Design Notes

October 12, 2017

Special Guest Voltaire Returns to AQWorlds

Join Him in Our Newest Friday the 13th Event

Friday the 13th and Aurelio Voltaire go together like undead invasions and Paladins. So of course, this Friday our always-positive, family-friendly game team and community want to welcome Aurelio Voltaire back for another musical event! With songs from his new album- “Heart-Shaped Wound,” he'll join you as you battle to escape the Vampire Lord's castle in our newest 3-part holiday event: the Blood Moon Rising!

Featuring... Aurelio Voltaire's Heart-Shaped Wound album

I have been playing Aurelio Voltaire's album on a near-constant loop as the team prepared for this weekend's Friday the 13th: Blood Moon Rising event. As you battle through the event, you'll hear 3 of the tracks from the album:

  • The Projectionist (the title of this track is an event spoiler... but I love it so much)
  • Human Nature
  • The Necropolis of Former Lovers

Get the album and much more on Aurelio Voltaire’s official website!

Who is Aurelio Voltaire?

Aurelio Voltaire is legitmately one of the most creative people I know. He is the maker of music, films, books, comics, toys and... mayhem. He first appeared in AdventureQuest Worlds back in 2009, during our first-ever in-game Friday the 13th UNLIVE event! Since then, he's appeared in all 15 of our Friday the 13th events... and tomorrow's will make his 16th!

His work has been featured on TV in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, he's released 13 albums (including the AQWorlds tongue-in-cheek "all-audiences" appropriate Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids.), won BEST ANIMATION at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Imagi-Movies film festival, he's the creator of the Goth HomeMaking youtube series and many, many more. You should read the full story on the Voltaire Wikipedia Page!


May 10, 2016

Voltaire Returns for Friday the 13th

LoreTrek XIII: The Unluckiest Quest begins... Friday!

Every year, we celebrate Friday the 13th in AdventureQuest Worlds… and VERY BAD THINGS happen around (or to) special musical guest star, Voltaire. This year, his luck runs out… IN SPACE! This Friday the 13th, join the Voltaire, Deady, AQW team, and tens of thousands of your fellow heroes for LoreTrek XIII: The Unluckiest Quest!

Being so isolated and traveling through an airless void, it's really important that nothing go wrong. But since it's a Friday the 13th event... you know something's going to happen!

Starting this Friday at sundown, log in to:

  • Answer the distress call being sent from Voltaire's spaceship
  • Avoid the Bermuda Wormhole (NO REALLY DO NOT GET CLOSE)
  • Battle the furriest face-eaters the galaxy has EVER seen
  • Test your memory (and luck) to avert a critical mission failure
  • Resist being blown out into space!
  • Unlock the event rewards merge shop
  • Check out the Event Rare gear in your game menu

This Friday, boldly go where no hero has EVER gone before!


September 12, 2013

Bring All Yer Mates to AQW

Invite your crew to battle alongside you!

It’s a privilege being in the presence of Lore’s greatest hero: YOU! But every adventurer needs a a good crew to sail with, a first mate for every fight... so why not invite your friends to try your favorite online adventure game AQWorlds this Friday the 13th? 

Friends plays games online with their friendsIn AQW, EVERYONE can join the Skull N Bones crew!

Dive straight into our Friday the 13th: Curse of the Vampires event alongside your best friends as pirates plunder Lore and show them where the tastiest treasure lies! When you Refer a Friend, you will get bonus Gold and Experience, a free Friend Gem, and 250 AdventureCoins for FREE when your friend becomes an upgraded Member!

Of course... you gotta help your friend defeat all those tough monsters in return!

How do I Refer a Friend?

  1. Click on the Manage AQW Account link.
  2. Login with your AQW game Username and Password.
  3. Select 'Referred Friends' from the menu on the left.
  4. To invite a friend, enter their email in the textbox labeled "Friend's Email" and then Submit! Or you can copy and paste your exclusive Referral Link on your blog, on your status, on Twitter… anything you want!
  5. You can also Refer your Friend from in-game! Speak to Twilly in Battleon to send your friends Referral emails directly from AQWorlds.

Friends don't let friends eat rotten fish
Friends don't let friends eat undead sushi!

What about those sweet rewards?

Friends give the best presents*! For every Friend you Refer, you will receive:

  • Gold and Experience based on the amount of Gold and Experience that your friend earns each day—the more they play, the stronger AND richer YOU become!
  • 1 Friend Gem for each Referred Friend once they reach Level 5—Friend Gems buy all sorts of awesome items from Twilly’s Referral Shop in Battleon.
  • 250 Free AdventureCoins when your referred friend becomes a Member—Upgraded Members always have the most fun, and you can get 250 ACs just for recruiting AQWorlds’ newest Member!

Friends ForeverBest Friends for Unlife!

*Unless your friends give you a “surprise” box of pickles… like what Faith and Ai No Miko gave me! Icccky =p

How do I keep track of my Referred Friends?

Keeping track of your Referred Friends is easy with the Account Manager. After logging in with your Username and Password, click the “Referred Friends” link on the left side of the screen. You will see a list of all the Friends you Referred and whether or not they have Upgraded to a Member!

So start Referring your Friends now!

And Like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook Page too!


September 10, 2013

Nautical Naughtiness

Arr ye rrready for Friday the 13th?

Ahoy, matey! Friday the 13th is making landfall THIS Friday in your favorite online adventure game!

Friday the 13 game event in online fantasy game AdventureQuest Worlds

A fan favorite since the first Friday the 13th release, the gypsy pirate musician Voltaire sails back to Battleon for this spooky in-game event. Board Voltaire’s pirate ship bound for the mysterious Treasure Island to dig up buried booty. You are setting sail on Friday the 13th… what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Vampirate Crew and Captain Von Poach

Whoops. Spoke too soon. A conniving crew of bloodthirsty Vampirates, led by the infamous Captain Von Poach, have their sights set on your booty… erm, I mean, treasure. Can you outwit this batty Captain and find the buried treasure before he does? On this Friday the 13th, you’ll have a lot more to worry about than spooky superstitions!

Preview of Friday the 13 items

This special in-game event truly is special. Why? Because YOU and your friends are the ones responsible for creating it! That’s right—after reading each and every one of your comments on the AQWorlds Facebook page, we chose our favorite ideas (and the most realistic ones) and included them in Friday’s upcoming event.

AdventureQuest Worlds likes you!

So go ahead. Brag and boast to all of your friends that YOU helped Artix, Alina, and the rest of the AQWorlds team create an in-game event. Feels pretty darn good, doesn’t it? =D

Thank you so much for being a part of AdventureQuest Worlds!

xoxo Beleen


August 26, 2013

DragonCon Cometh!

And Dragon Rider Armors, Friday the 13th, and Talk Like a Pirate Day too!

Happy Monday hero! This week is super special because the Artix Entertainment team is headed to DragonCon Thursday morning! Whooohooo!

DragonCon logo 2013

Later today, Cysero will publish his foolproof DragonCon Survival Guide for you and your friends attending DragonCon. If you’re impatient—like meeee!!!!—you can brush up on last year’s Survival Guide by clicking here.

Friday’s New Release

If you can’t attend DragonCon… no worries, friend! Friday’s new release in AQWorlds will totally make up for your absence. This cannot drag on any longer… because the highly anticipated RARE Dragon Rider armors are coming to Quibble’s Shop in Battleon!

Dragon Kahn Rider for DragonCon in AdventureQuest Worlds

Created with you in mind and inspired by DragonCon, the DragonKahn mount armor is only 1 of the new Dragon Rider sets arriving Friday evening. Due to popular demand (and the endless onslaughts of Tweets), Dage the Evil began creating a dreadful dragonoid of his own.

Legion Raptor sketch in online adventure game

Then the Dark Lord of the Undead Legion began giving life into his creation…

Dage Legion Raptor in online adventure game AQW

Fierce! The Legion Raptor is almost ready—and now Dage needs your help designing the armored rider. Give him your ideas on his Twitter!

Friday the 13th and TLAPD

September is nearly here… and that means Friday the 13th and Talk Like A Pirate Day is rapidly approaching!

