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June 09, 2015

BioBeasts Breach Battleon!

Unlock exclusive BioBeasts Armor Sets in AQWorlds

Are you as excited about BioBeasts as we are?!? The creative minds behind EpicDuel are proud to announce BioBeasts, a free single-player arcade-survival game coming soon to iOS and Android. Your mission: escape, mutate, DESTROY!

Play as a mutating monster fighting its way through a robot-controlled laboratory. But you’re not just some ordinary monster… you’re a BioBeast, and as you grow stronger and more powerful, you evolve and mutate! Wicked.

Use simple tap controls to unleash devastating damage upon the onslaught of bad guys trying to capture you. It’s a fast-paced fun game that’s simple to pick up but hard to put down.

We cannot wait for you to unleash the BioBeast within you(r phone)!” – the EpicDuel Team

Exclusive Items, aww yeah!

We know that you and all your friends are going to LOVE this game. And that’s why we need YOUR help telling everyone about BioBeasts!

This is kind of like a contest…except everyone will win prizes if we all team up and work together! All you need to do is Like the BioBeasts Facebook page, and the more Likes we get, the closer we will be at unlocking exclusive BioBeasts-themed Armors, Helms, Weapons, and more in AQWorlds.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Like the BioBeasts Facebook Page
  2. Tell your friends to Like the BioBeasts FB Page
  3. New Items will unlock in-game at Battleon when each milestone is reached:
    • Helms unlock at 7,000 Facebook Like
    • Back Items unlock at 15,000 Facebook Likes
    • Swords unlock at 25,000 Facebook Likes
    • Armors unlock at 50,000 Facebook Likes
    • BioBeasts Pet unlocks at 100,000 Facebook Likes!

The Electro BioBeast gear is free for ALL players. The Hazardous BioBeast gear is available for Legends. Every item is 0 ACs for free storage! 

Click here to Like the BioBeasts Facebook page, and we will be one step closer at obtaining these exclusive BioBeasts-themed items for AQW!

Thanks so much for supporting BioBeasts, EpicDuel, AdventureQuest Worlds, and all your favorite Artix Entertainment games.

You’re the best!!

xoxo Beleen =D

BioBeasts Facebook:

BioBeasts Homepage:

BioBeasts Twitter:

EpicDuel Homepage:


June 03, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: Releasing June 5

tournament of heroes new game releasesummer sale in online adventure gamedage the evil new storyline soonplay nowlightning dragonsworn rare itemsrefer your friendreturn of the living dev summer release artix cysero beleen

Have fun battling on all weekend long! Super big thanks for playing AdventureQuest Worlds with us, and thanks for supporting the game! *high-five Legends and AdventureCoin buyers

Battle on!

Beleen, Alina, Artix, and the AQW Team


May 13, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: New Releases on May 15

Thanks for playing AdventureQuest Worlds, and a special Thank You to all our wonderful Legends and AdventureCoin buyers for supporting the game! You. Rule.


Alina, Dage & the AQWorlds Team


May 02, 2015


Contest to win 2 hours with your favorite moderator

Every few weeks (or until Alina realizes what a terribly dangerous idea this is), we will be running a contest where you can win the ultimate AdventureQuest Worlds in-game adventure... a one-on-one adventure with your favorite moderator! Including Artix or Dage or J6 or whomever your favorite AE Team member is! You will get a personal moderator of your very own for two hours, following you around, answering your questions, and doing whatever you want. *gulps*

  • Take your personal mod-servant around the game and show him/her off to all of your friends for about 2 hours!
  • Ask them anything you want!
  • Get “Temporary Mod" status during your hang out time.
  • Throw a party at your in-game house with your friends.
  • Get 1 Wish (…from our wish menu which will be posted later. Fun!)

The Contest Has Already Begun!

