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October 12, 2017

Special Guest Voltaire Returns to AQWorlds

Join Him in Our Newest Friday the 13th Event

Friday the 13th and Aurelio Voltaire go together like undead invasions and Paladins. So of course, this Friday our always-positive, family-friendly game team and community want to welcome Aurelio Voltaire back for another musical event! With songs from his new album- “Heart-Shaped Wound,” he'll join you as you battle to escape the Vampire Lord's castle in our newest 3-part holiday event: the Blood Moon Rising!

Featuring... Aurelio Voltaire's Heart-Shaped Wound album

I have been playing Aurelio Voltaire's album on a near-constant loop as the team prepared for this weekend's Friday the 13th: Blood Moon Rising event. As you battle through the event, you'll hear 3 of the tracks from the album:

  • The Projectionist (the title of this track is an event spoiler... but I love it so much)
  • Human Nature
  • The Necropolis of Former Lovers

Get the album and much more on Aurelio Voltaire’s official website!

Who is Aurelio Voltaire?

Aurelio Voltaire is legitmately one of the most creative people I know. He is the maker of music, films, books, comics, toys and... mayhem. He first appeared in AdventureQuest Worlds back in 2009, during our first-ever in-game Friday the 13th UNLIVE event! Since then, he's appeared in all 15 of our Friday the 13th events... and tomorrow's will make his 16th!

His work has been featured on TV in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, he's released 13 albums (including the AQWorlds tongue-in-cheek "all-audiences" appropriate Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids.), won BEST ANIMATION at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Imagi-Movies film festival, he's the creator of the Goth HomeMaking youtube series and many, many more. You should read the full story on the Voltaire Wikipedia Page!


October 06, 2017

The Blood Moon Rises on 10.13.17

Join us for our 15th Anniversary + Friday the 13th event!

In Darkovia, the shadows grow darker and whispers of fear begin to rise on the winds… Ancient Lorekeepers stare at the stars and shiver - the signs all point to a Blood Moon rising on Friday the 13th. And when it does, the veil between worlds will disappear and the lost ones will return.

Join Voltaire, Kimberly and Jason from One Eyed Doll, the AQW team, and tens of thousands of your fellow heroes as Log in next Friday the 13th as we launch part 1 of our 3 week event!

10/13/17: The Blood Moon Rises

10/21/17: Blood and Tears Boss Battle

10/28/17: Blood Moon War - Battle for Safiria


May 13, 2016

Limited Time Friday the 13th Event Items

Your luck is in  ... but not for long!

It wouldn't be Friday the 13th without new rare gear to commemorate the event -- and this week, our artists have gone intergalactic with their inspiration! 

Starting tonight, find Axeros' Undead Space Marine set in your rares shop along with 2 new NON-MEMBER event-themed helms from Boxer, the Cursed Guardian Bank Pet, and more!

Rare Gear Leaving Dates

Friday the 13th event rares leave on May 27th, along with the May Rares shop gear, the Nolan the Holy Goldfish pet (in Aria's pet shop to celebrate Pisces birthday), and the Abyssal Angel Class!


May 10, 2016

Voltaire Returns for Friday the 13th

LoreTrek XIII: The Unluckiest Quest begins... Friday!

Every year, we celebrate Friday the 13th in AdventureQuest Worlds… and VERY BAD THINGS happen around (or to) special musical guest star, Voltaire. This year, his luck runs out… IN SPACE! This Friday the 13th, join the Voltaire, Deady, AQW team, and tens of thousands of your fellow heroes for LoreTrek XIII: The Unluckiest Quest!

Being so isolated and traveling through an airless void, it's really important that nothing go wrong. But since it's a Friday the 13th event... you know something's going to happen!

Starting this Friday at sundown, log in to:

  • Answer the distress call being sent from Voltaire's spaceship
  • Avoid the Bermuda Wormhole (NO REALLY DO NOT GET CLOSE)
  • Battle the furriest face-eaters the galaxy has EVER seen
  • Test your memory (and luck) to avert a critical mission failure
  • Resist being blown out into space!
  • Unlock the event rewards merge shop
  • Check out the Event Rare gear in your game menu

This Friday, boldly go where no hero has EVER gone before!


