Design Notes

May 21, 2012

Status Update

Stuff Happening Right Now!

This is just a quick post telling you some of what's going on right now and some of what to expect.

The Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures are on sale at U.S. Toys R Us locations all over the United States and also on

People have been mailing us, tweeting us and letting the community know through the AQW forums as soon as they get their own collector's Artix or Sepulchure figures and sometimes they get BOTH! We've even gotten a few YouTube videos of people receiving their boxes from stores or in the mail and letting us watch them open them up!

It's a little early to say but things are looking good for a SECOND SET of collector's figures but that's a LONG way off. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

We also have a brand new poster for sale at which is the Good Heroes of Lore poster, drawn, inked and colored by our own Diozz (who you may remember from his Live Draw event!)

Diozz is pretty excited about his first poster!

There are no pictures of this yet on the site but the poster also comes with the Soul of a Hero armor set, including the Great Spirit of Heroism and Valkyrie of Heroism animated cloaks, also drawn by Diozz!

The team only signed 50 of there and half of those are already gone but there are a few hundred of the unsigned ones if you don't want your pretty poster all cruddded up by a bunch of game developer signatures.

We've also got an Art Contest going on right now!

The Themes Are:
1) Artix vs. Sepulchure
2) Zombies
3) Any Combo of the above options

The Contest Info page can be found here! Please read the rules carefully and PLEASE don't waste our time with stuff you rip off from the internet. You'll get caught and we'll spend a lot of time here at the lab making fun of how stupid you are. Don't be that guy.


Now let's hop into my time traveling phonebooth and dial the number for the near future.

This weekend, AQW Zombies continues as the world of lore falls further and further into the clutches of Sepulchure and more and more of your friends succumb to the zombification effects of the vile green mist.

In this alternate timeline, the traveling sales moglin Quibble Coinbiter is still traveling from town to town selling his never-before-seen, slightly-used rares and items and this Friday he returns to Battleon with a load of Zombie and Zombie Slaying themed AC RARES and ITEMS!

We'll also be trying a couple of new things in Quibble this time...

1) INVESTMENT TRINKETS: This is a new idea that I think most of you will like. Quibble will be selling small AC trinkets for about 1000 ACs each/ What do they do? NOTHING! They just sit in your bag and take up space.

BUT... a few days after Quibble has left Battleon, these investments will appreciate in value! You will be able to sell them back for MORE than you bought them for!

That's right! Buy it for 1000... sell it back for more.

There will be two versions of this trinket. A Member and a Non-Member. They will BOTH appreciate in value after Quibble leaves but the Member one will appreciate for MORE than the non-member trinket AND Members can, of course, buy both.

2) DAGE ARMOR SPECIAL: Most of the items in Quibble's shop will stick to the normal pricing that we've been with for a while but Dage the Evil is working on a special Zombie Killer armor that will be 3000 ACS! We expect the higher price to make this one of the rarest AC armors in the game.

Oh yeah, as a Member Bonus, there will be a Member Only version of the Zombie Killer, exactly like the other one... except it only costs 1 AC.

SOON: Looking For New Mods!

Reens and Stratos will soon be in search of new Mods for AQW!

I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate how much the mods do for the game but there is a lot of game to patrol and most of the mods are volunteer staff so Reens has said that she will be looking for a few extra hands.

AS soon as the search has begun we will post all the information that you need to know to apply. Please do not spam our e-mail and Twitters asking to be made a mod. Being able to read carefully and understand what you're reading is a big part of being a mod so read this part carefully. Begging for us to make you a mod now will revel that you did not read this paragraph. That's a pretty good sign that you aren't mod material.

Until we ask for applications, please review the HOW TO BECOME A MOD page.

SOON: DeathKnight Member Only Class

It won't be this released this week and probably not next week but I'm currently building a Member Only Death Knight Class (It will have different art than the DK Armor that came with the Doom Starter Package). It will take Rank 10 Doomwood Rep BUT there will be an AC Shortcut. Both versions will be Member Only.

