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The 100% crazy, non-stop action, anything goes, fantasy card game! Contains 110 cards... everything you need for 2 or 4 players to play anythere using a single deck! It is fast, easy, fun and FULL OF DOOOOOM! One minute you might have a super-damaging attack lined up with a pet, poison, armor, and a powerful weapon that will surely doom your opponent to the grave. But before you complete your turn, your opponent might pull a tricky move that could stop your attack, or worse - send everything back to attack you instead!  But wait! Maybe you got lucky and you had a mirror to reflect HIS mirror back at him and complete your attack. Oh no! Did he just teleport out of the way? In this battle card game, anything goes!
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Card Game Box
Contains 110 cards filled with the art and puns you would expect from AE


BONUS! Exclusive Class & Items for AQWorlds


Each box includes a code that unlocks a shop full of exclusive, in-game collector’s items inside the hit MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds

Card Clasher Class

The code unlocks

  • Card Clasher Class
  • Card Clasher Weapon
  • Card Clasher Cape

Card Clasher Class
A powerful class with all new skills. Color customizable!


Artix Krieger

The Play by Play

Normally my play-by-plays take place over a single day... but this one will take place from now until the card game is officially launched in stores!

Oct 28th

MOD PACKS now available at Toys"R"Us!
Woohooo! If you ln the U.S., you can now get the DoomWood and Chaos Mod Pack in-store at Toys"R"Us. For the rest of us... on Tuesday, will be selling the packs and shipping them ANYWHERE in the world. Both packs come with the complete set of 13 new cards, an exclusive item and half of the PaladinSlayer class. Combine both the right and left side to create the full, usable PaladinSlayer class in AdventureQuest Worlds.


Oct 6th

Mod Packs coming out this month!
We are really excited about the two new Mod Packs that will be released in Toys"R"Us and on this month. The original Card Game video on youtube is *ALMOST* at 1,000,000 views. We are trying to think of a funny video to make for the expansion. Meanwhile... we found this video made by Xyo!

Releasing in October!!! The DoomWood and Chaos MOD packs are here. Each pack contains all of the cards in it's expansion (no buying endless booster packs!) We are pricing them as cheap as possible and each comes with an exclusive in-game item. DoomWood gets Vordred's Sword and Chaos get the Chaos Eye. Each pack also comes with 1/2 of the UndeadSlayer class! (Combine the two sides to form it!) While we just got our shipment, we are still waiting for Toys"R"Us to receive theirs. In the meantim... we will just sit here... staring at all the shiny unopened boxes.... O_O

Mod Packs

July 19th BREAKING NEWS: DoomWood and ChaosLord Expansion!
This just in... we have asked by Toys"R"Us to create two AQWorlds Card Game Expansion Decks! This is really good for the game because it will keep it alive and fresh. (Well, LOL, since the first expansion pack is DoomWood, instead of alive and fresh it is more like undead and festering!) The other expansion is ChaosLord which features some CRAZY cards. Like the original game, each expansion pack contains all of the card in the expanion -- so there is NO buying of endless foiled cards without knowing what is in them. They are also very inexpensive! Simply get it and mix it in with your deck to make the game even more crazy/fun/wierd/insane! I will post all of the new cards for you here soon.

The 2 expansions will be out in time for the holidays!

Each expansion deck includes a new class armor, new pet, new weapons, spells, special cards and more! They also unlock a special items in AQWorlds... if you combine the items from BOTH expansion decks it will create: The CHAOS SLAYER CLASS (Which is part Paladin Slayer and part Chaos Lord)

July 12th HeroMart is sending the game... EVERYWHERE!
I was visiting Faith and saw a bunch of the AQWorlds Card Games were about to be shipped from HeroMart. Out of curiosity I picked some up at random to look where they were going. The boxes read: Great Britian, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Isreal, Germany, and even one to my home town of Altoona Pennslyvania (USA). AMAZING! We really do have awesome players all over the world. Thank you guys so much! I hugged each box, so if you feel extra love when you get your package, you will know why!
May 25th OMG! One-Eyed Doll's Kimberly is so silly....
She video taped herself buying the card game at Toys R Us. Kimberly is the lead singer of the Austin Texas' #1 Punk rock band (Voted in Austin Music Awards 2009, 2010 & 2011), One-Eyed Doll -- which appeared in our AQWorlds Arcangrove LIVE music event last year. Her character from the event is featured on the cards "Rocking Out" and "Sleep".

