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July 09, 2013

Meme Moglins!

The Memes you Love now in AQWorlds!

ZOMG. No Wai. Meme Moglins?!1!!one!?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Courage wolf meme in online adventure game

Today we are releasing a shop FULL of your favorite memes—in Moglin form! Later this afternoon, check your Game Menu for a shop loaded with Pet and Battlepet... Memeglins!

Pancake Meme moglin

Pancake Moglin Pet


Pancake Battlemoglin

Courage moglin meme pet

Courage Moglin Pet


Courage Battlemoglin

Grumpy cat meme moglin

Grumpy Moglin Pet


Battle Grumpy

Lorestuck meme moglin

Lorestuck Moglin Pet


Lorestuck Battlemoglin

Like a boss meme moglin

Like A Moglin pet


Like a Battlemoglin

Trollolol meme moglin

Trollolol pet


Battle Trollolol

Stay epic, my friends.

xoxo Beleen  

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July 08, 2013

Week at a Glance

Spoiler Showdown!

Happy Monday everyone! Did you enjoy the weekend? Let’s recap in case you missed Friday’s brand-new fun in your favorite online adventure game!

Trigoras fight

  • 2 new weapons in Diozz’s Artist Shop
  • Trigoras Challenge Fight
  • Legion Soul Cleaver Class
  • Exalted Soul Cleaver Class
  • Cysero’s crazy Quests in BattleonTown
  • Ducky Rubber Armor Set
  • Living Yogurt Warrior Armor Set
  • Mad Magic Mana Walker Armor Set
  • Glowing Socks
  • Trigoras Slayer gear

We have a bunch of awesome stuff coming this week, too!


Ermahgerd! A Meme Moglin Shop! And it’s arriving Tuesday afternoon! DO WANT!

Meme online adventure game AQW

We normally slot our Tuesdays for Featured Artists, but this week we’re changing things up a bit. I mean, what could be more epic than Meme Moglins, anyway?

Get your Robot On in Diozz’s Featured Artist Showcase Shop from the main menu! And then tomorrow we will release the Meme Moglin Shop in its place.


Sure, Friday is like 5 days away, but it’s never too early to get a head start!

  • Continue Dage’s Scorn saga
    • Meet Charon the Underworld Ferryman
    • Travel down the River Acheron
    • Traverse the Great Marsh of Styx
    • Encounter infamous Underworld Beasts
    • Collect unnerving Underworld loot
    • Unlock the gates leading to Dage’s Palace
  • Shadowfire Emissary
    • Complete Armor Set
    • Get with 1 month Membership package
  • New hair styles
    • Bev in Battleon is ready to give you a new ‘do
  • Staff testing of Guilds Phase II
    • U NO CAN HAZ…yet
    • Only for AE Staff Members
    • Public Testing coming soon-ish…unless we break Yorumi’s code when we test out Guilds!

There you have it! Now I must begin work on this week’s release!

xoxo Beleen


April 25, 2013

Quibble is Coming

That Moglin always has the coolest gear!

Why hello my lovely heroes and villains =D Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever. Why? Not only is it Friday (and Fridays are always awesome, duh), but Quibble Coinbiter is also headed to Battleon! Yippee!

Quibble Coinbiter moglin rare items
Hey there, Heeeeeeero...!

Who is Quibble?

Quibble Coinbiter is everyone’s favorite sales Moglin who travels far and wide, collecting never-before-seen Items to add to your impressive collection. No one knows if—or when—Quibble’s Items will go permanently Rare, so your best bet is to get all the goodies in his shop just in case it’s the latter!

Rare Items Gravelyn Paladin Doomknight
Do you ally with Good or Evil?

That slick Moglin also has the uncanny knack of showing up right before the next Lord of Chaos strikes… and always seems to know an awful lot about the Chaos Lords, too.

Cryomancer Nax will also have an Ice Skull helm! 

No one wants the Lord of Chaos to win (well… except for Drakath, who is all bent out of shape because we wouldn’t make him an in-game Mod), so suiting up in Quibble’s sweet swag is one of your best—and most fashionable!—defenses against the Chaos uprising.  

The opposite of Alpha Pirate is... Omega Pirate!

Let’s get real here, folks—Quibble stocks Battleon with epic Armors, Helms, Weapons, and more, but he charges the AQW Team a hefty price. It takes a lot of time, energy, creativity, coffee, and money to craft these amazing items featured in Quibble Coinbiter’s Shop.