214 days until Just Another Day


May 15, 2012

Socking it to ya on Friday

So Long, Socks!

Tomorrow I will also be leaving Battleon and taking my sock items with me. You guys also seemed to enjoy this shop so we will probably be bringing this one back near year too but THESE items will NOT be back.

Help fight the battle against missing and forgotten left socks by grabbing one of these rares before they vanish.


Friday will be one of the single most exciting days in AE History! Our very first Action Figures go on sale at HeroMart!

Sepulchure Collector Figure

Some players are already letting us know that they have already got the action figures from their local Toys R Us locations and we're hearing nothing but good things about the two classes that come with the toys.

For a skills breakdown of DoomKnight Overlord and Paladin High Lord, click here.

I'm also hearing that people are having a LOT of fun with the new Trap Door function that we built into the special Castles that comes with the Action figures. Just target someone in your house and click the big reed button. They find themselves in your dungeon and there is NOT ESCAPE (unless you /join somewhere else).

A couple of people have even said that the 5 Special Cards that exapand your Battleon Battle Card Games have made the card game even MORE fun, if that is possible.

Friday, everyone gets a crack at these limited edition action figures from HeroMart! We have quite a few but there IS a fixed number and we don't plan on making more of these figures and there are even fewer Limited Edition Black figures.

Friday also marks the end of DoomWood II and the beginning of AQW Zombies.

Not sayin' any more about that.

220 days until Just ANother Day


May 08, 2012

Action Figure Class Breakdowns

The Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures Are Almost HERE!

In fact, we've started to receive word that the action figures have already started to arrive in some U.S. Toys R Us Stores but they should be in HeroMart by around the end of this month!

The Action Figures will be available in EVERY Toys R Us location in the continental United States in the collectible card section, with our other stuff like the Card Game, Booster Packs and 2012 Calendars. Sadly, only U.S. Toys R Us stores will get the toys (Want to know why? READ THIS!) but as soon as they arrive on HeroMart, they will start being delivered everywhere that HeroMart delivers (69 countries and more added all the time)!

So today seems like a good time to do the skill breakdown for the DoomKnight Overlord and Paladin High Lord classes that come with the toys (in addition to 5 exclusive battle cards, a legendary helm, weapon and armor that matches the class art exactly and an exclusive in-game castle or fortress!).

Good guys won the coin toss so they go first...


Everyone knows that the Paladin Order exists to battle the forces of darkness and the unnatural and unholy threat of the undead but there are more than one kind of paladin. There are Paladin Loremasters, Weaponmasters, Recruiters, Healers and of course the Paladin High Lords who are the elite branch. They are a relatively new branch of the order tasked with taking on threats that the outmatch normal paladins. They are put through special leadership and combat training that test their will, faith and might. Those who pass the tests are the very best of the best that the Paladin Order has to offer the world of Lore.

The Paladin High Lord is a warrior type class and some of their power is drawn from the Strength stat  but others draw their magical damage from Int. I suggest Hybrid for decent damage but higher heals. That depends on how you like to play.


2 second cooldown

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.


20 mana, 6 second cooldown

Shoots a ball of holy fire at your foe causing damage over time and a decrease in Crit for as long as your foe burns. Damage increase with each additional party member.

This is a pretty basic, magic based blast with a burn effect attached to it. Good for pulling from across the room. You will notice that we added some new functionality to each of these new classes in places... the skills are pretty good on their own but some skills like THIS one will get stronger and stronger with each additional player you add to your party!

This function will affect the base damage of the initial fire blast but won't change the DoT value.


30 mana, 10 second cooldown

Heals you and your allies. The Heal grows strong with each person added to your party!

A very good AoE (Area of effect) heal that starts out good and only gets stronger and stronger with each player that accepts your party invite. It's a little costly but WELL worth the mana. This makes you VERY useful in party situations but contains more than enough healing juice to keep you patched up in a solo fight.


