Design Notes

December 16, 2012

Changes Made to Quests

A Few More Ways to Make AQWorlds Work Better!

Since Friday night, changes have been made to a number of the quests in-game (including many of Nulgath's farming quests) to optimize how they interact with the servers. These changes are not designed to increase the quests' difficulty. Each altered quest has had 1 monster drop added to it.

Many of the Nulgath quests have had one of the following items added to them: Nulgath Rune 1-9. Each Nulgath Rune has a 100% chance to drop from its monster. None of the other items required for the quests were altered.*

You will find the difficulty has not increased. Much.

For the quests which have had Nulgath Runes added to them, you can find the monsters dropping them in either /nulgath, /tercessuinotlim, or /evilwarnul.

The Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Rare) and the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath each now require you to possess the correct pet in order to do the quests. The change made in September introduced a hole which allowed anyone to do them.

* For the "Nulgath" quest, 5 Charged Mana Energies - each at 100% - were added to the Mana Elemental. The regular Mana Energy drop from the Mana Golem has had its' drop rate lowered back to normal (it was raised during the Dage/Nulgath war).

The Undead Legion is many and strong.

A few of Dage's Legion quests have also had an item added to them. Slay the Dreadfiend of Nulgath to find the Darkness Core Dage requires.

Random Disconnect Bug Solution

We've had many people reporting that they are getting randomly disconnected while questing recently. It appears to be caused by accepting to many item drops at the same time, too quickly. While we investigate a permanent solution to this issue, please accept or deny your item drops as they come in to avoid the abrupt disconnects.

This Friday: Just Another Day?

No way! This week's release is the conclusion to the End of All Things storyline began last Wednesday on 12-12-12... and it takes place on 12-21-12 - the end of the world! We WILL NOT let our world end, but we're going to need EVERYONE to help save it!

With this blade, YOU will help us save Lore!

Make sure you have the Sword of Hope from the bottom of FrostDeep dungeon, because you will not be able to start this Friday's release without it!

New Chronomancer, Chronocorruptor, TimeKiller, and member quests will also be added this Friday!


December 12, 2012

12-12-12 Has Arrived!

The End OF All Things - Part 1

12-12-12 has finally arrived, and with it, the beginning of the end. Kezeroth The World Ender is about to be awoken!

This is the first part of AQW's 2 part special Frostval Event. ANYONE can participate in this event without having completed the previous years events (but it is recommended thast you do). The second part will be on Friday December 21st (AKA Just Another Day) assuming that the world doesn't end (It won't).

As usual, the event NPC (Athon the Crhonomancer) has a Seasonal Rare Shop that you can unlock by completing the event but if you make it to the bottom of FrostDeep Dungeon, you will also be able to claim the Sword of Hope! 

This item is FREE for ALL PLAYERS and you WILL need it complete Part 2, but you will also find a few more options. Members will be able to transform their Sword of Hope into Kezeroth's massive warhammer and level 50 Members will be able to claim BOTH of Kezeroth's amazing warhammers! 

This special release has taken an unbelievable amount of effort on the part of the AQW team to complete by Wednesday (even of it's a late one). Every single contributing staff member has pulled at LEAST one all-nighter this week to get this out today. 

So What Happens Friday? 


On Friday, out Chronomancers, Chornocorruptors, TimeKillers and Members will get special side-quests added to this release with exclusive rewards for each of these sub-sets of people. Quibble will be receiving a TON of new Frostval Items including a new rare bank Pet for 2012! The Big Red Bag of Member Presents and Tinsel with her non-member present quests will also be arriving on Friday not to mention it's Beleen's Super-Pink Birthday (with a super-pink birthday shop!)

That is a LOT of stuff in one week, but it's Frostval and that puts everyone in a giving mood! :)

Good luck facing Kezeroth, hero. You'll need it. 

8 days until Just Another Day

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