There are 7 Villains seated at the table… each with a lair more dangerous and crazy than the last. Battle on!


April 12, 2016

Throne of Darkness

New AdventureQuest Worlds Main Storyline!

Throne of Darkness is coming Friday

Greetings friends! Artix here. Be prepared...  Throne of Darkness starts this Friday. WHAT!? Yes, it is an entirely new main storyline for AdventureQuest Worlds which will open up a new area of the main continent. This story will be told in a unique way that we have never attempted… until now. If you have been wanting us to focus on story, create new major characters, and to explore interesting and bizarre new places… then you are going to love this Saga. At least I hope you do! That is why I personally wrote this saga for you O_O. Check back for tomorrow’s special “insider secret” design notes where this new saga actually came from. Oh, and if you are not already, be sure to follow me on my Artix Krieger Twitter & Facebook for random stuffs!

Throne of Darkness Trailer

Watch the Throne of Darkness trailer on YouTube

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February 17, 2016

The 10 Million Chicken Invasion BEGINS!

The Great Chicken-pocolypse of 2016

Artix writes: Birds of the father, attack town together... Over the years we have fought back armies of Dragons and the evil undead. We have extinguished pyromancers, and sent creatures from the stars running back to their homeworld. But never… NEVER in the history of our great town… has the pecking order been turned on its head like this. 

Until today, to be called “Chicken” meant the person was a coward…. after this army of 10 Million chickens pours through the town, being called “Chicken” might make you one of the greatest warriors of all time. 

Story Time!

I was hanging out on AdventureQuest Worlds over the weekend. A hero named Lart told me he wanted to attack town with an army of 10 Million chickens. I said, “That is a lot of Chickens.” Thinking it was funny I tweeted it. (MISTAKE.)

A horde of players proclaimed the Chicken-pocolypse imminent. My inbox was flooded with messages like “I, for one, welcome our new Chicken Overlords.”

I called Alina and sheepishly said, “Have you seen Twitter? I think… we have a chicken thing…” She laughed. Then stopped abruptly. I tried to apologize but you could hear the smile through her words when she replied,"It’s OK. We serve the players. I’ll make it happen." And so it came to be…


Hi guys! Alina posting now!

EGG-cellent War Rewards

So, here's the thing. We've got a LOT of chickens attacking Battleon! And there's nothing that makes our heroes rush to defend town more than GEAR! So we've put together some pretty tweet (and cheep!) rewards for you as an incentive to battle. Chick them out in Lart's shop NOW, plus the ones dropping from monsters, and find even more rewards when you unlock the boss fight at 100%!


The big question is: WHY is Lart the ChickenLord's army attacking... and HOW do we stop them? Understanding the answer to those questions is the key to this war. But CAN we stop them? I believe the answer is 100% yes! Will we need a hand to do it? Maybe! It will take COOP-eration and a good deal of pluck, but I know we can do it!


December 24, 2015

Happy Frostval!

Tis’ the season for Frost Dragons, SLAY-bells, and ridiculously-named monsters wearing furry hats-- like Santa Clawg, his 9 rein-dragons, and the unstoppable hero-eating Frosty the Snow Golem. (...must have been some magic in that old helm they found. They told us he would be coming back one day!) 

Our video game community is a big family, and are thinking warm thoughts about you. Surprisingly easy since it is so hot outside! Thankfully it is snowing in the town of Battleon. We have been celebrating Frostval together for 13 ice-monster filled years in our video games. Translating literally to “Frost Festival,” it is how we celebrate the season and bring everyone across the world together. We hope you enjoy the events we have created for you this year. Sincerely, thank you for being a part of it all.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunity to make these video games with you. We are now building something we never dreamed was possible. How crazy is it that you got us greenlit on Steam? AdventureQuest 3D IS GOING TO BE ON STEAM!!! Look how far we have come-- and it is all because of you. We will never forget that… we never do.