10 mana, 5 second cooldown

Stacks up to 5 times. Strike that does low damage but slows your enemy with each stack. Has a chance to stun Undead foes for 4 seconds.

Here is the pesky skill that you need to maintain. It's fast, light damage and costs next to nothing from your mana pool but the stacking haste debuff makes it one you should not underestimate. If you plan on skipping this skill just because you don't like keeping the stacks up that is your call but if I were you I would use it every time.

The pretty good chance that you'll stun an undead enemy is just gravy.


Rank 4 passives

Increase CRIT CHANCE by 12%

Increase DAMAGE by 10%

People tend to underestimate how much damage you get from these. A 10% damage increase takes a critical of 1000 all the way to 1100 and who doesn't like to crit 12% more?


30 mana, 10 second cooldown

You send out a wave of light that damages all enemies in range and reduces their damage for a short time. Effects grow stronger with more people in your party.

Here is your AoE Damage skill for taking out multiple enemies in a single room, It's a decent AoE with pretty high damage on its own BUT when you have a full party, with the right enhancements, you can take out entire rooms at once! It's also a good skill to use against bosses as well.


Rank 10 passive

Your target suffers a massive blow from an unseen divine helper.

You've seen this before and you'll see it again. At rank 10, you suddenly gain a power that goes off randomly, costs no mana and does MASSIVE damage to a single target.

Now let's see the darker side of the coin...


Empress Gravelyn is not pleased. Vordred, an undead soldier capable of resisting the light based paladin powers, was beyond her control. The necropolis, source of her undead armies, has fallen into the hands of an upstart little girl. Dage and Nulgath are fighting over the title of Lord of Evil which was a title that was hard won by her father, Sepulchure and hers by birthright. The time has come when Gravelyn has had enough. She has taken her elite DoomKnight soldiers, some of the strongest undead creates in her arsenal shaped in her father's image, and has superchaged them. The ritual was long, blindingly painful and mind meltingly complex. Most of the DoomKnights who entered the royal chamber on Shadowfall left as piles of ashes and bones but a few.. the darkest and strongest were reshaped into DoomKnight Overlords!

The DoomKnight Overlord is also a warrior type class and like it's lightside mirror image, draws power from STR and INT, so Hybrid is probably a good way to go. But you could try all Wizard or all Fighter enh and see what happens.


2 second cooldown

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.


10 mana, 3 second cooldown

Magically torment your foe's mind, causing slight damage but also reducing their damage and crit. Damage increase with each additional party member.

This is a very nice lead-off power. The damage potential is EXCELLENT considering the tiny cooldown, strong damage and low mana cost of this ability. Tack the Damage AND Crit debuff onto this skill and it gets even better. Get a part full of friends and it becomes something staggeringly powerful.


25 mana, 12 second cooldown

Causes all foes within range to burst into flames, dealing moderate damage and causing them to burn for Damage over time. Effects increase with each additional party member.

You get an AoE early in this class progression. Makes it easy to pull an entire room but dangerous if you don't have your third skill yet, but DOES significantly increase your damage output. The damage is balanced out with a pretty hefty mana cost and a long-ish cooldown. Remember that this power also gets stronger with additional party members and while the damage goes up the mana and cooldown never change so... go make some friends.


25 mana, 10 second cooldown

Has a 50/50 chance of either stunning your foe a few seconds or giving you back some health. Healing effects increase with each additional party member.

Here is where you test your luck (not the stat). Either you are going to stun your foe (except for some bosses) OR you're going to cast a pretty beefy HoT (Heal over Time) on yourself. It's WIN/WIN! The advantage that this has over Pali High Lord is that your stun will work on a LOT more than just undead. The disadvantage is that it shares the skill with your heal so you can never count on what you're going to get.

