Weekly Event Calendar

Upcoming Game Events: October 2022

Every October, we celebrate AdventureQuest Worlds' birthday and Artix Entertainment's anniversary with new rewards, gifts, and special bonuses. This year, our month-long 14th anniversary celebration begins just a little early: on September 30th, our 14th Upholder special bonus offer arrives, along with a Nightmare Carnax world boss. The /party continues throughout the entire month of October! 


September 30

  • 14th Upholder begins
  • Nightmare Carnax boss + rewards
  • New upgrade bonus pack
  • Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day shop + collection chest update

October 1: October seasonal set (ChronoStriker) returns 

October 3: 

October 7

  • seasonal Mogloween events return
  • seasonal AQWorlds Birthday maps + gear return
  • Artix 20th Anniversary Collection Chest
  • 14th Birthday Gift I: Free inventory + bank slots 

October 14

  • AE 20th Anniversary Event, Part I
  • Artix 20th Anniversary Collection Chest update
  • 2022 Achievement Tracker gifts
  • 14th Birthday Gift II: 500 free AdventureCoins

October 21

  • AE 20th Anniversary Event, Part II
  • 14th Birthday Class: ArchMage
  • 14th Birthday Gift III: Multi turn-in / buy / sell / enhance

October 28

  • 2022 Mogloween event 
  • Wheel of Doom Treasure Chest update
  • 14th Birthday Gift IV: Cosmetic / outfit slots


October 1: October seasonal set + National Day drops

October 7: Talk Like a Pirate Day seasonal events + collection chest

October 14

  • Featured Gear Shop sets: Wrathful Lich + Celestial Healer
  • Rare daily login gifts from September 19 - 30

October 23: Featured Gear Shop set: Corrupted Mana

October 31: rare daily login gifts from October 1 - 16

November 3: Last chance to upgrade and unlock 14th Upholder

Daily Login Gift Schedule

There's always something new to do or battle for in AdventureQuest Worlds! Log in each day for a new item, boost, buff, or surprise. 

Follow AQWorldsGame on Twitter for more details and to see the newest daily gifts available for you at www.AQ.com!

Release time: Gold, Rep, Class Points, and XP boosts are scheduled to begin at 12:01 AM EST (server time). Farming resource boosts and item drops do not have a set release time.

Rare drops released between:

  • September 1 - 18 leave September 30
  • September 22 - 30 leave October 14
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