Design Notes

March 02, 2012

War in Etherstorm Wastes

Who will YOU fight for?

Fire, Water, Wind and Earth… and Desoloth! War has come to Etherstorm and the DragonPlane! Choose a side; fight for Good, Evil or Desoloth in AQW’s first 3-sided war and battle to decide a whole realm’s destiny. The winning side will determine Desoloth’s fate… and affect the end of the Chaos storyline!

The Cor Draconis is the heart of the DragonPlane.

Make sure you’re up to date in the Etherstorm storyline to understand everything that’s happening, but if you aren’t caught up, you’ll still be able to battle. (You’ll just be a bit confused at some of the life-altering events that have happened to the characters!)

What did you do to make Omom so ANGRY?!

The choice is yours, Hero! Will you fight for Good, Evil or Desoloth? Only ONE side can win this war, and whichever one does will determine Desoloth’s fate… and will have an impact on the end of the Chaos storyline in the future!

Dracomancer, AC Grenadier Classes!

Dragons. Magic. What more could a fantasy-loving game player want? Loosely based on the class from AdventureQuest Classic, we’ve given the armor and skills an epic AQWorlds twist to keep things fresh and unique!

Check out Thursday’s Design Notes post from Cysero to get an idea of the Dracomancer Class’s skills! On Friday you’ll be able to purchase the class from Itzachi in Battleon for 2,000 ACs or from any of the Etherstorm Priests if you’ve achieved rank 10 in Etherstorm rep!

And MEMBERS can now purchase the SkyGuard Grenadier Class for 2,000 ACs, as well! Talk to Itzachi in Battleon!

Etherstorm War Rewards!

One of the BEST things about wars is all the awesome rewards, and the Etherstorm battle won’t be any different! We’ve got a host of excellent war merge rewards, and each sidewill have its own gear to earn! But don’t worry, if you like the look of another side’s rewards, YOU can earn them, too. You’ll just have to battle that side’s monsters to earn the required merge items!

Rockin' War Rares!

  • Color Custom Dragarian Armor!
  • Color Custom Dragarian Helm!
  • Copper Rainment of the Black Dragon!
  • Silver Rainment of the Black Dragon!
  • Gold Rainment of the Black Dragon!
  • Crowned Cowl!
  • The Slay Blade!
  • Vitae's Breath Staff!
  • Dragon Pike Polearm!

Happy birthday Dage and Solrac!

Both Solrac and Dage the Evil had birthdays this week! To celebrate, Dage has released a special Evil Deathday shop in Battleon! You’ll be able to get the following gear, whether or not you’re a member of the Legion. But if you HAVE gone over to the Dark side, then you’ll be able to purchase the extremely rare Paragon pet for 2,000 AdventureCoins!
The Evillest Birthday shop:
  • Paragon Pet - 2,000 ACs
    Must complete Legion quests to purchase!
  • Legion Vampire Armor - 1,000 ACs
  • Legion Vampire Helm - 100 ACs
  • Vampire Bat Cape - 200 ACs
  • Legion Vampire Scythe - 500 ACs
  • Dark Caster Hair - 100 ACs
  • Dage's DeathKnight Armor - 800 ACs

The positively Evil Paragon Pet!

Australia Day Items!

Thanks for this absolutely ACE shop go to Herzer Herring, the latest winner of the I Can Has Mod contest! She selflessly wished for a shop to celebrate her home country. That means blokes and shielas everywhere can get these non-member, spiffy prezzies for gold by talking to Mick Dundoo in BattleOn!

Run away, Mate!

Rip Snortin’ Rewards:

  • Mick Dundoo Armor and hat!
  • Mick Dundoo Dual-Bowie Knives!
  • Boomerang and Green-Gold version!
  • Cricket bat!
  • Rugby Armor!
  • Barry the Platypus pet!
  • Ripper the Kangaroo pet!
  • Aussie Opera House House!
  • Australian Flag house item!
  • Crocodile-skinned rug house item!

February 28, 2012

Etherstorm Three-Way War

Will you fight for Good, Evil, or... Desoloth?

Kill Desoloth... or kill dragons FOR Desoloth! Drunk with power and the anarchy he has caused, Desoloth the Final is finished waiting. The time has come to make his move on Etherstorm, but the battlefield is far from where you've been fighting!

This portal transports you between Lore and the DragonPlane.

Fire, Water, Air and Earth all join together in the DragonPlane, and at their center - the Cor Draconis. The heart of the Plane and the heart of elemental dragons, it is imbued with eons of draconic power. And it's the only place secure enough to hold Desoloth now that he is this powerful!

Do not be distracted by the beauty; death is present in every stone.

But his downfall and imprisonment in the Cor Draconis is far from a sure thing. Those who choose Evil may feel that his attacks merit more punishment than just imprisonment. And for those who choose to fight on Desoloth's side... his freedom and rise to power is the only goal.

Paths to the boss battle frame and the Cor Draconis will only unlock at 100%!

But how easy accomplishing that goal will be when Drakath has turned his attention to Etherstorm's anarchy remains to be seen!

The choice is yours. War comes to Etherstorm THIS Friday!

  • 3 sides to choose from! Fight for Good, Evil, or Desoloth!
  • Battle Chaorrupted Elemental Thunderbirds OR Elemental dragons!
  • Winning side determines the outcome of the war!*
  • Winning side will affect the final battle against Chaos!
  • Unlock a cutscene starring Galanoth at 50% on the war meter!
  • Epic War Rares shop! (leaves at the end of the war)
  • War Merge shop! (permanent content)
  • Members will receive double resource drops from the member-only merge quests!

* All 3 endings are written, but YOU will pick which one we animate and which becomes storyline canon based on the war's victor!

Dracomancer Class coming THIS FRIDAY!

Cysero and Yorumi are hard at work designing and coding the Dracomancer class. Dage just came in with a concept sketch and it is pretty awesome! Cysero's Dracomancer skills writeup will come later this week!


Midweek member releases delayed

Sadly, Cysero's been swamped pitching in on this week's release (are you ready for the Aussie Day Wish gifts? I know I am! Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI OI OI! /cheer) so there will not be a member-only midweek release this week. And next week he will be writing the next installment of the Xan storyline. Members, look for a return of the midweek releases on March 14th!

Where have all the Pancakes Gone?

Where is the Lunchlady?
How to feed my pet dragon?
Where is the sweetest ending?
Where have all the pancakes gooooooone?*

Thousands of pancakes have been consumed, and even more heroes were injured by falling flapjacks. Pancake Day is gone for another year! Tuck into any plates you've hidden around Yulgar's Inn and dream of the next syrup-laden day to come.

* It's Late-90s Music Day! Ah, memories.

Leap Day comes tomorrow!

Jump for joy, because tomorrow is Leap Day! It only comes every four years, so to spring into action, we're offering four boosts to bump up your battling! Look for four FREE boosts in Battleon sometime tomorow - EXP, gold, rep, and class rank boosts!

Solrac's Birthday today!

Celebrate, celebrate, /dance to the music!Wish Solrac a happy birthday on Twitter or the forum as he furiously Flashes awesome art for this Friday's war rewards! /Cheer him on as he levels up in real life!

The Return of Xan NEXT Friday!

Things are about to get HOT! Next Friday will see the return of Xan, drawing to him flames and fury as he seeks out the target of his newest goal. Nearby locals have something he needs, something he MUST have! Without it, could his fire be forever extinguished? Find out next Friday!

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