Friday the 13th and Talk Like a Pirate Day in online adventure game

We have heard your awesome ideas on the AQWorlds Facebook Page regarding this Special Event. We have narrowed down our favorite suggestions and want to get your feedback on possible armor sets. What do you think about:

  • Galactic Naval Commander
  • Chrono Naval Commander
  • Shadowscythe Pirate Captain
  • Royal Pirate Slayer

Which one is your favorite? Or favorites?! Which pirate armor set would you like to /equip during Friday the 13th and TLAPD? Tell us your thoughts on the AQWorlds Facebook Page!

In the meantime, Alina, Artix, and myself are meeting with Voltaire, everyone’s favorite Pirate Musician and a legend amongst Friday the 13ths, to begin planning out September’s special in-game event. I will keep you updated on our progress!

Heed the call of battle and Battle On to victory!

xoxo Beleen


July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th DOUBLE release!!

Never Say Never When It's Friday the 13th

The unluckiest day of the year is here for the LAST time! It's the third Friday the 13th event of 2012 and both Voltaire and his undead teddy bear, Deady, have returned to help you save the day. During the last Friday the 13th event,* Sleezter Bunny inavded Lore with an army of Bunny Clones but failed miserably. THIS weekend, his master, the Beast Maker, is taking matters into his own hands!

Check out the Never Say Neverworld Event Page!

Your world is packed with plenty of monsters the Beast Maker wants... and the parts that make them up! Once he brings Lore under his control, all the creatures you love to slay will be his to use (and re-use) until they fall to pieces!

/join Neverhub to begin the Friday the 13th event storyline, watch the cutscenes, and browse the Event Rares Shop! Many rewards also drop off the boss and monsters! Members can /join neverworldb to battle through a member-only high EXP farming zone with exclusive quest rewards!

* To replay ALL the Friday the 13th events, /join voltairetown!

  • Members can permanently access the replay map
  • Non-members can access the map for the week before and during future Friday the 13th events
  • None of the rare items from previous Friday the 13th events have returned

Dage vs Nulgath: NEW War Items!

To turn the tide of battle in the war to determine who is the greater Evil, your two favorite commanders have created even more legendary weapons! Each side has NEW items in each shop! And /join evilwar to view the opening cinematic for the Dage vs Nulgath war!

Dage's followers gain access to:

New Dage AC Rare Items:

  • The Scythe of Emptiness
  • Glowing War Glaive
  • Bow of Concealment
  • BladeMaster's Sword

New Legion Token Items*:

  • Monster BladeMaster Armor
  • BladeMaster Helm
  • BladeMaster's Side Swords
  • BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath

* Require Essence of Blade Master item

New Dage War Merge Items:

  • The Scythe of Lost Hope

Nulgath's followers gain access to:

New Nulgath AC Rare Items:

  • Void of Revontheus
  • Katana of Revontheus
  • Salvation Blade of Nulgath
  • Hood of Shadows

Void of Revontheus, Sheathed Katana Cape, and Salvation Blade of Nulgath!

New Nulgath Diamond Items*:

  • Vampire of Nulgath
  • Warp Pack Cape
  • Blood Void Helm
  • Sheathed Katana

* Require Essence of Klunk item

New Nulgath War Merge Items:

  • Redemption Blade of Nulgath

Death Bunee Nitro Toys at HeroMart on Friday!

Just when you thought the coast was clear… the Bunnypocalypse strikes again! And this time around, these adorably demented Death Bunees Glow in the Dark. It’s like real-life magic in the palm of your hand! Or in the box.

Really depends on how safe you feel with a wild Death Bunee watching over you. In addition to a lifetime of creepy stares, your Bunee comes with a special code that unlocks a Death Bunny Nitro pet in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Glow BunneeDeath Bunee Necro, Death Bunee Nitro, and Death Bunee Glizoryn!

The Death Nitro Bunee Toys are on sale at HeroMart RIGHT NOW!


July 12, 2012

Do Ya Feel LUK-y?

The final Friday the 13th event starts tomorrow!

Join us for the creepiest, most luckless event yet.... and the LAST Friday the 13th event of 2012! Featuring Voltaire, Deady, the Beast Maker, and the most inept minion ever, Sleezter, you're going to want to buff your LUK stat this weekend beause the fate of Lore is in your hands! (Hope you've got a rabbit's foot nearby!)

This weekend you'll venture into the Neverworld, a vast domain making up part of the Shadow Realm. Encounter adhorrible (adorable + horrible), mutant creations hand-made in the  Beast Maker's Lab-rary and try to sway them to your side... otherwise ALL of Lore's monsters will become part of the his mutant-menagerie!

The (un)Luckiest Event Rares EVER!

The Neverworld is filled with ghastly, ghoulish rejects from the Beast Maker's experiments.

To help you blend in with the crowd and convince these unnatural enemies that you're just like they are, we've got a giant shop of horrors FULL of the gruesomest gear in the Shadow Realm!

We'll have an AC Event Rare shop as well as monster and quests drops! /Equip your sharpest blades because the shadows are dark and full of terrors!

The War for Evil Escalates!

Yesterday I posted previews of what #DagesLegion can expect; tonight it's time for the #NulgathNation to see what is in store for them when Dage and Nulgath update their war shops with all-new gear!

Void and Katana of Revontheus

Nulgath and Dage know their followers fight better, harder, faster, and eviller when they have epic rewards waiting. 

Hood of Shadows

To keep their minions on the front lines, they are stocking all of their shops with darker and even deadlier designs!

Sheathed Katana Cape

We've got MUCH more in store for you in tomorrow's release! Until then, /dodge black cats, /stepdance around ladders, and /use your mirrors without breaking them!


July 11, 2012

Friday the 13th Part III

The Beast Maker is Coming!

Never say Neverworld or you might end up trapped there, subject to the mercy of the Beast Maker! Obsessed with crafting new, ever-more-monstrous creatures, this denizen of the Shadow Realm has run out of new resources to frankenstein together, so he's turned his attention to Lore!

To save the day, you'll need the help of your favorite Goth Gypsy Pirate Musician, Voltaire, and his undead teddy bear, Deady. Take control of the Neverworld AND the adhorrible mutants the Beast Maker's left behind. If you don't, we're doomed without a shadow (realm) of a doubt!

(Un)Lucky (and Creepy) Event Rares!

The Beast Maker is a creature-crafter beyond compare, and he's got the creepiest gear imaginable lying around the Neverworld!

Beware armor sets that go Bump In The Night!

Battle through this shadowy land and pick up these epically unsettling armors, weapons, and other gear as souvenirs of the most gruesome Friday the 13th event yet!

The Darkiphant is a nightmarish creation. Made from gorillaphants and unknown parts.

We've got many more event rewards coming this Friday, so keep an eye on the Design Notes for extra-awesome sneak peeks tomorrow! 

Death Bunee Nitro Toys at HeroMart on Friday!

Just when you thought the coast was clear… the Bunnypocalypse strikes again! And this time around, these adorably demented Death Bunees Glow in the Dark. It’s like real-life magic in the palm of your hand! Or in the box.

Really depends on how safe you feel with a wild Death Bunee watching over you. In addition to a lifetime of creepy stares, your Bunee comes with a special code that unlocks a Death Bunny Nitro pet in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Glow BunneeDeath Bunee Necro, Death Bunee Nitro, and Death Bunee Glizoryn!

HeroMart will begin selling 100 each of the glow-in-the-dark Death Bunee toys this Friday! (That's only 300 total!)

NEW items for the Dage vs Nulgath War! 

#DagesLegion won the first skirmish in the war to determine who is the greater Evil, and to reward his loyal minions, he's made MORE rewards to release this Friday! Check out these bad bows and beautiful blades!

Never fear, #NulgathNation! Although Dage's Legion won the first skirmish of the war for the Underworld, all is not lost! You can still win this war, and we've got TWO war releases left for you to fight in! To provide you with incentive, Nulgath's shops will also get awesome new rewards fit for the followers of the Archfiend! Previews of those will come later this week! 

23 hours left on Galanoth Helm Auction!

Help a Bountyhunter out! There are only 23 hours left for you to bid on this real-life rare version of Galanoth's Dragonslayer helm! Hand-made by J6 help him pay the bounty on his upcoming, intergalactically-epic wedding, there are only 3 of these helms in existence, and only ONE will be sold!

