Design Notes

February 02, 2013

Special In-Game Offers

Limited-Time Offers and Items Popping Up!

Earlier this year, we introduced special pop-up offers which show to players with eligibile characters. We've been getting a lot of questions from you guys about why you're seeing them, so let's break down what's happening, why, and what it means for you!

What Is This Thing I'm Seeing?

These offers are for a limited-time and only appear if they are available to your character. Some offers will only be available if you've upgraded your account in the past, or if you've been upgraded for a certain amount of time. Some offers may have items attached to membership packages, or some may only offer exclusive item sets.

We are working on a way for you to disable these offers in your options menu, but each of them IS only available for a limited-time, so if you do not like them, they will eventually stop appearing. We have set them so they do not appear every time you log in until that functionality is working.

Why Do I Want to Support AQW?

Players who support AQWorlds by upgrading or buying AdventureCoins keep our game running and make it possible for other heroes to continue battling for free. They are the greatest heroes in Lore, and we want to make sure they know how much we appreciate their support of AQW!

That is why some release content is only available if you've upgraded your account. Upgrade and then head to /shattersword to unlock this week's adventure in Shattersword Cavern! Battle through an underground labrynth to defeat Graveclaw the Defiler, King Alteon's prisoner!*

Other member perks include:

  • entire releases
  • full storylines 
  • exclusive gear 
  • Some exp/rank/rep/gold boosts
  • and challenge bosses 

See more member-exclusives in the Lorepedia!

* And read about WHY our usually-epic cutscenes are DERPY versions this weekend!

What About AdventureCoins?

Some of these special offers will include larger amounts of AdventureCoins, or more of them with a certain membership package. Players who buy AdventureCoins, AQW's secondary currency, get access to some of the most awesome gear in the game! 

Quibble Coinbiter is in Battleon now!

Different shops throughout the game contain AC gear, and some of our seasonal rare shops, like Quibble Coinbiter, are mostly stocked with AC items.

So... This Screen Doesn't Mean I Was Hacked?

Absolutely not. These screens were made by us for you! Never give away your username, password, or email address to anyone else, and you won't have to worry about being hacked. Protect your account!

Aqworlds and other Artix Entertainment team members will NEVER ask you for that information, because we do not need it to help you! 

Will More of These Be Available in the Future?

Yes! But we don't know what, or when. We will base future offers on your feedback! We are considering moving these offers into the NEW news interface, once the design for that is finished. Look for more information about this in the coming weeks!

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