November 10, 2015

The 13th Friday the 13th Draws Near...

Voltaire, a Cursed Mirror, and the 13 LORDS OF DOOM!

As the 13th 13th draws near...the shadows are growing restless. Now that the Queen of Monsters has returned, the seals that once guarded our world have disappeared. And who else but the Mysterious Stranger would take advantage of this opportunity to invade our timeline!

But he won’t be alone…From the darkest corners of Lore, he's reached out to gather the dark residue left by the shadows of our universe's greatest villains... now the 13 Lords of Doom have been created - born of shadows and magic - to wreak havoc and destruction.

And they will stop at NOTHING until Battleon has been reduced to cinders! But fortunately... YOU will be there to make sure they don't succeed.* And you'll have help!

Work with Voltaire and Deady to gather the fragments of the Cursed Mirror of Enutrof to dispel the shadows that linger over Lore!

* For the "why" of the Mysterious Stranger's invasion... ah, well - you will need to learn much more about him to understand THAT! But you will, in time, never fear. Because once a being like the Mysterious Stranger decides to make a world his home, it's very VERY hard to get them to leave.


November 02, 2015

The barriers are weakening...

Some creatures should not walk in the light...

When the Queen of Monsters was freed, more than just the door to her prison was opened... 

The seals protecting our world - our timeline - from the Mysterious Stranger disappeared...

AdventureQuest Worlds 13th Friday the 13th event is almost here, and so are the -

Next Friday, November 13th...

The shadows.

Will be ready.

To serve their Master.


March 11, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: March 13

Voltaire, (un)Lucky Day, & rare Dage x Nulgath Armors

adventure quest worlds friday the 13th game event st patricks day lucky day volatire march 2015

What luck! Friday the 13th AND Lucky Day double feature! Join Voltaire and Zazul in the all-new Unlucky Day Dark Carnival and test your (un)luck across a maelstrom of minigames & epic prizes starting this Friday!

read more red button shiny


February 11, 2015

New Game Updates for Feb. 13

Happy Valentine’s Day: 200 Free AdventureCoins!

200 free adventure coins valentines day gift mmo aq worlds

We love our brave heroes, so you deserve something extra special this Hero’s Heart Day. Log in between Feb 13th - 20th and get 200 AdventureCoins! You must be level 10 or higher (becasue, you know, you gotta be responsible when spending those AdventureCoins).  

Friday the 13th + Hero’s Heart Day Special Event

Friday the 13th game Valentines Day 2014 special event mmo rpg adventure quest worlds

Friday the 13th AND Hero's Heart Day crossover event! It’s your classic Love Story... meets Undead Invasion. Embark on worldwide adventure as you discover if true love is truly undying! 

Rare Items! Friday the 13th + Hero’s Heart Day

valentines day presents friday the 13 items rare event in online mmo game adventure quest worlds

You’re in luck on the unluckiest day of the year! Get #throwback items redesigned from the first Fri the 13 back in 2009! There is a lot of brand new gear coming too!

Next Week: Embersea Isle

Embersea Isle coming soon new adventures next week online game AQ Worlds

Should you save the world from an Undead invasion this Friday the 13, then you will continue your adventures in Embersea Isle next Friday!

HOT! Fyreborn TigerMaster Set

rare armor set fyreborn tiger adventurecoins package special promo

If you love AdventureCoins, then you’re gonna love this! Next Friday, Feb. 20th, you can harness the Fyreborn TigerMaster with any AC package purchase of $10 or more. Additional details coming soon. 

AdventureQuest 3D Tech Demo: Testing Phase

alpha test 3d mmo Adventure Quest 3D

Calling all Legends! We need your help to test the AQ 3D Tech Demo. Chat w/friends, do crazy emotes in Yulgar’s Inn, fight Trolluks, defy gravity with the Space Bar, and explore a 3D Battleon!