It measures 21 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 12 inches tall (including horns). It will fit large-sized heads, so if you're as sturdy as Galanoth and looking to take up a blade and become a Dragonslayer, this is the helm to get! The winner of the auction will ALSO get the never-before-released Lair house in AQWorlds if they own a valid account!


April 13, 2012


Voltaire vs the Sleezter Bunny on Friday the 13th

Battles, bunnies, and BOMBS! Be prepared, because THIS time Voltaire and Deady return to face down an inter-dimensional evil bunny hoppin’ into Lore… with an army of Bunny Clone minions! In this explosive event, you’ll need to crack some eggs and break some heads if you want to stop the Secret Weapon’s timer and save Lore from the Bunnypocalypse!

Don't forget to visit our the epic Event Page!

Featuring instrumental versions of tracks from Voltaire's last album and his latest song "BUNNYPOCALYPSE", voiceacting by Voltaire and Art, this event has quests that will keep you hoppin', a story crazier than any we've yet done, and egg-streme event rewards!

Event Rares!

These epic event rares leave on April 30th, so if you don't want to count your rewards before they're /equipped, make sure to grab them from the shop and battle until they drop!

You know you want to /equip this DoomBunny armor and /stepdance.

With a shop full of rabid rabbit-themed gear and even MORE rockin' rewards dropping off of Sleezter Bunny, this Friday the 13th could be your luckiest yet in terms of loot!


  • Sleezter Bunny Armor and Head (drops from Sleezter Bunny)

  • Voltaire's Horned Hat

  • Voltaire's Horned Hat and Beard

  • Miss Fortune Blade

  • The Woe

  • Gluttony Flower

  • Jack Rabbit Armor

  • Lucky Rabbit Armor

  • And more!

Top of the horning to you!

The Rare Shop will go rare but the event is a part of the game forever!

Take your own Sleezter Bunee Home!

HeroMart is now selling a selection of Voltaire's new 5' vinyl toys based on Deady Bunny and Sleezter Bunny seen in THIS EVENT!

Each of the toys comes with a code that will unlock SIX NON-MEMBER PETS in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Every time Voltaire has given us a limited amout of his toys to sell, we always sell out of them and we sell out faster and faster each time. At this time HALF of our supply of these toys is already gone. If you want one, ACT NOW!

Going, going, GONE!

The Limited Quantity Shop is GONE! But if you act fast, you can still get your Grenwog and Lucky Day Fair gear including the Evolved Leprechaun Class in Itzachi! Hurry, though, they leave on Monday!

Jack Rabbit uses Soul Crusher on Sleezter Bunny.

The Final Golden Cheezburger is NOT the Golden Cheezburger Deluxe!

We've had a lot of confusion about which Cheezburger turned into Knave1's Interfector Deorum armor. Many of you have the GOLDEN Cheezburger in your armor, but that was for the Aussie Opera House (which is now rare). If you bought a FINAL Cheezburger, then you NOW have the Interfector Deorum armor! Hope that helps clear things up.

Mido Livedraw Weapons live!

Suggested by YOU guys, designed by Mido, AE's graphic designer, and remade in Flash by Solrac, we hope you enjoy the weapons Mido drew in Wednesday's in-game Livedraw event! Join us next Wednesday for Thyton's in-game drawing event!

The Tentacle Staff and the Dual Flaming Dragon Scythes.

Grenwog's Grenlich Pet is live!

From a Diamond Grenwog Tooth, an undead GrenLICH hatches! What pet will the Grenwog drop NEXT year? Give us your ideas on Twitter and the Suggestion forum!

Make no bones about it, this is an awesome Grenlich pet!

We're at Khaotic Kon this weekend!

If you want to come hang out with some of the members of the AE team, we'll be at the KhaoticKon in Tampa this weekend! We have an Artix Entertainment panel at 1PM... and that nefarious Chairman Platinum has booked the panel RIGHT AFTER ours! Devious!

Have a GREAT Friday the 13th (/knock on wood), don't break any mirrors (/throw salt over your shoulder) and if you have a black cat at home, definitely don't put its cat-bed under a ladder. See you on Monday! 


April 12, 2012

Interfector Deorum

The Final Golden Cheezburger Has Transformed!

As per Knave1's wish, the Final Golden Cheezburger has changed into a special armor that will tie into the mini-storyline that he wished for. The Cheezburger is now the rare Interfector Deorum Armor!

The name of the armor was changed to Interfector Deorum after some of our players didn't understand the usage of the original name, so remember... your Golden Cheezburger didn't disappear... just look in your armors for Interfector Deorum.

NEXT WEEK we will complete granting the winner's wish and add the quest line he wished for to the game as a permanant addition. It was a great wish for the last I CAN HAS MOD contest.


Tomorrow Voltaire and Deady return for a brand new Friday the 13th special event, The Bunnypocalypse!

Join Voltaire and Deady as they face down one of Deady's least intilligent enemies... SLEEZTER BUNNY! Will you be able to sneak through Sleezter Bunny's army of clones Bunny Minions and stop him from hatching the giant DOOM EGG?! 

This event will feature an AC rare shop with Voltaire's new TOP HAT and other great items, lots bunny themed item drops for all players, new instrumental versions of Voltaire songs as well as his latest song "BUNNYPOCALYPSE"! Voltaire will be voice acting himself as well as Sleezter Bunny but can you guess which AE Team member did the voice of Deady? 

The floppy-eared fun starts tomorrow at around sundown-ish or so. Maybe.

You can read all about the event HERE!

Bring Deady Bunee and Sleezter Bunee Home!

Voltaire has released an all new line of Deady Bunny themed toys which tie directly into this AQW Special Event!

There are several versions of these new 5 inch tall vinyl toys that will be sold on HeroMart starting at 12:01 AM Server Time (EST or GMT-4) and will cost $25 USD + Shipping. We will have FOUR versions of the toys but Voltaire will have special versions.

Each version of the toy comes with a code that will unlock SIX in-game Deady themed NON-MEMBER pets.That means that it doesn't matter which of the toys you buy, each toy unlocks the same six pets. The Pets are all 0 AC for free storage and none of the pets are Battle Pets.

The six pets are...


And even the ones sold through Voltaire's site will have the code unlocking these pets.

Not many of these were made and judging by how fast HeroMart sold out of the last set of Deady Toys I would suggest that you try and get to HeroMart as close to 12:01 AM as possible if you want one or more of these little guys.

If you want to see more images of the toys CLICK HERE!

J6: Planetside and Earthbound

As many of you know, J6 entered a contest put on by the METRO and SXC to be one of the first private citizens to get shot into space. TENS OF THOUSANDS of you got behind the idea of sending J6 where he belongs and the results of the contest are in.

Here is a message from the man himself...

"Some of you may not know, but a few weeks ago I entered a local contest for a chance to win a quick trip to space. I signed up with high hopes but low expectations and with the stamp of approval from my coworkers I was able to put the link up in the design notes for all the players to see. I was really impressed by the overwhelming support from everyone. I quickly climbed to the top of the leaderboard and stayed ahead with a massive lead of over 30,000. Last night the contest ended and I found out that I had not won. The votes helped me reach the #1 spot but the winner was selected from the top 10 finalists. The winner seems to be someone who genuinely loves space and plans to make a career out of it, so I’m happy for her and hope she has a great time. I was only in it for the awesomeness of it all.

I live up in Canada, far away from the underground lab so sometimes it can get a bit lonely working alone. It really made me feel connected to all of you when I saw how many of you voted (without my needing to bribe anyone) and I am really grateful, especially to everyone I work with who spread the link every day to help support me. So again, huge thanks to you the players and Cysero for letting me use the design notes for my own evil plot to draw upside down going at Mach 3 up 100 kilometers in the air. Even though I lost I’ll still be doing a few space themed items in the near future so look out for those soon.

And if anyone happens to have a spaceship, I’m still looking for a way to get up there.


We are all very sad that J6 didn't get picked by the judges but just seeing how many votes he got (the real winner only got about 2,000) really shows you what we can do as a community when we focus our collective will on a goal.

Well done, the lot of you.


April 09, 2012

Voltaire returns for Friday the 13!

