Design Notes

August 13, 2013

Today’s Featured Artist Shop

A Drow who can Draw: Roroth!

Happy Tuesday my heroic heroes and vile villains! It’s time for another AQWorlds Artist to take the spotlight in the Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

Artist Showcase Shop

Later on this afternoon, Ven du Violetmist will pack up her shop to make room for the Drow Gunslinger, Roroth. Mining materials from all over Lore’s deserts (…and treasure chambers), this Drow outlaw has crafted wild wild western armors, helms, and weapons for courageous cowboys and bold brigands.

Sneak Peek at Roroth's Featured Artist Showcase Shop Items

Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a trusty steed at his or her side. Forget horses and cattle; get a Blob instead! The bulletproof Blob Cowboy Pet is the perfect companion during any cattle drive… or Chaos Lord showdown.

More of Roroth's gunslinger items

All of these items—and more!—and arriving in Roroth’s Shop later this afternoon.

Who is Roroth?

Last night, Roroth and I met at the local AdventureBucks Coffee Café and mingled over refreshing frozen coffee drinks called Trobblechinos.

Starbucks spoof AdventureBucks Coffee Trobblechino

As soon as that Drow Gunslinger was fully caffeinated, Roroth began to tell the tale of his mysterious history…

Beleen: * slurp * Mmmm, my Trobblechino is delicious! So tell a little bit about yourself, Roroth. * slurp*

Roroth: Well Beleen, when I was a low level Drow, I lived and worked with my Drow brethren inside Dwarfhold Mountains. The Drow Kingdom was ruled by King Vath, who, even before he was Chaorrupted, was a ruthless ruler. But when Vath foolishly consumed the powers of Chaos, he forced his entire kingdom to be Chaorrupted as well. The Dwarves fled from their homes while Drow kin accepted their fate due to their loyalty to King Vath.

Dwarfhold Mountains

I, however, refused to be Chaorrupted. Even though I was young and much weaker than the King, I took my family’s relic, the Legion Skull Dagger, and confronted Vath himself.

It was impossible to win a one on one fight against the Chaos Lord. Vath PWNED me. I lost my arm and the Chaos Scar on my face is a result of that battle.

Roroth NPC

Beleen: WOAH! That’s crazy! So Vath didn’t kill you? Or force you into becoming Charrupted like all the other Drow?

Roroth: Drows are known for being tricky. I pretended to be Chaorrupted. I acted as though I had complete allegiance to King Vath and returned to my Chaorrupted brothers and sisters.

But as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I rallied a team of young Drow who yet to be Charrupted and we ran. Ran far, far away from the Drow Kingdom. We became hunted outlaws as our exhausted feet led us into the blistering Sandsea Desert.  

Sandsea map

We started our own tribe, consisting of gunslingers, cowboys, and brigands. We freelance our skills and strengths in every town we come across in order to survive… and to pay for AdventureBucks coffee. We may look like Chaorrupted Drows, but our eyes—all of which are blue—prove that we have not fallen to the forces of Chaos.

Beleen: Wowie, Roroth! What a remarkable tale! Your bravery inspires me, and I’m sure it will inspire other heroes as well!

Roroth: Ha, thanks Beleen. And all the items in my Featured Artist Shop will help support my fellow Drows. As outlaws, we could reallt use all the Gold we can get.

Beleen: I will be sure to let everyone know on the Design Notes! * slurp *

In the Real World, Roroth hails from the beautiful lands of Belgium. Roroth has been drawing all his life and loves the fantasy theme found within many video games. At 12, Roroth began playing around in Photoshop and hasn’t stopped making digital art since.

In 2006, Roroth discovered AdventureQuest and fell in love with the classic game. AQ had consumed Roroth so much that he missed the AQWorlds Beta because of it! Seeing all the art inside AQ classic inspired his path down the Artist Alley.

Back in April 2013, Roroth joined the AQW Q&A volunteer team and continued making art for the game (in addition to blowing away the competition in many Art Contests prior!). Even though Roroth has only been an official AQW volunteer for a few months, his artwork has soared into the hearts (and inventory bags) of players just like you. Roroth’s favorite thing about AE is: “All the new stuff! AE is always searching for new things to do or make! New games, HeroMart, DragonCon panels… I love it all!”

And we all love you too, Roroth =D

Check the in-game Game Menu later this afternoon to get your hands on Roroth’s exclusive gunslinger items to help him and his Drow kin rekindle their tribe.

Until then…

Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen


August 05, 2013

Marvelous Monday Meeting!

Get a head start on the week and discover all the exciting (and chaotic) things arriving this weekend.

Happy Monday! Usually Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week—unless you play AdventureQuest Worlds, because Mondays are full of surprises and spoilers on the Design Notes!