September 12, 2013

Pre-Show Shop Rock Shop

Tomorrow: Rock Out Before You Battle On!

Rock out this Friday the 13th at when you login and battle through our "Curse of the Vampirates" event! And what better way to get ready to adventure with Voltaire than by grabbing an axe to grind some bone-heads? NONE! So make sure you check out the pre-event Bad-Axe Guitar Shop, releasing late-afternoon tomorrow with some of the best six-string slashers EVER!

ROCKSlash scallawags with a six-string!

While the Naval-themed guitars will sell for AdventureCoins, there will also be several Legend-only guitars and the Octo-eight String Axe free-player guitar sold for gold... along with some other nautical new gear to get you ready to set sail for BATTLE!

Need 8 arms to play THIS guitarIt takes EIGHT ARMS to rock with THIS guitar!


September 12, 2013

Bring All Yer Mates to AQW

Invite your crew to battle alongside you!

It’s a privilege being in the presence of Lore’s greatest hero: YOU! But every adventurer needs a a good crew to sail with, a first mate for every fight... so why not invite your friends to try your favorite online adventure game AQWorlds this Friday the 13th? 

Friends plays games online with their friendsIn AQW, EVERYONE can join the Skull N Bones crew!

Dive straight into our Friday the 13th: Curse of the Vampires event alongside your best friends as pirates plunder Lore and show them where the tastiest treasure lies! When you Refer a Friend, you will get bonus Gold and Experience, a free Friend Gem, and 250 AdventureCoins for FREE when your friend becomes an upgraded Member!

Of course... you gotta help your friend defeat all those tough monsters in return!

How do I Refer a Friend?

  1. Click on the Manage AQW Account link.
  2. Login with your AQW game Username and Password.
  3. Select 'Referred Friends' from the menu on the left.
  4. To invite a friend, enter their email in the textbox labeled "Friend's Email" and then Submit! Or you can copy and paste your exclusive Referral Link on your blog, on your status, on Twitter… anything you want!
  5. You can also Refer your Friend from in-game! Speak to Twilly in Battleon to send your friends Referral emails directly from AQWorlds.

Friends don't let friends eat rotten fish
Friends don't let friends eat undead sushi!

What about those sweet rewards?

Friends give the best presents*! For every Friend you Refer, you will receive:

  • Gold and Experience based on the amount of Gold and Experience that your friend earns each day—the more they play, the stronger AND richer YOU become!
  • 1 Friend Gem for each Referred Friend once they reach Level 5—Friend Gems buy all sorts of awesome items from Twilly’s Referral Shop in Battleon.
  • 250 Free AdventureCoins when your referred friend becomes a Member—Upgraded Members always have the most fun, and you can get 250 ACs just for recruiting AQWorlds’ newest Member!

Friends ForeverBest Friends for Unlife!

*Unless your friends give you a “surprise” box of pickles… like what Faith and Ai No Miko gave me! Icccky =p

How do I keep track of my Referred Friends?

Keeping track of your Referred Friends is easy with the Account Manager. After logging in with your Username and Password, click the “Referred Friends” link on the left side of the screen. You will see a list of all the Friends you Referred and whether or not they have Upgraded to a Member!

So start Referring your Friends now!

And Like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook Page too!


September 10, 2013

News to Know: Shop Edition

Your Favorite Gear Won't Always Be Here!

With new gear coming every week in AQWorlds, we cycle things in and out on a regular basis. Take a look below to find out when these awesome items are leaving, and when more are arriving!

Professor Dolfo is waiting for YOU north of  Battleon

  • Summer Shop - leaves this Friday, September 13th
  • Obrigado Brasil Shop - leaves this Friday, September 13th
  • Aranx Birthday Rares Shop - leaves this Friday, September 13th

Aranx's birthday rares shop only comes once a year!

  • Fall Seasonal Shop - arrives the Tuesday after fall begins, September 24th
  • LightCaster 3 month upgrade package - leaves later this month, replaced by Shadow Sorcerer
  • Friday the 13th Rares shop - arrives this Friday, September 13th (not the same as Quibble's shop)
  • Featured Artist Shops - return later this month. Because of how much is going into this week's Friday the 13th release, we are focusing ALL art talent on that.