Winner for this contest will be randomly selected on Monday, May 11th! (That is right after next weekend) The winner has 24 hours to log in and claim it, or a new winner will be selected. So hang on to your Golden Cheezburger... oh wait! Hold onto it anyway. The winner gets an item wish, and whatever they wish for... everyone who has the golden Cheezeburger in their inventory gets it! It really is a WIN-WIN.


Easy. All you need to do is have a Golden Cheezburger in your character’s inventory at the time the winner is being selected. You can get a Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy (the girl in the white robe when you first log in) in-game for 0 ACs. (It is a non-member item.) The Golden Cheezburger gives you 1 chance to win.


May 01, 2015

100k AC Contest Winner Announced

There is a VERY Happy Hero in Lore Today!

Congratulations to the winner of the 100k AC random drawing! As soon as we get in touch with him, we'll announce the winner; we want him to be the first to get the news about his prize! And given that his account will be the most hacked in the history of the game we want to make sure he knows about the bonus security on it!

free rpg mmo pet weapon

Congratulations to the 50+ heroes who won the Bonecrusher or the Toxic Revenger Polearm! Our volunteer mods and testers ran through the game last night to get a list of heroes battling. They sent in a couple hundred names, and from that pool, we pulled the winners!

If you're one of the 167 million players who did not win the ACs, pet, or weapon... READY FOR THE NEXT CONTEST!? 


It's back! Win a gold name for a day and hang out with the game deverloper of your choice as your own personal friend, lacky, slave, buddy!

free rpg mmo contest

All you need to do to enter is get a Golden Cheese burger from Twilly in town. This time... all players are completely equal. One Golden cheese Burger = one chance to win.

If you do not win, the golden cheese burger will turn into a surprise item... it is sorta a win win win!


  • Two hours with your favorite moderator: That’s right. You get a personal moderator following you around, answering your questions, and doing whatever you want.
  • One Wish Granted: These are a secret list of rules about the wishes that are only uncovered when a wish triggers them. A lot of them are yet to be uncovered... and some are VERY interesting. 

December 17, 2014

New Game Updates for Dec. 19

Game Changing Release: WorldBreaker Rising 

New Game Storyline WorldBreaker Rises

A whole new AQ Worlds begins! The Queen of Monsters obliterates an entire continent to build her fortress. Rally your friends & BATTLE ON! Read more here.  

Lineup of Frostval Shops in December 2014

Jingle Bells Quibble sells rare items in the game holiday christmas gifts

Jingle bells, Quibble sells rare items in the game; 12/19 & 12/30 there’ll be new items for you to claim! 12/23 begins Limited Quantity Shop, too!

12 Days of Gifts & Holiday Boosts

Free gifts this holiday season Tinsel in Battleon

Log in each day for a new FREE gift when you talk to Tinsel in Battleon! Earn double Gold, XP, Rep, and CP boosts over the holiday weekends. More info can be found here.

Play our New Mobile Game, AQ: DRAGONS!

new dragon game iOS android google play app store adventure quest

How do you train your dragon? Raise 12 dragons in our new free game. AQ: DRAGONS is available on Google Play and iOS; coming soon to web! GET IT HERE, DRAGON MASTER!

New Holiday Art Contest: Enter Today!

Christmas contest Art holidays adventure quest worlds online mmo

Happy Holidays and Seasons Beatings! A new holiday contest has begun and we want YOU to create AQW-themed art. Click here for full details.

Bundle up and Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen =D


August 13, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: 13th Lord of Chaos

Grand Prize Winner: 13th Lord of Chaos

Mechaprime  00

Mechaprime 00

This is true CHAOS! Fellow player Mechaprime 00 really knows what it means to be a Chaos Lord, and for that, we wish to award them with 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, and their art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)!

All Other Winners

Please click here to see all the 13th Lord of Chaos winners in the 2 nd Place, 3rd Place, Runner Ups, and Above and Beyond categories. Prepare for chaos overload!

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D


August 12, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Alteon

12th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

A new chapter unfolds within Lorepedia…

Fan art

…revealing the Fan Art Winners in the Chaos Lord Alteon category!

