13 Lords of Chaos
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(Not a mod.... but I AM NOW THE BOSS!)

August 10, 2011


Bertran is going to kill me.

Hello, I've taken over for the day. I am actually at the underground lab, siting in Artix's chair at the head of the table. His laptop has a really, really big keyboard that is extremely big and hard for me to type on. (Excuse my typos!) It's really amazing here, and everyone's so nice. Since I own this place now, I've decided that AE is now going to become a shrine to Broadway musicals, Disney movies, and the novel Les Miserables that is overrun with Mochi*.

...you just wait. This will happen someday.

I made a T-shirt specially for this visit**. It says "Cysero, Can I be a mod?" ...unfortunately, Cysero isn't here today. So we took a picture and sent him a text message***. I've run out of funny things to say now. It's weird, because I've been dreaming of this day forever.... (Please excuse my starry eyes!) I promise that I'll someday work here. You WILL see me again****.

* Which is preferable to what is currently happening with the Ponies.
* Far less expensive than making an animatronic Dragon.
** He sent back a text message. "No."
*** Not if we see you first! (Just kidding. So... um... what exactly did you do with Artix?)

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