Yarrrr, this be shiny loot for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble Shop - arrives next Thursday, September 19th
  • Wheel of Doom merge Shop - arrives this Friday, September 13th in the /doom map! Use the 100% drop Doom Draughts and XP Boosts to get other gear, including other boosts and exlusive items ONLY found in the merge shop!

Friday the 13th Returns... Again!

Legends can replay all of our Friday the 13th events all year long, but for the week before and the week after any Friday the 13th in-game event, ALL of our creepiest Friday the 13th events are open to ALL players! /join Voltairetown to access all of the previous events featuring Voltaire, Deady, and more!

Stuffed animals are creeeeeeeeepy!

THIS year's Friday the 13th event begins Friday night at sundown! Voltaire, Vampirates, and VERY VERY MUCH loot! Are you ready for Deady?!


September 07, 2013

Obrigado for Playing

Feliz dia da Independência, Brasil!

Thanks for your battling alongside us as we fight Chaos in AQWorlds, and congratulations on the anniversary of your Brasilian Independence Day! To make sure ALL our players can share the holiday excitement, we've made the Brasilian Independence Day items available to everyone!

Obrigado Brasil!

There are some awesome Brasil-themed items as well as all of the items from last year!

This year the shop has:

  • Chaos Warrior Macaw +3 pet (does more damage to Chaos monsters!)*
  • Arara Caos Capa pet 
  • Dragao de Independencia 2013 armor
  • Azul Macaw 2013 pet
  • Ouro Macaw 2013 pet
  • Verde Macaw 2013 pet
  • Amarelo Macaw 2013 pet
  • Jubilo Macaw 2013 pet
  • Soldados Brasileiros 2013 armor
  • Punhais Brasileiros 2013 dagger
  • Espada Brasileira 2013 blade
  • Capacete Brasileiro 2013 helm
  • Defesa Brasileira 2013 helm
  • Runas de Ataque 2013 dagger
  • Runas de Protecao 2013 cape

* Bold items will go rare.

Our FIRST Donation Hero: Moato!

To continue the thanks-giving theme, we'd just like to say OBRIGADO, MOATO!** Because of you, one of our Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness winners from the Wheel of Doom has a shiny-but-slightly-used Dark Caster armor!

Who IS this generous Donation Hero?

Her name is Moato, and she is AWESOME! To let another player experience the fun of battling through Lore as a Dark Caster, she donated her armor to the Wheel of Doom!

 Moato: you are OUR hero!

When her donation email was randomly selected from those who had donated the Dark Caster armor, we contacted her directly to confirm she still wanted to donate the gear. After she replied back, we removed it directly from HER inventory and gave it to another player. That is true generosity!

** Let's all sing now, "obrigado moato, mr. roboto"

We asked Moato over email how she found out about AQWorlds:

A friend of our played a game call Adventure Quest(first time hearing it on fact), and I went to the website and made an account and loved it. Then I saw MechQuest, DragonFable, and soon made accounts of those, and soon upgraded with them. But anyway, I saw WarpForce on the side and tried that out, and also saw this game. Again made an account in 2009 and haven't really stopped playing it(except when I'm playing EpicDuel, or other games). And THEN I saw the Design Notes about the wheel and donating stuff.

What is a Donation Hero?

We've got a LOT of people who want to donate rares to the Wheel of Doom. You guys are CRAZY-generous! To do that, please send an email to [email protected] with your account name and the list of item/s you'd like to donate.

One Hero's Treasure can be another Hero's Treasure... but only in the Wheel of Doom!

We will only contact prospective donators before removing items, so be sure to send the email from an address you check regularly. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day/Friday the 13th Crossover!

This Friday, Voltaire returns with a ship full of booty and a hunger for MORE LOOT in our Friday the 13th/Talk Like a Pirate Day crossover event! Flashback to the 1st Voltaire event from 2009 as we head back onto a pirate ship to explore parts unknown! 