Wherever you are, have a fun, warm, safe and happy time this holiday season. Cannot wait until next year when we are celebrating our first Frostval event in AdventureQuest 3D together. Ideas on what our first abominable boss monster should be?

Battle on!
Artix & all of your friends at Artix Entertainment


December 23, 2015

Forgiveness (Winter Comes)

New Cruxshadows 2015 Holiday Song!

I just saw Rogue (Lead singer of the Cruxshadows) tweet that they released a special holiday song. Every year our games do new special holiday events… but I never heard of a band doing it before. Apparently it is their 3rd year releasing an original song to pay tribute to the season. This year’s new song, Forgiveness (Winter Comes), is forlorn and beautiful. I will not ruin the songs meaning for you, but it is definitely my favorite of the three. I secretly slipped it into my home’s holiday music selection-- I am eagerly awaiting Trinni’s reaction when she goes, “Wait… what is this?” She will probably instinctively ask if it is Voltaire. Then I will explain, “No, no! It is the Cruxshadows.” followed by how this counts as official Holiday music and if she can have hers on the play list I should be allowed a few slots too. I mean, how many times can one man listen to that song about the guy trying to convince a girl to stay “...because it’s cold outside.”? 


The new song and all of the previous ones are available now on the Cruxshadows Website for a single donation of your choosing. Most of their fans give $5. Crazy mega fans go much higher to show their support. 

P.S. I was honored that the Cruxshadows appeared in our Anniversary event this year. If you did not know, we met the band and watched them perform many years at DragonCon. They agreed to do the event on short notice, with no compensation, on only a handshake--  just because they thought we were nice people and liked the creative things we are doing. So, when I saw the tweet I personally donated $25 and downloaded a copy of all the holiday songs, then I wrote this post for you to help spread the word. The song is called Forgiveness, but I am celebrating Gratitude. If you enjoy their style, and enjoyed the event, this is a nice way to give a little thanks to them directly. 


November 20, 2015

Join the AQ3D Kickstarter!

Just launched

Hiya guys! Artix here. We just launched a Kickstarter for AdventureQuest 3D! The love and support from our online community is overhwelming! Our goal is to raise enough to extend the our development time on AdventureQuest 3D and complete the game right.  It is off to an AMAZING start! As I write this we are currently the #3 most popular game project on Kickstarter. (#14 of all projects!) It is only the beginning of day #1 and our players have already knocked out 15% of the goal.  You guys are amazing!  Check out the video, and see our vision for the game. Back this project, or help spread word about this Kickstarter anywhere you can to help us finish AdventureQuest 3D. Battle on!

AQ3D Dragon

Check out the AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter

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October 30, 2015

WE ARE LIVE! The Cruxshadows star in Halloween Special Event

"...and I believe."

Happy Halloween Weekend! I am so honored and excited to announce that the Cruxshadows special event is now live in AdventureQuest Worlds.  The special event is available to all players, and contains a range of monsters so that players of all levels can join in.

The CruxShadows in AdventureQuest Worlds

Airships, Pyramids, Ancient Evils and awesome music! Login in, uncover the secrets of an artifact known as the Dream Ankh whlie battling through this intense 5-Act adventure. Yorumi even coded a special mini-game just for this event. Complete the event to earn the "The Cruxshadows Defender" badge. The badge lets you open a special shop in your Book of Lore rewarding you with a magical sword, the Kopesh of Dreams. The sword starts with a small bonus against undead, which you can level it up by turning in special items that drop off the boss!

Become an Instant Fan of the Cruxshadows

The Cruxshadows - As the Dark Against My Halo


The event features music from The Cruxshadows latest album "As the Dark Against my Halo" (iTunes link)

  • Winter Born
  • Valkyrie
  • Immortal
  • And I Believe

Evolved Pumpkin Lord!

Check out the Mogloween seasonal shop for newest 2015 gear. The Evolved Pumpkinlord class, armor, sword, helm and cape are WICKED! The class is 2,000ACs (Or, Members can farm for the member-only version.) The Legion version is obtainable through legion tokens. Also in the seasonal shop you will find all new NPC armors based on the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil & Trouble, as well as a new Vampire set.