As with any challenge you issue, you know what reaction you might get. You might need a heal VERY badly and only get a stun. If it enough to give you the upper hand? You might want a stun but get a heal when your lifebar is already full...

The HoT is decent on its own but gets REALLY strong with a full party, unfortunately a party does not affect your stun duration.


Rank 4 passives

Increase CRIT CHANCE by 12%

Increase DAMAGE by 10%

The Pali High Lord has the exact same Rank 4 passives. More damage, more crits.


50 mana, 8 second cooldown

Deals massive damage and significantly lowers your target's ability to hit anything for a short while.

This is a HUGE damage power and it's strength is consistent even if you are on your own. The mana cost is VERY high and since you're on a warrior mana regen model the Hit debuff on your target is not your friend so be smart when you use this nuke. It's a great opener and a great closer and if you manage your mana well enough you can use it during battle too. Since the cooldown is only 8 seconds you should be able to use it as frequently as your mana allows.


Rank 10 passive

Your foe is attacked by it' own shadow, dealing massive damage as it resists being pulled to the underworld.

It's a cool description but it comes down to the same thing as Pali High Lord's rank 10 passive. People who fully rank up this class will occasionally and suddenly deal a MASSIVE hit to a single target with no effect on the Doomknight Overlord's mana or cooldown.

The Big Picture

Looks like both classes are very good multi-purpose classes a lot like Dragonlord. Paladin High Lord has a more dependable heal but what it gains in survivability and party-usefulness it looses out in the raw damage potential which Doomknight Overlord enjoys. In PvP, if you party up, you will be a force to be reckoned with in BOTH of these classes.

Remember that we don't have unlimited funds so we've only made a fixed number of these toys and if we make more we want to make new characters so they are already Limited Quantity Rares.

Oh yeah, if you get both toys you can become the abomination I'm calling the DOOMPALADIN HIGH OVERLORD!


227 days until Just Another Day


March 28, 2012

Blood Ancient Class

Embrace Your Vampire Side

As I mentioned in yesterday's Design Notes, I have said before that I doubted that we would ever have time to create a class for the Mid-Week Mini-releases as they take a lot of resources and time and the Mid-Weeks roll out with a skeleton of 3 to 4 people, depending on the week.

BUT so many loyal AQW Members were asking for it that we decided to try and make it happen for you guys and it looks like we did. The Blood Ancient Class is the focus of this week's Mid-Week MEMBER ONLY release!

NOTE: You will need to do the Darkovia storyline quests until you reach Safiria's castle to complete this Mid-Week Release.

Unlock The Secrets Of The Blood Ancient

Orlok is Queen Safiria's Vampire Loremaster.

One of his primary functions is to uncover ancient secrets of the vampire race (yes, they are a race thanks to the transformations brought on by the vampire magi-virus). This week Orlok needs your help to uncover the secrets of an ancient ritual that was said to be able to give all the powers of a vampire to ANY creature but spare them any of the weaknesses.

And let's face it, Vampires are pretty weak. They can be hurt or killed by sunlight, crosses, wood, silver, fire, magic, beheading, holy water, and garlic... they can't cross running water, can't fix their hair in a mirror, can't even enter a house without being invited. My 2 year old son can walk into someone's house without being invited (and often does). Frankly, it's amazing that this Darwinian failure of a race has made it this far.

BUT, there are definite advantages. Immortality, being one step up on the food chain, improved strength and speed, very enviable mental powers, shape shifting powers, a certain undeniable appeal to the ladies and in some rare instances the ability to sparkle (Which I do consider a plus. Sparkles are pretty).

Imagine how powerful a creature would be with all of the strengths but none of the weaknesses...

One very clever vampire mage imagined just that and the idea of the Blood Ancient was born. Sadly the ritual was lost without ever being tested.

Now Orlok has gathered stories and rumors and followed the trail to Safiria's own castle. If you are able to complete all of his tasks, you will become the first BLOOD ANCIENT!