Grand Prize Winner: 12th Lord of Chaos

Norgalad alteon


So much wow. So much depth. So much dynamicy (not a word, but it should be). Fellow hero and talented artist Norgalad painted this Alteon masterpiece and won the grand prize of: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, and his art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)!

All Other Winners

Please click here to see all the Alteon winners in the 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Runner Ups, and Above and Beyond categories. Such noble work from noble heroes!

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D


August 11, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Lionfang

11th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Get ready to sink your teeth into the Chaos Lord Lionfang fan art winners!

Grand Prize Winner: 11th Lord of Chaos



This is pure chaos—and I ain’t lion! Fellow hero Stoikrex painted this Lionfang masterpiece and won the grand prize of: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, and his art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)!

All Other Winners

Please click here to see all the Lionfang winners in 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Runner Ups, and Above and Beyond. Great work everyone—you did a roaring good job!

Be sure to check out the Fan Art chapter in the Lorepedia to view all our Chaos Fan Art winners to date:

Fan art

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D


August 06, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Khasaanda

9th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Congratulations! We’ve made it half way through the week! So let’s celebrate by announcing our 9th Lord of Chaos winners =)

Grand Prize Winner: 9th Lord of Chaos 



Who knew chaos could be so beautiful? Our fellow hero gossj10 won the grand prize of: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)!

8th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Happy Tuesday! Be sure to check out the Fan Art chapter in the Lorepedia to view all our Chaos Fan Art winners to date:

Video Game MMO Fan Art for AdventureQuest Worlds

But before you go, allow me to showcase the grand prize winner of the Chaos Lord Tibicenas category!

Grand Prize Winner: 8th Lord of Chaos

Why so serious, Tibicenas? Fellow player Jokercard53 painted this show-stopping Chaos Lord Tibicenas fan art!



This is truly a blockbuster hit, jokercard53! As the grand prize winner, you’ll receive: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)! 

All Other Winners

Please click here to see the 2nd Place and 3rd Place winners for the Chaos Lord Khasaanda category. Please click here to see the 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and Runner Ups for the Chaos Lord Tibicenas category. Great job everyone!

Check out the Fan Art chapter in the Lorepedia to view all our Chaos Fan Art winners to date:

Video Game MMO Fan Art for AdventureQuest Worlds

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D


July 30, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Ledgermayne

7th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Exciting news, folks! A new Chapter has appeared in the Lorepedia!

Fan Art banner Lorepedia

As you can probably deduct, this chapter unfolds the pages that contain the Chaos Lord Fan Art winners!

Grand Prize Winner: 7th Lord of Chaos

This is a dream-come-true! Fellow player Nightmare created this AMAZING Chaos Lord Ledgermanye fan art and won the Grand Prize!

nightmare ledgermayne


Your artwork is truly magical, Nightmare. Please accept: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item (which will be released at a future date)!

All Other Winners

Please click here to see the 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and Runner Ups for the Chaos Lord Ledgermayne category. Great job everyone, and keep up the wondrous work!

xoxo Beleen <3


March 07, 2013

Soul Forge Explosion!

OMG even MORE Undead Legion items?!?

What happens when thousands of Undead Legion followers flood the Soul Forge with millions of Solidified Souls, Obsidian Rocks, and Legion Tokens?

An explosion of brand-new Undead Legion items!

Dage more items

Dage never expected ANYTHING like this. His Soul Forge has generated so much power… so much darkness… so much EVIL… and now the Dark Lord surges with overwhelming strength to create even more Undead Legion items!

On this Friday evening, March 8 2013, Dage will allow you to harness his newest Undead Legion creations. No one knows for certain if these items will found within the Soul Forge or in Dage’s Rare Birthday Shop. We shall find out Friday night, then…

Don’t forget that the Dage Fan Art Contest ends tomorrow night, March 8 at 11:59pm EST on the Forums!