Wallpapers! Get in the spirit with wallpapers of the Evolved PumpkinLord armor for you PC Desktop or Smart Phone.

Reward Badge and the Khopesh of Dreams

Complete tonight's special event and you will unlock the "Cruxshadow Defender" badge for your character page and book of lore. Of course, if you check the badge in your book... you will find it also gives you a magical sword, "The Khopesh of Dreams." It has a special bonus against the undead. This bonus starts off very low, but you can level the sword up, increasing the undead bonus, by fusing it with items you get for defeating tonight's all new boss monster.

Khopesh of Dreams

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October 16, 2015

13th Anniversary, AQWorlds, and THE FUTURE

Thank You for 13 Years of Amazing Games!

The first thing I do every single morning when I wake up,  is think of all the things in life I am grateful for. Which means I have started every day thinking of you and your fellow players every morning for 13 years. You believe in us and make it possible for us to build amazing video games. You inspire us to keep raising the bar. You stick by our sides when we screw up and when we go through dark times. We have accomplished so many things people said were impossible at the time. I am not sure anyone outside of our gaming community realizes just how insane it is that we have been updating the games for 13 years straight. I am extremely grateful for the incredible and talent team members who creating  the new stories, maps, monsters, items, and features in our games. I see them at the lab at 10pm on Friday nights… and online fixing emergency problems at 4am. Our community and staff has real, proven staying power. You should be very proud. If you are reading this, you played an important role in making this happen. From the deepest most sincere place in my heart… thank you. I will never forget it. 

Our game studio has a lot of exciting things releasing at the end of this year. But, instead of talking about our new mobile games like AdventureQuest 3D, BioBeasts, or Undead Assault… I want to jump directly to something VERY important for you to hear. The incredible future and evolution of AdventureQuest Worlds! The short version… in 2016 you will be able to play AdventureQuest Worlds on your phone, tablet, and even download & install it on your computer. Sure, you will still be able to play it in your browser too. But needless to say,  this is a brilliant move to future-proof your game. The code name for this project is Project Omni: AdventureQuest Worlds. This was always our plan... and the server re-write is naturally the vitally important first step. I look forward to talking about this a lot more with you in the near future. 

Thank you again for our first 13 amazing years… raises frothy stein of moglinberry juice may our gaming community grow for 100 more!


Amazing Video Games

Dark Times

Adventurequest 3D


Undead Assault 


October 14, 2015

2016 AE Calendar Coming!

We are building this years new Calendar! Thyton was painting at the lab into the wee hours of the night... so I took a picture of what he is working on with my cell phone. YUP! A repainting of the classic DragonFable login screen focing on the DoomKnight Sepulchure!

This year's calendar features paintings of favorite characters (Sepeulchure, Gravelyn, Galanoth, Artix), and never before seen NEW CHARACTERS that will be appearing next year in our games! Here is a preview of the cover.

Dage also contributed several of his personal works for this calendar... making it an incredible collector's piece. We really raised the bar on this one... it is best described as 12 limited edition prints combined into one epic 12 page, full size, painted calendar. Yes, like our previous calendars it will include in-game items. More on that coming soon.

The Artix Entertainment 2016 Calendar will go on sale at at the end of this month.


QUESTION: Which of our previous calendars was your favorite? (Personally, I think the Dragons calendar was the best... but the AQWorlds one from a few years prior had so much character. I liked that the poster calendars were flippable, I still have them on my wall. But getting an epic change of scenery every month makes the flip calendars better in my opinion. After the year is over, I can cut out the picture parts and hang them like limited prints.)


September 17, 2015

Artix's DragonCon 2015 Report

Greetings and salutations! I am writing to tell you a tale. A tale of the bubble universe known as DragonCon and the impossible scenarios which magically took place there.

