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July 24, 2013

Combo Breaker at GameStop

Buy an Artix Game Card to Unlock the Set!

If you live in the United States and you've got a GameStop location nearby, head over and pick up an Artix Upgrade Card to unlock the ultimate in disruptive gear: the Combo Breaker armor set AND Artix Points (use Artix Points to upgrade your account or purchase Adventure Coins)

Fantasy game dragon battleC-c-c-combo Breaker!

Redeem your card between July 25th and August 25th to unlock the special Combo Breaker Offer! 

With this gear, you can break more than just combos!

How to Get Your Combo Breaker Set!

  1. Purchase an Artix Gamecard at GameStop.

  2. Use the game card PIN code by logging in to your Artix Account here: Redeem Artix Card Codes.  You will receive Artix Points and also be given a free Prize Code.

  3. To view and use your free Prize Code, use the Enter prize code web page.

  4. Select your AQWorlds game account, choose your character.

  5. You now have the Badge on your character.  To access a special shop, log into AQ Worlds, to play.   Then go to the Badges tab in your Book of Lore.

        The Book of Lore is on your task bar.

        The Badges Tab in your Book of Lore. 
  6. Click on the Other Badges button.

        The Other Badges button in your Book of Lore.
  7. Scroll through your badges to find the Combo Breaker.

       Click the Shop button to get your gear!
  8. Click the Shop button to access your GameStop Combo Breaker set!

Game On at GameStop!


February 02, 2013

Special In-Game Offers

Limited-Time Offers and Items Popping Up!

Earlier this year, we introduced special pop-up offers which show to players with eligibile characters. We've been getting a lot of questions from you guys about why you're seeing them, so let's break down what's happening, why, and what it means for you!

What Is This Thing I'm Seeing?

These offers are for a limited-time and only appear if they are available to your character. Some offers will only be available if you've upgraded your account in the past, or if you've been upgraded for a certain amount of time. Some offers may have items attached to membership packages, or some may only offer exclusive item sets.

We are working on a way for you to disable these offers in your options menu, but each of them IS only available for a limited-time, so if you do not like them, they will eventually stop appearing. We have set them so they do not appear every time you log in until that functionality is working.

Why Do I Want to Support AQW?

Players who support AQWorlds by upgrading or buying AdventureCoins keep our game running and make it possible for other heroes to continue battling for free. They are the greatest heroes in Lore, and we want to make sure they know how much we appreciate their support of AQW!

That is why some release content is only available if you've upgraded your account. Upgrade and then head to /shattersword to unlock this week's adventure in Shattersword Cavern! Battle through an underground labrynth to defeat Graveclaw the Defiler, King Alteon's prisoner!*

Other member perks include:

  • entire releases
  • full storylines 
  • exclusive gear 
  • Some exp/rank/rep/gold boosts
  • and challenge bosses 

See more member-exclusives in the Lorepedia!

* And read about WHY our usually-epic cutscenes are DERPY versions this weekend!

What About AdventureCoins?

Some of these special offers will include larger amounts of AdventureCoins, or more of them with a certain membership package. Players who buy AdventureCoins, AQW's secondary currency, get access to some of the most awesome gear in the game! 

Quibble Coinbiter is in Battleon now!

Different shops throughout the game contain AC gear, and some of our seasonal rare shops, like Quibble Coinbiter, are mostly stocked with AC items.

So... This Screen Doesn't Mean I Was Hacked?

Absolutely not. These screens were made by us for you! Never give away your username, password, or email address to anyone else, and you won't have to worry about being hacked. Protect your account!

Aqworlds and other Artix Entertainment team members will NEVER ask you for that information, because we do not need it to help you! 

Will More of These Be Available in the Future?

Yes! But we don't know what, or when. We will base future offers on your feedback! We are considering moving these offers into the NEW news interface, once the design for that is finished. Look for more information about this in the coming weeks!


January 11, 2013

Into Blackhorn Keep

I Hope You Love Spiders!

Today we begin the new Maximillian Lionfang's Chaos Story. Many of you have long wondered if Lionfang, who began his life as a one-off bad guy for our first birthday event, would ever actually become a Lord of Chaos. 

Spoiler: He does. 

We're trying something kind of interesting and new with this release. Based heavily on Lionfang's established lore, we're back tracking a bit and showing you how you first met Maximilian Lionfang when he was a General for King Alteon. 

You will follow his lead to the ancient Blackhorn Tomb (some of you might recognize the name from last week's adventure) where General Lionfang has tracked an ancient scroll that might reveal a way to defeat Chaos itself! 

In this release you will find an AC shop at the beginning of the release with a host of amazing items, lots of drops on the monsters and if you complete the release you will unlock another shop full of Member and Non-Member gold items and armors! 

NEXT WEEK: Come back to relive a special expanded version of the assault on Lionfang's Keep, or play through it for the very first time! 


Our newest and dumbest contest yet is live! Read ALL about it on the SUATMR Contest Page (pronounced soo-AHT-meer)!

WHAT IS IT?: It's a contest where you can win one of my or another dev or mod's rare items! 