Dage Fan Art Contest

WOWZA! There are over 600 entries so far—and the numbers keep growing! Dage the Evil is incredibly impressed by your hard work and devotion to the Undead Legion. The Grand Prize winner will receive a custom-made Weapon by Dage, and runners-ups get a specially crafted Cape. 

Read the Dage the Evil Fan Art Contest rules, and then submit your entry here!

Long live the Undead Legion!  


November 10, 2011


OMG... who's idea was this?

We are running a contest where EVERY PLAYER has a chance to win time with their favorite mod/dev (Artix is up first!) See how.


See the official "CAN I HAS MOD" contest and go get your Golden CheezBurger!


February 03, 2011


The ENTIRE AE Team is taking a one week break from making games... TO MAKE GAMES!

Yes my friend, you read that right! Next week, starting on Monday we are having the 1st ever one-week-long AE Game Making Challenge!

WHAT!? You are making 7+ new games next week?
The entire staff (everyone from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, EpicDuel, MechQuest, AdventureQuest worlds) will be forming into small teams of 2 to 3 people. Each team's goal is to create a new game in only 5 days. The rules are: Anything goes & make anything you want! So far there are 7 teams. The competition starts on Monday and ends Friday night... at which time we all get to play everyting that they make!

How will the contest be judged?
You and the staff will both judge. We are going to post several polls on the forums which will rate the completed games in different categories (Overall, Fun, Graphics, Sound/Music.)

Is this a good idea?
100% YES. After doing the weekly releases every week, for so many years, the team needs to mix things up and get their creative juices flowing. That is something that all of the big games will benefit from in the following weeks. Also, it will be really interesting to watch and see what happens!

What will the games be like?
Everyone is making whatever they want... so your guess is as good as mine, LOL! But there is only one week to make the finished game so they will likely be mini-game sized or prototypes/alphas for larger game concepts. Teams can create their own artwork, sound, and engine from scratch or are free to use things thay have already made. The goal is to be as creative as possible and have fun, there are no rules... just games!

Can I watch?
We would love for you to watch and help us with ideas while we are working on the games! We are going to post a special design notes for all teams and we are going to periodically stream live video in AdventureQuest Worlds. (A sneak peek into the secret underground lab... about to be 3.14159% less secret.)

What about the normal Big Game releases?
This Friday (just like every week) we have exciting releases coming out for you. Next weekend the games will all be running their special Valentine's Day events. So this really was the perfect time to do this. The best part is... if all team are successful, you could get 7 new games to play next Friday too! Maybe we can add achievements for beating all of them to the Master Account?

AWESOME! I cannot wait!
Enjoy the releases this weekend. Starting Monday... we are making some games! (I cannot believe how much I am looking forward to this. It feels like Christmas.)


December 23, 2010

K is for Kookie

2010 Cookie Contest Music & Video!

The Kookie, Monster Cookie Hork returns with a song about this years player-made AQWorlds cookies! (Note: This was totally unplanned... we got so inspired by your cookies we fired up the amps and even made the extremely deep, sophisticated, and intellectually challenging lyrics on the fly as we recorded it live!) The pictures are in random order (Sorted by Chaos!) My apologies for any missing pictures -- crazy editing may have eaten a few. Everyone did a great job -- I am so impressed with all of the entries! WARNING: Video will make you HUNGRY for COOKIES!

YouTube Challenge: Can you sing cookie more times in 15 seconds than the Cookie Hork? Make a video and link me on Twitter.

Contest Winners

The contest has been judged... it was the hardest thing we ever had to do. Honestly, everyone who entered in this contest deserves to win. One of the most interesting was Beowolve's Cookie sword. At first glance it may look like a poorly made sword cookie with some sprinkles... but next to it is the actual in-game sword Cysero drew last year. That is right -- Beowolve perfectly re-created it placing each and every dot with the right color in the exact same spot. The other entires had simliar level of incredible detail -- study each one closely! ... and congratulations everyone, GREAT JOB!
Contest Winners Page


December 20, 2010



This weekend we encountered one of our most frustrating bugs to date. For you guys AND for us.