But this story is told a week later... mostly because of the dread plague known as "CON ROT" -- now that I am free of infection, you can read more on and there is 0% of getting Con Rot... from ME!

PS: the DragonCon 2015 pet is COMING SOON...and is based off of Yergen's super-awesome helm from AQ3D (... I was probably not supposed to say that... SHHHH!!!)

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August 03, 2015

The AQ3D Alpha Test is LIVE

The Tech Demo is OVER!

The Tech Demo was a success! We called it a Tech Demo to (unsuccessfully) avoid confusion with the previous incarnation of AdventureQuest 3D. We are changing our status now because the game's base features including Combat, Quests, Monsters, Item Drops, Maps, and the most important feature, the new Account System, have been completed.

3D mmo

Thank you again to all of you who participated in the testing! We are rewarding tech demo testers with a special AdventureQuest Worlds “AQ3D Tech Demo” Badge and the soon to be ultra rare “Tech Demo Star Sword!"

  • Want to join in the fun? Upgrade in AQW and create an Alpha Test account! 
  • Read more about the Alpha Test in the AQ3D Design Notes here!

July 29, 2015

AQ3D Alpha Test Coming Soon

Adventurequest 3D: Legend of LORE's Tech Demo is about to end!

The Tech Demo phase at for AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of Lore is about to end! Last chance to participate before we award the testers and do the database reset to start the ALPHA TESTS!

Tech Demo Testers!

Here is what you are getting....

  • AQWorlds Badge (Proof!)
  • AQWorlds Rare Tech Demo Weapon (Awesome!)
  • After the 3D database reset... the new AQ3D Account System will go live!
  • You will then make a shiny new AQ3D account

But... how will it know I was a tester!?
Good question! Answer: You will have that fancy tester badge on your AQWorlds account, right? There will be a link your AQWorlds account button. Presto! The game will know all. (It is actually super easy and built into the registration process.) 

Then, later, during Alpha Testing... the Alpha Knight armor will be released!

Previous AdventureQuest 3D Testers!

  • You will be able to login and play this new version of AQ3D
  • Sorry it took so long! 
  • The "Link your AE account" feature may take a few extra days to get working... but it will not take too long! 
  • As originally promised, you will get Alpha Knight armor too!

All Players!

  • Everyone will be allowed to Pre-Register for AdventureQuest 3D once the new account system goes live. 
  • Yes, if you Pre-Register there is a chance you will be invited for special tests with the above players (i.e. Stress Tests)


Your shiny new AQ3D account will be cross-platform ready... which means you can use that same account to login and play your same characters on Apple iOS devices, Android Devices once they go live with the Beta launch (Estimated time of BETA release is October)


July 17, 2015

Prepare for Titan Hollow!

Take on the Living Dungeon Tonight!

Tonight! Friday night (est) is the opening of the living dungeon "Titan Hollow" in I was really grateful to be able to work on this for you with J6, Reens, Ghost and the rest of the AQWorlds team! Like my previous adventure, Dreadspace, it is reasonably sized for casual gamers to enjoy, but has lots of end game and bonus content to do for ultra dedicated gamers who want more. If I only get to tell you one thing about this new mini-story... is that it is beautifully creepy with a really fun feel good ending. When you see the quality of J6's art and Ghost's amazing animated cutscenes... you will see why we needed those extra 3 days!

Artix von Krieger's photo.


Without spoiling anything... there is one particular view when you are standing inside of the standing Titan's mouth, looking out... and you can see everything! It is amazing. I think I stared at that scene for hours while I was writing the pun filled quest descriptions. We really need to turn that into a house.