HOW DO I ENTER?: Talk to Cleric Joy in Battleon, click her SHOP button and buy a February Rares Raffle Ticket! You must have this item in your backpack or bank on the day of the drawing to enter the raffle.

WHEN IS THE DRAWING?: The drawing will be the first Tuesday of every month, so the first drawing will be held on Tuesday, Feb 5th!

HOW DO I HELP MY CHANCES OF WINNING?: The Rares Raffle Ticket enters you in the contest and gives you 1 chance to win. Every DAY of AQW Membership left on your account on the day of the drawing increases your chances by 1 (200 days left = 200 more chances). Also, every AExtra that you've completed from jan 1 to the day of the drawing increases your chances by 1 more (12 AExtras done =  12 more chances to win). 

WHAT CAN I WIN?: See the SUATMR Contest Page for a list of possible prizes! 

I DON'T GET IT!: Really? OK, then you should really, really go read the SUATMR Contest Page. Seriously, read every word. 


We've been getting a FLOOD of requests in recent months to sell the Ranger Class for ACs like all other recent classes. When I say a flood, I mean a FLOOD. Of all the the coming features that we've talked about or hinted at, all the bugs past and present this one change has beaten them ALL in terms of the numbers of people asking for this. 

I've never been a fan of the idea since I thought that it was quite the badge of honor to have earned the class. More reasonable heads than mine pointed out that it's STILL a badge of honor if you earn it, even if a version is sold for ACs. 

As of tonight, you will be able to buy the Ranger Class from Ragnar's Class Shop for 2000 ACs, BUT the earned version of the class, identical in every other way, will be renamed to the MASTER Ranger Class so you can more easily prove to your friends and other players that you EARNED this class. 

This is the only Class for which we plan to make this concession, so enjoy it all you hard core Sandsea farmers (past, present and future)! Wear your Ranger class with pride! 

Seasonal Rare Shop On Twilly

A few changes to Twilly's Pop-up in Battleon. He is now hosting a Seasonal Rare Shop. This little shop is just an fun little option for people with ACs to burn who like the items he has. Every season (Spring being the next) Twilly will get NEW seasonally-themed items that will also go rare. 

All you have to do is purchase Twilly's 2013 Ice Token and that will enable you to open the shop and grab ALL of the Seasonal items which are all 0 ACs. Items will go perma-rare in March when the Spring shop opens! 

The New New Mage

The new Mage base Class Art is live and with it the new Mage Armor in the mage trainer's shop. 

Due to a large influx of player requests, the previous version of the mage armor will remain availible but as been renamed "Noble Mage". Dage really went all out redesigning the base classes and we are now VERY proud that new players, just coming to AQ.COM for the first time will be greeted by these amazing classes. 

New Offer Pop-Ups!

Recently, we have added a couple of special offer pop-ups in-game for a very small amount of people who met the exact qualifications for the offer and a lot of people were asking "Why not me?!"

In response to this we have added a small array of NEW special offers targeted directly at YOU. If you DO qualify for these special offers, keep in mind that these are limited time offers and you might never see them again. 

If you guys like these and continue to ask for them when we might expand the offers even further. If not then these will just... go away. 

New Verification Armors

Members of our OTHER games were promised updated armors for their DragonLord, StarLord & Guardian shops in the Guardian Tower as a Frostval Gift. Sadly, a million things fell down on our heads all at once and these got backlogged BUT THEY ARE FINALLY HERE! 

You can find the new armors in the same verification shops where you can find your special classes, and the weapons for the new armors will arrive NEXT week! Enjoy and Happy (Belated) Frostval!

Last Chance for 2012 Holiday Gear!

Alina says remember: Make sure to log in before Monday, January 14th, because that will be your LAST chance to access:

  • our Kezeroth the World Ender Frostval event until December
  • the Save the Sun New Year's event until January
  • Quibble Coinbiter's Shop 
  • the 2013 Sun/Moon Rares Shop*  
  • the Last-ever Limited Quantity Shop** 

* This shop will go PERMA-RARE! Welcome in 2013 with some of the shiniest gear of the season!
** This is the LAST Limited Quantity Shop we will do. Once this gear is gone, it will NEVER return!

Weekend Project

This weekend Artix, Dage, a few of the other team members and I are getting together to sharpen out Mobile Development skills. I can't even say that we're making a game, per se. I will say that we are making something very small and barely functional for multiple mobile devices. 

Whatever we spit out at the end of this weekend might just be a total disaster but we DO plan on releasing it for free on as many mobile platforms as we can figure out, 

Keep and eye on our Twitter feeds, and the AQW Facebook Fanpage for updates to see how things are going! 

Have a great day.



June 30, 2011

Last Chance

Short time left to  get the 1-Year Special Offer

If you are considering upgrading, this is your last chance to get the special offer on the 1-Year Membership for AQworlds. The offer was only intended to last a few months after launch, but we proudly offered it for quite a long time. We are letting everyone know so they can take advantage of the deal and get the full 1-Year Membership deal at only $49.95 before the offer ends and the price increases on July 14th.

Note: If you upgrade to Member in AQworlds, you will also receive a free, matching upgrade in our new MMO HeroSmash.

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