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June 08, 2016

Ninjas, Babies, and Drakel Warlords

Most legit post ever.

Greetings friends! I am writing to you from my super uncomfy seat at the hospital with a triple dose of exciting news. 

American Ninja Warrior: Drew, Mack, & Reko

On tonight’s episode of the American Ninja Warrior TV show, 3 friends of AQWorlds will be running! Pleaase join us in cheering on our very own ninja trailer, Drew Drechsel. Also, the “King of Obstacles” Mack Roesch who declared on AdventureCouch that he would try out for the show… well, he made it on! Finally, my close friend Reko Rivera who will be unmissable with his red ninja outfit, haircut, and… well, he normally shows up breathing fire. 

Baby Mia “Warrior Princess” 

At the stroke of midnight on Sunday, we got a very… very…  special surprise. See the official announcement video on my Facebook page. It should be noted that she was born on 6/6/16 during a storm -- likely future member of Dage’s Legion? 

Special secret story: Our AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter was funded, we were Greenlit on Steam, and I found out we were having Mia all on the same day! I was asked not to publically announce this because, you know, things can go wrong… but as you can imagine, that was THE BEST day ever. 

Drakel Warlords

On Friday our new main storyline, Throne of Darkness, continues with a much more serious and deadly release… Pax and the DEATH ARENA. It should be noted that these are Elite Drakel… they claim to be the descendants of the ancient great Dragons themselves and believe they are the rightful heirs to this world. Pax has several Elites with him including one very rare Albino Drakel. This character was based off of a close childhood friend of mine-- perhaps I could tell you a more funny story about this in a later post. 

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