Cleric Zorbak just wants to help you heal!

But you can help! Your kind donations in the form of AdventureCoins and Membership purchases go towards helping AQW grow bigger and better every week. We could not have made AQWorlds without your help and Beleen love cheer happy heartssupport, and any donation made to us is greatly appreciated and continues to make AQW your favorite online MMO!

Become a real life Hero to your friendly AQW Team! Help support us by Upgrading to a Member today and by purchasing an AdventureCoins bundle =D

You guys and girls are awesome, and I look forward to continuing our adventures together! I wouldn’t want anyone else to battle alongside as we defeat the 13 Lord of Chaos! Let’s Battle ON!


January 11, 2011

2011 is Year of the Moglin!

Field guide to the Good, the Ebil and... Twig?

Moglins are the cuddly* and adorable** mascots of our game. Their origins are a mystery but the Loremasters say they have protected the forests since the times when Dragons ruled the world. With their magic healing powers*** and pure heart  s**** they represent all that is good in the world*****. The most famous Moglins are well known to most of you... but for those just joining us this year, here is a helpful guide!

* Except for Zorbak
** Except for Zorbak
*** Except for Zorbak
**** Except for Zorbak
***** Except for Zorbak

Twilly from AQworlds Twilly
He is cuddlier than any fabric softener bear and more puntable than a football. Twilly's is a true friend to all. His helpful heals in the town of Battleon have made him one of the most liked and famous moglins in the world. We are not quite sure how he got that chunk taken out of his right ear... erm... left ear... erm... well, I guess it depends on which way he is facing. 2D world dynamics are so wierd! Any way yo ulook at it, Twilly is a good moglin that you can count on!
Zorbak from AQworlds Zorbak
100% Ebil. Even as a baby it was not hard to see that Zorbak was different than the other moglins. While his fellow moglins touched plants, healing them and filling them with life energy.... his touch caused them to rot and become zombified. This does not bother him though. For he is consumed with dillusions of grandier and dreams of world conquest. All that stands between him and his wicked goal is... well, a way to actually do it. So be careful what you give him! Zorbak can often be found teaming up with villians -- mostly to try to take control of their undead armies. He has a soft wpot in his black heart for the sweet voice of a cute Necromantress though. If there is mischief, expect to hear Zorbak's signature "Meh heh heh" in the distance!
Twig from AQworlds

If there was a moglin formula for disaster... it would be "the terrible 2's", invincibility and a love of fish & icecream -- mixed together in a creamy casserole served with pickles, gummi bears and some hot chocolate. The story goes that Oishii saved Twig as a baby... and due to consuming an elemental orb he gained the power of invincability allowing him to further survive Oishii's cooking... and.... somehow... enjoy it. 10 out of 10 evil dentists agree... he is the craziest moglin in the world and should be approached with extreme caution.


There are many other moglins in the world... Truffle (the rarest moglin because she has wings), Quibble (the never-before-seen-used weapon salesmoglin)... and many others. Each has a unique story, appearance (Well, except for Invisi the invisible moglin), and ability. During your adventures you may encounter these creatures. Do not dismiss them due to their small size. It should be known that Moglins hold a significant role in the balance between Order and Chaos. Why do such little cute things always hold such secrets?

Forum Question: If you were a moglin, what would you look like? What color would you be? What would you wear? Would you have any markings or powers?


December 14, 2010

I Leveled Up IRL!

Today I turned another year older… and turned Moglins PINK!

Thank you everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on my Twitter =D It was SOO nice of you all and it made me feel so wonderfully warm on the inside… which was LOVELY considering it was 29 degrees outside! Burrrrrrrr!

I have such awesome friends! <3 <3 <3 <3 And I wanted to give you all something special for making me feel equally special ^___^

Pink Moglins RULE

So here you go! I added 4 pink-a-licious items to Quibble’s Shop! Here’s your chance to get the Totally Pink Moglin Morph armor, the Hangin’ Around Pink Moglin cape, Cute n’ Cuddly Moglin Helm, and the Super Adorable Pink Moglin pet!

I priced these items in a very certain way. Can you figure it out? Hehehehe!

Oh yeah! Since my Bday kinda fell mid-week, I’m having Quibble hold on to my items until Friday =3

*Due to popular demand, I'm letting Quibble hold onto my bday items until the new year! After that, they will go PERMA RARE! Thank you everyone for making my birthday the best one yet! ^_____^ 

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