Shiver me timbers... it's Friday the 13th soon!

With creepy undead sailors, a ship that will take you from sunny shores to the depths of the ocean (or despair), and an undead sea-beast that just wants a HUG (that's all, we promise!), you'll want to make sure you've brushed up on your pirate lingo and have your biggest undead-slaying blade on hand!

Quibble's Swordhaven Shop leaves Monday!

Quibble Coinbiter's Swordhaven shop has been around for a while, and if Quib's going to have enough time to gather his Talk Like a Pirate Day gear from his time-travel fairy connection, he's going to need to leave soon! 

Galactic Naval Commander

Galactic Naval Commander: Yarrrr for the stars!

This Monday night, September 9th, he'll leave for parts and times unknown, but he WILL be back on Thursday, September 19th, with a shop full of piratey gear to make you /cheer!


August 26, 2013

DragonCon Cometh!

And Dragon Rider Armors, Friday the 13th, and Talk Like a Pirate Day too!

Happy Monday hero! This week is super special because the Artix Entertainment team is headed to DragonCon Thursday morning! Whooohooo!

DragonCon logo 2013

Later today, Cysero will publish his foolproof DragonCon Survival Guide for you and your friends attending DragonCon. If you’re impatient—like meeee!!!!—you can brush up on last year’s Survival Guide by clicking here.

Friday’s New Release

If you can’t attend DragonCon… no worries, friend! Friday’s new release in AQWorlds will totally make up for your absence. This cannot drag on any longer… because the highly anticipated RARE Dragon Rider armors are coming to Quibble’s Shop in Battleon!

Dragon Kahn Rider for DragonCon in AdventureQuest Worlds

Created with you in mind and inspired by DragonCon, the DragonKahn mount armor is only 1 of the new Dragon Rider sets arriving Friday evening. Due to popular demand (and the endless onslaughts of Tweets), Dage the Evil began creating a dreadful dragonoid of his own.

Legion Raptor sketch in online adventure game

Then the Dark Lord of the Undead Legion began giving life into his creation…

Dage Legion Raptor in online adventure game AQW

Fierce! The Legion Raptor is almost ready—and now Dage needs your help designing the armored rider. Give him your ideas on his Twitter!

Friday the 13th and TLAPD

September is nearly here… and that means Friday the 13th and Talk Like A Pirate Day is rapidly approaching!

Friday the 13th and Talk Like a Pirate Day in online adventure game

We have heard your awesome ideas on the AQWorlds Facebook Page regarding this Special Event. We have narrowed down our favorite suggestions and want to get your feedback on possible armor sets. What do you think about:

  • Galactic Naval Commander
  • Chrono Naval Commander
  • Shadowscythe Pirate Captain
  • Royal Pirate Slayer

Which one is your favorite? Or favorites?! Which pirate armor set would you like to /equip during Friday the 13th and TLAPD? Tell us your thoughts on the AQWorlds Facebook Page!

In the meantime, Alina, Artix, and myself are meeting with Voltaire, everyone’s favorite Pirate Musician and a legend amongst Friday the 13ths, to begin planning out September’s special in-game event. I will keep you updated on our progress!

Heed the call of battle and Battle On to victory!

xoxo Beleen


July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th DOUBLE release!!

Never Say Never When It's Friday the 13th

The unluckiest day of the year is here for the LAST time! It's the third Friday the 13th event of 2012 and both Voltaire and his undead teddy bear, Deady, have returned to help you save the day. During the last Friday the 13th event,* Sleezter Bunny inavded Lore with an army of Bunny Clones but failed miserably. THIS weekend, his master, the Beast Maker, is taking matters into his own hands!

Check out the Never Say Neverworld Event Page!

Your world is packed with plenty of monsters the Beast Maker wants... and the parts that make them up! Once he brings Lore under his control, all the creatures you love to slay will be his to use (and re-use) until they fall to pieces!

/join Neverhub to begin the Friday the 13th event storyline, watch the cutscenes, and browse the Event Rares Shop! Many rewards also drop off the boss and monsters! Members can /join neverworldb to battle through a member-only high EXP farming zone with exclusive quest rewards!