A little backstory. Originally, I was designing this dungeon to be am ultra evil Grimskull puzzle-dungeon... with a "Surprise! It is Grimskull!" reveal at some point. (Which I *STILL* will do one day in the future!) But for this particular summer release we all wanted something that everyone would actually enjoy. Because, um, there is something about dying in terrible and horrible ways... in every room.. multiple times... over and over... that not everyone enjoys. <_< So I carefully placed my evil Grimskull notebook back on the shelf... where it can sit generating nightmares until it is time. Instead,in this release I wanted to focus on the "Parkour of Video Game travel." That is... making getting from point A to point B really interesting. A living dungeon is the perfect place to do that! What started as quick little 5 second cutscenes turned into a pretty full blown production. We came up with he idea for the the end of the adventure while we were still working on it... which I REALLY think you are going to enjoy.

There are two things we did differently in Titan Hollow. First, is how we introduce the villain. As weird and simple as it seems when you play it... it is the first time we have EVER done that. It gives a very clear goal and motivation to get to the end of the dungeon too. Second, you can "re-run" this dungeon. Normally, you beat a quest chain and then farm the boss monster for Drops. In this dungeon, you will re-run the quests to fight the main boss for a single epic prize. To get another epic prize, you re-run a simplier version of the quests again. Of course, there are also some bonus big monster baddies that are there to farm for stuff too.

Release Checklist! Make sure you find/complete/watch:

  • BOTH run-throughs! Do NOT just complete the release once!
  • The merge shop that unlocks after you complete the first round of story quests
  • All 10 monster drop rewards
  • The special, HIDDEN "release" boss with arguably the most "epic drop" in the game
  • All 8 story cutscenes
  • The Titan BATTLE fight to the finish!!!!

Again, I really hope you enjoy this adventure. Take lots of screenshots!

P.S. Sorry for writing you a novel! It is 2am... after working on a release like this, I get super hyperactive. I probably will not be able to sleep until you play it. Thankfully we are mostly done now... almost everything is assembled!

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July 14, 2015

Update Your Flash Player Now!

Adobe Releases Patch to Zero Day Exploit

GOOD NEWS! Update your Adobe Flash player at and come join us in AQWorlds. Adobe just released an update fixing the major issue with the Flash Player Plugin that has been making headlines today. We are pretty impressed at how fast they got this out.

update flash player to fix zero day exploit

To put your mind at ease, AdventureQuest Worlds is and has always been safe. We have known you guys a long time, and you know we are dedicated to protecting our community and making the games we love better every week. Update your browser's Flash Player from Adobe's official website and we will see you in game!


July 02, 2015

This Friday: Chaos Queen Beleen Release!

AQWorlds Weekly News for July 3, 2015

Hiya hero! I am SUPER excited to announce this week’s newest release:

chaos queen beleen video game release aqw adventure quest worlds

Chaos Queen Beleen Art Print Now in HeroMart!

Make your way to, our online, real-life merchandise store to find the new Chaos Queen Beleen Arti Print! Inspired by Beleen, marketing writer for Artix Entertainment, and created by Nulgath, master artist, this 8.5x11" limited edition print will bring chaos and craziness to your room, dorm, office, or castle!

free online rpg mmo chaos queen beleen


June 23, 2015

Drew Conquers Round #1!

Our Real-Life Ninja moves on to the next stage

Way to go Drew! Clearing stage one with the first-ever backflip off of the warped wall obstacle, Drew completed course #1. You can tweet him a "Way to go #RealLifeNinja" on his Twitter @RealLifeNinja_ . He will now be moving on to the South Eastern regional finals were we will watching to cheer him on! By the way... did you see me holding the purple sign? (I was tiny, but I was there!)

Drew Clears Stage 1 of American Ninja Warrior

Another good friend, Reko, also completed stage one and is moving on! I was dissapointed that they did not show his full run (they showed a super short version)... especially considering that he breathed fire at his entrance, and had the most interesting ninja outfit of the entire episode. In addition to being the guy that choreographed my combat wedding, Reko taught me how to jump (remember the wall video) and is the first ever guest of the secret underground lab to climb up the west side of the building and knock on the window instead of using the front door. (Lots of things break when these ninja guys are around.)

