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October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday AQWorlds!

Join us for the party Friday (with TMBG)

But first, I would like to talk about the AQWorlds team. Actually, I would like to say a number. 156. Yes, one hundred and fifty six. What is that number? That is the minimum number of weekly releases the AQW team has created since the game went live. (Of course, as you know the real number is closer to 200) Every single week for three years, starting on Monday and completed by Friday, the AQWorlds team has written, drawn, animated, and released brand new content for you and your fellow players to enjoy. To date the team has created 390 areas, 714 monsters, 9,391 items, and 1,315 quests. When we started, they said it was impossible to do weekly updates on a MMO like we did on a single player game... *dramatic pause* But you believed in us and supported us... so, this week we celebrate our 3rd year of our favorite weekly-updated, web based MMO! I would like to give credit, congratulations and praise to developers, moderators and support staff who make AQWorld's releases possible each and every week! I hope you will join me in this by raising your weapon, spellbook, or dangerously clawed were-arm in a war-cheer of "Battle on!" on The BattleOn Forums, FaceBook and Twitter.

Happy 3rd Birthday AQWorlds!

Again, we would like to thank you. Whether you supported us by upgrading your account (3rd upholder is now available), clicking on an ad, or helped us improve the game with your suggestions... we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to continue making AQWorlds better for you each week. Thank you!

Special Birthday Event This Friday

Join us for our special event with special musical guest band, They Might Be Giants! We are going to add some servers, raise the level cap, and have the biggest special event in the history of the game. 

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