Now let's talk about the class.


This class is a warrior based soloing machine based on a vampire theme. As it is Warrior based, I suggest FIGHTER Enhancements. I haven't tried a lucky CRIT build but maybe you'll want to.

Mana should not be a problem for you which might, in itself, be a problem when you unlock the Regeneration Skill.


This class is very straightforward. It is designed to be a solo class, with good survivability and a LOT of damage potential but no AoEs at all so not the best for farming.


2 second cooldown

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Smack and repeat.


25 mana, 8 second cooldown

Does moderate damage applies the and both weakens and slows your opponent for 4 seconds.

This class starts with a very decent attack. It says Moderate damage but you'll feel strong just using this one power, plus it also slows your target AND reduces their damage. It's a little expensive but balances with the cooldown and mana regen so it's not bad.


25 mana, 10 second cooldown

Causes a moderate open wound on your foe. Smelling their blood increases your STRENGTH and SPEED for 6 seconds.

Once you draw blood, your new vampire senses kick in increasing your strength stat and your haste. So this skill not only does MORE base damage than the previous skill but also buffs your damage potential. An even stronger attack then the first one with the additional bonus of a very healthy buff for you.


5 mana, 15 second cooldown

Steals some of your opponents life and causes you to heal over time. The less mana you have the stronger the Heal Over Time is.

Classic camp stuff going on here. a weak attack that also heals you over time. It's a pretty beefy heal and you can keep it going most of the time but here's where the mana regen comes in. The HoT (heal over time) gets STRONGER the less mana you have but it's really pretty easy to keep your mana up in this class so you have to time it against when you need the heal and when it will be the biggest heal possible. No real reason not to spam this skill as soon as it comes up, but to use it WELL takes skill.


Rank 4 passives

Increase STR by 10%

Increase Haste by 10%

Very fitting passives here. As you master the class you get stronger and faster... like ya do, you know,  when you're a child of the night.


30 mana, 40 second cooldown

Causes HIGH damage and stuns your opponent for 1 to 10 seconds!

Here's an interesting one. A High Damage power, which is great, but it also stuns every time. The only drawback is that it could stun for 1 second, or could stun for 10. The chances of getting a long stun are slim and the chances of a short one are great but a stun is a stun. This one is a mana pig so it's a good idea to use this before using Regen to get the most out of the heal.


Rank 10 passive

Rarely, your body takes the form of a hazy fog which reduced the amount of damage that you take to nearly 0 for 10 seconds!

Some vampires can take the form of mist or fog and you are apparently one of them. Sometimes, your form will take on the aspect of mist. It will not appear different but swords and arrows will pass right through you doing little or no damage for a full 10 seconds.

The Big Picture

You can see with the solo damage abilities, self-buff, targeted debuff, self HoT and rank 10 passive which increases survivability that this class we designed to take on stronger foes with a lot more HP than most players can handle.

It will take a little farming to buy it from Orlok's Merge Shop once you complete his quests but far less than getting a reputation to Rank 10, or you can always take the easy path and buy it off Itzachi for ACs. But considering that it only takes a little patience and hard work I would save the ACs for this Saturday's LQS.

Hope you guys like it and happy Mid-Week!

Artix and Sepulchure Collectible Action Figure Toys Coming Soon!

This is more or less a repeat of what I said in Yesterday's Design Notes, but a lot more people read Skill Breakdown Design Notes so maybe more people will see this and it will answer some of your questions about the upcoming Artix and Sepulchure Toys.,

You can get Artix and/or Sepulchure! Each figures comes with their own weapon. There are rare BLACK variants of each toy (which look pretty awesome).