Deady vs the Sleezter Bunee!

Clones, bombs, and... BUNNIES?! Voltaire and Deady are BACK this Friday the 13th for an all-new event featuring the creepiest Bunee this dimension has ever seen! Sleezter Bunny's army of furry clones will have you hoppin' while Voltaire gets you rockin' to acoustic remixes of some of your favorite songs from his last album!

With eggs so spoiled they'll rot your flesh, a bomb built to blast, and an army of bunny clones that reproduces like... well, rabbits, this is going to be ONE event where showing a lucky rabbit's foot might attract more monsters than it repels!

Sleezter Bunee Toys at Heromart!

No Friday the 13th event with Voltaire would be complete without real-world swag to remember it by! Take home your very own Sleezter Bunee Toy from Heromart this Friday!

Deady Bunnee

Deady Bunnee

Each Bunee comes with SIX pets - 6 non-member pets!* Voltaire's IRL loot never fails to stun, stupefy, and terrify, so if you're looking to scare the living daylights out of your enemies (... or friends!), then these are the toys to stick on their shelves when they're not looking!

 * The Heromart site is out of date. You will get all SIX in-game pets when you purchase a Sleezter Bunee toy!

J6 Shirts in Heromart now!

Bounty Hunters, take note! J6 shirts are back in stock now but they won't be on shelves for long! This is the third time we've restocked the J6 shirts, and we don't know how many more we'll make, so if you want to look as fly as a J6, head to Heromart now!

Are YOU a Bounty Hunter?Shirt comes with the J6 helm and the J6 Cowboy Armor!

Action Figures Coming Soon!

Now YOU have the power to choose who wins! Pit Artix against Sepulchure, Sepulchure against GI Joe, or Artix against a T-Rex! You decide the battles, you decide the winner! All you need to do is head to and pick up your own copies of our first-ever action figures! We expect to get the toys in late April or early May. We'll let you know as soon as we get them in!

All four versions Wednesday Livestream at 4pm with Mido!

Mido comes to AQW! If you've played through Etherstorm, you'll have met him already. And now you get to see his incredible art skills in action! This Wednesday at 4PM server time, log in to AQWorlds and /join stream to see Mido take YOUR suggestions and turn them into an awesome in-game item!

GodSlayer Armor coming this week!

When Knave1, the winner of the last I Can Has Mod contest, made his wish, he decided to become an in-game NPC with his very own storyline! He is King Alteon's Royal UndeadSlayer, and he needs your help to slay an undead god. With that as a base, we think we've crafted a compelling tale that will explore a facet of the undead most people never consider!

He also requested that his release be short, so we'll be fitting the entire tale into a single release, and it will all take place NEXT Friday! BUT the Final Golden Cheezburger will turn into the GodSlayer armor THIS week! I hope you've hung on to yours!

Botters Beware!

Bans for Botters! Earlier today, Yorumi had a coding breakthrough! He implemented a solution which lets us ban scores of botters which previously went undetected. In the first hour the patch was live, we disabled the accounts of 3,200 botters! They will be disabled for 24 hours THIS time, but if it happens again, the ban will become permanent.

Please, guys, we want you to enjoy PLAYING the game, hanging out with friends, and slaying epic monsters. Play right, fight hard, and BATTLE ON!

More news coming!

Look from more news from Cysero about the Voltaire Friday the 13th event as the week continues! Be sure to join us this Wednesday for the Livestream event with Mido! And get ready for Doomwood Part 2, which is coming in a couple weeks!


April 06, 2012

Happy Grenwog 2012!

Grenwog Menu

Would you like to hear about today's specials, sir or madam?


  • A hot GRENWOG SEASONAL EVENT spiced with farm fresh Egg Hunts, free range Berserker Bunny 12 12 and EVOLVED Bunny Berserker 12 and ALL NEW organically grown Grenwog Items dropping from the Grenwog monster and new quests and quest rewards on Cabdury!

    Please note: We have MOVED the eggs in Battleon and Battleontown. You'll have to find them in their new locations.

  • Your choice of EIGHT delicious new Player Suggestions in the Player Suggestion shop in Yulgar!

    Paladin's Vengeance Blade - Schillie
    Sarazen Armaments - CervantesMaxi
    Books of Power Cape - Championaustin
    Aspar Polearm - Unleashed Rage
    Enchanter Armor - Digyo
    Enchanter Mask - Digyo
    Luminous DragonKnight - Lord SlayR
    Luminous DragonKnight Helm -  Lord SlayR


    Paladin of Old Armor
    Horned Helm of Honor
    Winged Helm of Justice
    Helm of Wisdom
    Altar Of Sanguine
    Altar Of Ragnarok
    Altar Of Caladbolg

    The last three selections are our first HOUSE ITEMS, which give you in-game previews of the Sanguine and Ragnarok swords which will come with the Artix Button Collections coming soon to HeroMart.

    NOTE: You will need house item space to accept these Alter House Items when you open the Treasure Chests. Please plan accordingly.

    The Altar Of Caladbolg has a special treat for members of Dage The Evil's Undead Legion. Click on this terrifyingly beautiful House Item and it will offer you a quest which may reward you with the CALADBOLG SWORD, seen in the alter.

    Ask your waiter for allergy information.

  • CATCH OF THE MONTH! Freshly caught Battle Lamb Pet-o-the month is available for AQW Members (Yes, it's a Battle Pet) in Aria's Pet Shop! The Baby Wooly Mammoth came to the shop a little late so he will hang around for a little longer. MARKET PRICE.

Happy Grenwog and enjoy your meal! OR ELSE!


Next Friday is FRIDAY the 13th and Voltaire is returning for a brand new Friday The 13th event!

This event will (as always) feature Voltaire and a new Event Rare Shop which will stay open for a limited time. It will also feature Deady, his arch-rival Sleezter Bunny and a host of other nightmarish rabbit enemies! It will also feature a ton of new acoustic versions of his music which he is recording for the event!

Voltaire's in-game NPC will reflect his ever evolving on-stage look that he is currently wearing at his LIVE SHOWS!

Voltaire has some new limited edition collector's toys coming out soon and HeroMart will be selling a few of them. EACH of the new toys will come with a TON of in-game pets (like 7 or something) which will all be tied into this event so you really don't want to miss it!

And yes... you will be able to get his new Top Hat.


Did you read THIS? You should. It provides very useful insights into what it takes to keep this thing moving and we all have our part.


January 25, 2012


Happy Level-up day Voltaire, Captain Rhubarb and Stratos

Today we are playing BirthdayQuest. Your quest is to wish each of today's three mustka-birthday-teers (Voltaire, Captain Rhubarb, and Stratos) a very happy Birthday! Because, today is, in fact, their birthdays!

Happy Birthday!

Quest Objectives (0/3)

  • Wish Captain Rhubarb Happy Birthday on the AE General Forums
  • Wish Voltaire Happy Birthday on Facebook or Twitter
  • Wish Stratos Happy Birthday on Twitter
    (BONUS OBJECTIVE: Because Stratos is the youngest of today's birthday bunch.. be sure to find a way to call him an old man or for even more fun, make up an age "Happy Birthday Captain Stratos." You can have even more fun by putting the age as binary, hexadecimal or using negative or illogical numbers.)

What do you get for doing this?

Thankfully, almost none of you need me to answer this. But for our few friends who expect to get something for everything they do in life, please let me be the first to tell you -- sometimes, you do things for no other reason, other than it is cool. Often you will find in this life, that these are the very best things you ever do.


January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is LIVE!

This Volcanic Event ERUPTING!

Log in now to play the (un)luckiest release of the year! Voltaire, Deady, our special mystery guest, and the town of Little Etherstorm are waiting! In the hub town (/join firehouse), you'll have access to:

  • The full storyline
  • The member-only storyline
  • Event Rares shop
  • Member-only Merge Shop
  • Event Rare House Item Shop
  • All 7 cutscenes
  • And the BOSS BATTLE!

Check out the Event Page for more information on Voltaire and Andrew!

Stop and drop because we just ROLLED this fiery release live! /Join firehouse and get ready to (volcanic) rock! And don't forget to check out the Event Page with all sorts of awesome info about Voltaire and our mystery guest!

