Design Notes

November 04, 2013

Return to the Mirror Realm

Survive the Chaos of the RedDeath Swamp!

When the world is out of balance, Chaos gains the upper hand! This Friday, return to the Mirror Realm for the 3rd installment of the Xing and Xang Chaos Saga. Mirror Drakath needs your help to restore harmony to his realm and yours, and there's only element out of alignment: Evil Xing and Good Xang, the Chaos Twins!

Lore needs balance between Good with Evil!

Battle through the RedDeath Swamp, the mirror version of Greenguard Forest, to gather the resources necessary to solve the problem of the swapped Chaos Twins once and for all... but be careful! Outside the Mirror Realm, Evil Xing and Evil Xang are racing to build their Chaos Beast, and any failure will reflect VERY badly on them!

New Gear in the Treasure Map Shop!

TreasureHunters, assemble in-game this Friday! We've got a treasure map to a shop full of incredible loot hidden somewhere inside AQWorlds, and if you can find it, you get ALL of the gear (and any gear we add in the future) for free! 

Read more details on how the Treasure Map works here!

Talk to Cleric Joy in Battleon or Valencia in BattleonTown to buy the Treasure Map for a one-time cost of 2000 AventureCoins, then use the clue it gives in the item description to find a shop hidden in-game full of 0 AC gear only YOU can access! At this point, we have over 6500 ACs worth of gear in the Treasure Map shop, and all of it is 0ACs for free storage! 

NEW: Shadowpiercer and Shadowslasher armors!

Find the Shadowpiercer Rogue and Shadowslasher Warrior armor and helm from Tyronius... IF you can find the location of the Treasure Map's shop!

You also get the following gear when you find the shop:

  • Royal Dragoon Armor 
  • Dragoon's Armet Helm 
  • Dragoon's Sheathed Blades Cape 
  • Nameless Warrior Armor
  • Anonymous Drone Helm
  • Terror of the Undead Sword
  • Slasher of the Undead Mace
  • Dragonfire Katana
  • Solar Protector Wings
  • Solar Protector Beak
  • Solar Protector Armor
  • Dual Flaming Katanas
  • BrightBlade Warrior Armor
  • Brightblade Shoulder Cloth Cape
  • Brightblade Helm
  • Bright Blade
  • Dual Bright Blades
  • Blood Terror ArmorBlood Terror Helm

Shops Leaving and Items Arriving!

  • This month's Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness prizes from the Wheel of Doom have started appearing in inventories!
  • Arklen's Featured Artist shop leaves tomorrow afternoon!
  • Rare-teagged Moglins from the Meme shop in your game menu leave Friday, November 8th!
  • TWO new weapons will begin dropping from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny this Friday!
  • The Cookie Helm Shop leaves Friday, November 8th!
  • The Royal Wedding Rares shop leaves Friday, November 8th!

Currently the only mount armor available to purchase in AQW!

  • Blade of Doomination from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny leaves Friday, November 8th!
  • Sell your Investment Trinket AFTER midnight server time on Friday, November 8th.
  • Nulgath Dragonfiend Rider shop leaves Monday, November 11th.
  • 5th Birthday Rares shop, quests to farm for Dragon Shinobi, and Ultra BrutalCorn battle leave Monday, November 18th
  • Dage's Dragon Katanas leave the Carnival of Fortune merge shops in /wheel on Friday, November 15th!

October 25, 2013

Swordhaven Falls: Saga Finale

Face the Chaos Beast AND Chaos King Alteon!

Take on the 3-headed Chaos Dragon AND confront Chaos King Alteon TONIGHT in the 12th Chaos Saga finale! Will you slay Chaos King Alteon... or spare him? And what will be the cost of your decision? As Swordhaven falls, Chaos flames rise high; life in Swordhaven will NEVER be the same!

Chaos rises and Swordhaven falls!

Your battle will begin on top of Swordhaven's castle as you tackle the Chaos Beast while Lady Celestia watches. Then, race through a burning Swordhaven  while Choas King Alteon flees his fate... and more destruction of the home he once loved.

Swordhaven will change... FOREVER!

Investment Trinkets Now Available!

Investment Trinkets are items which sell back for MORE AdventureCoins than the 1000 ACs you bought them for! There are two versions: Legend AC and and regular AC Investment Trinket. After the shop leaves, the trinket's sell-back price will change to 1500 ACs for the Legend Trinket and 1250 for the regular Trinket. Do NOT sell the trinket before we announce it's time or you will not get the new sell-back price.

Oracle Class for 1 Million Facebook Likes is LIVE!

We promised you a special class if AQWorlds reached 1 million likes on Facebook, and it's finally happened! After much thought and extensive testing, we are ready to unleash our gift to you upon our servers. Are you ready for it?

I see all - everything you post on your wall.

Find Memet's Oracle Class skills writeup here, and make sure to get yours this weekend! The Class is 0 ACs and will be permanently available as our thanks to you for helping us reach our goal!

Don't Forget!

Luck of the Draw Event in the Carnival of Fortune!

Fate and Fortune wait for you at the Carnival as we begin our Luck of the Draw event! Click on the Wheel of Destiny in Battleon to head to the Carnival of Fortune.

What rewards do the wheels have for you?

1st prize is Dage the Evil's Fallen Warlord armor set (only one copy ever made, concept sketch below), with 1000 additional prizes available! Read the Design Notes for details! 

Coming Soon!

  • Frankenwerepire Mogloween Challenge Fight!
  • The Livestream shop in BattleCon leaves Friday, 11/1!
  • Confront Xing and Xang's Chaos Beast... and the 2nd Lord of Chaos!
  • Enter the Realm of Chaos and begin your journey to confront Drakath!

My vacation starts tonight. See you all on Thursday for the Frenkenwerepire Challenge! Be nice to Memet, she's in charge. How much harm could one Nightmare Moglin do?

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