A Guide to Spooktacular Adventures

Celebrate Halloween with Mogloween

Mystcroft: where the motto is: Trick or treat? ...Treats AND Tricks, please!

It is a dark and stormy night, fog creeps through the trees and into the houses of Battleon. When you step outside, a beacon pulses in the darkness. As you walk towards it, ghostly moans grow louder. When you enter a clearing you KNOW wasn't there before, you see a portal that takes you to... MystCroft, realm of spookily-delicious Mogloween adventures!

Meet the Cauldron sisters, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble, and help them play their tricks to save Mogloween... and all the delicious treats that come with it!

Begin in Mystcroft!

Happy Holloween video game event Mogloween

Where to go: /Join mogloween
Who to talk to: Bubble, Toil, and Trouble
What to do: Start by accepting Bubble's first quest!

MystCroft Shops

MystCroft NPCs

Bubble's Quests

Enter the house on the right to begin these quests.

  • Candy Craze: Bring back 20 piecs of candy.
  • Chocolate Goodness: Bring back 5 chocolates.

Toil's Quests

Enter the house in the middle to begin these quests.

  • Chilling Costume: Bring back 10 pieces of fabric from the ghosts.
  • Candy Basket: Bring back 6 pumpkins.

Trouble's Quests

Enter the house on the left to begin these quests.

  • Mystery Candy: Bring back 8 lollipops.
  • Lollipop Potion: Bring back 3 pieces of mystery candy.
  • Can't Have Enough: Bring back 5 pieces of mystery candy.

Safiria's Quests

Must have completed The Cauldron Sisters' Quests

  • Squash The King: Bring my back 1 Pwnkin seed to show me your victorious outcome! 
  • A Bone to Pick: Gather up 10 Skeletal Craniums from the bone heads wandering about my graveyard.
  • Were are the Wolves: Bring me back 6 vials of Slobber.
  • Killer, Chiller, Thriller Here Tonight: Defeat the boss!

Candy Shoppe

Happy Holloween video game event Candy Shoppe

Where to go: into the Candy Shoppe northwest of the Mogloween Grave
Who to talk to
: the Cauldron Sisters
What to do
: defeat the monsters that stole the Sisters’ cauldron, Myx!

Candy Shoppe Shops

Candy Shop NPCs

The Cauldron Sisters Quests

  • Clear a Path: Collect 10 tufts of Moglinster Fur
  • Kanathalite-D: Find 8 Kan-D bars from Sugarrush Ghouls
  • Myx It Up: Find Mxy!
  • Candy Conundrum: Collect 10 Candy Samples
  • Boos Clues: Go through the magic portal and collect clues
  • What’s Up, Doc?: Defeat the boss!

Candy Corn Farm

Halloween in the Candy Corn Farm

Where to go: into the Candycorn Fields northeast of the Mogloween Grave
Who to talk to
: the Cauldron Sisters
What to do
: discover what—or who!—is making children act chaotic.

Candy Corn Farm Shops

Candy Corn Farm NPCs

The Cauldron Sisters Quests

  • Investigate the Farmhouse: take a look around the farmhouse
  • Children of Chaos: free 10 Chaos Kids
  • Where is that barn key?: find the Candy Corn Barn Key
  • Investigate the Barn: ‘nuff said.
  • Malik-EYE is so Grounded: give Malik-EYE a timeout!
  • Clearing the Candy Corn Field: slay 10 Field Guardians
  • So Sick of EYE-sac: EYE-Sac needs a timeout too!
  • She Who Walks Behind The Stalks: Defeat the boss!

BakeShop of Horrors

Halloween bake shop in online adventure game

Where to go: into the BakeShop northwest of the Candy Corn Fields
Who to talk to
: Toil, Bubble, and Trouble
What to do
: uncover the devilish delights and diabolical desserts of Cysero’s Forge-Kitchen

BakeShop Shops

BakeShop NPCs

Toil, Bubble, and Trouble Quests

  • Take a Bit out of Crime: Defend the pie!
  • Skullberry Picking: Find 10 Skullberries
  • A Monstrous Appetite: Defend pies and avenge your friends
  • Head to Willowcreek: Find Farmer Northrup’s Son in Willowcreek
  • Are You Luca’ing For Trouble?: defeat the boss!

Alycar Quests

  • Can I Axe You a Question: Find 15 shards
  • Don’t Forg-t: Create an Axe at the Forge
  • Undead End in Sight: put up the Undead End sign

Mina Kabuha Quests

  • Remember Your Quest: Defeat 15 monsters in the area

Baron Luca Quests

  • Missing Servant: find Luca’s minion
  • Mostly Dead Makes Trouble: retrieve 13 completely dead Ghouls
  • MY Servants are only Food for ME!: Defeat 10 Gourdos, Myst Yagas, Myst Imps, and Sugar Overdose Ghouls
  • Dark Moglinster DOOM: slay 10 Moglinsters
  • A Sweet Treat: collect 12 Sugarrush Sugar from Sugarrush Ghouls  

Thanks to:

.Shadow//, Jason, Zyrain, and Retro the Watcher for working on this guide!

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