Design Notes

June 15, 2015

Undead Goat Class Update

Golden Cheezburger Class is Almost Finished!

Last month, we held the first 2015 I Can Has Mod Contest - where if you bought a Golden Cheezburger, you would win a chance to have a single wish grants, temporary modship, and a 2 hour in-game hangout with your favorite dev or mod. One very lucky - and VERY generous winner - named Noobstine wished for an Undead Goat class... and that is exactly what we are building!

undead goat class aqworlds free rpg mmoIt's an Undead Goat, see? Class concept and final art

Progress Update:

Last week, the class designers put the list of skills together. But on reviewing it, the class would have been too much like Legion Paladin Class. We want this class to be unique... and AWESOME! So they have gone back to the drawing board and expect to send over a new list of skills this week.

Once their list of skills is approved, Arklen will get it coded, testers will run through it, and then we will get it out to all of you who purchased a Golden Cheezburger. We should have this out to you all later this month, so hang on to those cheezburgers!


January 25, 2012

Guardian Tower Mid-Week Expansion!

Meet Sloan

This is the Guardian Sloan.

He is now standing just inside the entrance to Guardian Tower. Since the beginning of the game, it has stood tall and silent at the top of Battleon, home to the verification shops but not much else.

Finally we have returned to Guardian Tower in this mid-week mini-storyline and given you a real reason to run around there! This story is full of intrigue and suspence as new and interesting aspect of the Guardians will be revealed.

You get to travel to strange and exotic location. It's a cave.

You also get to tie a dude up and question him.

As usual, if you complete the Member Only storyline quests you will unlock a shop full of new armors, weapons and other items all made by SOLRAC (spelled it right this time).

There was some confusion about this release going to the AQ Classic Guardians instead of being AQW Member Only. While we do appreciate AQ Guardians (as displayed by the verification shop and Guardian Only Class, one of the few totally redesigned at your request) but THIS release goes to the AQW Members who support THIS game.

Guardians still get a LOT out the game in which you have upgraded, AQ Classic! :)

Stuff Closing

I've been seeing a lot of questions about when stuff is leaving the game, or happening in the game so here's a quick-n-dirty list.

  1. FEB 6th! Friday the 13th Event Rares, House Shop and chance to get the Friday the 13th Character page Badge will leave on FEB 6th! The rest of the event and the other badge will be permanent additions to the game.

  2. FEB 13th! The nect I CAN HAS MOD contest winner will be selected on FEB 13th. We will try to contact them that day but it may be several days before and IF their wish changes the Golden Cheezburger Deluxe into anything. The Golden Cheezburger Deluxe will also be removed from Cleric Joy's Shop on FEB 13th!

  3. NEAR VALENTINES DAY: The Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures which will be sold at Toys R Us in the US and HeroMart everywhere else, will be going on sale NEAR VALENTINES DAY. That is the closest to an exact date that we can get. These toys come with the Paladin HighLord and Doomknight OverLord classes, armors, weapons, helms, houses and Character Page Achievement Badges respectively.

    CORRECTION: I just found out this the Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures will not be released until Late April of this year.

  4. EARLY to MID-OCTOBER: The THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS event will be going rare this year and taking everyything with it, including the Vindicator of They Class (unless we can finagle our way out of the contract) in EARLY to MID-OCTOBER of this year.

  5. NO IDEA: Our newest project, known under the working title AQ3D, will be released when we are done with it. It takes a long time to develop a game (especially a 3D Browser game) and we're just getting started. We have goals set but it's so early in the project that it's really not worth getting your hops up about it yet. 

331 days until Just Another Day



January 09, 2012


I Spent A Couple of Hours With The Winner This Weekend.

HE asked that we not reveal his name until after he made his wish, but now that he has made his wish I can tell you that he was a non-member named Vader Darkside.

He is a really cool guy! We just sat around talking for the first half hour or so. That might have been because it was 8 AM for me and 2 AM for him (he lives in New Zealand, 18 hours away from the lab). He asked some questions and let me know about a few bugs that needed fixing.