Reko Rivera completes stage one of American Ninja Warrior 2015

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June 22, 2015

American Ninja Warrior

Watch OUR Ninja Compete tonight!

Tonight, AQWorld's "real-life Ninja" Drew Drechsel competes on the American Ninja Warrior TV show. Join us all in cheering him on as he continues his quest to become the first ever winner of the show. You might just catch a glimpse of me too... I will be there cheering him on holding a "Drew is my Spirit Animal" sign alongside his friends and family.

Drew Drechsel to compete on American Ninja Warrior

Drew has chosen purple as his official color, and we are updating his in-game ninja trainer NPC to match. (It is more... ninja-like) Want to know more? Watch the AdventureCouch interview with Drew & I below! This guy is amazing.

Drew Drechsel on AdventureCouch

Also be on the look out for the contestant Reko Rivera. he will probably be in a red and black ninja costume breathing fire. Fun fact... Reko is the friend who choreographed my battle wedding O_O.


June 19, 2015


"Space.... is not the final frontier"

It is an honor creating Dread Space for you alongside our talented team! I really hope you enjoy it. The last adventure I created for you was DoomWood... and if you were hoping for an equally shocking major plotline spoiler at the end, I dare you to make it to the end of this special release's storyline. Beam aboard the transforming Starship Paladin... you are the only person I trust to help with a mission this important. More than just the galaxy depends on our success. When one Paladin battles the evil undead... we all do. "SO SLAY WE ALL!"

Ebil Dread Space


  • 32 new "Dread Space" Storyline Quests
  • 12+ Bonus Challenge & "Replicator Item" Quests
  • Originally we planned to have a level 5+ and a level 40+ version of the adventure. Due to some bugs the high level version will not be available yet. But everyone can play.
  • Use the Replicator to make stuff!
  • 2 new "VERY LARGE" new.. um... "Houses"
    (If you can technically have a house in..... space)
  • Majority of items are free for all players through questing... including future Artix's Space Paladin Armor & Helm.
  • As promised: You can upgrade your Daimyo pet using the Replicator


Dread Space Limited Quantity Shop


Also this weekend... the limited quantity shop is opening with incredible rares from our artists Dage, Nulgath and Memet that will never be available again. The first shop opens tonight (Friday night, June 19th, 11:00pm EST) Read the full details here


This is only the beginning... prepare for an epic summer! Next Friday, Cysero will be releasing the special adventure he wrote for you. Then, the following Friday, Beleen and Nulgath are teaming up for yet another special release! THEN... I am going to create our first "living dungeon." Keep checking the design notes for more. If you are enjoying the game and our hard work, please consider supporting us by getting a membership or some AdventureCoins. Battle on!

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June 19, 2015

Play by Play


Hiya all! Artix here. I am very exicted about my first release since the last DoomWood. (That was my last one, right?)  To get back in the spirit of things I did a Play-by-Play on the homepage. Here is everything that was written so you do not miss out on anything!

Dread Space play by PLay

NOON - "The Code-pocolypse"
I had honestly expected us to already be in testing. I guess that is what I get for adding more and more stuff every hour. So far, ghost has sent in the cutscenes, and J6 finished all of the art. Currently Reens and I are coding the teleporter pad (super convienent for when you are far along) and these little red buttons you can click on to get a deeper glipse into the story. There are actually 3 sets of quests. The main storyline... then about half way through you unlock J6's super ultra crazy bounty hunting quests. There is also a replicator which gives you quests to make things... like Star Crew Uniforms. Because about making Red ones. the red ones are super dangerous. There is a curse tht anyone who wears a Red Star Crew Uniform is certain to not survive the episode.

1pm (EST) - War vs Evil Red Button
Reens and I spent the last hour fighting with an evil red button. So... true to the curse of the Red Shirts, we killed it O_O. We are building the rest of the screens manually. Meanwhile, Ghost turned the skip cutscene button into a more tiny text button so it did not distract from the cutscene... you really are going to want to see the dialog in the first cutscene. Especially since there are only two total! (The other is when you finish... which contains a pretty huge spoiler.) Now are are onto Music and SoundFX fixes, and then J6's bonus quests.