Blizzy was limiting non-members from completing his quests in the Toy Factory, and Major Moglin was directing you to speak to someone who hasn't arrived yet. It was a total mess.

We've fixed it. Non-members now have access to the "Shadow Figure" quest, and the "Frost" map to do battle against Dragonmaster Frostscythe! From there you will be able to continue with last year's quests.


This Year's Frostval!

Now that everyone can actually COMPLETE the previous year's quests, we are free to move forward with THIS year's adventure, which will require you to make some choices.

One of my Tweeps asked "What happens if we are neutral?". All I can asy to that is follow your heart and pick the answer that best represents your true feelings during your adventure. Actually, do that all the time.

This will allow you to decide the tone of your own tale. Are you the noble, kind and incorruptable hero, or the dark, greedy and dangerous hero? Are you someone to be respected or someone to be feared?

Don't stress about it, though. You can go back through the adventure and play it the opposite way, or even mix and match your responses. You might go about it a different way and learn different things, but you're all after the same goal... to SAVE FROSTVAL!

We will also be adding a bunch of new holiday treats to this adventure AND 2 brand new items will be added to Quibble as well!

Cookie Contest Results!

The Holiday Creative Cookie Contest is OVER! You guys REALLY stepped up your game this year. Some of the entries really blew us away. Beleen and Ai No Miko are about a meter away from me, going over the entries and I'm going to jump in and help as soon as I've posted this Design Notes.

To everyone who entered... AMAZING job. I wish I could shake every one of your talented hands, claws, tentacles and flippers. Picking winners out of this group will be the hardest thing we have to do this season.

Beleen will post the winners on THURSDAY (when we release the rest of this week's update!)

See ya then!


December 20, 2010

A Game in 48 Hours


This past weekend I entered a competition where the goal was to make a game in 48 hours, by yourself, from scratch. Rolith talked me into it. He created a game for it too! The theme of the game competition, "Discovery", was announced on Friday at 9pm when the competition started. You might be wondering why on earth I would go home after a intense 5-game release week and immediately jump into 48 more straight hours of game making? (Well, probably not -- you guys love games just as much as I do) Truth be told, most of what I do now is leadership... not hands-on production. Zhoom, Minimal, Captain Rhubarb, Rolith and the other programmers are all so much better than me that I do not get to code any more. J6, Thyton, Ghost, Miltonius, Cysero, Tomix, Oishii are all such incredible artist/animators that I do not get to draw any more either. So when Rolith told me about this contest something sparked in my heart. I WANTED TO MAKE A GAME!  So I streamed my screen so people could watch and used a program to take pictures of my screen every minute. I created a game called... DOOM CAULDRON

The most difficult part was that I was running a fever of about 100F Friday and Saturday. Honestly, I would have announced where I was streaming my screen so you could watch me work to everyone except I did not want you to see me fail if I became more sick and had to stop. (I think Beleen's ultra pink Birthday infected me) I created everything in the game during the 48 hours... the Art (mostly photos... my house has an usually high weapon/armor to room ratio... and some pictures I even took of myself using the cameras timer! Note: It is amazing how quickly a Bathrobe and a little creativity can create the "Necromancer" look!), Sound FX (mostly of my toilet), Music (I only had 15 minutes and had to play something on the guitar FAST.. better than nothing!), and of course the code (Any real programmer would cringe in horror... horror!) I feel the games hits the theme of "Discovery" dead on. You drag and drop items into the cauldron and hit create to see what it makes. The ultimate goal is to create... THE DOOM KNIGHT. If you are wondering... why would Artix make a game about a an evil undead conjuring cauldron? The answer is: You know Daimyo and I love battling the evil forces of the undead. I am training Necromancers on how to create undead armies so you can send lots and lots of undead for me to battle on Frostval! (Santa always says no.) Well, are you ready to play... DOOM CAULDRON

Doom Cauldron

Artix's Entry

Play Code Monkey Trials
Rolith's Entry

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