Then he wanted to use his temporary mod status to go visit some of the locked events and see the Member stuff that he was missing out on.

Eventuatually he wanted to go around and fight some of the strongest monsters in the game together!

But I suppose that you guys want to know what his wish was...

Vader Darkside's Wish

Here it is!

Here are the details. This guys LOVES farming the harder areas of the game and earning the hard-to-earn rewards. He wanted a non-member pet class geared toward farming (so lots of multi-hit AOE attacks... Funny that I just asked about that over Twitter). He doesn't want it to complete with Necro but strong enough to get the job done quick and easy. The appearance, he said, should look like an evil caster. I amd working on the skill set and Dage The Evil is working on the art right now and we will post it here on the Design Notes as soon as we have something to show you.

As per Vader Darkside's wish, Cysero's Golden Cheezburger will transform into a brand new rare battle pet class that anyone can use as soon as we have it complete and tested. It will be called the Darkside class!

We told you to hang onto that item!

Since granting a free non-member pet class to everyone who entered the contest is a pretty amazingly selfless wish, Vader Darkside was rewarded with a year Membership (so he can keep enjoying the areas and mid-week releases he explored while he was a mod). I also gave him 50,000 ACs. Finally, He has been trying to earn the Vindicator of They class since we released it so I gave him the earned version of the class (already rank 10) and gave him the rest of the Vindicator set!

A class is a pretty involved wish since we need to come up with the skills as well as the art, animate the summon pet, and test the whole thing before we release it so this won't happen today. We have a lot on out plate with Friday the 13th this week but we will TRY and get this thing up and out by Friday for you.

Any hopes of a mid-week release this week are totally shot.

Friday the 13th!

This Friday, Voltaire and Deady return with a brand new Friday the 13th story! The story will be a permanent addition to the Etherstorm Wastes but, as usual, there WILL be an Event Rare Shop and you will be able to earn the Friday the 13th Badge for a short time.

The Event will have AC rares in the Event Rare Shop, Member only content and lots of stuff and a great story for all players, not to mention all new voice acting and songs from Voltaire!

This Friday the 13th is a lucky one for you!

Funniest Line In AQW?

We need YOUR help for this one. We are looking for some fun stuff from AQW to slap onto some AE T-Shirts and we want to know what funny or membrable lines or moments from AQW stick out in your mind.

This isn't a contest nor a vote. We're just asking for opinions and any feedback that you give us will be appreciated!

Let us know what you think ON THIS THREAD!


November 28, 2011


Waiting to verify the Winner

We just removed the Golden Cheezburger from the shop and ran the super big crazy database query to create the list and randomly selected a winner.  I am very proud to say that this contest was conducted extremely fairly. Important: Do not remove the Golden Cheezburger from your inventory. 36,134 players have a Golden Cheezburger in their inventory and are participating in this contest. We are attempting to contact the winner now (by all means possible including email)... the wait is killing us all O_O.   The winner will be announced AFTER they make their wish... as it may have awesome, or interesting and/or unexpected results for everyone possessing a Golden Cheeseburger. Trust me, you DO NOT want to get rid of the Golden Cheezburger out of your inventory. If we are unable to contact the winner in 24 hours, we will have to select another.
See the I CAN HAS MOD Contest Page

The Golden Cheezburger's News!

The description on the item suddenly changed: "WHAT!? This item is pulsing and glowing with a strange magic energy. Something is going to happen...."

This week in AQWorlds!

Coming this Friday.... The Bloodtusk Ravine Chaos Beast and 2 new classes: Hork Evader and Troll Spell Smith. Also, we will be premiering the NEW AQWorlds TV commercial "Rawr".

New Class Designs

Concepts for the new classes by Dage

Update: Winner Announced at Noon

Alina here to let you know that we're planning on announcing the winner tomorrow at 12PM server time! We want the winner to be the first to know how just how excited we are to hang out with them! Once THEY know, and they make their wish, then YOU guys will get to see just what's in store... for them AND for you! (Remember to KEEP your Golden Cheezburgers!)

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