The Unluckiest Robot: A Backstory

So, the story of how Amira was born begins in the far-off land of New York, dead-center in Voltaire's head (a demenses populated with crazy ideas, epic songs, and little goth gremlins). His songs, "Riding down the side an of erupting volcano while drinking from a chalice filled with the laughter of small children" and "Mechanical Girl" inspired tonight's inredibly pyroclastic event.

And when Voltaire was linked to Andrew Huang's "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows" video on YouTube, an event collaboration perfect for AQW's first 2012 Friday the 13th was born! Which brings us to...

Robot vs Unicorns!!!

How did 3 VERY different songs turn into ONE wild event? Artix told me we were going to use Voltaire's "Black Unicorn" song and one other in the event, and said he wanted to another from YouTube. And HEY, it was ALSO about unicorns! He asked, "So... you can fit these all into one story, right?" Never one to back down from a challenge, I said - "Of course!" Little did I know...

This is exactly what it looks like.

Giant Robot. Erupting Volcano. Black Unicorn. Cool. Great. But then I went to YouTube and... PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS?! What?! Those are VERY diverse elements, and trying to fit them all into one cohesive story was going to be interesting. But like I said, neither I nor the rest of the AQW team ever back down from a release-battle!

In one week we wrote, produced art, and animated:

  • 7 pages of story
  • 7 cutscenes
  • 19 quests, including a member-only chain
  • 9 new characters
  • 4 new monsters
  • 4 new, self-contained maps
  • FORTY-FIVE armors, weapons, helms, pets!!!
    (including the Darkside class, helm, pet, and Paymentez Shop update)
  • 1 achievement badge - Commander of Unicorns - obtained by helping Voltaire
  • 1 site skin, 1 promo poster, 1 event page and 2 banners

That's a pretty big volcanic mountain to climb in one week, and it took the entire AQWorlds team plus the incredible contributions of Yergen, Jemini, Ichidori, Cereboz and Mido!We hope you guys enjoyed the event, because we had a BLAST putting it together!

Some of us even learned something about "in media res!"* 

We Want To Thank

Voltaire for the EPIC inspiration we continue to get from his amazing music, and to welcome Andrew Huang, aka Pink Fluffy Unicorn Guy**, to our Artix Entertainment family! They both donated their time, effort, and voices to bring you this event filled with mechanical mayhem, violent volcanic action, and... and... and UNICORNS!

Friday the 13 Hits Hard

This week hasn't been the luckiest for the AQW team or Artix Entertainment as a whole. Many of us are suffering from the Lab Plague. And when we've got the biggest event of the year (so far!) to put out. But fevers, coughs, and sneezes are NO MATCH when falling to them would mean failing YOU!

Have a GREAT weekend, enjoy the event, and watch out for black cats (much more dangerous than Black Unicorns), falling ladders, and broken mirrors!

* In Media Res is when a story starts in the middle of the tale and takes you through time to experience different events and characters. It helps build tension and suspense, and also keeps you guessing! To prevent mild confusion, we've added a chronometer to show you where you are during your Hero's Friday the 13th adventure.

Jemini, who drew the art for the Unicorn Crooner writes:
SO excited....I...CANNOT...EVEN! Sentences not forming! *INSERT RABID FAN GIRL SQUEE'S* Pink Fluffy Unicorns.....Dancing on Rainbows.....maybe the GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME! It's better than coffee, maybe even Christmas. If you could only see my face right now!
I dunno what else to say without exploding except...


January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Card!

Special effect bonus damage today

The card accurately predicted tonight's special event with Voltaire!But, beware, until midnight tonight, the "... on a Friday the 13th" card from the AQWorlds Card Game is EXTREMELY deadly. (and Deady.) If anyone takes advantage of this and destroys their friend in a game with it -- please let us know! As always you can get the AQWorlds card game at our online store or in-store at U.S. based Toys"R"Us stores (in addition to our 2012 calendar and thingies - look for it in the card game isle with yu-gi-oh and magic.)

Friday the 13th Card Special Effect


January 12, 2012

Friday the 13th Event Rares!

Do you feel lucky?

With Voltaire and Deady to inspire all of these EPIC items for tomorrow's event, we sure do! The weapons featured in this Design Notes are all Event Rares* and will be sold for ACs, but there's a whole host of Member-only and free player weapons, pets, and armors that will be released tomorrow!

If you're looking to spend your weekend battling fiery foes and are ready to take on a GIANT ROBOT QUEEN, then this is your lucky Friday the 13th!

Tomorrow's event (Part 1 of 3 Friday the 13th events in 2012) will feature such event rares as:

Voltaire's Chalice, Voltaire's Flaming Tophat, and Voltaire's Black Unicorn !**

The AC Event Rare house shop items will include:

  • Voltaire's Black Unicorn (yard item)
  • Burning Tree Trunk (yard item)
  • Friday the 13th Event Poster (wall item)

Event Rare armors will feature:

  • SteamKnight Armor
  • Unicorn Crooner Armor
  • Steamed Punk Armor

* That means they'll only be available for a limited time!
** Voltaire's Armor will NOT be sold, sorry! There can only be ONE goth-pirate musician!

Unicorn Crooner Armor, Steamed Punk Armor, Obsidian Axe, Mini Magma Dragon!

Among the Event Rare pets, you'll find:

  • Voltaire's Black Unicorn Pet
  • Miniature Magma Dragon (member-only)
  • Amethyst Flame Unicorn

Molten Destruction Blade, Chained Magma Sword, ClockWork Gun, SteamSaw Blade

Event Rare weapons will showcase:

  • Voltaire's Chalice
  • Obsidian Axe
  • SteamSaw Blade
  • Chained Magma Sword
  • ClockWork gun
  • Molten Destruction Blade (color custom)
  • And more!

If you've read Artix's AQ3D Design Notes today, you'll see that many of the people in the Secret Underground Lab have caught the Lab Plague. Cysero and Samba were out today recuperating, though Samba sick-swayed through animating half of the cutscenes! Cysero cranked out some of the event's NPCs while on the road to recovery, and I was down for the count earlier in the week.

I guess you could say we've been working "feverishly" on this event! /gong

PS: Believe it or not, one of the most time-consuming parts about writing the Design Notes is not the writing itself. It's gathering art assets and making up the graphics. Sorry for the late Notes.


January 11, 2012

Darkside Class Skill Breakdown

Let's get Crackin'!

We've begun testing the class that Vader Darkside wish for and we've reached a point where I am comfortable enough with the existing version to tell do the Skills Breakdown for you.

Before we get into it let me say that it's a REAL pain coming up with a concept, art, testing, tweaking and balancing an entirely new class from scratch in a week. Makes it about 10 times worse when we're ALSO trying to get a special event like Friday the 13th out on the same day. Vader Darkside's WISH was just so generous that it made us really want to do right by him. Darkside, I hope you are happy with what we've come up with!

A Few Facts About The Darkside Class.

Addons: When designing the class art, Dage The Evil also designed a really nice Hood and Weapon for the class. These items will be obtainable from Dage's Legion Shop for hard-to-get tokens. The Golden Cheezburger item itself will turn into the class.

Release Date: We will be releasing it this Friday the 13th! Tell your friends (So they will quit asking over Twitter and on the forums)!

Enhancement: Vader Darkside wished for a caster class so this guy does all magical damage. I highly suggest Wizard Enh, but feel free to experiment and let us know what combo you like!


Vader Darkside wished for a class with a lot of AOE (Area Of Effect, or Multi-hit) attacks which was not as strong as Necro but still a good solid farming class. I think that is just what we've built for him.

That means that while this class is GREAT for taking on lots of monsters at once, it's not great at bosses. It has some skills that will be useful in PvP but I wouldn't recommend this as a PvP class.


2 second cooldown

A basic attack taught to all adventurers.

You've all seen this before. But it's interesting to note that both you AND your pet auto attack at the same time. This doesn't give any damage increase as the average AA damage is spread out between both of you.


25 mana, 15 second cooldown

Summons your Battle pet or focuses your anger through your pet to DOUBLE their damage for a short time.

You know what this is if you've ever played Necro or Horc Evader. If you don't have a pet equipped (Battle Pet or even a normal pet) then it will summon the Hate Wolf to your side. If you already have the Hate Wolf or some other Battle Pet summoned, then it's a REALLY nice buff. I suggest using this after you have a few stacks of Deep Rage built up. We'll get into that in a second.