Beleen loves surprises in AdventureQuest Worlds

Allow me to make your Monday memorable by delivering your daily dose of sneak peeks. Let’s begin!

Tuesday’s Featured Artist Shop

Tomorrow is another Featured Artist Showcase Shop! We have seen the stunning skills of J6, Solrac, Aranx, Tyronius, Diozz, Beleen, Aegis, Dage, Jemini, Nulgath, Mido, Hizu, Memet, and Vokun! 

Artist Showcase Shop online adventure games

And this week, the entire (AQ)world will get to enjoy the artistic talents of Ven du Violetmist! Ven, who hails from the mysterious lands of Leviasea, has crafted beautifully ornate—and devastating—items for her Featured Artist Shop.

Ven du Violetmist NPC

Since I have NO IDEA where Leviasea is, Ven has agreed to meet me for a cup of coffee so I can learn more about her and hometown of Leviasea. Oh and of course snag some sweet photos of Ven’s showcased items. How exciting!

Quibble is on his Way

Everyone loves Quibble Coinbiter. He’s your friendly traveling sales moglin who always has the BEST and RAREST items in his magical treasure chest. And he’s headed to Battleon this Friday evening!

Sneak peek of Quibble's new items

Sure, Quibble brings sweet loot for a price, but he also brings priceless knowledge about the next Chaos Lord. And speaking of Chaos…

The Chaos War Ensues Friday!

A famous warrior by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.”

Napoleon Bonaparte in online game AdventureQuest Worlds

As we gear up for the beginning of the 12th Chaos Lord, the Chaos War returns. Drakath is sending his minions across the world, stirring up trouble and lending a hand when trouble becomes too much for people.

Heed Napoleon Bonapart’s words and storm headstrong into the Chaos War. Chaos ensues Friday at sundown!

And now, heed my words and return to battle in your favorite online adventure game AdventureQuest Worlds!

xoxo Beleen =D


July 29, 2013

Mondays are Magical

You don’t need a Crystal Ball to see into the future!

Predicting the future is a pretty impressive skill. I just so happen to be pretty good at it, too. And I wish to share my gift with you in the form of sneak-peek Design Notes! Woohoo!

Tuesday Predictions

Tomorrow is Tuesday—and I foresee that the Featured Artist Shop will showcase a bounty of items from your favorite Bounty Hunter, J6!

J6 has a Treasure Chess of Items in online adventure game!

Looks like it’s going to be a Treasure Chest full of Chess! Get ready to pwn some Pawns starting Tuesday afternoon!

Perfection Prediction

Upgrading your account to a Legend Membership comes with a gazillion perks, but the deal hits critical perfection with the GameStop-exclusive Combo Breaker Armor Set!

Combo Breaker set for GameStop

If you’re living in the United States and have a GameStop nearby, follow these simple steps:

  • fuel-up the family Dragon (or minivan, whatever)
  • fly on over to a GameStop near you
  • pick up an Artix Entertainment Game Card
  • fly back home (or teleport, if the option is available)
  • Upgrade your Membership following these instructions
  • Unlock the Combo Breaker Armor Set
  • Become Lore’s greatest C-c-c-combo Breaker!

This special offer is ONLY available until August 11th. Click here for more information!

Friday Predictions

Wondering where I got my magical capabilities? From the Wizard University of Battleon! And this Friday night, the University doors will open to the DragonRune Hall, the Academy of Mana Manipulation, and SpellCrafting!

Wizard University in Free to Play Online Game AdventureQuest Worlds

Marvel at the magical miracles and buff your SpellScribing tradeskills so you can craft consumable potions. And there will be a special room where you can use J6’s Chess Items in, too! It’s bound to be MAGIC!

Next Week’s Prediction 

Looks like Quibble is packing his bags and has a direct flight to Battleon next Friday!

Quibble Coinbiter moglin rare items

Everyone’s favorite traveling sales-moglin always brings the best rare items with him. And next week is no different—Quibble is stocking his shop with some of the COOLEST items I have ever seen. And you’ll need his epic gear if you hope to defeat the next Chaos Lord who is anxiously awaiting your arrival…

Contest Prediction

The Bad Guys & Good Battles Contest was such a HUGE hit! We received hundreds of awesome entries and have finally chosen the top winners.

Bad Guys Good Battle Contest

The top winners are posted at, but everyone who entered—and wasn’t disqualified—will receive a Loremaster Character Page Badge! All the entries will eventually be added into the Lorepedia =D Thank you so much for helping us track down and record all those Artix Entertainment monsters!

