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October 11, 2011

Commercial Cameo

AQWorlds appears on TV for it's birthday

I have a distant cousin in Pennslyvania who shoots TV commercials*. Yesterday he happened to be filming a boy at a computer for an ad, and being cautious of what he is legally allowed to film on the computer screen he said, "Oh... I know something safe. We'll just use my cousin's game." And he typed in and fired up the game. The boy exclaimed, "WHAT!? I PLAY THIS! ADVENTUREQUEST IS YOUR COUSIN'S GAME!?!?!?!" Apparently the boy was a player. So AQW got a cameo in a TV commercial for it's birthday! This was not the first time AQWorlds was on TV... not counting our commercials**.... we were featured on several gaming shows and even appeared as a central plot element of an episode of EndGamE Game (A Canadian TV show that was cancelled immediately after our episode was aired... LOL, our Chaos Lords cause havok wherever they go.) Also - Happy Birthday Rolith!

* How do you get them on TV if you shoot them full of holes? I will never understand the creative industry!
** Commercials!? We need new AQW commercials! Do you have any funny/epic ideas for a 30 second spot? I promise we will not record the voice acting in my bathroom this time. I wonder if They Might Be Giants will let us use one of the songs they are making for us in a 30 second spot?

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