15 mana, 6 second cooldown

You strike out at your foes with arcing energy, doing light damage and applying Deep Rage to all foes hit. Damage increases with stacks of Deep Rage which stacks up to 5 times.

We couldn't built a caster class for a guy named VADER DARKSIDE without adding lightening shooting from your hands! This is your go-to skill. The cooldown is rather long for a skill that applies a stacking aura but since you can hit multiple foes you can get 3 or even 4 stacks at once. Then activate Blood Boil and BOOM, big hits and bigger crits on everything in sight.


25 mana, 10 second cooldown

Light damage to all enemies, 25% chance to stun all enemies in range for 4 seconds and reduces enemy damage. Damage reduction increases with stacks of Deep Rage.

This is your damage mitigation spell. Use it when things are getting hairy to reduce incoming damage, do a little of your own damage on the side and possibly stun one, several or ALL of the enemies you are facing. It's not too costly and it only has a 10 second cooldown which means you should use it often if you want to be successful.


Rank 4 passive

Increase Haste by 10%

Incerase Damage by 10%

Pretty basic Rank 4 passives here. Do more damage and do it faster than before. The haste buff comes in handy for the next skill.


30 second cooldown

Requires at least one stack of Deep Rage. Restores some Health and Mana but reduces Haste severely for a short time. Health, Mana and Haste Reduction increase based on stacks of Deep Rage. 

This spell pretty much ensures that you never need to stop farming. Ever. Notice that it has NO mana cost. Just click it and you get Health and Mana back but you HAVE to know when to use it. If you let your life or mana get too low before you use it, the Haste Reduction will get you killed by whatever mob of monsters you have attacking you from all sides. Use it right and you are an unstopable farming machine!


Rank 10 passive

You can no longer contain your rage. It explodes from you in a magical wave. All enemies in range take high damage. Consumes all stacks of Deep Rage.

Here's the cherry on top. Small % to proc this spell which devestates anyone or anything in your area.

There you have it. The first new AQW class of 2012, courtesy of fellow player Vader Darkside!

We will continue testing the class for the next two days so some of the cooldown or mana costs might change in the final version, but this a pretty solid class right now so I don't expect big changes, if any are required at all.

Friday The 13th!

Only two days (not counting today) until our next Friday the 13th special event featuring rock god and all around cool guy, Voltaire!

This story will be based on a few of the songs from his newest album. The event will become a PERMENANT ADDITION to the game but like all special events, will feature an Event Rare Shop featuring some very special items (including the latest version of Voltaire's Hat) so now might be a good time to spend some of those AdventureCoins that you got for the holidays.

This will also be a chance for our new players to unlock the Friday the 13th Character Page Badge but will also unlock a brand NEW Badge for completing the storyline!

See you there!

345 days until Just Another Day


January 10, 2012

Friday the 13th Sneak Peek

Robots, Explosions and... Unicorns?!

FIRE in the hole*! Flaming unicorns, exploding volcanos, fire elementals, fire spirits... this is going to be one HOT Friday the 13th! Forget sunscreen -when a GIANT MECHANICAL ROBOT** attacks a town on the other side of Mount Etherstorm***, you're going to want an asbestos suit to protect you from the heat!

And it just wouldn't be Friday the 13th without one of AQWorlds' favorite musical guests and his sidekick, Voltaire and Deady! Voltaire's idea on how to deal with this mechanized menace - not to mention his flaming top-hat - are really going to get you fired up this weekend! And did I mention the UNICORN****? I did? Good.

Trot it like it's hot.

We'll be introducing a host of new NPCs, including King (so royal he does not permit his subjects to use his name) and Lieutenant (who wishes to mock King Aldebaran so much he goes only by his rank).

Pictured: NPC too cool for names.

They'll be integral parts in understanding just what made this missile-shooting mecha miss go mad! If you can't stop her, not only the town below Mount Etherstorm will be threatened! With some epicly steam(punk)y rewards in the AC Event Rares shop and as drops, including the Flaming Voltaire Top-hat and the Baby Flaming Black Unicorn pet, this is one event you won't want to miss!

And be sure to turn the music UP, UP, UP because 3 of Voltaire's most incredible songs - including "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children" - will rock you through this release!

* Also, the whole zone!
** Yes, mechanical robot. Stressing the "mechanical" nature. Today's robots are full of computer chips and almost-magical techno-wizardry.This one is not.
*** While this event will take part on the other side of Mount Etherstorm, it will not be a part of the Etherstorm/Desoloth storyline.
**** NOT talking about the fluffy pink variety, either. No sir.

Progress On Darkside Class

You may have read this already in Cysero's Design Notes yesterday, but Vader Darkside won round 2 of I CAN HAS MOD and wished for a non-member farming class.

We're calling it the Darkside class! Cysero promised you guys that he would post pics as soon as he had some and here they are.

As Vader Darkside wished, this class will focus on attacking many enemies at once to help people who like to grind and farm for rep or special farming rewards in the Dage and Nulgath areas.

Here is a closer look at the armor.

Dage also made a really nice helm for the armor but Cysero's Golden Cheezburger is only one item so it can only turn into one item, and that is the class. Dage is considering adding the hood to his own Legion Shop later.

Vader Darkside also wished that the class be a PET class. All pet classes have the ability to summon their own custom Battle Pet or Members can equip other battle Pets that they can buy around the game. The Darkside class will be able to summon the Hate Wolf.

This Arcane canine is not only the Darkside's constant companion, it is also the focus for his or her magic, allowing their rage and malice to flow through their pet to achieve maximum magical devestation.

A few appear to be confused on some of the finer points of the class so we'll clear them up now.

  • Vader Darkside wished for Cysero's Golden Cheezburger to turn into a pet based class that anyone can use. When he said "anyone can use" he meant a non-member class. He did not mean that anyone would be able to obtain the class. That's why he specifically wished that the Cheezburger turn into the class.

  • A lot of people are saying that they "lost" the Golden Cheezburger item. We've checked many of the accounts claiming this and found that none of them ever had it in our records. Some of you might have deleted it accidentally, some of you may have forgotten that you deleted it, and some of you are trying to acquire the class unethically. We're sorry if this actually did happen to you (anything is possible) but no Golden Cheezburgers will be given out.

  • The class will also not be sold for ACs. This was all part of the contest wish and the item itself even tells you to hang onto it. If you missed out this time, hopefully you won't next time.

  • As Cysero mentioned, we will TRY to get the class out by Friday. This timeframe is not a promise but we DO promise to try our best to get it out BY FRIDAY.

  • Once the class has been tested and balanced so that no further changes need to be made we will post a skills breakdown here on the Design Notes like we would with any other class. 

Congrats again to Vader Darkside, and well done on this very selfless wish! The ICHM (I CAN HAS MOD) contest will begin sometime after the Darkside Class has been released and the next Golden Cheezburger will once again be availible from Cleric Joy's shop in Battleon.

Remember that Members and non-members can wish this contest but you can increase your chances by being a member or completing whatever AExtras are availible and offered in your region of the world.


January 05, 2012

3 x Friday the 13th = ???

The first one is NEXT WEEK!

It is hilarious that to our gaming community, Voltiare has become a greater iconic figure of Friday the 13th than the hockey mask-wearing Jason Voorheese. Ooooooh, I wonder who would win in a supernatural creep-off fight between them? (Oh yes, that is the official Twitter question. It should be assumed that Voltaire has Deady... and probably access to various Star Trek and Star Wars technology.) So NEXT WEEK is Friday the 13th... and we will be summoning Voltiare in-game (probably by standing in a dark room and saying his name three times in front of a mirror) where he will appear and hopefully play his new song "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children." (Yes, that is really the name of the song.)

Voltaire says he wrote this song after he asked his fans on Facebook how to describe his music. One person responded, "Your music is like Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children!" Voltaire had one of those "YES!!!!!!" moments... and named his new album and hit song after it. Note: All of the songs in Voltaire's new album, except for the 3 we are using for the upcoming event, are strictly for fans age 15+. However.... fans of all ages can get his special, um, "dark, funny and all age appropriate" album, Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids... read some reviews.