And this is ONLY the beginning. New monsters are popping up all the time, so in the future we will release another Bad Guys & Good Battles Contest for a chance to win more prizes. Sweet for us… but not so sweet for the monsters you defeat =p

Pretty Pink’s Prediction

Wowza! With so much going on, I predict that this week is going to be the best one ever! Actually, that’s no prediction—that’s a FACT!

See you on the battlefield, my hero!

xoxo Beleen

PS: Last month's SUATMR winner chose to remain anonymous, but wound up choosing the Starsword!


June 24, 2013

The Start of the Week…

…is the beginning of many adventures!

Happy Monday! Glad to see you made it out of Grimskull’s Dungeons alive. Or perhaps you didn’t. Thank goodness for Respawn, amirite? =D

We’ve got a whole action-packed week ahead of us in our favorite fantasy MMO. Check out everything in store—and everything that’s leaving the stores, too—in this week’s AdventureQuest Worlds release write-up!

Tyronius’ Shop leaves Tomorrow

The countdown timer is ticking! Adorned with Blood Lord loot, Tyronius’ Featured Artist Showcase Shop in the Battleon Game Manu leaves Tuesday afternoon.

Become Tyronius' Blood Lord in online fun game

Now is your last chance to get the Blood Lord Plate Set before it goes rare! Blood Majesty Set, and the color-custom Abyssal Darkness Set will return the next time Tyronius has a featured artist shop (but we don't know when that will be)! There’s something for everyone in Tyronius’ shop!

Beleen’s Featured “Artist” Shop on Tuesday

Alright folks. Let’s get something straight: I am, by no means, what you would consider an “artist.” As a writer, my artist expression flourishes with an ink-dipped quill on lined canvas.

Quill and parchement for online fun game AdvetureQuest Worlds

But when it comes to straight lines, shading, colors, and animations… I just kinda DERP all over the place. A kindergartener draws better than I. At least THEY understand the fundamentals of painting a picture…

The First Derp Fish by Beleen

My first attempt at a "catfish." Props for making it uglier than the real thing.

However! For whatever reason, I have been granted with the power of DERP. I make ridiculous monstrosities DERP and HURP all over the place, and tomorrow you too will be blessed (or cursed?!) with my derpy creations.

Oh and don’t worry, it wouldn’t be Beleen’s Shop if there wasn’t any PINK! After hearing your suggestions on my Twitter, I have buffed a bunch of your favorite items with Adorableness (aka lots and lots of pink)!

My shop should have an item that perfect for you! So long as you aren’t Artix. Who is going to have a Chickecow once he sees my shop… ^o^

I’ll post some previews on my Twitter first…and then flood the Design Notes tomorrow morning with ZOMG SO MUCH NONESENSE!!11!1one!!

The Showcase Scoop

Each Tuesday, AQWorlds releases a special “Limited Time Featured Artist Showcase Shop” loaded with items that an Artix Entertainment artist creates using their own style and flair.

The Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop will feature a complete Item Set made by an Artix Entertainment artist, created in any manner they so choose. This shop encourages our wonderful artists to unleash their creativity and make some truly epic Armors, Weapons, Helms, and other Items for AQWorlds.

And because it’s called the Limited Time Artist Showcase Shop, the artist’s items will run for 1 week (Tuesday until Tuesday) with a new artist’s Showcased Items replacing the previous set.

At least one RARE item will be included in each artist’s showcased shop. All other items in the shop may or may not return at a later date—that’s all up to the artist! TheRare Item will always sell for AdventureCoins (free storage woohoo!) and will ONLY be available during that week.  

*We say every Tuesday… and we mean it! We’re ganna keep on releasing new Artist Showcase Shops every Tuesday until we run out of artists… or run out of coffee. 

DragonClaw Armor Set leaves Thursday

All good things must come to an end. Including the special offer DragonClaw Armor Set when you purchase any AdventureCoins package worth $4.95 USD or more!

DragonClaw Armor Set in fantasy game

DragonClaw set bids its farewell on Thursday, June 27, at 6pm EST. If you wanna taste the power of the Dragon, get your DragonClaw Set now AND get more AdventureCoins that you crave!

Color-Custom Shadowfire replaces DragonClaw

Do we have a deal for you! The Color-Custom Shadowfire Armor Set will become available after 6pm EST on Thursday, June 27, when you purchase 900 AdventureCoins or more!

Shadowfire Armor Set

The Shadowfire Armor Set includes:

  • Shadowfire Emperor Armor
  • Shadowfire Skull
  • Oppression Katana
  • Shadow Katana cape
  • Character Page Badge

Scorn Saga Continues Friday evening

Descend into Dage’s Underworld this Friday night! Now that the Volcano on the Isle of Fotia has frozen over, a path leading deep into the Underworld has opened.