Artix (normal or black variant) figures come with:

  1. Paladin's Castle In-game House
  2. Paladin High Lord Class
  3. Palaldin High Lord Armor
  4. Artix's Helm (Legendary item!)
  5. High Lord's Battleaxe of Destiny
  6. Paladin High Lord Character Page Achievement
  7. FIVE original cards to modify your AQW Battle Card deck! (different from Seppy's toy's cards)

Sepulchure (normal or black variant) figures come with:

  1. DoomKnight's Fortress In-game House
  2. DoomKnight Overlord Class
  3. DoomKnight Overlord Armor
  4. Sepulchure's Helm (Legendary item!)
  5. Overlord's DoomBlade
  6. DoomKnight Overlord Character Page Achievement
  7. FIVE original cards to modify your AQW Battle Card deck! (different from Artix toy's cards)

These will be available in Toys R Us in the United States and on HeroMart shortly after that. I'm sad to say that I STILL have no fixed release date for you, but I keep getting told "Late April, Early May".

268 days until Just Another Day


July 29, 2011

Coming Tonight!

Evolved Shaman, UndeadSlayer, Vordred Boss Fight

As I write this post, it is 1:30am EST in the morning. Samba and Nulgath are still animating the insane number of cutscenes coming in tonight's Vordred Boss Fight. (We appreciate what you are doing so much! Go guys go!) This is going to be unlike the end of any other zone so far... and it is REALLY difficult not to talk about it until you had a chance to play it. Ghost even wrote a new song for it!

But we can show you a preview! (Bad Artix, bad! - Alina)

We also have two classes being released. The one I am most excited about is Undead Slayer. It is a decent class against normal monsters... and AN UNIMAGINABLE WRECKING BALL OF DESTRUCTION against undead monsters. It also has a heal. Cysero does not like it because there is no real strategy to the class. On the other hand, I love it because it is exactly the way I enjoy playing. (That and I one shotted Noxus with a 15K Spirit Dragon Lance)

I have not seen Evolved Shaman yet, but it looks interesting too. Dage is working on the art for both of these classes. He had to prepare for a severe weather up North - but he said he should have them tomorrow morning.

Also, it is possible to get the 2nd piece of the Blinding Light of Destiny in tonights release... if you can get the Ultra-Good ending. Good luck everyone... tonight we BATTLE VORDRED!

Card Game MOD PACKS!

Toys"R"Us was really surprised that a small indie game company like us would have so many people to visit their stores for our card game. Thank you for making us look so good! (We were wondering if anyone remembered that I promised to write the DoomWood saga as a thank you to all the players who did.)

The AQWorlds CardGame has been an ongoing success and Toys"R"Us asked if we would create something to keep the card game fresh and lively with the holiday season coming up. We thought about it hard... because we promised that this was not one of those games where you had to buy endless foil wrapped mystery packs at some change of getting rares cards. We were not making that up!

So we came up with something completely new - a MOD PACK. Imagine if you took all the best cards you were hunting for from booster and expansion packs and put them all into a single pack which was a one-time purchase (just like the original game). We built two of them: DoomWood and ChaosLord. Each pack comes with a lot of awesome new themed cards ... including some rule twisting special cards. Simply mix them into your deck and make the game even more fun.

Both the DoomWood and ChaosLord mod packs are a one-time only purchase and will come with bonus in-game items which will be announced closer to the release date... which should be in October!

Twitter/Forum Question: What was your favorite area, cutscene or fight in the DoomWood Saga?


March 31, 2011

In Stores on Monday! (April 18th)

The AQWorlds Battle Cards Game!

It is OFFICIAL! Our card game will be in-stores at TOYS-R-US on April 18th! ...and we made you a video!

Visit the AQWorlds BattleOn Battle Cards Website for more! I am so excited about this card game... it is hard to believe this is really happening. ...and yes... that is my dentist. ...and sushi chef. You can imagine the fun Galanoth and I had running around taking all of that footage, LOL. Xyo and I are working on a card fight video that should be posted for you tomorrow!

Other Awesome News!