Rocking Out

In her video post she offers to sign the card with her on it for any fan that sends it to her with a self-addressed envelope. (COOOL!)

May 18th AQW Card Game box saves Baby Bird
Korin (The head of MechQuest) saw that a baby bird had fallen out of a broken nest. It could not fly. The baby bird's mother was feeding it on the ground, but that would not offer much protection. So Korin crafted a new (and VERY stable) bird nest using an AQWorlds Card Game shipping box and a ridiculous amount of tape. We are proud to report that the baby bird's mother has been delivering food to the baby in the new AQWorlds nest!
May 13th Friday the 13th!
Remember... on friday the 13th this card does +13 damage instead of just +1. If you win with this card today, please let me know on Twitter or Facebook! Also, true to the card there is a live event happening in AdventureQuest Worlds tonight... gear up with your Card Clasher armor and get ready for the craziest event of the year!

Friday the 13th AQWorlds Card

April 18th WOOOOHOOOOOO! Congratulations everyone -- THE CARD GAME IS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!!!!! You can get yours now... available at TOYS-R-US store locations across the U.S. and for everyone outside the U.S. you can now get it at

Coming this week

  • The secret BONUS in-game item to be announced
  • Extended rules!
  • Cysero will be posting a full list of Card Clasher Class skills on the AQWorlds Design notes
April 17th Tomorrow the Card Game will official launch! I have gotten messages from some players who are saying the card game is already on shelves at some locations. So we just activated the button (4:30pm EST on Sunday) that will make the Card Clasher badge open the shop that gives you the Class, Weapons, and Back-item. Also... we are 99% finished with the top secret EXTRA bonus item. It will be announced and added... hmmm... maybe we should wait a few days and let you get the cards before making it available to everyone who has the cards. The game officially goes on sale tomorrow! Cross your fingers everyone!
April 13th Less than a week until the game is on store shelves! Next Monday, the game will be on shelves at TOYS-R-US in the United States, and available for players outside of the U.S. via HeroMart.
April 10th We heard through the grapevine that the CEO of TOYS-R-US got his copy and gave us a very positive response! We were told he frames the card sheets from all of the major card games and hangs them on his wall... it is really cool to think our card sheet is hanging up there with the classic card games we love!
April 7th Today, a Fed Ex truck delivered 6 palllets filled to the brim with Card Game to the secret underground lab. (Pallets are those huge square wooden things that they stack stuff on for shipping.) Unable to fit the giant palettes through the door we had to moe all the boxes in one-by-one... so we formed a human chain of AE Tam Members (Cysero, Thyton, Nythera, Zazul and many more of us) and started passing the big boxes.To make enough space to store everything we had to move all of the skeletons out of the meeting room... seriously. (You saw that scene in the video right?)
April 1st No April Fools here at the card game... this is for real! But the game leads are doing some silly things in all of our games
March 31st The Card Clasher Class is in testing! The color customizable armor art is by Dage and the amazing new skills were coded by Minimal. As you may have noticed from te screenshot, it pops cards up on yourself and your targets. The skills unlike anything else in the game and are soooooo cool!
March 30th We have just gotten word from the press that the cards, rules and packaging are finished! Faith (who runs HeroMart) is sitting by the door to the lab, anxiously twiddling her thumbs waiting to find out when the boxes of cards will arrive here so we can put them on the store. HeroMart is getting a VERY limited amount of cards... so if you can buy it at TOYS-R-US, please do!
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