* To replay ALL the Friday the 13th events, /join voltairetown!

  • Members can permanently access the replay map
  • Non-members can access the map for the week before and during future Friday the 13th events
  • None of the rare items from previous Friday the 13th events have returned

Dage vs Nulgath: NEW War Items!

To turn the tide of battle in the war to determine who is the greater Evil, your two favorite commanders have created even more legendary weapons! Each side has NEW items in each shop! And /join evilwar to view the opening cinematic for the Dage vs Nulgath war!

Dage's followers gain access to:

New Dage AC Rare Items:

  • The Scythe of Emptiness
  • Glowing War Glaive
  • Bow of Concealment
  • BladeMaster's Sword

New Legion Token Items*:

  • Monster BladeMaster Armor
  • BladeMaster Helm
  • BladeMaster's Side Swords
  • BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath

* Require Essence of Blade Master item

New Dage War Merge Items:

  • The Scythe of Lost Hope

Nulgath's followers gain access to:

New Nulgath AC Rare Items:

  • Void of Revontheus
  • Katana of Revontheus
  • Salvation Blade of Nulgath
  • Hood of Shadows

Void of Revontheus, Sheathed Katana Cape, and Salvation Blade of Nulgath!

New Nulgath Diamond Items*:

  • Vampire of Nulgath
  • Warp Pack Cape
  • Blood Void Helm
  • Sheathed Katana

* Require Essence of Klunk item

New Nulgath War Merge Items:

  • Redemption Blade of Nulgath

Death Bunee Nitro Toys at HeroMart on Friday!

Just when you thought the coast was clear… the Bunnypocalypse strikes again! And this time around, these adorably demented Death Bunees Glow in the Dark. It’s like real-life magic in the palm of your hand! Or in the box.

Really depends on how safe you feel with a wild Death Bunee watching over you. In addition to a lifetime of creepy stares, your Bunee comes with a special code that unlocks a Death Bunny Nitro pet in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Glow BunneeDeath Bunee Necro, Death Bunee Nitro, and Death Bunee Glizoryn!

The Death Nitro Bunee Toys are on sale at HeroMart RIGHT NOW!


July 12, 2012

Do Ya Feel LUK-y?

The final Friday the 13th event starts tomorrow!

Join us for the creepiest, most luckless event yet.... and the LAST Friday the 13th event of 2012! Featuring Voltaire, Deady, the Beast Maker, and the most inept minion ever, Sleezter, you're going to want to buff your LUK stat this weekend beause the fate of Lore is in your hands! (Hope you've got a rabbit's foot nearby!)

This weekend you'll venture into the Neverworld, a vast domain making up part of the Shadow Realm. Encounter adhorrible (adorable + horrible), mutant creations hand-made in the  Beast Maker's Lab-rary and try to sway them to your side... otherwise ALL of Lore's monsters will become part of the his mutant-menagerie!

The (un)Luckiest Event Rares EVER!

The Neverworld is filled with ghastly, ghoulish rejects from the Beast Maker's experiments.

To help you blend in with the crowd and convince these unnatural enemies that you're just like they are, we've got a giant shop of horrors FULL of the gruesomest gear in the Shadow Realm!

We'll have an AC Event Rare shop as well as monster and quests drops! /Equip your sharpest blades because the shadows are dark and full of terrors!

The War for Evil Escalates!

Yesterday I posted previews of what #DagesLegion can expect; tonight it's time for the #NulgathNation to see what is in store for them when Dage and Nulgath update their war shops with all-new gear!

Void and Katana of Revontheus

Nulgath and Dage know their followers fight better, harder, faster, and eviller when they have epic rewards waiting. 

Hood of Shadows

To keep their minions on the front lines, they are stocking all of their shops with darker and even deadlier designs!

Sheathed Katana Cape

We've got MUCH more in store for you in tomorrow's release! Until then, /dodge black cats, /stepdance around ladders, and /use your mirrors without breaking them!

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