1:30pm (EST) - Expect a lot of SciFi references...
I had a lot of strange goals with this release. First, I wanted it to be highly accessable to everyone. That is why there is both a low level and a high level version. If you enjoy single player questing... then the main storyline will keep you busy for a long while. There are 40+ storyline quests in this release. Including the ultra hard bounty quests which are completely optional.. but should satisfy those of you who feel the normal releases are too short. If you just want to explore the map and fight the boss without doing the quests, I made it possible to do that too. You can still get the gist of the story... especially if you hit the little red buttons in most rooms (yes, same evil button as above) which give flavor to the story of the mysterious Space Station. I included a lot of references... I tried to keep them all as obvious and "gettable" as possible. I am a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and countless Space horror movies. I recommend taking your time with this release and enjoying it. Despite all the complicated looking stuff, I kept it simple and fun adventure... definatley worth getting to the end!

2:00pm (EST) - Music
Ghost did a remix of MechQuest's "System Overload" for tonight's release. It has a nice beat and it nice to battle to. Which brings me to another subject... that "Music On/off" button needs to go. Instead we need a nice soundFX and music toggle button cleanly integrated into the main interface that does not distract from the beautiful background art of the game. It was a left over from when we did a live event-- and long overdue to be fixed. Yorumi says after the server re-write, the game client will get a new round of polish fixing this and many other things.

4:00pm (EST) - Making items... FREE (with crazy questing)
We already have a big Limited Quantity Shop sale going live this weekend, so the awesome items for DREAD SPACE are almost entirely free if you are willing to quest for them. The Replicator is a device that creates something from star scrap metal that you find while adventuring. You can create different color Star Crew Shirts, Armored versions of those uniforms, my Star Paladin Uniform, the Blinding Lightsaber of Destiny and... as promised... if you got my faithful battle puppy, Daimyo, during his birthday, you can use the Replicator to turn him into Star Daimyo. There are two larger things you can make... MUCH LARGER... as in MUUUUUUCH LARGER. As an additional bonus, we added a few extra things just for you upgraded Members.

5:00pm (EST) - Final work... and AQ3D's stealth release
We are getting close! The final quests and items are being added. Meanwhile, Zhoom stealth released an AdventureQuest 3D Update at -- Interactive objects! In the cave, there are 4 glowing stones. If you... or your gorup of friends, press all of them it summons a monster to fight. This is the first test of a highly flexible interactive object system that will allow us to do a lot to make AQ3D fun and different. We are still in early development, but the progress have been rapidly evolving. Upgraded Members are welcome to login and help us. the game will be free for everyone once we get to open beta-- at which point it will be playable on the web, apple and android devices.

6:00pm (EST) - Preparing for release!
I sincerely hope you enjoy Dread Space tonight. It was an honor working on this for you alongside the skilled AQWorlds team. As usual... I expect there to be a few uncaught bugs. Please report them and we will fix them ASAP. The next time I see you... will be when I beam you aboard the Starship Paladin for the most important mission in the Galaxy.


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June 18, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: June 19 2015

New layout. New adventures. New story written by Artix!

Hi! You’ve got mail!

new email icon beleen iphone app icon

Click to read this week’s brand new newsletter—not only was it personally created by Artix himself, but Artix also wrote this week’s new game release: Ebil DreadSpace. AQW’s summer event starts off with a blast… off into space!

Read our Newsletter here!


June 17, 2015

Incoming Message from the S.S. Paladin...

Shhhh... this is the bridge of my Starship, the S.S. Paladin smile emoticon Do not mind J6's severed head. Want to beam aboard in on Friday? We have an issue... with the Space Station...

* PS - The S.S. Paladin originally appeared over 5000 years ago in our single-player space-mecha-explosion RPG, MechQuest!

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