Design Notes

January 14, 2012

PINK Robot Unicorns!

Prancing With Heroes!

Did we really NOT release PINK versions of the Unicorn pets with last night's release?! An oversight that MUST be rectified! I couldn't go into the Lab on Monday, sit across from Beleen, and tell her we DIDN'T put PINK unicorns in! (Please don't tell Artix. SHHHHHH!)

To that end, I give you:


  • Pink Flame Unicorn Pet - 150 AC/member
  • Pink Robot Unicorn Pet - 25,000 gold member-only

They are both in the Event Rare shop and will disappear forever once the shop leaves!

But remember, you can see Voltaire, Deady, and Andrew rockin' the unicorn vibe under the shadow of Mount Etherstorm whenever you want, because the story is permanent in-game content! And speaking of Andrew's Pink Fluffy Unicorn song...

I can't stop singing it!

I'm going to talk to Warlic and Andrew and see about recording a "Pink Robot Unicorns Prancing with Heroes" cover! See you all Monday!

PS - Don't forget, the next I Can Has Mod contest will be starting soon! Which mod is it this time, you ask? WE DON'T KNOW! Whoever wins the contest will get to pick which mod gets to grant their wish!

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