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September 10, 2013

News to Know: Shop Edition

Your Favorite Gear Won't Always Be Here!

With new gear coming every week in AQWorlds, we cycle things in and out on a regular basis. Take a look below to find out when these awesome items are leaving, and when more are arriving!

Professor Dolfo is waiting for YOU north of  Battleon

  • Summer Shop -¬†leaves this Friday, September 13th
  • Obrigado Brasil Shop - leaves this Friday, September 13th
  • Aranx Birthday Rares Shop - leaves this Friday, September 13th

Aranx's birthday rares shop only comes once a year!

  • Fall Seasonal Shop - arrives the Tuesday after fall begins, September 24th
  • LightCaster 3 month upgrade package - leaves later this month, replaced by Shadow Sorcerer
  • Friday the 13th Rares shop - arrives this Friday, September 13th (not the same as Quibble's shop)
  • Featured Artist Shops - return later this month. Because of how much is going into this week's Friday the 13th release, we are focusing ALL art talent on that.

Yarrrr, this be shiny loot for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble Shop - arrives next Thursday, September 19th
  • Wheel of Doom merge Shop - arrives this Friday, September 13th in the /doom map! Use the 100% drop Doom Draughts and XP Boosts to get other gear, including other boosts and exlusive items ONLY found in the merge shop!

Friday the 13th Returns... Again!

Legends can replay all of our Friday the 13th events all year long, but for the week before and the week after any Friday the 13th in-game event, ALL of our creepiest Friday the 13th events are open to ALL players! /join Voltairetown to access all of the previous events featuring Voltaire, Deady, and more!

Stuffed animals are creeeeeeeeepy!

THIS year's Friday the 13th event begins Friday night at sundown! Voltaire, Vampirates, and VERY VERY MUCH loot! Are you ready for Deady?!

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