Voltaire was not the only person to create a Unicorn-themed song based on recommendations from his fans. In fact, the artist who made the song in the next video has the EXACT same story. But our Friday the 13th would be a whole lot creepier if this rising youtube star appeared in it O_O

Galanoth: Why would you post that?
Artix: Um... someone posted it on Voltaires wall. I thought it was funny.
Galanoth: You are going to upset all the anti-bronies.
Artix: ...
Galanoth: In fact, posting that may have actually moved the end of the world up from December 22nd!
Artix: LOL! OK, you are right. I will take it down.
Artix: Um... ok, I cannot figure out how to remove a youtube video from a post.?
Artix: ZHOOOOOOOOOOOM! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Rolith: *laughs in the distance*

The new Friday the 13th event is next Friday (only 8 days away.) All of the holiday mega releases really crunched us. We have never had this little time to do an event - so it is going to be a real challenge to see what we can do. Cysero, I talked with Voltaire last night and got a concept. Alina is writing the script now. This event will most likely be three segments long. But you can bet your bottom gold coin that we will be riding a Black Unicorn down the side of an Erupting Volcano! (Wait... or will we?) AQWorlds is so unpredictable.


August 23, 2011

WOAH! 3 Packages!?

Presents for Secret Underground Lab

You may be surprised to find out that for game developers, most of us are pretty physically fit. Well, that all ends today. Today we recieved three boxes that will fuel our game development with a dangerously high level of sugary goodness! So, I thought I would post pictures for you of the three boxes that suddenly arrived in the mail today, here, at the secret underground lab. (Just, um, ignore that window in the back of the first picture, ok?)

Package #1 from Eonaleth (California)

Mmmmmmm! Pocky and green tea are my favorites. Someone knows how to keep me at my desk working. Eonaleth also wrote a wonderful letter. Thank you so much!!

Package from Eonaleth

Package #2 from Genisis64 (Japan)

Our good friend from Japan has been helping with the relief efforts AND gathering some of the most unique Kit Kat bars to send us. Included in his package was Cheese Kit Kats, Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kats, Citrus and Japanese Chili Kit Kats (CRAZY!) We tried them all. ... shockingly, they are awesome tasting! For Cysero, he sent special kabuki tabbi socks (Yup, C is wearing them right now) and an extremely beautiful, heartfelt letter. Thank you so much, Genisis64!!

Package from Japan!

Package #3 URKOR MINI QUEE! (From Voltaire)

Well.. Package #3 was actually a GIANT shrink wrapped pallete of boxes containing the highly anticipated, and terrifying Urkor Malravenus (A chibi version of Deady's true form.) After all the crazy things we ate this morning we tried eating one of these too. I would not recommend it. *Still trying to get taste out of mouth* But you WILL be able to get one of these scary little fellas on HeroMart later today. He comes with a code that unlocks two undead battle pets (usable with Necromancer) from Planet Necronus (Voltaire's creation featured in the comic books). The package also came with a letter... erm... wait... this is an invoice. *Yells into the other room* Cysero, um, I think this letter is for you!

Urkor Malravanous Quee!

BIG WEEK for DragonFable and MechQuest

This week is DragonFable's epic conclusion! 5 years in the making... Sepulchure, Drakath,  the Elemental Orbs, the baby Dragons, the Myserterious Necromancer... it all boils down to this weekend. Do not miss being a part of history! Meanwhile, MechQuest is completely streamlining the entire game and they are going to need your help.  


May 20, 2011


The Fall of Aeris Battlespire.

True to form we are beginning the Doomwood Zone as brutally as possible... with one on one Player versus Player combat in the Doomwood Arena.

Once King Alteon declared that no blood would be spilled between heroes either on the land or in the seas of his realm... but there are always loopholes. Soon arose the Aeris Battlespire. A massive floating citadel (which was neither on the land or sea) with battle arenas sprouting from its massive arms like ripe fruit.

It quickly became a proving ground for the worlds greatest fighters who would step into the arena for honor and glory and fight tooth and nail for the title of arena champion and all of the rich rewards that came with the title.

When Sepulchure finally stepped out of the darkness and cast his evil shadow across Lore, much of King Alteon's lands came under attack. Sepulchure might have even destroyed the good King if not for Drakath chosing that exact moment to unleash his chaotic influence on the world (what is more chaotic than introducing a new threat at the very moment when two evenly matched foes are facing each other?).

During that long and deadly war Aeris Battlespire chose to side with Good against Evil and they attempted to lay siege to Sepulchure's flying dracolich castle. The battle was short and brutal and Aeris Battlespire fell to the ground in flames.

Since the ruins fell into the cursed lands of Doomwood, not even the most evil of Lore's great heroes has dared set out in search of them. Noone ever heard from the once great arena again... until today.

Are you ready to pit your skills against the greatest fighters in all of AQWorlds?

How 1v1 PvP Works

There are two ways to fight a 1v1 PvP battle.

1) 1v1 Strangers: Use the button in Battleon to travel to the Doomwood Arena. Once there speak with Dumoose, the PvP Master. One of his buttons reads "1v1 Strangers". This will eventually out you in que for a 1v1 battle against a random foe who has also qued up. Our matchmaking system looks for the best possible match for your level and tosses you into a random Doomwood Battle Arena. The fight is over when one of you is defeated. 

2) 1v1 Friends: Right now, the only way to battle a specific friend (or foe) is to use the /JOIN function. Just arrange to face your opponent in either doomarenaa-, doomarenab-, doomarenac- or doomarenad- then type in a room number higher than 1000.

Example: Hey Alina, battle me! /join doomarenac-4132

You will both be sent to doomarenac in the 4132 instance of the map. Be sure to pick a very random number OVER 1000. Chances are arena 1111 and 1234 will already be taken. Use your head.

How Do I Get 1v1 PvP Gear?

Speak to Dumoose to view all of the special PvP gear set up just for 1v1 players. You will need to earn 1v1 PvP Trophies to buy the gear (all designed by Dage).

Dumoose has a daily quest. Accept his quest and gather TEN 1v1 victories. After TEN wins, return to Dumoose and turn in the quest for a PvP Trophy. Come back tomorrow for another trophy, etc. Save up trophies for the item that you want!

Things To Remember:

1) Keep Your Honor. If you're about to lose to someone and you log out (regequit), it doesn't cost them anything. They can get another win from someone else in 1-3 minutes. All it does is make you look like a fool who has no honor and can't take defeat with grace.

2) Keep Your Cool. Nobody LIKES to lose but some people know understand that someone HAS to lose in PvP and there is a 50/50 chance that it will be you. If you get defeated, don't get angry. Equip one of Reens' potions and get even. If someone is yelling nonsense at you, be the better person. Just click on their name and use the IGNORE function. If they are WAY out of line, report them THEN ignore them.

3) Keep Your Forum Login Handy: If you notice a bug (in PvP or anywhere else for that matter), REPORT IT ON THE BUGS THREAD! Please remember that posting bugs on Facebook or Twitter doesn't do anything. we NEEEEED Bug Reports on the forums to fix bugs.

Player Suggestions Galore!

Mennace and Dage went overboard on the Player Suggestions this week. With help from some of the other artists. Visit the Player Suggestion Shop in Yulgar's Inn to view the latest and greatest art suggestions from players like you! Here are some examples:

Here is the Demonic Nemesis set from player Ninjudo.

Or mayne you like the Death's hand set from _Aegis_

Or maybe the Gothika armor suggested by Laken is more your style! These are not the only items going in today either. Be sure to check them out!

Friday The 13th Rares Still Here!

The Friday the 13th event is still alive and going strong. If you missed out on it last week you still have a chance to get some of the great Voltaire and Deady items and drops from the Friday the 13th Event!

Remember that almost all of the items will be rare once the event closes. I say ALMOST because Voltaire has requested that we upgrade the Vorutanian Key Blade itself from a basic rare to an ARTIFACT. This means that it will someday return to the game at random times (probably when Voltaire visits again) but unlike a seasonal rare you will never know when it will return. It may be years before we see it again.

For those of you who have not checked it out you, you can actually BUY the Vorutanian Key Blade that Voltaire himself wears around his neck in real life!

