AdventureCoin Items

What are AdventureCoins?

AdventureCoins allow you to customize your character with rare permanent items including weapons, helms, capes and armors. Permanent means they are usable even when your membership expires. Also, you can use AdventureCoins to add more bag slots - increasing the number of items you can carry!

  • You can also purchase a large amount of AdventureCoins, using real money.
  • You can trade the AdventureCoins in for cool special Weapons or other items.

AdventureCoinsSpend AdventureCoins on cool game items like:

  • Sepulchure's Undead Blade
  • Solaris Knight
  • Magical Bonfire
  • Wings of the Abyss
  • Player Houses

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How do I get AdventureCoins?
We have several ways for you to get AdventureCoins

AdventureCoinsBuy AdventureCoins

AdventureCoins Packages:
$39.95 - 12,000 AdventureCoins
$19.95 - 5,000 AdventureCoins
$ 9.95 - 2,000 AdventureCoins

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There are multiple AdventureCoins items released that are rare and available for a limited time only. Once these items are gone, they are gone forever, so get your AdventureCoins today! You never know what crazy, awesome, silly, uber-epic items we will released next! Also, look out for special AdventureCoins items included with our releases and live events!

aeXtrasSpecial Offers
Earn FREE AdventureCoins With Special Offers

Most offers require you to sign up to a website, answer a survey, buy something, or sign up for a trial. Each offer will show you how many AdventureCoins it is worth if you complete it. If you are eligible and you complete the offer, your character will automatically get the AdventureCoins in AQWorlds!

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Where Can I buy AdventureCoin Items?
AC shop - Valencia in Battleon
Your first stop for all your AC-item needs is the AdventureCoin Shop located in Battleon. Head to Valencia, the rare-item hunter, in the middle of town to check out some amazing loot ranging from Sepulchure’s Undead Blade to the Valkyrie Wings of Destiny!

Player Suggestion Shop - Yulgar’s Inn
Interested in equipping items designed by your fellow players? We have a Player Suggestion Shop dedicated to just that! Head over to Yulgar’s Inn in Battleon and purchase amazing gear such as the Samurai Helmet and the Undead Warrior Armor!

Drow Shop - UpperCity in Dwarfhold Keep
Dwarfhold Keep is overrun by powerful dark elves known as Drow. One sure way of surviving the Dwarven depths is to equip yourself with Drow Assassin gear available at Jorxlol’s Shop! You can find Jorxlol in UpperCity, a once prosperous town situated in the middle of Dwarfhold Keep!

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