Design Notes

December 14, 2010

I Leveled Up IRL!

Today I turned another year older… and turned Moglins PINK!

Thank you everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on my Twitter =D It was SOO nice of you all and it made me feel so wonderfully warm on the inside… which was LOVELY considering it was 29 degrees outside! Burrrrrrrr!

I have such awesome friends! <3 <3 <3 <3 And I wanted to give you all something special for making me feel equally special ^___^

Pink Moglins RULE

So here you go! I added 4 pink-a-licious items to Quibble’s Shop! Here’s your chance to get the Totally Pink Moglin Morph armor, the Hangin’ Around Pink Moglin cape, Cute n’ Cuddly Moglin Helm, and the Super Adorable Pink Moglin pet!

I priced these items in a very certain way. Can you figure it out? Hehehehe!

Oh yeah! Since my Bday kinda fell mid-week, I’m having Quibble hold on to my items until Friday =3

*Due to popular demand, I'm letting Quibble hold onto my bday items until the new year! After that, they will go PERMA RARE! Thank you everyone for making my birthday the best one yet! ^_____^ 

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