That is some COOL real-life swag. Check out the links at the bottom of the Friday the 13th Events Page to find out how to get one for yourself!

HeroSmash Founder Is Coming To A Close!

If you're not a Founder in HeroSmash yet, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

SO many people ask us EVERY DAY how to become Founders in AQW. We tell them you need a time machine because ONCE YOU MISS IT, YOU MISS OUT FOREVER!

DO NOT be one of those sad souls. You still have until the end of this month to become a HeroSmash Founder but the end of the month will be here before you know it!

Also, all of you aspiring film-makers out there, don't forget that we are STILL looking for new Player based NPCs to add to HeroSmash.

Here's a tip: Eventually a lot of the really, really, REALLY GOOD movie makers on YouTube will find out that they can actually get themselves inside a video game which hundreds of thousands of people see every week and say to themselves, "Hey, I could get into this video game!".

You want to get in on this before that happens, because when that happens then our standards will go WAY up. You guys have already submitted a lot of great stuff but some of those folks on YouTube are crescent fresh.


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE ARTIX POINTS, and with new Inventory, Bank slots and Premiere Event rares to buy there's never been a better time!

 Just CLICK HERE to get started!

Or, You can jump onto your Master Account and start earning free Artix Points using AExtras and use those Points to get stuff in ANY of our games!


May 16, 2011

1v1 PVP comes to DoomWood

Wood-n't you know, your opponents are Doom-ed!

Power up, Heroes, because the BATTLE will begin this Friday! Epic 1v1 PVP action in the all-new DoomWood arena will see you fighting for gold, for honor, and for the chance to deal massive damage to your opponents! Do YOU have what it takes to dominate the Arena and receive wicked challenge-rewards? Find out this weekend!

The DoomWood Arena is a lead-in to the upcoming release of the zone's twisted tale- written by Artix. Think you're familiar with the Necropolis and the forces of Light and Darkness from their DragonFable days? Get ready to be schooled.

Player Suggestion Shop Shines

Are you an artist or idea-crafter? Do you just KNOW that your design for a weapon is amazing, and that everyone in Lore should be able to wield it? Then you need to post your suggestions in the AQW Suggestions forum!

This week we'll be updating the Player Suggestion shop with brand new gear, goodies, and equips dreamed up and designed by you and your fellow players! If you haven't shared an idea with us yet, now's the time to get sharin'!

Two Weeks Left to Unlock the Vorutanian Key

Wield the most Owerful-Pay weapon in the Orld-Way, the Vorutanian Key blade! How to get it, you ask? Easy!

  • Method 1: Log in now to smash your way through steampunk cowboys and undead aliens in the ultimate battle to save Lore and capture the Key!
  • Method 2: Voltaire is selling hand-made copies of the Vorutanian Keyblade as necklaces along with CDs of the music from the event! Check them out on our Event page!

You'd better hurry, because the event will only be around for another 2 weeks! After that, all those epic in-game rares are gone for good,* and we won't have another Friday the 13th event until January of 2012!

* Except the Keyblade necklaces, those will still be on sale through Voltaire.

And if you enjoyed the music from the event (we sure did!), then why not check out the rest of the songs on Voltaire's CD? "Hate Lives in a Small Town" features a WILD world of kickin' country-folk music like:

1 Hate Lives in a Small Town

2 All Women Are Crazy

3 Stubborn As a Mule

4 You Married a Fool

5 When You're Dead

6 Churchyard

7 Fear and Anguish

8 Normal For a Man

9 On the Road

ALSO AVAILABLE from Voltaire

Deady "Big in Japan" and "Urkor Malravenus" vinyl dolls! You saw them in our Friday the 13th event. Now these out-of-this-world vinyl figures are back ready to take action; all YOU need to bring is your imagination!

For us, it's going to be a week full of high-powered planning, rapid-fire arting, and clearing up the last of this weekend's undead invasion (they came with video cameras and stage-lighting, Artix? WEIRD!)! For YOU, though... We're giving you a week to prepare to meet your Doom(wood) in the Arena this Friday! Time to get (stat) training!


May 04, 2011

Voltaire! This Friday the 13th...

Creepiest new musical event of the year! 

This weekend is Mother's day! (Do something special to show how much your love her!) Next weekend... it will be FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! This is the ONLY Friday the 13th of the year, so we... are going all out! Prepare for a completely insane special event and... oh yes.... as predicted on this card from the AQWorlds Card Game...

Card Game Friday the 13th

...the return of VOLTAIRE and his super-cuddly and evil teddy bear friend, DEADY! But this brand-new Friday the 13th event will feature more than just all-new music, areas, monsters and items... you will get a glimpse of Deady's true form. Dunn dunn dunnnn!

The History of Friday the 13th

Amongst the superstitious, Friday the 13th is a super-unlucky day... ranking up there with breaking mirrors, walking under a ladder, or having a black cat walk across your path. Did you know there is even a fear of Friday the 13th, scientifically called Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Many players have asked me what is the legend and lore behind this day. (And more specifically... how come we do our largest, most complicated releases on what is supposed to be the unluckiest day of the year?)

In real-life history, on Friday the 13th, October 1307, the Knights Templar were completely wiped out by order of King Philip IV. (Sort of like how the Jedi were wiped out in Episode III by the Emperor's order 66.) Other notable reasons involve the combined unluckiness of both the number 13 (Note: Drakath has 13 Lords of Chaos) and day Friday itself (There is probably a good Rebecca Black joke to make here.) In the past 30 years, Friday the 13th was most-popularized by the scary movie series of the same name. This series was also responsible for making hockey masks an icon of spookiness!

In DragonFable, we were running our second undead invasion and it happened to take place on Friday the 13th. Players were surprised and laughing when they found that all 1 million undead were wearing hockey masks. It was our first major in-game parody of a movie. Players were used to fighting a large wave of undead monsters, so it was pretty funny when they eventually got the joke wave consisting of one... lone.... skeleton. His name was Chuckles. (Funny how everything is inter-related!)

Ever since, doing funny events on Friday the 13th became a tradition that our entire community looks forward to. It can happen one to three times a year. Each time we try to top the previous event. Two years ago we did our first live event with Voltaire on Friday the 13th. An article about it even appeared in a gaming magazine about how we crashed the servers. This coming Friday the 13th promises to be the best yet... and not just in AdventureQuest Worlds. DragonFable is doing something that is going to change.... everything! Get ready, friends!


March 31, 2011

In Stores on Monday! (April 18th)

The AQWorlds Battle Cards Game!

It is OFFICIAL! Our card game will be in-stores at TOYS-R-US on April 18th! ...and we made you a video!

Visit the AQWorlds BattleOn Battle Cards Website for more! I am so excited about this card game... it is hard to believe this is really happening. ...and yes... that is my dentist. ...and sushi chef. You can imagine the fun Galanoth and I had running around taking all of that footage, LOL. Xyo and I are working on a card fight video that should be posted for you tomorrow!

Other Awesome News!

  • HeroSmash has begun PHASE III of Alpha... and it has a shiny new website too!
  • All day tomorrow - a very special DragonFable release! Rolith announced that the DF team will be doing a new release EVERY SINGLE HOUR starting at Midnight (EST) tonight
  • You may remember helping to vote for One-Eyed Doll online a month ago.... well congratulations to you all and to Kimberly & Jason for being voted Austin, Texas' #1 Punk Rock Band! They also released a brand new music video for the song "Fame & Loathing" on their website!
  • Yesterday Cysero confirmed that the "Chinese Madonna" Ayi Jihu will be appearing in our next LIVE AQWorld's special event! 
  • Voltaire, who is curently composing a new album "Riding a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano while drinking from a goblet filled with the laughter of small children" is going to return to AQWorlds on FRIDAY the 13th! (Happening in May)
  • Dage's "Prometheus Armor" is going live in AQWorld's Limited Quantity Shop tomorrow starting at 1:00 PM EST (server time)!
  • The new card game comes with an exclusive color customizable class for AQWorlds... the CARD CLASHER CLASS! Minimal has coded completely unique skills for this class... it is unbelievable! We really hope you support the game by getting the AQWorlds Card Game when it launches!

Card Clasher Class
This collector's class features never before seen card-type skills!

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