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July 27, 2010

Metrocon Pictures and Stories!

Wait... you guys are really real?

Last weekend the team went to the Metrocon Anime convention. It was so much fun! It was the 1st time we had ever ran a booth. Meeting people without a keyboard in-beween is so strange!  Thyton and Nightwraith drew sketches for people while the rest of us talked to people about what we were building and... generally just had a lot of fun! It was a huge success. (Well, unless you are good at math. for every $1 we earned, we spent $2 on anime, manga and silly hats.) We wished you all could have been there. Until Zhoom finishes his insta-teleportation machine so we can travel everywhere... I have some pictures for you... now, it is officially against our policy to post real pictures of us on the game sites. But I am going to break the rules for you... because if I cannot meet you in person, I would like to meet you here online.  So if you have been wondering what Artix and the team really look like... Here you go! (Note: I immediately regret this decision!)

Nythera, Miko and Artix crash Metrocon
Nythera, Ai No Miko & Artix crashing cosplayers with their games!

We were amazed at the huge number of people who knew and had played our games. Everyone and their grandmother (literally, we met one) had played the original AdventureQuest. Meanwhile we got to meet a ton of incredibly cool AQWorlds and DragonFable players. However, it was MechQuest that shocked us all. Die hard MechQuest fans were so intense, loyal, and dedicated... and there were so many!  There must be something special about delivering Pizza in a 100 ton war machine (stepping on cars may hurt your tip though.) Some players even came dressed up -- including one girl in Alpha Pirate armor! Our friends from DragonCon returned in costume as J6, Valencia, Tek, and Ash!

AdventureQuest CosplayCosplayers, Chickencow T-shirts and... *Whispers* Thyton is the one on the far left.

We had a giant candy bowl which we used to lure unsuspecting convention attendees to our booth. (Unrelated note: While normally a very healthy eater... I chomped down about 3 bowls worth of candy during the convention.) Many people were surprised when they found out that all of us running the booth actually built and run the games... we were not just some faceless corporation that just imported games from other Countries. You could see the passion and enthusiasm for the games when talking to the team. They are as super friendly in real life as they are in game! (Talking about which... the poor skeleton crew back at the lab really had a rough time. But we are going to make it up to you... we are making something EXTRA SPECIAL for you for Friday the 13th)

BattleOn Merch Booth

We had some new things with us including the ChickenCow Shirts and our first Music CD, The NPC's "Critical Hits". If you picked up one of the ones from the convention... check your email tomorrow. We will be sending instructions. If you were not there, do not worry -- they will be available with the premiere of the new HeroMart store which will open shortly. "Shop Smart... shop... HeroMart!" Unfortunately, we are now completely out of stock of Thermo-Nuclear Detonators for Toddlers and Herios Breakfast Cereal (Free Princess in every box -- be sure to rescue her before the expiration date!) Meanwhile, the MechQuest Artbook is still available at Jinx.

People watching 101. If you are ever out with a group of friends in a public place and want to do something funny... try this. During day two of the convention Cysero, Thyton, and a bunch of others went out to the center of the room and.... just looked up and stared with shocked expressions at a random spot on the ceiling. They did this for about 10 minutes without so much as glancing away. Meanwhile, back at the booth -- we video taped the reactions of people walking by. People react so weirdly! From flinching, running, studying it... but.. no one ever asks what they are looking at!

Once again, thank you to everyone for making this such a special and memorable experience. Now... what convention should we do next!?

AdventureQuest Booth

Should have finished mouth full of caaaaaandy before the photo was taken

Watch J6 draw LIVE on Thursday

We are setting up a special room in AQWorlds. You will be able to go there and watch J6 draw a weapon for this week's release.... LIVE as he draws it. We are not sure how to facilitate chat, but we will think of something. We are aiming for 3pm EST this Thursday

Giant Finale & the Start of the new Zone

This week is the finale of the Giant zone! Next.. if the poll on the forums continues the way it is going, we will enter the enhanted forest of Arcangrove. How high should we raise the level cap for the next zone?

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