  • HeroSmash has begun PHASE III of Alpha... and it has a shiny new website too!
  • All day tomorrow - a very special DragonFable release! Rolith announced that the DF team will be doing a new release EVERY SINGLE HOUR starting at Midnight (EST) tonight
  • You may remember helping to vote for One-Eyed Doll online a month ago.... well congratulations to you all and to Kimberly & Jason for being voted Austin, Texas' #1 Punk Rock Band! They also released a brand new music video for the song "Fame & Loathing" on their website!
  • Yesterday Cysero confirmed that the "Chinese Madonna" Ayi Jihu will be appearing in our next LIVE AQWorld's special event! 
  • Voltaire, who is curently composing a new album "Riding a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano while drinking from a goblet filled with the laughter of small children" is going to return to AQWorlds on FRIDAY the 13th! (Happening in May)
  • Dage's "Prometheus Armor" is going live in AQWorld's Limited Quantity Shop tomorrow starting at 1:00 PM EST (server time)!
  • The new card game comes with an exclusive color customizable class for AQWorlds... the CARD CLASHER CLASS! Minimal has coded completely unique skills for this class... it is unbelievable! We really hope you support the game by getting the AQWorlds Card Game when it launches!

Card Clasher Class
This collector's class features never before seen card-type skills!


November 11, 2010

The DoomKnight Room

"Never Give Up" Achievement Unlocked

I have really missed you over the past 7 crazy, insane, sleep deprived days of conventions, guests and meetings.  Expecting to finally write you a long design notes and tell you about everything in detail... the situation finds my fingers going Mach 5 to type this all out before I miss my flight to LA to attend Miltonius' wedding*! Last I wrote to you, I shared with you my belief that we are capable of doing anything in life as long as you persist and never give up. This was put to the test two weeks ago as I told several hundred thousand of your fellow gamers here on the design notes that I was going to meet an impossible deadline by building a house the same way we build video games.... and have it ready for a few VIP guests who were coming in for the convention at 6am last Friday. Failure would not just mean I had to get the guests a hotel room... but that I would have to tell you that I was wrong. Well, maybe it is not possible to do absolutely everything... but I will tell you that at 5am on Friday (1 hour before they arrived) we were ready! The place had a floor, electricity, hot water (well, luke warm...), and a DoomKnight Room! (Although, LOL, I was not able to legally use my bathroom in my room.) You may have seen some in-progress pictures of the DoomKnight room with it's wall of skulls and giant Shadowscythe logo** were seen on my Twitter account. We were all hoping Kimberly (Lead Singer of One-Eyed Doll) would choose that room and be the first to sign the creepy guest book for people who dared slumber in that room. A picture is worth a thousand tweets!

* Cupid apparently found a machinegun replacement for his Bow at the Secret Underground Lab this year.
** Yes! There is also a Paladin room! But it is on the opposite side of the room for anti-dimentional-rifting reasons.

The DoomKnight Room

Why Artix will never get hired as an interior decorator...

Of course the craziness did not stop there. In addition to the game releases and launch of the novel we also ran a booth at the convention. Cysero made a great post below... and I would also like to thank everyone who came! It was great seeing you :-) If you were not able to go -- we need to find a way to meet you too! We should throw our own convention.... erm... in the DoomKnight room? Claustrophobic-Doom-Con! Talking about which, Voltaire was the second person to sign the DoomKnight room's guestbook. Then Galanoth and I met with Toys R Us to talk about the new card game and maybe action figures. They were really nice.... just do not tell them the things I would do to actually make a Sepulchure or Drakath action figure O_O. Of course this brings us full circle back to the Cartoon/Anime. To be honest... we just do not have enough people to make all of these ideas actually happen. I think you and the other creative players are going to need to come help us :-) Just for the record, the player Xyo, who is well known for his fan video has recently started creating new commercials for AQWorlds. The first one "Darkovia" just went on TV today! Please let us know what you think if you see it. This week the CHAOS LORD fight opens for all players and...


Talk to you again soon friends. BATTLE ON!

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