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April 19, 2013

Login to Protect Lore

Complete 5 days of Daily Quests to Become a Realm Guardian!

Battle to defend the people who depend on you! Lore needs a Hero, whether they are Good, Evil, or Neutral... and they want YOU! Log into AQWorlds for 5 days to unlock 1 new quest a day! Save the Realm Gems you receive to spend in the Realm Guardian Shop!


Login for 5 different days and complete Jiro or Nia's quests!

Spend Realm Gems on:

  • Class Point Boost (20 minutes)
  • Realm Guardian Cape
  • Realm Guardian Helm
  • Realm Guardian Blade
  • Realm Guardian Armor

Go North from Battleon to find Nia, left of Battleon to find Jiro.

Talk to Jiro in Stonehand (just outside Battleon) or to Niamara (walk North from Battleon) to accept the Daily Quests. You can also talk to Joy in Battleon if you want a quick progress check!

Unlock more rewards with each quest you complete!

The more quests you complete, the more Gems you get! And if you are a new player beginning the quests right after finishing the Tutorial in Stonehand, you'll gain over a full level while completing them!

You can only complete ONE of the quests each day!

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