Journey into Dage's Underworld in free online game MMO

The entrance to the Underworld harbors Underworld Souls and the monstrous personifications of Guilty Joys: Anxiety, Old Age, Fear, Hunger, Death, Disease, Sleep, Agony, and Grief. With the guidance of Aeneas the Warrior and Sibyl the Prophetess, you must find the Golden Boughs, defeat each Guilty Joy, and make your way past the Elm of False Hopes to reach the river Acheron!Golden Bough in online adveture game

Dage's Legion Champion Armor and Class!

To prepare for the coming Legion Champion Class, we are releasing the Legion Champion armor this week! It is only available to Legion Members, but as long as you ARE in the Legion, you can purchase the armor for AdventureCoins OR farm Legion Tokens to create it!

Rule the darkness!

Even MORE for you this week!

  • Summer Token Shop! (Previews go live today)
  • World War AQZ shop!
  • Treasure Chest update! (Members get two FREE keys to unlock them!)
  • Maya's Bestiary Writing/Drawing Contest!

June 03, 2013

The June of Doom!

A summer full of everything Evil

It’s the first week of June… and it’s the first time we’ve dedicated an entire month to the Lord of the Undead Legion, Dage the Evil!

Dage the Evil June of Doom in online adventure games

Dage is more than just a pretty face—he’s everyone’s favorite artist/weapon forger/armor welder/devourer of souls. Dage the Evil has created absolutely amazing in-game items for AdventureQuest Worlds, and with over 30,000 Twitter followers, it’s safe to say this Undead Legion Lord is as infamous as he is popular. 

Soooo why not devote an entire month to everything EVIL?

I like the way you think, you little evil mastermind =D

Tuesday’s Featured Artist Shop

I think math is pure Evil. So let’s solve a little algebraic equation:

Q: Find the Value of “Featured Artist” 

1st week of June of Doom
(Featured Artist Shop


Every Tuesday)
“Featured Artist”

Epic Rare Items

A: The Value of “Featured Artist” is: Dage the Evil!

Starting tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, June 4), Jemini’s Magical Anime Shop full of happiness and joy will be replaced by Dage’s dark and wicked Undead Legion Rares.

Dage the Evil's Artist Shop Preview for online adventure game

Oh yes. All RARES. You read that right. Dage has been working on these terrific terrifying armors, helms, capes, weapons, and pets for a few weeks now, perfecting every one of them just for YOU.

And you will NOT need any Legion Tokens to purchase the Rares from Tuesday’s shop. But keep on earning Legion Tokens, because there WILL come a time in the near future which Legion Tokens WILL be required to obtain more Undead Legion loot. Keep that in mind, intrepid Legionnaires. 

Dage the Evil would be honored to see you in his personal Undead Legion Rares from his Featured Artist Shop. And you’ll need to be heavily armed if you hope to survive your newest adventures arriving Friday…

Dage hath no fury… like a woman scorned!

Off the distant coast of Lore, protected by an endless uncharted ocean, the volcanic Isle of Fotia (pronounced foe-thee-ah) is in trouble. The massive volcano at the edge of town is about to erupt, and will easily wipe out the inhabitants of Fotia.

Isle of Fotia preview in free online game AQWorlds

But Fotia is a place like you’ve never experienced before; this island is home to the Femme Fatalities Cult… all of which are women! For centuries, the Femme Fatalities have sworn to never allow outsiders—especially males—to travel to the Isle of Fotia. And above all else, these ladies seriously scorn Dage the Evil. 

But why?!

 Isle of Fotia preview in free online adventure game AQWorlds

Starting this Friday, you and your friends will travel to the mysterious volcanic island of Fotia and meet the Femme Fatalities. Here you will learn the secrets of this ancient cult, uncover the reasoning behind the ladies’ scorn, and attempt to save the Isle of Fotia!

How exciting! Can’t wait to see what deviously delicious Dage items make the scene starting tomorrow afternoon! 

Fun Fact of the Day

June 3rd is Repeat Day!


May 16, 2013

Game Booster AC Add-On

28 Hours of Game Boosts AND 50,000 Gold!

Got game (boosters)? Now you do! Earlier today we released the Game Booster AC Add-on for the 2,000 AC, 5,000 AC, and 12,000 AC packages. When you select any of these packages on the in-game payment or website payment pages, you'll have the option to add the Game Booster package for $5 dollars!

Soooo many boosts!

The package includes:

  • 7 1 hour Rep Boosts
  • 7 1 hour Class Boosts
  • 7 1 hour Gold Boosts
  • 7 1 hour EXP Boosts
  • and 50,000 gold!
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