Design Notes

October 07, 2011

Mogloween starts tonight!

The path to Mystcroft opens

Tonight, as it has in Octobers past, a path will appear within the mist. Those who dare to venture into it will find themselves in the haunted town of Mystcroft. It only appears once per year for a short time... at the end of the month the path will begin to dematerialize. So be careful! Anyone trapped within the mists when the town disappears will be lost there for another full year. But that will not happen for a few weeks... so make the best of your time and get caught up on all of the quests within. Especially since a brand new Mogloween will begin on Friday, October 28th.

Vampire Lord

Also in October... ModPacks!

The AQWorlds Card Game Mod Packs are coming! There are two stand-alone packs (DoomWood and Chaos) that you can get and mix into your deck to make the card game even more crazy and fun. Each comes with an exclusive item and one-half of PaladinSlayer class. Combine them to form the full PaladinSlayer Class. Wait... why am I promoting PaladinSlayer? O_O


October 25, 2010

Vampire Lord

... sharp fangs and a sweet tooth.

Rumors are spreading that a Vampire Lord is gathering an army of monsters. We believe they intend to stage a full out assault on the town of BattleOn within the next 6 days. Warlic commented on the increasingly worrysome situation, "Interesting. The pathway of mist that connects our world to the haunted town of Mystcroft only lasts during Mogloween. If this Vampire Lord's army is successful, they will create a strong link to BattleOn and suck it into the mist at the same time their town dissapears."

All Vampire Hunters, Experts of the Supernatural, and all Heroes should be on standby... we are sending 4 scouts to keep us informed of enemy movements. We will have to find some way to distract the current Chaos Lord as we handle this imminent threat. Check back tomorrow for an update!

P.S. Please ask Beleen to change the Design Notes back to black... it is really hard to type this with my eyes shut.

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