Design Notes

September 07, 2013

Obrigado for Playing

Feliz dia da Independência, Brasil!

Thanks for your battling alongside us as we fight Chaos in AQWorlds, and congratulations on the anniversary of your Brasilian Independence Day! To make sure ALL our players can share the holiday excitement, we've made the Brasilian Independence Day items available to everyone!

Obrigado Brasil!

There are some awesome Brasil-themed items as well as all of the items from last year!

This year the shop has:

  • Chaos Warrior Macaw +3 pet (does more damage to Chaos monsters!)*
  • Arara Caos Capa pet 
  • Dragao de Independencia 2013 armor
  • Azul Macaw 2013 pet
  • Ouro Macaw 2013 pet
  • Verde Macaw 2013 pet
  • Amarelo Macaw 2013 pet
  • Jubilo Macaw 2013 pet
  • Soldados Brasileiros 2013 armor
  • Punhais Brasileiros 2013 dagger
  • Espada Brasileira 2013 blade
  • Capacete Brasileiro 2013 helm
  • Defesa Brasileira 2013 helm
  • Runas de Ataque 2013 dagger
  • Runas de Protecao 2013 cape

* Bold items will go rare.

Our FIRST Donation Hero: Moato!

To continue the thanks-giving theme, we'd just like to say OBRIGADO, MOATO!** Because of you, one of our Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness winners from the Wheel of Doom has a shiny-but-slightly-used Dark Caster armor!

Who IS this generous Donation Hero?

Her name is Moato, and she is AWESOME! To let another player experience the fun of battling through Lore as a Dark Caster, she donated her armor to the Wheel of Doom!

 Moato: you are OUR hero!

When her donation email was randomly selected from those who had donated the Dark Caster armor, we contacted her directly to confirm she still wanted to donate the gear. After she replied back, we removed it directly from HER inventory and gave it to another player. That is true generosity!

** Let's all sing now, "obrigado moato, mr. roboto"

We asked Moato over email how she found out about AQWorlds:

A friend of our played a game call Adventure Quest(first time hearing it on fact), and I went to the website and made an account and loved it. Then I saw MechQuest, DragonFable, and soon made accounts of those, and soon upgraded with them. But anyway, I saw WarpForce on the side and tried that out, and also saw this game. Again made an account in 2009 and haven't really stopped playing it(except when I'm playing EpicDuel, or other games). And THEN I saw the Design Notes about the wheel and donating stuff.

What is a Donation Hero?

We've got a LOT of people who want to donate rares to the Wheel of Doom. You guys are CRAZY-generous! To do that, please send an email to [email protected] with your account name and the list of item/s you'd like to donate.

One Hero's Treasure can be another Hero's Treasure... but only in the Wheel of Doom!

We will only contact prospective donators before removing items, so be sure to send the email from an address you check regularly. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day/Friday the 13th Crossover!

This Friday, Voltaire returns with a ship full of booty and a hunger for MORE LOOT in our Friday the 13th/Talk Like a Pirate Day crossover event! Flashback to the 1st Voltaire event from 2009 as we head back onto a pirate ship to explore parts unknown! 

Shiver me timbers... it's Friday the 13th soon!

With creepy undead sailors, a ship that will take you from sunny shores to the depths of the ocean (or despair), and an undead sea-beast that just wants a HUG (that's all, we promise!), you'll want to make sure you've brushed up on your pirate lingo and have your biggest undead-slaying blade on hand!

Quibble's Swordhaven Shop leaves Monday!

Quibble Coinbiter's Swordhaven shop has been around for a while, and if Quib's going to have enough time to gather his Talk Like a Pirate Day gear from his time-travel fairy connection, he's going to need to leave soon! 

Galactic Naval Commander

Galactic Naval Commander: Yarrrr for the stars!

This Monday night, September 9th, he'll leave for parts and times unknown, but he WILL be back on Thursday, September 19th, with a shop full of piratey gear to make you /cheer!

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